“Nothing to explain,To do it,Whatever you want。”The youth’s complexion was abnormally dark gold,Under the new injury,The blazing sun behind his head is not dimmed,Dazzling,I dare not look directly,As aggressive as the sun raging in the sky during the cool summer。

Han Conger’s face changed,Take a few steps back subconsciously,The horror in my heart is like a huge wave,He has long known the possibility of a boy exploding under threats,So let Liu Ruxu command the army to approach step by step,It really blew up and there were a large number of people doing meat shields in front。
But he never expected this young man to understand the legendary genius in Lieyang Shrine,Scorching sun,This is another kind of self-destruction,But inspired by the real fire of the sun,Its self-detonation power far exceeds the self-detonation power of a high-level supernatural being,More than ten times,It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s not surprising to blow up half of the Five Elements Island。
“Who gave you the real fire?thirteen?Still boss?”Han Conger sternly asked,He would never bet on anything with his life,But at the same time he did not understand the way of the ancient god of the strong sun.,If not for the acquiescence of the ancient gods,That is Golden Crow Thirteen,Or the Golden Crow boss secretly acted,But why?
The so-called Golden Crow Stool is the sacred flame guardian trapped under the twelve peaks of the imperial court,At least Lieyang Palace declared this way to the outside world,In fact, it is also the fire spirit of Skyfire,It is the most unique existence in the Sunlieyang Palace,Won the love and respect of the ancient gods of the scorching sun,If it wasn’t for making a big mistake,The ancient gods will not let the gods trap it in such a long time as to ignore it。
“What is your connection with Lieyang Shrine?Can tell thirteen,Prove that you know a lot,But a shameless person like you,How can the ancient gods take care of you?”Juvenile sneer。
“Haha,Haha,what……”Han Conger laughed up to the sky,“There are thirteen,Naturally there will be eleven,twelve,Why do you know the relationship between a certain family and the ancient gods??”
“What are you talking nonsense??”
“Your grandma’s……”Han Cong’er was choked on the spot by a sentence from a teenager,While pretending to think,The eyes and all other perceptions are carefully contemplating the changes of the boy,But the more you try to figure it out, the more frightened。
The youth’s breath suddenly became incredible,And the complexion has changed from dark gold to hot gold,There is still purple faintly,It shows that the real fire of the strong sun is no small thing.,This too‘Scorching sun’The most dangerous sign before starting,Han Cong’er has no doubt about the determination of the young man,When the boy’s complexion turns purple and gold,Everything is too late。
“Wait a minute!Since there is old,We have time to renew,In no hurry。I’m afraid there is some misunderstanding about today,what?Haha,Haha。”
Han Cong’er never wanted to accompany these pickled goods to death on the Five Elements Island inexplicably,So without hesitation, he raised his hand and made an order that made the coalition unbelievable.,Retreat,Exit Five Elements Island!
All the generals of the coalition are in an uproar,The most fierce opposition is Liu Ruxu,Paid such a huge price,In exchange for such tragic results,The hidden piles nailed into the Five Elements Island are all lost,And she lost another brother,Seeing the enemy,victory is in sight,Actually want to withdraw?!
But the objection is invalid,Han Conger is the highest general of this time,Holding the power of life and death given by Dongfang Ruiqing,In the battle,The troops and horses of Wuchengdian took the lead to withdraw,And he walked very fast under his cursing and urging,Then the Shenfu Army and the Forbidden Army ran away,Everyone came to make a circle of soy sauce,Where to come and where to go,Only Liu’s soldiers are left。
“Surnamed han,are you crazy?”Liu Xiangxu finally couldn’t help but break out,Not only does not comply with the general order,And yelled,“Seeing that you want to quell the culprits in one fell swoop,How dare you go against the will of the eastern man,Retreat?”
“Will make here is the will of Eastern!”Han Conger stretched out his hand to raise the red arrow,No change in color,A righteous face,“If you don’t return,At your own risk。”
Finished talking,Han Conger ran away by himself,The life and death of the Liu family has nothing to do with him,And the more stupid the Liu family is, the more they are not afraid of death,The better,Wait until the teenager blew up,He goes back and kills again,Neither hurts,And can reap exploits,Also saved the Shenfu Army and the Forbidden Army,Isn’t it the best of three worlds?
Allied forces withdraw,The crowded pillar base peak suddenly became a lot empty,Liu Xiangxu scolded Han Conger for being shameless,Long knife swing,Straight boy,This is her only chance to get revenge,How can I easily let it go。
The young man is stimulating the scorching sun,I don’t dare to get really frustrated,Han Conger Sinister and Cunning,Will return anytime,The scorching sun is the only hand that can challenge him,Naturally cannot be easily interrupted,Even under attack,Can’t avoid fighting back,Although the raging flames that have begun to rise all over the body can play a certain protective role,But very limited。
Liu Xiangxu feels happy,Madness,The long knife screamed,Everyone who is close is very uncomfortable,Stupidly moving,It’s as if there is an invisible big hand forcibly pulling it out of the body。

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Wang Teng at this time,Looking around,The more so,Wang Teng is even more direct。

And seeing these,at this time,Wang Teng moves his muscles and bones,I didn’t care about these things at all。
“Actually now,Let’s not talk about other things for now。”
“But other things,I think,Start now,We still have to deal with this!”
When Wang Teng said these words,Those around,Nodded again and again。
Although that’s what I said,But I always feel,Seems to lack something。
And Wang Teng looked into the distance,Speak directly。
“Nowadays,Anyway,You all have no chance。”
“So next,Still get ready,Catch it!”
slowly,When Wang Teng said these words,Feel,Like something,Heavy knocks before my eyes。
And now,These Zhang family guards in front of you,Have looked at Wang Teng。
Start now,In the hearts of these people,Even more so。
It’s Wang Teng,The whole person is very casual。

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What is the clue to combine what??
Just when I was still entangled in Xu Tianfu’s blood pressure suddenly rising.,Xu Tianfu urgently asked:“Doctor,What is my headache?,Is it really high blood pressure??”
Otherwise, there is no other way to explain.……
I don’t know what to explain in Zhou Ye.。
Now look at,The possibility of hypertension is the biggest。
Otherwise, if you contact other diseases,It’s not too like.。
I think of these,Zhou Ye is also a bit helpless.。
ThistWhat explanates something??
Isn’t it a high blood pressure??
Xu Tianfu’s eyes are full of expectations,And this time, I am sighed a little.。
never mind……Let’s take a high blood pressure.!
“I am currently analyzed.,May be related to your blood pressure,Because your blood pressure is already3Grade high blood pressure,The shrink pressure exceeds180NS!”
“I have already opened a doctor.,You don’t want to run.,I will wait for the caregiver to send the medicine.,After you get the antihypertensive drug, you will eat it again.。”
Zhou Ye went to the top of these words,Xu Tianfu has a little bit of dtroke。
His eyes are full of confusion。
The skin of the elderly has some brown old spots.,At the moment when it is confused,Unused frown,It’s more like a pleated bark.!
“Doctor,Just I have already eaten a bucking medicine??Do you have to eat again??”Xu Tianfu pointed to his shabby black book bag asked。
Zhou Ye naturally knows what the old man in front of me,Xu Tianfu’s meaning is that he has already eaten a nifedipine gentle release tablet.,That is no longer necessary to continue eating.。
Zhou Ye smiled helplessly:“A piece of not enough。”
He also learned Xu Tianfu to refer to the blood pressure gauge,Then a long way to focus on:“When you just come in, I didn’t test a blood pressure??Blood pressure is still very high,So still need to continue oral antihypertensive drugs。”
Xu Tianfu thoughtfully:“Then, if I eat it, I can’t do it. What should I do??”
What should I do?
Zhou Yewu spitted the tongue in the protective face。
However, this scene Xu Tianfu is certainly not seen.。
After all, he wear heavy armor.,Xu Tianfu does not see the prevention face under the expression and movement of Zhouwu。
Zhou Ye slowly:“Lao Xu,If you really eat antihypertensive drugs or not,Then I will give you intravenous antihypertensive drugs.,The intravenous use of blood pressure, it will come down.,So you don’t need to worry at all,I can’t drop your blood pressure.。”
“It’s falling.?”Xu Tianfu imitated Zhou Niwu’s tag,At the same time, I also made it more.。
This scene made Zi Ye really a little crying.。

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Grab the cup in Ali’s hand,I poured a cup of tea and drank it。at this time,She is not too dirty,Because she herself is two mud。

Luo drank it by himself,I remembered Xia Jian。She personally poured Xia Jian a glass,To his side,Speak softly:“Come!Take a break before doing it”
Xia Jian took the teacup and drank a big mouthful before saying:“rest for a bit,Let’s do our best,This land must be finished today,Don’t even think about eating”
First2107chapter Drunkard
The heavy snow sealed Wang Youcai in Donglin Township for almost a week。Hu Huiru originally wanted Wang Youcai to oversee Feng Yan,But what she never expected was that these two people had met each other long ago。
When Wang Youcai first arrived in Donglin Township,Feng Yan is so annoying,Because she knew。Wang Youcai is running to Donglin Township at this time,It must be the eyeliner sent by Hu Huiru。
But when Wang Youcai told her about reselling the cement on the construction site,Feng Yan became more honest。This is the effect Wang Youcai wants。
later,Wang Youcai gave the gangster who came to harass her madly,This made Feng Yan change her true view of Wang Youcai。
As a result, a heavy snow that didn’t let people go out,Let two people live a married life again。Life in the mountain village is very boring。Once it snows,Only sitting on the kang to warm the kang,Or watch TV。
Okay,Donglin Hotel in Donglin Township,Still open。So Wang Youcai and Feng Yan became long-term customers here。Of course,If the two don’t want to move,Just eat the instant noodles that Wang Youcai brought back from the city。
The third day after the heavy snow,The sun came out。This sun comes out,Is a big sun。Sun and snow,It’s like flooding on the road。
From noon to three or four o’clock in the afternoon,Thick snow,Only the dark side left。Other places where you can get the sun,The snow is almost gone。
Hu Huiru seems to have eyes,I called Feng Yan in the evening,Get her ready,Hand over the work at hand to a new male manager,Then go to Pingdu with Wang Youcai,Participate in the annual meeting of Dongshengji。
Feng Yan, who hung up, was a little unhappy,She is a little confused,Why does Hu Huiru distrust her so much,It looks like he will kill a donkey。
the next day,The sun was in the house when the two of them got up。Even so,Wang Youcai said that the car is a little afraid to go on the road。Because of the snow that melted yesterday,All frozen,This is more slippery than driving on snow。
Until noon,Here comes the person who will take over for Feng Yan。Is a veteran in his forties,He drives a used jeep,Listen to him,The road is not very slippery now。So under Wang Youcai’s urging,,Feng Yan and this person’s job transfer is very simple。

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I heard this,Zhang Erzhuang is also assured.,Going straight to a walk back。

And Li Hui is practiced in the yard.。
Until noon。
Zhao Xiaoling woken away,When she saw my sister, she is still sleeping sweetly,I can’t help but think of the scene last night.。
Especially thinking that you can’t help it.,That feels,Her heart is also a feeling。
Seeing Zhao Xiaoli, still sleeping,Her heart is also a little I don’t know if the choice last night is or wrong.。
She is also ready to start。
When I see the sheet of imprint on the sheet,Face is not a big red fever。
She was also crazy last night.。
Just crazy, she suddenly felt,It turned out that the love of the love that she talked about can’t be alone.。
Even finally understand the meaning of Zhao Xiaoli said,Only when you are with Li with the wind, you know what is a woman.。
“woke up?”
Li Hui Feng saw Zhao Xiaoling, just got up.,It is also a laugh and a glass of milk to the other side.。
Seeing Li Hui,Zhao Xiaoling’s ability to hurry with the thin blanket。
Looking at the white shoulder that is sunny,Also have a tender skin,Li Hui is still a time for it.,Especially around the other side, there are more people who have a more blood expanded.,He can’t help but the throat。
Seeing that Li Hui’s eyes have some straightforward appearance,Zhao Xiaoling is also shy,Even her feel that Li Hui seems to feel some feelings.。
“You still look!Hurry out,We have to change clothes。”
Li Huihe heard this,Also a glimpse,But soon, I will react it.,Immediately he chuckled soon as they went outwards。
Li Hui has just went out,Zhao Xiaoli is also suddenly laughing.。
“Giggle,You have been mixed outside for so many years.,Face is still so thin,And technology is no good sister,Actually still shy,You can’t do it.!”
“sister,When did you wake up??”
See Zhao Xiaoli Yu-yi aside eign,Zhao Xiaoling is also a little unexpected。
“I woke up when you got up.,It’s just a long time.,How about it?
Sister is not lie to you,When you are bright, you will be big.,My sister is exhausted.。”
Zhao Xiaoli really wants to say cool,But I still didn’t say it.,After all, when you are with your sister.,Many words, she still can’t say it.。
Zhao Xiaoling listened to this,Also nodded shyly:“sister,Last night we both unprotected,Will it be pregnant??”
“Better Pregnancy,My sister likes this.,And you are pregnant,That will definitely give you a name in small wind character.,Maybe you are the first one with a small wind?!”
I heard Zhao Xiaoli,Zhao Xiaoling also felt that his sister said very reason。
“sister,You say small wind will really marry me?”
“Silly sister,Others do not believe,Do you still believe in the little breeze??
He just promises us.,When did you do it??”
Zhao Xiaoli said like this,Zhao Xiaoling also suddenly felt that she boldly took this step last night.,It seems not wrong。
“sister,That two strong last night, I bullied you.,So your medicine is so fierce,I didn’t tell me.。”
“Zhang Erzhuang?
I am a bit confused.,Last night is not a small wind to play with us to bundle the game.?”
Zhao Xiaoling listened to this,It is gas to be angry.。
“Zhang Erzhuang,How can the wind play like that boring game?,And the small wind tape us,That two strong can see it.,You said that this second strong will not tell the things.?”
“You said that he said that he said.,In the future, how do you look up in the village??”
The more you say that Zhao Xiaoling is more afraid of it.。

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Li Tianchou looked cold,Didn’t talk to each other at all,He checked Ryoko’s injury first,Then walked to Wu Fang and whispered a few words。Wu Fang looked stunned,But Li Tianchou was silent,The two looked at each other for a moment,Wu Fang surrendered。He quickly walked in front of Ryoko, lifted him up, and walked to the back court,Left from the side aisle。

“Give a word,Buddies,What do you mean?A misunderstanding,As for?”Analyze the situation,See Zhu Lei and Wu Fang, two hard-handed players, left one after another,The courage is getting stronger。It’s just that most of the people around him are injured,It didn’t happen easily。
“misunderstanding?”Li Tianchou looked at the tall man contemptuously,“to make,Clarify the misunderstanding,If i think reasonable,Then you can go if you lose money。”
The big tall man’s expression is suddenly very ugly,He cocked his neck,Look at each other,Except that the one wearing a baseball cap is a bit troublesome,Blue hair、A Huangzhi and his ilk are not worthy at all。But today the gutter capsized,It’s really inexplicable,Maybe the other party was prepared,Let’s get out first,So he deliberately suppressed his anger,“got the wrong person,So it’s a misunderstanding。This is a good reason?As for losing money,Since you are a businessman, buddy,Should know less trouble,The principle of making money with harmony?”
Li Tianchou nodded,Suddenly laughed,The gaze toward everyone has also changed from fierce to malicious,After he watched everyone carefully,Then turned his head to Qi Baozhu Road,“Master Qi,Just fist,Let’s have a game,To see who gets down。”
“My grass,You think about the consequences……”Big tall,But the words are not finished yet,Qi Baozhu, who has long been unable to restrain himself, has rushed over like a wolf。Only one face hit the big tall eye socket with a punch,Li Tianchou sneered and stepped forward。
Snapped,Snapped,Bang bang everywhere,All the gangsters were knocked to the ground in a moment。The other party didn’t resist,But obviously underestimated Li Tianchou’s strength,Three people were knocked over in the blink of an eye,Qi Baozhu punched and kicked like crazy,Didn’t give the other party a chance to breathe at all。Blue hair watching from the sidelines、Manager Zhao and others’ eyes widened,Don’t even dare to show up。
Even if the opponent is already on the ground,Qi Baozhu is not particularly happy,Fists rounded and greeted the big tall face,The other’s face is already bloody,Even the five senses are hard to distinguish。Li Tianchou had to pull it away,“I won’t get angry anymore,Three of me,Three of you,Tie。”
Qi Baozhu panted and refused to leave,Obviously haven’t solved the hatred,Li Tianchou reluctantly pushed it far,Waved to make Lan Mao pour a glass of water tangled。I walked slowly to the big tall man,This guy has rolled his eyes,He reached out and grabbed the opponent’s hair and sniffed,I feel a little more at ease。
Other gangsters are not serious,Li Tianchou didn’t bother to look again。At this moment, Ah Huang, who was guarding the side entrance, ran in,“brother,Brother Zhu’s car is here。”
Li Tianchou nodded,“Pull people into the car。”Just finished,He will have one hand,Pick up the two and walk towards the back hall。Blue hair、Ahuang and others have started,Only Manager Zhao stayed still,May be scared,I don’t know what I want to say。Li Tianchou gave him a deep look when he passed by,Suddenly let old Zhao be excited,A smile that is barely supported is worse than crying。
Manager Zhao doesn’t know Li Tianchou,But he knows that the backstage of the bar is Yuxing,And the big boss of Yuxing is obviously not Fu De who came to cut the ribbon today.,It’s not Zhu Lei who made Liangzi very respectful。The young man’s eyes are like a cold knife,The few people I thought of just now listened to him,It sounds a bit like he is the big boss。
Waiting for everyone to leave the front hall,Manager Zhao reacted,Rushing to the back door,But almost bumped into Zhu Lei who walked in.。A Huang and Lan Mao followed。
“Old Zhao,What are you panicking?”Zhu Lei is strange。
“Oh,no no。I am here……Want to join hands。”Manager Zhao’s expression is still very nervous。
Zhu Lei smiled,Tap Manager Zhao on the shoulder,“It’s okay,Let’s clean up the tail。”
“Hey,Hey。Who……”Manager Zhao’s soft eyes really admire Zhu Lei,Just now I beat someone like a god,But now I have a light face,As if nothing happened。
Zhu Lei suddenly became very serious after hearing this,Asked seriously,“Old Zhao,Are you scared??who?Who have you seen?”
Manager Zhao is dizzy,I don’t know what Zhu Lei meant。I don’t even dare to look directly at the other person’s concerned eyes。But after a while, his scared brain turned around,Also understand the overtones in the other party’s words。He has been in the bar for years,Know a lot about the world,Very clear what to ask,What should not be asked,So he hurriedly laughed,“No,No,No one。I’m worried about Boss Liang,he,Is he okay?”

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Xia Jianyi stepped into the door,I heard Zhao Hong and his mother Sun Yuemei talking in the upper room,I feel very happy to talk,Every now and then there is a burst of laughter。

Xia Jian is really confused,He thought he heard it wrong。He deliberately shouted to the upper room:“mom!Pour me a glass of water and bring it to the house,I drank a little too much”
Xia Jian finished,So he opened his door and walked in。The quilt on the bed is already spread out,He touched,It’s still hot in the quilt。It seems better at home,Xia Jian’s heart warms up,Got into the quilt。
In a daze,Xia Jian felt someone stretched his arm under his neck,Xia Jian doesn’t need to open his eyes to see,Just smelled it with my nose,I smelled a fragrance from the woman。This is Zhao Hong’s favorite perfume,He smelled it。
It seems that Zhao Hong’s anger is gone,This woman is changeable。Xia Jian was a little excited,Reached over and hugged Zhao Hong from her waist。Zhao Hong whispered:“Don’t move,Drink this cup of hot water”
Xia Jian opened his mouth,Zhao Hong put the water glass to his mouth。Xia Jian drank two big mouthfuls happily,He put his head in Zhao Hong’s arms,Ask quietly:“You are not angry anymore?”
“Humph! I’m not a fool,I understand at the first thought。Song Fang, she wanted to piss me off,I’m not too deceived by her,Anyway you lie in my arms”Zhao Hong said,I kissed Xia Jian on the face a little emotionally。
Xia Jianyi excited,He pushed Zhao Hong down on his bed。at this time,The cold wind outside the house was blowing violently,Blowing something in the yard made a crash。There is also a panting in the house。
To the end of the year,There are so many township jobs。Fortunately, Xia Jian has two great helpers,Things that generally require him to handle,He pushed it to Tong Jie,Niu Li will take care of the remaining small matters。
this day,Xia Jian is reviewing several documents,Suddenly Secretary Wang walked in,After he closed the door of Xia Jian’s office,Just sat on the sofa。
Xia Jian understood at a glance,Secretary Wang usually tells him important things,Will have this move。Be careful,At this point, Xia Jian had to really learn from this old man。
“Mayor Xia!Look at the end of the year again。Although you only came to town to work for a few months,But in these few months,Our work in Pingyang Town is advancing by leaps and bounds。It’s so much stronger than before,This is good for your leadership,It’s also the result of everyone working together。
“Oh, Secretary Wang!Just say what you want to say,Don’t go around。Do you want to say it’s the end of the year,Everyone has worked so hard. Should I give out some bonus??“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Secretary Wang laughed and said:“You thought about why you didn’t act?People nowadays,Especially young people,Fundamentally encourage when necessary,It’s not enough to spur it with words“
“Ok!I understand what you said,Actually I wanted to do this a long time ago,But there is one thing you don’t know。Just in December,Deputy Mayor Liu is looking for me,Say that our Pingyang Town’s income in a year is not small,And the market is short of funds,Let’s sponsor a little,I refused with one bite“Xia Jian whispered to Secretary Wang。
Secretary Wang nodded and said:“I understand what you mean,You are afraid that our private bonus will arouse dissatisfaction with city leaders。You do!You leave it to Tong Jie,Something happened and I was against it“
“I don’t understand what you mean“Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。

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Sleep longer,She just got up,Finish eating slowly,I went straight to the store I had fancy before,Appointment time with boss,She is still early。

The door of the shop is still closed,Waited ten minutes,A fat middle-aged man came over,This person,The top of the head is already bald。
“You want to rent a shop?”I saw Cen Cheng sitting in front of the store,The fat man came over and asked her。
“Correct。”Cen Cheng got up and nodded。
“Are you real rent or fake rent,Let me,I open the door。”
Cen Cheng laughed,“Of course real rent,I have been here yesterday,The door was open,You are not here。”
“is it?”Boss open the door,“My site is almost 1,000 square meters,very big,You really rent?”I guess Cen Cheng is a young girl,The boss asked again without disbelief。
“How much is your rent?”Cen Cheng went around the store again,Look around。
“Ten thousand monthly rent,Pay annually,Deposit 20,000。”
Although the rent is not cheap,But I heard it costs 10,000 a month,Cen Cheng was still shocked,She pretended to be calm,“The price is high,Can it be less,boss。”
“I didn’t say fifteen thousand is enough,10,000 you are too expensive?this price,Sign the contract if you can afford it,I can’t bear it。”The boss doesn’t seem to have a good temper,No patience,Direct order。
The boss goes out,Cen Cheng had to follow him,Hesitated,“Row,At the price you said。”
She calculated silently in her heart,The price is actually not expensive,Such a good location,Such a big shop,120,000 rent a year,Plus deposit,Is 140,000,Okay。
“When will you pay to sign the contract?”
“Recent。”Cen Cheng can only answer like this,I have to get Ye Boping’s consent,Have to let him take the money out。
“Hurry up,A lot of people see,I won’t keep it for you,I’ll sign the contract with whoever pays first。”Man said。
“Can we sign the contract first?”Cen Cheng was anxious when he heard it,Such a good store can’t be robbed by others。
“can,Sign the contract first,Pay 10,000 deposit first,You will pay the rest within a week。”

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“Brother Gu,Don’t you like this calligraphy and painting,Why haven’t you shot?”

“Not urgent,Let them have fun first。”
Gu Hua smiled confidently,Chen Xiu couldn’t guess what he was playing. Attention,But it’s not easy to ask。
The price of the calligraphy and painting has been yelled at 1.2 million,Several people bidding stopped one after another,This is the tipping point for them to prepare an offer。
“1.2 million,the first time,Is there anyone bidding?”Shouted the auctioneer。
at this time,Gu Hua finally raised the sign。
“1.99 million。”
Jump from 1.2 million to one million and ninety-nine million,The people in the venue were in an uproar,Look sideways。
“1.99 million,boss Zhang,Are you still bidding?”The auctioneer shouted to the buyer, Mr. Zhang, who had bid 1.2 million before。
“It seems that Mr. Gu is determined to win this calligraphy and painting,I won’t be loved。”
“Thank you Mr. Zhang,Accepted,Someday Gu will invite you to tea。”
Mr. Zhang also hugged Gu Hua’s side。
In the end, Cai Jing’s calligraphy and painting were photographed by Gu Hua at a price of 1.99 million.。
“Brother Gu,I don’t understand why you didn’t just add a little bit,Why are you calling so much higher price all at once??”Chen Xiu said puzzledly。

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But Xia Jian already promised Dao Master Ziyi,He wants to show the beautiful scenery of Ziyang Temple to the world。Also make the incense of Ziyang Temple more prosperous。

Xia Jian took Qin Xiaomin and Feng Xiaowei to half the mountain。When looking back,Can still see under the big pine tree,Daochang in purple with white hair is looking at them。See this scene,Xia Jian’s eye sockets are a little moist。
When coming back,Is going down from the mountain。So two people and women walk more easily,It might be the horrible scene that happened in the morning,So Qin Xiaomin followed Xia Jian very closely。Feng Xiaowei is a soldier,She is more courageous than Qin Xiaomin,So she looks indifferent。
The three of them walked to where they parked in one breath。Xia Jianyi opened the car door,Qin Xiaomin jumped on a few songs,She lay down on the front seat。He gasped and said:“I’m exhausted,So risky!Almost killed Leopard。I feel scared after thinking about it”
Feng Xiaowei is much stronger than Qin Xiaomin,She shook her short hair,Sighed and said:“Chief Xia!So you can’t show it!No wonder I heard everyone say you are very good,Turned out to be…”
“Xiaowei!This matter from now on,Don’t tell anyone,You should understand the temper of Daochang Ziyi”Xia Jian started the car,And said to Feng Xiaowei。
Feng Xiaowei was taken aback,Said with a smile immediately:“Ok!I know,I say or not,I will never tell anyone,I can still keep this secret。”
“I can too”Qin Xiaomin looks a little drowsy。Xia Jian glanced at this senior cadre’s child who had lived in the city since childhood,I feel a little grateful to her。Suffer such a sin,Suffer such suffering,She can really not use it at all。
The car arrived in Donglin Township in tens of minutes。Xia took a rest,And sent Qin Xiaomin home。Then he brought the camera and went to find Bai Xiaoru。I ran into a colleague of Bai Xiaoru on the way,She said Bai Xiaoru went to interview in a neighboring county。
Xia Jian, a little helpless, remembered Guo Meili now,He drove to the employee apartment of the Venture Group in Pingdu。As soon as the car entered the gate,The guard at the door came over。
“President Xia!Yours is a new car!Why is it dirty like this?Give me the key,Half an hour later,Guaranteed to be like the one just bought”Which male security guard is very familiar with Xia Jian,He washes almost all Xia Jian’s cars。
Xia Jian is also welcome,Handed him the car key。But he took two steps,Suddenly stopped and asked:“Is Manager Guo upstairs??”
“Mr. Guo just went out,Do you want me to call her”The security guard said enthusiastically。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“no need,Just wash the car”Xia Jian finished,Went upstairs quickly。
He took out the key,First opened the big iron gate,It seems that these people are going shopping together,It’s rare for them to be so leisurely。It seems that the project in Qingshan County is almost busy。
Xia Jian quickly opened the door of his house。Ah!There are two more potted flowers in the room,And it’s blooming。Xia Jianyi went in,I smell the fragrance of flowers。

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