Xia Shuyue is not only following Zhao Qianqian,And Fang Na sitting in the elegant seat。

“She is Zhao Qianqian,”Wang San said,“You saw it all,As long as someone is near her,Will be driven away。”
Fang Na saw not only Zhao Qianqian,When Xia Shuyue arrives,She has seen。
“Zhu Yi, are you in touch??”Fang Na asks Wang San。
“we have a deal,See you at noon tomorrow。”
Fang Na stood up,Pick up the wine glass,Walk next to Zhao Qianqian,“Little sister drinking alone?”She is talking,Man peering away with his eyes,The man is staring at her with his eyes。
Zhao Qianqian did not speak,Keep drinking,Fang Na sees Zhao Qianqian ignore her,Turned to the man who was staring at her,“Handsome guy,You are not going to buy me a drink?”
“You go away,Stay away from her too。”Men are merciless,Don’t give Fang Na a face。
“Don’t drink alcohol,Still staring,Not masculine at all。”Fang Na said coquettishly。
“Go further,You won’t go,I’m welcome。”The man still stared at her fiercely。
“See you like you want to eat people,”Fang Na smiled ambiguously,Didn’t mean to leave,“I really want to see you being polite。”
“you!”The man is angry with Fang Na,Didn’t continue。
“Do you like that girl,then,And dare not approach her?I can tell at a glance。”Fang Na twisted her body,Smiling enchantingly。
“Has nothing to do with you,Go away。”The man is not at all polite。
“I’m just kind,Saw the girl drinking alone,Afraid of hurting the body,If you like her, persuade her not to drink too much。”Fang Na stand up,After a glance at the man,Said again,“I can stop her from drinking immediately。”
Fang Na knows that this person is Zhao Qianqian’s bodyguard,Zhao Qianqian gets drunk every day,He is not easy to explain,She saw that the man didn’t speak against,He took the wine glass and walked back to Zhao Qianqian,“Little sister,Did you break up?”

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