“What about!”

Finished,Xiao Fan buried his head deeply while Xiao Fan was not paying attention,Lin Yuna“Woo woo”Twice,I was immersed in Xiao Fan’s tender kiss。
a long time,Xiao Fan finally let Lin Yuner go,Xiao Fan believes,If he doesn’t brake,I’m afraid it will be a while,He really can’t control himself。
Although just now,He has already thought about wanting to have a child with Lin Yoona here,But that’s just thinking about it,He loves Lin Yoona so much,How could it be where she works,What extraordinary things did you do with Lin Yoona?!
Lin Yuna looked at Xiao Fan,The eyes are more or less blurred。
to be frank,She really wanted to say a few words about Xiao Fan,Because this is where she works,She has never done anything like this in a place like this!
but,Although I am angry,What Lin Yuna said,But it’s not like that at all。
“Don’t be here again next time。”Lin Yuner said。
Lin Yuner’s voice fell off,I raised my hand and covered my mouth。
Gosh!What is he talking about?
And next time,Is this because I am inviting Xiao Fan to do something like this to myself again??
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yoona,Naturally, I understand that what Lin Yoona is saying now is definitely a mistake。
but,What if it’s a slip of the tongue??
It’s absolutely impossible for him to plan to let Lin Yuner go like this。
“Oh?Then,My wife,Where do you think we should be next time?As long as it is what you say,I must cooperate with you for my husband!”Xiao Fan only speaks but not,She even stretched out her finger and provoked Lin Yoona’s chin,That looks really frivolous。
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s handsome face,Could not help but swallowed a mouthful,I also sighed in my heart!
How can my husband be so handsome!
Before myself,How did you look at such a handsome husband and be indifferent。
It’s really a sin!

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Lin Yuner was escorted by Xiao Fan,I walked out of the airport safely。

When two people didn’t expect it,as expected,When they just walked out of the airport,I already saw Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan’s car。
“father,mom,Didn’t you tell you that you don’t have to drive over to pick us up??It will be fine if we two take a taxi back!”Lin Yuner took Lin Feng’s arm and said。
“You silly boy,You go,It took so long,Your mom and I were just staying at home, it didn’t make sense,It’s good for us to go out for a stroll!”
Lin Feng finished,She raised her hand very fondly and patted Lin Yoona’s head gently。
“OK,OK,Stop talking nonsense,Mom is at home,I have prepared what you both like to eat,Let’s go back quickly,Went out to toss for so long,You look tired!”Liu Chunlan looked at Lin Yoona with some distress。
“Xiao Fan,Take a look at how you take care of our Yoona,How can I follow you out?,I’m hungry and thin?”After Liu Chunlan feels sorry for Lin Yoona,I just watched Xiao Fan scold him with an unhappy expression。
“mom,What are you talking about?I have gained three pounds,good or not,How can I lose weight??”Xiao Fan hasn’t had time to speak yet,Lin Yuner directly explained to Xiao Fan。
Even though Lin Yoona’s remarks are justified for Xiao Fan,But what she said was really true,Because she really ishiFat。
And he really gained three pounds。
“Are you true?but,Why does mom look at you as if you are thin??”Liu Chunlan still said to her without believing what Lin Yuner said。
“What am i doing to you?”Lin Yuna said。
When Lin Feng saw Liu Chunlan and Lin Yuner, she wanted to talk about an endless rhythm,So he hurried over and said:“OK,OK,You two talking,Then choose a good place too,This is the airport,Talk here forever,What is like。”
“Moreover,Yoona and Xiao Fan have been on the plane for such a long time,Must be tired,Look, you are still talking here,What do you think?”See what else Liu Chunlan wants to say,Lin Feng hurriedly said something like this to Liu Chunlan。
Liu Chunlan is right,then,Hurriedly pulled Lin Yoona and walked into the car,He said to Lin Yoona while walking:“You look,Mother is anxious,I even forgot about your airplane business,Walk around,Get in the car quickly。”
Lin Yoona hasn’t even had time to speak here yet,Just like that, Liu Chunlan was dragged into the car。
Xiao Fan didn’t say anything,And got into the car directly behind Lin Yuner。
Subsequently,Lin Yuna’s family who has been chattering at the airport gate forever,I almost drove out of the airport in the blink of an eye。
only,No one noticed,Lin Yaqing and ruthless who have been following Lin Yuner all the time,The look of the two of them。

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however,at this point,Leopard can only think of cheering up at night,Find more cheap。

After Chen Wenjin went downstairs,Call Xiao Xiao,Invite her to dinner。
“No……Don’t see you when you have dark circles,Then you will only remember the ugly look of my dark circles!”Xiao Xiao still refuses to come out,Chen Wenjin said:“I’ll go straight up to find you。”
“Don’t do this,I like the way you look at me beautifully,Don’t have any flaws!”Xiao Xiao really minded this,Chen Wenjin couldn’t help but smile:“Slowly you will always see each other more state,It doesn’t make sense to always look like carefully dressed up。Moreover,What to worry about about your natural beauty,It’s hard to make you ugly,What is a little dark circle。”
“Don’t listen to you fool,Just don’t。”
“I want to see you,Already up,Can’t shut me out?”
“what……Hate you!”Xiao Xiao hung up the phone。
But the door opened,It was opened by Amei。
Chen Wenjin took off his shoes and went in,Amei smiled and said:“Xiao Xiao is looking for something in the room,Don’t overdo it for a while,Xiao Xiao really cares。”
Chen Wenjin indicated that there was no problem。
moment,Xiao Xiao opened the door and came out,Wearing dark green sunglasses,She opened the door,Looking at Chen Wenjin,:“we have a deal,Don’t take my glasses off,Otherwise I will be really angry!”
“I promise。”Chen Wen served her today。
“Guarantee what to say clearly——”Xiao Xiao also guarded against him playing word games。
“I promise I won’t take off your glasses without Xiao Xiao’s consent,In case of violation,Thunder Strike。”
“No need to make such exaggerated vows。”Xiao Xiao walked out of the room in peace,May said:“Damn,I’m not a light bulb,You guys chat,I go home。”
“Don’t!You’re not, I’m worried about him stealing my glasses!”Xiao Xiao pulled Ami away。
“Keep her tired and wear glasses,I will withdraw in a while。”Chen Wenjin really cares about Xiao Xiao,Can also understand her feelings,Not long after being together,Of course she can’t accept facing him in an imperfect state。
“OK then,I’ll go down and buy some chestnuts,Suddenly want to eat,Come back later。”May understands and gives them space to speak alone,Xiao Xiao quickly said:“Just for a while!Don’t leave quietly!”
“It will not!What do you want to eat?”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Six Meng Po Village
“Hello big brother”
“My name is Sanqi,let’s be friends,Sanqi likes making friends most。”
Sanqi, who was depressed because Nezha didn’t care about him, heard what Nezha said.,Happy to say,She made another friend today,So happy。
“Haha,Maybe this is naive,I remember when I was a kid I seemed to be more naive than the members of the 37th group,I only know how to exercise and eat all day long,go to bed。”
“but,Since joining the chat group,I have seen so many big group members,Read so many books,I am now,I really miss it。”
“Three Seven Group Members,Hello there,My name is goku,of course,You can call me big brother,Nice to be friends with you。”
Wukong looked at the innocent new group member Sanqi,Said with emotion,New group member Sanqi looks like this,Reminds him of his innocent self,Also so young,Joined the chat group。
then,Via chat group,Start to change myself,If there is no chat group, this opportunity is there,I’m afraid Wukong won’t have the current Tier 4 strength。
“Naive?sometimes,I also want to spend my childhood happily like the members of the 37 group,Unfortunately,Can’t do it。”
After Nezha heard the feeling of Wukong,,Said with a smile,sometimes,He really doesn’t want to think about so many things every day,His children of the same age are now at home eating and sleeping,Wake up and eat,Or just play around all day,perhaps,This is the price of talent。
“Big brother,Niang made a lot of delicious,Why not go to Sanqi’s house with Sanqi and Nezha?。”
The young Panqi said happily,She can’t wait to take friends to her house,Mainly because I thought of Aniang’s delicious food,She couldn’t help drooling,She is hungry。
“Please eat?Three Seven Group Members,I have a big appetite,Watch out for your mother to teach you。”

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“I am also short of money!”Lu Menglin’s hard sentence,The girl’s words are blocked up firmly。

“So?”Zhong Liying pouted her mouth,She looks like she’s going to be bullied and crying,Chu Chu is very pitiful。
“and so,You keep a secret for me。And as a reward,I will find you a more profitable job,Like giving《Game time》How about being a campus editor?”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Finally frowned and said。
Now that this girl has discovered her secret,Can’t stop talking,Then I have to develop her into my own subordinate,Join《Game time》The editorial department should be considered a good choice。
“is it?Really?I can contribute to《Game time》Is it?Do i have a chance to post it?I am most envious of people who can get paid!awesome!”
The little girl in front of you is going crazy,I forgot my feet hurt,Dancing,Like crazy,Lu Menglin wondered if this girl wanted to take the opportunity to post it and give it a kiss!
“Don’t get excited!We are serious game magazine,calm,I need a calm man。”Lu Menglin backed away quickly,Retreated to a safe distance,True color。
“Ok!I’m calm。When will you join the club, Lu Menglin??”Zhong Liying suddenly put away her madness,A serious question。
“This.Are you serious?”Lu Menglin frowned。
“Yes!Just to make money,Everything above the bottom line,I am willing to do。Just join a club!You are a stubborn stumbling block in my growth,I must conquer you!”Zhong Liying said excitedly。
Lu Menglin’s heart secretly said,“Damn it!This crazy girl should do MLM!She can beat herself up!”
“this is《Game time》Editor-in-chief Aliang’s contact information,You have time to call him。Farewell!”After speaking,Lu Menglin ran away,No more
Give this girl a little chance。

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If it weren’t for Chai Shao to die,Prison guard Liu will not die with Tuoba’s evil,And kill Tuoba evil,Obviously the Chai and his son wanted to kill。

Infer from this,The man who called Tuoba evil to do evil,It’s also the father and son。
Whether it’s Zhou Min’s death,Or the suicide of prison guard Liu,Are counted on the father and son。
Lu Menglin once again thought of the scene on Julong Island,I finally understand why Chai Jinxiong wants to expose his identity in public,He just wants to turn from dark to light,Become the target of the rich circles on Hong Kong Island,Easy to hide,Secret arrows are hard to defend。
“Eight aunt,I want to do something for Xiao Feiran。”Lu Menglin said solemnly。
Master Bacha also read the suicide note,Nodded:“Just let it go,I’ll carry it for you!Xiao Feiran is already under my Zen school,Revenge for blood relatives,Of course。”
Lu Menglin strode out of the ward,I found Chen Jiannan first。
“Nange,Is there any news from the money laundering group??”Lu Menglin asked。
Chen Jiannan replied:“fourteenKFollow up over there,I will ask about the progress now。”
After speaking,Chen Jiannan took out his mobile phone,Dialed a number。
beep!beep!A blind tone came from the phone microphone。
Chen Jiannan frowned,I made a few more calls to go out。
“what?it is good,Ok!I know。Be careful yourself,Hang up first。”Chen Jiannan put down the phone,His face is so black that it can match the dark clouds。
“what happened?”Lu Menglin noticed something strange,Asked quickly。
Chen Jiannan took a deep breath,Shook his head:“The money laundering syndicate that helped us investigate the case was just picked up by the police,Arrested and killed five on the spot,All the information was confiscated by the police。”
“How could it be so coincidental?”Lu Menglin smelled an unusual smell,Frowned。
Chen Jiannan smiled bitterly:“fourteenK’S big leader just spoke,This thing ends here,They can no longer help us track down。Asked them why but refused to say。”
“The rain is coming and the wind is all over the building!You took Wang Shaoxiao and Qiuhong and left Hong Kong Island immediately,Go to the mainland。Don’t come back for now。”Lu Menglin’s eyes flickered,Shen Sheng ordered。

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“Offspring,Are you afraid of being implicated by her??What do you mean when you are stuck here?Want to obstruct law enforcement??I advise you to think clearly,Don’t be impulsive,So as not to delay my life!”Erye’s face is awe-inspiring,Earnestly persuade。

Lu Menglin smiled,And smiled helplessly。
“Uncle,Save it!Can you straighten your tongue before you speak?Interpol is not good!You probably haven’t studied the law in the Mainland?Sorry,We do not recognize the law enforcement of Interpol。”
“and,You are not Interpol!Definitely not!”Lu Menglin said loudly。
Erye’s eyelids jumped,He didn’t expect the other party to react so quickly,And also caught up。
“Confused!I won’t let you go,What do you want?”The second master asked in a deep voice。
Mainly this is on other people’s turf,The second master is not sure how many people are there,Watching posture,This kid can be covered here,You have to be careful。
Lu Menglin’s mouth tilted slightly,I thought you guys fakes,Dare to bargain with Lao Tzu,Don’t hit you guys,I will write backwards in Lu!
“I haven’t called the police!You leave me,hurry up
Get out!”Lu Menglin shouted。
Second Ye’s eyelids jumped again,I wonder if this kid is also in the rivers and lakes?This is pretty clear!
Since the other party did not call the police,Then there is still a chance to make a quick deal!
Erye’s eyes rolled,Tao:“extraordinary,You talk to him。”
Talk about it,Erye was half a step behind。
“it is good!”Brother Fanfa really doesn’t say much,Walked towards Lu Menglin。
Although this move is bold,But Erye decided to take a risk,He is well versed in catching the thieves and the king,As long as Wu Feifan overturned the three people,The rest of these onlookers are nothing wrong。
Seeing that the bald giant man in mink fur walked towards Lu Menglin murderously,Sure enough, those who came were not good,Fat Dun says nothing,Grab the front,Greeted each other。
boom!The shoulders of the two giants collided fiercely,Made a loud noise。
Fatty gave a soft voice,He didn’t expect the opponent to be able to compete with himself in strength。
obviously,Wu Feifan thinks so too,As the double bonus red stick of Heliansheng,Hit all the Hong Kong City clubs without encountering rivals,Unexpectedly, I would meet a strongman in a small country in the hinterland。

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Only one touch,That team of 100 people was single-handed by Tu Shanming,Kill someone,Defeated。

Between a few breaths,He is like a deadly nail,Plunged deeply into the enemy’s belly。
The teams that put together,There is a lack of trust between each other,No one would stand in front of others and change lives with this madman,Retreat,Do not seek to kill the enemy,Just to save your life,Anyway, as long as you run faster than your teammates。
And only survive,Only then have the chance to get the high reward from Prince Ning’s Mansion!
The soldiers in the front row are in a mess,The mages and Taoists behind have also retreated,They can’t stand it anymore。
Occasionally one or two lightning strikes hit Tu Shanming’s body,He just shook,I can’t see the damage at all。
And his fighting style,For the children of Shencheng,It’s too bloody,Too cruel。
Someone was aroused,Leaping high,Slashed his head and neck。
As a result, Tu Shanming only tilted his head slightly,Carried the knife on the shoulder,Then stab the opponent’s chest with a knife,Stabbed and stirred,The man was almost divided into the air,Fell to the ground with a bang,The scene is extremely brutal,Terrible。
And in fact,Those who have the courage to attack Tu Shanming,Half of them died silently under Huang Shaotian sword。
This beautiful swordsman who was once famous as the city of God,After a period of tempering at Bairimen,It seems that he has changed his job and became a high-minded assassin.。
She is like a swallow,As fast as a breeze,But it has the effect of a fox,Every time it appears is the most appropriate time,One sword,Run away immediately,Don’t fight with anyone at all。
Anyway, as long as she unfolds her body skills,Want to get away,With her high sensitivity,No one can catch her。

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Moreover,Morgan·Lord is dead,Why should the coalition offend a guy who is much better than him?!

Lu Menglin has strength,Power in hand,Strong and strong,Now I have the help of Dongyang Kingdom,Such a powerful figure,The Earth Alliance should win,So General Wu felt,Answer with reservations,It is for the sake of the overall interests of the Earth Alliance。
“With hundreds of eyes watching,Forgive him for not daring to deceive us on this kind of thing。Morgan·Rod is arrogant and domineering,The current situation is turbulent,It’s not surprising that he has strange intentions。”General Li Qingsong said lightly。
His few words,It’s concluded,Given the nature of the incident,All the pots are locked in Morgan·Rod’s body,He is dead anyway,Death without evidence。
“Even so,Morgan is a coalition general,Now it’s the time to hire people,He died unexplainably,Someone has to fill the gap。”Mr. Will frowned,Shook his head and sighed。
“What does that matter!Isn’t there a personal choice here??”General Li Qingsong chuckled。
This conversation between the two,Hearing that General Wu was stunned on the spot。
“What,what?No way!There are still such good things in the world?I,I can really sit on Morgan·Rod’s location??”General Wu struggled in his heart for a long time,Look eager to try。
“Stop!You two don’t want to get me in!I didn’t promise!”Lu Menglin raised the volume in time,Stop these two old fritters from talking to themselves。
Admiral Li Qingsong’s face stagnated,Talk and stop、
Mr. Will is not so polite,Stared,Shouted:“Lu Menglin, Lu Menglin!You killed the general of our coalition,Severely damaged the strength of the coalition forces,What if you don’t make up?Do you want to watch the human world be swallowed by a foreign land??”
Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled,Lightly:“Mr. Will,The account shouldn’t be calculated like this!Great East Asian Disaster,Mingzi and I went into the sea to explore,Originally for humans,But what are your Earth Alliance doing?You sent a two hundred and five,Bring troops to collect my troops!Do you think Lu Menglin is a bully??Ugly,If Mingzi and I didn’t return from the bottom of the sea,Did your 250-five plan succeed??”
Lu Menglin said this,Mr. Will’s face suddenly became uncontrollable,Xiongxiong’s anger appeared in his eyes,Staring at Landing Dream Scale。
Admiral Li Qingsong also had to cough a few times,Turn away,Use this little gesture to hide your gaffe。
Only the young man sitting beside them,But always smiling,A look of interest,Look at Lu Menglin,Seems to appreciate his boldness。

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Everyone laughed so Lu Menglin and the four of them were inexplicable,But it’s not easy。

Since it’s already here,Then you might as well meet the host here,Because Lu Menglin is also very curious,Why doesn’t anyone look for,I just found four of them?
At this moment,Liu Wenzhang calmly pulled the corner of the La Wuhao brothers’ clothes,Said in a very soft voice:“These people seem to be big boys,Try not to provoke them。”
Lu Menglin glanced at him,Nodded。
After all, Liu Wenzhang grew up in Shencheng,Although his own level is not mixed enough,But there is still vision。
Under close observation,I found that these people in the lobby of the inn are not simple,Not only the strength is not weak,And what they wear,At hand,Various details,All of them can only be owned by the children of real great nobles。
Nothing else,Just say that the sandalwood ordered in the lobby of the inn,It’s the real top-grade Humu sandalwood,This kind of thing can only be used by royal children and first-grade nobles,Even he had only heard about it once or twice outside the study of the Sixth Prince。
And the maid named Xiao Juan,I won’t talk about appearance and body,Just the jade wrap around her waist,Walk up like ice cubes flowing and hitting in spring water,The sound is exceptionally sweet,It has a refreshing effect。
If that piece of jade jacket is less than a hundred yuan,Liu Wenzhang would rather dig out his eyes before swallowing。
Their Liu family is also considered a great nobleman,But the maid at home will never have such expensive accessories。
No wonder the second son of the Zhennan General’s Mansion just now,Were all kicked out casually。
Even the Niu Dali who laughed at the four of them just now,Don’t look at this person’s name sounds vulgar,The boots that people wore on their feet shocked Liu Wenzhang。
If Liu Wenzhang didn’t look away,,The boots that the cow wore on his feet,It should be the famous storm boots,Made by the meteorite iron,Good things enchanted by no less than forty-two magicians。
Chapter one thousand and forty one Princess see
and,What makes Liu Wenzhang feel unbelievable is that,These young people present,Glanced sharply,Just like that,Carefully,All his mothers have good things,And young,Strength is not weak,but,But I don’t even recognize one,This is a little strange。
If these people are all the noble children of Tianzun God City,There’s no reason why Liu Wenzhang doesn’t even recognize one!
Even if others don’t recognize him,He should always recognize a few!All these people have treasures,Extraordinary temperament,But Liu Wenzhang didn’t recognize any of them,Weird,Really weird。
but,Although things are a bit strange,But the four are not afraid of anyone。

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