Wang Youcai stretched,I felt it was really cold outside。He trot to the toilet,Then I went back to the room and washed my face。After the cadre finishes these things,He thought about it,He reached out and took the coat hanging on the wall,Put on,This is the way out。

No matter how strong the wind outside,I won’t blow this fur coat through。Wang Youcai puts on this fur coat,Suddenly came the spirit。He walked around the compound with his hands behind his back,He checked all the doors。
At this moment,Liu Ying came out of the kitchen with a long yawn,She is carrying a long set of keys。Wang Youcai took a look and understood,This is what Tian Wa left for her。
“Leave the kitchen to Yao Chunni,You go check every room。Extinguish all fire sources first,Second, check if the doors and windows are closed。In addition, turn off the power in these rooms”Wang Youcai deliberately said loudly to Liu Ying。
The honest Yao Chunni poked her head out of the kitchen and said:“You go!Leave the kitchen to me”
Liu Ying is an old employee,I have worked with Wang Youcai for many years,So she can not only cook,But she can do a lot of work。With Liu Ying’s cooperation,Wang Youcai opened one room to see,turn out,This Tian baby is still responsible for her work。
Every room is cleaned up,And there is no combustible。In addition, the total power supply in the employee’s living area has been turned off。Thus,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to lock the doors of all the rooms again。
“I was exhausted last night,Not coming tonight”Liu Ying took a peek at the kitchen,He lowered his voice and said to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“You and Yao Chunni will go to my bed tonight”
“What do you wanna do?Don’t go too far”Liu Ying heard what Wang Youcai said,His face changed immediately。After Wang Youcai understood what Liu Ying said,,Can’t help but laugh。
“what are you thinking?It seems that you, an honest person, also learned badly。I am going to Donglin Township in the evening,I must be unable to come back at night,My room is warm,TV again。So you go to my bed to sleep,Nothing more”
Liu Ying heard that Wang Youcai said,My face flushed to the root of my neck,She said embarrassedly:“No need!It’s not good to stain your bed”Actually this is what Liu Ying said politely,It’s not the first time she has gone to sleep in Wang Youcai’s bed。
Wang Youcai looked at Liu Ying,Sighed and said:“You won’t take your own quilt to sleep?Really stupid”
Liu Yingyi listen,Can’t help but smile:“this is okay,But everyone is gone,We two women live in such a big yard,Still a little scared”
“Afraid of a fart,You lock the big iron gate from inside as soon as I leave。And then lock the door of my office from the inside,I don’t think even a fly can fly in”Wang Youcai glared at Liu Ying and said。He hates that women are scared in front of men。
Liu Ying looked upset at Wang Youcai,She smiled and said:“I just said casually,What are we afraid of。Come to the kitchen for lunch!Let’s leave at noon after eating!Or in the afternoon,The road will freeze again”
Liu Ying is a mature woman,Thinking about the problem is not the same。Wang Youcai walked two steps towards the kitchen and stopped。He glanced at Liu Ying who was a little tired and said:“I keep you,Is it a bit selfish?”
“No,I am very thankful。The children at home are older,Everyone has to go to school to make money,Can earn an extra day,Just make an extra day’s money!Moreover,I have nothing to do when I get home,Panicked”Liu Ying finished saying this,Turned around and went into the kitchen。

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The magic is in a laughter.:“Deeply,Really deep!”

“I thought I said the big call.,It is not big,Instead, I really don’t put their opponents in my eyes.,Such a rare,Man,Woman does not return,Disdain。”At this time, a nine days who did not speak nine-day tone.。
His eyes are hot staring at fish and cold jade,Popularity with a red heat。
Just at this time, the vacuum icy sound sounded.,At this moment, the vacuum face is sinking into water.,How hard is to see。
However, if the fairy vacuum, no matter。
Sudden bloody breath rises in this void,The bloody rain falls in the empty space。
“Fairy burning!”
The cold tone is issued from the fairy men’s mouth,He is blood,Bloody rain falls in void,These blood rain carrying the power of destroying the earth,Suddenly all burn it up.。
Timed into a raging fire,These flames are integrated together,Form a huge oven among the void,This oven has already shrouded in the fish.。
“Lin brother,This is the fairy burning,It is a Xianban taboo!”At this time, the ridiculous pole。
“Lin brother.”Plumber sky face slightly cold,This is almost a desperate play。
This kind of fairy school is the power of burning your own strength.,Once the outbreak, I will not be returned.,Of course, the cost of pay is also unusually miserable.。
“Fairy brother,Block!”Dragon Japanese God color drama,Nima,This time I played this time.,I got up and killed a deputy palace of the Shentou Temple.。
“Humph,is it necessary?”Xianzhen is cold,He does not stop at all,Because this is the only night of the Fairy face。
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”
Lin Feng said three good words.,It’s anger or normal.,Suddenly ahead:“But even if blood burns,Still fail!”
Xian vacuum heard the color is cold,Magic,Emperor,Nine days, heard the face,Dragon Day is incredible to watch Lin Feng。
“Arrogant,I see what method she uses.。”Fairy vacuum cold。
“Dare to gamble with me?”Lin Feng’s mouth with a trace of fun:“Fairy vacuum,You don’t talk nonsense,This is a battle of a government owner and a house owner on your side.,Do you dare to bet your victory??”
“What is not dare?!”Xianzhen looks at Lin Feng Road:“I am afraid that you are the pool of the pool of the temple.,Can’t get something good。”
“Ha ha,You and me,You can’t afford it,Fairy vacuum!”Lin Feng wrote a lot of laughter:“Don’t say you,It’s your head boss.,I can’t afford it.!”
Fairy vacuum cold:“Lin Feng,Less less here,What do you play with me?,Sheeord Temple poor honey,I see that your owner can come up with me.!”
A bumpy voice sounded。
Lin Feng big sleeve,A space bracelet floods directly from the sky,The door on the space bracelet is open directly,Suddenly broke out,Soon that a void is overwhelmed。
Countless time and space of time, rushed out,It’s like a vast ocean.,Inundating this void。
“A lot of time and space crystals!”
“I rubbed,This time, the empty crystal is terrible.。”
“An owner actually has such a short crystal,I rubbed,I should really be investigated before coming.。”
“horrible,Direct out20Billion-time crystal,Not a general,This time I played this time.!”
“Hey-hey,is not it,Xian vacant this time is lost,Estimate,Lose seat,not only that,Also owed a ass debt。”
Onlookers have discussions,Demon,God,The people in the West Temple hugs http://www.yodei.cnat the attitude of laughing,I am very glad that I have no one to enroll the mad guy.。
“Fairy vacuum,Don’t dare to fight with me,Not dare,Rapid horse roll back to Xianban,The next exchange will come.,A group of township!”Lin Feng looked at the time and space in the void, laughed and laughed.。
“Lin Feng,Lin Feng”Fairy vacuum double scarlet,Face is gloomy, such as water,So much spatial crystal,Even if he has a victory,It is also a little joy when you have a place.。
“If I,Either gambling,Either。”Randade Dongyang smiles。
“me too,Can’t afford this person。”The sky is also laughing at the sky:“It seems that they have not collected intelligence,Our Linfu Lord is a famous rich。”

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“Etc., etc!”What happened to Meiqin,I hurriedly ran a few steps.,Go directly to the girl,Loudly,“Clone body like you,This will not have ten eight?”
You are taking a thousand people to smoke the corner of the Qing Dynasty behind the two people.,Another a sigh。
“嘿嘿 kitten cat”Who thinks,In front of the Yumui actually ignored the meaning of Meiqin,On the other hand, I smiled and smiled.,“Cat cats and read or cat cats”
“Don’t give me such a boring thing.!”Meiqin crazy scratching his hair,How do you have this strange clone?!
She really uses her owndnaIs it discounted?!Meiqin has some crazy thinking,Do you have such a unreliable gene in your own body??
“The two sisters can’t quarrel.。”At this moment,A ice cream is parked by them,A middle-aged uncle driver explores his head from the window,Laugh。
“This guy is not my sister.!”Meiqin wants to think,Loudly shout。
“Even if you joking,This kind of words can not be mentioned casually.!”Middle-aged uncle left,Laugh,“You look at it, you know that you are twins.。”
“Waiting for me.!”Uncle opened the window of ice cream,Inside,Not a minute,Uncle took two sweet ice cream from the car.,One person handles Meiqin and Yushan。
“This is the latest product of my home.!”Uncle said with a smile,“After eating ice cream and good。”
“Feel sorry,I haven’t thought of ice cream now.”Meiqin looks at the hands of Emerald Mint Chocolate Ice Cream,Blink,Just want to say something,But the sound of the bite rolls of the beside is shocked.,Look back,Meiqin can’t help but sigh。
“The milk is rich but not greasy,Sweet flavor,The ice cream is inevitable is excellent milk,But use detailed Japanese sugar to do this taste。Sweet is referring to the peeling of the cake?good job!Yushen is not awkward。”Girls while eating strawberry milk ice cream,I am praised with a no-clear tone.。
“Ha ha,thank you!”Uncle obviously expressed fun to the high-quality position of the girl,Turning through the car,“After the husband and wife are unfamiliar,However, the relationship between the blood between sisters is indeed constant.!”
Not that kind of native piano is a bit helpless,But after half of it,She can’t help but sigh.,never mind。
What is seen from the perspective of outsiders,This is also something wrong.,Meiqin is so thinking,Don’t say blood,Our two simplicity doctors think this is the same.,Meiqin sighed,The lower conscious looks to the ice cream,Listening to the high-key praise of the girl just,Let Meiqin can’t help but have a hint of ice cream,Since it is your own clone,I want to come from self and her taste should be almost almost
“Eh?”There is no feeling of sweet and sweet taste on the tip of the tongue.,Let Meiqin can’t help but look down on ice cream in your hands.,Plus the feeling of sudden feeling
“”Looking at the empty empty egg roll,Meiqin’s face is slightly black,The corner of the mouth is also smoked.。
next to,Girl’s mouth,From time to time,The expression on the face with a touch of comfort,The corner of the mouth also remains a clean green ice cream,Meiqin brow jump。
“Hey!”Menqin face black,“Are you not my clone??How can I be so greedy?!”
“Yu 御 doesn’t know what the sister is saying.。”The girl said,“Enjoy the bauble smell of thin chocolate ice cream,When you put it out, you don’t know anything.。”
You have already said your idea.!Menqin face black,But no more。
“Some of the body is cold.,Want to drink a warm black tea。”Girl stands next to Meiqin,Look at the Meiqin,Another time, I said。
“????”Mechanic I thought my ear。
“Don’t look at me.,I am very picky for black tea.!”Teenage girl 歪 头,Conscientiously,“Good black tea is not only good to drink,The color of the black tea is still red.!”
“You give me a point!”Meiqin can’t bear it.,But when I saw the serious eyes of the girl,Finally, it is a low head.。
I feel completely refused to
Looking at the helpless normor,The girl originally slightly dimmed, the amber scorpion flashed a variety of fluctuations.,The corner of the mouth also has a trace of smile.,Laughing very shallow,It is very distressed。
Manual black tea,Leather is so happyhhhh
(This chapter is over)
NS173chapter goodbye
When Meiqin and the girl who claim to be a cloning person from the coffee shop,The sky is completely black。
“The black tea there is very delicious there.。”Girl blinks,A literary evaluation road,“Strawberry cake is also good,Yumu is like the truth。”
“When are you going back??”roadside,Meiqin helpless sighs,She suddenly found that he had immunized this girl who has the same as himself.。
“I forgot to say that”Heard this sentence,Girl looks up at the sky,Whispered,“Yuki is going to do experiment now,Will not return to the facility。Although my sister adults follow me is your freedom,But this will not find the savory manufacturer’s,Yushu honestly。”
“Hey?”Meiqin was ate,Skiring girl looking at the girl,“Why do you tell me now??”
“Because you didn’t ask。”Girl raised his head,Taoquan in the tone with deliberate imitation Meiqin,However, because the lack of a flat tone makes the sound sound very funny.,Mechanic piano face is hidden by blood vessels。
What should I do this, this is a helpless girl,Meiqin’s headache, 揉 揉 心,Or is it faster than the password just now??I remember that I havepdaThink of this,She will take her hand in the pocket of myself uniform skirt.,Suddenly slap,A circular badge dropped from the pocket。

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Ken Chengping is the same as other people in the first military school,I used to think that Zuo Luo Huan and Combin are not good.,This time two people come out together,It is a rare thing.,He guess is probably the first time,A team often training,So the relationship is good。

“Your body is fine.?”Kycheng Road,“My inhibitor is onlySclass,I don’t know if you can use it.。”
He also heard that Zuo Luo Huan is highly screaming。
“I am fine.。”Zuo Luo took out the inhibitor from the pocket and,Look at it,“Don’t use it。”
Xiang Chengping is a bit sympathy:“Then you can only bear it first.,There are still a few days to go to the capital.。”
AlphaI know that I have a difficult time.,Inhibitors are only a slowdown,The best way canOgaCombine。
But youngerAlphaCan only rely on inhibitors,I have been in the past.,Time for about a few days left。
“Thank you Xie Xue Chang reminded。”Zuo Luo polite reply,Accomplish,“Needless to endure。”
Unfortunately, the item is not perceptible.,Nodded:“I will call the rescue army first.,I am ready for the morning.。”
Zuo Luo said nothing wrong with,This year’s susceptibility,She doesn’t have to endure like usually.,Although it is not completely solved,But in the coming,Sniffing the smell of the cervical gland,It is a bit。
this person,It is her now.。
OgaColony gland isAlphaFavorite tag,Zuo Luohuan bite the gland of the gland, the soft meat,Slowly grind,Oki’s restraint,Nasal sounds,Also because breathing is too fast,It sounds like a whimper。
AlphaHave a strong desire,OgaThis kind of appearance,Great satisfied her psychology,No longer torture him,Directly released strong and even brought some burst。
Wait until Zuo Luo has released the neck gland,He can’t stand it early.,She brings people to the sofa,Let him sit on himself。
I don’t know what to do.,Zuo Luo said a word to the Bi Yue,He can’t sit still almost,Gather up,Hold by her。
“OgaNormal physiological response。”Zuo Luo is prescribed by people,One side,The words that say it, but more want to leave.,“I have passed before the heat period.。”
The two have nothing to do further,onlyAlphaPlot,Marginal behavior has done a lot,letOgaUnwind,Express into a soft cotton。
ObviouslyAlphaVolatility,Zuo Luo is only temporarily marked.Oga,Be alleviated,Instead, it is the acquisition of it.。
The breakdown of Ji Yue is sitting on the Legs of Zuo Luo Huan,Hands on her shoulder,Semi-hanging short-haired shirts,The whole person is drunk wine,The skin of the cold white jade is thin and thin.,Improved in the light。
Zuo Luo has not done anything,Just the knee of a leg,Soft part,Slowly grind。
She is still in pants,Extraordinary rough material,Grinding,Also bring another taste。
“This matter……”Zuo Luo’s eyebrows clamped the fierce,Tone is calm,It seems that she is not dry.,“When the heat period,I want to do it for you.。”
Oak Yue’s eyes on Zuo Luoyuan,Some somewhat dissevite will post her forehead.,Breathe,Press your breath,Slow and clear:“What you want to do,Can do it for me later。”
Zuo Luo hit,Subsequently laugh,Ask:“Oki,This is not a matter.?”
“Um。”Once the Ocean is, it is hard to take a sound.,Tremble,Purpose on Zuo Lip。
AlphaHow bad?
It is clear that she is in a susceptible period.,Have to look at itOgaUnable to control,Take the initiative to send。
OgaWhere do you knowAlphaHarsh mind,Just they just exchanged,What she does?,He is willing to accompany。
Zuo Luo has not learned,Just kissed the people of his lips,Thin thin layer,Reach your hand on the waist of the coming,Let him succeed,Migraine reminder:“Brainned。”
Oki is leaning against her,Want to see the brain on your wrist,Wake up from chaos,Looking up at Zuo Luohuan:Watching a few points:“……My father。”
He is now,If picked up communication,Opposite Ji Xiu will definitely see what happened.。
Zuo Luoho raised his hand slipped down the clothes slipped down.,Then remove the brain of the coming wrist,Hold people to the sofa to another,Pulling the thin blanket wrap him,I am sitting on the sofa and another,This is only a communication。
“Zuo Luo Huan?”Ji Xiu saw the people opposite the computer,But I didn’t ask my son where.,Only,“Xijiang flowing star has a flatbon handwriting,What happened before you??”
Zuo Luo has no concealment,Generally speaking, what happened before。
Ji Xi wrinkled frown:“This should be stared at you a year ago.,This person likes to challenge,Although you are more than him,But levelAlphaHigh rare,Zuo Duhong’s daughter,He will not let you go easily.。”
Zuo Luo Huan heard the words of Ji Xiu,Not much reactions,Even if you don’t look for her,She will also find him。
“Capital of the capital,Currently handled well,I said that I have to go to Xijiang to give the stars.,Just a scorpion。”Ji Xiu, I thought I would like to apologize with my son.,But the person who did not expect to pick up the communication is Zuo Luo Huan.。
The light brain is taken in the hand,Ji Xiu doesn’t want to think,I have guess what I have just happened.,Maybe your son is next to。
“I will tell him。”Zuo Luo Hao。

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Lu Haocheng Road:“What is the big problem??”

Blue Xin goes out to see him:“fuss。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“What chase me?” Forehead”Blue Xin forehead fluttering over black line。
This Lu Hao Cheng will also play this naive problem?“You chase me。”She throws out a few words coldly.。
Lu Haocheng continued to ask a lot,Blue Xin also answered once more than once。
Lu Haocheng is getting faster and faster,He asked quickly:“Are you a woman, a friend??”
Blue Xin also answers quickly:“I am your girlfriend?”
“Ha ha”Lu Haocheng laughed in an instant,Blue is finally taken by him.。
“what”Blue Xin was shocked to watch him,He said so much idiom,Just for these words。
and,Still let her say it without a little preparation,Even unconsciously out of mouth。
Lu Hao’s eyes shine at her,“Blue,you said”
“Not what I said,Lu Hao Cheng,You make fraud?”Blue Don suddenly felt anger and wronged her words。
She was so been a place to be planted by Lu http://www.aicq99.cnHaocheng.。
Lu Hao’s eyebrows,Black-eyed laugh:“Blue you just said clearly。”
Blue Xin’s turn ignored him,She suddenly changed the topic,Ask:“Lu Hao Cheng,Is your autumn fashion spokesperson looking well??The product will soon come out.。”
Chat work,Lu Haocheng may not be bored。
Lu Haocheng listened to her transfer topic,Quite disappointed,But he is not urgent,Can now come slowly。
He is a bit for a few points.:“Blue,during break,Don’t talk about work。”
Blue Xin looked at him,This man,Isn’t it very serious to work??
Lu Haocheng said that there is a shopping mall at not far.:“Blue,There are machines that caught dolls over there.,Let’s catch the doll。”
sometimes,He goes to visit the street,Occasionally see some couples to catch dolls together,Every time I see the girl is happy on the side.,He feels very happy,Can do a lot together。
At that time,also want,After finding blue blue,Also to grasp the doll with the blue blue,He gave her,She will be very happy。
Blue Xinyi,Seeing him seems to be very interested,Want to refuse,I don’t want him to disappoint him.。
Blue Xin one hundred helpless,Once in order not to make yourself a convenient girl,She specially returned a book to reject someone else.。
But this moment,She should die, don’t want to refuse Lu Haozheng,Because of this man,It is really very little to see such a happy smile from his face.。
She is quite helplessly:“Lu Hao Cheng,that,Not easy to catch。Have a few times of Qiqi,I have spent the power of nine cows and two tigers.。It’s better to buy one directly.?”
Lu Hao Cheng did not take her hand,Take her doll machine to go。
Helpless,Shout:“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t worry,I am going with you.,I have not completely complete.?”
Lu Hao was stopped instantly.,He only takes care of yourself,I have forgotten that the blue feet are not good.,His eyes have been annoyed,Say:“Blue,sorry,I am happy for a while.,forgotten。”
Blue Xin’s bottom of the eye is mixed with a complicated ray.,Smile and shake your head,Ask:“Lu Hao Cheng,Are you never playing a doll machine??”

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Xia Jianyi listen,I wrote it down silently,Or Wang Lin is careful,Other people didn’t even think of this,Don’t they know Xia Jian’s first time flying。

Just arrived at one o’clock,Xia Jian was urged by Wang Lin,This is the car driven by Heiwa,It’s cold from day to day,So the air conditioner is on in the car,Xia Jianyi gets rich,I feel comfortable all over。
For confidentiality,Xia Jian only smiled in the car,He didn’t say a word,Heiwa only asked where he was going,He also cared about driving,No extra words,This is why Xia Jian asked him to drive。
Arrived at the airport,As soon as the car stopped,Xia Jian said hello to Heiwa,And followed Fang Fang into the waiting room。My boy,The waiting room at this airport is really beautiful,Not only good-looking but also beautifully laid out,Xia Jian’s first time flying,So I am interested in everything。
Fang Fang got Xia Jian and her boarding pass,It’s a bit early for two to see the time,So I sat and chatted together,He knew through chat,Fang Fang years ago,I’ve already been on the plane,No wonder she is so familiar with the process of flying,It seems that I did not choose the wrong person。
Xia Jian feels waiting for a long time,I just heard the radio start to broadcast Bucheon citysThe city’s planes have begun to check in,Xia Jian followed Fang Fang through the security check,He is wearing shoes,While whispering“It’s so troublesome to take a plane,Be careful I’m not happy,Buy one by yourself“
Fang Fang standing beside him,A listen to Xia Jian,Can’t help but scream,Laughed out,She smiled and said:“Hurry up and buy!After you buy it, I will learn to fly,Otherwise no one will drive you“
Two young people passing by,Took a look at Xia Jian,Scaredly cursed:“Melon peel”
Xia Jian was taken aback,Ask Fang Fang:“Are these two guys scolding me?Not talking about people who fly,Are they all gentlemen??Why are you still swearing?,Not afraid of others jokes”
“OK OK!Let’s go in!Be careful the plane takes off,Don’t have to go tomorrow”Fang Fang blamed Xia Jiandao a little unhappy。
Xia Jian just stood up,Follow Fang Fang to board the plane。It turns out that the inside of the airplane is like this,Xia Jiandong looks around,He doesn’t care what people think of him
When the plane takes off,He put on his seat belt obediently,He was full of curiosity along the way,Eyes through the glass window,He looked at the blossoming white clouds,And the beautiful view of the sun above the clouds。

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She wiped her eyes and did not exist.,Barba authentic:“If you don’t really like,Who will be willing to do a poor dog??”

Kong Xinyue:“?”
Kong Xinyue is not too understanding,But I’m really sad.,Can not ignore,Try to understand:“That is, you are voluntary.,Refining Dan『Medicine』——and many more,I remember that you went to the teacher brother.『Medicine』,Do you have it for him??”
Yan Zhi looked out of her eyes.。
Kong Xinyue Road,“Not?”
never mind。
Yan Zhi converges emotions,Put things on one side,Stand up,By the way, I pulled up half of the hole.:“You suddenly come to me,Is there anything??”
Kong Xinyue gets up with her,Phambering her arm:“I haven’t seen you for many days.,Come and find you。”
枝 nodded,Give her a cup of tea。
Kong Xinyue took a cup,Just drink,Suddenly slightly shy low:“Then,I want to tell you something.。”
“What’s up?”
“I have recently seen a good door.。”
this“again”http://www.mirrorquick.cnCharacter,Very spirit『sex』。
Kong Xinyue pulled her,I have set my mind and share my heart history.:“This is also unintentional,I have a sword today and I have to comprehend.,Take around。I saw a look very handsome in front of a small stream.,Never lose the brother and Gu Shi。I talk to him.,He ignored me,But is not the high feeling of Xiao Shi brother.,I have a strange feel like this.,Rapida will go to listen to his name,This is coming back to tell you.。”
The more I listen, the more I feel familiar.,Can’t help but ask:
“Is a disciple?”
Kong Xinyue Xing high,“How do you guess??”
枝,Again:“裴 星?”
“Yup!You actually guess……”
Kong Xinyue’s discourse is abundant,Mouth,I don’t dare to stare at the branch。
Kong Xinyue shakes finger points to branches:“This will not,Is our previous,The beautiful young teacher outside the door?”
Branch is heavy and difficult to nod。
Kong Xinyue breathes deeply,The chest is dramatic。
Yan Zhi is afraid that she has breathing,Even busy in the past、appease:“Don’t worry,Don’t,clam down,calm。”

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“Feeling?Which forces are missing?”

Everyone heard the words,Whether it is the Shentou Temple,Fairy,God is still the 12th power of other gods,Both birth,Even the same character。
These people have left a sense。
And the amount of snake god will be a strong sense of god.,His sense of feeling is again??
No one is rare。
Immortal,Emperor Sword,The nine robbers looked at this feeling and showed a clean laugh.,This is a chicken rib,There is no value for any value at all,Lin Feng is less,I am happy in their hearts.。
“All right,Snake God inheritance!”The proud emphasizes the eyes of the two hands.,His eyes are cold and not secret, and Lin Feng is glance.,Then turned to the void disappeared。
At this time, many members of the Shentou Temple have gone to Lin Feng.。
Nine robbery,The three two people of the emperor have snorted,Two people turned directly to the void disappeared。
The nine robbery scorpion is clear and uncertain, Lin Feng is,Then turned around with someone。
“We are too fast.。”Lin Feng looked at everyone:“To avoid trouble!”This time and Xian people’s hatred, the deeper,And Cang Tian Shenjian,Nine god boat,The original god fire can cause some great power to grab。
Usually these large power contradictions,That is because there is no interest to compete for。
The greater the interests involved,The faster your face is broken.。
“it is good,Lin Feng,The fastest speed back to the god!”猿 天,Fight,Luo Shun Tian people naturally know the seriousness of things,I decided to go back to the gods.,And this task is almost the same.。
I immediately went to the void with everyone.,I have taken out a harmonoid,Huge black hole in the sky,The figure of everyone will disappear.。
Just when everyone has just disappeared,Three powerful breath,Each piece carrying the power of destroying the earth,The master of these sponsor,Herone is the strongman of the three contest。
“Damn,Run too fast。”
“Do you want to intercept him now??”A dazzling,White Human Humanity。
“Can you stop??The old guys in the Shentou Temple is not jealous.。”Another body:“It is a pity that this nine quiet。”
“I am only worried about one thing now.,Those fairy,God,People in the Temple of West Temple notify us to intercept the people of the Shentou Temple,Do you know that Jiuqian Shenzhou is a key to entering the gang?”Middle-aged man in ink green robes。
This middle-aged man is burly,Body with a marker of the temple,His cultivation is never under the sword。
This man is the top character of the temple.,It is also a big man in the contest.,Killing people。
“It should be known。”The white man carrying the double hand:“If it is leaked,I am afraid that there is no share.。”
This person took the marker of Ashura,Herone is a peerless person。
This person is named Hadi Road!
Hadi Road Parked Ashura,Very prominent position in the meditation,It is a horror of itself。
“so,Notice the Shenli Xian,God,Three guys in the Temple of West Tianzi,Block this news,Can’t let those families,The temple of the temple knows,If you know, there is no share.。”A man in a dark temple costume。
This person is famous for crazy,The secret of the dark god hall,I don’t need it under the Skylium。
“it is good,Block this news,With their ability to do this!”Hardy pavement:“However, this despicable person has too much people.。”
“This should not need to worry。”God kills people shake the head:“Because he knows this thing to leak out,I am afraid that no one is,The Arctic Temple is so big,No one wants to drink a soup,Have you??”
“And even if it is leaked,Will not,Because of the gods, there is such a news,Nine god boat is the key to opening the god,But almost few people believe。”Carnivore。

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Quick rain,Faster。

This escort is constantly retreating,I didn’t stop in my body.。
When he is flying out,Summer has already done a passage。
There is no back to these guards。
Inverse,Clark,The rest of the people will be rushed to the summer.,I have taken the most fierce means.。
Within the field,Scorn,Anger,啸 风 声。
More than a dozen guards are like a tide.。
They are divided into labor,The moment of shooting will make the most correct judgment,To achieve the perfect fit。
Regardless of the attack or the action,And the compression of space is the ultimate。 “Bamboo。”
One of them hackle whizes air,Right over a sharp arc to the back neck of the summer。
Four others,Ahead,One left one right,Fully pressing summer avoidance space。
In addition, the two people are half empty,A twisted waist,Another one is bent double knee and double elbow,Lingxin to the summer’s head and shoulders。
Eight parties。
They all are elite elites,Master in the master,Tiao seamless with each other。
Otherwise,It will not be selected by Ena to become a preparatory knight.。
Just like this,Summer mouth is a hook。
His legs are negligent before and after their legs,Keep three steps。
Broken arm up and down,Faster。
Seems to be very slow,Even somewhat awkward,At the same time, all the attacks attacked in all directions.。
However, he will breathe,The back is http://www.huizhizhou.cnanother person attacked。
Clark suddenly drunk,Check the summer chest right,Fierce,Take a whistling。
Almost blink,Already let the summer clothes drums up,Head is also flying。
Summer lightning,Abundance,But don’t want the other five to stretch,Handle,Wrist,Summer summer neck。
Not completed。
Clark’s body is suddenly a powerful momentum。
And summer movements are not hysteresis。
Slight eyebrow,Could not be surprised。
Clark actually has the abilities。

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Does it mean,Maybe few hundred thousand years later,Summer is really likely to become the legendary holy king existence!

rear,Changming and others have rushed up。
One of the whole people can’t help but,“Is this forbidden still have two tests?……”
Speech,A trimmer stretched out on http://www.zhmsyjzy.cnthe light curtain,Fladder,He was flying out。
This is just a start.,All people reacted,All can’t wait to re-touch the light screen。
However, it is a greater power forces.。
Summer looks to the same jumper,Laud,“Changdao friends,See your face,If you meet thousands of pine,I will spare him.,Provided that,He is not like a repeatedration of me.,I have never been three for him before.。”
Changming’s face changed,Hurry and hold the boxing,“Thank you……Uh,Thank you Xia Taoyou,If it is still the same……Xia Taoyou doesn’t have to leave。”
What can he say?。
In fact,If it is standing on the standing position,He believes that summer is already in the end.。
Change your own words,Have someone has killing him,And frequent provocation,I will kill it.。
Summer nice head,Vertical,Stepping Taiji nine steps,Like transiently moving,An instant disappeared in everyone’s sight。
Changming complicated sigh,“This is a real anti-day change.,maybe,A legend is going to rise。”
Foreigner,He knows all the rules in the five-year mountain.。
In ancient times,Never never,Dividing is not a person,Mounting energy。
This is not a legend,What is legend!
In the past year,Summer is descene,Work hard。
He has already remembered how many new energy particles he condensed.。
I only remember the important node that replaced nearly 100,000 key.。
Almost occupy one tenth of the Taiji map。
This has completely does not affect the overall operation of the Taiji map.。
And will over time,Energy node,It will also be gradually converted into such a new energy particle.。
certainly,If it is automatically converted,I certainly take a long time。
Summer is stopped,The main reason is still curious about the temple。
If you can’t come, even if you come.,Since you have the ability to come in,Naturally go to see,Strive。
Others have entered the temple for more than a year.,No one knows what happened inside.。
There is certain that someone has received his own chance.,It is also certain that someone will come in,Not necessarily gaining。 now,His speed,Baili’s distance turns。
Be close to,The temple is getting more and more,Increasingly huge,And accompanying a strong breath。
When he came to the temple,When looking up,See a magnificent and broad step,Always spread from the big door。
Only the height of these steps,There is a huge mountain peak。
The temple is too big.,People within it,That is like an ants。
The top of the stairs hidden in the cloud,Unknown。
Summer sessile,Chemope a stream to step on the stairs,Another example is transiently moving。

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