Zuo shouted coldly。

“Zuo Zong,They offended my friend……I want them to apologize!”
Facing the strong Zuo Zong。
Suo Mu looked a little cramped!
Zuo has been in Suo’s company for many years。
In fact, he is also ready,I just haven’t waited for the right time!
“Who is your friend?How could my bodyguard offend?”
Zuo sneered。
Somu this guy,Relying on his father as the boss of the company,People who can bully him?
no way!
“My friend wants to go in,But they mistook my friend for the waiter……Do you feel need to apologize?”
Suo Mu Shen said。
“Not needed!Who is your friend?Is it your friend?……I won’t let my people,Go and apologize to your so-called friends!”

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Chen Xiu also slapped his thigh,If you really get caught,By then I really want to cry without tears。

Especially bamboo painting、Lacquerware, these are small pieces too easy for people to take away。
“stone,Tonight you will stay in the store!”
“This……boss,I also have a girlfriend,Keep it for a day or two,You let me work during the day and night at night……”
“Triple your salary!”
“It’s not a question of money。”
“My girlfriend……”
“Five times,You don’t want me to keep it back。”
“Yep?It’s not a matter of money。”
“Ha ha,I mean how much money!”
Although the vigil for a few nights is resolved,But as Song Shihe said,He goes to work 24 hours alone,I’m afraid I can’t live with an iron man。
And Song Shihe doesn’t understand Kung Fu,Really encounter a thief, I’m afraid it is not as practical as a wolf dog!
Chen Xiu thought about it and wanted to take out his mobile phone and dial Bai Yide’s number。

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Huang Xiaoding and his aunt saw this scene,Half an acre of land was cut in just a few minutes。

“you,how did you do it?”Huang Xiaoding was stunned。
“talent,do you know?Depends on talent,”Qin Hao smiled。
“Forget it,I won’t ask,”Huang Xiaoding buried his head,Speed up。
Even if you can’t catch up with Qin Hao’s hand speed,But it’s okay to minimize the gap。
Who knows,Qin Hao just tried a little bit,Then he harvested faster and faster,faster and faster。
Huang Xiaoding feels like he hasn’t harvested a little yet,Qin Hao harvested before him。
“One mu of land was successfully cut,Next second acre,”Qin Hao said with a smile,Then took the sickle in his hand,It’s another fast harvest。
“Second acre,Third acre……”
Five acres of farmland within half an hour,Cut successfully,After that, Qin Hao still looked like a okay person,Put these harvested into your pocket。
“Brother Hao,You are so strong,”After a brief numbness, Huang Xiaoding,A thumbs up towards Qin Hao。
“You are really strong,”Huang Xiaoding kept repeating。

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Xia Jian said something to them,Gave them a red envelope,In addition, Xia Jian also left the red envelopes for the night shift security。The two security guards are really happy。

Come out from the staff apartment,Xia Jian went to Donglin Building again。Asked the security at the door,Said the office didn’t have someone on duty,Arranged for the phone to be on duty at home。In this case,There is no need for him to go up。Xia Jian finished the red envelope,I told these two security guards,When he left, he also left a red envelope for the night guard。
On the way to Qingshan County,Xia Jian hardly encountered any vehicles。So he rushed to the project office quickly。Okay,This place has a manager on duty。Xia Jian said hello to everyone,Gave them a red envelope。Then he drove to the Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort。
New Year’s,There must be no guests。When Xia Jian’s car arrived at the parking lot,A security guard came over and explained that the business was closed during the Chinese New Year。When Xia Jianliang became known,The security guard was a little scared。
Xia Jian gave this security a red envelope,By the way, I learned about the situation here,And then went to the guard room。Several security guards in the guardhouse are playing cards,Some of them know Xia Jian,Really freaked out。
New Year’s,Xia Jian did not say that they,Just remind them of a few things to pay attention to when on duty,Then all red envelopes,This makes these security guards a little unexpected。
Finally, under the leadership of the security team leader,Xia Jian went to the manager’s duty room again。Okay,Where did you leave a supervisor,Somebody is there。Xia Jian talks a lot with this supervisor,Of course, it is the emergency treatment of some unexpected incidents。
When coming out of the hot spring resort,It’s almost noon。Xia Jian suddenly thought of Wang Yihua,Since he is here,Should go in and give her a new year,Anyway,Everyone is friends。
Xia Jian picked two things to take in the supermarket on the roadside,Then drove to Wang Yihua’s big villa。I rang the doorbell at the door for a while,The big iron gate finally opened。
Wang Yi in white clothes is beautiful like an impenetrable fairy,She saw Xia Jian was here,She couldn’t help laughing:“Really a guest。It’s because you can still think of old friends in such a good day today,I am so touched”
“Don’t be moved,I just passed by,By the way, bring me here to see you”
Xia Jian was joking,But this is also true。He just passed by here。
Xia Jian took down the gift from the car,Then lock the door,Carrying gifts,Follow Wang Yihua and walk inside。Wang Yihua is so happy,Smile like a flower。
First2676chapter Visiting friends
Meet old friends,Extraordinary affection。The two talked a lot,At noon, Xia Jian ate some noodles made by Wang Yihua himself。(Wang Yihua chanting Buddha,All she eats is vegetarian)

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On Defense,Li Ming’s He Ling clone—Or it should be renamed now【Golden Statue】。Because of a clone,No matter from the genetic level or the structural level,versus【Jiuhe Secret Realm】Compared with the Heling clan, they are very different—-Let any one of the strongest in the universe attack,It’s hard to break open this body。

The strongest cannot break the top treasure palace,It’s impossible to crush Li Ming’s avatar head-on。
And the Ha Ling clone has no soul,Soul attacks at the master level of the universe are also ineffective。
It can be said,Head-on fight,Now Li Ming’s River Spirit clone has reached a point where others cannot be killed!
of course,Sealing means,It’s rather restrained Li Ming。
“It’s time to sign with the ancestor of the blood orchid。”
Chapter Twenty Five Blood Orchid Progenitor
Where is the metal life going?”The Lord of Thunder looked at the palace treasure on the black shard not far away being recovered,Muttered。
In the black stone pillar space,That unknown will is comparable to that of the strongest in the universe, the Lord of the universe, who is constantly in front of different stone pillars.,Has long become a joke in the space of black stone pillars。
of course,His will is very strong,So there are strong people who think that he might have really realized some famous people。
And more of the Lord of the universe is betting,See when he gives up。
“What a weird home。。。”Lord of Thunder’s eyes widened,After recovering the palace treasure,Not that half-liquid metal life,But a golden figure。
“what happened,Looks like a plausible breath,Kind of like the original metal life,But the threat to people is more than ten times stronger。。。Where is he going?That is the area of the second black stone pillar!”
“really,Different from Panlong universe,The strength of the body and the burst of power that swallow the starry universe are not the same。But the strength of the body is comparable to the treasure,It can also generate some power。。。From now on, my river spirit clone does not need to be a treasure of defense、Attacked the treasure,My body is the strongest and most suitable treasure。”Li Ming said to himself in flight。
When Li Ming flew close2Black stone pillar,A blood-red cane quietly protruded from behind Li Ming。
Speed far more than a hundred times the speed of light,Hit Li Ming’s heart with one blow。
Blood Orchid Progenitor,In the first cosmic era, a large number of lunatics who were about to fall mad,Can be considered the craziest and most evil。

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Something is wrong,Li Tianchou looked at Hua Yun,He quickly took out his cell phone and dialed Zhou Nan’s number,Hit twice in a row,Good luck,Actually dialed,“speak,Which?”Zhou Nan’s voice was very small on the phone,And a little hoarse。

“Week team,I am Li Tianchou,I will report to you again。”
“There is a new situation in the middle of the night?”Zhou Nan was obviously surprised,The voice immediately became more energetic。
Li Tianchou is not wordy,It’s very simple to describe what happened。
“Damn,bad。I said how could there be a missed call?There was no signal when drilling the ravine。”Zhou Nan complained,“Don’t act rashly in the hotel,I will notify people immediately。”
hang up the phone,Li Tianchou is still a little uneasy,Ordinarily, the movement just now was not small,Hua Yun called again,Why did the hotel security react so slowly,Even at night,Anyway, one or two living people should come over and see the situation.。
When you are bored,The elevator ding dong,Five or six people walked out in a hurry,The security guard who had been waiting for a long time finally came。
A middle-aged man in suit and leather shoes,Don’t wear a badge,Looks familiar,When dealing with the dead rabbit incident in the afternoon,This person is also present,Seems to be the manager of the security department,What is Hu?,Li Tianchou can’t remember for a while。
Manager Hu walked straight to the door of the room,I was slightly surprised to see the scene inside the house,But he still politely knocked on the door symbolically,“Did you call the service desk just now??”
Hua Yun stood up and nodded,“It’s my call。In the middle of the night, strangers harassed and intimidated me at the door of my room.,I have reason to think that my life is threatened,So please handle and certify from the hotel,And can give me a reasonable explanation。”
Manager Hu’s face immediately became very serious and sincere,“I’m so sorry,Ms,Shocked you。I regret that this unpleasant thing happened at night,This is our service work is not done well,I apologize to you on behalf of the security department。Uh,This harasser……”Manager Hu said,Fingered the short man on the ground,Looked at Li Tianchou, who was covered in mud,Some inaccurate。
Hua Yun just about to speak,Li Tianchou interrupted her with his eyes,“I said your hotel’s response speed is slower than that of a snail,Wouldn’t it be nonsense to expect you to protect the safety of guests??There are two people involved in the intimidation,I only caught one,I hope you keep the surveillance video,The police will come in a while。”
“Uh,The colleagues in the night shift were scattered,So there was a delay in the notification。As for monitoring, there must be no problem。Just tell me what you two orders,As long as it is within the scope of job responsibility,Must do my best。Did this gentleman also report the crime??”Although Manager Hu has an excellent attitude,But the answer is vague,
Li Tianchou is not satisfied with Manager Hu’s answer,It’s a bit strange why the other party didn’t come to the scene to understand clearly before reporting the crime?Only one explanation,They have seen what happened on the surveillance,Otherwise it doesn’t make sense。
Look at the security guards behind Manager Hu,Half asleep and half awake,The uniform is also crooked,It seems that the other party has really lost time。
Too unqualified,It’s far worse than Lao Tzu’s first job as a security guard,Li Tianchou cursed in his stomach,“Since they all reported,Then wait for the police to come。”He waved,Sat down on the bed。
“Uh,Otherwise, the suspected troublemaker will take me back to the security duty room,So it won’t bother you to rest。”Manager Hu’s very enthusiastic suggestion。
Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou shook his head like a rattle,“That won’t work,Let’s wait for the police to come。”Somehow,He is always a little worried,This short young man is very cunning,Not to be underestimated,In addition, he also has a great view on the security capabilities of the hotel。

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I saw the other side flash,Is already cheating。

Chen Xiu’s current eyesight is that the trajectory of the bullet can also be seen clearly.,I couldn’t see the opponent’s movements clearly。
Chen Xiu had to use the cloud hand in Tai Chi,Left hand in a straight circle,Right hand in a circle,A circle overlaps a circle to protect the front。
“Tai Chi!”
The other party also recognized Chen Xiu’s skill,Sneered:“When I played Tai Chi,Your grandpa is still just a tadpole!”
I saw the opponent hit the center of the circle with one punch。
Tai Chi circle is like a tornado storm,Rely on the power of rotation to unload the opponent’s power,It can be said that defense is invincible。
The only weakness is in the center of the circle,Like a tornado,In the eye of the storm, it is the weakest place。
Chen Xiu saw through his own tricks at a glance,Want to change tricks is already in no hurry。
The opponent’s arm directly breaks the Tai Chi circle,I grabbed Chen Xiu’s neck with a hand,Lift him in the air。
People in the air,Chen Xiu is totally unemployed,No one can resist,My heart is silent:“Ruined!Hope he sucks my blood dry,If you become human,Zombies not zombie zombies,That would be miserable!”
“You’re dead!”
“I won’t just twist your neck。”
“I want you to be my long-term ration,Just like humans eat donkey hot pot,Cut a piece of meat from the donkey skin every day for hot pot,When new flesh grows from the wound,Cut again;
I will suck half of your blood every day,And then give you blood medicine every day,Make up and suck。
I want you to suffer this endless torment forever!”

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Relying on one’s own cultivation base is the late stage of cultivation,Suppress Lin Yu,Very arrogant。

Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Eight Pay
Lin Yu originally wanted to pay the spirit stone,But seeing each other,He even suppressed himself with his cultivation base,Give yourself a chance。
The idea of paying spiritual stones,Gone in an instant。
“go away,Dare to hit my attention。”
Finished,Suppress the opponent,Refute。
puff!This person did not expect,Lin Yu’s cultivation,So powerful。
I don’t even have a chance to react,moment,I was met by Lin Yu’s power,I was shocked to my dantian。
Fortunately,Just injured,Hasn’t been abolished。
“you,You dare to do it to me。”
“it is good,well。”
Finished,I also crushed the signal card in my hand。
A ray of light,Appeared above the city。
“Who is making trouble in my place?”
A voice,From a distance。
This person,Is a strong man。
“housekeeper,This person。”
This injured person,Heard from the housekeeper,Respectfully answer。

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Xia Jian thought for a moment,And said to Niu Li:“Immediately notify everyone of the meeting,No one is missing“Xia Jian said,Grabbed the phone on the desk,He has to ventilate with Secretary Wang first。

December 10,The weather is very good this day,Although there is cold wind blowing,The sun is big,Make people feel the chill of late autumn。Xia Jian and Secretary Wang,And Tong Jie Niuli and the others sat on his big run early to reach Liziwan Village。Because they have already set,Today is going to hold an opening ceremony。
Such a good thing,The villagers in Liziwan Village were very happy after nature,Everyone came early in the morning,Because they heard that Mayor Xia is coming to the village,So every family cleaned their front doors again,It’s like new year。
Just arrived at ten o’clock,Yao Junli took the first bus and drove slowly into the village。She got off the car,Secretary Wang and Tong Jie greeted them。Everyone is very happy,Liziwan people are even more happy。They beat the gong and drum,Treat this day as a major holiday。
As soon as the ribbon cutting ceremony is over,The first bus was full of villagers from Liziwan Village to the town,This is the first time their villagers have traveled to the market in so many years。
“This road is well built,Width and curvature are up to standard,Lack of hardening“Yao Junli whispered to Xia Jian who was immersed in joy。Xia Jian nodded,No sound。He looked into the distance with his eyes,Thinking about the future development of these three villages。
The second bus went to Hejiaping Village,Shangxiagou Village can only be put in the afternoon。Yao Junli and Xia Jian have been together,Both of them are inseparable throughout the opening ceremony,The conversation is very pleasant。
Secretary Wang couldn’t help telling Xia Jian:“You are a good person,Even these friends,All so good。Actually before the shuttle bus,Everyone’s estimate,The ticket for Shangxiagou Village is at least seven yuan,Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a five-yuan pass。A fool can figure it out,Going to Xiaxiagou Village must be the money“
Xia Jian just smiled and said nothing,Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Mayor Xia asked me to invest in this place,It’s like asking me to help the poor。This money-making thing will be discussed in the future,Anyway, even if I lose, I will admit it“
“Can’t lose Mr. Yao,Mayor Xia had already thought about it,These three villages will develop sooner or later,Wait for the villagers here to get rich,You increase your ticket,We have a hundred hands up in favor“Tong Jie said with a laugh。
Yao Junli glanced at Xia Jian,Took a breath and said:“I hope your Mayor Xia can give me a chance to increase the ticket“Several people talked and laughed and got on the last bus。
Down this day,Although everyone said it was very tired,But everyone is happy。
that’s it,Three poor villages have not only built roads,And also got on the bus,This instantly increased Xia Jian’s prestige in the entire Pingyang Town.。

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He can see,Yao Chunni’s eyes now,All her son Long Long,He doesn’t have any interest in staying,It’s better to have a good sleep in the next room。

Busy all night,He is tired enough。Did the child cry in the middle of the night?,He doesn’t know,When the old lady called him to get up in the yard the next day,He realized that it was bright。
When you put on your clothes and open the courtyard door,Wang Degui is attending to his pots of flowers and plants。And Long Long followed him,Not digging,Just pour water。Anyway, the grandpa and grandson had a great time。
At breakfast,After Xiaolong didn’t talk much with Wang Youcai,,She has already started a conversation with Yao Chunni,And also fight with Wang Degui。
Wang Degui is also very spoiled by his grandson。Dragon is very leathery,He is familiar with Wang Degui,Not picking his nose,Just gouging his eyes。Wang Deguifei will not be angry,And smiled very happily。
In Wang Youcai’s heart, Coke blossomed,I thought it was a very tricky thing,I didn’t expect it to become a good thing。He has breakfast,Leave a thousand yuan for Chen Yueqin,Then I drove to Pingdu。
He went to the small clinic and went around,I found that there are not as many patients as before,But most of them come from outside。But Julan told him,Daily income during this period,It’s many times more than before。
Because people who came to see the doctor from other places,When everyone goes,Will prepare a lot of medicine,So although there are fewer people,But everyone’s consumption has increased a lot。
Wang Youcai wanted to call Niu Huiling,But then think again,Feel a little wrong。This matter can’t be reminded,Niu Huiling should know that this matter is very urgent,So if he urges him, it will be bad。
Wang Youcai saw it was early,He called the base for a question,I asked what Liu Ying’s base needs,When I was going to the supermarket,Suddenly a strange call came in。
Wang Youcai hesitated,But still got the call。There was a nice voice from a woman on the phone:“Boss Wang!It’s me!”
“Who are you?Why can’t I remember,Who are you?”Wang Youcai felt that the voice was very familiar,But he can’t remember who this person is。
“Ouch boss!I’m Lan Ling!You seem to have too many women around you,Forgot me too”The woman on the phone said,Laughed out loud。
Wang Youcai was taken aback,Reacted immediately,He smiled and said:“So it’s you!I really didn’t remember it for a while,Because you changed your phone number”
“Do you have time?I want to treat you to a potluck,Right in my house,Let’s eat,While chatting,what do you think?”Lan Ling suddenly lowered her voice and said。

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