Bai Ai said softly,He nodded clearly。

“Since it’s all here,Please come in!”
Fuming although I feel helpless,But let everyone in,Bakong and Qingfeng looked at each other,Immediately turned his head over。
“Let’s get straight to the point,You two are not just chatting, right?”
Look at them。
Chen Mo said with a chuckle:“I came here today mainly for two things,One is because a few of us will be teammates in a few days,So get to know each other in advance,Also very good”
Nodded,Continue to wait for Chen Mo’s following。
“Second,Fuming Xueyou probably haven’t understood the rules of this game yet, right?!”
Nodded uncontrollably,I really don’t know。
“There are a total of sixteen five-level colleges,Sixteen eight,Eight into four,Four in two,In the end, the two academies decide to win the strongest!”
“The rules of this game are slightly different from previous ones,It can be roughly divided into three stages,The first stage is the solo ring system!”
“At this stage, 16 academies draw lots to decide which college to play against.,There are no more than nine rounds between two colleges,At least six rounds,The last academy student standing on the ring is considered the winner!”

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However, the remaining people,It seems to be determined to be very resolute,Say anything is not moving.。

About one tenth person chooses to return。
“Render benevolence,I sent people now to send you all the way.,After contact with Zhou Jun,They return。”
Gao Bao said to Yang Suhou.:“You have given them a team of people.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS1221chapter Murder
The next day,Zhou Jun Daging from Tigers,Has been reinforced。Zhou Jun is here.,Form a half-month arc。Zhou Jun coach,Zhou Rang Emperor Yuwen,Handheld Sword,Located behind the defense,Quiet,Fault。
He Ruo Town’s teachings for the son,After going back, dizziness Yu Wen is first running.!He did not take into account a situation,He Juki is less than twenty years old.,Where did he dare?!
Taked from Zhou Jun,After one place with Yu Wen,He Ruoyu reported to Yu Wenxianda:Qi Jun gets reinforcement,Gao Bao is coming with the main force of the gods.,War is inevitable。
He Wei, did not see the world.,He also has blood in his heart,Can’t do something like this。At this point,His and Yu Wenzhen is a bit similar。
After getting the front report,Blood boiling impersonal,Also excited。Why do you say this way,Because Qi Jun has been in battle,Just like the shortening turtle,Passive response。Don’t worry about Yu Wen。
it’s good now,The gods finally rolled out.,As long as this battle wins,All strategy,Will swee out!Very confident in this Yu Wen。
Escape?Who will escape this time??
In fact, this kind of thing,Sometimes it is difficult to say。Chaotic punch,There are not too many history in history.。Those so-called wise wisdom,Sometimes it is proven to be the best option afterwards。
When the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the Raiders of Raiders,Sprincinal failure ordered to withdraw military。As a result, a commander will dismall the command.,Say to attack。One through the chaotic order,Instead attacks the city,Let East Jinzheng, the end of the land, the final success,Become the cornerstone of Shu Wen。
Yu Wenzhao and He Ruoyu“Brain fever”It is stupid or let go,That’s going to prove。
“Your father is the country of the country.,If he is not dead,How big is the cost,Also change people back。”
Yu Wenyi went to He Ruoji,Take the other side shoulder comfort。This gesture is for an emperor.,It’s rare。
Cong Ruoyi is busy with a knee knees down the ritual:“Have a sentence,At the end, he will open today to kill the enemy.,Details help the impermatism!”
He said excited。
“it is good!it is good!Oh, I didn’t miss you.!Today, you, my monarch, the enemy,I don’t believe it, the high-ali is three-headed.!”
At this moment,From the shadow of the late autumn, there is a team of steps.,Lift the white flag,But more than 100 people,Completely threatened。
“No 朕,Not arrow。”
Yu Wenzi whispering,Because he saw Yang Su。This team rides the team,Leading is Yang Su。
“Yang Su, see Zhou Rang Emperor,Send still captive。”
Yang Su shouted loudly in front of the battle。
Zhou Jun bow is unique to put the bow in his hand,This shot is that it is sent back.,Because they all saw more than 10 people who were riding,Wearing a broken week of black military uniform,At first glance is a captive。
“Thank you for your greetings.,Waiting for the sword,Let him have a heart!”
Yu Wenzhao is out of military,Impatient。
Qi Jun put out the posture,A pair“Benevolent teacher”Look,If it is to shoot the team in front of him,Extremely difficult,Due to morality is very large,Unpaid。

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Because he has seen hope,Seeing hope that Li Xianer is likely to。

In the past few days, as long as he is a mobile phone to broadcast, he will not be careful with the previous one.,Even afraid of exposure of the drug。
Instead, people will broadcast live,If there is a bad place, it will increase improvement。
In this attitude directly circle powder。
Di Xiaolou is in a single room,Eat a dish of her today,Although just a small tray,Price is not expensive,But just have two dishes, she is full.。
The first is the roast field rat,The second is strawberry。
This is the new product that has just come up recently.。
But with a roast field of dishes,It is to give her to eat.。
Even in the live broadcast of the sea,As long as someone will taste,Absolutely fall in love with this taste。
If you don’t like it,She directly invited the other party to eat other dishes for a month.,The premise is that it can’t be careful, I don’t like it.。
For this reason, many people also say that they have to come to the medicine house.。
I have been a strawberry fruit plate that I have already baked it.。
A group of strawberries,If this price is the previous Di Xiaojun definitely dare。
But this time she is dry, dares to eat.。
She is so expensive, she is wanting to pick up.,The result is a bit,It is the taste of strawberries to conquer the taste of strawberries.。
“Live friends,Before you eat,I feel that this strawberry a thousand two is simply killing price.,But after eating,I will say it straight.,This strawberry is a thousand two, although it is still a little expensive.,But I can’t stand it is true.。”
Below I want to talk about the shortcomings of strawberries。
“Disadvantages are expensive,In addition to your disadvantage,Others are fragrant。”
The little strawberry quickly was eliminated by Di Xiaojun.,After you have finished eating, she still wants to point again.,But thinking that she is really hesitant.。
But the feeling of addictive eventually came again.。
There are a lot of live broadcast like Di Xiaojun.。
Among them, the big anchors of the live broadcast between the million fans living areas have come today.。
Ma Xiaoliang has eaten a little strawberry fruit yesterday.,In the evening, I went to the Dihu to drink some wine and then I met a relatively furious girl.。
According to his strength,I can’t do three minutes before.,Since the result of hard students, I feel that I can’t do it.。
Such changes make him also surprised and happy。
Think of those things that have eaten last night,He feels that strawberry is the most suspicious。
Today, he is also ready to eat, and also prepare to buy some strawberries to continue the woman who knows last night.。
After a deep understanding last night,He knows that the other party is also a small sister of a platform.。
The two people also exchanged a lot of live experience while in depth.。
Although the other fans is only two or three thousand,But he feels like to use it.,Flex-winning fans that can be generated for millions of levels。
It’s just that the other party thinks.,Even if it is once again tonight,Can also serve comfortably,Then she decided to live with Ma Xiaoliang.。

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“All pretty good,Fetal heart rate is also normal,Still active,look,Move more vigorously。”The doctor pointed to the screen to show Xia Qiuping。

191 Ready to live alone
Xia Shuyue is lying on her side,She can’t see the screen,But the doctor said when the child moved,She really obviously felt the baby move。
“It’s normal,Thank you, sister Wang。”Xia Qiuping smiled and helped her sister up,Take a piece of paper and wipe her lubricant。
“thank you,Doctors。”Xia Shuyue quickly thanks。
“You’re welcome,pretty good,I will be as good-looking as you when I am born。”Doctor Wang said。
“I really feel him kicking me now。”Walk out with sisterBSuper room,Xia Shuyue said happily。
“is it?”Xia Qiuping put her hand on her sister’s belly,“Hey,This kid is so powerful,He kicked my hand。”
“Haha,is it,I also feel energetic,My stomach hurts。”Xia Shuyue laughed,Sit at the nurse’s station and wait for my sister to hand over。
Xia Qiuping is over,Carrying a bag,Shout Xia Shuyue,“Let’s go,go back,I’ll make good food for you,You have to make up,This guy is so powerful,I’m afraid the appetite is the same as you,It’s the type that can’t eat enough。”
“Hahaha,Is that so?Ok,I think it’s possible。”Xia Shuyue laughed,Although she doesn’t know what her future will be,But I still look forward to seeing this little life soon。
They took a taxi at the entrance of the hospital,Come home,As soon as I opened the door, I smelled the scent of food。
Xia Shuyue is very happy,Looks like Brother-in-law is home,She yelled,“Brother-in-law。”
“You came back just right。”There are already several dishes on the table,Brother-in-law heard the sound coming out of the kitchen,“It’s going to start soon。”
“Who made you cook,You get out。”Xia Qiuping doesn’t give any face,She was cold in front of her sister,No smile at all。
“sister,The food is ready,You too tired,Let’s talk after we eat。”Xia Shuyue looks at this posture,Sister is indeed at fault,This temper is indeed……She stretched out her sister to sit down,“Do not talk,eat。”

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“Drive again!My lady has to make people who make fun of me have to die!”Anna Cao swears。

“Ding Dong,three,two,One……Miss Anna、Songzi、ShunziYou have entered3V3Random map‘Storm island’……”
“See the tears in the corner of my eye?I thought my heart would be calm when I saw Storm Island randomly again,however,This little tear deeply betrayed me……”When Zhang Song set foot on Storm Island again,Sad like a poet。
“Storm Island is good,I am only familiar with this map!rest assured,This time I will definitely take care not to fall into the swamp!”Cao Anna self-message。
“Miss Anna,The important thing is,Learn to throw thunder。”Shunzi reminded。
“OK,I will practice!”I saw Cao Anna picked up a thunder at the material point and threw it out,But her posture is quite uncoordinated,Zhang Song and Shunzi quickly jumped up to hide away。
Fortunately, this time the grenade bloomed slightly far away,Did not hurt the innocent。
“not good!You blow up like this,Exposed our position!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Miss Anna,Let’s pick up equipment and supplies,The enemy must come here。”Shunzi said to Cao Anna。
So the three hurriedly took the equipment and evacuated,Zhang Song put onAK-47Automatic rifle,Anna Cao choosesUMP5Submachine gun,Shunzi is carrying a handleAWPSniper rifle。
“We definitely can’t go to this gameSClicked,The past must be an ambush rhythm,Is there any other place I can stay together?”Zhang Song judged the situation,Ask Xiang Shunzi。
“Dog up?What do you mean?How to do?”Cao Anna asked。
“Miss Anna,Not a wolf dog‘dog’,It’s surreptitious‘Gou’……”Shunzi explained。
“You say so,I understand,Means to hide,Worthy of a cultural person!The only difference between you and Lu Yi is,You are honest,Lu Yi is dishonest!”
“Who is Lu Yi?”Shunzi asked。
“A pig,Stupid pig?”Cao Anna Road。
“what?Sister Anna,You scold me?”Shunzi got dizzy。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventeen The storm is coming
“Don’t care about these details!”Anna Cao smiled。

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“Do not,There is a courtyard bigger than this,Eat, live and play,I like it”Ouyang Hong said,So he sat down on the wicker chair in the yard。

The lady boss quickly made tea for the two of them。There were four or five visitors from outside in the courtyard,They are eating and drinking,Looks very exciting。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked softly:“How about our dinner here?”
“sure!Here are all farm food,I’m tired of you, the big boss,It’s good to change the taste”Ouyang Hong smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian stood up,Beckoned to the boss,Wait for the boss to approach,He just said:“We are going to have dinner with you tonight,You stew me a chicken first,Cook two more farm dishes,Steamed buns after staple food,You count,How much is the total?”
“Hi!How can i take your money,You two can come,Is our glory”The boss is laughing,Turn around and leave。I can see that this person is really a business man。
Ouyang Hong shouted a little unhappy:“Hey!If you don’t charge us,Then we won’t eat here,He is the boss,Not so much money,Understand?”
The lady boss backed back in embarrassment,She counted silently:“Just give 100 yuan,But I promise you can eat well”
“Hey!It’s almost”Xia Jian said,He took out a hundred yuan bill from his pocket and handed it over。The boss was smiling,Took the money back carefully。
Xia Jianzai and Ouyang Hong,Along the newly built village road,Ride up the mountain。A panoramic view of the scenery along the way,The construction of farmhouses along the way seems to have come to an end,What’s worse now is the configuration of agriculture。
Xia Jian parked the motorcycle on the top of the mountain,He and Ouyang Hong are like a couple,Walk slowly。Xia Jian asked quietly:“You were suspended this time,Is it related to this project??”
“No,I broke the rules,It should be punished,Don’t think too much,What to do,What you do,Don’t be affected by this”Ouyang Hong looked into the distance with both eyes,Said in a low voice。
Xia Jian let out a long breath,Walked over,Gently patted Ouyang Hong on the shoulder and said:“You are not a person who flinches easily,The exhibition in Pingyang Town is really inseparable from you!”
“The earth is still running without us,Don’t take me so important。Now my job is temporarily represented by Deputy Mayor Zhao,He is good,You can communicate with him a lot”What Ouyang Hong meant by saying this,As if she never returned to Pingyang Town,This made Xia Jian listen,Feel extremely uncomfortable。
The sun has fallen behind the mountain at some point,The people who finished work,Already down the mountain。On the top of the mountain at this time,A piece of silence,Occasionally the rustle of the mountain wind blowing over the treetops。
On the side of a man-made corridor,Ouyang Hong used her mouth to blow out the dust on it,I sat down first。Xia Jian carried his hands on his back,My eyes have been watching the light gradually shining at the foot of the mountain,He knew that night was coming soon。
“Can i borrow your shoulders to lean on?”Ouyang Hong suddenly raised her head,Speak softly。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly walked over,Sitting next to Ouyang Hong。Ouyang Hong leaned her head,I closed my eyes slightly,She seems to enjoy the tranquility of this evening。

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Old Xiao said,Turn the topic。Xia Jianchang sighed and said:“No,Xiao Xiao didn’t call me,She just told your condition”

“Oh!Then stay with your parents,Take Chenchen out to play more。Affection between father and son,Also needs training。My illness is fine,There is no problem living a little more than three or five months”Old Xiao said very openly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Can not go back,I won’t go back”
“What do you mean?I can tell you,Don’t be because of my illness,You quit your job。That’s an irresponsible attitude,The burden on your shoulders is heavy,It’s no better than working in a company,I can’t say quit doing it”Old Xiao said,Face changed,Looks a little majestic。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You know my temperament,Which way is impossible for a person like me。I regret not listening to you”
“Oh!What the hell happened?”Old Xiao asked a little concerned。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s not easy to get a little grade,Will attract a lot of people。Something happened,There is no one on it,Will be all over me,I just can’t stand it”Xia Jian tells a white lie。Tell Old Xiao about the landslide in Dongwangzhuang,Of course he didn’t tell the truth in some places。
After listening to Old Xiao,Took a long breath and said:“I heard your mother talk about it。Since it’s so difficult,Then you come back!Xiao Xiao is much more mature,Maybe you can still work together to do something”
“I think so,My parents and Chenchen are here,I am a businessman,I can’t deal with official affairs”Xia Jian said and looked at the distance。
He found,The sun has gone down。Above the tall buildings in the distance,Slowly lit up the dots of light。
The coming of night,Means the end of the day。Xia Jian watched all this,Actually gone。When he finds out,Old Xiao sitting on the bench fell asleep quietly。He rested his head on the back of the bench,Sleep very sweetly。
Xiao Hei ran back from a distance,Very sensible lying at the feet of Old Xiao,Quietly watching, waiting for the old man to fall asleep。See this picture,Think about the illness that Lao Xiao got。Xia Jian almost shed tears,He is a person who does not shed tears easily。
In order not to disturb Old Xiao, sleep peacefully,Xia Jian took off his coat and gently covered him。Standing not far away watching him sleep。
The sky is getting dark slowly。The late autumn breeze has blown,Makes people feel a little bit of coolness。Autumn past,Means the coming of winter,Xia Jian was really uncomfortable。Autumn should be the harvest season,But what about them?Think about these things,Xia Jian’s heart became irritable。
do not know when,Xiao Xiao stood beside Xia Jian holding a piece of his father’s clothes。Xia Jianmeng’s surprise,But he didn’t yell out。
“What are you thinking about??”Xiao Xiao asked softly。

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After Master Xiao Bing took people into the mountain,They didn’t know how they knew that the prisoner was hiding in Funiu Mountain,Also came。”
hand machine station:
1130 Daniel first battle
Looking at the noisy village,Chen Xiu can’t help but worry about trouble,Especially these bounty hunters,Self-sustaining,Rebellious,I’m afraid that if you don’t agree with the villagers, you want to fight and kill。
“Where’s the village chief……”
Talking to the village chief,Suddenly there was an argument not far away,Human head cicada pupa,Chen Xiu took a few steps,Squeeze the crowd,I saw that Daniel was arguing with the bounty hunter。
Daniel is holding the water and fire stick in his left hand,Grabbed the bounty hunter with his right hand and said angrily:“Lose money!”
The bounty hunter struggled a few times,I can’t get rid of the big cow,Also angry:“Don’t let go!”
“I’ll let go if you lose money!”
The bounty hunter is grinning:“I don’t pay for food and drink at Huixianlou in Qingmu County,Taking a chicken from your village is giving you great face,Dare to care about me asking for money!”
Daniel has no words for such a brazen generation,Put the moisture stick on the ground,Raise your fist and hit。
Bounty hunters see great strength,Thinking he is just a hunter,Not afraid in my heart,Pointing to his head and said:“If you have a kind, go here!”
Daniel’s face turned red,Anger:“Don’t think I dare!”

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“I am different from his,As long as Manager Ye is a human,Just sell the house,Regardless of academic qualifications,Regardless of age,Regardless of gender,And after selling the house, the commission is very high,Of course someone would do it,What I need here are professionals,It’s definitely not the same thing。”

“You have to hurry,I have to be accountable to investors,do you understand?”
“Am I thinking of a way??”Zhao Luo wants to smoke again,Give Fang Na one too,“I signed a 50 million contract,The company has already called,Ask when to ship,Their advance payment has already been credited to our account。”
“I do this in the morning,Expected next week,The first shipment will arrive。”
“There will be no problem?”
“will not。”
“Cen Cheng there,I got a membership card according to your wishes,Spent ten thousand,Gave her three hundred cash,Is it worth spending money on her??”Zhao Luo has some doubts in his eyes。
Fang Na spit a cigarette,“do not know,Just bet,Just betting on her,Bet right,Our company won’t worry about getting land in the future。”
“Oh,correct,Cen Cheng said you want to help her open a store?She waits for your money。”Zhao Luo suddenly remembered。
“I just talked about,naive。”
“She has taken it seriously,The store’s contracts are signed,Say the rent is more than 100,000 yuan。”
Fang Na smiled,“Really naive,Let me say something casually,She believed?Not want to help her,Now for the company,Hundreds of thousands is not a big number,The key question is that I don’t know if she is worth the hundreds of thousands.!”
Zhao Gang’s affairs have passed this time,Already processed almost,Payable,What to sell,In the end, he still owes more than one million。
Their family has moved out of the villa,Rent a big house with three bedrooms and one living room,Wu Lusheng helped find the house,Zhao Qianqian had been in a trance before,It seems that the brain won’t turn,Stayed in the hospital for a few days,After the doctor’s conditioning and enlightenment,Slowly walk out of the shadows,Discharge now,Can live normally,Just extremely depressed,Can’t be interested in doing anything。

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