The movie Big Winner comes with a preview of the theater, and the team of Crazy Call returns again.

The movie “Big Winner” comes with a preview of the theater, and the team of “Crazy Call” returns again.
Sauna Night News, directed by Miao, produced by Li Xiao, Li Xiao, Yu Miao, Wang Si jointly act as screenwriter, Dapeng, Liu Yan, Dai Lele, Zhang Zixian, Tian Yu, Meng Hetang starring in the comedy movie “Big Winner” will be in 2020It will be released nationwide on February 21.With the growth of the Spring Festival, the movie “Big Winner” also exposed a preview of the Spring Festival movie theater. The audience will be in “winning the championship” (formerly known as “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”), “囧 妈”, “Bear Infested: Wild Continent” and other Spring Festivals.See the trailer before the popular movie.In the movie trailer for the Spring Festival stalls in the movie “Big Winner”, Yan Jin (Dapeng) came to the gym in anxiety. When asked about the exercise request, Yan Jing said rigorously: “I want to rob the bank.”The film” Big Winner “mentioned an accidental opportunity. The bank connected with the Public Security Bureau to jointly hold the task of a robbery exercise. The employees wanted to fool the past and go home early, and the bank staff who strictly abide by the principles on weekdays are rigorous but serious.They started the “robbers” . They wanted to go home as soon as possible, exhausted their thoughts, and the final ending also made everyone laugh and laugh.”Big Winner” is directed by Yu Miao, the director of “Crying Calls” and cooperates with screenwriter Li Xiao again.Before becoming a director, screenwriter Yu Miao and his partner Li Xiao created “Big Husband” and “Mr. Good”.Starting from the movie “Love Saint”, the two of them turned to the big screen and adapted the classic works locally.”Big Winner” is adapted from “The End of the Game” created by Japanese writer Tokuhiko