The palm of the palm,The cup of tea is quickly hot.。

Then recovered the hand。
枝 端 端 有 Do not 感 感 感,It seems that there is nothing wrong with it.,I will hit the scorpion of the stadium.,She will drink tea in a breath.。
The ear is scattered in a light smile,Take a little bit,It seems that it is not to hold back,Solver from the lips and teeth。
枝 发 发 窘迫 红。
“The devil seems to be temporarily stable.,Actually you have a pressure on the undercover,Also do things for the devil『Hold』Heart,It has also been made to protect the next person.,And not to say that the consultant is coming back, if you know your true purpose,How will it be。Perennial,The situation is like a line。”裴 星 星 短 短,Back to the peaceful state,Maintaining it in front of the branch『dew』Divided state,I am afraid of surprise you.,“I know your heart is looking for Hua Zong.,The devil is different from the past,Already have no time to repair the truth,If you worry,I will send the dark line list of you to find Huazong.;As for the survival of the devil,Demon world、Devil、Remediation is dead for many years,Mutual,I will play three times again.,Take the first natural barrier,Will not enter again。”
Yan Fengxing really doesn’t want to point branches may be concerned about the devil,Since the words are omitted。
The words can be described as considering the side of the side.,Have reasonable,Continue to give a suitable solution,Perfect lobby。
Yan Zhi heart jumped quickly,This energy response has already told her,What is it facing incredible and opportunity?。
枝 不动动『color』Deep breathing,talent:
“You give the dark line of the devil,In today’s case,I am afraid I will also be implicated to the dark line of the demon world.。”
Yan Fengxing seems to be very happy to hear her saying,The calm attitude of the pros and cons will loosen a few points.,Tibetan all sharp stab,Religious:“It’s fine。”
It seems that there is a promise here.,Never have other conditions。
Yan Zhi extracted from that shock,Invisible, avoiding the most important problem:“so,You are not in order to negotiate with me and,But intended……”
She can’t think of the right word for a while,Simply put the star, the star is to take her away, can’t summarize him, etc.,Her brain has an issue,“Afterward?”
Career for her,And the whole layout of the whole occurred。
“不,Sister,You will do everything very well.。”
Yan Fengxing does not leave the authentic,“Because you handle all the crisis and difficulties,We will meet here.。”
“You don’t need my salvation,I just come to convince you.。”
Arm,Overlapping,A dark green spray from the thumb is handed in front of the branch.:“I am willing to hire,Welcome you back。”
“from now on,If you like the politician,I will give you a trick.;If you feel upset,I will bear with you.。”
NS124chapter Chapter 124
For a short time, Yan Zhi is immersed in the words of him.,Failure to make any reaction。
She before,I thought that Yan Fengxing took a great cause.;I heard that he really used, I thought he wants to save yourself.。But he said, She will do everything very well., So they can meet in the moment.。
After a birth,The first reaction of branch is to help but http://www.bfe adjust to meet,It is necessary to save her in the danger of suddenness.,She is ready to prepare for it.。But when someone understands the point and is affirmative,Suddenly there is a feeling that it is difficult to say,Similar to touch,More complex than that。Similar……Those things she have made have been seen in their eyes.、It is naturally affirmed naturally., Through the previous people and 躁, One night suddenly shoulder a lot of responsibility, all of which were instant smoke.。
“Are you sure?”
Yan Zhi finally answered him,The expression is a bit strange,“You have worked hard to kill, Take it……I?”
Birthday,She can still hear it.“Hire”Species。It should be a heroine if it is reasonable., Therefore, the plot is broken, and she is a cannon ash.?
Trinity, truthfully authentic:“It is the potential, The existence of the teacher is far away。”
The average person can be ashamed on the spot how to be good。
But after the impact of the previous consequences, Head pressure is discharged,Laughing smile slightly, As if it is a bit:“Be known。”
……She actually said。
裴 逢 星 眼 眼 扇 下 下,Coping with her to make a moment, So laughing:
“Sister, you,The demon world is also a dead thing.,Will be interesting as you, I am a prison。”
The pavilion is full of wind,Zhou Zhou is a broad plain terrain,A slight wind blowing is an unsathetic。Yan Branch reached out to catch the wire fluttering,Looking at the deep green『color』The wrench is folded in the sun.,Silenced a small party,road:“It is the feeling of this seriousness.。”

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The spring is strong enough,Basically, I have to say that I have Chakra.,This is also the reason why he doesn’t have so many Chakra.。

Spring is also very helpless,Xianke has not started,No experience in yin and yang。 Ordinary people will have the source will,It is only a stronger Chakra.,Can’t use it completely。
Even if the limit is,It is also unable to use space capabilities like spring.。
This needs to be learned,Even the spring does not understand the principles now,How can I teach them??
So there is not much person to choose.。
What’s more, now practice Xianke,Only use the most difficult way。
Quan Wei has not thought about how to let the general people cultivate a fairy,This is still studying,Seal can also be used。
I can only expect Ning to have this talent.,Otherwise, spring is no way.。
“Ning order,This is not a successful,You have to have a heart to prepare”Spring said。
Ning did nodded,Although he didn’t understand some of them,But you also know that your strength is not so easy.。
Then he signed a contract.,Ning Ji also noticed several other names in the contract。
He didn’t expect that Naruto has signed。
“Ok, start.,Let giant reincarnation and Ning order”Spring said to Yun Village。
Yu Village nodded。
Then the giant reincarnation of the eye has separated a group of Ming Yellow,Then in the hands of Yu Village into a group of white。
Spring knew that this is the same as he used to transfer Chakra with him.,All organizations forming the organization of the revivement。
“I still joined a part of the source will,Once Ning, cultivate,Can evolve into the eye,Can you see himself?”Yu Village said。
These origins will not be more than the origin of the future of his previous reincarnation.。
But the evolution of translocking eyes is enough。
“A little bit slightly,But this can also strengthen your body”Yu Village said in front of Ning.。
“Thank you a ancestor.”Ning Ji said seriously。
“Oh,so smart,I hope you can become our companions.”Yu Village laughed。
A group of white substances in his hands,Decomposition is made into some white balls。
Then attach it to Ning.,Start into integration。
Suddenly, I will feel pain.,But what is nothing to do with brutal exercise?。
Yu Village also appreciated,This post-generation is quite good。
In the end, these white balls are completely integrated into。
Ning’s skin becomes slightly white,The hair has also appeared in a silver light.。
After the pain is disappeared,Ningji active,I feel that there is little change。
But Yun Village smiled slightly。
Suddenly a lot of Chakra leaves his white eye into his body,Let his eyes bright。
“Good pure Chakra”Ningxing said surprised。
But with Chakra continuous injection,After filing the body,Not stopped。

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What is it?,And Sun Ting has no relationship。

The heart is secretly thinking,This,Sun Ting’s face has emerged in aive anger.。
Other things are temporarily unable to say,But at least here,Such a http://www.shkaibei.cnthing,Be sure to resolve resolution。
Alert, \\app \\ Really good,Worthwhile,After all, there are more books.,Books,Update fast!
“Let the family enter the alert state right away,If the people of He family dare to close the end,Directly kill innocent!”
Sun Ting’s words finished,This is to let people feel those people feel,Sun Ting is definitely not a joke。
Chapter 160,Not talking about it
Shenxuan at this time,Just sitting in a cafe。
And Shen Xuan’s opposite,Still sitting alone。
This person is forty years old,It seems that it looks indifferent to see all this.。
As if,All this is all unrelated to him.。
but,Everyone who gathers around,But it seems to tell this,All is what he arranged.。
This person,It is Ho’s home master He Tao。
“War god hall,Nickname the blade war。”
“I am older than you.,Just ask you to call you Shen Xuan’s brother.。”
He Tao looks to Shen Xuan,A sense of greatness,Can’t help but say。
After hearing He Tao’s words,For Shen Xuan,I don’t think it all at all.,What will I do now?。
Just watching a while,Shen Xuan smiled。 “He master,what’s the matter,Directly said it。”
“The name of this brother’s big brother,It is best not far away.,Because some,Not talking about it。”
Shen Xuan’s finger,Gently tap the desktop,I picked the eyebrows and looked at He Tao.,Couldn’t help but。
With Shen Xuan’s words,He Tao is a little bit。
But then,He Tao suddenly laughed。
Because He Tao looks,Shen Xuan’s answer,It is very smart。
Chat with smart people,It is so easy。
He Tao looks like,It should be like a stupid,So he quickly realized what is Shen Xuan said.。
“Shen Xuan brothers,In fact, I am very sincere with you.。”
“Your ability,Plus my economy,Let’s join hands,I am afraid the entire Su Hang,I really don’t have a few of our opponents.。”
He Tao at this time,Put on,I started to give Shen Xuan in front of my eyes.。
but,This kind of tricks can be lie to the child.。
To Shen Xuan,actually,Instead, it’s too tender.。
“My ability,You don’t want me to give you a free hand.?”
Shen Xuan’s heart thought of these,The more you look, the more you feel very funny.。
But when you look at He Tao in front of you,Shen Xuan’s look slightly condensed,Couldn’t help but。
“In fact, it is now,If I am, what is your master?,I will never act rashly at this time.。”
“sometimes,Want to build a family and develop to such a scale,It takes a few years or even a few decades.。”
“but,If you want to ruin a family,May be just instantaneous,Be able to do it。”

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“Since it is already determined,So let’s talk to them.,Packing them directly!”

Before the eyes,These warriors of these War Temples have not forgotten here.。
Shenxuan at this time,Also think。
but,It looks in Shen Xuan.,In fact, these things,Itself,Inversely, it is the root,Nothing。
So,Even in Shen Xuan looks,Want to solve such a thing,In fact, it is itself.,What is not difficult?。
So from now on,In fact, Shen Xuan itself,Inversely, it is the root,Will not feel,Now these,What will be wrong?。
“All right,In fact, it is now,This thing has been dealt with。”
“As for next,Let’s everyone,Still should still be considered first,How to deal with this thing!”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let the soldiers of other war temples are somewhat curious and not。
This,what’s going on?
And Shen Xuan,Then continue:“Currently,Such a big place,Let’s take yourself,Obviously it is not suitable。”
“Previous happening,Everyone should have a number in my heart.!”
When Shen Xuan finished,Other people noddlings。
It’s really so saying.,so now,How to deal with Shen Xuan??
Shenxuan at this time,Look at the front,It is still not forgotten here.。
“In fact, it is now,These things have been placed here.。”
“So let’s everyone,Most important,It is responsible for these places to other forces.。”
“By the time,Let’s make a handkerchief behind it.!”
When Shen Xuan’s words finished,The soldiers of other war temples have grinked。
at this point,In fact, they,It is completely unpredictable.。
But when they look at their eyes,obviously,For this matter,In fact, they own,It is more unexpected.。
And it is here,The warrior around those war halls wonders,They feel,Can try it。
“sure,Anyway, now,Their strength is enhanced,We have no worries.。”
“This is of course possible,In short, this thing is for everyone.,Both have a great benefit。”
“Who said is not?,Otherwise, we really take too much.,They think that we will be unfavorable to them.。”
Although Shen Xuan’s flag,There is also a dark night spycher group and the people of Tianlong Wushu.。
but,How do you think in their heart?,at this point,Shenxuan’s heart,In fact, how much knows a little。
So next,Where should I start starting from?。
In fact, do something else,It is nothing to worry about it all.。
“With your business concern,It is better to start now.,Let’s everyone,I want to solve these all.,This is!”
When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,obviously,For this point,In fact, how many accidents are there。
This,Shen Xuan said to Su Yughang:“You will arrange it back.,Check in vicinity!”
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“In short,Be sure to find them all!”
this matter,It looks in Shen Xuan.,Next words,Still should have this necessary to arrange it quickly.,This can only。
if not,Always tangled these things here。
In fact, it is,Inversely, it gives people feel,Seems to be much,It’s still a little not enough.。
This,For the front of you。
In fact, let Shen Xuan wondered.,But it feels,Now these things,Instead, I don’t think it is at all.。
In front of you,At this time, Su Yuhong took a head.。

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“Mom,Lose,What did Sissei Mingyue?,Isn’t it a long beautiful?,What is nothing?。”

“……”Around it again around。
The named Youth Face is lost,Continue to become a gloomy。
“Han Yu,Situ Mingyue also let me tell you a sentence。”
Jiang Lin’s voice came。
NS3677chapter Eliminate fire
The sound of the surrounding sound is gradually quiet,Everyone is looking up。
Han Wei’s eyes are bright,“what does she say?”
“She said that you should not waste time.,You are not annoying,She is annoyed。”
Toned,Jiang Lin’s eyes flashed a haze,“I am in the seventeen of Zhantai, I found the Situ Moon.,They have repeatedly satirized me,Say what elite disciple has nothing.,What accurate is old,Waiting for the true elders and then talk,Don’t take a chicken hair tangible arrow,Now you are nothing.。”
Fall into the voice,All overweight。
Next moment,Suddenly fry。
“Special code,What are they count?!”
“that is,What is nothing?,The so-called female fairy is a shit。”
“Situ Mingyue also even,Her Zhan Tao does not take the mirror to take photos of himself.?
Others don’t know,We don’t know if she is a ugly eight?。”
“that is,I listen to the five long saying.,Zhantai Xiaoyu is now on,Wearing a mask,Under the mask, there is ugly than the ghost。”
Everyone is angry,Bullous。
Han Wei low,Staring at Jiang Lin,“Jiangshi,Who said that??”
“Yes……Zhantai Xiaoyu。”
“good,I remember。”
Han Wei nodded,The feet stuck in the ground to their own cave,“Afterwards,I will never pursue Situ Mingyue.,This matter will last。”
“Bar,We also quickly cultivate,One month,Inner-door meeting,Ha ha,I am looking forward。”
“I am looking forward too。”
Everyone has been scratching。
Jiang Lin’s eyes flashed a haze。
Seeds have been planted,As for what flowers,What is the result?,I have nothing to do with her.。
She still thinks that the news will tell the people in the summer.。
But what is careful,Temporarily dispel this thought。
……Three days later。

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But it still doesn’t work much,Just knocked the thunder and lightning back ten feet。But the thunder and lightning puppets originally fled,Repelling ten feet is equivalent to speeding up the thunder and lightning puppet!

For this state,Li Ming is also a little helpless。
If you say that with the full power of the soul,Celestial magic weapon《Star change》Eighth trick·The moon sets and the stars sink,Can definitely hurt each other。
But the speed at which the moon sets and the stars sink is badly hurt。
And the seventh is fast enough to recruit bolide,But it’s hard to hurt the thunder puppet with power。
“Must create a trick to balance speed and power!”This thought flashed through Li Ming’s mind。
of course,He is not that capable yet,Distance creates《Star change》The ninth trick,His accumulation still lacks a bit,It’s just that there are some ideas in my mind。
“Fuxi stick formation·Kun Gen”
The formation has changed again,As if a heavy mountain is suppressed on the thunder puppet。
Thunder puppet surprised,It’s fast,But once suppressed,The speed dropped drastically。
But it has nothing to do with it,Once in close combat,He is far inferior to the opponent。
Always after three breaths,Li Ming caught up with the Thunder puppet。
Very short fight,Li Ming is not defensive,Six arms are formed like six,Punching the Void to Disperse Thunder,Finally sealed the Thunder Puppet。
After completely sealing and defeating the Thunder puppet,Li Ming smiled:“I think I won,Give me the prize for this layer first!”
The rewards given for the first five layers,Li Ming doesn’t really like it。After all, the rewards of the fifth layer are just a magic weapon for the top grade of heaven.,And it’s still the kind that doesn’t fit me very well。

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“Just two hundred and sixty。”

A strange silence
“mother,Will you calculate??”
Zhou’s leads to break the embarrassment。
There is no such thing in the home.,Don’t say people who will count.。
“Put a hanging in a hanging first,A total of a few hangs?”
“Seven hanging!”
The big mother puts the serial number on one side。
“Sixty yet left here!”
Su Grandma pointed to the biggest one,Also, let the other two smalls are grouped together.。
“sixty one,Sixty-two ninety-eight,Ninety-nine osmanthus,Take the rope to get it,There is a hundred!”
“Now there are eight holes,Take a copy of the old forest every four copies.,A total of two hanging!”
This is easy to understand,Su Grandma quickly came out of the two,
“Old forest,Clear。Come,These are yours!Do you see if there is any mistake??”
“No mistakes are not wrong!Then I will go back.!”
Before saying,Let’s not resign。Take a silver money to the arms,Stand up from the stool。
It’s so late.,My wife must be anxious.!Go back and have to hear 喽!
“it is good,Boss,You send you Lin Shu!”
“Do not send,This village is so big,I can still lose it.?And don’t this happen??You also wash it early.,I will sleep.!”
Grandpa Dawn shows other people to see the grandfather next to Su.、Niu Niu, shaking his head。
“I will take the girl in the girl in.!Look at the child!”
It is no wonder that Su Mia has been trapped when they were trapped by the math, Niu Niu did not speak.,This should be quite simple for him.。It turned out to be asleep.!
This is the wrong mist,Niu Niu didn’t know this in a long time.。
Until Sujia once again reproduced today’s scene, suddenly realized,Thinking to secretly touch a few brothers basic algorithms。Especially big brother,In the future, you have to do businessmen.,Not accounting how to become。
“Then don’t send you.!Be careful on the road!”
“I know, I know!”
Let’s go out of the grandfather,It doesn’t matter。
“Come,Niu Niu!Mother hugged in and sleeping.!”
Don’t know that Niu Niu didn’http://www.cuofj.cnt listen,Just the squad。It seems that you will scare your child a move.,Want to say hello to do it.。
It may be that it feels in the subconscious.,Niu Niu is particularly well-behaved in the whole process。Also very cooperative,When you take off your clothes, you will not be ambiguous.。
It is made clear、After clear,Put into the quilt by Zhou。I will roll myself.,Looking for a comfortable location。
“Niu Niu fell asleep?”

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Behind the footsteps。

Summer clouds,With the summer side。
Jun Lin picks up the eyebrows,Some surprises,Joint laughing,“How?Do you have two uncle to shoot together??”
Summer cloud shakes his head,“You will not intervene。but……I need to give me an account with Xia Jia.。”
He is aligned with the summer.,“My sister,Cannot be white。”
Summer ruthless matte,Synthesis,“How?You still want to kill me?”
Summer clouds have not spoken,Into a fierce killing,Take this to show attitude。
Summer is unfortunately, no smile。
The laugh is full of could not describe cold,“At a very small time,I will see that your brothers and sisters have anti-bones after their brains.。”
He stared at the summer cloud,Gaze,“It should be destroyed together.!”
The color of disappointment is present in Xia Qianyun,Obviously don’t want to do more,Now you have to do it.。
“Dry cloud。Are you do not exist??”
Xing Jianmai stepped,Look straight to each other,“Trick,See if you are in this Tiantian Yuan.,Still, my guardian law enforcement is stronger。”
Summer is ruthless,Watching summer and summer cloud,“I don’t know what you have.,But today,I must be removed by these two people.。”
Jun Lin’s eyebrows,Then a little smile,“Old brother,Give me a face,Since I promise, I am going to fight on the summer.,Must be said to be,But……Xing Jian is only afraid that it is not a dry cloud opponent.。”
The words are obvious。
Let him deal with Xing Jian together to deal with Xia Qianyun。
Summer ruthless eyes,Lock Xia Qianyun,“Then I will remove this anti-bone di……careful!”
Not finished,His face sudden change,Storm,Don’t forget to put the left of Xing Jian。
At the same time,A thorns of blood swept sharply Xing Jian。
Xing Jian chest’s clothes torn,A narrow wound appears。
If he slows down again,I am afraid I will be divided into two paragraphs.。
Xing Jian is full of cold sweat,Since became a guardian alliance law enforcement,He has never had this experience。
Some people who have been sent into the door of death。
Jun Lin and summer are both surprised。
To know,Their strength,I have never missed,There is a person hidden in the dark。
A look at it。
I saw this blood loss after disappearance.,Summer,It seems to have a person in the air.。
This is a woman。
Woman tall,Wear a vertical collar black tight service,Silver short hair with a Qi ear,There is a more beautiful skin。

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Last night, there is no demon.,Give him a luxury deep sleep,He decided to be better to her.。

But when he wears neatly standing on the ground,Tangle,The group has been drilled out from the quilt.,Standing on the bed, shaking the body,Soon, she glows.,Like a small brain ax。
“Does the group do not sleep??”
“Don’t sleep!
“Have you got up??”
Zhouzhi hugged the group,The old monster is also following him.。
Almost simultaneously,The door of the next room is also pushed away.,Zheng Yuchi walked out。
“Early。”Turn around,“Slept well last night?”
“fine。”Zheng Yu-blue。
“How to leave you is like a master, Xiao Zheng is a guest.?”槐 他们。
“I heard you chat last night.,Chatty late。”Zhou Zhi ignored the old monster,Continue to Zheng Yuki,Walking with her and shouldering downstairs。
“Nan Ge can say。”
“Her words is a lot,Very annoying。”
“Not annoying。”
“Is she still wake up yet??”
“Woke up,Gone。”
“This way.。”
Zheng Yishue, a small uncle, a family, a three-mouth.,Most of them have been used to getting up early.,But it is also a few minutes earlier.,This will stand in front of the yard.,Just brush your teeth,Toothbrush and toothbrush cup collision,Sound of a jingle,Out of the morning。
Zhou Zhiye with a glass of water out of the door,Have a greet with them,Also went to the edge of the yard to start brushing your teeth。
The group ran over,Lead and ask him“How does a group brush your teeth??”
Thoughts,Drink the foam in your mouth,I only listen to the dairy of the group.,Continue with the small foot to continue,Zhouzhi quickly apologize,Then“Nan http://www.yoogong.cnGe has not got up yet,The group of people went up and called her.,When no one is outside,The group can secretly brush your teeth.。”
The group has been twisted and running.。
Zhou went back to brush your teeth。
The sound of Zheng Yuki“Do you need to brush your teeth??”
Zhouzhi shake his head without answering。
Waiting to brush the teeth,He also put the toothbrush into the cup and stir、Send a jingle voice,He said“She just thinks like this.。”
“The group is very cute。”

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Grandpa, let’s make a long time.,Still Hua Xiaoyu interrupted,Stopped。

During the decades, I didn’t get drunk, I was drunk tonight.,Washed by Hua Xiao。The table in the yard is Hua Xiaoyu packed.。
Next day。
The junqin mother is sitting on the carriage.,Hua Xiaoyu is just simple to clean up two bags.。
Stand in the side of the carriage,Hua Xiaoyuan waked out for a long time.。
I have never seen the grandfather,Hua Xiaoyu finally returned to the head,Sitting on the horse to bear the mission of the horse。
“Xia Yu!”The grandfather who hides it in the house still didn’t hold back.,Push the door run out。
Hua Xiaoyai immediately jumped down the carriage,“grandfather!”
Grandpa, Grandpa, pulled Hua Xiaoyu,Plurred a gray cloth purse in the hand in Hua Xiao,This way:“Keep it!Wait for Kllow Town again!”
Tights the lotion in your hands,Hua Xiaoyu nodded:“good。”
“Let it go!Don’t let Yun Niang have been waiting for a long time.。”Grandpa, lethal let go of Hua Xiaoyu,Carry,Blinking the eyes and tears。
“Um。”Hua Xiaoyu should be sounded,Take a look:“grandfather,I am not there.,You have to take care of yourself!”
“understood,No you manage me,I am more!”Grandpa is back to Hua Xiaoyu,Migraine。
Hua Xiaoyu was smiling,Pinched pouch,Turned to the carriage。
Whip playing on horses on hips,Black horse,Steady walking forward。
When the horseshoes are gradually,Grandpa, Faye, finally can’t help but turn around,Hope looking at the back of the carriage,Until the carriage is completely invisible,I sighed back to my own yard.。
393、Hechi City
Car car all the way,Outstanding city,Hua Xiaoyu opens the lottery package given by Hua Ye,Just discovered,It turned out to be ten silver tickets,Are the quota of one hundred crystal coins。
Watching Hua Xiaoyu eyes is a moisture,Leaving Klo Town,I have already begun to think about my grandfather.。
Ten days away。The three people finally arrived in the most prosperous city.——Hechi City。
Hechi City is closer to the West Side Central City West,Closer,The city is getting more and more intensive,More and more prosperous。
City boom,It means that there is more and more places where they spend money.。
Earn eight thousand crystal coins Yunqin in Klo Town,Save more than this road is still enough。
But Yun Qin always feels comfortable to comfort it.,Plus, I don’t want my own small tree, I have to be bought.,so,Have not&039;Low-key&039;pass。
More than 80,000 crystal coins are when the river pool city,It has already spent almost。
The number of crystal coins required later will definitely be more,so,Yunqin decided to earn money first。
Find the inn to stay,Yunqin will hand over the top ten big porcelain bottles to Hua Xiaoyu.。
“Inside is the treatment of drug pills,General injury medicine takes one,Basically can restore such as the first time;Severe,Need half an hour,Be on the verge of death,In time,Can keep your tone。Find a place to change to crystal coins。”
“Is this the medicine for my wife??”Hua Xiaoyu took it。
Since Hua Xiaoyai left them,Hua Xiaoyu has changed from the benefactor to Yunqin.‘lady’,Small tree,that is‘Young master’。
拗 华 晓 萱,Yunqin did not insist on correcting Hua Xiaoyu。
“This is just a relatively simple。You were seriously injured.,So being advanced than your hand。”Yun Qin Road。
There is no more advanced medicine in her space.,only,Although Hechi City looked more bustling than the original Klo town,But also belongs to a relatively small town,It is equivalent to the city below the third line.。
If you take better Dan medicine,I am afraid that it will cause a sensation.。

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