Work out in 15 minutes without going out

Work out in 15 minutes without going out

Nowadays, more and more people love to stay at home, but do not like to go out but want to maintain their figure, then you should always know some sports that you can exercise at home. Let ‘s teach you a few family fitness exercisesAllows you to have a good figure without going out.

  Push-ups: Place your hands flat on two chairs apart about a fist apart, keep your body as straight as possible, and then do push-ups.

This exercise trains the triceps of the upper arm.

  Squat exercise: With your legs apart, about the same width as your shoulders, your toes are slightly extended, your legs are slightly bent, and your hands are wrapped around your back brain.

Then, squat slowly until the thighs are level with the ground, and then slowly recover, taking care not to straighten the knee joint.

  Bend your knees: Touch your chair slightly with your feet, hold the chair’s edges tightly with both hands, bend the steps tightly, bring your legs close together, then slowly bring the alignment closer and then slowly recover.

  Sideways bending exercise: Hold a tote with the appropriate weight and the palm of the other hand against the back of your head.

Then the bag dangled naturally as if pulled to the ground, and the body bent sideways along with it.

The recovery action is: slowly lift the handbag, and slowly straighten your body.

Left and right alternate.

  Backward movement: With your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hold the chair with one hand to keep your upper body fixed, and then lean forward and forward, while slowly tilting your waist and leaning backwards, keep this position until you are tired.

This exercise is feasible for the front muscles of the thighs that are strong and exhausting your aunt.

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Spring Day Yangyang Soup Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup

Spring Day Yangyang Soup Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup

Spring health care is gentle and nourishing. Cordyceps flowers have a gentle flavor and are not cold and dry. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs, kidneys and protecting the liver and nourishing the liver.

Please introduce this Cordyceps Flower Walnut Pork Bone Soup today.

  ● Gourmet Science School Pig Spine Pigs Cantonese are generally called keel or sand bone. The keel is easier to understand, but why it is called sand bone is unknown.

The pig’s spine is used to make soup at most. It can be used with almost all ingredients to enhance the sweetness of the soup, and has the effect of nourishing the kidney yin and wrapping the essence.

If it is made of salted pork bones, the effect of reducing fire is added, and the porridge is even more salty.

  The people of Northeast China are not good at making the old fire soup, but they have also made the pork spine into another delicious food-sauce skeleton.

The sauce is also loved by southerners. If you eat in a Northeast restaurant, you can see it at almost every table.

“Bone rotten meat, fresh and not greasy” is the reputation of the sauce skeleton, and holding the skeleton and tearing the meat with your mouth is more profound than the spirit of the Northeast.

If you want to taste this delicious dish at home, you may wish to take a look at the following practices: 1.

Wash the large pork spine slightly, and place it in a large pot filled with fresh water for about 6-12 hours. You can change the water several times in the middle. If the room is high, you can put the pot in the refrigerator to prevent pork deterioration.


Rinse the spine with soaked blood for several times, add pork to the back of the pot and add water without pork bones, add a few pieces of ginger (knocked), several knots of green onions, a few anise, a little pepper, a small cinnamon2 fragrant leaves, Shao wine, old soy sauce, soy sauce, fried sugar (fried white sugar with oil to deep red), white sugar, soy bean paste.


Bring to a high fire until the soup is opened, beat the net powder, add the appropriate amount of salt (the marinade needs to be salty to make the bones taste good, so use salt to penetrate), turn to medium and low heat and simmer for about 1 hour.


Add the right amount of chicken essence, and simmer over medium heat for 30 minutes (the purpose is to collect the soup slightly to increase the flavor of the meat and bones).

  3-4 servings: 1.

Rinse off Cordyceps flowers and walnut kernels; 2.

2. Wash the pig’s spine, chop it up and scoop it up;

Boil the water in the clay pot, add all the ingredients, boil it with martial arts heat, turn to a medium and small heat pot for an hour and a half, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: help Yang Yiqi, Jianpi Gushen.

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Yoga is both spiritual and spiritual

Yoga is both spiritual and spiritual

Any external or internal factors that cause excessive stress can cause our minds to lose balance.

As a result, neural function will be constrained, and mental coordination will begin to weaken. Some people’s internal changes will develop more slowly, while others will develop faster.

This may be reflected in any aspect of our lives.

  If a person is in a state of excessive stress for a long period of time (overstress includes emptiness, depression, tension, anger, depression, etc.), it will lead to loss of nerve coordination and further cause mental illness.

As a result, the individual’s thoughts, behaviors, manners, manners, and views on the problem will lose the ability to control (of course, we often find that sometimes only a part of the ability is lost), and a variety of expressions and behaviors beyond normal.

  This issue covers a wide range, and people of any age, gender, country and social and economic background can suffer.

So, two problems have arisen before us: first, how to stop and change the mentally caused diseases and problems we think; and second, how and by what methods can we maintain and control the mind and restore the spirit to a state that I think is healthy.
  In yoga, we can find answers about prevention and healing.

  In order to understand the principles of yoga methods, it is necessary to briefly discuss the causes of mental problems.

The factors that can affect the spirit of people are mainly in three basic aspects: nature, society, and self.

It is a specific factor of a person’s mental stress and loss of balance, or focus on nature, or society, or on the self.

In number theory yoga, these three aspects are incorporated, Brahman, material reality, and spiritual reality.

  The factors of mental illness caused by nature may be certain natural disasters, animal intimidation, or special natural phenomena.

Similarly, social factors may cause problems in religion, race, race, economy, politics, etc., and may also include difficulties in mediating customs, habits, and lifestyles in certain denominations.

In addition, there are many problems that are caused by a person’s own beliefs, beliefs, opinions, preferences, habits, and may also be due to some internal feelings (such as hate, suspicion, revenge, insult, hobby, fantasy, love, Hatred, etc.).

  In society, whether it is an industrial society or an agricultural society, whether a tribal society or a primitive society, almost everyone faces a variety of problems arising from the above three aspects.

Today, we too face many problems and mental distress.

Although the nature and form of the problem we face has changed due to the changing conditions, the problem always exists.

Therefore, it is useful to understand the general human perspective of early yoga thinkers and the solutions they have proposed.

  Among the pioneers who contributed to the terrorist yoga system, Gapiro first founded the number theory philosophy system.

  Following Gapiro’s point of view, all questions faced by man can be answered by specialized knowledge.

Because of these specialized knowledge, those strange and rare events can cause people’s distress.

When a person discovers and masters the specialized knowledge of self-personal consciousness and self, then rare events and their consequences caused by any of the above three factors will not make him confused and upset.
When a person discovers and masters specialized knowledge about self-personal consciousness and self, then the rare events and their consequences caused by any of the three aspects mentioned above will not shock and distress him.

  This specialized knowledge includes the mysteries of self-virtue, that is, the three virtues of China, Germany, Lower Germany, and Upper Germany, as well as the knowledge of all matter of the self.

The understanding of the matter of nature must also be related to understanding the composition, functions, and interrelationships of the various organs such as the sense organs, motor organs, spirits, and intelligence of the self.

  If a person has considerable knowledge, he also gains the ability to overcome pain, so as to maintain spiritual balance, and even occasionally gain joy, happiness, and ease.

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These 10 things parents should not do!

These 10 things parents should not do!

We often hear the phrase: “Children are getting harder to teach.

There are indeed many people who are convinced of this sentence, and they are also pessimistic about disciplined children.

  Teaching different children uses different methods, and teaching the same child cannot always use the same method. This is something everyone knows, and therefore, some people regard child discipline as a very difficult task.The abandonment of the duty of discipline of children has caused some social problems to become increasingly serious.

  Although society is changing, trends are changing, and ideas are also changing, there are some ways in which children are disciplined. This is something everyone knows, and as a result, some people regard child discipline as a very difficult task.The abandonment of the duty of discipline of children has caused some social problems to become increasingly serious.

In principle, the ancient and the modern are interlinked, and they have not changed so far. There are also some precepts that should be avoided, or they will cause some physical harm during the growth of the child.

The following are some of the problems we often hear and we are apt to commit. We call them the “Ten Commandments of Family Education”: The first commandment: Do n’t label children. Adults often speak and act, and will call children “idiots”, “Lazy like a pig “. etc. Critical discourses, etc., these negative evaluation words come into the child’s mind time and time again. Over time, he becomes his own negative self-awareness, and this self-awarenessZhi once these labels are cured is like a spell that can’t be swayed, and this life will lead this beloved child.

Don’t hurt him if you love him, how can we gradually curse and lead us to give up our crying blood and want to raise an adult child?

  Second commandment: Do n’t over-protect. A child who is over-protected is just like a child who grows in a sterile room. Once out of the sterile room, it is inevitable that diseases will be repeated. Our baby is the same. Over-protection prevents him from being in a natural social state.Self-learning and growth, one day, he left his parents’ umbrella, did he discover how society is like this?

How is it different from being with your parents?

How can such excessive protection benefit our beloved baby?

  The third commandment: Don’t doubt for no reason. Sometimes, before we find out something, we often insist that it is a good thing for our favorite child, threatening to threaten him to admit it, but often find out afterwards that we are wrong, and thenVery compassionate attitude, and want to win the understanding of the child.

And this unfortunate misfortune is almost a show that is repeatedly performed every time an incident occurs. Who can a trusted child believe?

  The fourth commandment: Don’t chatter. “If you want your child to hate one thing, the best way is to keep talking to him.

I ‘m bombarded with mental fatigue. No one wants to be read endlessly. The best way is to use other methods of discipline instead of my old methods. I can only use the parents ’emotions.Vent to the child, let the child also infect these emotions, and he has nowhere to vent, only to develop some maladaptive behavior.

  Fifth Commandment: Don’t Intimidate Bribery and Fraud If you often say, “I won’t finish your homework, I will kill you.

“One day he will surely find that his parents haven’t finished his homework before he finished his homework; or,” You finish the homework quickly, and I’ll give you ten yuan. ”

“One day, when you ask him to do something, he may start talking to his parents about the conditions.

Intimidation will destroy the relationship between parents and children, making him feel the parents’ affection; bribes make their children more utilitarian, and only willing to do things if they are favorable.

  The sixth commandment: Do not let the child bear inappropriate punishment of guilt, or cause guilt to the child psychologically. The child will walk on the road of life with a heavy guilt, how can he create a better life?

When correcting a child’s mistake, just tell the facts, don’t criticize his personality because of this, speak more neutral language, and avoid creating a burden on the child’s heart.

  Seventh commandment: Do n’t fight with the child. Poor parents ‘hearts, in order to love him and pull the child for his future. Sometimes, he ca n’t afford it, he ca n’t move.There is a low pressure in the air, so why not meet each other?

Children have time and toxicity to fight with their parents. Parents who are steadfast can still treat growing babies with understanding and sympathy.

  The eighth commandment: Do n’t pull out seedlings to encourage children to live under the notion of “losing people but not losing ground”. Ask your child to learn this and that, regardless of the child ‘s maturity.Too much burden of growth, the happy growth process becomes breathless nightmare, how can pulling seedlings really help?

Let the children grow up naturally.

It takes time to grow up. The most important thing for parents is to provide a suitable environment for their children to grow up, not to replace them.

  Ninth commandment: Don’t compare our children with each other completely. We often say that the children of the neighbors take one hundred points, and then use their neighbors as an example. The children also take one hundred points.

From now on, everything puts the child in comparison with others, rewarding the good and punishing the bad. Isn’t this destroying the child’s self-esteem?

Once the child’s self-esteem cracks, who is sad?

  The tenth commandment: do not demand, do not force, and never give up on the child, parents give reasonable expectations, without too much extravagance, give appropriate guidance without excessive coercion, and no matter how bad the situation isFor blood-linked babies, you cannot give up lightly anyway.

Raising an outstanding child is not a matter of overnight. It is how much love, patience, and trials of growth that parents have paid before they can create a talented person for the country.

  The above may give some references for parents, some reflections, some inspirations. If you use deep kung fu, you will naturally experience many wonderful methods. On the way to grow up with your children, you are all the wayGood weather in Lili.

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