It’s already this time,Like an arrow on the string,Had to send!I can still care about anything weird or weird,If you can’t find the ancient pan evil god here,That’s the real weirdness!

A thought flashed in Lu Menglin’s heart,I hope I made a mistake that day!If the evil god of Gupan didn’t appear on this plane at all,How good it should be!
Talking room,The six ran towards the hillside,Quickly climbed to the bottom of the slope。
then,The six almost all took a breath。
Because the other side of the hillside,Is a lake,A black lake。
Never seen such a weird lake,Like a bottomless hole,Able to swallow everything in。
That is the purest black,If you have to use one word to describe,So what Lu Menglin can imagine,Only the word black hole。
of course,This strange lake is not a real black hole,It does not have the power to absorb everything,It’s just too dark,And the lake is too calm,Not even a ripple。
“What the hell is that?”Even Tu Shanming this guy with thick lines,While looking at the black lake,There was a strong sense of discomfort,Can’t help but annoy。
“That is sin,Is a boundless sin!Is dark,Is the abyss of darkness,Don’t stare at it!When you stare into the abyss,The abyss is staring at you!”The sin priest Dabra suddenly holds ten palms,Said with a pious face。
Lu Menglin closed his eyes,Separate a divine consciousness from the sea of knowledge,Across the void,Plunge into the black lake。
It’s already here anyway,I don’t care if it’s discovered by the Ancient Pan Evil God or something else.。
A strand of divine consciousness submerged in the lake,Sneak down,Only in Lu Menglin’s thoughts,I encountered a cold and huge mental power,Was swallowed and disappeared without a trace。

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suddenly,A van appeared in front of him, and it ran across in front of Lin Yoona’s car.,Lin Yoona stopped the car when she braked hard。

Lin Feng without any defense,Was stunned。
Don’t forget to protect the jade sculpture in your hands。
After the car stopped,Lin Feng opened his hands,Nothing to see jade carving,Then asked:“Yoona,What’s the matter?Why did you brake suddenly?,So dangerous!”
Lin Yoona didn’t speak,Instead, I just watched as I got out of the van in front,And everyone is holding a machete and a stick。
Lin Feng also felt something was wrong at this time,Looking at the van in front with a face of horror,Unconsciously, his hands clenched the jade sculpture in his hands。
After those big men got out of the van,He surrounded Xiao Yong’s car directly,And kept yelling:“Hurry up and get Laozi down,If you don’t roll down again,Be careful I smashed your car now。”
Lin Feng has never seen such a battle,I was a little scared in my heart,Said shiveringly:“How to do,How to do?What are they doing??”
Even though Lin Yuna was scared in her heart,,But after seeing Xiao Fan’s calm face,Also inexplicably let go。
So she turned her head and said to Lin Feng:“dad,Do not you worry,nothing。”
“I’ll go down and ask what they are going to do,Don’t come out in the car。”Xiao Fan also followed。
Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan say this,Also nodded,See Xiao Fan is about to open the car door and go down,Lin Yuner grabbed Xiao Fan’s arm,Said:“You be careful!”
Xiao Fan“Ok”With a,Got out of the car。
After getting off the car and closing the door,Xiao Fan asked:“what’s up?”

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(Omit a few hundred words)

Huo Rongxuan sneered,“Don’t say it so early in the future,Days are still long,Maybe you will find out that you can’t live without a man anymore。”
Finished,Patted Shen Han’s face again,“Shen Han,dont you agree?”
Shen Han looked at him straight,Just when Huo Rongxuan thought he was going to yell at him,But he suddenly turned his face away。
then,For the first time, Huo Rongxuan saw tears streaming from Shen Han’s eyes。
Shen Han was tortured enough to be choked by medicine at night,I almost couldn’t get up while walking the dog the next morning。
He led Huzi slowly along the street near Huo’s house without any energy,I didn’t go far and I was sweating,The legs are also soft。The weather was very good early in the morning,But the bright sun shines on me,Shen Han feels a bit cold。
Shen Han took a few more steps and finally couldn’t hold on,Squatting down on the side of the road with a dog leash,Bury your face on your knees。
Huzi rubs his head against him,Dissatisfied snort in the nose。
Shen Han didn’t raise his head either,Talk to Huzi:“Play by yourself,I’ll rest for a while。”
Tiger is obedient,Screamed and stopped making trouble。
Shen Han squatted there and still felt his head dizzy,The place under the body also throbbed suddenly,I couldn’t help cursing Huo Rongxuan again in my heart。Since he went to bed with Huo Rongxuan for the first time,This kind of thing brings only pain to Shen Han。Even took medicine yesterday,Shen Han didn’t feel so happy either,He really doesn’t understand why anyone is so keen on this。
Shen Han didn’t know how long he squatted,The tiger who has been sitting quietly beside him suddenly jumped up,Yelling and pulling the rope forward。
Shen Han doesn’t want to move,Tugged the dog leash and said muffledly:“Don’t make trouble,My butt hurts。”
Suddenly there was a low voice above my head:“How to squat here,Physical discomfort?”
Huo Rongxuan walked to him and stood with his back on his back,Shen Han raised his head and squinted at him,Then stood up and ignored him。

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original,Lin Yoona actually fell asleep!

Xiao Fan couldn’t help but smiled wryly,It seems that Lin Yoona is really tired,otherwise,Just let her hot water for a while,How could she be able to sleep?
Looking at Lin Yoona’s sleeping face,Listening to the even breathing sound from Lin Yuner,Xiao Fan fell into entanglement for a while,Does he want to wake Lin Yoona?。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona who was sleeping in embarrassment for a while,After a while, he moved in the direction of the bathroom,Because there is a bath water that I put in there。
After hesitating,Xiao Fan decided to let Lin Yoona just sleep like this,After all, it won’t be so good if you don’t take a shower a day。
Lin Yoona is too tired,and so,Let her rest。
Of course,The most important thing is because tomorrow,Lin Yoona has to face a lot of bad things。
and so,Such a sufficient sleep tonight is for Lin Yoona,That can be said to be quite important。
Xiao Fan just thought about taking off Lin Yoona’s clothes and shoes,So Lin Yoona opened her eyes。
Lin Yuner saw the position of Xiao Fan’s hand that she just wanted to put down,Her face too“Huh”Suddenly turned red。
And Lin Yuner’s sleepiness,It’s also because Xiao Fan wants to fall,But it hasn’t fallen yet,It’s all gone in an instant。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er’s flushed cheeks,I also felt an unprecedented embarrassment,So this time,Xiao Fan and Lin Yun’er, neither of them knows what to say.。
finally,Xiao Fan said to Lin Yuner:“That one.That one,I’m back after letting in the bath water,I saw.I saw.”

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“You guys think things simple,”Li Ai Keka shook his head gently,Looking at my old brothers,Solemn way:“You take a closer look at these articles,I can see from the inside?”

A group of people looked at each other:have what?Nothing。
The reaction of my old brothers,Li Aikeka was disappointed,He sighed:“Didn’t you see it?,This project was initiated by Fernandez himself。”
What happened to the project that Fernandez Chen personally took charge of?Words from Li Aikoka,Made all the old brothers even more confused。
Seeing old brothers who looked confused,Li Aikoka had to speak more clearly:“A very simple truth:Fernandez gave Jack Welch the management of the company.,But now,He is personally responsible for this engine project,This shows what?Explain that in the heart of Fernandez,The significance of this project!Is a strategically important project。
The stock market isamcA barometer of this decision,You guys keep watching,After opening in the afternoon,The stock market will definitelyamcThis strategy gives a clear response。”
Don’t look at Li Aikeka’s awkwardness looking for Chen Geng everywhere,But it is precisely because Li Aikoka regards Chen Geng as an opponent,He knew how strong his opponent was:Don’t look at the media now blowing Jack Welch into the sky,As if touting himself last year,canamcWhen did the car lay the foundation for improvement?It’s not after Fernandez decided to buyamcLaid the foundation at that moment。
It really is!
All human spirits,Even if it didn’t react at first,But now I listen to my boss say that,The old subordinates of Li Aikoka who followed him from Ford have also recovered.:“Boss,what do you mean,Do you think Fernandez judges that this oil crisis will continue?,Americans in the future will continue to choose low fuel consumption、Fuel-efficient engine?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”Li Aikeka spreads both hands:“Look at our‘family’Hondacivic、ToyotacorollaOf sales growth,In the case of choosing,Americans are not very happy to send money to oil giants。”
Yes,In this American average monthly salary is just over900The era of the dollar,A most standard American family,Even if the husband and wife save each month50USD fuel expenses,It also means that every month100Disposable income,Have this100USD,Can’t do something?
Thought of this,All of Li Aikoka’s subordinates suddenly couldn’t sit still:“In that case,Mr,Do we have to develop a new generation of more fuel-efficient engines??”
There is the simplest logic in the hearts of Li Aikoka’s subordinates:Since Fernandez ChenheamcCan do,Why can’t Chrysler do it??As for the huge capital investment required to develop a new engine,The current Chrysler is no longer the former Chrysler that was on the verge of bankruptcy.,Grit your teeth,It’s not that I can’t squeeze the money。

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(End of this chapter)

Chapter seven hundred and ninety A trace of desire
“carry on。”Fu Xiaoyi suppresses the feeling that she can’t tell,Said lightly。
“Are you sure you want to continue?”Qin Feng asked helplessly。
Because he knows that Fu Xiaoyi can’t remember anything,But Qin Feng himself remembered clearly。
Just think of,That scene is like what happened just now,In my own mind,Even before。
“Nonsense,Say quickly。”Fu Xiaoyi urged,I listened for so long,I haven’t heard anything useful yet,I have already looked forward to,Turned into anxious。
If it weren’t for so many years of security,I really don’t have this patience,Listen to his nonsense here。
“then,Don’t wait for me to react,You take it off,And then……”Qin Feng paused after speaking,Watching Fu Xiaoyi。
“And then,how?”Fu Xiaoyi asked firmly。
In Fu Xiaoyi’s opinion,All the foreshadowing in front is not the point,She can’t remember what she did,Curious and shy。

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Lu Youshan frowned,His character has always been stubborn,It’s the type that doesn’t look back even if you hit the south wall。

“Your kid knows what a fart!This is how things happen between adults。Otherwise, why do people give me such a big advantage??As long as you can get a high salary,Can send you smoothly to the university,It’s okay for me to suffer!”Lu Youshan’s heart,Anger。
Lu Menglin didn’t expect his father to be so persistent,It’s just a bull,The kind that doesn’t bow your head。
“I don’t need you to sacrifice,I will be admitted to a good university!”Lu Menglin shouted with anger。
“just you?You can get into college without finding a way?”Lu Youshan is also a little anxious,Yelled out what was in my heart。
Lu Menglin nodded,Seriously:“dad!You believe me,You don’t have to sign this kind of thing,I will be admitted to a good university to show you,The monthly exam is next next week,I will use the results to speak。”
“what?Kid dare to say!That line!I will hold this responsibility letter,Show me your score next month!If you can really get into college,Then of course I don’t have to take this risk,I still earn your tuition fee!”
Lu Youshan was talking,Suddenly laughed。
for him,There is nothing like seeing my son suddenly open up,I am more happy to study hard。
He’s not really stupid,This responsibility letter,Go back and read it carefully,Anyway, the establishment of the marketing center by the factory was not so fast,It’s okay to drag it for ten days and a half month。
Father and son have nothing to say along the way,Back home。
After returning home,Lu Menglin sat in front of his small desk,Start serious calculations,How can I improve my academic performance in two weeks,Let father give up the idea of signing the responsibility letter?
My grades are serious,The biggest shortcomings are in English and Mathematics,As for other liberal arts subjects,Don’t worry too much。
And the most difficult English,Because of the accumulation of self-study for later generations,The number of words should be more than enough,Just need to be in the final third stage,Reorganize the grammar systematically,The grades should not be bad。
So now the most troublesome,Instead, it’s mathematics。

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Although she can understand every word sung by hero Lu,But they don’t even know what the hell is。

“What are you doing?Is this hard to learn?Come with me!speed!We swing together!”Lu Menglin shook his shoulders hard,High voice。
Mu Xin, a young Taoist priest, is very relaxed,He has no idol baggage,So I quickly followed Lu Menglin’s movements,Twisted。
“You two,Is your savvy too bad?!Not as good as other little Taoists!fast,fast!Draw a dragon with me on the left,Draw a rainbow on your right!”Lu Menglin swayed,Shouted。
Bei Gongwang looked suspicious,I always feel something is wrong,But to summon the hero,He can only turn his heart away,Gritted teeth,Sing and jump up。
Just a few sulky movements,There are so simple lyrics,Dignified warrior,How could I not learn。
Only Mu Feiyan blushed,Can’t bear it anymore,Questioned:“The dragon is the legendary beast,Rainbow is a wonder after rain,That’s all,What the hell is Guofucheng??I don’t understand at all!”
“You don’t need to understand!That is our song over there,You just learn to sing,Just jump together!Hurry up,The sacrifice is about to begin!”Lu Menglin responded loudly。
Chapter VIII Jumping Monkey
A song《Wild wolfdisco》,Lu Menglin swayed with the three gods,Humming。
“Draw a dragon with me on the left,Draw a rainbow on your right.”

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“I know you are worried about pushing the price of gold too low,Stimulate excessive market demand,Rothschild Bank’s gold reserves will also lose too much,You can’t deal with the Rothschilds,right?”

Before the Rothschild family invited me Qiao Tianyu out of the mountain,It took people a month to bring the price of gold down.30%。
This is fine,The day I took office, Qiao Tianyu,International gold prices plummeted20%,It’s strange if they don’t break my spine!
“Yes。”Qiao Tianyu nodded helplessly。
“Put it to death and live!”Cui Kai explained seriously。
“Qiao Tianyu,I can tell you responsibly,Now you are in a huge conspiracy,What you see now is not even the tip of the iceberg!”
“To see the truth,Jump out of the enemy’s circle,You have to take strong medicine,Put it to death and live,There is no other way!”
“Moreover,Now it’s ten days before the Russians set you,Only one week,No strong medicine,The first strong person is you!”
“This.”Qiao Tianyu thought about it seriously。
Although I don’t know if Cui Kai is alarmist,But now the one who can’t afford to waste the most time,Not bystanders,It’s him Qiao Tianyu,I need some strong medicine!
Thought of here,Qiao Tianyu can only nod,But he feels that Cui Kai is mysterious and unpredictable。
“The world says that I’m Qiao Tianyu who is evil,Like to go slant,I think you are better than me!Cui Kai,you can tell me,Who are you?”
First0237 chapter “Golden House”Bargaining war1
“Qiao Tianyu,Don’t you remember me at all?”At this time, Cui Kai also looked at Qiao Tianyu with an incredible look。
“I.”Qiao Tianyu search for intestinal scraping,I have passed all the people who have made an impression in the two lives,But there is no shadow of Cui Kai。
“alright,Don’t remember,You will know who i am。”Cui Kai looked disappointed,Shook his head helplessly。
“The negotiation meeting is about to begin,You quickly contact Prince Harita,Let him arrange!”
“it is good。”Qiao Tianyu also sorted out his clothes,After calling Prince Harita,And followed Cui Kai out of the bathroom。

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“If Lin Yuner loses a hair,,I will let your entire Qiao family be buried with her。”After Xiao Fan dropped a cold sentence,I took Wang Mingyang and left Qiaoshan’s ward。

Qiao Shan, who had already collapsed to the ground, was even more collapsed at this time,Besides praying for Wu Yibo to slow down,I really can’t do anything。
Facing Xiao Fan like today,Qiao Shan has long lost his previous arrogance,Regarding Xiao Fan’s words that would bury the entire Qiao family,Even more convinced。
Although he doesn’t know what kind of strong background Xiao Fan has behind,But a very strong instinct told Qiao Shan,Since Xiao Fan can tell,Then he will be able to do it。
Thought of here,The younger generation of Qiao Shan felt a deep chill,Spread to the whole body little by little。
Just walked out of Qiaoshan’s ward,Xiao Fan stunned Wang Mingyang with a hand knife,There is this person,Xiao Fan can’t reach the Peninsula Hotel faster。
Now the time always increases by one second,For Lin Yoona,All dangerous,For Xiao Fan,Are very suffering。
He wants to reach Lin Yoona as quickly as possible,So he can’t wait for ordinary driving。
Took a look at Wang Mingyang, who collapsed to the ground,I brought it out to him just now,It’s really many times in one fell swoop。
Since they have come to the hospital,Then just throw him in the orthopedics department!
In a blink of an eye,Xiao Fan left Wang Mingyang on the lounge chair at the entrance of the orthopedics department。
In a blink of an eye,Xiao Fan has come to the Peninsula Hotel。
Peninsula hotel room。
Wu Yibo looked at the sturdy Lin Yoona who was tied up,Walked over with a lewd smile,Pulling off the linen which is blocking Lin Yuner’s mouth。
“Wu Yibo,You bastard,I tell you,You better let me go,otherwise,I won’t let you go。”The obstacle in Lin Yuner’s mouth was touched,And immediately cursed at Wu Yibo。
Unexpectedly, after Wu Yibo heard Lin Yuner scolded him,,Not only not angry,On the contrary, he said very excitedly:“Correct,Continue to scold,I just like this smell!Lin Yuna,You didn’t expect it,You will have such a day,Fell into my hands!”
“Won’t let me go,I’m so scared!”Finished,Wu Yibo also deliberately made a scared expression。
then,Just laughed all alone。
Lin Yoona didn’t expect Wu Yibo to be so perverted,She used to think Wu Yibo was just shameless,But now it seems,She was wrong,She’s an out-and-out neuropathy。

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