Because he has seen hope,Seeing hope that Li Xianer is likely to。

In the past few days, as long as he is a mobile phone to broadcast, he will not be careful with the previous one.,Even afraid of exposure of the drug。
Instead, people will broadcast live,If there is a bad place, it will increase improvement。
In this attitude directly circle powder。
Di Xiaolou is in a single room,Eat a dish of her today,Although just a small tray,Price is not expensive,But just have two dishes, she is full.。
The first is the roast field rat,The second is strawberry。
This is the new product that has just come up recently.。
But with a roast field of dishes,It is to give her to eat.。
Even in the live broadcast of the sea,As long as someone will taste,Absolutely fall in love with this taste。
If you don’t like it,She directly invited the other party to eat other dishes for a month.,The premise is that it can’t be careful, I don’t like it.。
For this reason, many people also say that they have to come to the medicine house.。
I have been a strawberry fruit plate that I have already baked it.。
A group of strawberries,If this price is the previous Di Xiaojun definitely dare。
But this time she is dry, dares to eat.。
She is so expensive, she is wanting to pick up.,The result is a bit,It is the taste of strawberries to conquer the taste of strawberries.。
“Live friends,Before you eat,I feel that this strawberry a thousand two is simply killing price.,But after eating,I will say it straight.,This strawberry is a thousand two, although it is still a little expensive.,But I can’t stand it is true.。”
Below I want to talk about the shortcomings of strawberries。
“Disadvantages are expensive,In addition to your disadvantage,Others are fragrant。”
The little strawberry quickly was eliminated by Di Xiaojun.,After you have finished eating, she still wants to point again.,But thinking that she is really hesitant.。
But the feeling of addictive eventually came again.。
There are a lot of live broadcast like Di Xiaojun.。
Among them, the big anchors of the live broadcast between the million fans living areas have come today.。
Ma Xiaoliang has eaten a little strawberry fruit yesterday.,In the evening, I went to the Dihu to drink some wine and then I met a relatively furious girl.。
According to his strength,I can’t do three minutes before.,Since the result of hard students, I feel that I can’t do it.。
Such changes make him also surprised and happy。
Think of those things that have eaten last night,He feels that strawberry is the most suspicious。
Today, he is also ready to eat, and also prepare to buy some strawberries to continue the woman who knows last night.。
After a deep understanding last night,He knows that the other party is also a small sister of a platform.。
The two people also exchanged a lot of live experience while in depth.。
Although the other fans is only two or three thousand,But he feels like to use it.,Flex-winning fans that can be generated for millions of levels。
It’s just that the other party thinks.,Even if it is once again tonight,Can also serve comfortably,Then she decided to live with Ma Xiaoliang.。

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