Women’s psychology

Women’s psychology

Let your beloved boyfriend or husband be obsessed with themselves for a long time, can’t stop, this is the beautiful wish that every woman will have.
Come and learn if you want to keep men!
  女性成功吸引男人只需三招  最近在网络上看到不少讨论什么样的人会让异性为之“欲罢不能”的文章,就女性对于男性的吸引力而言,被列举的有柔情、才华、Many aspects such as beauty, personality, etc. make sense.
After reading it, Youmei also wanted to talk about her own experience and views from a different perspective. It should be regarded as a supplement.
What do women rely on to attract men?
How attractive and lasting can women be for men?
Seemingly simple questions, the answers are always confusing.
  Let your beloved boyfriend or husband be obsessed with themselves for a long time, can’t stop, this is the beautiful wish that every woman will have.
However, this wish is always far away from reality. In real life, some women try various methods in order to realize such a wish; some women think that this is an impossible wish and turn to hope.It ‘s about men ‘s moral conscience, social opinion, and law; some women take a decisive attitude. Some female netizens often complain to Youmei in QQ. From teenage girls to unbelievable older sisters, they all face a problem.Common dilemma: Men ‘s emotions go higher and lower as time goes by, and the rate of exhaustion far exceeds that of men ‘s sexual abilities. Men ‘s emotions are more bearable than women ‘s looks. They are the easiest of all things for men.Decaying things.
  There are also often angry girls who think that a woman who makes her boyfriend or husband empathize with her is actually far worse than herself and can’t swallow that.
This reminds Youmei of a Japanese romance drama “When I Don’t Believe” I watched before. The young and beautiful full-time wife in the story lost to the 30-year-old Ginza nightclub mother Sang in the offense and defense of love. Many viewers watchedIn the first few episodes, it was said that the idiot director reversed the actresses of those two roles, and they should be replaced, but after seeing it, he realized and admired the director’s intentions.
  We can divide women’s attraction to men into three levels, each of which has a different approach, strength and staying power.
  The first level: the attraction of the eyes. Needless to say, the beauty attracts the attention of men and the attention of women.
But this kind of attraction does not last long. If a man walks around the street for a day, if he sees a hundred beauties, after one week, he can still have more than three impressions.
  The attraction of the eyes is a ubiquitous attraction that has been forgotten.
Nowadays, most women also understand this, so they generally don’t pay much attention to the crazy scans of beauties when their boyfriends or husbands take to the streets, and they will appreciate them together.
  第二层次:身体的吸引  女人的身体,尤其是年轻美丽的身体,对男人的吸引力虽不能说是绝对无法抗拒,但是强大的程度是谁都知道的,所谓“英雄难过美人关”,要Otherwise, how can there be so many beauties and hidden rules in China and abroad, ancient and modern?
  Unfortunately, too many women mistakenly believe that physical attraction to men is a weapon of constant victories. In fact, although it seems that the victory can always be achieved at first, the expiration period often comes quickly.
In this age of flooding of women, the attractiveness of the body to men is becoming shorter and shorter, and even superstar models often do not last for three or five years, let alone ordinary women?
  The woman who takes the body as the trump card, when the card is played, the trump card is exhausted, and in the future, you can only follow the fate.
  The third level: the attraction of the soul. What makes men obsessed with women for a long time and cannot stop is the attraction of the soul.
  Just like a woman’s vagina has a G-spot. Once touched by a man, she will be immortal and want to stop. There is also a G-spot deep in the heart of a man. Once touched by a woman, she will disarm her and bow her head.
Don’t believe it?
Have you ever seen some women who don’t look very good, and how they compare to other women, but there are very good men who are fascinated by them and will never give up.
People ca n’t understand and just say “he owed her in the previous life” or “have repaired her in the previous life”, but do we really have a past life and an afterlife?
Even if we do n’t know it, the real reason is: she touched the G spot of his soul!
  This touch of soul is precious to men, and it can even be said to be paramount.
Just as some women never know where their physical G-spot is, they have never enjoyed the physical happiness outside the sky, and some men have never known their own G-spot in their lives.Despite my life’s hard work, even though I have made a lot of money, I haven’t tasted the true happiness in my life.
  On the Internet, from time to time, men will ask Youmei, “Where is the G point of a woman?
“Youmei always replied,” Go home and study with your wife, this is the pleasure of both of you. ”
Similarly, if someone asks, “Where is the G point of a man’s mind?
“The answer is the same. Please ask the men and women in love to explore on their own, but that is the joy of your life in this life!
  Although modern science and technology have been highly developed, neither men nor women can fully understand their own bodies and talk about their own minds.
Physical happiness still requires two people to cooperate with each other in bed to explore, and spiritual pleasure also requires two people to yearn and pursue together in the years of life.
  The G point of a man’s mind is that it is not easy for a man to discover it by himself. A woman may never find it if she does not try it with her heart.
But the sincerity, wisdom and hard work of two people together is 1 + 1> 2. Once found successfully, then you do n’t need to sink the fish and go wild, and you do n’t need to be talented, it does n’t matter whether you are gentle or hot, as long as you always remember to touchTouch G point of his soul, he will never want to let you go all his life!

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What foods can supplement the cold in winter?

What foods can supplement the cold in winter?

Winter diet is the top priority of winter health.

  The winter climate is cold, and the human body is affected by the cold weather. The physiological functions and appetite of the body will change.

Therefore, it is necessary to rationally adjust the diet to ensure that the necessary nutrients of the human body are sufficient to improve cold tolerance and immune function, and to make it safe and winter-free.

  Mineral deficiency and cold: People’s fear of cold is related to the body’s intake of certain mineral substitutes.

The amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the flexibility and excitability of myocardium, blood vessels and muscles; iron deficiency in the blood often manifests as less production and low body temperature.

The coldness in winter can affect the body’s nutritional metabolism and increase the consumption of various nutrients to varying degrees.

At the same time, human urine volume increases in winter, and the amount of calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, inorganic and other inorganic salts excreted with urine also increases, so it should be added in time.

Foods containing calcium phospholipids include milk, soy products, shrimp skins, kelp, hair vegetables, sesame sauce, etc., iron-containing foods such as lean meat, animal kidneys, animal kidneys (loins), animal blood, green leafy vegetables, fungus, kelp, etc.
  Inorganic hydrochloride contained in the rhizomes of vegetables, you should also take more vegetables containing rhizomes in winter, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, ginger, lilies, coriander and Chinese cabbage. In eating, it is best to interact with mutton.Beef and other stews are better for cold protection.

Lamb, beef, chicken, and catfish are supplemented with protein and trace elements, which produce many transformations, which are beneficial to kidney and aphrodisiac.

Eating these meats can accelerate the metabolism of yang deficiency and enhance the endocrine function, thereby achieving the cold protection effect.

  Food should be properly protected from cold: It is necessary to properly adjust and increase diet in winter, but it is not advisable to rely solely on food to protect from cold, excessive consumption of high heat energy, high fecal food and alcohol, etc. The most common cause is obesityAnd aggravate cardiovascular disease.

For obese people, winter is a great time to lose weight and control obesity.

At this time, obese people should eat less dinner and arrange it lighter.

Moreover, due to the small amount of activity in the evening and the rich dinner, it will cause blood lipids to rise, and it is easy to deposit on the blood vessel wall, which will bury the hidden danger for arteriosclerosis.

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Seven tips for safe fitness

Seven tips for safe fitness

During fitness activities, physical discomfort sometimes occurs, or some parts of the body are injured due to various improprieties and accidents, that is, sports injuries.

Therefore, it is important to master the essentials of exercise and self-protection.

  Adjustment state When the person just woke up, the nerve center has not yet started to move, and the whole body muscles are very relaxed and weak.

If you go to military intense exercise at this time, it is likely to cause adverse effects on your body due to excessive force and urgency.

Therefore, after waking up, you should spend 10 minutes indoors.

So that the joints of the body can move freely, and then engage in sports.

  Pay attention to some people who think that eating more meat before exercise is good for physical strength.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

After eating a lot of meat (especially pork and beef) during exercise, the body is difficult to digest and absorb.

The burden on the stomach and intestines is increased during exercise, which results in abdominal pain.

Gas-producing foods such as leeks, potatoes, and beans should not be eaten before exercise, because they cause internal aeration and cause abdominal pain during exercise.

Because the human body has a large amount of acidic substances accumulated during exercise, alkaline foods such as watermelon, cucumber, radish, banana, pear, apple, pumpkin, potato, milk, tofu, and kelp should be separated before and after exercise.

  Preventing cross-gas transitional gas refers to pain in a certain part of the chest and back during exercise. If speaking is encountered, the pain during breathing and coughing will increase, which is medically called “respiratory muscle spasm”.

The reason is that most of them are not prepared well before carrying out heavy exercise activities.

When the human body suddenly enters a state of tension from a quiet state, it is difficult to immediately mobilize internal organs, and as a result, it cannot satisfy the oxygen and nutrients required for muscle movement.

In addition, during exercise, the breathing frequency is too fast and the depth is not enough, which causes the respiratory muscles to contract too rapidly continuously and not relax for a long time.

Sometimes, cold weather or excessive sweating causes the sodium chloride content in the body to be too low, etc., which can also cause gas transfer.

  When cross-breathing occurs, you can take a deep breath in time, then hold your breath, and fist to the left and right of the chest from the top to the bottom, and then slowly exhale deeply; or after deep inhalation, ask others to fist to the top and bottom to hit the back of the chest; Or rolling repeatedly on the bed cushion, slowly make the pain disappear.

  Overcoming the “Pole” When performing endurance sports such as long-distance running, long-distance cycling, long-distance swimming, etc., people start to feel shortness of breath or uncomfortableness, and even severe symptoms of palpitation, dizziness, and weakness in their limbs.

This is called “pole” in exercise physiology.

This is because in hypertensive exercise, the internal organs that support heartbeat and breathing do not keep up with the movement of muscles and joints and other movement organs, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

  Defeating the “pole” provides us with a good opportunity to exercise our will and is the key to improving our level of exercise.

This requires us to pay attention to the following points: Before the exercise, we must make sufficient preparations to excite the nerves that manage the internal organs. When starting the exercise, we should start from our own actual situation and master the speed of the exercise. It should not be too fast and cause profound problems.”Pole” response, or because it is too slow to perform as expected; pay attention to controlling the rhythm of breathing during exercise, by deepening the breathing method, let the lungs absorb the oxygen of anesthesia and emit more carbon dioxide; adhere to oftenSexual exercise strengthens the mobility of the heart and other organs and the coordination of various organ systems.

  The “cramps” that relieve “cramps” muscles often occur in the gastrocnemius muscles behind the calf, the soleus muscle group, and the biceps femoris muscle group behind the thigh.

This is a state of muscle spasm that results in pain in the muscles rather than tearing of the muscle fibers.

  When “cramps” occur, you can ask yourself or someone to help straighten your lower limbs completely and stretch the muscles that straighten forward slightly (such as pushing the back of your feet to the front panel of your calf). The “cramps” can be relieved and the pain will disappear.

  After protecting your heels, some people will have heel pain.

There are two main reasons: first, the heel falls to the ground during exercise, causing local overload; and second, the heel accidentally hits a hard object such as a stone, causing injury.

  Regularly using hot water to soak your feet to promote blood circulation in your feet can play a preventive role.

Add eggplant roots to the water and simmer for a few minutes.

After the water is a little cooler, go to soak the heels, and rub the pain repeatedly with both hands, which has a certain effect.

  Relaxation activities Some people think that pre-exercise preparation activities are indispensable, but do not know the relaxation activities after exercise, and think it is optional.

In fact, the purpose of relaxation activities is to make the human body better transition from a tense exercise state to a quiet state, to prevent the phenomenon of “gravity shock” due to the lack of body support after exercise.

  When the human body is exercising, various physiological functions are high, and the amount of oxygen required will be more than 15 times as usual.

If it suddenly returns to a resting state, the organs will cause adverse symptoms due to imbalance. The most common are dizziness, nausea, dizziness, and brain discomfort.

Because the physical changes that occur during exercise do not transfer the stop of the exercise and disappear immediately, appropriate relaxation activities after exercise (such as easy walking, pull exercises, etc.) can prevent the depth of breathing from being blocked by the body’s static state,Affects oxygen supplementation.

In addition, relaxation activities also help the excretion of a large number of acidic metabolites in the body, which is beneficial to aerobic metabolism, restores physical strength, and eliminates fatigue.

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Effect of wild celery on heart disease

Effect of wild celery on heart disease

Crime is a general term, not a single-cause disease, nor can it be explained solely by plasma pigments.

Medical research has found that low-level persistent bacterial or viral infections (chronic infections), microbial formation of arterial plaques, chlamydia antibodies, and other factors can all cause heart disease. The causes are quite numerous. Studies in Houston, USA also found that 70% are due to thrombosis and vascular sclerosis.Waiting for surgery patients have cytomegalovirus (CMV), which can infect the respiratory system.

Later, some hospitals also found microbial debris in arterial plaques, and other factors (free radicals, hypertension, diabetes, etc.) may also cause vascular sclerosis.

All factors that can reduce the body’s immune system, such as severe illness, malnutrition, psychological stress, long-term consumption of antihypertensive drugs, internal movements, etc., can cause the formation of blood clots, cause low-level infections, and eventually cause vascular sclerosis. But all these factorsThere is no direct causality.

According to the latest research, the most direct reason is the hydrogenated oil products that we consume daily.

  Whatever the reason, the first priority for cardiovascular has been to scavenge free radicals and soften blood vessels. In addition to pure coconut oil (hydrogenated mixed coconut oil can not effectively scavenge free radicals, it is also harmful), flavonoids in wild celeryIt is quite effective. Wild celery contains almost no protein, cellulose, trace amounts, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and multivitamins. It is also because it contains a large number of flavonoids, and has spleen and stomach, diuretic and detoxification, and blood circulation and menstruation.Sedation and other effects, especially for the removal of free radicals that can cause cardiovascular disease have other irreplaceable effects, the most obvious state is the obvious effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” stated, “Celery porridge goes to fever, and it is good for the intestines”, “Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “to cure liver yang, dizziness, red tongue, red eyes, light head, light foot, walking, etc.””Residential Diet Chart” also records that it has the functions of regulating central nervous function, improving blood microcirculation, lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer, protecting the liver, refreshing and cooling the stomach, purifying heat and expelling wind, and controlling teeth and eyesight.

  Therefore, it is recommended that patients can eat more wild celery often. If there is no wild celery, you can buy water celery instead (for low blood pressure patients with caution), of course, it is a bit unrealistic to eat a large amount of celery for a long time, and it is obviously impossible to eat a large amount of crude fiber.Digestion and bloating.

Now there are too many varieties of wild celery tablets, wild celery tea, wild celery capsules and other products appearing in markets around the world, which should be a good choice for patients, especially the wild celery tea, which is convenient, timely supplemented, and feasible to absorb.The majority of tea guests and business people are welcome.

Of course, in the daily life, you must also eat less cooking oil, raw food that can be eaten raw, cold mix that can be cold-cooked, and stewed and boiled. It is necessary to eat stir-fried vegetables. Some pure palm oil or pure coconut oil can be used appropriately, because now the marketThree quarters of the soybean oil and corn oil are hydrogenated, and it must be clear that hydrogenated edible oil is the culprit of kidney disease.

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Work out in 15 minutes without going out

Work out in 15 minutes without going out

Nowadays, more and more people love to stay at home, but do not like to go out but want to maintain their figure, then you should always know some sports that you can exercise at home. Let ‘s teach you a few family fitness exercisesAllows you to have a good figure without going out.

  Push-ups: Place your hands flat on two chairs apart about a fist apart, keep your body as straight as possible, and then do push-ups.

This exercise trains the triceps of the upper arm.

  Squat exercise: With your legs apart, about the same width as your shoulders, your toes are slightly extended, your legs are slightly bent, and your hands are wrapped around your back brain.

Then, squat slowly until the thighs are level with the ground, and then slowly recover, taking care not to straighten the knee joint.

  Bend your knees: Touch your chair slightly with your feet, hold the chair’s edges tightly with both hands, bend the steps tightly, bring your legs close together, then slowly bring the alignment closer and then slowly recover.

  Sideways bending exercise: Hold a tote with the appropriate weight and the palm of the other hand against the back of your head.

Then the bag dangled naturally as if pulled to the ground, and the body bent sideways along with it.

The recovery action is: slowly lift the handbag, and slowly straighten your body.

Left and right alternate.

  Backward movement: With your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hold the chair with one hand to keep your upper body fixed, and then lean forward and forward, while slowly tilting your waist and leaning backwards, keep this position until you are tired.

This exercise is feasible for the front muscles of the thighs that are strong and exhausting your aunt.

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What causes baby food allergies

What causes baby food allergies

This Wednesday, the 4-year-old Jialong and the five-month-old cousin were sick. A circle of eczema grew around Jialong’s lips, which was red and itchy. The little cousin at the aunt’s house had diarrhea more than ten times a day.Cry at night.

Jialong’s mother and aunt talked on the phone every day to discuss the strangeness of the children. Jialong’s mother first realized that: “I’m afraid Jialong is allergic to spinach. The last time he ate spinach, he also developed eczema, but this time it was not as severe.

Your little one is adding complementary food, I’m afraid it’s just the complementary food that made her diarrhea and vomiting . I don’t believe you stopped this complementary food and tried to replace breast milk.

According to statistics from pediatric experts, in 1986, less than 8% of children who reported that they had food allergies within the age of 8 years, and by 2006, the number of children with food allergies within the age of 8 had risen to 34%. Why are allergies?More children?

  Supplementary babies 20 years ago only ate breast milk and rice cakes, added egg yolk after 8 months, and drank milk after 1 year of age.

Now, impatient parents add a lot of complementary foods to their children in 4 months. For infants around 6 months, 50%?
60% rely on milk in whole or in part.

In view of the inadequate development of gastrointestinal function of newborns, intolerance to lactose, and allergy to α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin and bovine serum proteins in milk, many infants have allergies such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal colicNot surprisingly.

  The preventive method is to add supplementary foods such as milk and egg yolk after 6 months, and add them in the same amount, from small to large, carefully observe and carefully screen for possible allergens.

Once the child develops allergies (newborns usually have gastrointestinal reactions), it is best to quickly remove the complementary food and seek alternative foods.

  Picky eaters cause allergies. For kids who can already eat independently, giving them access to a variety of natural foods can reduce allergies.

Today’s children are very picky. Some people do not eat certain foods for years, and the body starts to absorb the enzymes that digest this food. Then, occasionally eating this kind of food (such as fillings in quick-frozen dumplings) may cause allergies.
This is why some children are allergic to spinach, soy, wheat and fish.

  Some children with allergies in processed foods develop rashes as soon as they eat instant noodles, and some eat fresh potato shreds, but their eyelids become swollen as soon as they eat canned potato chips. These phenomena cannot be ignored by parents.

In fact, the reason is simple: children are not allergic to the food itself, but they are allergic to flavors, pigments, preservatives, etc.

Once your child has this condition, try to get him to eat natural green food to avoid most allergy symptoms.

  Certain fruits and vegetables contain natural toxins. It is undeniable that allergens may also be present in fresh fruits and vegetables.

For example, the cores and seeds of apples, apricots, pears, cherries and peaches, and plums contain an allergen called “cyanogenic glucoside”, which may be poisoned by ingestion, but this element does not exist in the pulp.

Therefore, it is very likely that the child is not allergic to apples or allergic to apple pits. Be careful to pit them when feeding fresh fruits.

Another example is green beans, red kidney beans, and white kidney beans, which contain allergic phytohemagglutinins. This toxin has the highest concentration when it is cooked at 80 ° C, so it must be cooked thoroughly before eating.

  Do n’t “allure one piece” for allergies. You ca n’t identify allergies from a one-time diarrhea and vomiting after eating a certain kind of food. You must do an “excitation test” to help diagnose.Your child eats food that may be allergic, and observes if the child has an allergic reaction.

This method has certain dangers. In order to ensure foolproofness, experiments must be performed in the hospital, and the brakes must be accelerated to desensitize.

The “excitation experiment” is very necessary at some times, it can ensure that parents will not prevent the introduction of a large class of food due to misjudgment, which will lead to malnutrition in children.

For example, about 20% of children suffer from one or more allergies in seafood, but are not sensitive to all seafood. Once they make a “shield expansion” error, it is equivalent to eliminate rich protein and brain gold in seafood.DHA is definitely harmful to the intellectual development of children.

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Mo Jiang impotence and kidney deficiency painting

Mo Jiang impotence and kidney deficiency painting

Impotence is not always caused by kidney deficiency. In the traditional concept of many citizens, whenever I hear that men have trouble with sexual intercourse, decreased sexual function and other problems, I like to give people a “hat of kidney deficiency” and “kidney deficiency”.Sun Tzu’s eager elderly people often even take their son to take aphrodisiac and kidney medicine.

The real case that happened to Zhang Liang (pseudonym) who is 30 years old this year is a good example.

Zhang Liang has been married for 3 years, but his wife has never been pregnant.

Zhang Liang thought that his body was “weak”, and he was embarrassed to see a male doctor.

After listening to the elderly saying that medicinal wine can nourish the kidneys, I bought 50 grams of velvet antler, 3 pairs of toads, 5 tadpoles and other aphrodisiac products. I put it in the wine and soaked it for 7 days before taking it.

At first, I felt very effective, but after 3 days of serving, I felt dry tongue, bleeding gums, hot flashes and sweating in the genitals, very uncomfortable, and the penis could not erect . According to Cai Yueyue, Department of Andrology, Guangzhou First People’s HospitalAccording to the Deputy Chief Physician Bin, similar patients are often encountered in the clinic.

“Because of the influence of traditional knowledge, many people think that the decline in sexual function is absolutely related to kidney deficiency.

“Cai Yuebin said that in patients with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or even infertility, some of them do have kidney deficiency problems.” It’s just a few people. Many people have sexual dysfunction caused by other diseases, includingTo psychological problems, obesity, vascular problems caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, and congenital malformations . “, if the sexual dysfunction caused by these reasons is attributed to kidney deficiency, leaving the real cause untreatedAbuse of tonics will have adverse effects.

  Xu Daki, director of the Department of Nephrology, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that kidney deficiency is divided into two types in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, including kidney yang deficiency, kidney yin deficiency and kidney qi deficiency.

Even if the sexual dysfunction is caused by kidney deficiency, it is very inappropriate to blindly tonic for which kind of kidney deficiency.

Because some “yin-sheng” patients can never use “strong medicine” to make up for it, otherwise it is harmful to the body and not beneficial.

And aconite, antler and other warm, aphrodisiac drugs may even cause accidents in patients with impotence due to hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and so on.

In addition, although some patients show symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as weakened sexual function, backache and leg pain, etc., it is also mainly due to work fatigue, lack of exercise and irregular lifestyle, etc. As long as it is adjusted, the fundamentalNo need to take medicine.

  Back pain is not necessarily a kidney deficiency. Mr. Zhou, 40, has been suffering from back pain for several years.

He always heard that “man’s low back pain is caused by kidney deficiency”, so he went to a doctor in a pharmacy to prescribe kidney medicine for years.

Over the years, Mr. Zhou’s back pain has been mixed.

A few days ago, Mr. Zhou was suddenly taken to the hospital because of kidney back pain. As a result, it turned out that his back pain was actually caused by kidney stones.

Because the stones have been left untreated for many years and have caused hydronephrosis, early failure of the kidney function has occurred.

  Many patients often associate low back pain, nocturia, and kidney deficiency, and some doctors do not discriminate, and in response to the patient’s psychology, they arrogantly inject drugs for “reinforcing the kidney and impotence”. As a result, the patient has a “fire” phenomenon: temperamentIrritability, irritability, irritability, or even bloodshot eyes, fatigue, fatigue, hypoexcitability, sexual intercourse is easy to excite but not durable.

  ”Actually, in addition to kidney problems, back pain may be other diseases such as lumbar muscle strain. Similarly, if nocturia is frequent, young people may have prostatitis, and middle-aged and elderly men may have prostatic hypertrophy.

“Director Xu said that the symptoms of these diseases may be similar to those of kidney deficiency, but the treatment methods are completely different,” so it is best to go to the hospital for an examination before accurate diagnosis can be treated.

Kidney deficiency is not a problem with the kidney. Director Xu pointed out that although the concept of “kidney deficiency” is full of advertisements for many medicines and health products, many patients have clearly distinguished what is going on with kidney deficiency.

In fact, the “kidney” referred to by traditional Chinese medicine is not the “kidney organ” of western medicine, but a broad scope. Its functions are scattered in the endocrine, urinary, reproductive and other systems. Clinical diagnosis and treatment still need to be based on comprehensive overall and local symptoms.come to conclusion.

In other words, kidney deficiency does not mean that the kidney has any disease; on the contrary, most patients with kidney deficiency have no significant organic changes in the structure of the kidneys or the structure of other organs.

  Chinese medicine believes that: kidney essence, kidney main water, kidney main bone, kidney main qi, kidney opening to the ears, kidney function and other functions.

It can be seen that the renal function of TCM plasma is far more important than that of western medicine.

Let’s just say that kidney essence is the basic substance of life that is hidden in the kidney. It is divided into innate essence and acquired essence, which are combined with each other and stored in the kidney to provide the body with the needs for growth, development and reproduction.

When they reach puberty, the essence of the kidneys begins to flourish. Women have menstrual cramps, men have semen excretion, and their sexual functions gradually mature. These are all related to the essence of the kidneys.

With the aging of the human body, the essence of the kidney is gradually attenuated, and sexual function declines or even disappears.

  Therefore, when people are weak, their age is increasing, and in the autumn of illness, the body ‘s energy is naturally insufficient. When there is a problem, as long as you pay attention to rest and maintenance, “unless” will disappear automatically, no medicine is neededOr tonic.

  ”Do you have frequent urination at night?

Is your sexual function declining?

Do you often have backaches?

If you have the above symptoms, please nourish your kidneys immediately . ”This is the slogan of excessive kidney supplements nowadays. However, when too many men take their symptoms and take a lot of kidney supplements, many of themBut the symptoms disappeared and disappeared, and some became worse. Why is this?

  According to experts, many diseases in reality can also cause symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as frequent nocturia caused by prostatic hypertrophy, “not lifting” caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and back acid caused by lumbar strain or disc herniationBack pain.

If these problems are simply attributed to kidney deficiency, no matter how much the kidney is no longer effective, sometimes it will even delay the treatment of misdiagnosed diseases and aggravate symptoms.

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What should I do if my acne appears?


What should I do if my acne appears?

Click to buy adolescent acne is normal, but it does not mean that acne will not grow in adulthood!

Many people 30 or more people have acne because of their living habits. When the acne is cured, it will leave rough acne pits. What should I do?

How to effectively remove acne pits?

  1. Regardless of the treatment of certain acne scars, you must first cure the acne so that the acne no longer grows.

Otherwise, the best results will not be obtained while curing acne scars and growing new acne.


After treatment, it can be combined with topical whitening and skin care products combined with fruit acid products to enhance the efficacy, overcome the inhibition of melanin production, replace the promotion of skin metabolism, and accelerate the elimination of melanin.

Such as L-vitamin C, androgen, A acid, kojic acid, etc.

However, whitening skin care products and fruit acid skin care products are effective for melatonin melanin precipitation, while the effect on faded red acne marks is relatively poor.


After treatment, you must first pay attention to sun protection. A large amount of ultraviolet exposure will cause pigmentation in your skin during recovery, making acne scars heavier and staying longer, so it is not suitable for outdoor activities for too long.


Frequent application of the mask can also help acne pits.

Skin masks can increase the surface temperature of the skin and create a self-help circulation effect on the face to help even skin tone. Yes, some masks also have the effect of accelerating metabolism and can help the skin repair itself.

However, the mask cannot be used too much, usually two or three times a week.


In terms of food, you can add some foods that have the ability to help the skin to even out and accelerate skin healing, such as: lily, mung bean, white fungus, lotus seeds, barley, etc. all have the effect of clearing the fire and even the skin.

Nuts are also effective for removing acne marks. Nuts include almonds, walnuts, sesame and other vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C and vitamin A, such as broccoli, cabbage, green vegetables, tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi and so on.

  In addition, if you want to completely clear the acne pit, you have to pay attention to the following two points: 1.

Minimal makeup.

Excessive makeup is still harmful to the skin, especially if you already have acne or acne, you should reduce the use of cosmetics. Using foundation to cover up the accessories may worsen the situation.


Don’t touch your face often.

Even if the hands are washed clean, there are still many invisible bacteria, so don’t often touch your face with your hands and touch the affected area.

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Nine fashion vent plans in the workplace

Nine “fashion” vent plans in the workplace

A list of the nine major fashion vent methods for men and women in the workplace: vent methods-cartoons, toys fashion critics say that a person’s most lovely place is his childlike innocence, so one of the current fashions is to be young.
Watching adult cartoons and visiting adult toy halls have also become fashionable.
In Beijing and Shanghai, there are also adult toy halls that sell and try various toys on the spot. Many people use their hands and brains to spend time happily.
  发泄方法之――赛车  喜爱车和喜爱赛车的绝大多数都是男人,不信就去看看车展里的男、女比例(当然美女模特除外);当然,也有一些勇敢的时尚女郎对赛车有着浓厚Interest, so they always desperate to speed up.
The racing club can make car lovers feel the real thrill of driving, challenge speed and limits at any time, and at the same time have a safety guarantee to enjoy all kinds of fashion in the 21st century.
  One of the methods of venting-Wu Shitian’s hegemony is to order Baihua to open for her.
Today, “counter-time” is not difficult for human beings. It is easy to eat watermelon in winter, and it is fashionable to show your skills on the real ice rink in summer.
This new type of indoor skating rink can be opened all year round and is not affected by the global warming. People in the south can also enjoy the summer on the real ice rink.
  The method of venting-the bulging pockets of foreign tourism and the longer and longer vacations have given many Chinese people the opportunity to go abroad to play, and newspapers have launched various foreign tourist hotlines.
Of course, the first cool thing is those young white-collar workers who are willing to take out a lot of money. After returning home, they take a lot of photos to share with friends. It is really fun.
  The way to vent-hot dance The prevalence of hot dance may be related to the popularity of European and American culture in China, but also to young people’s preference for innovative personality and hot life.
Most of the styles of dance halls that can make people dance wildly are derived from fashionable western culture.
Pushing in the door, a large chunk of bright colors came into view, the loud music sounded the ears and drums, a beating vitality suddenly emerged.
Here you can just like the “just do it” in the advertisement, mobilize the cell dance of the whole body, and make yourself High.
  Method of venting-Net Many urban men and women are hooked on the “Internet”, and you can see the world without leaving the house.
Although there are so many viruses on the Internet that make people worry about online shopping and do n’t dare to expect too much, online chat always makes people feel that the online world is very exciting. You can meet a lot of netizens in one or two visits, and also a fascinating online dating.
Of course, countless references have proven that it is best not to meet “her / he” on the Internet. Maybe “she / he” is just a man / woman.
  The way of venting—cafés, tea houses, and fashion men and women will never give up the pursuit of high quality. Even if they don’t understand, they must use the taste created by others to raise their worth.
The cafes and teahouses sprouting up the streets like mushrooms just meet the vanity of such people.
Or three or five friends or one drink alone, talking leisurely, extra comfortable.
Cafes and tea houses or high-end or unique decoration not only allow people to taste high-quality coffee and tea culture, but also satisfy people’s vision, hearing, smell, and let people spend a modern and somewhat classical romantic atmosphere.A long time.
  The vent method-extreme sports For the adventurous GGMM, conquering fear is the biggest gain.
Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountaineering adventure . one after another extreme sports is another stage where they show themselves and show themselves to the fullest.
Whenever you reach the apex, the pleasure of surpassing yourself is an unforgettable pleasure, and the certificate of the brave obtained after the game is also a proof of yourself.
Extreme sports, like Wang Shuo’s novel “Heart Beats”, occupy a vast market in fashion entertainment.
  The way to vent-clubbing 之一 One of the modern fashions for men and women is clubbing, and those features that are both novel and fun, but also hands-on, are particularly exciting.
At first there was a pottery bar, a cloth bar, and now there is a printing and dyeing bar, and a glass of personal blowing . Move the entire small brewery into the bar, and let the customers personally participate in and enjoy each brewing processEvery guest who enters here brings into a novel world.
  The method of venting—fencing and boxing are aggressive, as if it is a man’s nature: aggressive, as if it is a wild manifestation of a woman.
Not only do you want to be prestigious, but you ca n’t surpass the social order, the fencing bar and boxing hall just settled in the city has really provided a great space for the barbaric men and women in the city.
Through training, you have the physique and skill like an action star, fulfill your childhood dreams, and vent your dissatisfaction like a warrior. Maybe this is the place where boxing gyms and fencing bars attract aggressive men and women.
  Expert advice-how to better decompress It is clear that work pressure has a great negative impact on us.
Can we eliminate the pressures of modern work and life?
No-because this is not an absolute bad thing, we cannot eliminate it.
We need some pressure in life.
Stress can spur us to take action, challenge our own abilities, and help us achieve goals we think we can’t.
The question is how do we deal with, arrange and relieve stress at work so that we don’t collapse because of too much stress?

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The detractor might as well boast about him

The detractor might as well boast about him

Lan Jing has been working for less than half a year, and her sales have exceeded many old employees who have worked for many years.

The leaders praised her many times at the company’s internal conferences and called on everyone to learn from her.

Unexpectedly, with the recent cuts, her various gossips began circulating inside the company.

Some people say that she is a relative of the leader, and some people say she depends on her face.

Lan Jing was very angry, and what annoyed her was that she could not find anyone who was the originator of these rumors.

  The famous psychologist Professor He Shuman believes that the reason why some people inside the company want to create various defamations and rumors against Lan Jing is jealousy, that is, “red eye disease”; second, suspicion, that is, fighting inside.

Since ancient times, China has stated that “wood shows are in the forest, and wind is bound to fail”.

The more you work at the top, the more people will slander you.

  For people who like to slander others, one of the most basic mentalities is: I can’t do it, and you can’t behave better than me.

If someone behaves better than them, they will use all kinds of means to suppress it, and try their best to trample them down.

In fact, the golden mean culture that has prevailed in China for 5000 years contains the content of “sharpening and flattening.”

Under the influence of such abnormal ideas, geniuses are often stifled and innovation is restricted.

  Professor He said that for Lan Jing, although it is an unfortunate thing to encounter others “splashing sewage” on oneself, don’t be nervous or afraid, and don’t do nothing.

She can take some measures based on why others ridicule herself, and the people who slander herself have a certain type of response.

  People who like to be jealous of others are actually extremely unconfident.

When getting along with them, give them more compliments and compliments to make them feel comfortable.

When creating your own results, don’t be complacent, but keep a humble and cautious attitude; when summing up success, you should be more involved in accidental factors and help from others; when appropriate, some opportunities that are easy to create results can be appropriately given to those who are jealousPeople, let them have a sense of accomplishment.

But be aware that tolerance should be limited and not too despicable.

  Suspicious people usually have a broken heart and chest.

When we get along with them, we must first praise and build a relaxed environment. Suspicion seems to be related to poor communication.

Therefore, some vilifications and suspicions should be carried out rationally and sparingly and strive to be justified.

Regarding malicious slander, if communication cannot be used, administrative or judicial channels must be sought.

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