TCM classification of obesity

TCM classification of obesity

①脾虚湿阻型  [临床表现]形体肥胖、肢体困重、倦怠乏力、脘腹胀满、纳差食少、大便溏薄、舌质淡、苔薄腻、脉缓或濡细。This type is the most common in clinical practice.

  [Health Principles]Spleen and dampness.

  [Food choice]lentils, broad beans, peas, red beans, mung beans, yellow bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, corn, winter melon, melon skin, cucumber, cucumber skin, watermelon, watermelon skin, cabbage, squid and so on.

  [食品选择]  杂豆粥、冰拌三皮、赤小豆鲤鱼汤、冬瓜瓤汤、白菜粉丝汤等。  ②脾肾两虚型  [临床表现]形体肥胖、虚浮肿胀、疲乏无力、少气懒言、动而喘息、头晕畏寒、食少纳差、腰膝冷痛、大便溏薄或五更泄泻Male impotence, pale tongue, thin white fur and fine veins.

Patients with severe hypertension have multiple blood pressure types.

  [Health Principles]Wenyang gas and water.

  [Food choices]Kidney beans, peas, hazelnuts, goat’s milk, milk, sheep lean meat, dog lean meat, chicken, walnuts and so on.

  [Food choice]scorpion drink, bird porridge, goat milk, ginseng walnut soup, plain mixed kidney beans, pepper mutton soup.

  ③胃热湿阻型  [临床表现]形体肥胖、您食肥甘或消谷善饥、口臭口干、大便秘结、舌质红、舌苔黄腻、脉滑数。This type is mostly young and middle-aged obese people.

  [Health Care Principle]Clearing away heat and getting rid of phlegm.

  [Food choice]cabbage, cabbage, celery, lettuce, bamboo shoots, leeks, lotus root, bitter gourd, purslane, mala grass, alfalfa, pear and so on.

  [Food choice]cold Geba, cabbage seaweed soup, five juice drink, cold salad silk, canned bamboo shoots, fried egg with purslane, pork fried bitter gourd and so on.

  ④气滞血瘀型  [临床表现]形体肥胖、两胁胀满、胃脘痞满、烦躁易怒、口干舌燥、头晕目眩、失眠多梦、月经不调或闭经、舌质暗有瘀Spot, pulse number or string.

This type can be seen in obese patients.

  [Health Principles]Shugan qi, blood circulation.

  [Food selection]Citron, orange, orange peel, orange, Chinese hand, raising