[How long can the baby keep drinking the milk powder_How long can the baby drink the leftover milk powder]

[How long can the baby keep drinking the milk powder_How long can the baby drink the leftover milk powder]

Baby milk is a good way to supplement nutrition, especially in infants and young children, the choice of milk powder is more important, be sure to choose infant milk powder, if parents rush more milk powder, this time the baby is not finished.

It is best not to drink the remaining milk powder, especially in summer, if you leave it for more than half an hour, you can’t drink it anymore, after all, the bacteria in it grow faster.

How long can a baby drink endless milk powder? If it has not been pregnant, the baby can be stored in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours.

But if it is already drinking milk, let the baby recover as soon as possible within two hours, if it is hot summer, it is best to let the baby drink within half an hour.

If the parents are not very sure about the amount of milk that the baby usually drinks, it is recommended to prepare two bottles at home, brew the milk powder in one bottle, and then split the two. Give the baby one of the bottles first.Before you drink enough, pour the other half of the milk powder into the bottle for your baby.

If the baby is full, the remaining milk powder can be given to the baby later.

How to heat up the prepared milk powder?

If the baby only occasionally has milk powder left, parents can use boiling water to warm the baby’s milk, but don’t take too long to avoid the temperature of the milk being too high.

How do I know if the temperature of the milk is appropriate?

You can feed your milk to your wrist. If it doesn’t feel hot, it’s warm, indicating that the temperature is just right.

If the baby often has milk powder left, it is recommended to buy a milk warmer and fix the temperature at about 40 degrees. This is convenient and worry-free, but the time should not be too long. Remember the time series we just talked about.Otherwise, the milk will easily deteriorate.

Parents do not use these methods to warm the baby’s milk: Wrong method 1, use unused milk to make milk powder. Some parents will add water to unused milk powder, and then add new milk powder. Although this method is easy, butUnscientific, because how much milk powder to add to the bottle is difficult to grasp.

Many parents will say, then I ‘m going to dilute it a little bit. It ‘s actually not good for the baby ‘s growth and development, because too low a concentration of milk powder will cause the baby’s protein content to be insufficient, and it will also cause malnutrition.

In addition, if the remaining milk powder is not stored properly, bacteria may have grown in it. Mixing freshly foamed milk powder with such milk powder is also not good for your baby’s health.

Wrong method 2. Microwave heating of milk with microwave oven is achieved by the collision of plastic molecules with positive and negative poles, which generates high heat. This may also cause some nutrients in milk powder to deteriorate or be lost, and it may easily cause milk to be overheated.

Wrong method 3, boiling and heating, and some parents will use the pot to boil the unfinished milk powder, thinking that it can both heat and sterilize.

But actually from a nutritional point of view, this approach is enough to make the baby get a big discount on nutrition, because the boiling temperature is too high, which will lead to the loss of vitamins and other nutrients in milk powder.

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