Brine plus honey to solve white-collar constipation

Brine plus honey to solve white-collar constipation

Constipation on the fire, indigestion, dry skin . post-holiday syndrome caused a lot of people not to rest.

But there is no need to feel helpless. The philosophy of Chinese medicine “drinking salt water and drinking honey late” can help a lot, and it will take a few days to follow the steps, and you may be able to harvest a healthy body.

  Professor Yang Li of Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences told reporters that the reason why it is best to drink a cup of salt water after morning is because according to the “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica”, salt can “reconcile the organs, eliminate things, and be strong”Therefore, there is the effect of clearing heat, cooling blood, detoxification, and nourishing the kidney. Therefore, after getting up and drinking a cup of light salt water on an empty stomach, you can solve the “first poison” of the day, reduce the fire and kidney, relieve constipation, and improve the stomach.It is digestive and absorbing, and it is especially beneficial for those who get angry and have sore throat.

Drinking water at night, it is best to choose honey, which has the function of moistening the lungs, nourishing the heart, moistening the dryness, relieving pain and detoxifying. In addition to helping digestion, it can also help sleep, killing two birds with one stone.

Take a spoonful of honey before going to bed every day, and use warm water to adjust.

  However, Yang Li also reminded that when obeying this principle of health care, it should be noted that because the salt is rich in sodium, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and those with poor kidney function should be taken with caution; the average salt content of 100 ml of water should not exceed 0.

9 grams, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys and heart.

For those who have night habits, it is best not to drink honey at night. Because of the large sugar content, it is easy to cause polyuria, and diabetic patients are not suitable.

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Psychological experience of happiness

Psychological experience of happiness

What is happiness, I believe many friends will think about it when they hear this question.

The feeling of happiness, each person has a different definition in the heart, and the understanding of happiness is also different.

The following 5 steps can make you feel the feeling of happiness for your psychological experience?

  In fact, women can achieve the feeling of happiness is really very simple, people should have their own ideas, the following summarizes the five steps, let you fully experience this feeling, what is the concept of happiness in your eyesWhat?

Have you experienced a kind of happiness?

  Happiness is a subjective thing, and its physiological mechanism may be rooted in the center of the brain, which is what most neurophysiologists hold.

One invention showed that the left front lobe of the happy person’s brain showed a stronger “brain current”, while those with depression or depression showed an alternative “brain current” in the anterior lobe of the brain.

  Steps to achieve happiness: 1.

Enjoy the moment to live in such a state: treat the child’s smile as a jewel, get satisfaction in helping the friends, and have fun with the characters in the good book.


The person who controls your time happiness determines the big goal and then appends it to the daily action.

Writing a 300-page book a day is a difficult task, but writing two pages a day is very easy.

This way you can write a book for 150 days, this principle can be adapted to any job.


There is increasing evidence of positive emotions: negative emotions make people uncomfortable, and positive emotions inspire people.

One thing that happy people do is to work hard to eliminate negative emotions.


Experiments with happiness show that people who are truly happy are more happy.

Studies have shown that often laughter can cause a feeling of happiness in the brain.


People who are good at treating people should learn to treat their close friends, spouses, and people who can count five close friends. 60% of them are more happy than not being able to count any friends.

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The elderly can not rely on Kailulu to cure constipation

The elderly can not rely on Kailulu to cure constipation

Constipation is a common phenomenon among the elderly.

Most elderly people will use the help of Kailulu when they encounter constipation.

However, many of them have the experience that when the Kailulu was first used, the effect was ok, but after the waste, the effect was not obvious.

Even when someone started using it, it had little effect.

This is why the common Kailuolu has two preparations, one is glycerin preparation and the other is mannitol, magnesium sulfate preparation.

Although the two preparations are different in composition, the principle of action is basically the same, using high concentration of glycerol or sorbitol, that is, hyperosmotic effect, allowing more water to penetrate into the intestinal lumen, soften stool, stimulate the intestinal wall, and reflexivelyCauses a bowel movement reaction, coupled with its lubricating effect, making the stool easy to discharge.

  Some patients still cannot defecate after using Kaisailu in the usual way.

This is mainly because the defecation reflex is done by the nerves of the rectum ampulla, and the distance from the rectum ampulla to the anus is up to 7 cm, and the thin end of the open dew is only 3 cm long, which is squeezed into the anus according to conventional methods.Kaisailu can only reach the anal canal, the effect of stimulating correction is small, and the defecation reflex is relatively weak. Therefore, patients with a large amount of stool and relatively relatively soft may have smooth bowel movements, but have less food intake, dry stool and lessThe patient will have a poor or ineffective effect.

In addition, Kaisailu mainly achieves the effect of treating constipation by stimulating the intestinal wall to cause defecation reflex. If it is used frequently, the stimulation of the rectum to the dew will become more and more insensitive, so the effect will become more and moredifference.

  Need to be especially reminded that the treatment with Kaisailu can only be used as a “emergency measure” to temporarily relieve the pain of constipation. Frequent use of Kailulu, the body will cause.

In order to prevent constipation fundamentally, it is best to develop good eating habits and living habits. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water, moderately increase the amount of exercise, and develop regular bowel habits.

Usually, you should develop the habit of using your hands to massage the abdomen to promote bowel movements.

If necessary, you can also take Ma Ren Pill, Wuren Runchang Pill and other proprietary Chinese medicines that have a laxative effect under the guidance of a doctor.

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Health experience of people with diabetes: eat 2 kinds of vegetables, eat 3 kinds of fruits, good for blood sugar

Health experience of people with diabetes: eat 2 kinds of vegetables, eat 3 kinds of fruits, good for blood sugar

According to statistics from the International Diabetes Federation, the number of people suffering from diabetes worldwide has reached 3 in 2011.

700 million, the number of people with diabetes worldwide reached 4 in 2017 last year.

2.5 billion, and is still rising, the number of people who are not well controlled to suffer from diabetes complications is not rare, or even has the possibility of disability.

This sounds an alarm for our low-quality, fast-paced life, and it also makes the daily health of diabetics especially important.

If you have this, eat 2 more vegetables and 3 less fruits to keep your blood sugar steady.

First, diabetics eat more than 2 kinds of vegetables: 1, diabetics eat more of this kind of vegetables: rapeseed rapeseed is a typical dark vegetable, which is rich in nutrients, especially beneficial to sugar friends is the natural chemical composition, inIn the experiment, it was found that it is very beneficial to control the blood sugar after meal and improve the sensitivity of insulin.

In addition, women with menopause need to supplement a large amount of calcium.

In addition to milk, rapeseed is also an excellent choice. Each 100 grams of rapeseed contains 108mg of calcium, which can help diabetics protect bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

2, diabetes people eat this kind of vegetables: oil wheat vegetable oil wheat vegetables are a kind of large leaf vegetables, such vegetables are rich in rich fiber, and very low each other, both raw and cooked, after eating,When you eat it at the right time, you can also delay the blood sugar level after the meal. It is suitable for people with high blood sugar and people who are losing weight.

Second, people with diabetes eat less than 3 kinds of fruits: 1. People with diabetes eat less of this kind of fruit: Hawthorn Hawthorn is one of the most common fruits in autumn and winter, but it has also deceived many people because of its sweet and sour taste.

Especially for people with diabetes, hawthorn is a fruit with high energy and moderate effects on blood sugar levels.

Even when promoting food for digestion, don’t eat too much. You can eat about 5 a day.

Eating more is not conducive to the control of all-day transformation, and the risk of raising blood sugar.

2, diabetics eat less of this fruit: watermelon in all the fruits, is a relatively large blood sugar production index, love watermelon friends.

First, it is best to eat together with the white peony in watermelon to reduce the volume of watermelon consumption.

The second is to control the amount of watermelon, eat a small piece every day, and do not drink watermelon juice, to avoid the risk of raising blood sugar.

3, diabetics eat less of this fruit: many people of dragon fruit think that dragon fruit is not sweet to eat, it will not affect blood sugar levels.

However, the dragon’s sugar content is high, can reach about 13%, eat more is not conducive to the control of blood sugar, eat it in moderation, eat a small half bowl of dragon fruit before meals or in the afternoon and afternoon, on the bodyHealth is a friend who has certain benefits. Is your blood sugar level high?

Will you pay attention to some foods in peacetime?

Leave a comment in the comments below to talk about your way of health.

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Red pepper has good heatstroke prevention effect

Red pepper has good heatstroke prevention effect

In summer, people should eat less staple foods and high-conversion foods. Introducing a suitable fluid and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables can help you fight the heat.

  Red pepper has a good anti-heatstroke effect. It sounds like a crazy idea, but the supplement of vitamin C and capsaicin can effectively promote the discharge of sweat, help the body toxins, and thus reduce the temperature and prevent heat stroke.

  Can you eat cantaloupe and sunscreen Luigi?

Dr. Gratton pointed out that nothing can represent the summer more than cantaloupe, which has three times the potassium content of watermelon.

  The orange yellow of cantaloupe is derived from carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that can help you resist UV radiation and help maintain healthy skin. Eating one or two cantaloupe a day is good for summer skin care.

  Tomato can be anti-inflammatory in summer. It is easy to have some hairy roots, and the sweet and delicious tomato base is similar to aspirin. Therefore, eating more can eliminate the anti-inflammatory effect, which can effectively alleviate the damage caused by sunburn.

  Spinach Eye Care Anti-fatigue Spinach adds moisture and large amounts of magnesium and contains lutein, an antioxidant that protects the skin and eyes from the sun.

In the summer, the eyes will receive more sun rays, and eating more spinach is equivalent to wearing a pair of glasses for both eyes.

  Feel the heat and drink of sports drinks can effectively replenish moisture, but if you exercise in hot and humid conditions, sports drinks may be a better choice.

They can help you replenish your minerals and increase your body’s absorption of fluids.

In addition, its light sweet taste will also give you the urge to drink more.

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New mother has to make up the right

New mother has to make up the right

Bone soup, stewed chicken, brown sugar and eggs. must mothers make up after birth?

  In October, the pregnancy broke through the internal environment of the female body: nutritional reserves, endocrine. everything must change for the child.

Therefore, the nursed back to the month is crucial for the future health of every new mother.

How to establish a new order of the internal environment of the body and re-storage nutrition is a problem that every new mother must face.

This does not mean that it must be supplemented. It is not only harmful to health, but also makes itself a “fat mom.”

How can we make up for health and just right?

  It is very important to add water. Just after you have given birth to a child, in addition to changes in the reproductive system, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, and the urinary system will change accordingly.

Similarly, the digestive system has some special changes.

For example, in the first few days after delivery, people often feel thirsty and have poor appetite. This is the reason for the decrease of cardiovascular secretion in your gastric juice, the weakening of the muscle tone and the ability of peristalsis in the metabolic tract; the skin excretion function becomes extremely strong, especially sweating;Many new mothers have also increased the task of breastfeeding their children.

Therefore, it is especially important to add a large amount of water to the moon.

Water supplements do not necessarily only drink white water, juice, milk, soup, etc. are better choices.

Moisture supplements also help to relieve fatigue, excrete waste, make milk too much, and benefit a lot.

  Don’t forget to add salt. Some people say that the new mother can’t eat salt in the moon, so the food, the soup does not put a little salt.

In fact, it will only be counterproductive at first, and salt is very likely for new mothers.

Because of the sweating and sweating after childbirth, the secretion of the breast is strong, the salt in the body is easy to change the loss of sweat, so the proper amount of salt supplement is conducive to the recovery of postpartum physical strength.

  Not picky eaters is more important than “big make up” From a nutritional point of view, how many 2700 do new mothers need after childbirth?
2800 kcal, 80 grams of protein.

Although the situation of each person is not exactly the same, it should be about 30% more than the amount of food before pregnancy.

No matter how you improve after childbirth, you should also eat on time. The recipe should consider the balance of nutrition and try not to picky eaters.

The staple food is increased more than the late pregnancy, and more protein and vegetables are needed.

  There is absolutely no need to “big supplement” as traditionally said. As long as the diet is reasonable, nutrient-rich can be enough. Excessive strengthening of nutrition will only lead to an increase in body weight. Too many tonics and even the mother’s body can’t bear it. A lot of nutrition will beEnter the milk, affecting the baby’s endocrine and other functions.

  Drink soup with trotters soup, lean broth, fresh fish soup, chicken soup and other rich nutrients, not only for physical recovery, but also help milk secretion, can be described as the best nutritional products.

  But the new mother also learned the broth.

If the postpartum milk is too late or under low, you should drink some broth earlier to promote the milk, and then drink the broth later, so as not to cause too much milk to cause stagnant milk.

  The broth is too concentrated, the trace amount can be, and the trace amount in the milk is more.

Milk containing high fat is not easily absorbed by infants, and often causes neonatal diarrhea. Therefore, it is best not to over-concentrate the broth.

  If the new mother is worried that the oil in the soup will make her fat, she can cool the soup and drink it with a straw, so as to avoid the oil floating on the surface of the soup.

  The effect of diet on breasts One of the most important tasks for postpartum is to feed your baby. You must know that all the sources of your baby’s nutrition are your milk, so you can eat more to promote milk secretion, rich in vitamins, iron, etc.Trace elements of food.

Since your baby’s bones and teeth need a lot of calcium to grow, you should also drink more milk and bone soup to supplement the calcium.

In addition, try to eat less spicy food, onion flavor, garlic flavor will enter the milk.

If the taste is particularly strong, the baby may refuse to eat milk.

  When does weight loss start, but you hope to restore the slim figure as soon as possible, but it can’t make up for losing weight in the month. Losing weight and affecting the recovery of the new mother’s own body will seriously affect the nutritional content of the milk and make the baby’s growth suffer.influences.

If you really want to lose weight, you should also implement it after stopping breastfeeding. It is generally recommended to be at least four months after delivery.

  Can not lose weight, but you can control your weight through diet, for example, during the puerperium period, you can cancel low-fat or skim milk, eat less fat, eat less sugar.

  The most suitable for the new mother to eat the new mother lost a part of the blood due to childbirth, consumed a certain amount of vitality, the reproductive organs also need to be repaired.

Therefore, in addition to eating more meat, eggs, fish and other foods to supplement protein, but also eat more vegetables, vitamins, iron and other nutrients.

Some vegetables are the best choice for mom’s month: 1.

Lotus root: contains a lot of starch, vitamins and minerals. It is a new good medicine for sputum.
New mothers eat more lotus roots, which can clear the accumulated muddy blood in the abdomen, increase appetite, help digestion, transform milk secretion, and thus replace newborns.

Daylily: Phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc., which contain protein and minerals. It is rich in nutrients and delicious. It is especially suitable for soup. It is easy to cause pain during puerperium, unfavorable urination, pale, sleepless, and eat more yellow flowers.The dish can help to eliminate the above symptoms.


Soybean bud: contains a lot of protein, vitamin C, cellulose, etc. Protein is the main raw material for growing tissue cells, which can repair the damaged tissue when the child is born. Vitamin C can increase the elasticity and prevent the blood vessel wall, prevent bleeding, and cellulose can pass.Intestinal moisturizing, prevent constipation.


Kelp: contains iodine and iron impurities, iodine is the main raw material for the production of thyroxine, iron is the main raw material for the production of blood cells, the new mother eats this vegetable, can increase the content of milk.

Iron is the main raw material for making red blood cells and has the effect of preventing anemia.


Lettuce: Contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients to promote bones and strengthen teeth.

Especially suitable for new mothers who have less urine and poor milk after delivery.

  do you know?

  Brown sugar can’t eat brown sugar. Many people think it is most suitable for new mothers because it has high iron content and helps to help postpartum blood.

Moreover, brown sugar also contains a variety of trace elements and minerals, can diuretic, implant postpartum urinary incontinence, and promote the discharge of lochia.

However, experts remind: It is best not to drink brown sugar water for more than 10 days. If the time is too long, it will increase bloody lochia, and in the summer, it will cause more maternal sweating and cause less salt in the body.

  Eggs should be limited to eggs. It is also a nutrient that can’t be less in the month. Because it contains protein protein and is easy to absorb, it also contains lecithin, lecithin and a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is very beneficial for physical recovery.

But eat 4 every day?
Six is enough. Excessive consumption of protein supplements leads to other nutritional diseases, and will affect the absorption of other nutrients.

  Millet is not the only choice for millet can VB1 and VB2, the cellulose content is also very high.

After eating, it will stimulate bowel movements and increase appetite.

However, because the millet porridge is rich in nutrients, it is completely based on millet, which will only cause the lack of other nutrients.

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