Yun Qin,Leave the villa,Outstanding community,Always go back to Hongda。

night,I know that I can have a chance to talk to Ouyang Rui tomorrow.,Clock is from proud,Some are not at ease,Yunqin method does not care,Run to Yunqin Hostel,Trying to come with Yunqin‘sisters’Mind communication。
period,Even if Yun Qin shows his inconsistency,The clock is from Auntove.。
Here,Yun Qin said that it is extremely inexue to understand and not agree.。Obviously the forces of clock,When I saw Ouyang Rui,Talk to Ouyang Rui,Is a very simple thing。
Now,The clock is awkward, I would rather see my friend’s injury.,I don’t want to use the forces of the home.。
This is probably the so-called,Obviously you want to chase men,But not to end your own shelf,Don’t want anyone to know that you are a man who wants to chase a man.!
——Koyang Community。
Seal and took a shower,Sitting on the chair and rub the hair,On the side of the plate that seals the plastic film。
In the plate,It is the seven cookies made by Yunqin.。
A plate,Probably fifteen cookies,I only eat two pieces during the day.,Send a piece of test,The rest are in the plate,Feng Yifeng seals up,No more。
Cookies are really delicious,Can be sealed is not a person who is easy to be seduce,This is owed in this abdomen,Can still be resistant。
Cookies looking at the plate,Can’t stand if I still remember the biscuits in the afternoon,Those blurred pictures in my mind,And the last one,Clear and fixed smile。
Sealing the movement of hair,Next second,Directly throw the towel to one side,Stretching a good tray that is sealed by plasticulfrane,Finger tip,Very easy to tear the plastic wrap。
Deep staring at the biscuits in the plate for five seconds,Seal slowly reach out,Explore the fingertips to the biscuit。
Pinch together,Looked two seconds,Raise hands,Slowly put small biscuits,Put into your mouth。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS130chapter The younger brother is not too violent14
Strange,Endless taste,Dispenon in your mouth again,Can’t help but close your eyes。in mind,I have an unexpected appearance again.。
Just this time,People in the picture,No longer wearing glasses,Obvious,But still make people feel the same。
But unloading glasses,Glare,Smile and confused。
Blocked his eyes,I have a few coughs.。
Just slow,A burst of soft music came。Is a sound of the phone to call。
Fengli rolled the throat,Mind the slight discomfort after the throat cough,This explores the body,Take the phone not far from the table,rip,Answer,Bypass,Put back on the table。
“Hi,Small Auntie,have not seen you for a long time!I miss you.?!I heard that the aunt gave you a look.,Big, a little sister who is one year old, give you a teacher teacher.,How about it,You don’t bully people.?!”
“Small Auntie,More than four months,You will be 18 years old.,Also this study‘Pity’NS!otherwise,I really want to be single for a lifetime in the future.!”
Next second,Quite a bit of jumping sound from the other hand。The seal is quietly listening quietly.,Do not send a word,Obvious,It’s been very familiar with the man’s opening.。
“Eh?Small Auntie,are you there?why do not you talk?I am a little awkward。Hey-hey。”
Sealing this is cold and open,“Finish?”

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Originally he thought that the two will go in the gambling。

But I found that he will be wrong.。
The two actually went to another room.。
He thought a lot during the period,I have thought of a lot。
But I didn’t expect two women to shout for life.。
Zhao Bingru, pale,I looked at Li with the wind.,Erafely the impulse of vomiting blood:“The other party is very strong,And I don’t know what the martial author is,So be careful。”
Just don’t have confidence in the teacher?”
Li Hui also laughed directly,That brilliant smile made Zhao Bingru also see some daze。
She even suddenly felt that her Yuan Yin was a person who wrapped in black clothes not far away from the wind.。
“You are still over.?
You leave your girl in your arms,That you can take it away.。”
“Do not,Two I have to lead。”
“Then you have to see if you have this strength.。”
Say,The other party directly facing Li Hui Feng, it hosted。
Break out,Let Li Hui also think that there is such a master.。
Peng!Li Hui is directly with the other side.,Li Hui has not taken a step back,Instead, the other party retreats four or five steps.。
“Teacher he practicing iron cloth,You can’t consume。”
Zhao Bingru reminded Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui Feng is a faint laughter:“Who can’t consume it, it is still not necessarily.!”
“You wait for me first.,I haven’t had a pain in a long time.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng put him in a touch,Push up。
soon,The homes were hit by a mess,But it is obvious that Li Putting the wind is pressed against each other.。
Although the other party has iron cloth,However, Li Hui’s circle is in the opponent.,That dullness is like a lot of drums.,Let Zhao Bingru can’t imagine how Li Hui Feng this punch has multiple。
The sound insulation in the room is very good,Black people are also suffering。
He consumes this struggle,Also have never lost who。
Even if it is cultivated,Jin Guang is not bad,He can consume。
The result lasted for half an hour.,He obviously feels the pain of the body and the dislocation of the internal organs, let him understand that his own iron shirt is broken.。
“For you,But advise you to save people who don’t save,I’m bitten when I was bite.。”
Finish,The other party goes directly to the window。
Li Hui Feng did not block,This is not hurt with the other person’s skill.。
Zhao Bingru also did not expect Li Hui’s fighting power so strong。
I have just felt it.,Li Hui’s pressure is not full,Instead, I will grasp the mouse.,Play。

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At that time she,I have been telling myself.,Take another day,Today,Will be better tomorrow!

Le Zhenxi knows that she is not easy,But listen to the past,He likes the same pain。
he knows,She decided time to have three people in the sister.,I am only afraid that I have this intention.。
she,It’s too eager for a home.,Mu Yi came behind,The smile on her face is more than one day.。
“Blue,do not Cry,Those days have passed,the you now,Already have a home。 ”Le Zhenxi is comfortable to comfort her。
Blue Xin rubbed the tears,said laughingly:“so,熙,We know more than seven years,We are familiar with us,But you know??The person I don’t want to hurt is you,There is also a gum,In the same year, we are like a family.,We have a very happy,Satisfied!”
Le Zhenxi,Bitter,“Blue,I understand what you mean,after,Not anymore,but”
Le Xi suddenly laughed with her,Note is still somewhat dodge:“Blue,If you want to marry?,Marry me,We will have!”He this tone,Half-hour!
“Ha ha”Blue Xin smiled and shook his head。
“熙,I won’t have this idea.,I will not give you any expectations.,sometimes,I hope to be more cruel than desperate,so,This idea,You will kill in your heart in the future.!”
“Blue blue blue”Le Zhenxi,Distressed,Also to tease her happy。
“All right,Things say,You sleep well tonight.。”She looked at his eyes a touch of light.,I am afraid that I have not slept last night.!
Le Zhenxi slightly lips,This can’t sleep even more。
Also,He is waiting,is his,No one can grab。
Le Zhenxi looked at her,Brilliant:“Blue,Give me a good job.?I have been worried about you.,Didn’t eat breakfast??”
Blue is glanced at him,“look at you,A big man,I don’t know if I take care of myself.,You go with Xiao Jun and Kiki,I will go to dinner now.。”
“Um!Blue,I want to eat boiled fish!”Le Zhenxi looked at her,Her dishes are very delicious.!
“good!Give you,but,I have to see if there is any food at home.。”Blue Xin has drank a coffee,Get up and change clothes。
Le Zhenxi,Excited:“Blue,When I came,Bought vegetables,Also fish。”
NS360chapter:I can’t get something,Don’t want to get

NS360chapter:I can’t get something,Don’t want to get
Blue Xin looked back at him,Smile,Some strange:“Le Zhenxi,It turns out that you are ready.?”
Le Zhenxi smiled,“Blue,What do I come to your home??”
Lan Xin nodded,“Too,And I have not polite with you.,Accessible!”
His buy vegetables every time,Buy roll paper,Buy life supplies,She is also embarrassed to let him pick it back.。
Get she goes to his house every time,It is also a gift to the big bag of the big bag.。
“Ha ha”Le Zhenxi looks like she understands,It’s better to cry more than just crying.。
“Blue,You will do it.,I am going to play with Xiaojun to play two games.。”Le Zhenxi said,Come downstairs,Now things are clear,Blue heart will not be tangled again,Their relationship is as always,He relieved!
Blue Xin smiles,Also return to the room to change clothes。
She went to the first floor,Le Yu is accompanying Xiao Jun, and the brothers and sisters play.。

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“School sister,what happened?”Yan Yanqi。

“We invited a doctor.,You don’t have to bring your mother to the capital.。”Zuo Luohuan looks at the person in the bed,“Jiang Hong and Rosau are all guarded with you.。”
If the first half,Yan Yan did not understand,But the second half,He immediately understood what。
However, Yan Yan is just nod to say good.,No question。
After going out of the hospital,之 看 看 欢,ask her:“where are we going?”
“Mine。”Zuo Luo looked up to the distance from the distance,As always, Huangsha is,What is the way?。
The mine is now martial law,There is also a continuous source of the army to come from the port.,It is to hold this Youth Mountain.。
Zuo Luo opened the aircraft,It was stopped immediately.。
The two come out from the aircraft,The leader who came to the leader is the winter army.,When I saw Zuo Luohuan,Not help。
“I want to see it.377Army。”Zuo Luo Hao,“A little bit。”
The winter army did not immediately let,Just saying that the mine is strict,They can go in,Need people to follow。
“Can。”Zuo Luo is not a tail behind the back。
Yi’s coming to follow her,Sight swept the army in the mine,too many people,The group army in the West District and the North is not only in the east that has not been fully exploited.,Those places that have been excited are also stationed in the military。
He reached out and pulled the people in front.。
Zuo Luohu,Migle:“What’s wrong?”
“Too many people。”I have a bad sense in the heart of Ji.,The more you can use the group army.,only……is it possible?
Zuo Luo stopped,Constitutional eyes:“trap?”
So many years of Gaishro is suppressed by the federal suppression outside the border line,Countless military and second-generation robot dogs,Early experience。If Gaishro wants to set a trap,A army that will continue to come back,Hunting federation,Light does not do it completely from the second generation robot dog。
Unless the entire Xijiang flowing star。
Just impossible,The first thing that is coming,It is check explosion-proof。Because this kind of thing has also happened,Therefore, the group army can see very important in this regard.。
“First see377Army。”Zuo Luo turned around。
377The general situation of the army is not good.,Star owner is tried,Hong Yidao is detained,He is also in a suspected situation。
377The army stars in the West River for 20 years,This twenty years looked at another mine was digging flat.,Digging in the underground,But never detected a little silver green,No one must doubt377Is the Legion head of the army have been reversed by Gamshro?。
377Legion commander unable to defecate,Can only wait for subsequent testing。Moreover, he did not find that Yinqing,Testing work 20 years such as one day,but377Military union burys the mining mining,But does not detect purification,Can only rely on the Institute。
“You have to see me?”377Legion head comes from the office,Although it is suspected,But all handover matters or hand。
Zuo Luohuan brushed behind the army green house,No nearby,Look carefully now,I found that the house was shabby.,Just has a wind-resistant and dust-proof function。
“Head of the head,All mining ores will be sent to the research institute.?”Ask the opening of the coming。
“right,The institute originally has five professors。”377Army,“But these twenty years,Have a disease,Advanced,Finally only one left。Other, I don’t dare to guarantee,But the test report in the previous decade will not have problems.,At that time, five reports were counted.。”
“I heard that you are originally not intended to exploit the mines in the east.。”Zuo Luo is staring377Commander of the army。
Head of the head nodded:“Many people’s children are almost the same as two,I want to leave the West River early.,See the way for your children。The last mine is overall,There is no difference between the structure and the previous mine.,Everyone wants to count.。Later, Sun Yi insisted on continuing to open the mine.,Say that you don’t dig it, you don’t worry.,I let her leave her squadron.,I didn’t expect to be collapsed.。”
Sun Yan is a mother of Yan Yan。
Zuo Luoyuan:“She is the first to open the mine?”
377Long shake his head:“Sun Yi has opened a lot of mines,Experience,Otherwise, I will not only let her a squad.。”

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“Just this!”Xia Jian closed his eyes with enjoyment。

Woman’s hand is very light,Like playing the piano,Five fingers flicked on Xia Jian’s back。Really comfortable,When he was about to fall asleep,He turned him over,Let him lie on his back。
At this time,Suddenly a man in work clothes rushed in,He said to Hu Huiru anxiously:“It’s not good, Mr. Hu!Liu Erlong led someone to surround your car”
“How did he know i’m here?”Hu Huiru stood up,Anger in the voice。
Which man lowered his head,Lowered his voice and said:“There are a lot of people here this time,Have to see you。And some people blocked the entrance of the hall,Has affected today’s business,Mr. Liu can’t handle it anymore,That’s why I came to you”
“What a rice bucket,Come to me too”Hu Huiru cursed,Man has jumped out of bed,Walk out the door。
Xia Jian hesitated,And ran out quickly,He ran to the changing room,After changing my clothes, I ran out of the hall,Outside the hall,There are indeed twenty or thirty men, women and children,They screamed in a mess。Xia Jian got an idea,What they mean is compensation。
at this time,Hu Huiru came out accompanied by several staff。suddenly,A man in his thirties,Overrun the security guard,Pounced on Hu Huiru。
He ran,While yelling:“Hu Huiru!You fox,So I squatted in there for a few years,I didn’t expect to know when I came out,You still didn’t give us a penny” There are two security guards to block who,I didn’t expect his technique to be very fast,Don’t know how to make the hand,Anyway, the two security guards were lying on the ground。
Xia Jian saw that things were not going well,If this person rushes to Hu Huiru,,Will definitely make a move,With Hu Huiru’s body,It’s so strange not to be thrown away。Who are the people following Hu Huiru,In addition to the look of horror on his face,No one of them is willing to stand in front of Hu Huiru。
“stop!”Xia Jian yelled,People have escaped。
Whoever just reached out,When I was about to grab Hu Huiru’s shoulder,Who is Xia Jian behind?,He snapped,The right hand is on someone’s shoulder。Pull back hard,Who retreat,Almost fell to the ground。
The crowd onlookers exclaimed。But it’s a bit thrilling,If Xia Jian is a little slower,Hu Huiru may have fallen on the ground。
“Who are you fucking?Dare to do it to me Liu Erlong,Did the old birthday star hang himself for a long time?”This guy stands firm,So he yelled at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Keep your mouth clean,I’m Mr. Hu’s bodyguard”

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He repeatedly figured out the unique altar of the ghost blood family in his memory,Very evil and terrible,But Li Xiucheng has never confronted the blood clan after all,Too thick lines,None of the details,Can’t help but frown,Keep silent,I don’t know where my thoughts go。

Old man Dong started to get excited again,I just stretched my head over,Mouth against Li Tianzhen’s ear,Very quietly,Extremely resentful,Almost gritted his teeth,“I admit my mistake,But a total of 97 players,And Li Hao、Shen Wenyu、Xiao Yanda et al,A hundred lives,You can hear clearly?!”
“Li Hao、Xiao Yanda?You confirm?”Li Tianzhi had prepared for the worst,Don’t agree that these two people died together,I subconsciously feel that Li Hao’s illness is strange this time,And Xiao Yanda is a blood clan, but he is completely convinced,What I don’t understand is,Why have you hidden for so long,He happened to start a tragedy at some point?And what did Li Hao do to this guy??
“What do you mean?”Old man Dong looks slightly cold。
“It’s nothing,I just want to say,The initiator will not die。”
“You can doubt Xiao Yanda,But you can’t question Li Hao!”Old man Dong said sharply,He puns,Not broken,But it also let Li Tianzhen know how to use the term “initiator”。
Li Tianzhen nodded,But still firm,“Xiao Yanda must be the murderer。”
“Why?The evidence?”
“Now it makes no sense to say this。”Li Tianchou took it out‘Magic Box’,Grabbed a handful of gray sand and threw it into the air,The sand turns into a little fluorescent light and goes away quickly。
What did he suddenly think of,Turning to look at the weird triangular mound next to me,Let’s look at the space crevices above the head, as brilliant as a mirror,Step on without hesitation,Bang,The mound was shaken apart,The remnant part of the corridor also collapsed completely。
“what are you doing?”Old man Dong was furious,Endure,Liuyun Temple was bloodbathed,No survivors,Finally left such a strange thing that looks like physical evidence,It was ruined by Li Tianzhi before he could study it carefully,Naturally difficult to control temper。
However, Li Tianzhen did not give Lao Dong a chance to get angry,The body has already skyrocketed,Instantly became a light spot,Just leave a sentence,Wandering down,“I go to Xinglong Mountain,The black unicorn can help a little by staying。”
“Son of a bitch,What do you want to do?”Old man Dong scolded the sky,The old man surnamed Xu shook his head and smiled bitterly,The cultivation base that comes and goes like the wind,Enough to shock the world,All the practitioners present can hardly keep him。
Everyone noticed the quarrel here,But don’t know what happened,Li Tianzhen has disappeared,Although we fought side by side,I’m not surprised,But the old man Dong who broke out in an instant still made everyone’s hearts shocked,Turn your head quickly,Do your own thing quietly。
And the black unicorn carrying Gu Changfeng just fell from the sky,Xuan even gave a threatening roar at Old Dong,Is even more disturbing,Old man Dong is full of evil fire,Pointing at the black unicorn,“What do you know?!”
Chapter 955 altar

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Ten thousand years between the decay of Tianxian,So I have to cross the second decay,Still preparation early。So 10,000 years is not too long,Fortunate。Change to Huo not seriously,I can’t help but I have been so long.,Early playing out early。

For Tianxian or even Tianjun,Years are still precious.。
He said,Disciples don’t dare to persuade。
And there is also reason to say。
Yusu Tiangong,Blocking anti-ground ban,Yuan Chenzi and other people feel。Don’t worry about them。
Changming:“The old ancestors are still closed,Master, what should we do?,I don’t want to go to the old ancestor?”
Yuan Chenzi shakes his head,Old ancestor closed,May not be in the case of enlightenment,Let’s still want to,The old ancestors may not respond,And it may also bother to the practice of the ancestor。
Let’s go out to see,Let’s work together,Sancai big array,It is enough to block a pure yang that spent three disasters.。
Biurn,Natural gas machine,Old ancestors,I will also have induced。
If they have not sent three disasters, Yuanshen live people,Let’s work together,I can’t say it.,I can’t arouse the ancestor。
He said that this is really confident.,Don’t look at him now look horrible,But his flesh and Yuan god almost completely integrated,This is the characteristics of three disasters.。
Let him have also completed Yuan Chen’s white bone method.,Manic savings,I still have to have a true person who is compared to the second disaster.。
Bi Lingzi、Changming was a one-time challenge,Plus three people to get along with,Tacit understanding,Sancai law,It is said that it is blocking pure yang real people.,Really modest,Take a back,Is normal。
I haven’t waited for a hurry, and I have already changed the door that I didn’t know how many times.。
That door is slowly opened,I only see that three refollectors are penetrated.。
“Yuan Chenzi。”
“Chang Mingzi。”
“Bi Lingzi。”
“I have seen the Taoist friends.。”The power of the three vital gods closed,It can be a mighty,Seismic。
Five-party person,I am aeston。
Blocking the Yufei Palace for a thousand five hundred years,How can I still have three yuan?,And you look at them,I have passed the first disaster.,It’s just a little bit.,And the headed Yuan Chenzi,Look at the people,It’s hard to practice what kind of evil law。
Five-party real person、The disciples are a little vigilant。
There is also one or two of the fear in the heart.,But he can see,Three little guys just have passed the first time,Heart is still very stable。
“Is there three of the Yuxian Palace??”Do not worry。
“how,Not another?”Yuan Chenzi’s faint response。
Hu can’t see him is most big,The breath is also the most,I want to thieves first,Grasp this guy,Ask the beginning and end。
His sword eyebrows pick,Both functions。
If you have made your hand,If you look at him,I will lose it first.。
This is the method of cultivating the sword,Then it is the sword,Enactment,Silent,Dragonfly soul。
Hu is unfair,Behck behind the sword,Differentiate thousands of hundred swords。
It is a sword light differentiated peerless sword。
This sword is like a spirituality.,Cross,Interweaving,Core, Yuan Chenzi。
Yuan Chenzi does not know that the other party has trivied the sword.,Give the unfamiliar first。Fortunately, in his cultivation of Yuan Chen,Before,The real person who is very far from the realm。
I haven’t waited for swordsmanship to kill.,That’s,He rotates hands,Birth unparalleled huge force,In the yellow gods in a pound,There are doctors behind dozens of huge yellow figure。
This will call Huang Tian Dafa,Can summon the Huangji to protect the law。
That yellow tissue,The spirit of natural mountains,Powerful。
Dozens of huge yellow towels,Yuan Chenzi gave birth to a mountainous force,Unfolding。
Sword and Huang Mang continue to eliminate。
And Yuanchenzi’s mana dramatically。
This is also too poor when they have become a god of Yuan.,Although there is a demon help,Make up for the foundation,Yuan Chenzi more practiced Yuan Chen’s white bone this dark god of gods,Natural base,It is still some。

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The desolate crying,It is even more people who are in my heart.。

She cried for a while,Stopped,Putting your mobile phone, calling a phone,Her eyes are full of firm,She will not give up。
“Hey!Is Lu Haoheng still in the hotel now??”Her tone is very bad,very angry,Also carrying a crying chamber。
“Miss Song,Lu Haoheng and Lan Xin they went to the night market.。”
“And Du Night Market?”Song Yisi is slightly smashed。
The bottom is glitting。
“Take people in the past,I came over.。”She finished angry,Hang a phone。
She glanced outside the window,She Song,existcThe country has a half-Wanjiang Mountain,Lu Hao Cheng,You can’t escape my palm of your hand.。
She gets up,Changed a fashionable dress,Draw a delicate makeup,I am satisfied with myself.,She smiled slightly,Leave the villa,Open the car and night market。
Su Seiming came out,I want to blow the wind,But I walked for a while.,He will regret it.,He doesn’t know the road here.,After walking after a distance,He found that he was really lost.。
Left look,Nothing,This city is still very hot now.,Pedestrians on the street are not a lot。
Su Seiming drank wine,Some bitter in the mouth,Very uncomfortable。
He looked around,Plan to buy a cup of coffee,Walking for about ten minutes,He saw a very famous coffee shop。
He went in,The atmosphere of the cafe is very good,In this cafe,This is the most popular shop in this street.。
He took a cup of coffee to take away,After paying the money with WeChat,Sitting on the side waiting。
The light music in the cafe is very comfortable.,He is a bit enjoyable and listening to the song。
“You pass my world,But I forgot to see me.,The fate between us,Always miss……You pass my world,Give me a indifference……”Su Seiming listening to the lyrics,It is very sad,Listening is very comfortable。
How can I die like his emotional road?。
“gentlemen,Coffee you point is good.。”The sweet voice of the waiter sounded in his ear,He suddenly opened his eyes.,After the waiter said, thank you.,Walking with coffee。
The night wind that came in the face is very hot.,Su Sei Ming is a bit of irritability,Maybe it’s the reason for drinking wine.,The look on his face is very serious.,Compared with the past,He is completely interpreted from the moment of domineering and wild.。
He drank a coffee,Some hot,He is not pleasing,It feels a lot of things that don’t go well.。
He has been walking on the sidewalk,It has always been very depressed since he has always been.,Girlfriend and future wife,Girlfriend is easy to find,But my wife is hard.,His mother is talking to him every day.,From the heart,He also wants to find a woman who is good and married。
He is now,Room,Condition allowed,Can be a wife。
But his woman’s edge,For him,Really there is no fate。
Three days a girlfriend,This is absolutely false。
I said it,The person in life will definitely appear,But the person in his life,Never appear。
“Ugh!”Su Jingming sighed a breath。
He seems to have remembered a sentence.,Only love does not love,Who is suitable as appropriate。
If you do not suit, I would rather not marry.,No one is born to prepare for you,The process of milling is very painful,But the final result is,The long flow of fine water is more meaningful。
“Hey-hey,Little girl,You grow pretty.,Walk away,My brother takes you very happy.。”
“Look at this skin is like water,White tender。”
“I haven’t encountered such a beautiful little girl for a long time.,I have started exciting.。”
“is not it,There are many beautiful women here.,But it is still the first time that is so pure, and the first time.。”
Su Seiming Road passed in a alley,I heard this unhydroession sound.。
He is slightly eyebrow,Stop,Looking at the light gray alley,There are a few young people around a girl。
He can’t see the girl’s face,See a slim figure through a few youth,Low head,The body is very frustrated slightly.。

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Zhou has never seen the morning running。

Around the bridge,He handed breakfast to sequence,When you have prepared exercise, you will drive along the non-motorized lane.。
Cool in the morning,Amazing is quiet on the road。
He can run freely。
Occasionally, there will be a car who has stopped.,Occasionally hit the wrap of a night drop。After the turn, I ran out two kilometers.,The top of the head suddenly sounded the sound of 槐,It seems from the street light pole。
“Run too slow!”
Zhou departure behind the street lamp,He slowly slowed down again.,But see the airliner。
One-turn,He found that the stalks were sitting on the front of the light pole.,Sway:“You only ran this speed in the community.,wrong,Even the mouse can run.。”
He exceeds the street light pole,The stalk appears in front of the front,Break in your mouth。
“You are not like others, you will run your own,Why don’t you let go??”
“It is tired to charge it.,Go back and eat something,Backache, two days,Ok, you can run faster.!”
“It is very potential like you.,You just want to go to death,Discover the potential,Although I am more than I can’t,But there is still no problem to become Spider-Man!”
“correct,If you want to become a Spider-Man, I have to give you a spider.,I don’t know if I don’t know.。”
“Hey,I see you like this.,I am afraid that I can only play two Li Daoli.!”
There is no 吭 周,Silently speeding up。
His physical strength is very good,Always very good。
“correct,I am going to your home at noon.!”
“I want to replace clothes.?”
“Jiang Yi must ask me——Are you and my family? Is it a school??”
“I just said。”
“Which class are you??”
“I just said that I am next door.。”
“Hey-hey,Your brother is often passing from your classroom.,It must be recognized by your class.!”
“call……”Zhou stopped,“Little double night is coming back。”
“I think about it.。How did you stop?,Continue to run,Run to completely run,I can’t mention it.,Directly fell to the ground,You can。”
“You are self-directed on the side,I can’t run.。”
“Hey-hey……”槐 了 了 了,“I first go to your home for the first time.,A bit nervous!”
“Is it just nervous??”
“Excitement!Finally, you can eat the rice that Jiang Yu did.!”
“You run,run,preparation……”

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