Workplace Survival Tips Give You Three Amulets

Workplace Survival Tips Give You Three Amulets

Since the office environment is composed of people, the behavior of each individual will inevitably affect other people’s thoughts, the overall atmosphere, and the progress of work. I want to shine in the workplace. In addition to talent, but also character, Emotional intelligence (EQ), socializing and many other invisible abilities.

Talent and professional ability can only add points to your competition when you are new to the workplace. When you formally become a warrior in the working arena, the ability to really survive you is actually: intelligence.

The test of office politics is the ability of office workers to adapt, coordinate and so on.

  Every enterprise has the difficulty of limited resources and the problem of uneven distribution. It is not surprising to use some means to increase personal competitive advantage.

Every company has two types of organizational structure: the formal organizational structure can be represented by diagrams, and the informal organizational structure is the interpersonal relationship. To illustrate, office politics is nothing more than making friends that are good for your career.Resentment among colleagues.

  Office workers should be aware of the fact that political behavior in the office is the norm. It is strange that there is no political activity. Those who close their eyes and pretend that there is no office politics are no different than crossing the road without looking at traffic lights or when a typhoon strikesBut not paying attention to the news of heavy rain and earth and rock flow is just as dangerous.

  Make good connections, don’t complain. Therefore, with the fear of office politics to overcome fear, it is better to let go of all disdain and helplessness, join them and enjoy office politics.

Office politics is difficult to master but not complicated.

What is office politics?

It’s an attitude of dealing with others, it’s difficult to cope with the advancement and retreat, it is indispensable to hurt people, and indispensable to protect people. In short, it is to make friends, especially those who can be at the core of power, such as yours.Boss, be your mentor.

  General office politics are divided into two categories.

One is the Office of Heiheology, which teaches people how to achieve success by any means. They are outstanding, even if they are intriguing, cheating and cheating, and sacrificing their friends. The other is Carnegie.Workplace politics.

The two approaches are different from person to person, so you don’t have to be too wasteful. The ideal attitude is to “moderately participate” in office politics, but you also need to know how to protect yourself from time to time.

  For this reason, the career emergency room especially fell into Huangquan and fell to Huangquan. He asked for 10 workplace amulets for readers and published office political albums twice.

Even if it is not effective, you have to see each one to experience it.

  第一道护身符-办公室政治没有台风眼  忌:置身事外、漠不关心  宜:与人为善,耳聪目明  很多人抱着‘清者自清、浊者自浊’的心态在看待办公室政治,以为只要能独善其身就可以远离是非,但实情是,地球上没有真正的中立国,办公室里也没有可以明哲保身的人,只要身在办公室里,就是处在暴风圈,没有所谓的‘台风眼’可容藏身.
  Many people naively believe that as long as they are professional and down-to-earth, and do not cause trouble, one day the boss will notice my piece of jade, but the end result is often contrary to expectations, because specialty is not the only indicator of promotion, hidingBehind the computer, not communicating with colleagues will not make you a leader, manager.

  Others say that office politics is an intrigue that only exists at the top. It has nothing to do with our employees at the grassroots level. In fact, the management has political science at the management level, and the grass-roots employees also have political questions at the grass-roots level.

  Since the organization is a combination of people, everyone has their own priorities and interests. If you ca n’t learn how to coordinate the relationship between people, do n’t be fooled.

  Office workers should be aware of the fact that there is no onlooker in office politics. This is a game where you will be automatically judged without leaving the competition.

For those who want to be alone, the end may be forgotten by everyone, and even one day you have to roll your feet.

  We are definitely not advocating office workers to make waves in the office. Every battle must be with you. You don’t have to end the scuffle, but you must stay informed and respond to changes.

  The second amulet-you have created a team, and the team will also achieve your taboo: openly small groups should be: try to save a network of passbooks, the well-known accountant Ruan Lufang Zhou on the island led a team of 109 people to change jobs, causing a shock in the accounting profession,Ruan Lu’s team accounted for one-eighth of the performance of the old owner Zhongxin United Accounting Firm, and the annual visa income was as high as 1.

800 million Taiwan dollars.

This is the best alternative for each other to complement each other.


To recognize the success of the team is the success of the individual. The higher the individual’s contribution to the team, the greater the weight in the team. In addition, remember to attribute credit and glory to the team’s partners.

  If you are a newcomer who still understands the situation, don’t rush to set up your own small group or join other people’s circles, in case you accidentally commit a high-level taboo, step on someone else’s territory, or even choose the wrong side.Then don’t want to mess around in the office.

首要之务是先弄清楚公司里的党派生态,良心的建议是跟每个同事都保持良好关系,尽量不要被贴上派系卷标,除非环境里朋党的强弱分明,那当然要选择‘西瓜偎大边’啦!  The third amulet-saliva is misfortune. Beware of misfortunes. Spoil the mouth from mischief: spread the rumors: but ask others about personal matters, do n’t show off your personal personalities, do n’t take care of your personal affairs in the office, or spread gossip among colleaguesBoth behaviors unconsciously push themselves into danger.

But you should definitely open your ears and seal your mouth tightly. ‘Ear pouting’ is not only an adult teaching children, but also one of the survival methods in the office jungle.

  Gossip has always been the common topic of communication between colleagues. Especially in the “personal room” between the tea room and the toilet, it is often the largest distribution center for rumors and a “secret garden” where everyone talks bad things about the boss.。
However, even if you have suffered a lot in the office, and you are full of bitterness, you should not complain to your colleagues for two reasons. The complaint sounds like a stink. Everyone can avoid it. No one has the obligation to be your emotional trash can.The office is not where you look for a psychologist. Some people think that exchanging thoughts with each other is a guarantee of alliance between the two, but what if two people cease to be friends one day?

The secrets of the past became the handle of the other party.

  Therefore, no matter how good your personal relationship with your boss or how deep your relationship is, don’t go public in the company.

If you are in good condition, work hard, and produce beautiful results, you don’t want the results of your hard work to be attributed to the ‘special relationship’ with your boss!

In case there is a misunderstanding or friction between you and your boss, and someone who knows you knows, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be a substitute for the topic being used or the hype, and it will not do you any good.

  You can listen more to gossip, but not more.所谓‘祸从口出’,口水是名符其实的‘祸水’,不管是泄露自己的私事,或转述听来的是非,都可能让自己陷入言多必失的危险,更要不得的是以成为The center of the gossip is proud, and inquire about the gossip everywhere, beware that it has become the object of exploitation.

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Women should learn to protect themselves

Women should learn to protect themselves

In real life, there are too many cases of each of these choices.

Compared with normal family grading, the appearance of unmarried mothers is no longer a strange thing in the eyes of some people.

  However, shortly after “Squash Pig” appeared on the Internet as a strong and independent unmarried mother, an unmarried mother with a net name of “Youran” issued “Wanting Orders” on the Internet and wanted to know herself through the Internet andA man who gave birth to a daughter also announced the name, ID number, photo, graduation school and other details of the man.

Compared with the two, this big discussion about unmarried mothers became more heated.

  Autonomous unmarried mothers have increased the number of social scholars in the city, and psychological counselor He Feng said in an interview with reporters that “unmarried mothers” were not completely absent before. The reason why they have become a topic of concern today is mainly based on two aspectsReasons: First, the rapid development of society, people’s concepts are increasingly open and tolerant, and they can understand a relatively diverse lifestyle. Second, women’s social status, especially the improvement of economic growth, makes them more likely to follow their ownAct on opinions.

“The transformation of people’s identity from a unit person to a social person, the manifestation of women’s independent economic and social personality, and the increasing division of social division of labor, all of these have made people’s rights and desires to choose their own lifestyles manifested.

In particular, many unmarried mothers today are white-collar women in large and medium-sized cities. They have this confidence and ability to properly handle the relationship between work, life and children. They are more sunny, independent, and mature than previous unmarried mothers.我们不妨称之为‘自主型未婚妈妈’。I once met an unmarried mother, and she said so-now, it is a scientific issue to have children without a man, but raising children without a man is a problem of ideas.

It is reported that due to the rising divorce rate and the opening of the concept of marriage, the number of single mothers (including unmarried mothers) is increasing in many countries. The number of single mothers in the United States has exceeded 13 million, and they are raising 20 million children.

In the world, the most thorough practice of the role of “unmarried mother” is the big-name Hollywood actress Juddy?


She gave birth to two children through artificial conception in 1998 and 2001. She once said: “The screen characters I choose are heroines in the men’s world, and they are fighting alone for truth, freedom and knowledge.Woman who never compromises.

“With her popularity and film pay, she does have enough confidence to practice such a role. Such wisdom and skill are beyond the reach of ordinary women.

  He no longer blindly sympathizes with unmarried mothers and even has the high tolerance of the whole society. He Feng, who has been in contact with too many unmarried mothers, told reporters that while the entire society has expressed understanding of unmarried mothers, their “requirements” are also in factCorresponding improvement; and in real life, due to economic and other pressures, unmarried mothers who can carry through their original determination, confidence and love to the end are still very few.

“有句广东话叫‘食得咸鱼抵得渴’,你不是未成年少女,你有辨别力和分析力,那么你就要为你自己的选择付出代价,包括要承受一定的经济压力和mental stress.

If you have already made the decision to have a child and later find that you cannot implement it, and then come out to seek public sympathy, the public will not be so blind.

“When Wu Qili claimed to conceive” Little Dragon Girl “, she was criticized mercilessly by former actress Zhen Ni:” It was something you wished to do at first, what’s the reason now? ”

Not long ago, an unmarried mother with a net name of “Yiyouran” replaced a paper “Wanting Order” of “bearing humiliation to give birth to a child and expecting her baby to see his father”, indicating that he fell in love with a male netizen and became pregnant.Married to herself, but during her pregnancy, the other party did not know where she was going; she has given birth to a child now, and because the parents and her own financial ability are limited, he hopes that the man can assume the responsibility of being a father.

While sympathizing with the overall situation of “Yiyouran”, many netizens also expressed disagreement with her blatant imitation of the man’s real name, identity card number and even the identity of his relatives and friends.

  Many netizens believe that “some people’s cynicism, casual life, and irresponsibility are the root causes of this incident.” In addition, this practice of unmarried mothers will hurt children.

“When you decided to cause your child’s photos to be posted online, did you plan for your child’s future?

This child has been the focus of others since he was born. A small amount of his father was harvested by his mother, and his mother was excavated by thousands of people. An innocent child who is not sensible, his wealth . Sorry, he has never been born again.A little bit!

I support you in recovering what you deserve, but the method you use is really not the way of a sane mother.

“Unmarried mothers are by no means a” fashion “merger. The most serious appearance of” unmarried mothers “is the entertainment stars.

Jackie Chan’s “Little Dragon Girl Incident” and Na Ying Gao’s birth turmoil have caused a lot of controversy among ordinary citizens.

He Feng reminded: “I saw a lot of media reports that expressed support and appreciation for the practices of these celebrities’ unmarried mothers, thinking that they were brave and forthright and were at the forefront of the times.

This may create an illusion among some young girls, thinking that dare to be an unmarried mother is a way to commemorate love and express your personality. It is the latest fashion, but the truth is by no means so simple.

In He Feng’s view, being a good mother requires learning, and being a good unmarried mother requires strict self-cultivation.

This practice includes: an independent personality-no matter whether there is a chance of marriage or not, this is the bottom line to protect yourself and your children; self-understanding-clear understanding of the self is the basis of a clear understanding of the world, based on this, think “”Others can do it, and they can do it themselves” is a great immaturity; the ability to create economics-unmarried mothers must be materially prepared to raise a child alone; the courage to keep learning-not only howTo learn to be a mother, you also need to learn how to be a father and how to ensure the physical health of your child.

“If you take a comprehensive assessment from these aspects, very few women can qualify as unmarried mothers.

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, unmarried mothers will definitely not become a fashion. It just exists, and it is very rare.

The subdivision of netizens’ “days on the cloud” may represent the voice of most people: “I have seen stories like ‘Yiyouran’ and ‘Sweet Pigs’ in my life.

My approach is understandable but strongly discouraged.

Since the formation of children is not something that women can accomplish individually, it is best to decide on both sexes.

Since you love children, try to give them a quality environment for growth.

“Women should learn to protect themselves from the issues raised by current unmarried mothers. He Feng told reporters that we generally overlook a very important point: women’s awareness of self-protection.

“Most of the unmarried mothers I met with explained their pregnancy as an ‘accident,’ which made me personally very dissatisfied.

First of all, this is unfair to the child, and does not meet the basic eugenics policy. Few people have really considered whether men and women have had alcohol before, whether there may be genetic diseases, whether the woman’s physical condition is appropriate, and other factors.In fact, although society already has tolerance in this regard, both body and dignity are responsible for themselves. Whether it is a couple or a couple, if there is no plan to have a child in the near future, they must take safe and reasonable contraceptive measures to avoid这种‘意外’发生。Because once pregnant, whether you want this child or not, it will inevitably cause a psychological burden on the woman.

I’ve seen some unmarried mothers who have a difficult life, condemning their children, and regret bringing them to this world; there are also some women who choose to give up their children and dream of blame themselves for their unborn children.Depression.

“As a preset, as a psychological counselor, He Feng also expressed that at present many young men and women have taken a careless attitude towards gender relations.

“If social openness is abused, the consequences will only be to hurt ourselves and others.

Especially the difference in physiological conditions directly determines that women are more likely to suffer physical injuries, so they need self-love and self-respect.

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Winter Whitening 5 Tips To Create Snow White

Winter Whitening 5 Tips To Create “Snow White”

In the dry winter, most eyebrows focus on moisturizing, neglecting the need for skin whitening.
Do you think it will be tanned in summer and will it be white in winter?
Winter trousers and trousers do help to block UV rays, but whitening is a compulsory course that is persistent throughout the year!
The sisters hope to show people in the image of “Snow White” in the summer, and they will start to repair the skin “kissed by the sun” in summer from autumn and winter.
  Recently, major brands on the market have launched whitening products in order to catch up with the time of season change and it is a good time to repair the skin.
In addition to proper repair and timely replenishment of water, strengthening whitening and repair according to your skin condition will have more significant effects.
  Love whitening, first understand melanin, the main culprit in whitening-melanin, do you know?
As the so-called confidant knows one another, only one can win every battle. Many whitening skin care products start from resisting the production of melanin.
We all want to have fair and delicate skin. Let’s start with understanding melanin.
  The color of the skin is determined by the complex chemical reactions that take place in the epidermis.
In parallel with the basal layer, sandwiched between keratinocytes (mother cells), there are some cells that specifically synthesize melanin, which we call melanocytes.
There are many reasons for them.
Oxygen will oxidize with the human tyrosinase and become toxin free radicals. The free radicals stimulate the secretion of melanin. Pollution, radiation, exhaust smoke and untoxin waste in the city will aggravate this oxidation process.Makes skin tone dull and opaque.
Or when the skin is irritated by the outside, it will produce slight inflammation. In order to protect itself, the cell will generate an enoic acid substance, which will activate tyrosinase to a certain extent and also promote melanin production.
For example, after having acne and acne inflammation disappeared, but leaving a dark mark, this is the skin’s self-protection function, which will produce melanin to protect the damaged skin.
  Fortunately, during the metabolism cycle of epidermal cells, melanin particles are transported to the surface of the skin (ie, the stratum corneum), where they are removed along with the keratinocytes exfoliation process.
However, the excessive production of melanin per unit area creates a stain.
Usually melanin-intensive places, including the cheeks and forehead, are exposed to ultraviolet rays or other external stimuli, and the melanin cells will get a signal to double to produce melanin, which will cause difficult to fade spots.
  Key words for resisting melanin: Key words: ellagic acid, defensive method: cut off the source of melanin, ellagic acid, extracted from the Tara tree of South America, is a natural plant essence that directly hits melanin and effectively whitens skin tone.
Ellagic acid can regulate and inhibit the formation of melanin mother cells at the source and reduce the formation of pigmentation. At the same time, it has a highly effective anti-oxidant effect and effectively fights against free radicals, thereby inhibiting the melanin that has formed from being oxidized, limiting pigment blackening and reducing pigmentation.light.
The three-dimensional anti-black factor EllagicAcid often mentioned in skin care products refers to it. It usually has a double whitening effect: it inhibits the inhibition of melanin production and combats the darkening effect of deepening melanin.
  Key words: Hesperidin, defensive method: Gentle removal of Hesperidin Hesperidin is a multi-effect whitening factor that can inhibit tyrosinase activation, promote skin microcirculation, and protect collagen.
The herbal active introduction factor hesperidin acts like a gentle hand, effectively and gently removing melanin deposited in our skin.
  关键词:熊果素  抵御法:抑制、收敛、排“黑”  熊果素的名称由来,是因为它萃取自一种名叫熊果叶的树叶,一些水果和其他植物中也可以发现熊果素的存在,例如西洋Pear, small pear and “Saxifraga”.
  Arbutin can be divided into two types of α and β type according to different structures, both of which have the effect of inhibiting tyrosine enzymes to achieve whitening. However, β type is more controversial and it is said that it will enter the stratum corneum cells after application.A small amount of hydroquinone is decomposed; while the arbutin α-type component is relatively stable, it does not decompose hydroquinone, it is mild and non-irritating, and it can inhibit tyrosine as long as the β-type 1 concentration is added.Rhenium is produced to achieve whitening effect and is often added to whitening products.
  Alpha-arbutin began to emerge as early as 2005. It inhibits melanin production. At the same time, it can promote metabolism and help the skin to smoothly expel the melanin that has formed. It will naturally exfoliate after it quickly becomes horny, with convergence and anti-inflammatory properties.effect.
  Key words: Vitamin C Resistant law: Accelerate exfoliation The whitening expert Xiao S who leads by example When recommending whitening beauty products, the first recommendation is vitamin C.
Ultra-active pure vitamin C can accelerate the shedding of aging keratinocytes containing melanin, help inhibit the transfer of melanin to keratinocytes, and often cooperate with other anti-aging and whitening elements in skin care products to combat melanin.

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These 10 things parents should not do!

These 10 things parents should not do!

We often hear the phrase: “Children are getting harder to teach.

There are indeed many people who are convinced of this sentence, and they are also pessimistic about disciplined children.

  Teaching different children uses different methods, and teaching the same child cannot always use the same method. This is something everyone knows, and therefore, some people regard child discipline as a very difficult task.The abandonment of the duty of discipline of children has caused some social problems to become increasingly serious.

  Although society is changing, trends are changing, and ideas are also changing, there are some ways in which children are disciplined. This is something everyone knows, and as a result, some people regard child discipline as a very difficult task.The abandonment of the duty of discipline of children has caused some social problems to become increasingly serious.

In principle, the ancient and the modern are interlinked, and they have not changed so far. There are also some precepts that should be avoided, or they will cause some physical harm during the growth of the child.

The following are some of the problems we often hear and we are apt to commit. We call them the “Ten Commandments of Family Education”: The first commandment: Do n’t label children. Adults often speak and act, and will call children “idiots”, “Lazy like a pig “. etc. Critical discourses, etc., these negative evaluation words come into the child’s mind time and time again. Over time, he becomes his own negative self-awareness, and this self-awarenessZhi once these labels are cured is like a spell that can’t be swayed, and this life will lead this beloved child.

Don’t hurt him if you love him, how can we gradually curse and lead us to give up our crying blood and want to raise an adult child?

  Second commandment: Do n’t over-protect. A child who is over-protected is just like a child who grows in a sterile room. Once out of the sterile room, it is inevitable that diseases will be repeated. Our baby is the same. Over-protection prevents him from being in a natural social state.Self-learning and growth, one day, he left his parents’ umbrella, did he discover how society is like this?

How is it different from being with your parents?

How can such excessive protection benefit our beloved baby?

  The third commandment: Don’t doubt for no reason. Sometimes, before we find out something, we often insist that it is a good thing for our favorite child, threatening to threaten him to admit it, but often find out afterwards that we are wrong, and thenVery compassionate attitude, and want to win the understanding of the child.

And this unfortunate misfortune is almost a show that is repeatedly performed every time an incident occurs. Who can a trusted child believe?

  The fourth commandment: Don’t chatter. “If you want your child to hate one thing, the best way is to keep talking to him.

I ‘m bombarded with mental fatigue. No one wants to be read endlessly. The best way is to use other methods of discipline instead of my old methods. I can only use the parents ’emotions.Vent to the child, let the child also infect these emotions, and he has nowhere to vent, only to develop some maladaptive behavior.

  Fifth Commandment: Don’t Intimidate Bribery and Fraud If you often say, “I won’t finish your homework, I will kill you.

“One day he will surely find that his parents haven’t finished his homework before he finished his homework; or,” You finish the homework quickly, and I’ll give you ten yuan. ”

“One day, when you ask him to do something, he may start talking to his parents about the conditions.

Intimidation will destroy the relationship between parents and children, making him feel the parents’ affection; bribes make their children more utilitarian, and only willing to do things if they are favorable.

  The sixth commandment: Do not let the child bear inappropriate punishment of guilt, or cause guilt to the child psychologically. The child will walk on the road of life with a heavy guilt, how can he create a better life?

When correcting a child’s mistake, just tell the facts, don’t criticize his personality because of this, speak more neutral language, and avoid creating a burden on the child’s heart.

  Seventh commandment: Do n’t fight with the child. Poor parents ‘hearts, in order to love him and pull the child for his future. Sometimes, he ca n’t afford it, he ca n’t move.There is a low pressure in the air, so why not meet each other?

Children have time and toxicity to fight with their parents. Parents who are steadfast can still treat growing babies with understanding and sympathy.

  The eighth commandment: Do n’t pull out seedlings to encourage children to live under the notion of “losing people but not losing ground”. Ask your child to learn this and that, regardless of the child ‘s maturity.Too much burden of growth, the happy growth process becomes breathless nightmare, how can pulling seedlings really help?

Let the children grow up naturally.

It takes time to grow up. The most important thing for parents is to provide a suitable environment for their children to grow up, not to replace them.

  Ninth commandment: Don’t compare our children with each other completely. We often say that the children of the neighbors take one hundred points, and then use their neighbors as an example. The children also take one hundred points.

From now on, everything puts the child in comparison with others, rewarding the good and punishing the bad. Isn’t this destroying the child’s self-esteem?

Once the child’s self-esteem cracks, who is sad?

  The tenth commandment: do not demand, do not force, and never give up on the child, parents give reasonable expectations, without too much extravagance, give appropriate guidance without excessive coercion, and no matter how bad the situation isFor blood-linked babies, you cannot give up lightly anyway.

Raising an outstanding child is not a matter of overnight. It is how much love, patience, and trials of growth that parents have paid before they can create a talented person for the country.

  The above may give some references for parents, some reflections, some inspirations. If you use deep kung fu, you will naturally experience many wonderful methods. On the way to grow up with your children, you are all the wayGood weather in Lili.

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Do aerobics so kids are no longer dwarfs

Do aerobics so kids are no longer dwarfs

Growing tall is the wish of each child when he grows up. If the child is developing during height, it will not prevent him from doing the long aerobics described below.

Through stretching and exercise, it will help the bones and muscles to exercise, let the children say goodbye to being short and have the ideal height.

  When parents “catch” their children to exercise, they often add the sentence: “You have to move many times to grow up.

“This is not the word of the parents. Professor Kim De Hee, the founder of Yonsei University Sabrance Children’s Hospital, believes that there is indeed an inseparable link between exercise and height.

  Jin Dexi suggested that parents can urge children before the age of 6 to do more exercises because it can stretch the spine and limbs and allow the child to recover.

When doing common exercises, parents may wish to tell a story, and children will prefer it.

  Becoming a Warrior: This action is reminiscent of a warrior. It can strengthen the muscles of the extremities and straighten the spine. It can also improve the child’s self-confidence and courage.


Straighten your knees to both sides, with your legs apart slightly wider than the baseline, and stand upright.


The front leg is bent, the calf is at 90 degrees to the ground, maintain the posture, return to position after 10 seconds, and change to the other side.

  In addition, raising the abdomen, fractured limbs mimicking the arched rainbow (ie, lower waist) can also stretch the limbs.

However, this movement is difficult to resist, and should be supplemented according to the physical condition of the child, not forced.

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You must know these about mulberry

You must know these about mulberry

do you know?

Mulberry’s humble little wild fruit has a very good health effect!

Therefore, folks have always said “April mulberry ginseng”!

Find a beautiful afternoon, step into a small basket and pick mulberries in the countryside!

  1. Enhancing immunity Mulberry contains a large amount of water, sugars, multivitamins, carotene, essential trace elements in the human body, which can effectively expand human blood volume, can quickly supplement nutrition to promote hematopoietic function, and enhance the body’s immunity?
2. Promote digestion Mulberry contains nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, and malic acid, which can help adults, protein and starch digestion and absorption, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and enhance intestinal motility.

  3, UFA Mulberry contains a large amount of UFA, can make hair black and shiny.

  4, nourishing kidney mulberry with wolfberry or Polygonum multiflorum, can cure kidney deficiency, must be early white, dark eyes and so on.

People with anemia and chronic liver and kidney disease often take mulberry or mulberry honey.

  The fatty acids contained in mulberry are mainly composed of linoleic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid, which can inhibit trace synthesis, decompose fat, reduce blood lipids, prevent lipids from depositing in blood vessels, prevent vascular sclerosis, etc.?
5. Softening blood vessels The fatty acids contained in mulberry are mainly composed of linoleic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid, which can inhibit the synthesis of fatty acids, decompose fatty acids, reduce blood lipids, prevent deposition in blood vessels, and prevent vascular sclerosis.

  7, treatment of constipation Mulberry can also treat constipation, the specific prescription is: 30 grams of mulberry seeds, 30 grams of honey.

Shuijianbi once a day?
Mulberry is so amazing!

In addition to washing and eating directly, it can also be used to soak wine?
Soak it now, drink a glass in summer, it’s really cool and refreshing!

  Recipe recommendation: Mulberry mulled wine To make mulberry wine, pay attention to that mulberry must be cleaned.

Many people think that mulberry has no pesticides and does not need to be cleaned. In fact, this is a mistake. You can use white noodles in the basin, turn the mulberry clockwise, and then rinse it with flowing water.
Ingredients: 500 grams of ripe mulberries. Steps: 1. Wash the mulberries with water, add corn starch, soak them in cold water, and remove them after a few minutes.

Corn starch can hydrolyze and disinfect.

  2. Drain the washed mulberries and dry them in a cool place.

It is best to use white wine brewed above 50 degrees, and three or two mulberries for one pound of wine.

If you use rice wine, use one pound of rice wine and half a catty of mulberry.

  3, mulberry wine, soak for a month, you can participate.

  Applicable people: 1, people with anemia or arthritis, rheumatic pain, neuralgia, bone and bone pain 2, treatment of intestinal dry constipation, dry stool, yin deficiency and edema, unfavorable urination 3, nourishing heart, liver, kidney, blood diseasesDizziness, tinnitus, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, weak waist and knees4, suitable for elderly patients with weak blood and qi deficiency, such as dry mouth, cough and sweating, hot lip burning, thick yellow sputum, hoarse voiceEtc. 5, suitable for people with diabetes, dry stomach and lungs, can stop diarrhea, reduce phlegm, clear stomach fire, disperse wind heat6, used for lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, improving vascular stiffness., Thin stools are not suitable for consumption.

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Winter scientific fitness keeps the body healthy

Winter scientific fitness keeps the body healthy

Exercise can also enhance physical fitness, enhance the body’s ability to resist cold and disease, improve the function of the cardiovascular system, increase the volume of the cerebral cortex, maintain a sober mind and strong energy.

After exercise, the secretion of gastric juice increases, and gastrointestinal motility increases, which can improve digestion and absorption.

Such as jogging, doing exercises, playing Tai Chi, walking, climbing, playing table tennis, badminton, etc. are all suitable for autumn sports, you can choose according to your hobbies.

However, there are some “should” and “bogey” in exercise to remind you to pay attention.

  Sports protection and prevention of injury Because human muscles and ligaments in the environment starting to fall in the fall easily cause blood vessel constriction and joint physiological activity shift, it is easy to cause sports injury of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the method of exercise during each exercise. In addition to doing adequate preparations, the amplitude and intensity of the exercise must be considered. Do not force yourself to do some more serious actions.

  Middle-aged and elderly people must exercise “leave room”. Now some middle-aged and elderly people climb mountains every day in order to exercise. The spirit is commendable, but have you considered whether your body can be tested this way?

Elderly people who feel good on their own are sometimes very dangerous.

The elderly should pay special attention when stretching fractures and legs to avoid strain.

In addition, middle-aged and elderly people are not well suited to participate in competitive sports.

The proportion of middle-aged and elderly people is not obvious to some alarm-like symptoms, and some middle-aged and elderly people are “children’s minds.”Accidents such as fractures.

Therefore, most middle-aged and elderly people should conduct relatively gentle activities. Even if they participate in the game, do not take winning or losing too seriously and do what they can to avoid hard work.Don’t run any longer.

  Fitness exercises should be reasonably arranged in combination with each person’s own health condition. Each exercise consumes a part of energy, produces various metabolites, and disrupts the state of mutual interference within the body. Therefore, the recovery process is actually part of the exercise.Appropriate rest, nutritional supplements and physical therapy can restore the body and establish a new balance so that the whole body can maintain a healthy state.

If you do another exercise without sufficient rest, the burden on the body will further increase, metabolism will accumulate, and the balance in the body will be severely out of control. If it cannot be corrected by necessary medical means, it will develop towards the disease.

Not only cannot achieve the purpose of fitness, but also cause damage to health.

  In addition, the incidence of myocardial infarction will increase significantly in autumn and winter. In patients with high blood pressure, the blood pressure will often increase by 20 mmHg earlier during autumn and winter, so it will easily cause coronary artery circulation obstacles.

Therefore, it is best to drink a glass of boiling water in the morning before exercise to dilute the blood.

Exercise should be more soothing to avoid accidents during exercise.

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From the beginning of the spring to the health and disease prevention

From the beginning of the spring to the health and disease prevention

As the saying goes, the year is in spring.

Doing a good spring health will be a good start for your whole year of health.

  In accordance with the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the combination of heaven and man, the human body can only maintain health in a long-term manner in accordance with the changes in time.

In the four seasons, the climate change is spring.

Therefore, human health must pay attention to start from the spring.

  In the spring, the dress is warm and the cold must be warm. Some sentences in China are health and proverbs, “Spring and Autumn,” and it is said that in the early spring, don’t rush to take off the cotton coat to prevent cold.

Spring is windy, warm and cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so spring health must master these characteristics, and adapt to the spring and smooth hair.

  Pay special attention to the suitability of clothing, so that the body has a positive adaptive adjustment to the cold and heat transition.

In fact, there are often repeated cold weather in the spring, clothes should be gradually reduced, and the clothes should be warmer.

For children with poor adjustment ability, the elderly or those with weak constitution, they should add clothes at any time according to the climate change.

  The foreign average test showed that it was still in the cold room, and the blood pressure was significantly increased for many years, and it could induce hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Sitting still in a room with a temperature below 12 °C will significantly increase the burden on the circulatory system.

The reason why low temperature raises the blood pressure of the elderly is the effect of “cold shrinkage”.

The heat production capacity of the elderly is reduced, and the circulatory system is not as normal as the young people, so it is easily stimulated by the “cold spring”.

Experts remind that when the cold is cold, the elderly should try to reduce the number of exits, and wearing a hat to reduce the stimulation of the head blood vessels by cold air.

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to the distance of continuous medication.

  In addition, some young girls often wear skirts in the early spring because of their beauty, which is not good for the body.

First, women’s knees are sensitive to attacks from cold air.

It is prone to local numbness, soreness and other symptoms.

It can cause rheumatoid arthritis for a long time.

According to reports, women in Tunisia like to wear skirts all year round, even in the winter when the wind is irritating.

However, there are also many women with rheumatoid arthritis, accounting for about 70% of the total number of women.

  The spring diet is based on the liver and liver protection. The Chinese medicine believes that the liver is similar to the vegetation, the vegetation grows in the spring, and the liver functions more actively in the spring.

Therefore, in the early spring, health care is the first to raise liver and protect the liver.

  Here are some ways to nourish the liver and protect the liver: drink plenty of water – prevent toxins damage the liver in the early spring, cold and dry, easy to lack water, drink plenty of water to replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, drink plenty of water or promote glands,Especially the digestive gland and pancreatic juice, the secretion of bile, in order to facilitate digestion, absorption and waste elimination, reduce the damage of metabolites and toxins on the liver.

  Dietary balance — to ensure normal liver function Do not overeating or often obese, this unhealthy eating habits, can cause abnormal secretion of digestive juice, leading to liver function disorders.

Therefore, the spring diet should be balanced, the protein in the food, small amounts, traces, vitamins, minerals, etc. should maintain the corresponding proportion; at the same time, it must maintain the five flavors; try to eat less spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

  Less drinking – good for the liver yang rising in the early spring, the cold is more prosperous, a small amount of drinking is conducive to pass through, blood, silt and liver yang.

But you can’t be overdone. You must know that the liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol is limited. Drinking more can hurt the liver.

According to medical research, a healthy person weighing 60 kilograms can only metabolize 60 grams of alcohol per day. If it exceeds the limit, it will affect liver health and even cause alcoholism and life-threatening.

  Optimistic and cheerful — The liver is smooth and optimistic and makes people healthy.

Because the liver is like depression and depression, it is easy to cause anger and anger, which may lead to liver disease and blood stasis.

  If you want to be strong in the liver, you must first learn to anger, unless you are angry, do not exceed 3 minutes. Try to be calm, optimistic, and carefree, so that the liver fire is extinguished, the liver is normal, and the liver is normal.

If you violate this natural law, it will hurt the liver, and for a long time, it is easy to cause liver disease.

  In the spring, the final battle of the spring is a secret. When the spring is bright, it is a good time for sports and health.

Older people should “get up early in the night and walk in the court”. In the case of 6-8 hours of sleep, they should go to the double room to enjoy the sun and breathe fresh air.

According to the physical condition and weather conditions, whether you can accompany the spring tour, not only can increase the fun of life, enhance physical fitness, but also improve the regulation function of the brain nerves and adaptability to climate change, in order to resist and attenuate the discomfort such as “spring sleepy”.

  Can not live in impermanence, or “night besieged”, “arch pig”, “tractor”, or go to club, party, watch TV.The impermanence of living can cause dysfunction of various organs and systems of the human body, and the spirits are wilting, or even the old diseases recur, and the new diseases are entangled.

It is often said that “getting well early and getting up early and getting good” is still very reasonable.

  Once in the spring, people are particularly prone to sleepiness, sleep and sleep, and work without spirit. The old man said that this is called “spring sleepy.”

Why is there a spring sleep?

What can we do to surpass it?

  In fact, spring sleep is not a disease, even a natural climate change, a temporary physiological phenomenon caused by rising temperatures.

In this environment, the blood vessels in various parts of the human body are dilated, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively small. In this case, people are prone to sleepiness.

Faced with the rapid rise of spring temperatures, there is a process in the body’s yang-producing hair growth, which is obviously relatively insufficient. At this time, people feel sleepy.

  Also, in the winter, due to insufficient ultraviolet and sunlight, the body itself is full of vitamin D, so the body’s immunity and work ability are reduced a lot.

In addition, vitamin intake is also low, so when spring comes, most of the body functions are in a semi-sleep state.

  It is enough for an adult to sleep for about 8 hours a day. The long sleep time changes the normal cycle of sleep and wakefulness, and the rhythm of the human body clock is distorted, which keeps the brain in a state of inhibition for a long time.

At the same time, it will also make the cells in the brain tube sleep fatigue, and wake up will feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

This is why some people feel sleepy and sleepy.

  So what is the way to get rid of the sleeping insects on your body?

Today, I recommend six tricks for you: the final battle of the spring battle: When the active limbs hit the trap, you can temporarily put down the work at hand, get up and move your body, because you maintain a certain posture, and reduce the circulation of blood loss, so that the brainAnd the function of internal organs is limited, resulting in fatigue.

Timely activities can help the muscles and blood, Tongli joints, and make the brain excited.

  The decisive battle of the spring is the second trick: visual stimuli step out of the ladder, to the suburbs, the lakeside, the mountains, and look up.

If you are indoors for a long time, you can also add some colorful and vibrant ornaments and flowers in the room; good visual stimulation will help eliminate the spring storm.

  The third battle: the tactile stimulation of sleepiness and sleepiness, brushing your teeth with a toothpaste with aroma, and washing your face with cold water to improve the excitability of the nervous system of the body, thus achieving the purpose of eliminating the spring sleep.

However, you can also choose to wash your face with hot water according to your preferences, so that it is both hygienic and difficult.

  The final battle of the spring battle is four: the taste stimulates to eat bitter and spicy food while sleeping, and can also make a cup of tea or coffee to solve the problem.

  When the auditory stimuli are sleepy, I often listen to some beautiful and bright tunes, and have music or songs that stimulate the inspiring effect, to please the body, or to enjoy some cross talk, sketches, jokes and comedy films, in the laughter, excitementTo get rid of the difficulties.

  The final battle of the spring battle is six: when the smell stimulates sleepiness, you can smell the wind oil, cool oil, toilet water and the ignited sanitation smell, which can drive away the sleepiness and refresh the spirit.

If you can adapt to local conditions, you can raise some aromatic flowers that are aromatic and refreshing in your living room, balcony or courtyard. It is also possible to alleviate boring.

  How about, with these unique tricks, is it already happening to deal with the spring sleep?

  In the spring, be careful to watch out for the “two knives” spring tour, which is a traditional cultural and sports activity.

It can make people open-minded, fatigue-eliminating, and refreshing. It can also promote cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, strengthen heart and lung function, and reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, spring tour has a special health care function.

  Although the spring is bright, there is a hidden murder of “Little Li Feidao”.

  The first flying knife—the pollen, once the pollen of these plants kisses the tourist’s face with the wind, and then enters the human body through the respiratory tract. The tourists can “itch” from the corner of the nose to the whole body.A trip may lead to a cold.

  The second knife — face-to-face, spring is the season of easy-to-face sputum, and the chief culprit of the tourists’ face-to-face is the shyness and resounding warm and gentle spring breeze.

Tourists have been out for a long time, their faces are exposed to the wind, and they are easily caught by the wind, causing the body to block the meridians, and the lens that appears to be unbearable to the eye.

  Although the spring breeze is often a hidden murder, if the tourists do early prevention, keep the distance between the flowers that are “sweet and colorful, and float with the wind”; if the tourists can’t stand, they will “stand up in the wind,The wind flutters, and the charm of the spring breeze is no longer a “scissor”.

  It can be imagined that the process of communication between tourists and nature in spring is not only a process of mutual intimacy with nature, but also a process of mutual understanding and mutual understanding.

Science has long proved that any grass and wood in nature will cause different emotions to people, so they react to emotions.

If so, as a tourist, you can ignore the nature of the nature you are facing.

Traveling in the spring, as long as you can organically integrate your own needs with the nature of nature, nature can return you to happiness.

  Spring fitness adheres to exercise. Six is not suitable for a year.

Spring is the season that many young people like to exercise, but the spring exercise should pay attention to the following six points – exercise should not be carried out suddenly: you should do some simple limb movement before exercise to prevent ligaments and muscle sprains.

  It is not suitable for foggy days: the fog beads contain a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances. When the exercise increases, the lungs will inevitably absorb more harmful substances.  It is not advisable to breathe with your mouth during exercise: exercise should develop the habit of breathing with the nose. Because there are a lot of hair in the nose, it can filter the air, so that the trachea and lungs are free from dust and germs.

  It is not advisable to keep warm when exercising: When you start exercising, take off your coat immediately, and then gradually reduce your clothes after the body is slightly hot. At the end of the exercise, you should wipe off the sweat on your body and immediately put on your clothes to prevent cold.

  It is not advisable to exercise on an empty stomach: in addition to low blood sugar in the morning, the blood of the human body is sticky, coupled with low breathing, vasoconstriction and other factors, if the exercise is fast, it may cause people to die due to hypoglycemia and heart disease.

  It is not advisable to go out to exercise early: the air is not fresh in the morning, only the air around 4 o’clock in the afternoon triggers oxygen negative ions, and the idea of smelling chickens should be updated.

  Spring skin care away from the three major skin diseases in spring, the skin enemies generally have the following: skin problems caused by viral diseases, allergies and itchy skin.

  Itchy skin: winter continuation came early in the spring, but after a whole winter and winter cold and dry climate challenge, some patients with itching will not improve in early spring, especially in the elderly, due to their skin secretion of oil and other protectionThe function of the substance is reduced, so it is easier to develop.

  The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. If the stratum corneum is injured, its protective skin will be lost. The water inside the cells will easily evaporate and the skin will be drier.

Therefore, even if the degree of itchiness is intensified, it will not be able to scratch, because the skin is scratched and the skin is caused by complications. The bacteria easily enter the skin and cause skin inflammation and ulceration. Therefore, the best method is to use cold water.The towel is cold applied to relieve soreness.

  To deal with skin itching in the spring, you should first choose soft and soft cotton fabric to reduce skin irritation.

Do not scrub with a strong bath or soap every day. Bathing too hard will only increase the sebum and exacerbate the skin.

When bathing, the water temperature should be between 24 ° C and 29 ° C.

If the water temperature is too high, the capillaries on the surface of the skin will dilate and cause damage to the skin.

After bathing, you should always use moisturizing skin care products such as vaseline to lock the surface moisture of the skin and reduce the itching of dry wounds. In addition, you should eat less spicy food such as beef and mutton and onions, garlic, and drink less and smoke.

If the degree of dry and itchy skin is still not relieved after adjusting, it is best to ask the doctor to prescribe the right medicine.

  Viral disease: Beware of measles and measles is a season in which children are susceptible to rubella and measles. These diseases are originally infectious diseases, but some young parents are unclear because they will have rashes.
For a certain disease, parents should pay attention to isolation.

If measles or rubella occur in a kindergarten or school, healthy children should be separated from the sick as soon as possible.

  Allergic skin: leaving the allergen spring is the season of climate conversion. Due to the sensitizing substances such as bacterial spores and pollen scattered in the air, some people with allergic skin are exposed to pollen, certain foods, contaminated air and other substances.The skin will appear red, swollen, itchy, peeling and allergic dermatitis and other abnormalities, because these problems to the dermatology clinic to treat patients are also many.

  To reduce allergies, you must leave allergens. People with sensitive skin should be more careful when they are outdoors, so that they do not get pollen and other substances.

  Experts in the spring prevention and protection of susceptible people remind everyone that there are many types of infectious diseases in spring, and the harm is great. It is necessary to raise awareness of preventing viral infectious diseases and actively take measures to prevent and control comprehensively.

  Prevention of spring infectious diseases is first and foremost to protect susceptible populations.

Planned artificial autoimmunity is the main intervention to prevent the occurrence of various infectious diseases.

Manage animal infection sources and inject vaccines for dogs, cats and various livestock.

  Paying attention to personal hygiene and protection and developing good hygiene habits is also the key to preventing infectious diseases in spring.

Before and after meals, sneezing, coughing and cleaning the nose and returning home must be washed according to the prescribed procedures, change frequently, wash frequently, diligently dry clothes, be shackled, never spit, never urinate.

Keep your office and indoor air circulation in your home.

In the season of respiratory infections, the gathering should be reduced, less public places (such as farmer’s market, cinemas, entertainment rooms, etc.), wearing masks and necessary air disinfection when going out.

Some commonly used disinfectants in the home, such as 84 disinfectant, peracetic acid disinfectant, etc., regularly disinfect the indoor surface.

  In spring, the metabolism of various organs, tissues and cells of the human body begins to flourish. It is a good time for exercise. It should actively participate in physical exercise, go to the suburbs, breathe fresh air outdoors, walk every day, jog, do exercises, punch, etc.The body is smooth and bloody, and the bones are stretched to enhance physical fitness.

When exercising, you must pay attention to climate change, avoid the morning fog and sand, properly arrange the amount of exercise, and conduct self-monitoring of the physical condition to avoid adverse effects on the body.

In addition, sleep rest is better.

Regular life, maintaining adequate rest and sleep, is obviously very important to improve their own resistance.

It is necessary to arrange the work and rest reasonably, to make the life regular, to combine work and rest, like some people playing cards all the time, playing video games, and being overworked, which inevitably leads to a decline in the ability to resist disease and is susceptible to virus infection.

  Experts believe that the diet should not be too spicy, too much to help the fire, not too greasy.

To reduce irritation to the respiratory tract, such as not smoking, do not drink.

To drink more water, absorb enough vitamins, should eat a small amount of high-quality protein, sugar and trace elements of food, such as lean meat, eggs, jujube, honey and fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

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Beauty Rejuvenation Jujube Health Prescription

Beauty Rejuvenation Jujube Health Prescription

As the saying goes: “The grain intensifies the jujube, which is better than the ganoderma lucidum”. It can be seen that people recognize the health function of jujube, especially for women, jujube can replenish blood and calm the body.

Beauty Residents Secret Party 1.

50 grams of red dates, 100 grams of black fungus in water, sugar amount.

Wash the water fungus to the impurities and cut into small pieces.

Jujube to the core, add it to the pot and add some water to cook the red dates. The fungus is cooked and seasoned with white sugar.

According to the records of the herbal medicine, the red dates have the functions of moistening the lungs and strengthening the spleen, relieving cough, supplementing the five internal organs, and treating the deficiency of the body. Together with the black fungus that nourishes and strengthens the body, its tonic, nourish, activating blood and nourishing the body.

Regular food can make the face ruddy and youthful, this soup is especially beneficial to women.


500 grams of ginger, 250 grams of red dates, 100 grams of salt, 150 grams of licorice, 25 grams of cloves, 25 grams of agarwood.

A total of coarse and even spare.

15-25 grams each time, decoction in the morning or soak in water for tea, several times a day.

This tea has the functions of tonifying the spleen, nourishing the blood, strengthening the stomach, soothing the nerves, and relieving the stagnation. The long-wearing is pleasing to the face, the skin is smooth and the wrinkles are reduced.


10 jujubes, 15 grams of black fungus, crystal sugar.

Rinse the red dates, soak them in water for about 2 hours, remove them, and remove the jujube core.

The black fungus is soaked in water and washed.

Put the red dates and black fungus into the soup pot, add the appropriate amount of water, rock sugar, and steam for about 1 hour.

Take it every morning and after dinner, you can make up for nourishing blood.

Applicable to bloody pale, flustered and anemia.

If the disease-free person eats it, he can carry out the health care function of nourishing the blood.

Regularly taking food, you can stay in the face, body and muscle, and used to treat facial dark spots, thin.

Note that people with wet sputum and stagnation should not eat more.


20 grams of red dates, 20 grams of barley rice, 15 grams of ginkgo (shelling and undressing), 10 grams of longan meat, put together in the pot for 40 minutes, plus 6 quail eggs cooked and shelled, cook halfHours, add the right amount of brown sugar or iced sugar.

This soup has the effect of nourishing the mind, clearing the dampness, and strengthening the spleen and stomach.

Regular food can make the skin less acne, acne, scales, etc., so that the skin is moist and smooth, smooth and white.

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The seven must-have indicators women need to meet

The seven must-have indicators women need to meet

How can we be a confident and elegant new age woman?

First of all, you need to see if you meet the following seven indicators. Remember that women’s beauty is strictly required for themselves.

  The nature of the toes and elbows reveals the opportunity to have a good look at the elbows and toes of women!

These two areas are the most difficult to maintain in the whole area.

If the toes and elbows are well maintained, such women are attentive and suspicious. Women who are good at maintaining the elbows and toes must be very good at housekeeping.

  Observing whether there is a sagging phenomenon on her body, it often indicates that there is a problem with hormone secretion, and it is a precursor to aging!

Observations include: skull, butt, upper arm, thigh, and chin.

Once a woman begins to sag, it is easy to lose self-confidence, especially for a woman who sagging at a young age.

  Tooth is the first key to health. The ancients described the teeth as “beautiful,” which praised the neatness of the teeth.

From the point of view of dental medicine, the health of the teeth can affect the digestive system, and a bad tooth is the beginning of all diseased students.

Men are advised to stay away from women who have yellow teeth in their mouths.

  Hair is the antenna of temper. Leaving aside the woman who dyes hair, she has dark and beautiful hair. In addition to pleasing to the eyes, she also conveys the message that the woman has smooth blood and stable temper.

The girl with long hair is very attractive to men. This makes sense. If she can keep her hair soft and tangled, it means that she knows how to deal with her emotions: After the hair splits and the hairy and frizzy golden lion lion, her mood will be unstable.
  Skin is at the forefront of a woman. If the skin is good, the skin on the face is smooth or even translucent (the skin is not limited), and there are no spots (freckles are not limited), which means that the liver and kidneys are in good condition and the metabolism is normal.

The skin is often good and the mood is good. I know how to appreciate myself, and I am good at adjusting my mood. The skin is spotty, and there must be shadows inside, and I lack confidence. Therefore, I often hide it with cosmetics.

  The lip color conveys the mood indicator. The pink with cherry is the best!

If a woman’s lip is pale, she often has trouble with blood, and if her lip is too dark, it means the liver is not good.

Of course, women with bad blood and poor liver function are irritable.

  The pelvis is a glamour ammunition depot According to research by Japanese medical scientists, the pelvis is the source of happiness between the sexes in the bed!

It shows that important women’s organs such as the ovary and uterus are merged into the pelvis, and the pelvis contains the woman’s hormonal essence.

However, the pelvis is not like hair and skin. It can be visited and compared. To understand the pelvis, you can understand it by walking.

The walking posture reflects the health of the pelvis, the pelvis grows straight, and the walking naturally swayes; the woman who looks like an octopus or hairy crab makes a man afraid of it!

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