Bai Ai said softly,He nodded clearly。

“Since it’s all here,Please come in!”
Fuming although I feel helpless,But let everyone in,Bakong and Qingfeng looked at each other,Immediately turned his head over。
“Let’s get straight to the point,You two are not just chatting, right?”
Look at them。
Chen Mo said with a chuckle:“I came here today mainly for two things,One is because a few of us will be teammates in a few days,So get to know each other in advance,Also very good”
Nodded,Continue to wait for Chen Mo’s following。
“Second,Fuming Xueyou probably haven’t understood the rules of this game yet, right?!”
Nodded uncontrollably,I really don’t know。
“There are a total of sixteen five-level colleges,Sixteen eight,Eight into four,Four in two,In the end, the two academies decide to win the strongest!”
“The rules of this game are slightly different from previous ones,It can be roughly divided into three stages,The first stage is the solo ring system!”
“At this stage, 16 academies draw lots to decide which college to play against.,There are no more than nine rounds between two colleges,At least six rounds,The last academy student standing on the ring is considered the winner!”

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