19-year-old teenager Zhang Yufei fell into the water after only 11 days of training

19-year-old Zhang Yufei fell into the water after only 11 days of training
After Olympic champions such as Liu Zige and Jiao Liuyang, the 19-year-old Zhang Yufei was regarded as a new hope for the Chinese butterfly stroke, but she was injured on the occasion of the success of the World Championships. During a jump training, she accidentally fellDown, a large piece of meat was knocked off the calf, 8 stitches were sewn on the skin, and there were too many needles under the skin, but only 11 days later, the girl with a weak surface began to start training: the game happened,No way, now it is no longer painful.  In today’s open swimming class, a sharp-eyed reporter found that Zhang Yufei, who walked into the training hall, walked a little awkwardly. After another observation, there was a thick gauze on her calf.It turned out that during a land training on June 28, Zhang Yufei fell while training on the stairs, and a large piece of meat was knocked off his calf. This is a miserable World Championship!This was the only thought of the little girl when she was injured.Talking about this injury, Zhang Yufei’s coach Liu Haitao reluctantly said: Everyone did the same action, and she was injured.  Zhang Yufei told reporters that a total of eight stitches had been sewn on the wound surface of the leg, and the number of stitches under the skin was too large to count.After the injury, the doctor told her to go into the water at least two weeks later. I can’t wait. I will go into the water about 11 days later. The game will be replaced. There is no way!For the upcoming World Championships, Zhang Yufei was very anxious.The reporter asked worriedly: Will it not be infected?Slightly infected, but it’s not a big deal. Disinfect after disinfection, let it dry in the sun, it will be fine after a while.Now it doesn’t hurt anymore, there is no problem with the activity.  Although he has recovered with accelerated speed, Zhang Yufei still has some concerns: it will definitely affect the game.But the coach is more at ease with her: there will definitely be an impact, but it is not too big. She is already a mature athlete. I believe it can be adjusted well.Original title: Enough to fight!11 days into the water after the next “Butterfly Queen” before the game