Wang Xionglass roaring,Frenzy,At the same time, the blade of the dense Ma Ma is shrouded in the summer.。

But all have been swept away by the summer sword.。
As for the defense of Wang Xiongimen,And its own transformation,There is no role in Tianyu Sword。
Just a short moment,He has become a bloody person。
Wang Temple,Give me death!!
I thought in the summer.,Sword,Chong Tian’s sword shines,Sword gas。
Wang Xiongimen,Constantly displaying abilities,At the same time moving speed,Near people。
But all this is weak。
Icy Jian Feng ruthlessly swept,Blood splash。
He was smashed by a sword in the mobile.。
Wang Xiong Baomei sent a desperate roar。
He has a big wild heart,Want to become the king of the world,Want to live without death,How can I die?。
He is some don’t believe,Why can the summer become so strong?,So many people are surrounding,Instead, he is killed one by one。
With unlikely,Residual remorse and hate,The expression on the face is gradually solidified。
Summer,The situation is swing again,Directly strip the two disadvantages into four petals。
After taking more than 10 meters,Going back to the cold and cold glance to catch up with the public。 kill!
Long sword,Kill back。
This time,It’s more effort。
Open a big way,Monk。
Tian Yujian,The swordsmanship of a tempoimity is connected to the sword.,Form a large piece like the waves。
So,I don’t know how long I have killed.,Summer killing eyes。
When he stopped,The whole altar is empty。
Seven or eighty super masters rushed,All of them。
But knowing in summer,Another person is not dead。
He sacrifice,霍 然 转,Staring at a stone pillar of 100 meters,Cold channel,Ling Tianxia,get out!
call out
Speech,At the same time, the left arm suddenly 甩。
Snake knife is a white light to beat in the air,Winding,Like a white thunder。
Swarf sword collision,And bursting out a punch star。
Summer step forward,That is like transient,Washing sword,A little cold。
Just smashing the snake knife, every sweat is standing up.,Do your best。
Two swords hit the moment,The long sword in the hands of Lingtian was broken into a piece of debris.,Sprinkle a cold light。

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No one answer!

Because everyone is as shocking like him。
These elders are strong,How can I not see?,That is the same as Tianjun,If there is no overwhelming force,It’s hard to let Tianjun illusion injured。
Fang That round arrow feather,It is a completely pressing……This http://www.jinse168.cnis already close to the power of the sky.!
These two words,Flash in all elders,The heartbeat is not allowed to speed up。
Hot system……How many years have not appeared??
Wooden warfare,Lin Feng looks to Go Jian,“A good boy,I am reacting now.,Your previous words。”
Previously, he inferred that the strength of the summer may enter the top two hundred people.。
Then I infer that the Gobian can enter the first twenty。
At that time he saw clearly,The expression on the face of the Gogjian is somewhat unfortunately。
“Lin brother,Now you think how many times can you enter in Wannian??”
Go sword asked。
“Almost like you,Can enter the first twenty qualification。”
Lin Feng did not hesitate to say。
“Hey-hey,Is it just ahead??”
Gobian smiled,Once again, the previous weird expression。
Um? See him,Lin Feng picks the eyebrows,“You mean……He also hides strength?”
“This is not。”
Gof Sword shook his head,Positive color,“If I tell you,Summer a mortal from the lower world,Cultivate,Alone112year,I don’t know what I think.。”
Lin Feng is not discolored,Be in the scene,Reaction,“112year?You are not a joke?”
Gogjian leisurely sighed,Noodles,“Stay after the game,You see him,I will feel that he is young, let you know the throne of life.……”
Lin Feng still feels incredible,“112The year is cultivated today,This is an unbelievable……”
“Yes, I first learned,It is also difficult to believe,You are also shocked more than the brother,But this is the fact。”
Gobian said this,Instead, it is proud of it.,Proud to summer。
“If I tell you,This guy is in practice,Also, it is a five-product refiner.,Brother, what do you do?……”
Lin Feng is awkward,Zhang Zhangzhu,I don’t know what to say.。
In the heart,He is really unable to believe in Gogjian said。
He is more clear,Proud character like Gogjian,Fundamentally disdain。
“There is really this inverse day.?”
NS3988chapter If you are

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“I know。”Zuo Luohuan is falling back to their Kang Fei,“The instructor applies for weapons to the school。”

“I heard that two people are together.?”Guan Yuan came over,Yin and yang,“There is no completion in the class.,This is the Qing Qing, I am.?”
Honest,These two messages together,Guanyuan is the least believe,Zuo Luo Huan and Oak?
He guess is that the left family and the iione are enforced,Want marriage。
After all, their twenty-six groups are increasingly growing.,I will grab the limelight of the seventeen army in the capital.。
Zuo Luohuan’s eyes cool,But I laughed on my face.:“You are calling?”
Guan Yuanyi:“What did you say?”
Zuo Luoyuan took out a piece of paper towel to the commelo,Never:“none of your business。”
“Hold!”Guyuan black face,“Zuo Luo hifted, I thought that your father is the chairman.。”
“Really a great。”Zuo Luoho slow Russ,“Your father can’t get my father.,You are not more than I。”
Guanyuan hand one according to the round ball button,Just rush to hit Zoluo,Haven’t rush,I was fell by her.。
“honestly,Your level,When I am opponent……”Zuo Luo shook his head,“I am a little disappointing。”
“Instructor!Guan Yuan hit people!”Cutoff in the moment,Turn your head immediately。
Kang Guang hangs communication,Look at the Guanyuan on the ground,I also saw a group of people who were standing next to standing.:“……”
NS 83 chapter(I have always received it all the time.)
“Don’t worry in my class.。”Kangguang warned this help, The last line is falling in the ground,“Skeleton machine is used to deal with Gaishro,Not brought to your classmates。”
Guyuan pointed to Zuo Luo,Angry:“Instructor, It’s her.。”
“It’s not taken off the skeleton machine before running., Why is it wear now??”Kang Guangxia, “You are me?I don’t want to go to the class, give me another running circle.。”
Guan Yuan:“……”
White is kicked one foot, Guyuan can only stand, Bigns still don’t dare to do,I can only climb up standing on one side.。
Zuo Luo is no longer rule,The migraine asks the coming next to the coming:“I will go to class.?”
Note:“There is a weapon research class。”
I don’t know what I think of., Zuo Luo laughed:“Class lesson?”
The instructors of the three main classes areAlpha、OgawithbetaInstructor, Jiang Hong said that he has obsessive disorder。
I don’t know why Zuo Luo is laughing., Quietly look at her quiet,Vision。
“Don’t see me like this。”Zuo Luo is close to one step,Light road to Ji Yong。
If only two people,Zuo Luoh should raise his hand to cover the eyes,Don’t let him see, Of course, maybe you will do something else.。
Unfortunately, now I am in class.。
Oki’s eyesight micro bend,It’s really in accordance with Zuo Luohuan,No longer watching her。
Waiting for everyone to run twenty laps, Kang Guang raises his hand to see the time, Faced with sweating military school:“Skeletoncor artifics temporarily bring you with you, Have more training,However, once the instructor found that you took the skeleton machine., The school is not just to recover the skeleton machine.,Also remember, Listening to understand?”
The first class is just a running circle,However, Kang Guang has two hundred military school running circles speed data.,This data was passed on the hand of Jiahai.。
“This group of military school students,Physical quality is good,The speed is slower than usual.,But the 20 laps get back,Many people’s speed is faster。”Jia Haishu is carefully compared to all data,“The weight of the skeleton machine has been adapted very quickly.,It should be trained for a long time.。”
“It is now necessary to start adapting weapons.。”Kang Guang sits on a chair,I didn’t laugh on my face.,The mouth of the mouth is scarred to look at the horror and scary.。
“I have said that the instructor in the weapon department said,Before the exercise competition has a military school,Call Qian Mao,He is very talent on the one hand of the weapon.。”Jia Haishu Road,“The school decided to let the people of the weapon department come to work with this military school.。”
“The instructor of the weapon department should give the group army design weapons?”Kang Guang quickly responded。
Jia Haishu nodded:“All groups have taken the stock of the robotic dog materials in many years.,Require all bone machine,Next is the design adaptive weapon。”
At present, the two strongest two is the winter army and the seventeen army.,But the bone machine brought new hope,Which group army will rise by this plan,In the future, the status of the Military Commission will be further improved.。

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Although he is not worried about being asked,Just a little bit of trouble is always good。

If this is,Where can I develop a big road in the future?,Can also help him。
Yang Wei lowered the cloud,Falling in Qianyuan Mountain Golden Cave。
A crispy woman came,“Real people have never seen foreign guests。”
“Little girl,it’s me。”Yang Wei listened to the voice of my sister,Could not be excited。
The woman went to the cave,Also a white,Gladow。
“Two brother,Oh it’s you,I want to be me.。”
She rushed to Yang Yutong。
Yang Yu touched the head of the little girl,I don’t want to ask her to Jin Guangdong.,Direct:“Take me to see M .。”
http://www.rmbtrip.cnThe woman is with Yang Wei.,I saw that Tai B real person is being treated which.。A bowl next to a lotus。
“Yang Jian,Master wants you?”Too B real people really have a deep man,Side of the law to rebirth,When I gone, I went out Yang Wei.。
“The disciple is a teacher,It is the master to bring me one thing.,Said that this is better as the lotus leaf of the flesh.。”
Yang Wei took out black lotus leaves。
Too B real people watching black lotus leaves,Have a long time。
“The brother is consumed.,Since he is going to this matter,How can I refuse him?。I didn’t expect the brothers.,Or the brother can see the most transparent,Not attentive。”
Too B real people see the black lotus leaf,Naturally inductive atmosphere,I thought it was a teacher left to Yu Ding.。
His man is deeply,Naturally, the black lotus is more suitable for the treasure lotus lamp。
Tooeth B real person is also very concerned about the future of apprentices.,Otherwise, it will not be delayed without the last step of being born.。
See the black lotus leaves,Slightly hesitate,I decided to give it to it.。
Anyway, it is also the world’s magic star.,Not bad。
“Apprentice,Don’t blame the mother’s father to break down,Anyway, for you.。”
NS155chapter Seal(Subscribe addition8/16)
Tai B real people have a black lotus leaf,I spent seven days and seven nights to make。
But this time is still coma,Need to stay for a period of time,Too B real people have no rest,Yang Hao Road, who is cared by:“The brother is remembered to save me.,I can’t do it.。Unfortunately, this Lotus lady recognized your sister.,She is kind,And there is the temper protection of the emperor,Can touch the lotus lamp。I have wanted to pass her spell.,Just look now,It’s better to let her see you Master.,Your Master is to see her.,Kenqi her spell,I have to teach her more than I am.。You go back to tell my brother.,Where can I rob a speech?,I owe him two people.,Just wait for him to take。”
Yang Yi is clear,This is the meaning of the teacher to see the brothers and sisters.,Have a lot of Lotus Lantern,Master may accept my sister。
in addition,Two people in the teacher cannot be described as inextristic。
But it must be related。
He hides the two people,The practice of the teacher is extremely important。
It’s hard to be Master.。
Subsequent Yang Hao, I went back to see Master’s life.,With my sister Yang Yu to the teacher Tai B real person。
Waiting him to leave。
Too B real person sitting on the ground,“I am exhausted.。”
He also muttered against the coma.,“Baby,Master for your future,But there are many,You have to fight for。”
If he does not need black lotus leaves,I only have the same thing about the speech of the auger.,Can be relieved,Since then。
Unfortunately, how to move the story, Have a good future for him,I owe a spiritual situation。
As for this to fall into the magic,What is tight。
If you dare to take this thing in his teasing ear,Kill it, it is。

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“will not。”

“Yo!Won’t it be tugging??Sure enough, who to make friends with!I do not welcome people in class,Student whose heart is soaring!You two put your textbooks on your head and stand outside the door!Otherwise, all of them will be dropped!”Associate Professor Bald shouted angrily。
So the two of them took textbooks,Walk out the door,Back to the classroom,One book《Interpretation of Criminal Procedure Law》Top to head。
“Master,I was hurt by you!Isn’t it possible for such a simple question??”Zhang Song whispered and blamed。
“So-called《Criminal Procedure Law》,Is to ensure the correct implementation of the criminal law,Punish the crime,Protect the people,Ensure national security and social public safety,Maintain socialist social order,According to the Constitution,And the enacted law。”Lu Yi didn’t read the textbook,But direct apostasy。
“You would actually?!Why do you still want to punish Lao Tzu??”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Just want to tell you,Don’t count on me from now on,I don’t want to have anything to do with you。”Lu Yi said seriously。
“Regardless of!I Zhang Song admits death,Sister Anna and I will learn one thing these days,Just‘I don’t want you to think,But I think’,Since I sang a song in the singer contest《Dishes like tornado》Worship you as a teacher,Then I’ll confirm you master,Even if you don’t recognize me,I have nothing to say……”Zhang Song retorted。
Actually, Zhang Song doesn’t have to follow Lu Yi as a teacher,But for the e-sports club to introduce strong support and not hesitate to bow down,Give a kind of“As long as you can ride a horse to help,Don’t worry about me?”State of mind。
Zhang Song saw Shunzi’s video chat invitation,This invitation is sent in bulk,Except Zhang Song in the room,And Anna and several other e-sports club members。Raise the book in one hand,Connected the video with one hand。
“Song brother,Can’t come yet?The president initiated Guo Yinzhe‘Newcomer Trial’The game will start soon!”Shunzi’s entire face appeared in the screen shot,Asked。
“Not want to come,I’m going to find an excuse to go to the bathroom and skip class right away,Who knew that the gutter was overturned and the teacher asked him to answer the question……Now being punished for standing at the door and opening!”Zhang Song quickly explained。

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“But actually,But not stable at all,People below,I want to calculate us all the time!”

When Wang Teng’s words are finished,To make those around you,Looking at Wang Teng all together。
As for the next,Why are you tossing here?。
In fact, there is nothing to say about these things for now,After all, everything is already here。
And seeing these,Now,Wang Teng thinks it will feel good。
It’s just looking around,The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,Wang Teng feels very interesting。
“All right,These things,In fact, there is no need to continue to toss。”
“At least here,We have to go,Tell everyone,We are not afraid of anyone。”
When Wang Teng’s words are finished,do not know why,It makes those around you feel,Within yourself,Like a flame,Keep going out。
The more so,Actually here。
Such a thing,Continue to struggle here,Actually,It doesn’t make much sense anymore。
And looking at it all,at this time,Wang Teng slowly looked in front of him。
“All right,Actually now,In itself,There is nothing to delay at all。”
When Wang Teng was talking here,The more so,Actually put it here,Deep in the hearts of those around you,It became clearer。
Since now,I already said so,What should I do,Everyone is very clear。
Wei Jia,Wei Tenglong has learned about this。
But after seeing these,Wei Tenglong frowned slightly。
“These things,How could it become like this?”
When Wei Tenglong saw these,Wei Tenglong at this time,The more I think about it, the more I feel,Such a thing,It’s very interesting。

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No longer,A big river stops going,Lonely bridge,Soul wild ghost action,Big half fell into the river,Holding the ghost along the river,Ponding to the direction of the city。

An old pot,Take a bowl of hot soup for the bridge,This group of swollen people will be taken by another batch of ghosts。
Liao Jie goes to curiosity,Don’t want to think,That bowl is definitely Huangquan specialty Meng Po soup.。
“Don’t look at,I am teasing,The old woman never talks,Gainful。”
Emptitic, two people borrowed the river,When Liao Ji took the bridge,Love feelings behind the view,Turn around,Nothing at all。
Walk through the bridge,Just, let’s take it.:“There will be some physical discomfort in the middle of the middle.,But I have a gold body,You two one self,One and a half gold body,It is reasonable,Jiege,What are you watching??”
Emido looks at Liao Jie’s line of sight,That is a boulder in the side of the bridge.,Stone,Two cracks,Color is clear。
Three-stone stone。
“move,Rush,This broken stone is very proud,Not a person’s face,I have been,It’s ignorant。”
Emptitic explanation,Seeing Liao Jie’s interested in the middle of the business.,Just urgency,Didn’t put it on your heart。
When he used to come to the government,Also curious about these messy things,The days have been a long time,Unwell,It’s a lack of interest.。
“Uh,I feel this three stone stone”
Liao Jie wants to say a word,For thinking, it may be,I didn’t say it.,Cardioplasses walk to the forefront,Lift your hand on the crack。
Under touch,Sanshi immediately responded immediately,Accept information in his mind,Can find three students。
Liao Jie:“”
Look,Still don’t look?
Sink,He decided to see it.。
As a practice,He only believes in this life.,Do not believe in the world,So there is no need to see later。
To put it bluntly,If you can see the later generation,It means that there is no play in this life.,The impact can be more than the magic。
Can not look,I don’t look at it.。
There is no good look in this life.,Some things with colors,That is only the past life.。
very curious,He is not a person in this world,Sanshi Shi is really helping him see the past?
Chapter 375 Causes of the demon ghosts like it
Remember to immerse,Liao Jie presented a dark dark,Mistant scene is quite ahead,If you don’t have a good emperor and a law?,Said that the studio did not change。
Strange things,Reputation,Shouldn’t it be the first person’s racelight mode??
Liao Jie waved his hands to spread the gray fault,The heart is in the past,I don’t know how long it takes.,A back of a white Confucius is introduced into the eye。
Trough,Good handsome back!
Long clothes fluttering,Independent,Son,Wen Run as jade。
Liao Jie nodded,So handsome back,It’s okay.。
Besides,Causes of the demon ghosts like it,Will poetry small white face,Female goblin is good。
“This,Big brother?”
Liao Jie’s first two steps,Take the shoulder of the book,Open the door to see the mountain pass:“Both people,Tell me how you die.,I will learn from it.。”
May be because Liao Jie will chat too,Or or other reasons,Side students are movable,The body is stiff, just like sculpture。
The situation is more likely,Liao Jie took a breath,Go to the front two steps to see the face of the book.。
Entering the eye is a rolling black fog,Subject no face。
Liao Jie’s heart,Several steps behind silently,Four-side gray mist dispense,A figure in the dark in the dark,Like the book,Every is stiff, like sculpture。
Look up,Warrior with a gun,Daniel fan,Farmer,Businessman,Ancient people play,Nor shortage of modern clothing。
Not only limitations,And a tree,And some guerse can’t guess the specific appearance。
Gender is not very limited。

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In her opinion,Li Shuzhen’s character is still very self-owned。

If she is afraid of these public opinions,I didn’t dare to do this at the time.。
Lu Hao nodded,“Your brother has a project there.,Maybe you will go to the city tomorrow or after tomorrow.。”
“That’s okay.,Directors will not let go of Daquan,Although they are moving now,But it is found to be late and later.。”They have already licensed,Can you still have anything else?。
Grandma is older,I am looking forward to the whole family peace and peace.。
Lu Haozheng slightly smashed,A pair of unpredictable,Blue Xin looked at him in thinking,I didn’t bother him.。
His person’s personality,It is to use all things that can be used as much as possible.。
Lu Haocheng did not speak,Have a good time for a while Pick up a mobile phone to Lin Ye,Let him cover this news。
Lu Hao Cheng finished the news,I want to put down my phone,Several brothers suddenly entered a message。
[Dear brothers,Brother,Place ,Jiangshi Hotel,Welcome everyone to visit,Happy posts have been sent。]
Su Sei Ming:[Lin Biao,Do you have a rocket in the middle of the night??]
Lin Biao:[Embraceg,Ming dynasty,See you first with me,I am too happy.,Your brother’s companion。]
Su Sei Ming:[Don’t,I am getting married next month.,Looking at the days now.。]
Lin Biao:[woo woo woo woo……I have nothing to have。]
Su Sei Ming:[Let Lin Ye。]
Lin Ye:[Bully single dog?angerg]
Su Sei Ming:[You also know that you are a single dog,Maybe after giving the sky,The next married person is you.。]
Lin Ye:[happyg, Ming dynasty,Borrow you,颢 天,Golden me。]
Lin Biao:[Row,Bridesmaid is Li Weiyun。]
Lin Ye:[I rely on,How do you find her??]
Lin Biao:[It seems that you are very happy.!]Lin Ye:[Why isn’t you happy??I am doing a dream chasing girl.。She is a little cold,Be uncomfortable。I pressed the corner of the wall,Block the channel,Chase the elevator,暧昧 bedside,I have done it.,The little beauty is indifferent,Dental
The teeth were knocked。]
Su Sei Ming:[That is that people can’t see you.。Wall corner,what do you say,Boy,Do I go home with you??]
Lin Ye:“……”This seems to have problems。
What is called a name, I am going home with you.,Shouldn’t you go home with him??
This big mind is no problem.?
European:[Su Bag,Are you still on the moon??颢 颢,You squatted?I just listen to you now.。Do you have such a big happiness? Do you share it out early??]
Su Sei Ming:[My rocket is broken.,Temporarily return the earth,I am holding a rocket warm bed.。]
Lin Ye:[Your group of slag men,Bullying me a single dog。]
Su Sei Ming:[Bullying you?Have your own business, you go out.。]
Lin Ye:“……”Naked sports。
Muzi:[Change a diaper to his son,Actually such interesting things happened,This can be a surprises.!]
Lin Ye:[Muzi,Every time you come out, there is a son.,There will always be one day.,I will die when I am。]
Muzi:[Congratulationsg,congratulations,I can experience it soon.,A family can’t do a true experience of diaper.。]
European:[My family is two,what to do?]
Lu Hao Cheng:[Do you have a good idea in front of my family??]
Muzi:[There are three people.。]
Lin Ye:[People say,What is missing?,You are showing off what?It’s too bullying.。]
Su Sei Ming:[My daughter cried,I am going to change the urine.,颢 天,congratulations。]

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“puff”The black arrow directly puts the body of the burst bear.,And by a strong force to fly out。

‘inflammation’The situation is broken,Step on the floor,Snowflakes,After brushing a residual shadow,。
Reached a near,Tiger,Twisted waist,Sweeping the skull of the burst。
“Hoe”Under one foot,Vigorous。
The bursting bear made a scream,Synthesis。
Rich fog‘inflammation’Concentrate on the left hand,A rune of a water wave shape appears on the back。
“Ha ha”He laughs,Footsteps,Return into the snow。
……Just after he left,There is another body shape。
Actually is left small fish。
Her body shape is beautiful,Perseaving,In the hands, it works a thick and sharp big.。
A pair of beautiful alarm。
“This is the fifth weight?”
God reveals a curious,Rotate and sweet laugh。
Not much hesitation,Also rushed to the depth。
“I am afraid that Wang Wei has already come.,Unfortunately, I have never met him.……”……Further long after another。
Chu Yang appeared。
He also made a similar move,The first time is around,Then the latter fanatic。
“I should be the first one to come to the fifth heavy feast.,Humph,This first place,I have to set it.!”
He also reached the fifth impunity,The first place for this assessment is now。
……More than 200 new students,Although it was eliminated by most people。
But those who have not been eliminated,It is inevitable is elite。
They have a heavy Runhai,Detailed deeper。
And the summer is still in the first weight,I’m happy, I can’t kill the rune.。
Three days,He has collected three hundred runes。
Can’t let go of your back,I have spread to my arm。
Look,His left arm is like a dense Ma Ma, a rune pattern of Xuanao,For a long time,Will people feel dizzy。
“Three hundred runes,almost。”
Summer face is hard to cover up。
Previous,He has integrated three full rune。
Three hundred runes now obtained,Under the transformation of this life flaw and handprint,Can only reserve one%。
In other words,These three hundred runes,Equivalent to three complete rune authentic。
Means of,If they fuse them,I am equivalent to blending six runes。
Soul!Left fish、Chuyang、inflammation……They don’t have to ask for,Crazy effort soul,Summer is about to reach in the firstweight。
Millennium,The big summer is only five enchanting genius to reach this.。

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看她如此,夏天也流露笑容,“Qing Hui,半年不见,我感觉you的实力变强了许多……”说到这里,他眯眼四处扫射。

华青惠满脸担忧,耐心解释道,“你还 不是神台境,所以并不知道,神台境每一个境界的差距非常之大,唯有神台后期的战力,才能秒杀神台初期……”待她说完,夏天苦笑一声,“不久前,我接到谪仙坊商务阁的传讯,告知古输子要挑战我……And I have promised。”
Huaxai Hui face big change,Not from exclamation,Hollow。
“你……You have not signed a gambling agreement.?”
“Not yet。”
Summer shink。
Huaying Hui Ton。
Just in the summer,“But I am not ready to give up。”
Huaxai Hui is anxious,Gas-up,“Did I say white?,He already has the ability of Shen Tier.,You don’t play him at all。”
Summer laughs,“青惠姐,He is not my opponent。”
There is not much explanation in summer.,Conscientiously,“Believe me。”
NS3714chapter Confident ancient donor
The process of signing the agreement is smooth,No twists。
Summer is set up with the pair of the ancient bars。
Both sides have no extra nonsense。
Under the leadership of the members of the business,Leave the Xianfangfang。
However, this time, http://www.onlinelawhelp.cnthe place where the gambling location is not outside.。

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