Children’s irritability and picky eaters lack dimensional B

Children’s irritability and picky eaters lack “dimensional B”

When children are easily tired, too lazy to move, and irritable, part of the reason is due to the lack of B vitamins in the body. Children need to improve their eating habits and eat more coarse grains.
  The data show that 40% to 60% of children in China have the problem of picky eaters and partial eclipse, which causes the lack of micronutrients in children.
B vitamins can promote gastrointestinal motility and promote protein absorption in the brain.
Once lacking, it will cause poor appetite, aggravate the phenomenon of picky eating and partial eclipse, and cause a vicious circle. In severe cases, anorexia may even occur.
  As you eat more and more refined, you will also lack vitamin B. In addition to partial eating and picky eating, children usually eat too finely, which is also an important cause of vitamin B deficiency.
Xu Xinzhu said that vitamin B mainly exists in the surface layer of coarse grains (such as wheat, cereals, beans) and is a water-soluble vitamin. The finer the coarse grains are processed, the greater the loss of vitamin B is.
Everyone often eats fine white noodle steamed buns and noodles.
No wonder the British government has issued a ban prohibiting the delicate processing of wheat and rice in order to preserve the nutrients in grain.
  Children’s incorrect eating habits, eating only meat and vegetables, and their preference for foreign fast food are also a major cause of vitamin B deficiency.
Like a burger is fried food, more meat and less vegetables, more trans fat.
From a nutritional point of view, burgers contain more protein, but poor vitamins and carbohydrates, which is not a qualified food.
  Irritability is a sign of lack of vitamin B. Does the child lack B vitamins?
This is the most important issue for parents.
Xu Xinzhu introduced that this can be judged from the child’s symptoms.
The child’s tongue is magenta, which is a manifestation of vitamin B1 deficiency; irritability and irritability are likely to lack vitamin B2; children lacking vitamin B6 are likely to show anorexia, loss of appetite, etc .; the causes of oral ulcers in adults are complicated.Somehow related.
However, the cause of oral ulcers in children is relatively simple, most of them may be due to lack of vitamin B2, so oral ulcers are also a sign of vitamin B deficiency.
  If it is a breast-fed newborn, the natural condition is that when you are full, you will have a satisfied expression and sleep very sweetly.
If the newborn is particularly prone to irritability and crying, this may be due to the lack of vitamin B in breastfeeding mothers, causing vitamin B deficiency in breast milk.
  If in doubt, take your child to the hospital for a test to see which trace elements are lacking before supplementing.
  Eating only vitamin tablets is more prone to vitamin deficiency. If your child has obvious symptoms of B vitamin deficiency, you must take multivitamin B tablets. At the same time, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet and avoid partial eclipse, and then increase the intake of coarse grains and milk.
At this time, it is too late to simply supplement the food, because the vitamin B content of the food is limited, and it takes a long time to ensure the qualified amount.
One parent asked: “My child has been very picky, and there is no way to change. Can I take vitamin tablets for a long time to make up for the lack of nutrients?
“Experts said that taking vitamin tablets is only suitable for short-term supplementation. It is suitable for people who have already developed symptoms of vitamin deficiency, but it cannot be a regular way of eating.
Because the content of vitamins in vitamin tablets is very high, if you take vitamin tablets for a long time, the body’s vitamins are in a high level of balance. Once you stop eating, people are prone to symptoms of vitamin deficiency.
  For example, a person who has been taking vitamin C tablets for a long time will be particularly prone to gum bleeding symptoms when they stop eating, which means that they lack vitamin C.
“It’s sore as soon as you stop taking vitamin tablets” is the experience of many people.
In addition, the vitamins in food most closely match the metabolic needs of the human body. Xu Xinzhu suggested that the nutrients that can be supplemented from food should be supplemented from the diet as much as possible.
  There is no bad food, only bad eating methods. So it seems that as long as the child does not have partial eclipse and picky eaters, there is no problem of lack of nutrition.
Nowadays, children’s picky eating is too common. Cows cannot graze without grazing. What can parents do?
There are no bad dishes in the world, only wrong cooking methods.
Take chicken drumsticks for example. Chicken itself contains vitamin B. Steaming and burning are healthy eating methods.
But cooking by frying becomes junk food full of “bad fats”.
  Many parents are afraid that their children may not have enough nutrition, so they pile a lot of fruits and vegetables on their children. This is a practice that makes children feel disgusted and rebellious. It can be given in batches, eat vegetables at home, let him bring fruits to school, and so on.
  In short, if your child prefers a certain food, you can switch to a healthy cooking method.
Improve children’s nutritional status by improving cooking and eating habits.
  Foods containing B vitamins coarse grains (such as grain porridge, whole wheat bread) animal liver vegetables, fruits milk promote a balanced daily diet, supplement from food, appear symptoms of deficiency, need to temporarily take multivitamin B tablets.

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