“All pretty good,Fetal heart rate is also normal,Still active,look,Move more vigorously。”The doctor pointed to the screen to show Xia Qiuping。

191 Ready to live alone
Xia Shuyue is lying on her side,She can’t see the screen,But the doctor said when the child moved,She really obviously felt the baby move。
“It’s normal,Thank you, sister Wang。”Xia Qiuping smiled and helped her sister up,Take a piece of paper and wipe her lubricant。
“thank you,Doctors。”Xia Shuyue quickly thanks。
“You’re welcome,pretty good,I will be as good-looking as you when I am born。”Doctor Wang said。
“I really feel him kicking me now。”Walk out with sisterBSuper room,Xia Shuyue said happily。
“is it?”Xia Qiuping put her hand on her sister’s belly,“Hey,This kid is so powerful,He kicked my hand。”
“Haha,is it,I also feel energetic,My stomach hurts。”Xia Shuyue laughed,Sit at the nurse’s station and wait for my sister to hand over。
Xia Qiuping is over,Carrying a bag,Shout Xia Shuyue,“Let’s go,go back,I’ll make good food for you,You have to make up,This guy is so powerful,I’m afraid the appetite is the same as you,It’s the type that can’t eat enough。”
“Hahaha,Is that so?Ok,I think it’s possible。”Xia Shuyue laughed,Although she doesn’t know what her future will be,But I still look forward to seeing this little life soon。
They took a taxi at the entrance of the hospital,Come home,As soon as I opened the door, I smelled the scent of food。
Xia Shuyue is very happy,Looks like Brother-in-law is home,She yelled,“Brother-in-law。”
“You came back just right。”There are already several dishes on the table,Brother-in-law heard the sound coming out of the kitchen,“It’s going to start soon。”
“Who made you cook,You get out。”Xia Qiuping doesn’t give any face,She was cold in front of her sister,No smile at all。
“sister,The food is ready,You too tired,Let’s talk after we eat。”Xia Shuyue looks at this posture,Sister is indeed at fault,This temper is indeed……She stretched out her sister to sit down,“Do not talk,eat。”

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