Wrong yoga accelerates spinal degeneration

Wrong yoga accelerates spinal degeneration

Yoga has become popular in recent years, and yoga classes are available in all fitness centers.

However, a recent study in Taiwan pointed out that some people who have been practicing yoga for a long time have degeneration of spine and spine (intervertebral disc) and wear problems. The spine of practitioners in their 30s has deteriorated, such as 60 years old.

Orthopedic surgeons point out that practicing yoga is good for the body, but yoga is not suitable for everyone, and practitioners should do their best to avoid injury.

  Doctors said that among those who went to yoga classes, there may be books with different degrees of practice. If they barely make difficult movements to catch up with higher-level books, they will be easily injured.

  In addition, yoga is not suitable for everyone. People with high blood pressure, spinal problems, etc. should consult a doctor before learning yoga; and “hot yoga” (practicing yoga at 35 to 38 degrees Celsius) is more likely to cause a rapid heartbeat, The body loses a lot of water, high blood pressure people, high blood pressure patients, pregnant women and children are not suitable.

When enrolling in a yoga class, you should also look at the reputation of the fitness center and instructor to learn the correct posture correctly.

  Precautions for practicing yoga ● Some yoga moves may cause damage to some bodies. Be careful if you have the following diseases: cervical or lumbar intervertebral disc injury, carotid sclerosis, severe high or low blood pressure, retinal detachment or glaucoma, severeOsteoporosis and stroke.

  ● High temperature yoga is not suitable for people with high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney disease, severe liver disease, pregnant women, children or elderly people.

  ● Do what you can, don’t force hard exercises.

  ● Do warm-up exercises, do not pull suddenly, pay attention to keep breathing smooth.

  ● If you feel unwell or dizzy during practice, you should stop slowly and inform the instructor or see a doctor.

  ● Pregnant women should start practicing yoga after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and choose a class specially designed for pregnant women.

  Siren of Injury in Yoga Practice ● Swelling and pain in joints such as pelvis, knees, and wrists after practice.

  ● After practice, there is persistent (more than one hour) back or neck pain.

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