Anti-gambling and Anti-Black Xie Yalong’s life in prison

“Anti-gambling and Anti-Black” Xie Yalong’s life in prison September 3rd Yesterday, football referee Lu Jun, who fell in the anti-gambling and anti-smuggling storm, was officially released from prison and regained his freedom.So, what about the lives of other prisoners in the anti-gambling and anti-crime case?Xie Yalong: Xie Yalong, a hard-read Chinese medicine book, was the vice chairman of the Football Association and the director of the Football Management Center.After imprisonment, Xie Yalong had been studying traditional Chinese medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine cases, pharmacists and ancient books. He was probably a generation of famous doctors when he came out, and his family bought him more than 10,000 yuan of traditional Chinese medicine books.However, Xie Yalong has lived in the past, can not face the reality, is usually unhappy, almost does not communicate with the surrounding prisoners, he is thin, and his ears are not very good, anyone who speaks to him must shout.Nan Yong: Applying for patents on sports research achievements Nan Yong was the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association.Nan Yong also paid great attention to football and sports in prison, and continued to engage in sports research. His research results also applied for patents.Yang Yimin: I also want to work for Chinese football. Yang Yimin was the deputy director of the Football Sports Management Center and the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association.During the escort in the detention center, Yang Yimin would watch the news every day through TV and newspapers, and occasionally read some books, etc., as well as books on related laws.After the sentence was pronounced, his defense lawyer Wang Shujing copied it, and Yang Yimin stated that he still wanted to do something for Chinese football and wanted to go to university to teach.Zhang Jianqiang: Want to write a plan for women’s footballAfter imprisonment, Zhang Jianqiang planned to put his accumulated years of football experience on the pen and write a development plan for the Chinese women’s football team. The final result is still unknown.Extended reading: China’s Golden Whistle Lu Jun commuted from prison for 1 year and will not work in the sports field. Golden Whistle Lu Jun prison was commuted. Reason: study and labor points accumulated 39 pages. A generation of black whistle Lu Jun released his prison sentence.Ren Garden Group’s health team leader anti-gambling sentence: Huang Junjie was sentenced to a fine of 200,000 for 7 years Lu Jun was fined 100,000 in June of 5 years