Supplementary health slows down aging

Supplementary health slows down aging

When it comes to anti-aging, we must first understand when the human organs begin to age: the brain and lungs are 20 years old; the skin ages 25 years old; the hair begins to fall off at 30 years old; the bones, breasts begin to age at 35 years old; kidney, prostate 50Age at the beginning of age; hearing began to deteriorate around 55 years old; taste and smell began to degenerate at age 60; bladder began to age at age 65; liver began to age at age 70.

  Chinese medicine believes that the human body is an organizational system. When an imbalance occurs, the human body can automatically return to normal ability, that is, self-organization ability.

After entering the old age, this self-organizing ability is weakened, resulting in increased susceptibility to various diseases. The occurrence and development of various diseases further destroys the self-organization ability of the human body and accelerates aging.

Chinese medicine anti-aging is to maintain the balance of qi and yin and yang and regulate the spleen and stomach.

  The ancient medical doctor Sun Sizhen was in the “golden medicine.”

“Food governance” said: “When the husband is a doctor, when you must first understand the source of the disease, know what it is committed, to cure, the healing is not cured, and then the medicine.

The doctor also has to pay for food. If you don’t know how to eat, you will not be able to survive.

“It is to promote the speed of aging through TCM diet to achieve the goal of immortality.”

  Modern fast-paced life has caused many people to suffer from various diseases and sub-health. Diet can make people enjoy the dual effects of drug treatment and food nutrition, that is, “medicine and food homology.”

  Cold and hot and bitter, bitter, sweet and sour foods also have their own “characteristics” diet. First of all, we must understand the different tastes of the food, and combine the “sex” and “taste” to make them play more rational and scientific.efficacy.

  The “sex” of the therapeutic ingredients is the cold, hot and cool nature of the therapeutic ingredients, also known as the four sex, four gas.

“Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” contains: “Therapeutic cold with hot medicine, heat treatment with cold medicine.

“Cold and cold food: It has the effect of clearing heat and purging fire, detoxification and nourishing yin.

Cold foods include watermelon, bitter gourd, melon, banana, seaweed, kelp, persimmon, crab, etc.

Cool foods include cucumber, white radish, celery, eggplant, mung bean, tofu, pear, alfalfa, chrysanthemum, duck and so on.

  In the “Dream of Red Mansions”, Lin Daiyu, who was frail, ate some crab meat, and the stomach was slightly painful. Baoyu hurriedly asked people to take acacia flowers to ease the cold.

Because crab meat is a cold food, cold is hot, too cold and cold caused damage to the spleen and stomach.

Eat cold foods should be accompanied by warm products, not suitable for cold food such as eggplant, tomatoes.

  Warm food: It has a cold, warm, and tonic effect.

Warm foods include glutinous rice, walnuts, lamb, shrimp, papaya, lychee, red dates, chestnuts, longan, onions, ginger, and Polygonum multiflorum.

Hot foods are peppers, peppers, etc.

  Flat food: It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing.

Common foods include rice, corn, sesame, soybeans, black beans, milk, carrots, cabbage, taro, and so on.

  The “taste” of the therapeutic ingredients is a kind of food: it has the functions of divergence, qi and blood circulation.

Common foods are ginger, garlic, white radish, dried tangerine peel, bergamot, pepper, pepper, leeks, wine, etc.

  Sour food: It has astringent and solid effect.

Common foods are tomatoes, papaya, vinegar, red beans, lemons, etc.

  Bitter food: The effect is to clear the heart and purify the fire.

Common foods are bitter gourd, ginkgo, peach kernel, lotus leaf, tea and so on.

  Sweet food: It has the effect of warming the tonic, relieving pain and moistening dryness.

Common foods are yam, sugar, rock sugar, honey, red dates, grapes and animal meat and internal organs.

  Savoury food: the effect is soft and supplement, with the effect of softening and firming, tonifying kidney and essence.

Common foods are salt, seafood, animal kidneys, etc.

  People with different physiques of yang deficiency, yin deficiency, qi deficiency and blood deficiency have different the same food supplements. Why do some people receive good results, and some people do not even work, or even counterproductive?

This is because there are physical differences between individuals, and food supplements vary from constitution to body.

  Yang deficiency constitution eats cold food, usually cold, hands and feet are not warm, like hot diet, lack of energy, pale lips, easy to fall, easy to sweat.

It is advisable to eat milder foods, eat cold foods or cold fruits and vegetables, and eat walnuts, leeks, lamb, goat’s milk, shrimps, etc.

  Yin deficiency constitution avoids the spicy body shape and is long and thin, the hands and feet are hot, usually easy to dry and dry, thirsty like cold drinks, dry stool, yellow urine and less.It is advisable to eat cleansing products, do not eat too much sticky things, carefully eat chili, pepper, garlic, wine and other spicy and stimulating things, should eat honey, mulberry, bird’s nest, hazelnuts, bamboo shoots, tomatoes and so on.

  Qi deficiency constitution is far from greasy, the language is inferior, shortness of breath, lazy words, limbs are easy to get tired, lack of energy, sweating and sweating, dizziness and forgetfulness.

The diet is mainly qi, eat less radiant and other gas-consuming products, avoid cold and wet, greasy, thick food, should eat food for Cordyceps sinensis, Taizishen, glutinous rice, peanuts, yam, mushrooms, squid, squid and so on.

  The body of blood deficiency is heavy in the shape of iron supplement, pale or sallow, easy to be flustered, palpitations, insomnia, face, eyelids, lack of blood color, and dry skin.

The diet is mainly based on blood, and eats iron-containing foods such as animal liver, black fungus, sesame paste, egg yolk and other foods.

Fast food greasy and fried and dry.

  The variety of food should be “mixed”. It is best to eat 36 kinds of food every day. The food we eat every day is very fine. The type of taste is also simple according to our own taste. In fact, the healthy diet should be mixed, and our ancestors have already proposed it.Eat at least 36 foods a day.

Certainly many people will find it particularly difficult to operate, but it is not difficult.

  Every meal is indispensable for onion, ginger, garlic, salt and vinegar, etc. This is very different. If you put eight rice in white rice, there are eight kinds. This problem is solved very well.

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5 healthy lifestyles that give men longevity

5 healthy lifestyles that give men longevity

Ask “man, woman, who is more afraid of death?”

“Answer” man.

“Ask men”, women, who is more likely to die?

“Answer” man.
“Well, then there is nothing wrong with it. Men need more care.”


Blocking crime and eating more steak can reduce the risk by 29%.

  Eat more sirloin steak on the waist: beef with selenium and vitamin B, the former can resist pressure, and can remove high cysteine in the blood – this is the culprit that destroys the inner wall of the arterial blood vessels.

50% of the steaks in the steak are single-chain unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the heart.

Therefore, it is not harmful to eat.


Taking care of the liver and drinking less beer can reduce the risk by 85%.

  If you have been drinking about one and a half liters a day for ten years, then you must have a liver that is devastated by disease.

For a summer booze, your liver needs 12 months to repair itself.

  Eating some vegetables can reduce the risk by 36%.

  Your liver is happy to eat more avocados and asparagus. They are called glutathione, an amino acid essential for liver metabolism of toxins and chemicals. It is the main antioxidant in the body and promotes the liver.A substance essential for regeneration.


Bypassing formaldehyde as a Brazilian can reduce the risk by 48%.

  We are referring to their nuts rather than their hair.

The nut is soluble in elemental selenium, which is the nemesis of cancer.

So how much can you eat a superhuman lung?

It only takes three pieces a day.

  No longer smoking can reduce the risk by 48%.

  We have to bitterly persuade again: Your tone smells so bad that even the dogs are reluctant to shun; the thousands of dollars you spend on this hobby every year can only make women stay away from you; if these are not enough, thenHave to tell you – 80% of lung cancer is caused by smoking.


Avoiding suicide and reorganizing rivers and mountains can reduce the risk by 200%.

  It may lead to the closure of some of your life’s doors, and try to travel to Europe with your university’s buddies, or open a Jeep to cross the Qaidam Basin, and you can also see what the dancers are doing.Kind of life.

  Canadian researchers have found that the suicide rate of divorced men is a double of bachelors.

Focus on those positive things, and in any case, all the difficulties will eventually vanish.

If you are still dealing with single injuries, immediately put on your sexiest outfit and go out.

  Putting your attention on the job can reduce the risk by 200%.

  Even if the cigarette does not kill you, you may end up being killed by yourself.

US researchers surveyed 300,000 military personnel and found that those who smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day had suicide rates that were never smoked.

The main chemicals in cigarettes will increase your prevention mood.


Defending the prostate for more sex can reduce the risk by 34%.

  According to Australian scientists, at least five times a week masturbation can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by more than 1/3.

Ejaculation can wash away carcinogens in the prostate.
So if you like your lover as much as you like yourself, then keep regular sex, which is good for your prostate.
  Drinking red wine can reduce the risk by 50%.

  Drinking four to eight glasses of red wine a week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by half.

Resveratrol (resveratrol) may be found in the epidermis of red grapes, which inhibits the development of peptides.

  Sun exposure can reduce the risk by 50%.

  The sun that shines for 15 minutes a day can cut the chance of getting sick by half.

Sunlight can help the skin make vitamin D, and vitamin D can synthesize disease-inhibiting substances in the blood.

Of course, don’t forget to rub the sunscreen when you are in the sun.

  Eating more bean sprouts can reduce the risk by 24%.

  According to research in the United States, bean sprouts have a magical effect on cancer resistance because they contain a large amount of phytochemicals (glucosides), which prevent smoke and other metabolites in the air.

You can add bean sprouts to the salad or eat it directly with the sandwich.

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How to run after starting is reasonable

How to run after starting is reasonable

In the middle and long distance races, there are many athletes who are unreasonable in the acceleration after starting.

Some start straight into the inner lane after the start, and some run a long distance in the periphery, causing the cause of this problem. Some are in order to grab the inner road and occupy the favorable terrain, but do not understand the meaning of the arc starting.

Now on the meaning of starting the arc, do some analysis, how to run is reasonable, I hope to attract the attention of the majority of coaches and athletes.

  As we all know, the 1500-meter starting line has a second song, and the straight line is 0 inside and outside.

3 meters is the center of the circle, with a length of 100 meters, draws an arc to the straight road, and 3000 meters, 5000 meters, 10,000 meters starting line drawing method is similar to the starting point of 1500 meters, all draw a circle with a certain distance.As the starting line.

Thus, at any point on the starting line to the center of the circle, only the slender line is the nearest line.

In fact, if you run into the lane at any point outside the starting arc, only when you run along the straight line to the point where the first lane is cut, the distance it runs is the actual distance to participate in the race, any early cut orThe distance traveled by people in the late night is unreasonable.

Therefore, athletes must pay attention to this in their normal training and competitions, so that they do not “loss”.

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Old people drink a lot of tea

Old people drink a lot of tea

There is no doubt that tea has a refreshing, digestive and health-promoting effect.

But health experts warn: If you drink too much tea, it will hurt your body.

For the elderly, paying attention to the concentration of tea is especially important for protecting your health.

  Change, a person’s normal secretion of gastric juice every day is 1.


5 liters, these gastric juices can properly digest the food that a person replenishes every day.

When a large amount of tea is ingested, it will replace the gastric juice, reduce the concentration of gastric juice, so that the gastric juice can not properly digest the food, resulting in indigestion, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and some even cause duodenal ulcer.

  Drinking strong tea is prone to constipation.

The sulfuric acid in tea can not only combine with iron, but also combine with the protein in food to form a blocky, non-digestible and absorbed metabolic acid protein, leading to constipation.

For the elderly with constipation, constipation will be more serious.

  Strong tea also causes elevated blood pressure and heart failure.

Caffeine in strong tea can cause the heartbeat to speed up, which will increase blood pressure. At the same time, a large amount of concentrated tea liquid enters the blood vessels, which will increase the burden on the heart, produce chest tightness, palpitations and other discomfort symptoms, and increase the degree of heart failure.

  Everything has a degree.

Drinking light tea can keep you healthy, and drinking strong tea can damage your health.

Older friends should drink tea should be “light” and not “strong”.

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Teach you easy-to-understand three-step fattening method

Teach you easy-to-understand three-step fattening method

Nowadays, this society is thin people thinking about how to gain weight, while fat people are thinking about how to lose weight, fat people want to be thin, thin people want to be fat, here old TCM health net reminds you, whether it is thin or fat, fat or not,Can not be too excessive, if you are excessively thin, you still need to gain weight.

  1, friends who gain weight or lose weight drink 3000-4000ML of water every day, only absorb enough water every day, the body’s metabolic function will work well, which will improve the absorption capacity of their own nutrition.

The body detoxification should be normal. Whether it is through stool or urination, the body’s toxins must be removed in time. It is recommended to eat more roots. This is the most fibrous area. It is often used to help defecate or improve constipation.

  2, aunt: increase the basal metabolic rate, help burn excess aunt, prevent cardiovascular disease caused by a large increase in aunt.

When you increase your calorie intake, any fat gain must be more calories than calories burned.

In excess of the excess energy of 5,500 kcal, in theory, it is expected to increase one kilogram of muscle.

  3. Perform muscle training to reduce fatigue in daily life and work.

If you don’t do muscle exercise, you should at least do intense exercise. Otherwise, the weight gain will accumulate and become unable to transform into muscle.

The muscles are trained to eliminate excess calories and become a constituent of the muscles.

The general aerobic exercise will burn off the excess calories inside the body, but will not achieve the purpose of fattening.

When doing muscle training, focus on the skeletal muscles of the trunk and limbs.

  Fattening is the ideal of thin people. They only think about how to increase fat quickly. Unfortunately, they don’t pay attention to methods. In this way, it is not good for the body and it is easy to cause disease. If you want to gain weight, let alone the above.The three-step fattening will satisfy you once and succeed.

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Aerobic fitness needs attention

Aerobic fitness needs attention

Aerobic fitness walking is a good exercise weight loss method, easy to achieve weight loss in walking, but aerobic fitness should pay attention to the following points, in order to ensure the effect is obvious.


Aerobic fitness walking posture: In daily life, we can often see many people bending over when walking.

It can be said that such a walking posture is “endless troubles”, especially the damage caused to our spine will be irreparable!

  The correct posture when walking should be to raise your chest, straighten your body, cooperate with your limbs, and coordinate your strength.

Each step should go high, adjust and mobilize more muscles, more bones to participate in, and pay attention to the effective flip of the arm, so that the whole body to “participate” to walk.

In this way, people usually walk more harmoniously and more steadily. The feeling of walking will not be weak again, but they will be strong and energetic.

  Walking is the foundation of walking. Without a good external posture, there is no way to walk.

When you get used to it, it becomes nature. I hope that every friend will take the first step of “aerobic fitness walk” with the correct posture at the beginning of walking.


The rhythm of aerobic fitness is that many people have no rhythm when they walk, but they are very “relaxed” to go.

This “relaxation” of walking can be said to have little effect on promoting our health.

  Pay attention to the rhythm when walking.

There is a very simple way: when we are leaving, we have to sing a song in our heart. This song is very familiar, “mighty, arrogant, across the Yalu River.”.

  The rhythm and beat of this song can be said to be designed for walking.

When we sing this song to walk, we feel that the movement of the body is very rhythmic, and the feeling of the whole person will be “mighty, arrogant.”

By using this method for half an hour, it will make our body’s bones and muscles fully and effectively exercised. It will give the body more stimulation than the “relaxation” for two hours. More accurate and effective.Therefore, paying attention to the rhythmic “walking” will bring us more health shortcomings.


The “three quantities” of aerobic fitness walking in order to exercise by walking, we must remember three quantities, these three quantities are very important for our exercise.

  The first amount is to be “timed”: many people exercise in their daily lives are “random”. When they have time in the morning, they will go for a walk. If they have time at night, they will go for a walk.

This kind of irregular exercise can be said that the exercise effect is minimal, because it is difficult to make memories by exercising our body from time to time.

Scientific argumentation, the best exercise time should be from 3 pm to 9 pm.

Therefore, we have to go to exercise. It is best to choose a fixed time in this period of time. At this time, you will go, this time will bring more alternatives to health.

By doing this at this time, the human body will remember our behavioral pattern, which will help us to control blood pressure, regulate blood lipids, lower blood sugar, change blood viscosity and improve the quality of red blood cells.

  The second one is “quantitative”: the quantitative means that you can’t walk three kilometers today, one kilometer tomorrow, 20 minutes today, 30 minutes tomorrow.

This irregular walking will not give us the maximum effectiveness of the exercise we put.

Therefore, we should determine a quantity when walking exercise, use this distance or use one time to go every day, go to this time to go, you have to go so much.

This kind of exercise stimulation that is brought to our body is very accurate.

  The third is to fix the strength: that is, you can’t walk today, take a walk tomorrow, and go to the next day.

This effect is very bad.

The correct method should be to walk with a relatively constant intensity every day.

  The above three quantities are very important, and every one who insists on using the “three quantities” to walk away must follow the principle.

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How many steps does the elderly take every day to maintain?

Not paying attention to these 2 points, the knee joint is easy to be bad

How many steps does the elderly take every day to maintain?
Not paying attention to these 2 points, the knee joint is easy to be bad

As the saying goes, after a meal, walk a hundred steps and live to ninety-nine.

This old saying reflects that walking is very beneficial to the health of the elderly.

But obviously one hundred steps is not enough for fitness. Every day, if you want to achieve fitness, you must maintain a certain amount of exercise.

The number of steps is too small to reach the goal of fitness, and the number of steps is too small to achieve fitness goals.

So how many steps do older people need to take each day?

How to protect the knee joint?

How many steps do older people need to take each day?
Walking is a very healthy exercise, and its amount of exercise is not very large, it is a very good aerobic exercise, so it can be strongly advocated in the elderly population.

However, it should be noted that there is a degree in everything, and walking is no exception.

Walking without taking the preset steps as the main benchmark, it is not the more walking, the more effective.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the number of steps to walk too much will cause excessive pressure on the contraction and knee joint, causing damage to the knee joint.

The evidence put forward by experts is that if a healthy adult is walking away, if he wants to achieve the purpose of health care, he usually has 10,000 steps a day.

Older people need discretionary reduction due to various reasons of the body. Generally, it is enough to keep at 8,000 steps. However, the number of steps to be taken depends on their own situation to increase or decrease as appropriate.

Professor Shi Zhanjun from Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University once said that the main cause of knee pain after walking is the senile knee joint. The early symptoms of senile knee arthritis are painful when active, and walking is not flexible.It is difficult to get up and down the stairs. When you keep a certain position, the joints will be stiff and the symptoms will be relieved after a little activity.

These symptoms are becoming more and more obvious as the disease progresses.

Therefore, the elderly must have reasonable activities in peacetime, and do not blindly exercise excessively.

How should the elderly protect their knees during walking and daily life?

1, choose the right shock shoes If you want to protect the knees suitable shoes is very important.

First of all, to ensure comfort, if the shoes are not fit, the feet of the elderly will be injured, and the effect of walking will be greatly reduced.

The reason is the effect of shock absorption. It is very important to choose a pair of suitable running shoes. Because the knee joints of the elderly are not as healthy as young people, there has been a certain degree of wear and tear. This situation requires that the shoes must have certainThe shock absorption effect, only the shock absorption is done, can properly reduce the pressure and injury to the knee joint.

2, walking posture should pay attention to many elderly people do not pay attention to walking posture when walking, but the body has different degrees of damage.

Some older people like to walk on foot, this way of walking is very hurting the knee joint.

There are also some elderly people who like to walk diagonally, so that the pressure on the knee joints of the two legs is different. Over time, the knee joints on one side will be degenerated.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the posture when walking, raise your head and pay attention to your feet, so you can swing freely.

Only in this way can we try to reduce the damage to the knee joint and also ensure the health effect of walking.

It is very good for the elderly to carry out the right amount of activities, and walking is a very good way of exercising.

Walking can bring many complications to the health of the elderly, but also need to pay attention to many aspects, so as not to cause damage to the knee joint.

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Six nutritious foods for modern people


Six nutritious foods for modern people

The first item recommended is tomato.

It can reduce the risk of cancer in cancer, and the active substance will naturally release during cooking.

  The second is peanuts.

This food, which has been worried about causing hyperlipidemia, is now considered to be the most effective food for improving plasma that is beneficial to the human body, and can lower triglycerides in the blood. It is the best therapeutic food for preventing hypertension.

  A seven-day study conducted by California nutrition experts on 27,000 volunteers showed that people who consumed peanuts more than five times a week had a 50% reduction in the risk of heart disease and a 7% reduction in 1-4 times a week.

The Harvard Center for Public Health Research conducted a nearly 20-year diet and health study on 86,000 women aged 34-59. The results showed that people who regularly eat peanuts had a low prevalence.

The proportion of women who consumed peanut oil and peanuts more than 5 times a week and women who almost never eat nut peanuts reduced the heart rate by about 1/3.

Peanut oil pricing can be reduced by 18.

4% of cardiovascular risk, peanut oil plus peanut yield can be reduced by 21.

7% of cardiovascular risk.

  The third is broccoli.

Long-term consumption of broccoli can reduce the risk of breast cancer, rectal cancer and stomach cancer. The best way to eat is to chew, cabbage and bean sprouts after simple cooking.

  The fourth item recommended is oatmeal.

Eating oatmeal every day can lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure. The rich fiber fat people it contains will soon have a feeling of fullness and achieve weight control.

  The fifth is garlic.

Garlic has excellent cardiovascular disease function, which can lower cholesterol and clear blood. The bactericidal function can also make garlic highly recommended by scientists.

  The sixth is green tea.

Regular consumption of green tea can prevent cancer. People who consume green tea every day may have stomach cancer, and the risk of esophageal cancer and liver cancer deteriorates. Japanese studies have also found that drinking 10 cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of suffering from illness.

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Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata is also known as seeing hi, bitter gallbladder, tetragonal grass, etc. Its main function is to clear away heat and detoxify, cool blood and reduce swelling, and also pass through the table, so it can be used for all heat-toxin diseases.

Traditionally used for colds and fever, sore throat, sputum and sputum, diarrhea and abscess, poisonous mosquito bites, etc.

Modern medical research has confirmed that Andrographis paniculata has a certain inhibitory effect on Leptospira, Pneumococcal, Streptococcus and Ca. albicans.

This product can cause vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, and the drug allergy should not be taken.

The following introduces a few prescriptions of Andrographis paniculata: cold: Andrographis paniculata, 3 grams each time, 3 times a day, boiled water for service, suitable for mild cold fever.

  Dysentery: 15 grams of Andrographis paniculata, 10 grams of dried tangerine peel, 100 ml of water decoction, each morning and evening, one dose per day.

  痈疖: Andrographis powder plus Vaseline is adjusted into a 30% ointment, the affected area is applied externally, and the dressing is changed once a day.

At the same time, oral andrographis tablets, 5 tablets each time, 3 times a day.

  Whooping cough: 3 pieces of heart-sealing leaves, blisters, honey, served 3 times a day.

  Stomatitis: Andrographis paniculata 3?
5 grams, research, honey, water delivery service.

  Throatitis: 9 grams of fresh andrographis, chewed and swallowed.

  Snake bites: 30 grams of Andrographis paniculata, 9 grams of seven leaves and one branch, 30 grams of Scutellaria barbata, 30 grams of Hedyotis diffusa.

1 per day?
2 doses, Shuijianbi.

  Acute appendicitis: 18 grams of Andrographis paniculata, 30 grams of wild chrysanthemum, Shuijianbi, once a day.

  Upper respiratory tract infection: Andrographis paniculata, 15 grams of plantain, decoction concentrated to 30 ml, add the right amount of sugar, one dose per day, divided into 3 times.

 Scrotal eczema: 20 grams of dried andrographis powder, 100 ml of pure glycerin, mix thoroughly and apply the affected area 3 times a day.

  Bronchial pneumonia: Andrographis paniculata, 15 grams of each of the top ten leaves, 100 ml of water decoction, one dose per day, once in the morning and evening.

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Make your body look better

Make your body look better

The four sets of fitness programs combined with strength exercises will not make you feel boring and boring, and can enhance your heart and lung function during a variety of sports. In addition, fitness trainers from New York focus on, if you want to achieve better results,It is necessary to ensure a certain intensity of exercise, so the action described below requires the practitioner to practice 3 times a week, and you will see the effect clearly after 1 month.

  The first part is 1.

Jump practice parts: abdominal muscles, thigh muscles, ligaments.

  Stretch the legs forward for 30 seconds, pay attention to the arm before and after the exercise.


Kick practice area: ligaments.

  After running for 30 seconds on the ground, after 10 seconds of rest, kick up and pay attention to trying to raise the leg and straighten.


Practice in skating posture: hip muscles, thigh muscles, ligaments.

  The feet are separated from the shoulders, the arms are hung in the body, and the right leg is withdrawn to the right rear, then the abdomen, leaning forward, and shifting the center of gravity to the right thigh.

While straightening the right arm, the right finger is pointed to the ground and the left arm is aimed at the top of the body.

Hold the position for 2 seconds, then repeat the action on the other side.

  The second part is 1.

Push-up exercises practice parts: hip muscles, shoulder muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles.

  Hold a 5-pound dumbbell in each hand and support the ground.

The feet are separated slightly over the shoulder width, tightening the lower abdomen, and propping up the body with the toes and hands.

Slowly close the right arm until the dumbbell is placed on the waist, then hold the position for 2 seconds, return to the starting position, and repeat the action on the left arm.

Complete one set of hands each time, and rest for 5 seconds between each set of exercises.


Practice exercises in the ground: quadriceps, ligaments, back muscles, lower abdominal muscles.


Set the position of push-ups, then jump forward with your feet, and pay attention to the distance between the feet slightly wider than some.

Jump up again, and your feet should jump up as far as possible while straightening your hands up.


After landing on both feet, lower your body’s center of gravity, bend your knees, lower your arms, hold your palms, and then retreat your legs back to the starting position of push-ups.


Turn around to practice the exercises: shoulder muscles, lower abdominal muscles, back muscles, buttocks muscles, ligaments.


Stand straight, feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hold a 5-pound dumbbell in both hands and put it in front of you.

Slowly lower your body’s center of gravity, contract and bend, while the upper body is straight.

Then abdomen, slightly forward, while turning to the left, so that the dumbbell is located outside the left leg.


Hold the position for 2 seconds, then slowly get up and stand straight.

At the same time, the arm is swept in front of the body, raising the arm to the upper right, and turning the waist to the front right side. In the process of doing this, pay attention to the eye to follow the dumbbell.

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