Yoga Yoga

Yoga Yoga

Under the influence of celebrities, the yoga movement has become very popular in recent years, even in hair salons.

  The birth of this set of yoga and mineral springs is a Danish Lebanese-born Danish who has personally come to Taiwan to demonstrate and has been engaged in body therapy for a long time.

  In a nutshell, the principle of active vitality of yoga mineral spas is to find your own physical properties, match with appropriate essential oil aromatherapy, and add yoga tones and energy massage to achieve relaxation, detoxification, and adjustment of body posture.

  Yoga’s energy-regulating energy method is to perform oxygenation, detoxification, and activation massages from the neck, shoulders, and hands in sequence, plus Lafayette essential oils for aromatherapy, and the body breathes the aroma of essential oils to mediate emotions and penetrate the skin.Massage to promote blood and lymph circulation to achieve complete relaxation. If the effect is good, you can activate, detoxify and adjust your posture.

  1. Consultation: In 5 minutes, first use the physical property reference table to determine the physical fitness of the customer. After confirmation, determine the type of essential oil to apply.

  2. Prepare to wear a white gown, and add a towel on top to remove the hair accessories. For long hair, first clip the tail with a shark clip and confirm that the background size is moderate.

  3, apply the essential oil on the hand first, and fully wipe the customer’s neck / ear / ear / head / arm area.

  4. Mineral massage: 15 minutes shortening (5 steps), shoulder (6 steps), hand (3 steps).

  5. Apply a hot towel to the shoulder joint for 1 minute, gently wipe the shoulder, neck and arms, and then drink a glass of warm water to soothe the limbs.

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The bad mentality of men who are in love

The bad mentality of men who are in love

Men in love, facing new people, new things, new scenes, while feeling happiness and sweetness, they are also commotion, perplexity, confusion for all kinds of problems, plus different men’s mentalities and experienceDifferent bearing capacity, unknowingly, all kinds of bad mentality begin to breed quietly, if you do not promptly diagnose and treat, you may ruin the beautiful love process.

This article is the five most popular mentality among men in love. I hope that men with a heart disease will come to the pair, check it, and treat it as soon as possible.


Regardless of blood-type symptoms: these men are generally in an active offensive state in love activities. When they meet a girl who agrees with the person in their dreams, or when the girl they have been longing for gives themWhen there is a glimmer of hope, their nerves will be highly excited, so they will desperately devote themselves to the love movement, launching the most violent attack on the target regardless of the cost.

  In this situation, the men in love always maintain a state of high excitement. In order to get the love and love of their lovers, they can say that they have spared no effort.

Once, when the lover saw a jewellery with a price of 8,500 yuan in the mall, she was very moved, and our male protagonist only earns 750 yuan a month. At present, the bank deposit is only 10,000 yuan.I bought this jewellery for my lovers, even though they determined that the relationship was less than a month old, and even the girl might soon become another multimillion-dollar fashion in the store and expressed great interest.

Our heroine can’t think about so much, as long as they can please the lovers, they will do it regardless.


Symptoms of Gain and Loss: Men with Gain and Loss are a classic paradoxical complex.

They may have met their lovers themselves or they were introduced by others.

Such men are often too calm, too calm, showing too much trouble in their relationship with their lovers.

Number of people, they fall in love with their lover (or have not yet determined whether they fall in love with each other at all), and hope to work with her to join together, but instead, they are reluctant to spend too much time, income and money for theirBecause they are not sure whether they and their lover will succeed in the future, they don’t see the hare or the hawk.

The reason is that the typical man is too realistic and relatively lacks the passion of love; or because he has felt some setbacks emotionally, which causes heavier suspicion and is afraid to be deceived again.


Self-righteous symptoms: This man is often talented and at the center of public praise, so he feels generally superior.

In love activities, they are mostly passive, but they also have a sense of self-domination.

He said that he was in a passive state because the girl around him was not his effort to chase it, but someone else was attracted by the charm of our hero, in this case, no matter how good the girl isRarely, our male protagonist is also unaware, so he will have an inexplicable sense of superiority, and thinks that as long as he doesn’t disapprove, the girls around him will stay with them forever.They always appear in front of lovers as a charity, and sometimes even arrogant.


Depression symptoms: Men with depression are generally known to lovers through introductions from others.

Such men are usually not very good in their own conditions, and lack a healthy and cheerful attitude, so they lack self-confidence and inferiority.

They rarely show their strengths in front of the opposite sex, and even deep in their hearts is very eager to have the love and tenderness of their lovers.

Therefore, once someone cares for him and introduces friends, he will be grateful and will cherish this opportunity.

But the bad thing is that the stubborn inferiority complex is always present and lingering.

When his lover talked happily with other men, when his lover temporarily rejected one of his invitations due to physical inconvenience, when his lover was given the opportunity to be promoted or raised . The inferiority demonHe jumps out at any time, he puts all his attention on the lover, and cares too much about the views and evaluations of the lover and the people around him. Over time, he will increasingly ignore his own advantages and charm.The advantages and charms that are not superfluous continue to die away.


Sloppy army-type symptoms: Most of these men ignore the nature of love and are more indifferent to psychological pleasure.

They know that skin contact is more than emotional communication. They acknowledge that the end of marriage is more than the process of love. Therefore, they adopt a sloppy attitude towards love. As long as they see the girl, and the girl is willing to marry herselfIn that case, they don’t even feel like getting married right away, it doesn’t matter if they are in love.

So as long as there is a little external cause to catalyze, they immediately made a request to their lover to enter the siege.

A junior heard that the unit was to be divided into houses, and he did not hesitate to go back to the one who asked him to marry, but he ignored the fact that the two knew each other only one or two months (note!

They are not the kind of lovers who fell in love at first sight, and maybe they haven’t really pulled them together). It can be said that he is a typical sloppy special force.

It’s amazing that this kind of person still has a good market, just like the old man mentioned above, in the end, he really did as he wished for the harvest of the house lady, and he was praised by his friends, especially his father-in-law.: Well, my son-in-law is so capable.

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Spleen and Wetness: Lentil Lean Chicken Feet Soup

Spleen and Wetness: Lentil Lean Chicken Feet Soup

Medicinal diet ingredients: 15 grams of white lentils, 100 grams of lean pork, two chicken feet, ginger slices, and an appropriate amount of salt (dosage for one person can be increased or decreased according to the number of people).

  Method: Wash the lean pork, remove the bloody smell from the flying water, cut into pieces, put the chicken feet in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add white lentils, and cook for 1 hour with the simmering heat, and then eat them after seasoning.

  Efficacy: Lentils have the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and reducing heat.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, diarrhea in stool, diarrhea due to summer heat, chest tightness and bloating, especially suitable for children.

After the white lentils are fried, the spleen is stronger.

  Note: White lentils contain lectin, which is toxic. It can be detoxified by heating. It must be cooked when eating.

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Why men have green hat phobia

Why men have green hat phobia

A very interesting phenomenon is that men don’t feel like they are traveling or staying out for some reason.

And once a woman goes out, she often “feels like a ghost”. Although women do not follow the phone one by one, they are still restless.

People who are joking say this: The love between husband and wife is evident, and the wife can’t bear to leave the night.

  Men are afraid of green hats. In fact, from a psychological point of view, this is the “unsettling feeling” hidden in men’s hearts. Let’s call it “green hat phobia.”whats the matter.

  Studies have shown that women trust their husbands far more than men trust their wives.

This is consistent with real life-men can righteously drink alcohol all night, play mahjong, and pass away a few words to women, which is often not the case for men to women.

  I once saw a case in which a couple declared marriage dissolution after three years of marriage. The reason for the divorce was that the husband was extremely distrustful of the wife. As soon as the wife went out, the husband would check her underwear., Chasing hard.

Living in a tense atmosphere for a long time, the strings of marriage finally broke before the nerves broke.

  Sexual behavior is an exclusive psychological sexual behavior, which will inevitably leave a large number of secretions on the inner pants. The husband’s “virginity detection method” is straightforward, but he forgot that there are too many sources of female lower body secretions.In many aspects, in addition to sexual activity (including sexual imagination), as well as gynecological obesity, its body movements, etc., “secrets” have become his “replacement” for his distrust mentality, forming a “secret” = “derailment” psychologyStrange circle.

  There is also a typical “suspected wife” behavior-showing a strong aversion to the men around his wife. Colleagues, classmates, friends and even relatives, as long as they are men, get along with the frequency resonance, especially the wife raises a lot of opportunities, He was “blacklisted”, carrying this “blacklist”, accumulated into a “green hat phobia”, researched carefully, replacing his wife’s contact frequency with these “suspicious objects”, venue and time, long-termIn a state of high alert and vigilance, I always feel that “it’s something like that”, but I always can’t handle it.

  The extension of the virgin complex There are many reasons for this distrust, but the combination is nothing more than several types: First, the “virgin complex” is the reason, and the wife is “suspected to be virgin” when married, or it is very clear that she is not her firstLovers; the second is a remarried couple, both of whom have a marriage history, and have different levels of “re-love experience”; the third is inferiority, which is usually an extrovert of a woman, and her career is more expensive than a man.”There is a phenomenon that women are stronger than men, and the fourth is hearsay, troubled by the special circumstances around them. I heard that some women have such experiences, and they are always guarding themselves-here, I said, these are all unhealthy.Mentality.

  As the saying goes, “Heart disease requires heart medicine” and “bell solution needs a bell person.” Trust comes from the purity of the relationship between the two sides. It also depends on the “calmness” of the individual. There may be a “illusion”-—If you say it exists, you say there is no it, then why not infer it?

  The zoo’s trainer can still get along with the beast. Why can’t he have more trust with his legal spouse?

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Fresh-keeping film with fresh and moist lips

Fresh-keeping film with fresh and moist lips

In the fall, dry lips begin to become serious.

According to Dr. Lin Ye from Japan’s Futaba Beauty Salon, modern women ‘s lips are getting more and more dry due to air pollution and lipsticks. Many women stay close to lip balms, but in fact many lip balms are only a relief for a while and will only form.Exception for lips to lip balm.

  Dr. Lin Ye said that there is a tip for home care that is better than constantly applying lip balm.

The method is: use a crushed lip balm (that is, preferably not with various fragrances), apply it on the lips, and cover it with a plastic wrap in the kitchen.

About 15 minutes at a time.

Repeating this for about two weeks, the ability of the lips to naturally stay moist can be restored.

  However, Dr. Lin Ye also reminded that because he can’t breathe through his mouth, he can’t use this method when he has a cold.

In addition, do not lick it with your tongue when you feel your lips dry, because this will quickly evaporate the moisture on the surface of the lips, making the lips more dry and licking, until the cracks.

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There are many traditional Chinese medicine methods for treating male impotence

There are many traditional Chinese medicine methods for treating male impotence

Impotence means that when the sexual desire is required, the penis cannot erect or is weak, or although it has an erection and has a certain degree of stiffness, it cannot maintain sufficient time for sexual intercourse, resulting in sexual intercourse or inability to complete sexual intercourse.

  TCM believes that the cause of impotence is mainly in the following aspects: emotional stimulation, unsatisfactory emotions, unwillingness, or excessive sorrow, depression, and liver qi depression; anger and qi reversal, excessive liver drainage, and some liver disorders, Qi and blood are not smooth, Zong Jin loses charge, causing impotence.

Excessive funeral intercourse, sexual indulgence, or excessive masturbation, fraudulent injury and blood consumption, damage to the true yang, resulting in weak kidney qi, life gate fire decline, and gradually become impotence.

Liuxian invades the climate at first cold, or involves ice water, cold evil attacks, long stagnation of liver veins, or long-term residence in wetlands, or the scorching heat of the summer, and wetness can cause impotence.

Inappropriate diet, thick flavor, over-eat fat, or excessive alcohol addiction, brewing wet heat, internal resistance in coke, stagnation liver and gallbladder.

Flap injury, injury to the kidney house, external kidney or jade stem, resulting in meridian injury, Qi and blood can not relax, or cause blood stasis in the veins of the muscles, impotence.

People with chronic illnesses suffer from chronic qi deficiency and are prone to pathological products such as phlegm, wetness, and blood stasis. They often suffer from qi deficiency and impaired yang, leading to impotence.

Insufficient endowment of parents, or severe illness and serious illness, the children born are often inadequate endowment, if the juvenile loses recuperation, affects development, or congenital malformations, leading to impotence.

The senescence of the elderly is gradually exhausted, the Qi and blood are not full, and they are often deficient and stasis, which inhibits the Yang Road, loses muscles, and develops impotence.

In addition, widowers live alone, or the couple has been separated for a long time, and the prolonged sexual intercourse also causes failure and obscurity, and there is no need for yang. Young men are married early, and they suffer from impotence.

  First, dialectical treatment: 1.

Liver Qi-Stagnation Syndrome Eliminates Liver-Depression.

Liver stagnation and fire should be Shushu Jieyu heat.

The prescription Xiaoyao San is combined with Sini San plus Baixili, purple shoots, Chuanxiongzi, vinegar yuanhu.


The method of treating liver qi and transversal insufficiency is Pinggan Zhenni.

Recipe Xiaoyao San with keel, oyster, stone cassia, white tribulus, antelope horn powder.


Treatment of dampness and heat of the liver by dampness and heat.

Recipe Longdan Xiegan Decoction plus Snake Bed.


Blood Stasis Blocking and Collateral Syndrome Therapy of Activating Blood Circulation and Removing Blood Stasis and Collaterals.

Prescription Yaodaluo Decoction.


The fire of Mingmen’s fire was weakened by Wen Wen’s fire.

Prescription medicinal Hangu Chunsheng Dan.


Kidney yin deficiency syndrome nourishes yin and kidneys.

Those who have both yin deficiency and fire, should nourish yin and kidney, and clear the deficiency heat.

Prescription medicinal Zuo Gui Wan.


The method of treating cold stagnation liver pulse syndrome is to warm and disperse cold.

Recipe Warm Liver Decoction with Mangosteen Meat, Nine Fragrant Insects, Curculigo, Immortal Spleen, Morinda officinalis.


Dysfunction of biliary dysphoria, kidney injury, kidney and liver rejuvenation, strengthening biliary and calming nerves.

The prescription medicine Qiyang Yuxin Dan.


Liver Blood Deficiency Syndrome Therapy for nourishing blood and nourishing the liver.
Recipe Guigui Decoction.

Phlegm-dampness-blocking-collateral method can eliminate phlegm, dampness, and clear the collaterals.

Recipe: Daluo drink with stiff silkworm.


) Spleen-Stomach Qi Deficiency Syndrome Therapy for qi, strengthening the spleen, and stomach.

Prescription medicine Jiuxiang Changchun drink.

  Second, acupuncture treatment 1.

Acupuncture points are commonly used for acupuncture: Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: After predicting the acupoints, disinfect with iodine first, and then deiodize with 75% alcohol.

The surgeon presses the perineum of the patient with the thumb of his left hand, prescribes a deep inhalation to close the anus, causing concentration on the glans.

Then, hold the wheat-shaped intradermal needle (tightly sterilized) with a hemostat in the right hand, pierce it from the Sanyinjiao, and insert it by rotation to make the patient feel a needle and then fix it with adhesive tape.

Buried on both sides.

It takes about 5 minutes to sinter the perineum points.

The time for embedding the needle is generally 3 days. After the needle is taken, the needle is buried for 3 days.

  Note: (1) The method of acupoint selection and operation are relatively simple, but the patient should be prescribed to try a few steps after burying.

Use this method with caution in summer.

  (2) This method is mostly used for those who have no significant effect.


Acupuncture points and body needles are commonly used for acupoints.

  Spare points: divided into 4 groups.

(1) Sanyinjiao, Shenshu; (2) Changqiang; (3) Hachiman; (4) Guan Yuan, Shimen, Qihai.

  Impotence point location: It consists of five points.

From the umbilicus (god) to the pubic symphysis (curve acupoint), make a line.

The upper 1/3, the middle 1/3, and the lower 1/3 each have a hole; each middle 1/3 is opened 1 inch each.

  Operation: medicinal solution: 0.

5% procaine injection, Shining injection (2mg / 1ml) or 5% glucose injection 31ml and Shining injection 1ml mixed solution, salvia injection and Angelica injection 2ml each.

  Choose common points and a set of spare points each time.

Acupuncture is commonly used, and acupoints are injected into spare points.

Impotence points to 2.

Five 5-inch needles are inserted in sequence and twisted after insertion to make the needle radiate toward the penis.

The spare point is optionally injected with one of the above-mentioned liquid medicines.

In the first group of points, Shining injection was used. One pair of points was taken at a time, and the two points were alternated. After being pierced with a No. 5 dental needle, acupuncture appeared, and 0 was injected.

5ml medicinal solution, twice a week.

0 for the second group of points.

5% procaine injection.

After the skin test, routinely sterilize, use a 7-gauge needle, pierce through the Changqiang acupoint, puncture along the tailbone to the sciatic rectal fossa, and inject 20ml of liquid medicine (do not inject into the body).

Also twice a week; the third group applied a mixed solution.

The patient was asked to sit back on the backrest chair, pinpoint the cavities, and mark with gentian purple.

Temporarily mix the two medicinal solutions in proportions, draw them into a 50ml syringe, and shake them well.
After routine disinfection of the acupoint area, pierce the No. 5 dental needle into the above eight acupoints, about 1 inch deep. After getting gas, inject 4ml of medicinal solution into each acupoint.
Once every other day.

Danshen was used in the fourth group of acupoints.

5 ml.

  Acupuncture is used for leveling up and reducing diarrhea, leaving the needle for 20 minutes, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

Acupoint injection varies according to different medicinal solutions and acupoints, usually 4 times as a course of treatment.

  Note: (1) Procaine injection must be tested for allergy before injection.

  (2) Be sure to perform as required during operation.

If the acupuncture point is located at the injection site, the needle tip must be pierced into the sacral foramen, and no blood will be drawn back before injection.


Common points for acupuncture: Zhongji, Guanyuan, Zusanli, Qugu.

  Spare points: Mingmen, Shenshu, Dadun, Shenhua, Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: Choose 2 points of common points and 2-3 points of spare points each time.

Prior to acupuncture on the lower abdomen, the patient should be emptied to urinate to size 28 2.

It is better to stab a 5-3 inch needle with a constant electric shock to the root of the urethra.

In the remaining points, the degree of local swelling and heavy anesthesia appears.

For those who have a strong needle feeling and get good qi, use the method of flat filling, flat diarrhea, and gently twisting and inserting. Run the needle for 1 minute and leave it for 10 minutes.

For those who have poor gas, use slow and powerful lifting to twist and apply the method of filling and diarrhea. Run the needle for 2 minutes and leave the needle for 20 minutes.

When lifting the needle, slightly move the needle.

In Dadun, the shrine used moxa sticks for peck moxibustion for 15 minutes each.

You can also use a 12cm × 12cm moxibustion box with 2 sections of 4cm long moxa sticks. After ignition, first moxibustion and knock on the door, Shenshu acupoint, remove after burning or when the patient feels burning pain.

Then take 2 sections of moxa sticks and place them in the moxibustion box, and moxibustion the Guanyuan point as the center.

Once a day or every other day, 10 days is a course of treatment, and the treatment interval is 3-5 days before the next course of treatment.

Usually three courses of treatment.

  Precautions: (1) Of the cases in which impotence is not treated by this method, the elderly are the older and the disease is more common.

Other acupoint stimulation methods can be tried.

  (2) Two kinds of moxibustion methods introduced in this method: Ai Miao pecking moxibustion and Ai moxibustion can be used instead.

Or alternately.

  (3) The moxibustion operation of this method is more troublesome. Acupuncture can be used first if the effect is not significant.

  (4) If the acupuncture points of the lower abdomen or crotch are acupunctured, the acupuncture can reach the perineum or the glans, and the effect is often better.


Common points for moxibustion: Guan Yuan.

  Operation: Use Chen Ai to crush the medium-sized Ai Zhi (about soy beans) and apply moxibustion without scars, that is, I Ai Zhi directly enters the acupuncture area to ignite until the patient has a burning sensation.

Each moxibustion of 100-200 strong, once a week, 3 times a course of treatment, the treatment interval is 7 days.

  Note: (1) This method of moxibustion is more troublesome and the treatment is time-consuming and complicated, which is often difficult for patients to accept.

It is recommended to try this method when other methods are not effective.

  (2) Pay attention to the burning situation during the operation, especially the elderly, the skin sensitivity is poor and it is easy to burn.


Acupuncture points: 2 groups.

(1) rising sun, perineum; (2) Dahe, Mingmen.
  Spare points: Zusanli, Qihai, Guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao.

  Qiyang Point Location: Located at the lower edge of the pubic symphysis.
  Operation: Choose a group of common points at a time, and add or switch to a backup point when the effect is not good.

From the sun, enter the needle 1.

5 inches, reaching the penis sponge body as the degree, so that the needle feels to the glans, lifted, so that there is a local thermal expansion; perineal points, trying to press the penis sponge body of the scrotum root, into the needle 0.

8 inches, so that the needle feel also spread to the glans.

With twisting method, the needle is transported once for 5 minutes and the needle is left for 30 minutes.

In the second group, pierce with a 1-3 inch needle and twist slightly to release the needle feeling toward the penis.

The method of burning mountain fire is used to make the thermal sensation appear by scraping the needle.

Lift the needle slowly when you withdraw the needle. When the tip of the needle is about to be pulled out, press gently with your left thumb and index finger downward, twist the needle slowly with your right hand, and press the needle hole quickly to make the heat spread to the penis.

Also leave the needle for 30-40min.

Spare acupuncture points by conventional acupuncture.

The above method, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

  Precautions: (1) When acupuncture is performed on the acupuncture points in the abdomen, pay attention not to puncture the peritoneum.

According to the author’s experience, when the needle tip enters the abdominal muscle layer, there is a sense of heaviness, and the needle will have a soreness when it is transported slightly. Continue to deepen the needle until the pain appears. Most of the needles are excess radiation-like stings.Peritoneal wall.

The surgeon feels like stabbing on a hard road membrane. At this time, no needle can be inserted.

  (2) The operation of this method is more demanding. The author’s experience is more effective as long as the needle can reach the penis.


Moxibustion plus pointer commonly used points: Guan Yuan, Shenshu.

  Spare points: Zusanli, Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: The main points are commonly used.

First use moxa for maneuver moxibustion, moxibustion at each point for 5-10min, Guanyuan moxibustion for 5-15min, with local red fever as the degree.

After moxibustion, use double thumbs to press Shenshu, and massage the small fish to roll for 5min; forefinger press Guan Yuan, rotate the palm clockwise for 5-15min, once a day or every other day, 12-15th is a course of treatment.Interval of 3-5 days.

  Note: (1) This method can teach patients’ families to operate by themselves.

  (2) It is required to persist for a period of time.


Common points for knife and needle: upper iliac, middle iliac, secondary iliac, chin.

  Operation: According to the order of upper 髎, middle 髎, second 髎, and lower 髎, select a pair of acupoints each time, make a mark, and sterilize a sterile hole towel after strict disinfection.

Use a No. 1 sword-shaped small needle knife to pierce directly to the surface of the sacrum periosteum. After the needle feels, lift up and down. Cut off 1-2 white fibers.1 pair of acupoints, 4 weeks as a course of treatment, generally need 1-2 courses.

  Note: (1) This law must be operated by experienced persons.

  (2) Strict disinfection and ban on launching gradually for 3 days.

  Three, dietary chives fried lamb liver: 90g leek, washed and cut into sections; 120g slices of lamb liver, cooked in an iron pan and simmered with vinegar to treat impotence.

Cistanche stewed sheep kidney: Cistanche 5g-10g, 1 pair of sheep kidney, cooked seasoned and served, Zhimingmenhuo impotence.

Broiler Turtle Soup: Take 1 unbroken chicken, weighing about 1000g, and remove the hair and internal organs; take another 500g turtle, remove nails, 9g white pepper, 500g brown sugar, fill the abdominal cavity of the chicken, placeIn a sand jar, add 1000ml of white wine, cover it, and seal it with mud. Add simmered fire until the meat is rotten.

Eat soup and meat and finish it in 2 to 3 days.

After 15 days, follow suit.

The formula is used for tonifying the kidney and nourishing yin, and is used for kidney yin deficiency and impotence.

Herbal Shrimp Paste: Take 30g of leek seeds, 15g of wolfberry seeds, 15g of snake bed seeds, 10g of dodder seeds, decoction, 1 dose per day.

In addition, fry 40g of prawns and fry the head and tail. Slightly smash. Add vinegar to 30g shrimp paste.

For the impotence of kidney yang deficiency, the prescription is warm and not dry.
Steamed sheep and mice: take several onion tubes, fill shrimps, fill with onion tubes as the degree, bake in a gentle heat, scrutinize, and take 6g each morning.

Another pair of sheep lactic acid pills, plus aging wine is called steamed, and served every morning.
One month is one course of treatment.

Warm kidney and impotence, used for impotence of life-gate fire.

Pangolin bergamot eggs: 12g pangolin, 20g bergamot, boil both eggs with water, remove the shells after the eggs are cooked, fry the eggs for 15 minutes, eat the egg and drink soup, once every other day, use for half a month

The combination of three things can disperse stagnation, replenish essence and qi, yang yang, and treat impotence of qi stagnation.

Dongpo lamb: 240g of mutton, 45g of potatoes and carrots, 60g of soy sauce, 6g of cooking wine, 4 sugar

5g, green onion 9g, ginger 3g, aniseed 0.

5g, pepper 0.

75g, vegetable oil 120g.

Cut the mutton into small pieces, peel the potatoes and carrots, and cut into diamond-shaped pieces.

Put a large stir-frying spoon on a hot fire, pour in vegetable oil, and when the oil and smoke are seen, add the mutton pieces and fry for about 5 minutes. You can remove the meat when it turns golden, and then put the potatoes and carrot pieces in the oilInside the spoon, also fry until golden brown and remove. Pour off the remaining oil.

Put the wok on the low heat, pour the fried mutton pieces, add the water, then add the above spices together, simmer until the meat is rotten, then add fried potatoes and carrot pieces, and simmer for another 5 minutesPour into a soup plate and serve.

Serve with food.

It can replenish sperm and blood, help Yuan Yang, and can be used for yang caused by complications of kidney yang.

Cordyceps Duck: 1 male duck, 10g Cordyceps, salt, ginger, scallion.

Wash and put in a casserole, add Cordyceps sinensis and the above seasonings.

Serve with a meal.

Tonic and help yang are used to treat kidney yang deficiency and cold, impotence caused by life-gate fire failure, and nocturnal emission. It is an ideal tonic for long-term recuperation.

Dog whip scattered: 1 dog whip.

Put the sand in the pot and heat it. Put the dog whip in the pot and stir-fry until it is loose. Then take out the grind, 3g per serving, twice a day, and send it in warm water.

For kidney yang deficiency impotence, cold.

Dog stew: yellow dog meat 500g-1000g, wash and cut into pieces, add star anise, cumin, cinnamon, grass fruit, ginger and salt, stew in the pot, eat meat and soup.

For spleen and kidney yang deficiency impotence.

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Peanuts are heart pills

Peanuts are heart pills

Peanut Diabetes prevents diabetes.

Peanut is the food with the lowest glycemic index, which is far lower than that of the main cereals.

Studies have confirmed that regular consumption of peanuts can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

  Scientists at Penn State University have found that eating peanuts can significantly reduce blood by 7%?
25% of total cholesterol and 10%?
A 33% “bad” level reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

  Peanut’s cardiovascular protection is related to arachidic acid supplement fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium, iodine and other elements. Folic acid can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

20% protein in peanuts?
30%, second only to soybeans.

The American College of Cardiology strongly advocates eating peanut oil, and the National Academy of Medical Sciences has listed peanuts and peanut butter as recommended foods for a healthy diet.

  Peanut Diabetes prevents diabetes.

Peanut is the food with the lowest glycemic index, which is far lower than that of the main cereals.
Studies have confirmed that regular consumption of peanuts can reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

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6-Week Weight Loss Plan for Yoga

6-Week Weight Loss Plan for Yoga

A new weight loss method that has gradually emerged recently, he neither needs exercise nor dieting, which is called yoga.

I do n’t know how it works, but someone has provided a more complete 6-week weight loss plan.

  Now you have to continue to practice yoga postures to ensure that your weight is balanced.

If you want to recover your body weight, you need to practice yoga selectively. In the initial stage, you cannot require all the exercises, and you don’t need to achieve the desired results and barely practice breakthrough methods.

Many simple Asana poses have significant effects on controlling weight and adjusting physical conditions.

When you first start practicing, you should never exercise too many postures. You should be gradual and persistent.

In the first week, you start to follow the posture I recommend, and in the second, third, and subsequent weeks, gradually increase the number.

I hope your progress is steady and there is no feeling of fatigue so as not to delay your normal life, and I have already said that controlling weight through yoga exercises is slow and continuous. If you understand these principles,Please continue.

  The first week 1.

Unilateral supine jujube exercises at least 8 times a day, each leg alternately 4 times.


Supine dates do not exceed 6 times a day.

  Continue the above method the second week, and then add the following postures.


Snake-style dates are guaranteed 4 times a day.


The gypsum bug date is guaranteed 4 times a day.

  In the third week, continue the method of the first and second weeks, and then increase the following posture 1.

The balanced jujube exercises are performed 6 times a day, and each leg is practiced 3 times alternately.


The curved leg type is practiced 6 times a day, and each leg is practiced 3 times alternately.

  On the fourth week, continue the first, second, and third week methods, and then increase the following postures.


Prayer Yang Jujube exercises 4 times a day.


Practice anti-bow jujube 4 times a day.

  In the fifth week, continue the first, second, third, and fourth methods, and then increase the following postures.


Half-side jujube exercises 4 times a day, 2 times on each side.


The forward bending date is practiced 4 times a day.

  In the sixth week, continue the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth week methods, and then increase the following postures.


Sleep Thunder Dates practice 4 times a day.


Yuwang style dates are practiced twice a day.

  If you do it right, you can get 2-4 pounds more than your aunt in a month, so what should you do in the seventh week?

  You have a few options: first, you can restore your old habits and go back to the old days.  Second, you can choose your preferred non-yoga exercise to increase your exercise and maintain your physical condition.

  Third, you can do this yoga exercise every one or two months to maintain your body.

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White-collar office yoga selection to relieve OL fatigue

White-collar office yoga selection to relieve OL fatigue

How do office workers relieve muscles and back pain caused by sedentary problems?

The following is an office yoga recommended by Xiaobian that is very suitable for ol practice, so that you can eliminate the fatigue of the day.

  1. Spinal twisting method: A, sit upright, straighten your legs forward, bend your right leg, and place your right foot on the base of your left thigh.

  B, exhale, move your upper body to the left, try to reinsert your left arm, extend your right hand forward, and grab your left foot.

  C, turn your head to the right, look away from your right shoulder, breathe normally, hold this position for 10 to 20 seconds, release your right foot to restore, exchange this pattern from left to right.

  Tips: The order of neck, chest, and waist is consciously reversed from top to bottom when turning, using the neck to cause spine uplift.

  Distal: Eliminate the congestion of the shoulders, neck and neck, make the spine softer, and prevent back pain and lumbar rheumatism.

When you feel tired or bored at work, you can practice this function 1-3 times to become clear-headed and enhance your work vitality.

  2. Cobra-style method: A. At first, lie on your stomach with your hands close to your side and your legs swollen. Let your cheek lie on one side and relax your body completely.

  B. Turn your head so that your forehead rests on the ground.

You can only use your face and muscles with the disease to slowly tilt your head up, the more your right side is tilted back, the better.

  C, play the role of hip muscles (don’t step on it), lift your shoulders and torso forward, and inhale slowly at the same time, insert your hands under your shoulders, with your fingers facing each other.

Push up slowly and let the front continue to rise, as long as it is comfortable and comfortable, the navel can be close to the ground.

Pull your head up and back and push your arms straight.

  D. Hold this position for 10-20 seconds and breathe normally.

  E, exhale slowly and gradually put the main shaft back on the floor.

Turn your head to one side, relax your body, and then do it 2 more times.

  Tip: When the main shaft is lifted and lifted forward, the spine should be lifted from the first spine at the top of the spine, and one spine should rise and tilt upwards one by one. When recovering, the lower vertebrae and spine should be oriented firstLower the spine, and the spine floors on both sides of the spine joints are lowered until the front is back to the ground.

  Improvement: Helps treat various back pain and spinal injuries, helps relieve constipation, and improves menstrual disorders in women.

However, people with hyperthyroidism, intestinal tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, and kidney qi should not do this exercise.

  3. Stepping on both legs: A. Straighten and stretch your legs, straighten your tail, and hold your big toes with both hands.

  B. After adjusting your breathing, take a deep breath, and your upper body will stand back from waist to head.

  C, exhale, while leading forward with the forehead and frontal spine, bend your upper body forward, lower your head so that it tries to approach your knees, close your eyes, and finally take your forehead to exhale and stay for 10-20 seconds.
  D. At the same time of inhalation, the upper body is lifted and restored.

Repeat 1-2 times.

  Retina: Eliminates congestion in diabetes and enhances internal function.

According to ancient yoga yogis, men practicing this technique can cure impotence and enhance sexual performance.

  4, supine relaxation exercises: A, supine with the back on the ground, arms paired on the body, palms up, feet open naturally to the ground.

  B. Close your eyes, relax your body, breathe calmly and naturally, and keep your breath.

  Nervousness: Nerve nervousness is eliminated, the heart is quiet, and the whole body is rejuvenated. It is a good way to cure tension, neurasthenia and insomnia.

  8 notes for practicing yoga: 1. Coach: It is important to choose a coach. You must follow a high-level, high-quality coach who can guide your body in two aspects. 2. Venue: If you are studying indoors, choose an open space and beautiful environment, Good ventilation, fresh air environment; practice on your own, and also replace the quiet and beautiful natural environment such as forests, grasslands, and water.

  3, clothing: light and breathable, loose and comfortable, a variety of body movements, barefoot exercises.

  4. Exercise on an empty stomach: Thirty minutes after eating, you can eat and bath.

  5. Focus on the spirit: slow and gentle movements, with breathing, breathing uniformly slowly and continuously.

  6. Don’t be overly nervous and forcefully: do what you can, don’t rush to success, and don’t compete with others.

  7, it is best to insist every day (or 5-6 times a week): every at least 20 minutes, and regularly.

  8, diet: follow the principles of yoga diet.

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Pay attention to medication for patients with acute infectious diseases

Pay attention to medication for patients with acute infectious diseases

Introduction: Parasitic infectious diseases are mostly caused by E. coli, dysentery, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Proteus, so when replacing antibiotics, it is best to do stool culture first, identify the pathogenic bacteria, and then replace the bacteria. The most sensitiveAntibiotic treatment.

  Most of the infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, infectious bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and proteus. Therefore, when replacing antibiotics, it is best to do stool culture first, identify the pathogenic bacteria, and then replace the antibiotics with the most sensitive bacteria.
  Contraindications for patients with initial infectious diseases: use antidiarrheal drugs as soon as you see diarrhea. Some patients with local infectious diseases immediately take antidiarrheal drugs when they develop diarrhea. It is very wrong.

The initial stages of initial infectious diseases often have different degrees of diarrhea. This kind of diarrhea can transform the pathogenic bacteria in the body and the toxins produced by them to reduce the toxic effect of pathogenic bacteria with the toxin on the human body.laxative.

For those with long-lasting metabolism of diarrhea and symptoms of dehydration, antidiarrheals should be applied as appropriate under the replacement of antibiotics and recombinant dehydration throughout the body.

  Second, avoid antibiotics. Infectious diseases caused by antibiotics are mostly caused by E. coli, influenza bacillus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and proteus. Therefore, when replacing antibiotics, it is best to do stool culture and identify the pathogenic bacteria before replacing them.Bacterial most sensitive antibiotic treatment.
  Three bogey abuse of analgesics leads to infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria and toxins to stimulate the intestinal wall caused by smooth muscle tendon penetration and produce abdominal pain.

Some patients are accustomed to using an anti-thirst agent such as atropine, belladonna tablets, etc., which is very dangerous.

Elderly people with glaucoma tend to worsen glaucoma after taking such drugs.

Hot compressing the abdomen with a hot water bottle in patients with mild diarrhea can alleviate pain symptoms. Those with acute abdominal pain should apply analgesics under the guidance of a doctor.

  When the four taboos are effective, the drug is discontinued. A large number of patients with infectious diseases of diarrhea often take medicine according to symptoms.

This method of medication can easily lead to repeated treatments due to incomplete treatment, or to chronic diarrhea.

The scientific method of medication is to continue medication for 2-3 days after all symptoms have disappeared.

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