“Drive again!My lady has to make people who make fun of me have to die!”Anna Cao swears。

“Ding Dong,three,two,One……Miss Anna、Songzi、ShunziYou have entered3V3Random map‘Storm island’……”
“See the tears in the corner of my eye?I thought my heart would be calm when I saw Storm Island randomly again,however,This little tear deeply betrayed me……”When Zhang Song set foot on Storm Island again,Sad like a poet。
“Storm Island is good,I am only familiar with this map!rest assured,This time I will definitely take care not to fall into the swamp!”Cao Anna self-message。
“Miss Anna,The important thing is,Learn to throw thunder。”Shunzi reminded。
“OK,I will practice!”I saw Cao Anna picked up a thunder at the material point and threw it out,But her posture is quite uncoordinated,Zhang Song and Shunzi quickly jumped up to hide away。
Fortunately, this time the grenade bloomed slightly far away,Did not hurt the innocent。
“not good!You blow up like this,Exposed our position!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Miss Anna,Let’s pick up equipment and supplies,The enemy must come here。”Shunzi said to Cao Anna。
So the three hurriedly took the equipment and evacuated,Zhang Song put onAK-47Automatic rifle,Anna Cao choosesUMP5Submachine gun,Shunzi is carrying a handleAWPSniper rifle。
“We definitely can’t go to this gameSClicked,The past must be an ambush rhythm,Is there any other place I can stay together?”Zhang Song judged the situation,Ask Xiang Shunzi。
“Dog up?What do you mean?How to do?”Cao Anna asked。
“Miss Anna,Not a wolf dog‘dog’,It’s surreptitious‘Gou’……”Shunzi explained。
“You say so,I understand,Means to hide,Worthy of a cultural person!The only difference between you and Lu Yi is,You are honest,Lu Yi is dishonest!”
“Who is Lu Yi?”Shunzi asked。
“A pig,Stupid pig?”Cao Anna Road。
“what?Sister Anna,You scold me?”Shunzi got dizzy。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventeen The storm is coming
“Don’t care about these details!”Anna Cao smiled。

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