However, the remaining people,It seems to be determined to be very resolute,Say anything is not moving.。

About one tenth person chooses to return。
“Render benevolence,I sent people now to send you all the way.,After contact with Zhou Jun,They return。”
Gao Bao said to Yang Suhou.:“You have given them a team of people.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1221chapter Murder
The next day,Zhou Jun Daging from Tigers,Has been reinforced。Zhou Jun is here.,Form a half-month arc。Zhou Jun coach,Zhou Rang Emperor Yuwen,Handheld Sword,Located behind the defense,Quiet,Fault。
He Ruo Town’s teachings for the son,After going back, dizziness Yu Wen is first running.!He did not take into account a situation,He Juki is less than twenty years old.,Where did he dare?!
Taked from Zhou Jun,After one place with Yu Wen,He Ruoyu reported to Yu Wenxianda:Qi Jun gets reinforcement,Gao Bao is coming with the main force of the gods.,War is inevitable。
He Wei, did not see the world.,He also has blood in his heart,Can’t do something like this。At this point,His and Yu Wenzhen is a bit similar。
After getting the front report,Blood boiling impersonal,Also excited。Why do you say this way,Because Qi Jun has been in battle,Just like the shortening turtle,Passive response。Don’t worry about Yu Wen。
it’s good now,The gods finally rolled out.,As long as this battle wins,All strategy,Will swee out!Very confident in this Yu Wen。
Escape?Who will escape this time??
In fact, this kind of thing,Sometimes it is difficult to say。Chaotic punch,There are not too many history in history.。Those so-called wise wisdom,Sometimes it is proven to be the best option afterwards。
When the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Raiders of Raiders,Sprincinal failure ordered to withdraw military。As a result, a commander will dismall the command.,Say to attack。One through the chaotic order,Instead attacks the city,Let East Jinzheng, the end of the land, the final success,Become the cornerstone of Shu Wen。
Yu Wenzhao and He Ruoyu“Brain fever”It is stupid or let go,That’s going to prove。
“Your father is the country of the country.,If he is not dead,How big is the cost,Also change people back。”
Yu Wenyi went to He Ruoji,Take the other side shoulder comfort。This gesture is for an emperor.,It’s rare。
Cong Ruoyi is busy with a knee knees down the ritual:“Have a sentence,At the end, he will open today to kill the enemy.,Details help the impermatism!”
He said excited。
“it is good!it is good!Oh, I didn’t miss you.!Today, you, my monarch, the enemy,I don’t believe it, the high-ali is three-headed.!”
At this moment,From the shadow of the late autumn, there is a team of steps.,Lift the white flag,But more than 100 people,Completely threatened。
“No 朕,Not arrow。”
Yu Wenzi whispering,Because he saw Yang Su。This team rides the team,Leading is Yang Su。
“Yang Su, see Zhou Rang Emperor,Send still captive。”
Yang Su shouted loudly in front of the battle。
Zhou Jun bow is unique to put the bow in his hand,This shot is that it is sent back.,Because they all saw more than 10 people who were riding,Wearing a broken week of black military uniform,At first glance is a captive。
“Thank you for your greetings.,Waiting for the sword,Let him have a heart!”
Yu Wenzhao is out of military,Impatient。
Qi Jun put out the posture,A pair“Benevolent teacher”Look,If it is to shoot the team in front of him,Extremely difficult,Due to morality is very large,Unpaid。

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