32-year-old Zhu Fangyu talks about his retirement plan: he will retire after a maximum of 3 years

32-year-old Zhu Fangyu talks about his retirement plan: he will retire after a maximum of 3 years
Beijing time on March 9th, Zhu Fangyu reported on his plans for retirement in an interview with Sina Sports. He thinks he might retire after another three years.  I have positioned myself for a maximum of three years (retired). When talking about the future, Zhu Fangyu said this, not too tired, just to look at the body, everyone will have a plan, according to his physical condition, I think two years shouldNo problem, it depends on the situation in three years.  This year’s 32-year-old Zhu Fangyu is still in good shape, playing 46 games for the Guangdong team, averaging 3 per game.8 three-pointers contributed 18.4 points, 46% three-point shooting, Guangdong was eliminated by Beijing in the semi-finals. Zhu Fangyu said after the game that he was in good health during the regular season, but felt a little tired from the start of the playoffs, and his physical reserve was still not there.Good young people.  According to Zhu Fangyu’s plan, if he is in good health, he can play for another two to three years, and then choose to retire at the age of 35 or 36.If you want to succeed, you must endure, work hard, and believe in yourself.(Daye)

Baidu’s vice president Wei Fang was transferred to public security organs for alleged corruption

Baidu’s vice president Wei Fang was transferred to public security organs for alleged corruption
On April 21, the Baidu Professional Ethics Committee notified an employee of a serious violation of discipline and law. The former vice president of the Baidu Group, Wei Fang, was investigated by the company and found to be suspected of corruption and was transferred to the public security organ for handling according to law.It was announced that Wei was suspected of corruption and has been transferred to public security organs for handling according to law.”Wei Fang transcended the workplace culture that deviated from Baidu’s ethos and integrity, trampled on the bottom line of the company’s professional ethics, and even touched the red line of the law.”Baidu’s company characteristics, resolutely combat all violations of discipline and law, zero tolerance for any behavior that touches the red line of professional ethics, and will never relax anyone, at any time.According to data from Qizha, there are 16 companies under Weifang’s name.There are two equity pledge information, the pledgee merges Beijing Xiaodu Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the pledge equity totals 1.98 million yuan.In August last year, the Baidu Professional Ethics Committee notified 12 cases of serious disciplinary violations by internal mail. The notified cases covered multiple business departments, including the Hundred Business Unit, IDG Strategic Operations Department, etc., with a maximum amount of 21 involved.40,000 yuan.The Baidu Professional Ethics Committee said in an email that some employees of the company used their powers to dig the company’s footsteps and wantonly trampled on the company’s interests to satisfy their personal desires. They lost the most basic conscience of professionals and violated the company system.Among them, those suspected of committing illegal or criminal acts will be handed over to public relations organs according to law to further investigate their corresponding legal responsibilities.Attached the announcement of the handling of violations of discipline and law by the Baidu Professional Ethics Committee. Everyone is hereby informed of a company employee ‘s suspected case of serious violations of discipline and law.Fang transferred to the public security organ for handling according to law.Wei Fang completely deviated from Baidu’s clean and upright workplace culture, trampled on the bottom line of the company’s professional ethics, and even touched the red line of the law.Baidu resolutely cracks down on all violations of the law and discipline, and has zero tolerance for any behavior that touches the red line of professional ethics. It will never relax anyone, at any time!I sincerely hope that the students will take the precautions, do not forget the original intention, and jointly adhere to the company ‘s simple and reliable cultural values, and jointly build a clean and upright workplace culture to achieve healthy and long-term development of the company!Baidu Professional Ethics Committee April 21, 2020 Sauna, edited by Chen Yi, Lu Yifu, Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling

[Hand roll noodles to learn how to make the best soup noodles]_How to make_Methods Daquan

[Hand roll noodles to learn how to make the best soup noodles]_How to make_Methods Daquan

Many people usually do not make hand-rolled noodles at home. Even the hand-rolled noodles are not as soft as those in Qingdao. The hand-rolled noodles must be kneaded repeatedly if they want to make a good noodle soup.In this way, you can ensure that the noodles are very strong. Cut the cucumber, carrots, and shallots first, put the oil in the pan and stir-fry the oil. You can prepare some chili oil, and the noodle soup will be more fragrant.

Super Invincible Hot Noodle Soup Cucumbers, Carrots, Scallions, Eggs, Noodles Practice 1. First, cut the cucumbers, carrots, and onions into shreds.

2. Pour the oil in the pot, heat the oil for 7 minutes, then put the peppercorns, fry the scent, and then put in the water. Put the onion, fragrant leaves, pepper, salt, etc.

3. Put the eggs in the water opening first, and then open the pot again, then add the vegetables, and finally put the chicken essence, pour the sesame oil, and the coriander.

Tip 1, according to your favorite, you can also replace other vegetables, or put eggs.

2, put less salt, it is best not to use MSG, chicken essence, if you use MSG, be sure to put it immediately before turning off the fire, immediately after turning off the heat and stir well.

Vietnamese Sour and Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup Material Wugi Nutrient Noodles 100g Nine-story Pagoda One Coriander One Onion (Noodle Soup) 1/4 Chives One Small Tomato (Decorative) One Lemon Slice (Decorative) Two Slices of Boneless Chicken Leg Meat One Bean SproutHalf a bowl of fish sauce, one teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon chicken bones (skeleton), one pound of white radish (small), one carrot, half apple, one onion, 3/4 water, 3000cc wine, one spoon of ginger, three slices of salt, twoA small spoon of grass fruit, three bucks, cinnamon, three bucks, star anise, four peppercorns, one dollar wine, one spoon of chili flakes, one bottle of garlic flakes, three lemon flakes, and half a piece of preparation. First prepare the ingredients, including one pack of[五 木 Nutritive noodles].

Wumu nutritious noodles, convenient cooking, and a chain bag design, sealed after use, easy to store.

It is a rare good noodle, a good friend of every household.

[Goki nutrition noodles]The unique skill of real kung fu.

Wheat golden ratio?
Carefully selected Australian gold wheat and American A-grade wheat, exudes pure natural wheat flavor, and then match the perfect taste according to the golden ratio. With every bite, you can eat the purity of wheat.

Boil the soup first, and prepare the soup noodle soup.

Roll 3000cc of water, put onion, red and white radish, apple, and a pound of hot chicken bones.
Grass fruit, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorns, put in a cotton cloth bag, add wine and salt, and cook together for an hour.
(After the fire rolls, turn to a small fire).

After the boneless chicken leg is hot, add it to the cooked soup and simmer for 20 minutes.

After all the previous steps are done, cook in a pot of water and boil[五 木 Nutritive Noodles]?
The cooking method is as follows: 1.

In a moderate amount of boiling water, add the noodles to be cooked separately and stir with chopsticks.

Wait for three minutes for boiling water to boil.


Reduce the fire power so that the hot water does not overflow the pot, or add half a cup of cold water to adjust the hardness of the noodles after cooking to just the right level.

Bean sprouts are cooked, nine-story tower, coriander, leek (chopped), nine-story tower leave some intact.

Cut the onion into filaments, slice the lemon slices, and the small tomatoes.


Place the noodles cooked in step 6 in a bowl, add the noodle-flavored fish sauce and lemon juice, and then add the bean sprouts, nine-story tower, chives, parsley, onion filaments, decorative lemon slices and small tomatoes in step 7.

Add the boiled soup.

You can add some sliced pepper slices, garlic slices, lemon slices, and fish sauce.

Add to your taste.

It’s delicious Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.

Serve lightly.

[五 木 营养 生 面]The taste is great, QQ, and the delicious soup is a perfect match.

Koala is participating in the real Kung Fu cuisine, please support me ^^ Thank you

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[Cold Soba]_buckwheat _ recipes _ production method

[Cold Soba]_buckwheat _ recipes _ production method

Many people may not know about buckwheat, but it is very common in some places. There are many ways to eat buckwheat. You can eat it in cold sauce. Some people like cold buckwheat. It is very refreshing and appetizing.

First, the practice of cold buckwheat 1.

Cut the roots of the buckwheat and peel the old skin.


Wash and drain.


Cut into thin slices.


Put salt.


Add ground ginger and minced garlic.


Mix well and marinate for more than 30 minutes.


Add vinegar.


Sprinkle some chicken essence.


Put the deep-fried chili peppers in the pot until the aroma comes out.


Pour the fried chili oil.


Mix well.


Load the plate.

Refreshing and appetizing.

Tips marinate longer and more delicious.

Put on more vinegar.

Second, the practice of cold crystal buckwheat 1, remove the head and root of buckwheat.

2. Wash the buckwheat with water.

3. Cut the buckwheat into shreds and add salt.

4, then add MSG, sour pepper, mix and marinate for about an hour.

Third, the cold buckwheat practice steps material: buckwheat vinegar salt MSG sesame oil pepper seasoning practice.

Cut the buckwheat into slices.


Sprinkle all seasonings and marinate for half an hour, or put in the refrigerator for a better taste.

Fourth, the practice of cold steamed buns 1.

200 grams of buckwheat.

Wash the buckwheat to remove the pedicle, the old stem, and pat it with a knife.

10 ml rice vinegar, 10 g white sugar, 1 garlic, 20 g watercress sauce.


Add watercress paste, caster sugar, and rice vinegar, respectively.


Add chopped garlic, stir well, cover with cling film, refrigerate in the refrigerator to taste, preferably for more than 2 hours, just load the plate.

Fifth, the practice of cold bun bun cake 1, prepare the ingredients.

2. Cut the fragrant cake into thin slices.

3. Tap the bun with a knife for easy entry.

4. Transfer the vinegar and raw soy sauce.

5. Mix the fragrant cake and steamed buns, set aside an appropriate amount of dried peppers, and pour in the sausages.

6. Add a small amount of sesame oil and mix well for half a day.

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[Can pear and white radish cure cough]_ white radish _ respiratory tract infection _ treatment

Sorry, you will be able to find out what is going on and how to do it. If you want to use it, you will be able to use it to get started.What are you talking about? Do you have a strong sister? Θ 姹 亊 亊 床 麃 駄 姫 姸 姮 姮 姮 姮 姮 姮 姮 尮 尮 姮 層辨湁寰堝ソ鐨勬晥鏋溿€?鏂瑰瓙涓€锛氳悵鍗滄眮姒ㄦ眮锛屽啀鍔犻€傞噺铚傝湝锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍚庨ギ鐢ㄣ€?鏂瑰瓙浜岋細鎶婅悵鍗滄寲涓礊锛屾斁鍑犻鍐扮硸锛岀珫鐫€濉炲湪绫虫《閲岋紝杩囦竴澶滐紝钀濆崪娲為噷閮芥槸姘达紝鎶婃按绋嶆俯涓?What’s the matter? What’s going on?鏂瑰瓙涓夛細鎸戦€変竴浜涙柊椴滅殑銆佹按鍒嗚緝澶氱殑鐧借悵鍗滄礂鍑€锛屽垏鐗囨垨鍒囦笣锛屽姞鐧界硸閫傞噺鎷屽寑锛屾斁涓€灏忔椂鍚庡彇鍏舵眮楗敤銆傛棭鏅氬悇鏈嶅崐鏉紝杩炴湇涓夊ぉ銆傛柟瀛愬洓锛氱櫧钀濆崪绾︿竴鏂ら噸锛屾礂鍑€锛岃繛鐨垏钖勭墖锛屽啺绯栧洓涓わ紙鍙垎涓夊洖鐢級锛屾竻姘翠簲楗涓€璧锋斁閿呴噷鐢ㄦ枃鐏倴鐓紝鐓埌鍓╃害涓夌姘存椂鍙叧鎺夌伀銆傚啲澶╂椂瑕佸悆鐑殑锛屽澶╂俯鎴栧噳鐨勫潎鍙紙浣嗕笉瑕佸啺锛夛紝姣忓ぉ褰撳紑姘村枬锛屾帴杩炲枬浜屻€佷笁澶╋紝涓€瀹氭湁鏁堛€傛柟瀛愪簲锛氬皢鐧借悵鍗滄礂鍑€锛屾帶骞叉按鍚庡垏鎴?.5 铡 樼 back 铡 民 殑 鍦 旦 鍦 南 勖 墖 勖 劖 哖 劆 Effectiveness 10 雗 囧 垏 圏 协 朏 捏 怅 鍅 鍗 Cang 斁 鍦 ㄧ  賋 纴 釶 鎶?鍧楀叧涓滅硸鎺版垚涓€浜涘皬鍧楋紝鍒嗗埆鏀惧湪鐧借悵鍗滅殑涓棿鍜屼笂闈紝鐩栦笂鐩栥€傚嚑灏忔椂鍚庯紝鐢ㄥ共鍑€鐨勭瀛愬彇鍑虹櫧钀濆崪鐗囷紙鐪嬩笂鍘诲凡绌哄績锛夛紝灏嗘眮娑叉湇涓嬨€傛瘡鏃?娆★紝鍧氭寔涓€鍛ㄥ挸鍡戒究鍙棅鎰堛€傛柟瀛愬叚锛氬噯澶囩瓑閲忕殑楹﹁娊绯栧拰鐧借悵鍗滐紝鍏堝皢钀濆崪鍒囨垚灏忕墖锛堜互鑳借杩涚摱涓负瀹滐級涓庨害鑺界硸涓€璧风疆浜庣摱鍐呫€傝悵鍗滄眮浼氭笎娓愭The monkeys are not alone in the world, and they are rushing to succumb to the damage of the real world, and the chains of the world are very difficult to find, and they are very difficult to get up and down.Do you have a bad time? Do you have a sorrow? You can’t help it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, don’t you know?00ML鐨勮悵鍗滄眮锛屾斁涓€鍧楀啺绯栵紙绾﹀ぇ鎷囨寚澶э級锛屾斁鍦ㄩ攨閲屽垰鍒氱叜寮€灏辫浜嗭紝鏀惧湪鍐扮閲岋紝姣忓ぉ鏃╂櫄鐑俯浜嗗枬50ML锛屽熀鏈笂灏卞ソ浜嗐€?

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Chenming Paper (000488) 2019 Interim Report Review: 19Q2 Profitability Improved Significantly, Focused Advantages Focused on Main Business

Chenming Paper (000488) 2019 Interim Report Review: 19Q2 Profitability Improved Significantly, Focused Advantages Focused on Main Business

The company announced in its 2019 四川耍耍网 Interim Report that the performance improved significantly from the previous quarter and basically met expectations.

The company announced its 2019 Interim Report: In the first half of 2019, it realized revenue of 133.

49 ppm, a decrease of 14 per year.

2%; Realize net profit attributable to mother 5.

10 ‰, a decrease of 71 per year.

4%; of which 71 in the second quarter realized revenue.

89 ppm, a reduction of 13 per year.

5%, Q2 returns to net profit of the mother 4.

72 yuan, a reduction of 52 per year.


After the holiday, paper prices rose, and the profitability of the pulp and paper industry improved month-on-month.

Industry level: After the holiday, paper prices have experienced multiple rounds of growth, and the pulp and paper profitability will be further repaired.

After the Spring Festival, distributors and downstream printing plants replenished the goods, and in March each year, the publishing house invited tenders for autumn textbooks. Cultural paper ushered in the small spring season. According to the statistics of the Paper Industry Association: Since the Spring Festival, double offset paper, coated paper, and white cardboardThe price increase was 495 yuan / ton, 318 yuan / ton and 341 yuan / ton.

Pulp price decline: Affected by the continuous high level of port pulp stocks, quotations of pulp on the outer disk continued to fall, and the cost of pulp for paper mills fell.

Company budget: 2019Q2 company’s comprehensive gross profit margin 30.

3%, an increase of 7 from the previous quarter.

24 points; net margin 6.

9%, an increase of 6 from the previous month.

At 29pct, we expect the profit per ton of paper to increase by about 350 yuan / ton.

The company’s four major projects: Shouguang Meilun 51 Alternative Cultural Paper Project, Shouguang Headquarters Cultural Paper Reconstruction Project, Shouguang Meilun 100 is called Chemical Pulp Project, Huanggang Chenming Chemical Pulp Project, etc., have been put into production and running normally in the second quarter, and gradually startedMake the most of it.

In this round of increased production capacity, the company’s pulp self-sufficiency rate will further increase, and 100% self-sufficiency of broad-leaf pulp and chemical pulp will be realized; the leading cultural paper will gradually be further consolidated.

The integrated development of forestry pulp and paper is conducive to the company’s hedging of fluctuations in the prosperity of the paper industry.

Financial leasing, mining expansion continued to advance, return to the main paper industry.

In January 2019, the company’s announcement was planned to be Great Wall Guorui Securities as a strategic partner. The cooperation includes: changing and integrating the assets of Chenming Financial Leasing Company to achieve full market operation; asset securitization; comprehensive investment and financing business, and divestiture financingThe leasing business is expected to bring about a significant reduction in the company’s operating risks.

In July 2019, the company announced that it plans to publicly transfer its holding subsidiary Haicheng Haiming Mining Co., Ltd. 60% equity.

The company initially decomposed its non-papermaking business, returned to the main papermaking industry, increased production capacity, comprehensively integrated forestry pulp and paper integration, and focused on the main business.

The new production capacity has been fully implemented, and the self-sufficiency rate of pulp has been further improved. The expansion of financing leases has continued to advance, and the pulp and paper integration leader has set sail again.

The company plans to expand its financial leasing business and bring new projects into production. In the future, capital expenditures will be further reduced, and the company’s funding pressure will help resolve it.

The main papermaking industry added additional production capacity, increased pulp and paper production capacity, and comprehensively integrated forestry, pulp and paper integration.

We maintain the company’s profit forecast for net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 at 21 trillion, 26 trillion and 30 trillion.

67 yuan / share) The corresponding PE is 6 times, 5 times and 5 times respectively, and the corresponding PB is only 0.

6 times, maintaining the overweight level.

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Sinoma Science & Technology (002080): The rapid development of various businesses and the continued growth of performance can be expected

Sinoma Science & Technology (002080): The rapid development of various businesses and the continued growth of performance can be expected

Core point of view: Wind power blade business: leading the competition; prosperity continues to exceed expectations.

The company’s wind power blade business is effective in timing, technology comes first, and the market share increases rapidly. It has maintained the first place in the industry for seven consecutive years.

Wind power blades have customized attributes, strong customer stickiness, and the company’s size advantage is obvious.

We predict that the new domestic installed wind power capacity will exceed 25GW and 30GW from 2019 to 2020, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. In the medium and long term, the gradual parity of wind power after 2021 is also expected to make the industry no longer fluctuate.

In the first half of 2019, the supply of the main raw material Basam is tight, and the blades are more tight in the wind power industry chain; the large-scale installations promote the upgrade of blades, and the continuous increase in industry thresholds has increased the concentration of the blade industry.

The turning point in the performance of Sinoma’s blades has been reached, and it is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the next two years.

Fiberglass business: the industry is bottoming out; China Construction Materials Group’s fiberglass asset competition is outstanding, and the company has better endogenous growth potential.

Since the second half of 2018, due to the impact of increased capacity of the industry and the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, the fiberglass industry has entered a downward cycle.

At present, the profitability of small enterprises is very weak, and due to the balance sheet pressure brought by the heavy assets of the industry, the industry is already in the process of finding the bottom.

In recent years, Sinoma Science and Technology’s wholly-owned subsidiary Taishan Glass Fiber has combined technology research and development capabilities and post-market financing effects.Continue to cold-modify, shape and upgrade production capacity to resist risks during the downturn of the industry, while still improving room for internal profitability.

Lithium battery crack business: the industry clears or welcomes the point; the bottom of the boom expands into the leader.

After the price of the lithium film industry dropped sharply in 2018, some production capacity is facing a clearing.

The company is currently in phase 2.

The 400 million square meter lithium film production line has been completed and put into operation. The production line is running well and has been delivered in small batches by mainstream battery companies.

The company also plans an annual output of 4.

08 billion square meters of lithium film production line, supporting 2 billion square meters to replace the diaphragm.

The company’s self-built production line also acquired Hunan Zhongli at the same time, expanding and accelerating production capacity expansion, using Hunan Zhongli’s 杭州桑拿 planned production experience to quickly introduce first-class customers, while achieving process complementarity and accelerating the production line’s production schedule; after the completion of the acquisition, enhanced financingCapacity, to solve the problem of expanding the asset-capital expansion of the heavy asset industry, and to expand against the trend of the industry at the bottom of the industry.

Investment suggestion: The market underestimates the potential for performance growth based on the company’s diversified business.

The company’s Dong Jiangao voluntarily extended the lock-up period of the equity investment plan for one year, demonstrating confidence in the company’s future development prospects.

The business and asset integration brought about by the merger of the two materials will bring development 佛山桑拿网 space for the company’s development.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.



13 yuan, the latest closing price corresponding to PE were 13.



7 times, referring to comparable companies, and considering that the company’s growth is better, we think that it can give the company 15x PE in 2020, a reasonable value of 14.

85 yuan / share; maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the price of glass fiber has dropped sharply, wind power installed capacity has fallen short of expectations, and raw material prices have changed dramatically.

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Why men have green hat phobia

Why men have green hat phobia

A very interesting phenomenon is that men don’t feel like they are traveling or staying out for some reason.

And once a woman goes out, she often “feels like a ghost”. Although women do not follow the phone one by one, they are still restless.

People who are joking say this: The love between husband and wife is evident, and the wife can’t bear to leave the night.

  Men are afraid of green hats. In fact, from a psychological point of view, this is the “unsettling feeling” hidden in men’s hearts. Let’s call it “green hat phobia.”whats the matter.

  Studies have shown that women trust their husbands far more than men trust their wives.

This is consistent with real life-men can righteously drink alcohol all night, play mahjong, and pass away a few words to women, which is often not the case for men to women.

  I once saw a case in which a couple declared marriage dissolution after three years of marriage. The reason for the divorce was that the husband was extremely distrustful of the wife. As soon as the wife went out, the husband would check her underwear., Chasing hard.

Living in a tense atmosphere for a long time, the strings of marriage finally broke before the nerves broke.

  Sexual behavior is an exclusive psychological sexual behavior, which will inevitably leave a large number of secretions on the inner pants. The husband’s “virginity detection method” is straightforward, but he forgot that there are too many sources of female lower body secretions.In many aspects, in addition to sexual activity (including sexual imagination), as well as gynecological obesity, its body movements, etc., “secrets” have become his “replacement” for his distrust mentality, forming a “secret” = “derailment” psychologyStrange circle.

  There is also a typical “suspected wife” behavior-showing a strong aversion to the men around his wife. Colleagues, classmates, friends and even relatives, as long as they are men, get along with the frequency resonance, especially the wife raises a lot of opportunities, He was “blacklisted”, carrying this “blacklist”, accumulated into a “green hat phobia”, researched carefully, replacing his wife’s contact frequency with these “suspicious objects”, venue and time, long-termIn a state of high alert and vigilance, I always feel that “it’s something like that”, but I always can’t handle it.

  The extension of the virgin complex There are many reasons for this distrust, but the combination is nothing more than several types: First, the “virgin complex” is the reason, and the wife is “suspected to be virgin” when married, or it is very clear that she is not her firstLovers; the second is a remarried couple, both of whom have a marriage history, and have different levels of “re-love experience”; the third is inferiority, which is usually an extrovert of a woman, and her career is more expensive than a man.”There is a phenomenon that women are stronger than men, and the fourth is hearsay, troubled by the special circumstances around them. I heard that some women have such experiences, and they are always guarding themselves-here, I said, these are all unhealthy.Mentality.

  As the saying goes, “Heart disease requires heart medicine” and “bell solution needs a bell person.” Trust comes from the purity of the relationship between the two sides. It also depends on the “calmness” of the individual. There may be a “illusion”-—If you say it exists, you say there is no it, then why not infer it?

  The zoo’s trainer can still get along with the beast. Why can’t he have more trust with his legal spouse?

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Work out in 15 minutes without going out

Work out in 15 minutes without going out

Nowadays, more and more people love to stay at home, but do not like to go out but want to maintain their figure, then you should always know some sports that you can exercise at home. Let ‘s teach you a few family fitness exercisesAllows you to have a good figure without going out.

  Push-ups: Place your hands flat on two chairs apart about a fist apart, keep your body as straight as possible, and then do push-ups.

This exercise trains the triceps of the upper arm.

  Squat exercise: With your legs apart, about the same width as your shoulders, your toes are slightly extended, your legs are slightly bent, and your hands are wrapped around your back brain.

Then, squat slowly until the thighs are level with the ground, and then slowly recover, taking care not to straighten the knee joint.

  Bend your knees: Touch your chair slightly with your feet, hold the chair’s edges tightly with both hands, bend the steps tightly, bring your legs close together, then slowly bring the alignment closer and then slowly recover.

  Sideways bending exercise: Hold a tote with the appropriate weight and the palm of the other hand against the back of your head.

Then the bag dangled naturally as if pulled to the ground, and the body bent sideways along with it.

The recovery action is: slowly lift the handbag, and slowly straighten your body.

Left and right alternate.

  Backward movement: With your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hold the chair with one hand to keep your upper body fixed, and then lean forward and forward, while slowly tilting your waist and leaning backwards, keep this position until you are tired.

This exercise is feasible for the front muscles of the thighs that are strong and exhausting your aunt.

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Spring Day Yangyang Soup Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup

Spring Day Yangyang Soup Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup

Spring health care is gentle and nourishing. Cordyceps flowers have a gentle flavor and are not cold and dry. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs, kidneys and protecting the liver and nourishing the liver.

Please introduce this Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup today.

  ● Gourmet Science School Pig Spine Pigs Cantonese are generally called keel or sand bone. The keel is easier to understand, but why it is called sand bone is unknown.

The pig’s spine is used to make soup at most. It can be used with almost all ingredients to enhance the sweetness of the soup, and has the effect of nourishing the kidney yin and wrapping the essence.

If it is made of salted pork bones, the effect of reducing fire is added, and the porridge is even more salty.

  The people of Northeast China are not good at making the old fire soup, but they have also made the pork spine into another delicious food-sauce skeleton.

The sauce is also loved by southerners. If you eat in a Northeast restaurant, you can see it at almost every table.

“Bone rotten meat, fresh and not greasy” is the reputation of the sauce skeleton, and holding the skeleton and tearing the meat with your mouth is more profound than the spirit of the Northeast.

If you want to taste this delicious dish at home, you may wish to take a look at the following practices: 1.

Wash the large pork spine slightly, and place it in a large pot filled with fresh water for about 6-12 hours. You can change the water several times in the middle. If the room is high, you can put the pot in the refrigerator to prevent pork deterioration.


Rinse the spine with soaked blood for several times, add pork to the back of the pot and add water without pork bones, add a few pieces of ginger (knocked), several knots of green onions, a few anise, a little pepper, a small cinnamon2 fragrant leaves, Shao wine, old soy sauce, soy sauce, fried sugar (fried white sugar with oil to deep red), white sugar, soy bean paste.


Bring to a high fire until the soup is opened, beat the net powder, add the appropriate amount of salt (the marinade needs to be salty to make the bones taste good, so use salt to penetrate), turn to medium and low heat and simmer for about 1 hour.


Add the right amount of chicken essence, and simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes (the purpose is to collect the soup slightly to increase the flavor of the meat and bones).

  3-4 servings: 1.

Rinse off Cordyceps flowers and walnut kernels; 2.

2. Wash the pig’s spine, chop it up and scoop it up;

Boil the water in the clay pot, add all the ingredients, boil it with martial arts heat, turn to a medium and small heat pot for an hour and a half, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: help Yang Yiqi, Jianpi Gushen.

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