16 healthy commandments for women’s health

16 healthy commandments for women’s health

People often say that “women are made of water.” This sentence not only contains a feminine and gentle nature like water, but also reveals that women are more vulnerable and need more care for their gender characteristics.

The results of a large women’s health survey published by the Daily Mail on March 31 also confirmed this.

University of Oxford scientists have followed 1.3 million women for 13
years and found that the occurrence of many diseases is directly related to women’s lifestyle.

As a result, they proposed 16 healthy precepts to women.


Don’t be too clean.

  American microbiologist Dr. Mary transformed it through a lot of research: washing your hands with ordinary soap and water is enough, and antibacterial products will have the opposite effect.

Now antibacterial products have widely entered people’s lives, such as a variety of germicidal soaps, hand sanitizers and shower gels.

Women as housewives often use these products for the health of their families.

“However, this did not keep people away from the flu and colds, broke the balance of the flora in the body, and weakened the body’s sensitivity to bacteria, but instead caused the bacteria to mess in the body.

Dr. Mary believes that in the human digestive and nutrient absorption system, most microorganisms are necessary to maintain health.

Regular use of antibacterial products can make it difficult for these beneficial microorganisms to survive.


Take short-acting oral contraceptives for a long time.

  Further improvements in recent studies have shown that short-acting oral contraceptives can reduce the prevalence of uterine cancer and can continue to be protected for 30 years after discontinuation.

Studies have shown that women who take the drug continuously for 5 years reduce their risk of developing uterine cancer by 20%.

For 15
consecutive years, the risk of cancer can be reduced by half.


Drink black tea.

  Gum disease is a cause of high blood pressure.

Bacteria in the mouth can create tiny blood clots, reduce the narrowing of arteries, and trigger cardiovascular disease.

How to protect the gums?

The best way is to stick to black tea.

American experts have found that black tea can reduce bacterial activity and reduce the risk of dental disease, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

Black tea not only kills bacteria in the mouth, but also produces an enzyme that turns sugar into a sticky substance that strengthens teeth.


Take folic acid.

  To prevent birth defects, pregnant women must take 400 micrograms of folic acid in the first 12
weeks of pregnancy.

The study also found that folic acid supplementation in women can reduce the incidence of macular degeneration.

Currently, Harvard Medical School studies have proven that organ aging can be delayed after two years of continuous folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.


Try not to drink carbonated drinks.

  Carbonated drinks such as cola contain phosphoric acid in the form of phosphates, which can affect calcium absorption.

A study on osteoporosis showed that drinking 5 soft drinks a week, including 4 colas, reduced bone density in older women by 4%.

Women’s osteoporosis researchers at the Institute of Human Nutrition, Tufts University’s Center for Aging, suggest that women try not to drink carbonated drinks.


Don’t be too skinny.

  The ideal body mass index is about 24.
Body mass index BMI is calculated as: weight (kg) divided by height (meters) squared.
The average British woman is 5 feet 4 inches (1.

62 meters), for a woman of this height, her normal weight should be 140 pounds (63.

5 kg).

If it is below this weight, it will affect birth.

For example, the body mass index is less than 18.

5 women are less likely to get pregnant.

In addition, women with a body mass index of less than 19 are more susceptible to osteoporosis.


Avoid hormone replacement therapy.

  Although hormone replacement therapy can prevent diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, ulcers, and bowel cancer, there is now growing evidence that elevated estrogen and progesterone increase the risk of cancer.

The use of estrogen replacement therapy alone can increase the risk of cervical cancer, and the use of progestin replacement therapy alone increases the risk of ovarian cancer.


do not smoke.

  Women who smoke are two times more likely than women who do not smoke.

The accumulation of nicotine in the uterine mucus will reduce the body’s resistance to human papilloma virus, thereby greatly increasing the risk of cancer.

In addition, smoking will damage the body’s immune system.

So American expert leaders: Don’t smoke, especially women.


Want children to get more sun.

  British obstetrics and gynecology experts believe that many women have anovulation because of lack of vitamin D.

An analysis by a maternity consultant concluded that 50% of British women lack vitamin D, and 12% of them do not have a fixed ovulation period.

Therefore, experts from Yale University asked women with irregular ovulation to supplement vitamin D by sun exposure, and the results showed that their ovulation cycle has improved significantly.

Therefore, experts suggest that women who want children should ensure that they can get enough vitamin D for 20 minutes every day.


Watch out for your prescription drugs.

  Some prescription drugs may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and cause skin problems.

These prescription drugs include antibiotics, cholesterol drugs, contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, acne medications, and hypertension and diabetes medications.

If you are taking them, pay special attention to sun protection when going out.


Eat more bananas.

  A survey by the Mental Health Foundation found that one-quarter of middle-aged women are experiencing depression and worry.

Depression usually occurs because of a lack of “happy hormones” in the body, which are complex amines.

The lack of complex amines is due to the absorption of amino acids and insufficient intake of tryptophan. The human body cannot synthesize this amino acid and can only be taken through food.

Dr. Carolyn Lomon, author of The Secret of Compound Amines, points out that tryptophan supplements should eat more turkey, cheese, plums and bananas.

Therefore, experts suggest that women should eat 4-11 bananas a week.

Drink less.

  Women who drink a glass of wine a day have a 9-percent chance of developing diabetes.

5% rose to 10.

In addition, drinking can cause other cancers.
At present, experts have not clearly specified the safe range of alcohol consumption, but they recommend that you try not to drink or drink less.

Complete fertility before the age of 30.

  Studies have found that women who have children between the ages of 20 and 30 reduce the risk of breast cancer by 7%.

The British Breast Cancer Research Association is entitled to reduce the incidence of breast cancer and other diseases by breastfeeding for 12 months4.


This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can lower estrogen levels, which also means lower cancer risk.

At the same time, the incidence of gallbladder disease will also decrease by 7%.

A recent Swedish study also found that breast milk intake for more than 13 months reduces women’s risk of rheumatoid arthritis by half.


Stick to weight training.

  According to the British Chiropractic Association, 70% of women will experience back pain in their lifetime.

If you are experiencing pain, the best remedy is to exercise more with dumbbells and barbells.

American experts suggest that women with back pain should insist on weight-bearing exercise for at least 16 weeks, and 12% of the time should do aerobic exercise, which can also help you relieve back pain.

Watch out for excess meat in the stomach.

  The bloated stomach is almost severe and there are hidden health hazards. 10% of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

What needs to be more vigilant is that it is often a sign of ovarian cancer, and there is a 70% -75% chance that the cancer has metastasized to the abdomen.

If the excess meat in the stomach is obvious and persistent bloating, you must seek medical treatment in time.


200 sex lives a year.

  Ethics experts at Columbia University believe that if a woman can orgasm 200 times a year, her biological age will be 6 years younger.

The frequency of sexual life is related to the overall health status, which can make people get more health status from it.

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Therapist strays into female patient’s empathy trap

Therapist strays into female patient’s “empathy” trap

Late at night, the knock on the door awakened me who had just fallen asleep. I could hardly believe my eyes. This man with a shaggy and shabby clothes outside the door turned out to be my college classmate and Cui Bainian who had been missing mysteriously for more than half a year.!!
  Like me, Cui Bainian worked as a psychologist in this provincial capital by the Yangtze River. The counseling hotline he hosted was very popular, and his family was very happy.
Therefore, when he suddenly abandoned his career and his family disappeared, people were puzzled.
His image of the tramp at the moment surprised me even more.
“Can I stay with you for a few days?
Cui Bainian said straight away, “Old classmate, I have no choice but to go.
“We arrived and slept.
他长吁短叹地翻着身,在我的追问下,他犹豫了一阵,终于说出自己“失踪”的真相:来自远方的求助电话  2000年12月,我在心理咨询热线接听了一个来自成都的长途Calling for help, a young woman on the verge of collapse was called Wu Kechun.
I tried to soothe her as much as I could to calm her down.
  Since then, she has called the hotline every day.
Sometimes she grumbled and cried, and sometimes hysterically broke the microphone.
After many conversations, I grasped her situation: she was an arrogant intellectual woman, and she was frustrated when she graduated from college to find a job. She became a “second mother” who was raised by a wealthy Taiwanese businessman on the mainland.
Feelings of humiliation and emptiness caused an abnormal mental condition and suffered from depression and mania.
I put a lot of energy into Wu Kechun, and after several months of treatment, her condition improved.
In March 2001, she went to visit relatives in Guangdong and said she would come to visit me by the way.
I went to her hotel to meet her.
She is beautiful and pretty, with big talking eyes.
In the conversation, she showed excellent understanding and feminine tenderness, and she was almost the same as the patient who had a hysterical attack on the phone a few months ago.
Looking closely at her, I judged that the change in this personality-dependent helper was a sign of “empathy.”
  Few people know that there is also a danger in the psychological counseling industry, that is, “empathy” and “anti-empathy” that occur between patients and psychologists.
  Just like a surgeon’s surgery to dissect a patient’s body, a psychiatrist performs mental treatment for a patient, and must trace the hidden knot deep in the patient’s subconscious mind, and this special treatment situation can easily cause the patient to have abnormal emotions and treat hisFeelings need to be transferred to the psychologist.
“Negative empathy” is manifested by the patient’s hatred and abuse of the doctor; “positive empathy” is the patient’s love of the doctor.
If the doctor accepts the patient’s love for himself, it constitutes the doctor’s “anti-transference”.
  Cui Bainian’s magnetic voice, humorous language, and unrestrained free and easy manners have repeatedly made female patients “empathy”?
He has successfully solved this problem in the past.
I met with Wu Kechun this time, and he was facing the inevitable trouble of this psychologist. How would he deal with it?
“Empathetic love is not in accordance with ethics and doctors’ professional ethics and cannot be accepted under any circumstances,” I said, “psychologists must always be vigilant about their ‘anti-empathy’!
“I told Wu Kechun that I was just her psychiatrist. Any other ideas were unrealistic.
She said with tears: “I know I’m not worthy of you, you go, let me die, who told me so hard?
“No matter what I say, she just looks at me silently and affectionately.
  I intend to calm her down for a while.
She stayed at the hotel and walked away every day holding a phone to me, and tried to find a showdown with my wife.
All my efforts at her were futile.
But I also know that it is very dangerous to leave her away at such a moment. Only remedial measures can be taken-to ask another doctor to treat her.
Remember, I called you and asked for your help?
  I suddenly realized.
I certainly remember that one day in late March 2001, Cui Bainian called to introduce a patient to me.
When I went to his clinic by appointment, he disappeared somehow.Hearing this matter at this moment, I became interested in the “introduction” that time, and urged him to say it quickly.

  Drinking dove quenches thirst to stop the love network. I went to Wu Kechun’s hotel room again, and saw her hair was messy, her clothes were not straightened, and she had become despicable for a few days.

When I euphemistically stated that I was going to introduce another psychologist for her, she stared at me in despair, drew a fruit knife under the pillow, and cut her wrist on the spot to commit suicide!

  I hurriedly rushed her to the hospital for rescue and kept on guard.

Her mood is extremely unstable. In this case, if she consults a doctor, she will think that I hate her, and her extreme inferiority will be closed, and the continuous treatment effect will be destroyed once, resulting in worsening of the condition.

I hesitated for a few days, and cancelled my idea of asking for help . Now that Cui Bainian was silent.

As an old classmate, I could hear another reason why he could n’t say it in the bottom of his heart-in the unit he is a business authority; at home, he is an idol worshipped by his daughter, a respectable husband of his wife;The helper recovered his health under his treatment and was grateful for him.

Introducing “emotional” heterosexual patients to their peers often indicates that the counselor has lost confidence and ability to control the magnitude of the problem.

Cui Bainian, who has a tendency of personal heroism, is accustomed to being a “savior” and never wants to admit his failure and give up Wu Kechun.

  A few days later, Wu Kechun returned to Chengdu.

I was always upset and worried about her accident.

Sure enough, on April 5th, her nanny suddenly called and said that she committed suicide by poisoning and was dying, and asked to see me for the last time!

The patient repeatedly committed suicide, an unsuccessful failure in my career.

I flew to Chengdu without telling everyone, and I plan to explain it to my wife after a happy ending.

  Wu Kechun was rescued, but she became more dependent on me.

She was desperately weaving a tender love net, which made me deeper and deeper in the net, unable to move.

The night she returned from the hospital to the villa, she launched the most determined love offensive against me.

I can’t refuse, only to accept the love of this woman, hoping to complete the treatment beyond the power of love, making her suffer from depression.

  The wealthy businessmen from Taiwan only visited the mainland for half a year. I overlapped with the lovingly built love nest, while loving Wu Kechun while treating her.

Wu Kechun loved me with a lot of mental and physical nervousness. I was not allowed to leave her sight for a moment. Only after she fell asleep could I miss my wife and daughter.

Psychologically, my wife and daughter are very far away from me, because I really face them without face, but I have to subconsciously distance them from them.

  Gradually, due to intimate skin contact, I developed a true love for Wu Kechun and became more and more unable to break away from the deformed love network.

Wu Kechun constantly threatened with suicide, forcing me to give myself to her.

I drank her tenderness and entrusted the lawyer with a dark and distressed divorce procedure . Cinging here, Cui Bainian’s head was buried deeply and was silent again.

His wife, Li Xiuying, was also a doctor, two years lower than us in college; her daughter Xiaoye was in third grade.

Cui Bainian’s disappearance hit the mother and daughter very hard. Li Xiuying washed her face with tears all day long, and the innocent and lively leaflets also looked like frost.

The breakdown of this happy family makes everyone who knows them sad.

  With the scissors tied to the rose, I asked Cui Bainian angrily: “Don’t you understand that the patient’s courtship with the psychiatrist is most likely to be touching?

Because you are trying to guide her to dig deep in the heart, she subconsciously uses ‘love’ to drag the doctor to the position of her lover, destroying the authority of the doctor and diverting her uneasiness!

Will this abnormal relationship make people happy?

“He is a doctor, and I should know without me reminding that the doctor’s satisfaction with the patient’s empathy is actually a substitute role. If she does not help the patient to be freed from depression, her disease will not be truly treated.

  Why don’t I understand these reasons!


At that time, I was faint, thinking that I could control the patient by my own ability, but I did not expect-I divorced, determined to cure Wu Kechun’s illness, and set up a new family with her.

At first she seemed to be better, but then she was wrong-she became angry and happy, constantly blame and confessed, and showed a profound pathological reaction.

She was skeptical that I would dump her like an ex-wife in the future, so I figured out ways to deal with me. I was not allowed to leave the house half a step, I was not allowed to talk to any woman, and even replaced the female nanny at home with a male nanny.Monitor me.

Such love is suffocating.

I reopened the counseling hotline and tried to dilute the shadow of life with my career.

But Wu Kechun was worried that I would collude with other female patients and obstruct them so that I could not work normally.

After several failures, I lost my confidence in consulting the patient, my mood was depressed, and my heart was very upset.  Day by day she became unreasonable, treated me rudely, and kept arguing about things that didn’t matter.

One day I did n’t “instruct” her to buy a pack of cigarettes from the street. She actually asked the bodyguard to beat me!

I finally realized that I fell into the trap of “empathy” of the opposite sex patient, and it was really wrong.

Looking back on the warmth of the family, I really can’t regret it.

  Unbearable, I managed to escape from the villa while she was in the beauty salon.

But I had no money, and all the money was searched by her.

I have no relatives in Chengdu, I do n’t have a door to borrow money, and I only go to work to earn home expenses.

Hey, look at my psychiatrist, I have nothing to do when I work, I can only wash the dishes for the roadside shop, and do some miscellaneous work at the construction site .

I handed him a cup of hot tea, and he took a few sips and calmed his excitement before continuing to tell.

  Back here after all the hard work, I wandered outside the house for a few days, I didn’t have the courage to see my wife, daughter, and didn’t want to come to you and other friends.

September 16 is Xiaoye ‘s birthday. I asked my relatives to borrow some money, bought a birthday cake, and dared to ring the doorbell.

When Xiuying opened the door and saw me, she was stunned-look at my ragged clothes, and look at my downcast looks. Where is she like her former husband?

I talked to her without a face, shoved the cake into my daughter’s hands, and said, “Happy birthday to you.

Xiaoye was holding the cake in a bun, and suddenly cried, “I don’t want cake!”

I want dad, mom doesn’t divorce!

“She dropped the box on the ground, rushed into her bedroom and wept loudly, crying like a knife in my heart, so uncomfortable!

  Xiuying cleans up the cake on the ground.

She saw the cream picture on the cake, which was specially designed by scissors with red roses.

Xiu Ying muttered the meaning of the portrait: “Cut continuously, reason is still chaotic .” She pointed out that it is my voice-at this moment, the thoughts and guilt of my loved ones are constantly being cut in my heart,Chaos . Cui Bainian strayed into the “empathy trap”, causing such serious consequences, and it was also a loud alarm for me.

Facing his regrets, I secretly reminded myself: as a psychologist, you must resist the consultant’s “empathy” with good personality and noble professional ethics, and you must not allow “anti-empathy” to cherish everything we cherishDestroyed once!

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Four vicious words will steal a woman’s happiness

Four vicious words will steal a woman’s happiness

There is no good thing for a man. It is not unfamiliar to me. In TV dramas and daily life, I can always hear this sentence that criticizes half of humans.

It comes from the woman who was deceived or the advice of the young people to the young girl.

A young woman, if she looks at the opposite sex who should live in harmony in this way, and wants to choose someone from it to spend the rest of her life, she has a mentality of hatred.

If it turns out to be a mantra, it’s like when people ask you to eat, I always say that I don’t like to eat, for a long time, there must be no meat.

  A woman who is more economically independent is more lovely. She needs money or work by her side.

  Then you won’t be able to go anywhere like a canary.

The man summoned the courage to pursue a meal. After the meal, he had to settle it with the AA. When someone gave a gift, someone else had to take advantage of it.

Usually the view of men is that career is more important than love, but in fact, it is not necessary to find someone to share after the career has become.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he is willing to pay her for expression.

Don’t replace it with sugar daddy.

  As a woman, we have to love each other and some girls, who look good, but always try to be frustrated by men.

So they always like to talk in front of same-sex friends, or to be partners.

The advantage of girlfriends is that they are safe, stable, and stable, and they don’t have to have different emotions and thoughts as they do to men.

So if a woman says this, it means she wants you to pay more.

In fact, the correct approach should be: As a woman, we must love and love each other.

  If you love me, you have to change the “bad habits” that girls always complain about facing her boyfriend. Any habit that doesn’t look good to her is a bad one.

So the words were long and hearty, and the tears of tears urged others to change for her.

Basically, this is to use emotional blackmail to achieve self-satisfaction.

Love becomes the slogan of everything.

Disobedient men almost made the young women feel frustrated and felt that their charm was not enough.

In the end, they don’t have to change themselves, they don’t change their girlfriends.

  Either life or love, or looking at the light or desolate, is actually like drinking water, knowing whether it is cold or warm.

However, there are always people who are willing to guide others with personal experiences that are often not necessarily successful, overkill because of failure.

At some stage, young women often regard some wrong bridges as classics .

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Spring Day Yangyang Soup Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup

Spring Day Yangyang Soup Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup

Spring health care is gentle and nourishing. Cordyceps flowers have a gentle flavor and are not cold and dry. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs, kidneys and protecting the liver and nourishing the liver.

Please introduce this Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup today.

  ● Gourmet Science School Pig Spine Pigs Cantonese are generally called keel or sand bone. The keel is easier to understand, but why it is called sand bone is unknown.

The pig’s spine is used to make soup at most. It can be used with almost all ingredients to enhance the sweetness of the soup, and has the effect of nourishing the kidney yin and wrapping the essence.

If it is made of salted pork bones, the effect of reducing fire is added, and the porridge is even more salty.

  The people of Northeast China are not good at making the old fire soup, but they have also made the pork spine into another delicious food-sauce skeleton.

The sauce is also loved by southerners. If you eat in a Northeast restaurant, you can see it at almost every table.

“Bone rotten meat, fresh and not greasy” is the reputation of the sauce skeleton, and holding the skeleton and tearing the meat with your mouth is more profound than the spirit of the Northeast.

If you want to taste this delicious dish at home, you may wish to take a look at the following practices: 1.

Wash the large pork spine slightly, and place it in a large pot filled with fresh water for about 6-12 hours. You can change the water several times in the middle. If the room is high, you can put the pot in the refrigerator to prevent pork deterioration.


Rinse the spine with soaked blood for several times, add pork to the back of the pot and add water without pork bones, add a few pieces of ginger (knocked), several knots of green onions, a few anise, a little pepper, a small cinnamon2 fragrant leaves, Shao wine, old soy sauce, soy sauce, fried sugar (fried white sugar with oil to deep red), white sugar, soy bean paste.


Bring to a high fire until the soup is opened, beat the net powder, add the appropriate amount of salt (the marinade needs to be salty to make the bones taste good, so use salt to penetrate), turn to medium and low heat and simmer for about 1 hour.


Add the right amount of chicken essence, and simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes (the purpose is to collect the soup slightly to increase the flavor of the meat and bones).

  3-4 servings: 1.

Rinse off Cordyceps flowers and walnut kernels; 2.

2. Wash the pig’s spine, chop it up and scoop it up;

Boil the water in the clay pot, add all the ingredients, boil it with martial arts heat, turn to a medium and small heat pot for an hour and a half, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: help Yang Yiqi, Jianpi Gushen.

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This faint sorrowful graduation season

This faint sorrowful graduation season

Walking on campus, I started to have nothing to do with myself; sing loudly in groups, I don’t have to care about other people’s eyes; the dormitory is no longer clean and tidy, it’s rare to go free; go to the familiar intersectionSee if you can meet the one that makes you feel like you are going to the Phoenix Flower Day. In this faint and sorrowful graduation season, what kind of way would you choose to bid farewell to the campus and head for a new life?

  Recently, an online survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Center on 1,656 people (mainly young) showed 69.

6% of the people chose to “meal with classmates and take pictures”, 34.

5% of people will “smoothly spend”, 19.

0% of people hope to “do things that they don’t dare to do, let them vent.”

  ”A ceremony to say goodbye to youth.” “Double health does not matter. Things are thrown and thrown, and no one is going to clean it,” Li Qi recalled. “A few days after the defense, we began to throw things downstairs, wine bottles., washbasin, kettle. Anyone who took the belt and left it was thrown down. It was also very fun at the time.

Is it uncivilized to leave school like this?

The survey shows that 85.

7% of people believe that “destroying school public property”

is an uncivilized school leaving behavior, 83.

5% of people think that “throwing wine bottles, washbasins, books and other items downstairs” is uncivilized.

Other public believes that it is uncivilized to leave school: the reorganization and reorganization, the dormitory before leaving school is dirty, chaotic, poor (79.

9%); singing loudly on campus late at night (49.

1%); drunk with classmates until late at night (33.


  Why are there these uncivilized ways of leaving school?

The survey shows that 73.

8% of people think it is to “vent their emotions”, 57.

7% of people think that it is because of “the sorrow of youth,” 53.

1% of people think that it is because of “complaints against the school”. In addition, some people think that the various uncivilized ways of leaving school are due to emotional problems (41.

2%), work problem (36.

7%) and seeking stimulation (32.


  ”Everyday I am busy with studying, taking exams, and it is rare to have such an opportunity.

After a few more days, I will leave. It is normal to have a little emotional vent.

Qu Quan feels that some irrational behaviors of graduates are a kind of ritual to say goodbye to youth. Schools should tolerate the mood and practice of graduates.

  This poll shows that 54.

4% of the public think that college students as a high-quality group, such behavior should not be; 33.

9% of people think that this will affect the normal life of the students;

0% of people think that these behaviors are of a bad nature and should be dealt with seriously; but others also understand the graduates, 30.

4% of people think that this is their venting mood, no need to worry; 30.

3% of people think that as long as the harm is not particularly large, no harm; 32.

2% said that this is “the normal performance of young people.”

  ”Appropriate venting is also indispensable. These people should be people who usually improve their repression. I understand.

Moreover, if they are full of confidence in their future and destiny, they should not do anything too outrageous.

Zhou Li, a teacher at the Mental Health and Education Counseling Center of Renmin University of China, said that when I first entered university, everyone would have a lot of dreams, and how to live in college life, but after four years of tempering in the university, I found the ideal when I graduated.There is a long way to go with reality, and there will inevitably be emotional fluctuations.

Of course, this phenomenon is only a representation. The size may be the result of many unhealthy emotions accumulated in the university for four years. This may also be related to the fact that students usually do not express emotions.

  ”At that time, we sat on the lawn to watch the stars, drink and chat.” I watched the graduation notice posted on the campus. Li Qi, a student at Peking University, couldn’t help but think of her own last year. She remembered the old classmates, “the day before the graduation ceremony.”In the evening, we came out from the small restaurant next to the school, and all of them blushed and swayed to the table where the antique ceremony was arranged, and sang together.

People who have to go, who is not indulgent?”He said.

  ”At that time, we sat on the big lawn in front of the teaching building to watch the stars, drink and chat, and felt that the university would never end.

“Zhang Ruran graduated from Renmin University of China last year. In retrospect, the most common thing at that time was to drink with classmates, “drinking drunk.”

In her view, this kind of behavior will not bring bad influence to the younger brothers and sisters, they can understand and accept.

  Unlike most graduates with a relaxed mindset, Beijing University of Technology’s music classmates are busy preparing their graduation thesis defense, and he laughs that his emotions are still brewing.

“The past few seniors have made great strides, especially the famous “Following North Polytechnic” five characters spelled out in the dormitory building last year, which became an indelible memory last summer.

  Netizen Angle is also a graduate this year. On June 12th, he and dozens of people in the class chartered to go to Wuling Mountain in Miyun, Beijing, for a two-day graduation trip. There were too many unforgettable moments during the trip.To sing “Love of the Fierce”, the couples in the class pose differently, take pictures while climbing, and sneak a sneak peek at the meal. “In short, using the last chance, a graduation trip is too wasteful.

“Angel is full of nostalgia for classes that have lived together for four years.

  The survey showed that during the graduation season, 69.

6% of people hope to “meal with classmates and take pictures”, 34.

5% of people choose to “get through calmly”, 30.

1% of people hope to “drink with the classmates to drink late at night”.

In addition, 21.

9% of people choose to commemorate their college life as a “graduation trip”, and 19 others.

0% of people hope to “do things that they don’t dare to do, let them vent.”
  ”To fully consider the students’ feelings.” “If the hard control, the students will not dare to have any action, but in this way, at least the feeling of graduation is gone.

In Li Qi’s opinion, the graduates just want to take this time to release their emotions, and they will not have a bad influence on the school. “As for throwing things, most of the students just think it is fun.”

  Polls show, 48.

7% of the people support the school to take relevant measures to regulate the behavior of graduates leaving school;

7% believe that schools should take care of the feelings of graduates.

  Zhou Li believes that in addition to the hard rules for the graduation of graduates, the school can have other actions.

“At the beginning of the school, you can conduct university planning education.

Earlier, let college students know how their colleges should spend, and in the next four years, they will be well-targeted.

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the psychological education of college students, teach them how to face the pressure and release their emotions.

  According to Hu Shugang from the School of Ideological and Political Science of Renmin University of China, the National People’s Congress has set up a special website for graduates this year, and has prepared a variety of graduation activities. “As a school administrator, we must fully consider the feelings of students and cannot simply use them.Some things in the box to limit the students, should consider how to carry out more supplementary activities, let more students participate, long hair can stimulate the goodness of the students, so that they worry about the students will make uncivilized behavior

“How should college students leave school?

The survey shows that 83.

8% of people think that they should “make a good memory for their youth”; 53.

1% of people think that they should give a good impression to their alma mater, “a good example for the younger brothers and sisters”, 50.

5% of people feel that “doing something to school, something that makes sense to society”, 30.

1% of people said that they should “pursue happiness and enjoy themselves”.

  Compared with previous years, this year’s situation is different. The Wenchuan earthquake has caused great changes in the mentality of graduates.

The survey shows that 64.

1% said they would “give some graduation activities and save money to donate to the disaster area.”

  On the evening of May 20th, the graduates of Wuchang Campus of Wuhan University of Engineering lit candles, sat around the pointers, prayed for the people in the disaster area, and all the money that was originally arranged for the scattered meals was donated.

“This time we have changed the way we sing the graduation song, with grief, and with us to go to the society with strength.

“A classmate of the Wugong University said.

  In the survey, some netizens wrote a message about “20 things to do before graduation.” He believes that the most important thing to do is to cherish what you have now and make your life less regrettable. “Time is rushing, want to keepIt’s always so much.

But those things that we thought we will never forget are forgotten in our years, and this is reality.

If you grasp today, you will not regret tomorrow.”

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Yoga is both spiritual and spiritual

Yoga is both spiritual and spiritual

Any external or internal factors that cause excessive stress can cause our minds to lose balance.

As a result, neural function will be constrained, and mental coordination will begin to weaken. Some people’s internal changes will develop more slowly, while others will develop faster.

This may be reflected in any aspect of our lives.

  If a person is in a state of excessive stress for a long period of time (overstress includes emptiness, depression, tension, anger, depression, etc.), it will lead to loss of nerve coordination and further cause mental illness.

As a result, the individual’s thoughts, behaviors, manners, manners, and views on the problem will lose the ability to control (of course, we often find that sometimes only a part of the ability is lost), and a variety of expressions and behaviors beyond normal.

  This issue covers a wide range, and people of any age, gender, country and social and economic background can suffer.

So, two problems have arisen before us: first, how to stop and change the mentally caused diseases and problems we think; and second, how and by what methods can we maintain and control the mind and restore the spirit to a state that I think is healthy.
  In yoga, we can find answers about prevention and healing.

  In order to understand the principles of yoga methods, it is necessary to briefly discuss the causes of mental problems.

The factors that can affect the spirit of people are mainly in three basic aspects: nature, society, and self.

It is a specific factor of a person’s mental stress and loss of balance, or focus on nature, or society, or on the self.

In number theory yoga, these three aspects are incorporated, Brahman, material reality, and spiritual reality.

  The factors of mental illness caused by nature may be certain natural disasters, animal intimidation, or special natural phenomena.

Similarly, social factors may cause problems in religion, race, race, economy, politics, etc., and may also include difficulties in mediating customs, habits, and lifestyles in certain denominations.

In addition, there are many problems that are caused by a person’s own beliefs, beliefs, opinions, preferences, habits, and may also be due to some internal feelings (such as hate, suspicion, revenge, insult, hobby, fantasy, love, Hatred, etc.).

  In society, whether it is an industrial society or an agricultural society, whether a tribal society or a primitive society, almost everyone faces a variety of problems arising from the above three aspects.

Today, we too face many problems and mental distress.

Although the nature and form of the problem we face has changed due to the changing conditions, the problem always exists.

Therefore, it is useful to understand the general human perspective of early yoga thinkers and the solutions they have proposed.

  Among the pioneers who contributed to the terrorist yoga system, Gapiro first founded the number theory philosophy system.

  Following Gapiro’s point of view, all questions faced by man can be answered by specialized knowledge.

Because of these specialized knowledge, those strange and rare events can cause people’s distress.

When a person discovers and masters the specialized knowledge of self-personal consciousness and self, then rare events and their consequences caused by any of the above three factors will not make him confused and upset.
When a person discovers and masters specialized knowledge about self-personal consciousness and self, then the rare events and their consequences caused by any of the three aspects mentioned above will not shock and distress him.

  This specialized knowledge includes the mysteries of self-virtue, that is, the three virtues of China, Germany, Lower Germany, and Upper Germany, as well as the knowledge of all matter of the self.

The understanding of the matter of nature must also be related to understanding the composition, functions, and interrelationships of the various organs such as the sense organs, motor organs, spirits, and intelligence of the self.

  If a person has considerable knowledge, he also gains the ability to overcome pain, so as to maintain spiritual balance, and even occasionally gain joy, happiness, and ease.

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Winter radish soup to clear heat and cool blood

Winter radish soup to clear heat and cool blood

“Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, don’t prescribe a prescription by a doctor.”

Right now, it ‘s the season to eat radishes. Many people mistakenly think that radishes are too bad to eat. Radishes contain more than glucose, sucrose, fructose, polypentose, crude fiber, vitamin C, minerals and a small amount of crude protein.This kind of amino acid has the reputation of “little ginseng”. If you eat radish cleverly, you can both digest and accumulate the product, widen the qi and clear the phlegm and heat, and eat radish often to prolong your life.

  Five uses of radish can cure cough radish ginger tea: 10 grams of ginger, 250 grams of radish, sliced fried water as a tea drink, a small amount of hot drinks should be taken frequently.

Can relieve wind and dispel cold, expectorant and cough, especially suitable for treating cold and cough.

  Radish stewed pears: Slice 1 white radish, 1 sliced Sydney, 7 white peppers, and 50 grams of honey. Put them in a bowl together and steam them through the water. It is also suitable for people with cold type cough.

  Radish and almond tea: white radish 100g, sliced, almond 6?
9 grams, 3 slices of ginger, put in the same pot, add the right amount of water, boil over high heat, fry on low heat for 30 minutes, when drinking tea, it has the effect of evacuating rheumatism, suitable for people with cold and cough.

  Radish sips: 500g each of fresh radish and coriander. Wash them and squeeze them together. It is convenient for those with wind-heat or lung-heat cough.

  Carrot and sugar drink: 100 g of white radish juice and 30 g of caramel sugar, stir and steam together, take 2 times, and eat 3?
For 5 days, it has a good lung-moistening and cough-reducing effect, suitable for people who have dry cough without sputum or sputum.

  Radish soup clears heat and cools blood radish and radish root soup prevents colds: 120 grams of fresh radish, 30 grams of radish, 7 light onions, 7 green olives, and soup for tea.

  Fresh radish juice for fever: 250 grams of fresh radish, chopped, twisted juice, cold.

You can add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste.

Take when you have a high fever, infectious fever, or scarlet fever.

  Radish fresh loquat juice for coughing up blood: 30 ml of white turnip juice and fresh loquat juice, mix and serve twice a day.

It has the functions of clearing heat and phlegm, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, and is suitable for those who have hemoptysis and vomiting blood.

  ”Qinglong White Tiger Soup” for Sore Throat: Fresh Olive 3?
Five, split, fresh white radish half to one cut, boiled water for tea, suitable for people with wind and fire, sore throat, and redness and swelling in the throat.

  White radish juice prevents stomachache: drink half a tea cup after meals, drip into ginger juice when serving, warm.

It can dispel phlegm and heat, eliminate stagnant stagnation, and widen the lower qi, and is suitable for those with hot stomach pain and food stomachache.

  Raw radish cures the stomach and navel: indigestion, when the stomach is sore, you can eat raw radish.

In addition to fresh radishes, radish seeds, radish leaves, and old radish root decoction, it is also suitable for people with stagnation.

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Yoga helps you reduce the annual rings on your neck

Yoga helps you reduce the “annual rings” on your neck

A circle is nearly 30 years old, and a circle is 10 years old. I was accidentally betrayed by the “ring rings” around my neck. What should I do?
  美颈的5个好习惯  1、每天做美颈操  2、每晚沐浴涂抹颈霜按摩  3、养成每周为颈部敷面膜的习惯(选择补水性面膜,在面部使用后敷在颈部即可)  4、防晒  5、选择高度为8cm左右的枕头,以减少睡觉时对颈部的压力  美颈操怎么做?  Lose weight for the neck, promote blood circulation, repair lines, use the free time every day to do the following actions: bending forward and backward: sitting or standing upright, head perpendicular to the shoulders, lower back flexion slightly.
Hold your forehead with both hands, with your elbows flush with your shoulders.
Slowly push back with both hands until the neck is fully back, the forehead points to the ceiling, pause, and count to 10.
Move your hands behind your head and slowly press forward until your chin hits your chest, pause, and count to 10.
Repeat 6 to 8 groups.
  Side bending: Sitting or standing upright, apply external force to the left side of the head, and squeeze the left side with the force of the neck muscles until the right ear almost points to the ceiling.
Relax and repeat.
Do the right exercise in reverse.
Repeat 6 to 8 groups.
  What exercises can help the neck stay young?
  Ballet: All ballet dancers have beautiful necks as long as swans.
Now go to ballet bodybuilding class, and take the ballet posture in daily standing, sitting and walking, straighten your chest, abdomen and lift your jaw.
  Pilates: Pilates coaches often shout at you, “Grow taller” and “pull away a bit”.
Your cervical spine and spine are constantly stretched and elongated under this command.
  Yoga: Not only can yoga make your neck soft and long, many of its postures can also prevent cervical spine diseases.
  Just 25 years old, why did my neck start to show stripes?
  This is an obvious signal to remind you that if you don’t take care of your neck, your skin will really age early.
  The skin on the neck is very thin and fragile, especially the number of sebaceous and sweat glands in the skin in front of the neck is only one-third of the face.
There are usually two types of wrinkles in the neck. One is the wrinkles that begin to age and begin to appear in their teens. Such wrinkles are usually not obvious.
The other type of wrinkles deepens with age, which can be very noticeable.
Especially if you usually “fix” your sitting position, lack of exercise, and gain weight, the lines will appear earlier.
At the age of one year, there will be slackness in the neck, lack of water, and a decrease in contour.
It is imperative to have a quick neck exercise and maintenance.
  Neck care: Remember to apply a moisturizing lotion to the neck after the evening skin care step and massage 20-30 times from bottom to top until the lotion is completely absorbed.
Circle the neck: The skin of the neck is horizontal. Never massage horizontally when you massage, but use the upward circular motion.

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Children’s irritability and picky eaters lack dimensional B

Children’s irritability and picky eaters lack “dimensional B”

When children are easily tired, too lazy to move, and irritable, part of the reason is due to the lack of B vitamins in the body. Children need to improve their eating habits and eat more coarse grains.
  The data show that 40% to 60% of children in China have the problem of picky eaters and partial eclipse, which causes the lack of micronutrients in children.
B vitamins can promote gastrointestinal motility and promote protein absorption in the brain.
Once lacking, it will cause poor appetite, aggravate the phenomenon of picky eating and partial eclipse, and cause a vicious circle. In severe cases, anorexia may even occur.
  As you eat more and more refined, you will also lack vitamin B. In addition to partial eating and picky eating, children usually eat too finely, which is also an important cause of vitamin B deficiency.
Xu Xinzhu said that vitamin B mainly exists in the surface layer of coarse grains (such as wheat, cereals, beans) and is a water-soluble vitamin. The finer the coarse grains are processed, the greater the loss of vitamin B is.
Everyone often eats fine white noodle steamed buns and noodles.
No wonder the British government has issued a ban prohibiting the delicate processing of wheat and rice in order to preserve the nutrients in grain.
  Children’s incorrect eating habits, eating only meat and vegetables, and their preference for foreign fast food are also a major cause of vitamin B deficiency.
Like a burger is fried food, more meat and less vegetables, more trans fat.
From a nutritional point of view, burgers contain more protein, but poor vitamins and carbohydrates, which is not a qualified food.
  Irritability is a sign of lack of vitamin B. Does the child lack B vitamins?
This is the most important issue for parents.
Xu Xinzhu introduced that this can be judged from the child’s symptoms.
The child’s tongue is magenta, which is a manifestation of vitamin B1 deficiency; irritability and irritability are likely to lack vitamin B2; children lacking vitamin B6 are likely to show anorexia, loss of appetite, etc .; the causes of oral ulcers in adults are complicated.Somehow related.
However, the cause of oral ulcers in children is relatively simple, most of them may be due to lack of vitamin B2, so oral ulcers are also a sign of vitamin B deficiency.
  If it is a breast-fed newborn, the natural condition is that when you are full, you will have a satisfied expression and sleep very sweetly.
If the newborn is particularly prone to irritability and crying, this may be due to the lack of vitamin B in breastfeeding mothers, causing vitamin B deficiency in breast milk.
  If in doubt, take your child to the hospital for a test to see which trace elements are lacking before supplementing.
  Eating only vitamin tablets is more prone to vitamin deficiency. If your child has obvious symptoms of B vitamin deficiency, you must take multivitamin B tablets. At the same time, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet and avoid partial eclipse, and then increase the intake of coarse grains and milk.
At this time, it is too late to simply supplement the food, because the vitamin B content of the food is limited, and it takes a long time to ensure the qualified amount.
One parent asked: “My child has been very picky, and there is no way to change. Can I take vitamin tablets for a long time to make up for the lack of nutrients?
“Experts said that taking vitamin tablets is only suitable for short-term supplementation. It is suitable for people who have already developed symptoms of vitamin deficiency, but it cannot be a regular way of eating.
Because the content of vitamins in vitamin tablets is very high, if you take vitamin tablets for a long time, the body’s vitamins are in a high level of balance. Once you stop eating, people are prone to symptoms of vitamin deficiency.
  For example, a person who has been taking vitamin C tablets for a long time will be particularly prone to gum bleeding symptoms when they stop eating, which means that they lack vitamin C.
“It’s sore as soon as you stop taking vitamin tablets” is the experience of many people.
In addition, the vitamins in food most closely match the metabolic needs of the human body. Xu Xinzhu suggested that the nutrients that can be supplemented from food should be supplemented from the diet as much as possible.
  There is no bad food, only bad eating methods. So it seems that as long as the child does not have partial eclipse and picky eaters, there is no problem of lack of nutrition.
Nowadays, children’s picky eating is too common. Cows cannot graze without grazing. What can parents do?
There are no bad dishes in the world, only wrong cooking methods.
Take chicken drumsticks for example. Chicken itself contains vitamin B. Steaming and burning are healthy eating methods.
But cooking by frying becomes junk food full of “bad fats”.
  Many parents are afraid that their children may not have enough nutrition, so they pile a lot of fruits and vegetables on their children. This is a practice that makes children feel disgusted and rebellious. It can be given in batches, eat vegetables at home, let him bring fruits to school, and so on.
  In short, if your child prefers a certain food, you can switch to a healthy cooking method.
Improve children’s nutritional status by improving cooking and eating habits.
  Foods containing B vitamins coarse grains (such as grain porridge, whole wheat bread) animal liver vegetables, fruits milk promote a balanced daily diet, supplement from food, appear symptoms of deficiency, need to temporarily take multivitamin B tablets.

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Wash your hands frequently to drive away 80% of the disease

Wash your hands frequently to drive away 80% of the disease

In many activities of the human body, the hands play an irreplaceable role. Take, connect, take, wipe, write . These indispensable actions in life make the hands more contact with the outside world.

Because of this, many germs will take advantage of it, putting people’s health at risk.

Every year on October 15th-“World Hand Washing Day”, this edition invites relevant experts to teach you how to wash your hands correctly.

  Wash your hands frequently, drive away 80% of the diseased buses, subway door handles, flush buttons in public toilets, mice, keyboards, mobile phones . If you mark the movements of your hands, you will find that wherever they go, they are all following bacteria, Dealing with dust.

  There are far more bacteria in your hand than you think!

Studies have found that a pair of unwashed hands may have hundreds of thousands or even millions of bacteria hidden on the skin, nail grooves, and the edges of the fingernails. There are many types of these bacteria, almost all of which can cause infectious diseases.There are discoveries on it.

In addition, various food poisoning, infectious hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera can also be transmitted by hand.

  To deal with these germs, you only need to wash your hands frequently to keep them out of the door.

At a media communication meeting for the National Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation and Cleanliness Action in a certain period of time, Mao Qunan, director of the Ministry of Health’s Press and Publicity Center, revealed such a set of data: washing hands and opponents can prevent 80% of diseases and reduce diarrhea by more than 50%As well as 1/3 of respiratory diseases, it also plays an important role in preventing blood system diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and skin diseases.

It is more important for children to develop the habit of washing their hands properly.

According to the World Health Organization report, an average of about 5,000 children under the age of five die from diarrhea-related diseases every day, but as long as they develop the habit of washing their hands before and after meals, half of them will be saved.

  It’s so important that more bacteria on women’s hands wash their hands, but not everyone treats them correctly.

A few days ago, “Life Times” and “39 Health Network” conducted a survey on hand washing awareness and habits. From the answers of 27,574 representatives, many people have misunderstandings.

  Surveys show that only 67% of people insist on washing their hands before and after meals, and more than 40% do not wash their hands after going home.

In this regard, Niu Wenyi, deputy director of the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education of the School of Public Health of Peking University, said that there are many invisible bacteria in the hands, and the only way to judge whether to wash your hands is to feel wrong.

Washing hands before going to the toilet can reduce the chance of urinary and reproductive system infections for women.

  On the question of whether to use hand sanitizers, soaps and other cleaning products when washing hands, nearly six adults use it only occasionally, and 11% never use it.

The study found that washing hands with tap water can reduce the microorganisms on the hands by 80%, but washing with soap can reduce 95%.

When washing your hands, you should first wash the soap under running water before washing your hands, otherwise the bacteria on the surface of the soap will get on your hands.

  Regarding the time for washing hands, 58% of people said that every time they washed their hands, it was done.

But in fact, this does not achieve the cleaning effect, it is best to wash your hands for more than 30 seconds.

  After washing their hands, more than half of them choose to dry with a towel or paper towel.

It’s okay if it’s a clean towel, otherwise new bacteria might get on it.

The best way is to shake the water on your hand and let it dry naturally.

  On the frequency of hand washing, the survey shows that only 46% of people wash their hands more than 6 times a day.

Experts suggest that it is best to wash your hands every 2 hours to reduce bacterial density.

For women, hand washing may be more frequent.

Noah Feir, an associate professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, points out that research has found that women have more bacteria on their hands than men, which may be related to the pH of the skin.

In general, skin with weakly acidic pH is healthier, and male skin is more acidic than female.

In addition, women’s skin is more prone to secrete oils. Frequent use of moisturizing cosmetics and thin skin layers will affect the number of bacteria in the skin.

  5 keywords for washing your hands The method is very important to wash your hands.

There are 5 keywords to keep in mind when washing your hands: wet, rub, punch, hold, rub.

  Wet: Wet hands with running water.

  Rub: In the second step, apply hand sanitizer or soap and soap to your hands. Put your fingers together and rub the palms of your hands; then cross your fingers and rub the back of your palms;Hold the opposite finger in one hand and rub in sequence; rub your palm with your fingertips.

In this way, the fingertips, finger seams and other parts that are easy to violate are scrubbed to ensure the effectiveness of hand washing.

  Rinse: Rinse your hands with running water.

  Holding: Hold the water in both hands, flush the switch of the faucet, and then close it. After touching the switch with a dirty hand, the clean hand touches the switch, resulting in cross infection.

  Wipe: Dry your hands with a clean towel or paper towel, or dry naturally.  In 8 places, we should wash our hands before and after meals. In some of the following places, we also need to wash our hands in time.


Wear contact lenses, take medicine, and apply medicine to the wound; 2.

2. If there are babies and toddlers in the family, before hugging, playing with and feeding the children; 3.

Outdoor sports, after playing; 4.

4. After shopping in the supermarket or mall; 5.

5. In places with many people and cars, after having physical contact with strangers; 6.

6. After touching public goods, such as elevator handrails, buttons, door handles, public telephones, especially public facilities in hospitals; 7.

After touching pets; 8.

After cleaning, touch the coins.

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