Old Xiao said,Turn the topic。Xia Jianchang sighed and said:“No,Xiao Xiao didn’t call me,She just told your condition”

“Oh!Then stay with your parents,Take Chenchen out to play more。Affection between father and son,Also needs training。My illness is fine,There is no problem living a little more than three or five months”Old Xiao said very openly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Can not go back,I won’t go back”
“What do you mean?I can tell you,Don’t be because of my illness,You quit your job。That’s an irresponsible attitude,The burden on your shoulders is heavy,It’s no better than working in a company,I can’t say quit doing it”Old Xiao said,Face changed,Looks a little majestic。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You know my temperament,Which way is impossible for a person like me。I regret not listening to you”
“Oh!What the hell happened?”Old Xiao asked a little concerned。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s not easy to get a little grade,Will attract a lot of people。Something happened,There is no one on it,Will be all over me,I just can’t stand it”Xia Jian tells a white lie。Tell Old Xiao about the landslide in Dongwangzhuang,Of course he didn’t tell the truth in some places。
After listening to Old Xiao,Took a long breath and said:“I heard your mother talk about it。Since it’s so difficult,Then you come back!Xiao Xiao is much more mature,Maybe you can still work together to do something”
“I think so,My parents and Chenchen are here,I am a businessman,I can’t deal with official affairs”Xia Jian said and looked at the distance。
He found,The sun has gone down。Above the tall buildings in the distance,Slowly lit up the dots of light。
The coming of night,Means the end of the day。Xia Jian watched all this,Actually gone。When he finds out,Old Xiao sitting on the bench fell asleep quietly。He rested his head on the back of the bench,Sleep very sweetly。
Xiao Hei ran back from a distance,Very sensible lying at the feet of Old Xiao,Quietly watching, waiting for the old man to fall asleep。See this picture,Think about the illness that Lao Xiao got。Xia Jian almost shed tears,He is a person who does not shed tears easily。
In order not to disturb Old Xiao, sleep peacefully,Xia Jian took off his coat and gently covered him。Standing not far away watching him sleep。
The sky is getting dark slowly。The late autumn breeze has blown,Makes people feel a little bit of coolness。Autumn past,Means the coming of winter,Xia Jian was really uncomfortable。Autumn should be the harvest season,But what about them?Think about these things,Xia Jian’s heart became irritable。
do not know when,Xiao Xiao stood beside Xia Jian holding a piece of his father’s clothes。Xia Jianmeng’s surprise,But he didn’t yell out。
“What are you thinking about??”Xiao Xiao asked softly。

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After Master Xiao Bing took people into the mountain,They didn’t know how they knew that the prisoner was hiding in Funiu Mountain,Also came。”
hand machine station:
1130 Daniel first battle
Looking at the noisy village,Chen Xiu can’t help but worry about trouble,Especially these bounty hunters,Self-sustaining,Rebellious,I’m afraid that if you don’t agree with the villagers, you want to fight and kill。
“Where’s the village chief……”
Talking to the village chief,Suddenly there was an argument not far away,Human head cicada pupa,Chen Xiu took a few steps,Squeeze the crowd,I saw that Daniel was arguing with the bounty hunter。
Daniel is holding the water and fire stick in his left hand,Grabbed the bounty hunter with his right hand and said angrily:“Lose money!”
The bounty hunter struggled a few times,I can’t get rid of the big cow,Also angry:“Don’t let go!”
“I’ll let go if you lose money!”
The bounty hunter is grinning:“I don’t pay for food and drink at Huixianlou in Qingmu County,Taking a chicken from your village is giving you great face,Dare to care about me asking for money!”
Daniel has no words for such a brazen generation,Put the moisture stick on the ground,Raise your fist and hit。
Bounty hunters see great strength,Thinking he is just a hunter,Not afraid in my heart,Pointing to his head and said:“If you have a kind, go here!”
Daniel’s face turned red,Anger:“Don’t think I dare!”

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“I am different from his,As long as Manager Ye is a human,Just sell the house,Regardless of academic qualifications,Regardless of age,Regardless of gender,And after selling the house, the commission is very high,Of course someone would do it,What I need here are professionals,It’s definitely not the same thing。”

“You have to hurry,I have to be accountable to investors,do you understand?”
“Am I thinking of a way??”Zhao Luo wants to smoke again,Give Fang Na one too,“I signed a 50 million contract,The company has already called,Ask when to ship,Their advance payment has already been credited to our account。”
“I do this in the morning,Expected next week,The first shipment will arrive。”
“There will be no problem?”
“will not。”
“Cen Cheng there,I got a membership card according to your wishes,Spent ten thousand,Gave her three hundred cash,Is it worth spending money on her??”Zhao Luo has some doubts in his eyes。
Fang Na spit a cigarette,“do not know,Just bet,Just betting on her,Bet right,Our company won’t worry about getting land in the future。”
“Oh,correct,Cen Cheng said you want to help her open a store?She waits for your money。”Zhao Luo suddenly remembered。
“I just talked about,naive。”
“She has taken it seriously,The store’s contracts are signed,Say the rent is more than 100,000 yuan。”
Fang Na smiled,“Really naive,Let me say something casually,She believed?Not want to help her,Now for the company,Hundreds of thousands is not a big number,The key question is that I don’t know if she is worth the hundreds of thousands.!”
Zhao Gang’s affairs have passed this time,Already processed almost,Payable,What to sell,In the end, he still owes more than one million。
Their family has moved out of the villa,Rent a big house with three bedrooms and one living room,Wu Lusheng helped find the house,Zhao Qianqian had been in a trance before,It seems that the brain won’t turn,Stayed in the hospital for a few days,After the doctor’s conditioning and enlightenment,Slowly walk out of the shadows,Discharge now,Can live normally,Just extremely depressed,Can’t be interested in doing anything。

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Xia Shuyue is not only following Zhao Qianqian,And Fang Na sitting in the elegant seat。

“She is Zhao Qianqian,”Wang San said,“You saw it all,As long as someone is near her,Will be driven away。”
Fang Na saw not only Zhao Qianqian,When Xia Shuyue arrives,She has seen。
“Zhu Yi, are you in touch??”Fang Na asks Wang San。
“we have a deal,See you at noon tomorrow。”
Fang Na stood up,Pick up the wine glass,Walk next to Zhao Qianqian,“Little sister drinking alone?”She is talking,Man peering away with his eyes,The man is staring at her with his eyes。
Zhao Qianqian did not speak,Keep drinking,Fang Na sees Zhao Qianqian ignore her,Turned to the man who was staring at her,“Handsome guy,You are not going to buy me a drink?”
“You go away,Stay away from her too。”Men are merciless,Don’t give Fang Na a face。
“Don’t drink alcohol,Still staring,Not masculine at all。”Fang Na said coquettishly。
“Go further,You won’t go,I’m welcome。”The man still stared at her fiercely。
“See you like you want to eat people,”Fang Na smiled ambiguously,Didn’t mean to leave,“I really want to see you being polite。”
“you!”The man is angry with Fang Na,Didn’t continue。
“Do you like that girl,then,And dare not approach her?I can tell at a glance。”Fang Na twisted her body,Smiling enchantingly。
“Has nothing to do with you,Go away。”The man is not at all polite。
“I’m just kind,Saw the girl drinking alone,Afraid of hurting the body,If you like her, persuade her not to drink too much。”Fang Na stand up,After a glance at the man,Said again,“I can stop her from drinking immediately。”
Fang Na knows that this person is Zhao Qianqian’s bodyguard,Zhao Qianqian gets drunk every day,He is not easy to explain,She saw that the man didn’t speak against,He took the wine glass and walked back to Zhao Qianqian,“Little sister,Did you break up?”

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“okay,lets change a topic,When are you leaving tomorrow?”When Xia Jian said this,,Suddenly lowered my voice。

Zhou Li listened outside,After seeing nothing,Just said in a low voice:“I’m going to take Xiao Chenchen away in a while。If we leave at dawn,I’m afraid aunt and uncle are sad。I don’t want to see the crying scene anymore”
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Also good!But the movement must be light,If it alarms them,This is not easy,You should know my mom’s temper”
“Xia Jian!I am a slave,The most sorry person in my life is actually not my parents,But uncle and aunt。But you can rest assured,I will bring Xiaochenchen to visit them often”Zhou Li said with a serious face。
Xia Jian didn’t pick her up,But think about it:“Child’s life,Can’t be too rich,You should let him suffer a little bit more since childhood,This is conducive to his future growth。and also,His career,It should be up to him to fight on his own,Instead of giving him a ready-made”
Zhou Li stared at Xia Jian fixedly for a while,She took a breath and said:“You investigated me?”
“I can’t treat such a good child,Ruined in your hands。So I will investigate if you really have the ability to feed Xiao Chenchen”Things have reached this point,Xia Jian thinks there is nothing to hide。
Zhou Li smiled and said:“No wonder you suddenly appearedZSOn the beach。Which woman is related to you?Shouldn’t be his girlfriend?”
“Female friend,What’s your girlfriend’s name?But there really is nothing between us。After I asked her about you,We two went for a walk on the beach,I didn’t expect someone to ask for help,Which reporter lost an oolong incident”
When Xia Jian said this,,A look of helplessness。He really doesn’t know where he went wrong?But Chen Xia is right,If his love with Qin Xiaomin,If you can’t survive this bit of wind and rain,Then how will they go down in the future?
Zhou Li froze for a while and said:“I believe what you said,Xiao Xiao she will also believe,But which Qin Xiaomin and her mother did this tell,They won’t believe it。Because you told her that you weren’t the same,What kind of circle do you live in?Beauties around,Can you stop others from thinking about it??”
“And her?I don’t need to elaborate!You also have a love,Should understand,What kind of relationship is love and marriage。so,No one blames this。So for both of you,Are the best results”
It seems that Zhou Li hasn’t been out for nothing all these years,She analyzes the problem,Analysis,Even Xia Jian admires her a bit。
Just when the two were talking in low voices,Zhou Li’s phone rang,She took a look,Then whispered to Xia Jian:“My driver is coming,time to go”
Xia Jian glanced at his watch,It’s past twelve o’clock。He nodded,Walked out the door gently。Zhou Li following him,Turn off the light in the living room by the way。

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“what happened,Wright!”

“Dad,I mean our family moved to the imperial capital!”
“Move to the Imperial Capital?”Andy didn’t react,。
Lei Feature nods:“Dad,Is such that,My talent has long caused the assassination of the Magnolia Empire!But now I have no fear of assassination,Ha ha,Unless the Magnolia Empire is willing to take a sanctuary powerhouse with me,Not necessarily redeem it!”
“But I’m afraid that the other side will attack you,My news at home was blocked before,But I beat Lancaster,This news can’t be blocked。”
“Moving into the imperial capital is the safest,I can also let go of the imperial capital to gain some power,I don’t know much about the Shalom family now,I don’t even know the so-called‘Big shot’。”
But Andy still hesitates:“Your mother and I don’t care,In fact, we also stayed in the South back then。But your sister’s education,She is now at the Blue Castle School of Magic,Also worshipped a teacher!”
“That’s trivial,I know,Although the principal of Blue Castle Magic Academy is not strong,But very good at franchising,The channels are also very powerful,I knew Tina was my sister three years ago when I first emerged,Bet early!”
“But although his is the principal of the Blue Castle Magic Academy,But the level of magic teaching seems to be average,And he also asked other disciples to teach Tina。”
“After arriving in the imperial capital,I went to Puang No. 1 Magic Academy to find some sixth-grade students。Spend some gold coins,Can give Tina a better education,Wait for Tina to be stronger,I will find a way to find a good teacher!”
“As for the principal’s kindness to protect Tina,I will find a way to pay it back。”
“It’s not just this thing。”Andy calm down,A little depressed,“And little diya!”
“Little Dia?”Wright was a little stunned,Dia·Kaipu is the lord of Fallen Dragon Fort,Already killed at Blue Fort!His relationship with his father is actually very good,Also slightly younger than his father’s age。But my father never calls him that way, right?。
“Not the one you think。”Andy added“Is his son,You were born after you went to the Magic Academy,Father and son have the same name!”
Wright listened carefully to his father’s explanation,I probably understand。
The heyday of the Cape family,It’s slightly inferior to the current Blue Castle,Natural population。Even if it’s weak now,But there are many people,Divided into many branches。Old Dia·Kaipu is the only seventh-level strong in the Kaipu family,Naturally, you can stay firmly in jail,But he died。
Little Dia·Cap is even just an eight year old,At best, a little bit more sensible than ordinary children,With his strength, it is naturally impossible to secure the position of Viscount Cap。In fact,Before Wright returns,Both he and his mother were driven out of the Cape family mansion,Now members of several other branches of the Cap family are competing for the fiefs of Viscount Cap and Dragonfall。
Of course one day ago,Andy and Ray returned to Fallen Dragon Castle,I suppressed this group of people,Lei even exposed his identity,Is the sister of the former Viscount Cap!
“Those bastards,Little Dia is too young to inherit the title.,And chase them away!”Thought of this,Andy is a little furious!

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“This is unforeseen,Can’t do it by you。”

Gao Boyi,Directly reject Yang Su’s proposal。
“Leader,Directity constantly reversing。I have done it now.,Just when they die in the chaos,After a year,No one remember。But if they bring them back to the city and then kill,It is difficult to block the world。”
Yang Su is not reasonable,But he ignored a more important thing。
“No matter what the world will remember them,Jinyang,Their family will not forget,These people are dead in my Gao Baoyi hand。The seed of hatred once,I will root root,Do you also kill everyone all of Jinyang??
His survey invasion,Pingyang、Jinyang first-line,The rear is so uncomfortable,How can I win??
At this time, a knife will result,Just happiness,In the future, it is harmful.。”
Gao Bo Yi rejected Yang Su’s proposal again。kill,Of course,But can’t kill for trouble。You will see how shamelessly don’t matter how big the big soldiers below,Everything knows“Committee”“Investigation group”When making a shame,Is Gao Baoyi’s level is not as good as they?
Millennium,Do not say full-scale,Captim can’t make people ill?Simple and rude like Yang Su,I have to be a virtue with the Men.!Fantasian Wei,Did not do this level。
“Yes Yang Suru。”
Yang Shu took a step to Gao Baoyi,Take a horse fart on the horse leg,He is really picture Tucson broke。
“Impulsive,Can’t kill for killing,but”
Gao Boyi did not say,Because he is afraid that Yang Su misunderstandings。
Do not kill people are right,But you can’t kill people at all。If these captives don’t kill,Words full,What is the military law??
Enemy fight against death,I can get some forgiveness after failure.,So fighting with yourself is no cost,Right?
There is such a good thing in the world.?
Be kind to captive,that is because,This name is passed back,Watches the will of the enemy,Let them feel,If necessary,The surrender will not be treated badly。
But now the main force of Jinyang Liu Town has been eliminated.!
Gao Biyi does not have to put out that political gesture.,Because this is ancient,Six Town, Xianbei is a hol。Pizza is nothing, is their own nature!If nothing,Still doing a grandfather, drinking a sergeant,Morale。
So this problem in front of him,Quite tricky。
“Stop,You go to rest.,I have been tired of a day.,Centralize the captives tomorrow,I have an arrangement。”
Gao Boyi did not arrange with Yang Su,He is afraid of external branches。
This is a service,Gao Bi is more understanding of the importance of confidentiality。Duan Zhao failed,direct cause,Take a close relationship with the leak。And he will discret,It is because Jinyang Six Town is from centrifugation.。
Similar to He Bud Tongye Jinyang Xianbei,Always a threat。However,Gao Boyi can’t directly handle them,Even in order to stabilize people,I have to let these lives end.。
How to deal with these big 佬 tomorrow,It is also a big trouble。
Long air geese。
Frost Moon Moon,
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Prohibit transcoding、No reading mode,The following is hidden,Please exit reading mode!
NS1037chapter The fight is even more powerful.(superior)
This day night,Gao Bao made a dream。In the dream,He boasted his martial art to the high ocean,What is destroying Northweight,Kill South Chen,Tell Dad in the north of Youzhou,Still sail,What to go to the oceania。

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The ritual idea is to assassinate Japanese war criminals like Jews to kill German warrs.,The best time is war,Because the Japanese army defeated home,Many war criminals can’t kill under the shelter of the United States.。

“Ritual,If the jellyfi killer group needs to assist,You are not convenient, I am coming.,Don’t take risks for my safety yourself.。”Fu Yingxue said,
“Snowman,Now you should also investigate the object of Japanese,Don’t take your best。”
“You are a leader,I’ll listen to you。”Rui Rui is more calm and calm, but there are many times before it.,This point Fu Yingxue is watching in the eyes.。
April 5th afternoon,Rui Rui came to the cake shop opened by Tiecheng,Song Dao has been helping to watch the store,Su Wenqian returned to Rongxiang,This is Tang Ling Arrangement,Because now there are many long pool of the pool of the pool in Shenghui Tour.。
Rui Rui, I shouted the cake shop.:“Cake!”
Tie Tiecheng and Song Zi listened to a rumored voice,Because there is no customer in the store,Tie Tiecheng saw clearly and rude:“Uh huh……Hahaha……Nine brother,I miss us.?”
Look at around,Song said:“Nine brother,rest assured,Now there are only two of our stores.。”
“Iron city,The boss is not giving you a lot of assassination mission.?”
Tie Tiecheng nodded,Pick up a piece of paper:“Yes,The boss lets us kill this page。”
“How many people?”One paper can write a lot of people’s name,Qi Rui,
“The traitor has more than 50 people who have a big devil with a big devil.。”
“Wang Jingwei,Zhou Buddha Sea,Fujita into the middle,Sakurai three?”
“Nine brother!Amazing,You said these few people are in the top ten miles。”
“Who is your first goal??”
“The tenth Army commander of the most difficult kill, Fujita Jinzhong!”
“Do you want to think about it??”
“I have already thought of it.,But also need reconnaissance deduction,Nine brother,Don’t use your tube,Our own!It’s just that Wen Qian will go to your workshop to do a few bullets.,Emit gunpowder,?”
“Sufficient you use,Tell Wen Qian pay attention to safety。”
“Iron city,No matter who assassina, you must be cautious.,Don’t hurt the innocent。”In the targeting TV series, Qin Zihu’s eyes were broken and blind.,This plot is difficult in reality.。
Because the bullet hits the glass only instead of crushing,Therefore, we will not prevent the pool of Tiecheng from using Qin Zihu.,Even if other reasons have caused her blindness,Can cure her with a hard medical skill。
“Nine brother,Do you have any words to tell me??”Ti Tiecheng feels that we want to say,
“Iron city,Let go of your hand.!Is there anything that nine brothers help you?。”From Qin Zi Shu, she is already a hero when she is a hero.,I have to know that she is only seventeen years old.,Her brave enough can compare with a small hero against the group,so,Rui Rui will help Qin Zihu,I hope that the pool Town is really like she.。
Nothing support is more practical than the support of nine brothers.,Tiecheng laughed:“Uh huh……Hahaha……Thank you nine brother!Also I want to thank you for your apprentice.,They are really very good。”
“gone!I will pay attention to newspapers in these days.。”
Ruined with a cake,Song Zi said to Tie City:“How do I feel that today’s nine brothers are slim。”
“I don’t think so too.,I feel that he seems to have something to say.。”Tie City said,
“Iron city,Remember the,No matter what mission, we don’t hurt innocent。”Song Zhen also said,
“knew。”After the pool of the Tiecheng took out the pocket watch, he saw the time to say the Song.:“Song brother, you watch the store,I am going out.。”
Want to kill vine fields to create opportunities,Because he rarely come out,But because Qin Dynasty is the founder of Chu army,He is very high in the army,The Japanese is already doing his work.,I hope he can convince the Chu army to surrender,The father of Qin Dynasty is now closed, thank you, no one.。
If the Qin Dynasty consent,Fujiki will definitely appear,Therefore, Tiecheng smashed the Qin He year with a daughter in the San Maria Women’s School.,This is sitting on the Yellow Cheap to create an opportunity to follow her.。

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“Forehead,This answer is not very good.,I feel a kind of mortal taste,You haven’t answered my drunken things yet.,Do you want to drunk, don’t you??

Actually, two people come here together。”
Before Li Hui Feng asked,Li Mei and Lu Chang live don’t want to mention,After all, it is a fake that I have to say that I am not angry.。
Now Li speaks again again.。
Lu Changsheng I would like to answer Li Mei.,But I didn’t expect Li Mei to open the first.。
“Drunk fairyge has nothing to do with us,It is already Li family now.,We have already let go,So I am here to find you.。”
Means of,Pharmaceutical restaurant is now Li Jia,Instead of you?”
This news is not a good news for Li Hui Feng.。
“Um,We all come here.,It must be confronted with Li’s family.,But you can rest assured,Medicine restaurant will not lose。”
Why is Li boss say this??
I have no confidence in myself.。”
Li Hui Feng said that this is completely said.,Although Li Jia has always been a big thing,But how powerful is it?,It’s unknown for him.。
Unknown is often the most terrible。
“Hey-hey,How did Li Jia say that it has been inherited for so long?,I have to say that I don’t know if I don’t know.,And the drug diet is just beginning,At the beginning, it was a huge thing in Li Jia.,I really have no confidence.。”
Li Mei shakes the road:“That is you don’t understand the big family.,Whenever life and death,Most of the domestic family is actually politician,Take the drug,Do you really have to use all your strength for Li Jia??
That is telling you.,Li Jia is just a use of Li Xianer.。”
“as far as I know,Li Xianer although it is supermarking,But Jin Mingwu guys are even more powerful.,Jin Mingwu has not been in the mountains.,But the Golden family has basically a shadow of Jinmingwu.,This is also the result of our recent survey.,Otherwise, we will always think that Jin Mingwu is a role in the golden home.,Really understand,I know what kind of man is this?。”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Jin Mingwu to be a powerful character.。
“So I got the baby.?”
“Hey-hey,Not you pick up the treasure,But people take the initiative to put on you,Take the initiative to cooperate with you,Since you are so smart, you are looking for you.,We naturally want to find you cooperation,We only want an street,By the way,Casual price,You want to use the land into the shares.,Give you 30% shares,how?”
Li Mei directly throws 30% shares,Such prices have indeed made Li Hui’s heart。
But for Li Mei’s people’s problems,He still laughs:“I want to know how you are ready to invest construction.,After all, I am also ready to do.。”
You are also ready to get entertainment?”
Li Hui’s words made Li Mei and Lu Chang lived suddenly。
“Yup,But this year is definitely not.,This year is mainly developing tourism,attract tourists,It should be vigorously developed in the future year.,You come, I also want to hear your opinions.。”
Since Li Hui said so,Lu Changsheng also did not hesitate to put his thoughts.。
KTVThese and entertainment projects in the big city,He is ready to get,The most important thing is also ready to get a place to drink afternoon tea,Enjoy the scenery,Drinking afternoon tea is also a kind of enjoyment。
Li Hui said that this is also a breather.。
After all, he is also afraid that the two people think about him.,That is, it is some uncomidated.。
“Hey-hey,Not the same as I have to do,I agree with our cooperation.,However, I have to add another 5% of the shares.,Give me 35%,I need funds because of these aspects,You are only responsible for entertainment.,How about it?”

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Xia Jian’s heart sank,Anyway, the other party has so many people。Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Guan Tingna who was sitting on the side suddenly said:“parking!”

Xia Jian a sudden brake,Because the speed is not very fast,Then stopped steadily。I didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,Guan Tingna opened the car door and jumped down。
She took two steps and stood at the forefront of Xia Jian’s car。This woman gets off the car,Hug your shoulders,Looks like no one is afraid。
At this moment,From the opposite side came a chubby,Man with bare head。Which Huanggui is behind him。Don’t even follow four burly bodies,Man in uniform。When Xia Jian got closer, I could see,This man is less than 50 years old。
“Guan Tingna!You are too arrogant!Even if you don’t like my son,You can’t beat him with a wild man!”The middle-aged man shouted with a beer belly。
Guan Tingna snorted coldly:“Huang Shilin,Adopted son is not the fault of the father。If I don’t think you’ve been my boss for a year,I already cleaned up your son”
“presumptuous!Did you call my name Huang Shilin??I didn’t want to get involved with my son,But when I heard you dared to make an appointment in this place,There must be a backstage。So i want to see,How leathery are you”Huang Shilin’s eyes showed a fierce light。
Huang Gui and others are impatient,He said coldly:“dad!Don’t talk nonsense with this stinky woman,Her man beat me like this,You have to avenge me first”
“So many of us beat them two,A little bit invincible。I want to wait a while,If she can’t call any helper,Stop being polite”Huang Shilin smiled,A look of traitor。
Huang Gui stepped forward,Deliberately said to Guan Tingna:“Don’t bother,You can’t call any helper,Even if you call a few people over this second,See who dares to touch my dad?Unless they don’t want to live”
Xia Jian didn’t know this Huang Shilin,I don’t know how good this person is in Bucheon.。But listening to Huang Gui’s tone,Huang Shilin is not small in Bucheon!
I blame Guan Tingna,If not for her persistence,Call Lu Wanting or Zhang Teng by yourself,Let them bring a few people over,It shouldn’t be difficult。But now it looks like this,It seems that he is the only one to stand up。
“Don’t talk big,Although you have many people,But start,Whoever is the best”Xia Jian said,One step in front of Guan Tingna。
Huang Shilin’s mung bean-like eyes glared at Xia Jian and said:“Death under the peony,Be a ghost。It seems that you are for this bad woman,Don’t even kill me?it is good!Then I will fulfill you,Revenge for my son”

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