“I’m not afraid of playing ball games,It’s ok。If I can’t stand it,Can you just stop?is it?”

“Then he helped me slowly get down from the jumping machine。Is this all right?Can be regarded as a kind of life experience,At least I have played and wanted to play。”
Xiao Fan said:“Row,Wait for us to play that in the afternoon。”
They went on to play a few more projects。All okay,It’s not particularly scary. It’s almost noon.。
Lin Yuna played all morning,A little tired,He was right to Xiao Fan:“Let’s go have some dinner at noon,Come out to play after eating。”
Xiao Fan said:“What do you want to eat?I’ll take you。There are a lot of sea food nearby,Let’s take a look one by one。”
Lin Yuna said:“What’s so delicious in this?,You recommend me。”
Xiao Fan said:“A lot of delicious,We walked one by one,You see what you want to eat,Let’s just go in and eat。”
then。They came to the restaurant,There are several restaurants here。There are also many things for sale。
Lin Yoona was attracted by a hamburger shop,This store is shaped like a hamburger,Cartoon looking special,interesting。
Even though Lin Yoona has eaten hamburgers countless times。She doesn’t think there is anything delicious,But it is really attracted by the decoration of this store。
Come out to play,Eat a little bit。Fill your stomach in the afternoon and continue to wait until the evening when you go home to eat something delicious。
Lin Yoona pointed to the hamburger restaurant and said to Xiao Fan:“You see how interesting the decoration of this store is,Let’s go there to eat。”
After Lin Yuner finished talking, Xiao Fan asked Lin Yuner:“you think。Eat burger。”
Lin Yuna said:“Okay,Not particularly craving,But I always think the decoration of this store is very interesting。”
“You see it looks like a hamburger outside,and。The name is also very interesting,It’s actually called Happy Castle。”
“Let’s go,We go in together。Just order a set meal,Have to continue in a while,We have to play in the afternoon, right??”
“Eat a little bit,Just fill your stomach。”
Xiao Fan said:“Then walk,Go。”

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Besides,If you change the villa,Everyone’s living environment will be better。There is nothing wrong with this。

Except Wang Mengmeng,The two girls have never lived in a villa。of course,Doesn’t Su Rou stay at Chen Yunxi’s house that time?。Because that time made her feel extremely uncomfortable。
quickly,Everyone arrived at the place where the villa was sold。
The first sentence of the waiter Su and the waiter was,“If you buy a villa here, you won’t be acquired?will not7Heaven drove people away?”
The waiter froze for a while,Then smiled and explained:“Will not,Because of the villa area,The land use rights are sold together to the owners。of course,Land use authority is seventy years。”
Half an hour later,When the waiter was holding various documents。Because she never thought that she could sell a villa so easily。
It didn’t take long for these people to move in。
Except for Su Rou,Qin Feng and others are quite calm about the living conditions。Su Rou is the one who chooses the house。
The villa is as high as a small three-story,There are four rooms on the first floor。
But they only have four,Naturally, such a big room can’t be finished。
Wang Mengmeng even asked,“How about we find some workers?”
There used to be many workers in the place where she lived。After all, Wang Ziliang is busy at work,Basically not at home for a long time,I’m afraid that no one will take care of Wang Mengmeng,So the workers hired four or five。
It’s just that Jiang Yan doesn’t seem to like too many people,so:“no need,Just a few of us are fine!”
Jiang Yan can’t lift the energy,I feel a little distressed to think that the house in the community was ruined like this。
And this time,Wang Mengmeng phone rings,“Hey?”
“Ha ha,how about it,No place to live now?”Fang Ming’s voice was actually on the phone。
But it’s not surprising that this product has Wang Mengmeng’s mobile phone number,After all, they left contact information at the beginning。
“Are you a dummy?My family has no money to buy a house?”

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“Open game hall?”Lu Youshan and his wife asked in unison。

Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“Yes!Open the game hall first to make quick money,Then get an internet cafe,Industry related to gaming and entertainment。”
“We don’t understand this!And it should be troublesome to engage in these places?”Mother Lu worried。
Lu Menglin smiled:“I have investigated,We Liufang have four game halls,Three of them are very small,And no business license,It’s the black hall,Don’t think about it。Only one formal game hall,But the boss over there doesn’t want to do it,Transferring。We can take this down first。The price is not too high。”
“Someone needs to cover this kind of shop, right??Can your mother handle it??”Lu Youshan thought for a while,Suddenly said。
Lu Menglin smiled:“do not worry,You are a big factory manager,Say hello to the security department,Who dares to move our store?”
The voice has not fallen,The Fat Dun, who had been staring at the sweet and sour pork ribs, suddenly said:“dare?Who dares to move Menglin’s shop?”
Fatty’s roar,It warms mother Lu’s heart a lot。
Lu Menglin thought,There are dozens of people with Fat Dun,It must be okay to watch the venue。After the fall of Hou Jianjun and his group,Now Fat Dun is the toughest on the street。
“Menglin,The game industry you mentioned,Really have to do?”Mother Lu seems a little moved,Asked softly。
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“If you don’t worry,You can go to the shops I mentioned,See how many people are there every day。”
“Row!I will go around tomorrow morning。”Mother Lu wiped her face,I readily agreed。
Lu Youshan sighed in his heart,Buddha fights for a stick of incense,People fight for breath,This is also forcing his wife to go to sea!
“That line!Chunqin, go find out the situation first,Ask how much the store will cost,I’ll help you get together then。Menglin is now grown up,You’re right。”Lu Youshan said solemnly。
I don’t know Mother Lu will twist her head,Got up and went back to the kitchen,Clearly still mad at her husband,Too lazy to care about him。
Encouraging mom to open the game hall,This is one of the ideas that Lu Menglin had already thought of。
The game industry is currently on the rise,Short-term accumulation,Open a game hall is definitely a good choice。

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“It’s not time to sleep,I have to study that‘Diplomatic bond’Things!”Qiao Tianyu rushed to Red Bull with a serious face,Explained。

“‘Diplomatic bond’Things?What do you mean?Didn’t you have studied thoroughly with Wu Minghao just now??What else to study?”Michelle is even more confused by Qiao Tianyu。
“Do not worry,If i guess right,This time Wu Minghao is impossible to redeem‘Diplomatic bond’of!”When saying this,Qiao Tianyu showed an unpredictable look on his face。
“what?why?Didn’t you just say it well?,You generously helped Wu Minghao out5500One hundred million U.S. dollars,Why can’t I redeem‘Diplomatic bond’Up?”
Michelle once again felt that IQ was hit by 10,000 points of dimensionality reduction,She really doesn’t understand what Qiao Tianyu thinks。
“Michelle,You think,Since the U.S. Treasury Department is trying to prevent someone from using‘Diplomatic bond’Make an article,And the Goldman Sachs5Year plan,Just to stop‘Diplomatic bond’Fall into the hands of outsiders。”Qiao Tianyu explained。
“And now the plan of the U.S. Treasury Department has been successful,Then do you think the U.S. Treasury Department will abandon the successful plan,And let you easily get those‘Diplomatic bond’Is it?”
“should.Probably not!”Michelle understood what Qiao Tianyu meant,Nodded vigorously。
“Joe,Since you think there is a problem,Then why did you promise Wu Minghao to lend him money just now??Why don’t you reason with him?”
“Actually I reminded Wu Minghao just now,The U.S. Treasury Department and Goldman Sachs set up such a big bureau,Most likely because they have seen through the conspiracy of Wu’s uncle and nephew。”Qiao Tianyu continued to explain。
“But Wu Minghao already had his own idea just now,I can’t hear my advice at all,No matter how much I say, it’s wasted,In that case,I might as well investigate the matter myself!”
“Oh,understood。”Michelle nodded again,Sincerely sigh。
“It seems that Wu Minghao thought the problem too simple,‘Diplomatic bond’The water inside is still deep!”
“deep!Definitely deep!It’s probably much deeper than all of us thought!”Qiao Tianyu said very seriously。
First0458chapter Special taste
“OK,You night owl,Do whatever you want,I can’t stand it anymore!I’m going to sleep!”Michelle yawned and walked to the bedroom。

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“Sorry!Sorry!My sister,Bumped my head today。”Shui Ruyue quickly said to Hu Yang。

Hu Yang wants to say:It seems to be a hard hit!
“Satsuki,I help you so much,Add someone’s WeChat!I have to thank you,Right!”Zhou Chang couldn’t help saying。
Shui Ruyue listened,A bit speechless。originally,Since Populus did not mention this,She just got in。But my sister mentioned it,If you still pretend to be crazy,Just a bit bad。
but,Okay,She thinks this man is not bad,Good impression,It’s not impossible to add WeChat。
then,She is generous:“Hu Ge,Then add a WeChat!convenient?”
The girls say that,Can I still refuse?Don’t give face!
Populus nodded:“OK!”
Zhou Chang is more depressed,Didn’t you tell me just now,Don’t you play WeChat??really,Men only look at more beautiful girls。
“Can you add me too?”She speaks again。
Populus euphratica surprised:“WeChat should also be bundled?”
The audience in the live room listened,All smile。
“I go!Hu Ge,Do you want to be so funny?”
“Haha!Bundling,well said。”
“Such a good thing,Why don’t you have my share?I also want beautiful women to bundle WeChat,It’s best to bring all your girlfriends。”
“brothers,It’s not dark yet,Keep moving bricks!”

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Xiao Fan was also speechless for a while,What’s all this?,Since I entered Lin Yuna’s office,,Just said one sentence,Then I’ve been sitting on this guest sofa waiting for her,I never moved anymore。

result,This person took this matter to himself because his waist was twisted,Is this still unreasonable?。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er’s resentful face,So he said to her with a rather helpless expression:“Good good,All blame me,You still don’t talk now,Wait for you to lie down,Waist pain no longer,You train me again,What do you think of my proposal?”
After Xiao Fan watched Lin Yuner’s words,,Lin Yoona didn’t hold back,“Puff”Bang,Just laughed out。
“loquacious!I said you like this,You still recognize it like that,Can’t you argue with me?”Lin Yoona said with a smile。
Lin Yoona at this moment,She can’t see the slightest resentment on her face now,The expressions on his face are full of happy smiles。
Because in Lin Yuna’s opinion,Xiao Fan is really amazing,A simple sentence,She disappeared without a trace of the unhappiness in her heart。
The way Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,There was a burst of joy in my heart。
after all,Xiao Fan believes,in this world,There should be no man who would like to see his other half full of grievances。
and so,For Xiao Fan,It’s the same。
after all,In her heart,Lin Yuna’s position has always been first,so,Can make Lin Yoona happy,Has always been his purpose。
Just now,Lin Yuner counted the broken waist on his head for no reason,Originally he should be unhappy,But he didn’t argue with Lin Yoona because of this。after all,The top priority for the two people now is to make Lin Yoona’s waist faster,Not some damn theoretical debate,Isn’t it?
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-nine Care is chaos
have to say,Xiao Fan’s ideas and practices are correct,He did it right,and,He also succeeded in making Lin Yuner happy almost instantly from the unhappy。
“What’s the argument,After all, just now,If it wasn’t because you saw me suddenly,I guess your breath won’t be smooth,So say it,Since it was originally because of me,You will suffer this waist pain for no reason,What can I argue about!”

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But soon,Chen Geng doesn’t feel sorry at all,Not because of anything else,It’s the old man Giugiaro here。

The old man proposed to Chen Geng“Realize childhood dreams”Very interested,After arranging the work at hand,Came immediately happily,Not only here,Also brought a friend of his:“Fernandez,Let me introduce to you,This my best friend、Gregory of Piaggio Group·Piaggio。”
Gregorian·Piaggio looks about the same age as the old man Giugiaro,He first reached out to Chen Geng:“Just call me Gregory……Fernandez,I have seen a few of your works,My say,You are so much better than this guy,Especially the one you designedX-BO,Oh, God,That is simply a masterpiece of God……”
Speaking of the car designed by Chen GengX-BOSports car,Gregorian·Father Piaggio danced with excitement:“I bought two,God,Drive this car,I feel like I am back in my youth……”
Gregory of Piaggio Group·Piaggio?
Chen Geng was chatting with each other,At the same time the brain is spinning fast,Pondering the identity and intention of the other party:At least one thing is certain,This is Gregory·Piaggio’s identity and status are definitely not simple,Otherwise it is impossible to become a friend of Giugiaro。
Chen Geng is not very familiar with Piaggio family,But since I can have the surname Piaggio,And being introduced to Kaneko so solemnly by Giugiaro……
This guy is almost always a heavyweight in the Piaggio family,Maybe he is the helm of Piaggio Group,Then,As a heavyweight in the Piaggio family,Maybe even the helm of Piaggio Group,Why did this guy come?He doesn’t believe in a heavyweight in the Piaggio family,Followed the world’s top car designer Giugiaro to the United States,Just come out to relax because of boredom。
The first thing he excluded was cooperation on motorcycles,Piaggio Group,Many people’s first impression is:Piaggio?Oh,Motorcycle。
indeed,Piaggio Group makes motorcycles,And very powerful,Is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Europe,Listed as one of the top ten classic films in world film history《Roman holiday》Audrey·The scooter Hepburn rode,Piaggio GroupVESPAScooter,apart fromVESPABeyond the brand,Piaggio Group also owns Guz、Apulia、Girera(Fierce)、derbiAnd other famous high-end motorcycle brands。
Except motorcycles,Piaggio actually has many other industries,Including auto parts business,Is it for the wholesale channel of my auto parts??
But soon,Chen Geng denied this idea again:Gregorian·Piaggio came with Giugiaro。
Came with Giugiaro?!
Thinking of Father Giugiaro’s coming,Chen Geng’s heart suddenly shuddered……
If I remember correctly,Piaggio Group’s name“Air Ferrari”ofP180Business jet,It seems that the pre-research of the project started this year,Could it be that the other party is here for this?

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“All for you!”

There are no banknotes left in my hand,But Xiang Chen still gave it to this old man who had never met before.。
The days when a penny stumped the heroes have not passed too far,But Xiang Chen’s habit of spending money cannot be changed overnight because of poverty.,Not to mention that there is still some money left for selling cars,Although not a lot,But it’s enough for Xiang Chen to spend some days!
The old man was full of smiles when he walked to Chen,Xiang Chen is also Yiqi Juechen,The taillights did not stay in the old man’s vision for too long。
“Self-reliance and conscience,Worked for a lifetime,Still nothing,Over seventy years old,I just end up talking to young people,He Qixing Ye!I am a rotten man,Limited achievements,I hope these young people can be more productive,Will replace us in the future!”
Farewell to Xiang Chen,The old man walks slowly on the campus of Wanghai University with his hands behind his back,Except for the occasional doctoral tutor meeting the old man and bowing,Other times,The old man is like an old tree in Wanghai University,Plain。
When passing by the poor student booster box,Where the old man will abduct the money from Xiangchen neatly,Then voted in。
Xiang Chen doesn’t know the girl in white clothes Shengxue is Xiangyang’s other roommate, Bai Lu,It’s like he doesn’t know,I spent twenty yuan to show myself the car,The old man who has been with him for a long time is the president of Wanghai University——Han Zhili。
Chapter Eighteen Pay back
Yan Xiaoyi is just an ordinary person,Like all teenage dreams,Once Yan Xiaoyi also felt that he could become a hero who is as high as a meteor,Later, Yan Xiaoyi felt that the rich rely on technology、It is not unacceptable for the poor to rely on the theory of mutation,Only after failing the college entrance examination,Yan Xiaoyi’s dream woke up,All the bizarre thoughts,Yan Xiaoyi laughed,Then smiled。
It’s just that Yan Xiaoyi never thought of it,one day,There will be a mysterious organization that will find itself,Then similar to the killer league、Wanted、The story of the Brotherhood really happened to me。
once Upon a time,Yan Xiaoyi also wants to live his life as a young man with a white horse and spear,It’s just that some memories have been in the dust for a long time,Need various conditions to be awakened,And the warm-blooded Yan Xiaoyi just meets the recruitment requirements of Tianmen Timen。
So that day, Yan Xiaoyi officially became a member of Timon of Paradise Island,All this seems unreasonable,But logically everything makes sense,Because at that time Yan Xiaoyi fell in love with a girl,And according to China’s standards,He wants to take care of this girl for life,You have to have your own house。
That day the mysterious man who had never met gave himself a bank card,And Yan Xiaoyi went to check,The monthly cash flow of that bank card is fairly objective,that’s it,Yan Xiaoyi always reminds himself that he is a person with a special mission,But over time,Yan Xiaoyi, who has never received a task, began to wonder if he was forgotten by the organization。

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“Liu Yi?”His first thought was that Liu Yi leaked the family conversation last night to the military,That’s why Li Qingsong knew his intentions for the first time。

but,Lu Menglin immediately thought of,It’s not hard to guess my own thoughts,After all, Myanmar has become his hometown of Lu.,This is no longer news for the intelligence agencies of Southeast Asian countries。
Lu Menglin believes in Liu Yi,I also believe in every brother around,So I quickly suppressed these thoughts,Shen Sheng:“What if i disagree?Is this a threat?”
This remark,The atmosphere in the car suddenly became tense,It seems that the temperature has dropped dozens of degrees。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Nine The way home
Li Qingsong’s eyes widened,Staring intently at Lu Menglin’s face,Until a long time passed,Slumped:“Not a threat,Is a request。Tell you the truth!That six billion dollars,If your Menglin Group took it, then take it,If you get it by the Secret Medicine Group,The above will make Li Qingsong dismiss get out of class immediately。
As long as you can help me keep this money,I will try my best to meet all your requirements。”
These words should be from the heart of General Li。After all,What he cares most is his own authority,That’s why I was willing to break the festival,Not hesitate to be slapped by Lu Menglin,Also come to pray for peace。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Sneered:“I’m afraid this is not appropriate!People’s Secret Medicine Group took the initiative to lend me the gambling book,Now won money,You want me to cross the river,Swallowed their share?”
Li Qingsong was immediately stagnated upon hearing this,At least from the point of view of justice,What Lu Menglin said is right!
And even if this Lu Menglin is capable,After all, it’s just a weak young man,It’s time for blood and generosity,Tell him about black belly,Talk black and eat black,Can he hear it?
But this matter,It turns out that only Lu Menglin can do it,Because this money must go into their Menglin Group account,otherwise,Those super rich are making noise,Another trouble。
Those few are not afraid of words,Mainly because of the fear of the secret medicine group taking the opportunity,All of them regard themselves as delicate and expensive,How could you take such a risk??
But the top leaders,Has clearly stated again,This huge sum of money must never be used to fund enemies!Otherwise, Li Qingsong is not doing well,Directly caused significant losses for national interests,To stroke his black hat,That’s why he came to Lu Menglin,Hope to be moved,Dawn of reason,Discuss this matter well。
“Let’s do it for now,I want to consider,Take me to the bus stop on the side of the road。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Li Qingsong didn’t get the letter,That uneasy in my heart!But he didn’t dare to stop Lu Menglin from getting off the car,Can only be melancholy,A grieving woman’s expression。
Waiting for Lu Menglin to get on the bus,Completely disappeared from General Li’s vision,He let out a long sigh:“I knew it,Why bother!”

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“do not,Qiao Tianyu,Don’t you put a high hat on me,I can’t afford it!” Dabang?Songkan said and got up from the sofa。

“okay,Stop talking nonsense,Qiao Tianyu,Do you want to meet the wishes of the big boss of Songkan Group,I can satisfy you,But you have to promise me one more thing!”
“no problem,Please indicate。”Qiao Tianyu nodded and said。
“Qiao Tianyu,Tonight, your zero-point fund is shorting the shares of Songcan Group on Nasdaq,Our stock price plummeted,The entire Songcan Group lost tens of billions of dollars,Don’t you want to help us recover the loss??” Dabang?Songkan tried to ask。
First0444chapter Bank account code
“no problem,This bag is on me!”
The trouble should end it,Since Qiao Tianyu can beat Songkan Group’s stock price,Naturally, the stock price of Songkhan Group will rise,This is naturally not difficult for Qiao Tianyu,So Qiao Tianyu immediately patted his chest and agreed。
“it is good,That’s the answer!”Dabang?Song Kan extended his right hand to Qiao Tianyu,Qiao Tianyu quickly shook it up,The two shook hands and made peace。
And after reaching an agreement with Qiao Tianyu,Dabang?Song Kan left the suite soon,Leaving the Surahonsai Marriott Hotel。
But to“pretend”Protect the safety of Qiao Tianyu and others,Dabang?Songkan still kept most of the armed men,Still surrounding the Surahonsai Marriott Hotel,Undertake the security work of Qiao Tianyu and others。
After seeing the situation quickly eased,Michelle’s hanging heart finally fell to the ground。
But since Dabang?After Songcan left,Michelle kept staring at Qiao Tianyu, who was watching and watching movies,Like watching a prehistoric monster,In the end, Qiao Tianyu was stared at Mao。
“I said Auntie Yo,You kicked me just now. I haven’t asked you to settle the account.,What are you going to do??”Qiao Tianyu holds arms with both hands,Goose bumps all over my body。
“Qiao Tianyu,I really can’t see through you more and more!”Michelle stared at Qiao Tianyu’s eyes,Shook his head in disbelief。
“Grandma,What happened to me?”Qiao Tianyu was a little confused by Michelle,Asked very puzzled。
“You just told Dabang?When Song Kan was talking,Put the development history of Songkan Group to the point,But I never saw you get any information about Songkan Group,How did you learn so much sensitive information about Songcan Group?”Michelle asked very puzzled。

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