Yoga helps you reduce the annual rings on your neck

Yoga helps you reduce the “annual rings” on your neck

A circle is nearly 30 years old, and a circle is 10 years old. I was accidentally betrayed by the “ring rings” around my neck. What should I do?
  美颈的5个好习惯  1、每天做美颈操  2、每晚沐浴涂抹颈霜按摩  3、养成每周为颈部敷面膜的习惯(选择补水性面膜,在面部使用后敷在颈部即可)  4、防晒  5、选择高度为8cm左右的枕头,以减少睡觉时对颈部的压力  美颈操怎么做?  Lose weight for the neck, promote blood circulation, repair lines, use the free time every day to do the following actions: bending forward and backward: sitting or standing upright, head perpendicular to the shoulders, lower back flexion slightly.
Hold your forehead with both hands, with your elbows flush with your shoulders.
Slowly push back with both hands until the neck is fully back, the forehead points to the ceiling, pause, and count to 10.
Move your hands behind your head and slowly press forward until your chin hits your chest, pause, and count to 10.
Repeat 6 to 8 groups.
  Side bending: Sitting or standing upright, apply external force to the left side of the head, and squeeze the left side with the force of the neck muscles until the right ear almost points to the ceiling.
Relax and repeat.
Do the right exercise in reverse.
Repeat 6 to 8 groups.
  What exercises can help the neck stay young?
  Ballet: All ballet dancers have beautiful necks as long as swans.
Now go to ballet bodybuilding class, and take the ballet posture in daily standing, sitting and walking, straighten your chest, abdomen and lift your jaw.
  Pilates: Pilates coaches often shout at you, “Grow taller” and “pull away a bit”.
Your cervical spine and spine are constantly stretched and elongated under this command.
  Yoga: Not only can yoga make your neck soft and long, many of its postures can also prevent cervical spine diseases.
  Just 25 years old, why did my neck start to show stripes?
  This is an obvious signal to remind you that if you don’t take care of your neck, your skin will really age early.
  The skin on the neck is very thin and fragile, especially the number of sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin in front of the neck is only one-third of the face.
There are usually two types of wrinkles in the neck. One is the wrinkles that begin to age and begin to appear in their teens. Such wrinkles are usually not obvious.
The other type of wrinkles deepens with age, which can be very noticeable.
Especially if you usually “fix” your sitting position, lack of exercise, and gain weight, the lines will appear earlier.
At the age of one year, there will be slackness in the neck, lack of water, and a decrease in contour.
It is imperative to have a quick neck exercise and maintenance.
  Neck care: Remember to apply a moisturizing lotion to the neck after the evening skin care step and massage 20-30 times from bottom to top until the lotion is completely absorbed.
Circle the neck: The skin of the neck is horizontal. Never massage horizontally when you massage, but use the upward circular motion.

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