Yoga is both spiritual and spiritual

Yoga is both spiritual and spiritual

Any external or internal factors that cause excessive stress can cause our minds to lose balance.

As a result, neural function will be constrained, and mental coordination will begin to weaken. Some people’s internal changes will develop more slowly, while others will develop faster.

This may be reflected in any aspect of our lives.

  If a person is in a state of excessive stress for a long period of time (overstress includes emptiness, depression, tension, anger, depression, etc.), it will lead to loss of nerve coordination and further cause mental illness.

As a result, the individual’s thoughts, behaviors, manners, manners, and views on the problem will lose the ability to control (of course, we often find that sometimes only a part of the ability is lost), and a variety of expressions and behaviors beyond normal.

  This issue covers a wide range, and people of any age, gender, country and social and economic background can suffer.

So, two problems have arisen before us: first, how to stop and change the mentally caused diseases and problems we think; and second, how and by what methods can we maintain and control the mind and restore the spirit to a state that I think is healthy.
  In yoga, we can find answers about prevention and healing.

  In order to understand the principles of yoga methods, it is necessary to briefly discuss the causes of mental problems.

The factors that can affect the spirit of people are mainly in three basic aspects: nature, society, and self.

It is a specific factor of a person’s mental stress and loss of balance, or focus on nature, or society, or on the self.

In number theory yoga, these three aspects are incorporated, Brahman, material reality, and spiritual reality.

  The factors of mental illness caused by nature may be certain natural disasters, animal intimidation, or special natural phenomena.

Similarly, social factors may cause problems in religion, race, race, economy, politics, etc., and may also include difficulties in mediating customs, habits, and lifestyles in certain denominations.

In addition, there are many problems that are caused by a person’s own beliefs, beliefs, opinions, preferences, habits, and may also be due to some internal feelings (such as hate, suspicion, revenge, insult, hobby, fantasy, love, Hatred, etc.).

  In society, whether it is an industrial society or an agricultural society, whether a tribal society or a primitive society, almost everyone faces a variety of problems arising from the above three aspects.

Today, we too face many problems and mental distress.

Although the nature and form of the problem we face has changed due to the changing conditions, the problem always exists.

Therefore, it is useful to understand the general human perspective of early yoga thinkers and the solutions they have proposed.

  Among the pioneers who contributed to the terrorist yoga system, Gapiro first founded the number theory philosophy system.

  Following Gapiro’s point of view, all questions faced by man can be answered by specialized knowledge.

Because of these specialized knowledge, those strange and rare events can cause people’s distress.

When a person discovers and masters the specialized knowledge of self-personal consciousness and self, then rare events and their consequences caused by any of the above three factors will not make him confused and upset.
When a person discovers and masters specialized knowledge about self-personal consciousness and self, then the rare events and their consequences caused by any of the three aspects mentioned above will not shock and distress him.

  This specialized knowledge includes the mysteries of self-virtue, that is, the three virtues of China, Germany, Lower Germany, and Upper Germany, as well as the knowledge of all matter of the self.

The understanding of the matter of nature must also be related to understanding the composition, functions, and interrelationships of the various organs such as the sense organs, motor organs, spirits, and intelligence of the self.

  If a person has considerable knowledge, he also gains the ability to overcome pain, so as to maintain spiritual balance, and even occasionally gain joy, happiness, and ease.

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