After Master Xiao Bing took people into the mountain,They didn’t know how they knew that the prisoner was hiding in Funiu Mountain,Also came。”
hand machine station:
1130 Daniel first battle
Looking at the noisy village,Chen Xiu can’t help but worry about trouble,Especially these bounty hunters,Self-sustaining,Rebellious,I’m afraid that if you don’t agree with the villagers, you want to fight and kill。
“Where’s the village chief……”
Talking to the village chief,Suddenly there was an argument not far away,Human head cicada pupa,Chen Xiu took a few steps,Squeeze the crowd,I saw that Daniel was arguing with the bounty hunter。
Daniel is holding the water and fire stick in his left hand,Grabbed the bounty hunter with his right hand and said angrily:“Lose money!”
The bounty hunter struggled a few times,I can’t get rid of the big cow,Also angry:“Don’t let go!”
“I’ll let go if you lose money!”
The bounty hunter is grinning:“I don’t pay for food and drink at Huixianlou in Qingmu County,Taking a chicken from your village is giving you great face,Dare to care about me asking for money!”
Daniel has no words for such a brazen generation,Put the moisture stick on the ground,Raise your fist and hit。
Bounty hunters see great strength,Thinking he is just a hunter,Not afraid in my heart,Pointing to his head and said:“If you have a kind, go here!”
Daniel’s face turned red,Anger:“Don’t think I dare!”

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