[Hand roll noodles to learn how to make the best soup noodles]_How to make_Methods Daquan

[Hand roll noodles to learn how to make the best soup noodles]_How to make_Methods Daquan

Many people usually do not make hand-rolled noodles at home. Even the hand-rolled noodles are not as soft as those in Qingdao. The hand-rolled noodles must be kneaded repeatedly if they want to make a good noodle soup.In this way, you can ensure that the noodles are very strong. Cut the cucumber, carrots, and shallots first, put the oil in the pan and stir-fry the oil. You can prepare some chili oil, and the noodle soup will be more fragrant.

Super Invincible Hot Noodle Soup Cucumbers, Carrots, Scallions, Eggs, Noodles Practice 1. First, cut the cucumbers, carrots, and onions into shreds.

2. Pour the oil in the pot, heat the oil for 7 minutes, then put the peppercorns, fry the scent, and then put in the water. Put the onion, fragrant leaves, pepper, salt, etc.

3. Put the eggs in the water opening first, and then open the pot again, then add the vegetables, and finally put the chicken essence, pour the sesame oil, and the coriander.

Tip 1, according to your favorite, you can also replace other vegetables, or put eggs.

2, put less salt, it is best not to use MSG, chicken essence, if you use MSG, be sure to put it immediately before turning off the fire, immediately after turning off the heat and stir well.

Vietnamese Sour and Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup Material Wugi Nutrient Noodles 100g Nine-story Pagoda One Coriander One Onion (Noodle Soup) 1/4 Chives One Small Tomato (Decorative) One Lemon Slice (Decorative) Two Slices of Boneless Chicken Leg Meat One Bean SproutHalf a bowl of fish sauce, one teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon chicken bones (skeleton), one pound of white radish (small), one carrot, half apple, one onion, 3/4 water, 3000cc wine, one spoon of ginger, three slices of salt, twoA small spoon of grass fruit, three bucks, cinnamon, three bucks, star anise, four peppercorns, one dollar wine, one spoon of chili flakes, one bottle of garlic flakes, three lemon flakes, and half a piece of preparation. First prepare the ingredients, including one pack of[五 木 Nutritive noodles].

Wumu nutritious noodles, convenient cooking, and a chain bag design, sealed after use, easy to store.

It is a rare good noodle, a good friend of every household.

[Goki nutrition noodles]The unique skill of real kung fu.

Wheat golden ratio?
Carefully selected Australian gold wheat and American A-grade wheat, exudes pure natural wheat flavor, and then match the perfect taste according to the golden ratio. With every bite, you can eat the purity of wheat.

Boil the soup first, and prepare the soup noodle soup.

Roll 3000cc of water, put onion, red and white radish, apple, and a pound of hot chicken bones.
Grass fruit, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorns, put in a cotton cloth bag, add wine and salt, and cook together for an hour.
(After the fire rolls, turn to a small fire).

After the boneless chicken leg is hot, add it to the cooked soup and simmer for 20 minutes.

After all the previous steps are done, cook in a pot of water and boil[五 木 Nutritive Noodles]?
The cooking method is as follows: 1.

In a moderate amount of boiling water, add the noodles to be cooked separately and stir with chopsticks.

Wait for three minutes for boiling water to boil.


Reduce the fire power so that the hot water does not overflow the pot, or add half a cup of cold water to adjust the hardness of the noodles after cooking to just the right level.

Bean sprouts are cooked, nine-story tower, coriander, leek (chopped), nine-story tower leave some intact.

Cut the onion into filaments, slice the lemon slices, and the small tomatoes.


Place the noodles cooked in step 6 in a bowl, add the noodle-flavored fish sauce and lemon juice, and then add the bean sprouts, nine-story tower, chives, parsley, onion filaments, decorative lemon slices and small tomatoes in step 7.

Add the boiled soup.

You can add some sliced pepper slices, garlic slices, lemon slices, and fish sauce.

Add to your taste.

It’s delicious Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.

Serve lightly.

[五 木 营养 生 面]The taste is great, QQ, and the delicious soup is a perfect match.

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