[Does adults drink baby milk powder?]_ Adult drink _ Will it be fat?

[Does adults drink baby milk powder?]_ Adult drink _ Will it be fat?

Can baby milk powder be consumed by adults?

Will it cause you to gain weight after drinking?

In fact, for adults, baby milk powder is drinkable, and if you drink it, it will not have adverse effects on your health and will not cause obesity, because no one will drink infant milk powder to gain weight, and infants themselvesMilk powder also contains high nutritional value, so it is better to drink properly.

1. Nutrient-rich.

Infant formula provides almost all the nutritional sources for babies, and it is quite rich and comprehensive.

2. Milk powder is expensive and it is a pity to waste it.

But if mothers think that infant milk powder is rich in nutrition and plan to sell it for replenishment, then it is not cost-effective, and drinking too much will also have some kind of bad influence: 3, tastes bad.

Generally, it is more difficult for adults to accept the taste of infant milk powder. The fishy taste is very strong, and even difficult to swallow.

4, cause gastrointestinal upset, such as diarrhea.

Adults who drink infant formula can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

This is caused by the unequal proportion of the milk powder composition and the nutritional needs of adults.

The protein content of infant formula is about 1/3 of that of fresh milk, while the lactose content is very high.

The main source of energy for babies comes from lactose. The digestive ability of the stomach and the stomach is also very strong, and the digestive ability of proteins is weak.

Adults have a weak digestive capacity for lactose and are prone to indigestion.

5. It can’t supplement the nutrition that adults need.

Due to immature liver and kidney function in infants, the levels of protein and calcium in breast milk increase approximately as milk.

The protein content of breast milk is only 1.

About 2%, while premium milk is 3.

0% or more.

For adults, the protein content of breast milk is too low to provide sufficient nutritional effects like pure milk.

Baby milk powder mimics the protein concentration in breast milk, so its protein content is also much lower than that of ordinary milk powder.

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