“I am different from his,As long as Manager Ye is a human,Just sell the house,Regardless of academic qualifications,Regardless of age,Regardless of gender,And after selling the house, the commission is very high,Of course someone would do it,What I need here are professionals,It’s definitely not the same thing。”

“You have to hurry,I have to be accountable to investors,do you understand?”
“Am I thinking of a way??”Zhao Luo wants to smoke again,Give Fang Na one too,“I signed a 50 million contract,The company has already called,Ask when to ship,Their advance payment has already been credited to our account。”
“I do this in the morning,Expected next week,The first shipment will arrive。”
“There will be no problem?”
“will not。”
“Cen Cheng there,I got a membership card according to your wishes,Spent ten thousand,Gave her three hundred cash,Is it worth spending money on her??”Zhao Luo has some doubts in his eyes。
Fang Na spit a cigarette,“do not know,Just bet,Just betting on her,Bet right,Our company won’t worry about getting land in the future。”
“Oh,correct,Cen Cheng said you want to help her open a store?She waits for your money。”Zhao Luo suddenly remembered。
“I just talked about,naive。”
“She has taken it seriously,The store’s contracts are signed,Say the rent is more than 100,000 yuan。”
Fang Na smiled,“Really naive,Let me say something casually,She believed?Not want to help her,Now for the company,Hundreds of thousands is not a big number,The key question is that I don’t know if she is worth the hundreds of thousands.!”
Zhao Gang’s affairs have passed this time,Already processed almost,Payable,What to sell,In the end, he still owes more than one million。
Their family has moved out of the villa,Rent a big house with three bedrooms and one living room,Wu Lusheng helped find the house,Zhao Qianqian had been in a trance before,It seems that the brain won’t turn,Stayed in the hospital for a few days,After the doctor’s conditioning and enlightenment,Slowly walk out of the shadows,Discharge now,Can live normally,Just extremely depressed,Can’t be interested in doing anything。

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