Anti-gambling and Anti-Black Xie Yalong’s life in prison

“Anti-gambling and Anti-Black” Xie Yalong’s life in prison September 3rd Yesterday, football referee Lu Jun, who fell in the anti-gambling and anti-smuggling storm, was officially released from prison and regained his freedom.So, what about the lives of other prisoners in the anti-gambling and anti-crime case?Xie Yalong: Xie Yalong, a hard-read Chinese medicine book, was the vice chairman of the Football Association and the director of the Football Management Center.After imprisonment, Xie Yalong had been studying traditional Chinese medicine, such as traditional Chinese medicine cases, pharmacists and ancient books. He was probably a generation of famous doctors when he came out, and his family bought him more than 10,000 yuan of traditional Chinese medicine books.However, Xie Yalong has lived in the past, can not face the reality, is usually unhappy, almost does not communicate with the surrounding prisoners, he is thin, and his ears are not very good, anyone who speaks to him must shout.Nan Yong: Applying for patents on sports research achievements Nan Yong was the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association.Nan Yong also paid great attention to football and sports in prison, and continued to engage in sports research. His research results also applied for patents.Yang Yimin: I also want to work for Chinese football. Yang Yimin was the deputy director of the Football Sports Management Center and the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association.During the escort in the detention center, Yang Yimin would watch the news every day through TV and newspapers, and occasionally read some books, etc., as well as books on related laws.After the sentence was pronounced, his defense lawyer Wang Shujing copied it, and Yang Yimin stated that he still wanted to do something for Chinese football and wanted to go to university to teach.Zhang Jianqiang: Want to write a plan for women’s footballAfter imprisonment, Zhang Jianqiang planned to put his accumulated years of football experience on the pen and write a development plan for the Chinese women’s football team. The final result is still unknown.Extended reading: China’s Golden Whistle Lu Jun commuted from prison for 1 year and will not work in the sports field. Golden Whistle Lu Jun prison was commuted. Reason: study and labor points accumulated 39 pages. A generation of black whistle Lu Jun released his prison sentence.Ren Garden Group’s health team leader anti-gambling sentence: Huang Junjie was sentenced to a fine of 200,000 for 7 years Lu Jun was fined 100,000 in June of 5 years

American Horror Story will shoot derivative dramas, each episode is called a 1-hour independent story

“American Horror Story” will shoot derivative dramas, each episode is called a 1-hour independent story
Recently, the actors of “American Horror Story” reunited online. Producer Ryan Murphy released a video chat screen to reproduce the crew and happily discussed the tenth season of “American Horror Story”.Relevant information, also announced that it will launch a derivative drama “American Horror Story”.It is reported that the spin-off script will include more than one hour of independent stories, and will also appear familiar.The picture comes from the network “American Horror Story” is a series of American terrorist conflicts, directed by Ryan Murphy, Ivan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Lily Labbe, FranStarring Sisi Conroy.The series premiered on October 5, 2011 in the US cable TV network FX, a total of nine seasons.The theme of the first season is “The Haunted Mansion”, the theme of the second season is “Crazy House”, the theme of the third season is “Witch Assembly”, the theme of the fourth season is “The Freak Show”, the theme of the fifth season is “The Hotel”, the sixth seasonThe theme is “Royanok”, the seventh season is “cult”, the eighth season is “Revelation”, and the ninth season is “1984”.As of 2019, the play has won sixteen Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and three Golden Satellite Awards.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo

[How long can the baby keep drinking the milk powder_How long can the baby drink the leftover milk powder]

[How long can the baby keep drinking the milk powder_How long can the baby drink the leftover milk powder]

Baby milk is a good way to supplement nutrition, especially in infants and young children, the choice of milk powder is more important, be sure to choose infant milk powder, if parents rush more milk powder, this time the baby is not finished.

It is best not to drink the remaining milk powder, especially in summer, if you leave it for more than half an hour, you can’t drink it anymore, after all, the bacteria in it grow faster.

How long can a baby drink endless milk powder? If it has not been pregnant, the baby can be stored in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours.

But if it is already drinking milk, let the baby recover as soon as possible within two hours, if it is hot summer, it is best to let the baby drink within half an hour.

If the parents are not very sure about the amount of milk that the baby usually drinks, it is recommended to prepare two bottles at home, brew the milk powder in one bottle, and then split the two. Give the baby one of the bottles first.Before you drink enough, pour the other half of the milk powder into the bottle for your baby.

If the baby is full, the remaining milk powder can be given to the baby later.

How to heat up the prepared milk powder?

If the baby only occasionally has milk powder left, parents can use boiling water to warm the baby’s milk, but don’t take too long to avoid the temperature of the milk being too high.

How do I know if the temperature of the milk is appropriate?

You can feed your milk to your wrist. If it doesn’t feel hot, it’s warm, indicating that the temperature is just right.

If the baby often has milk powder left, it is recommended to buy a milk warmer and fix the temperature at about 40 degrees. This is convenient and worry-free, but the time should not be too long. Remember the time series we just talked about.Otherwise, the milk will easily deteriorate.

Parents do not use these methods to warm the baby’s milk: Wrong method 1, use unused milk to make milk powder. Some parents will add water to unused milk powder, and then add new milk powder. Although this method is easy, butUnscientific, because how much milk powder to add to the bottle is difficult to grasp.

Many parents will say, then I ‘m going to dilute it a little bit. It ‘s actually not good for the baby ‘s growth and development, because too low a concentration of milk powder will cause the baby’s protein content to be insufficient, and it will also cause malnutrition.

In addition, if the remaining milk powder is not stored properly, bacteria may have grown in it. Mixing freshly foamed milk powder with such milk powder is also not good for your baby’s health.

Wrong method 2. Microwave heating of milk with microwave oven is achieved by the collision of plastic molecules with positive and negative poles, which generates high heat. This may also cause some nutrients in milk powder to deteriorate or be lost, and it may easily cause milk to be overheated.

Wrong method 3, boiling and heating, and some parents will use the pot to boil the unfinished milk powder, thinking that it can both heat and sterilize.

But actually from a nutritional point of view, this approach is enough to make the baby get a big discount on nutrition, because the boiling temperature is too high, which will lead to the loss of vitamins and other nutrients in milk powder.

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[Homemade hot pot base material is very simple]_How to do_How to do

If you want to go, please go to the next page, and you will be able to see if you want to go to any place. You will be able to see if you want to go to any place. You will be able to read it. You will be able to read it in real time.涵鍚冪伀閿呯殑搴曟枡鍋氭硶闈炲父绠€鍗曪紝浣嗘槸瀵逛簬棣欐枡鍜岄厤鏂欓兘鏈変弗鏍肩殑瑕佹眰锛屽彧鏈夎繖鏍锋墠鍙互鍋氬嚭鏈€姝e畻鐨勫搴伀閿咃紝璁╀汉浠悆鍒伴閱囨祿鍘氱殑瀹跺涵鐏攨锛屾湁鎯冲鐨勬湅鍙嬩滑鍙互灏濊瘯鐫€鍋氫竴涓嬶紝鐩镐俊涓€瀹氬彲浠ュ仛鍑轰护浜烘弧鎰忕殑鐏攨銆備竴銆侀”Gallium gallium”?0 Arrogant?銆 住友?0 Arrogant?Zhi Lian Xun Lian?-5?銆 佷 磵 棣?Arrogant?銆 佺 戠 浠?Arrogant?銆 侀  鏋?Xie?銆 丸 瓬 鐒?鍏?銆 佹  镄?鍏?銆 佺 敇 Drill?鍏嬨€?10 years old?銆 佺 揉 鏉?鍏嬨€?頄 堢 毊 5 鍏?銆 佺 瓪 鎷?鍏嬨€?Di Luan set to drill?0 鍏?銆 佸 叓 nau?0 鍏?銆 侀  鍙?0鍏嬨€佸崈閲岄3鍏?銆佸皬鑼撮6鍏嬨€侀鑽?0鍏嬨€傦紙鏈夋潯浠剁殑鍙互鎶婅繖浜涢鏂欐墦纰庯級锛屼互涓婅繖棣欐枡鍦ㄥ綋鍦拌彍甯傚満涓撳崠璋冩枡鐨勫湴鏂瑰彲浠ラ厤榻愩€備簩銆侀厤鏂欑瓛瀛愰楂樻堡5鏂わ紝鐗涙补1鏂わ紝 娓呮补1鏂?What are you talking about?Trickle?Adjective?0 鍏?Adorable?0 鍏?Adopted a total of f 鍗 垃 枻 Adopted?簏 わ 纴 澶 ц 挏 1 trick?Adorable girl?銆?Trickle?Adorable?5 嬏 嬶 纴 鍐 装 硸 1 trickle 綏 哄 瓑 閑 擑 闑?Trickle?デ ぇ 钁?Trickle?Announcement  銆 备 笁 銆 丸 娉娉?Do you want to press the button?5鍒嗛挓锛岃姳妞掓场杞紙鐑按20鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛夛紝骞茶荆妞掑垏娈垫场杞紙寮€姘?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛夈€?銆佸皢娉″ソ鐨勯鏂欏拰鑺辨鎹炲嚭娌ュ共姘村垎锛涜€佸鍒囩墖锛岃挏鎷嶇牬锛岃懕鐧藉垏娈点€?What are you doing? Do you want to make up for it? Do you want to make a lot of money? 9 Do you want to make up for it? Do you want to make up for it? ╅ 檷 鍒?Do you want to make up for it? Do you want to fix it? Do you want to fix it?0 鍒 嗛 挓 宸 ﹀ 彸 銆?銆佷笅鍏ユ场濂界殑杈f锛岃眴鐡i叡銆佸ぇ钁便€佺敓濮溿€侀啰绯熴€佷竴鍗婄櫧閰掋€佽眴璞夈€佸啺绯栫户缁皬鐏倰10闒 嗛 抓 銆?What is the difference between the real world and the real world?鍒嗛挓銆?This is the best way for Jingniu to succumb to troubles. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very effective.孩閿呯殑璇濆皢瓒呭ソ鐨勭伀閿呭簳鏂欏彇涓€鐐掑嫼鏀惧叆鐏攨閿呴噷锛屽啀鏀惧叆钁辨锛屽鐗囷紝闈掕姳妞掞紝閫傞噺鐨勭洂銆傚姞鍏ラ珮姹わ紙澶氬崐閿呭氨濂斤級锛岄赋楦攨鐨勮瘽娓呮堡閿呮斁鍏ョ洂锛岄浮绮撅紝钁辨锛屽鐗囷紝鍐嶅姞鍏ラ珮姹わ紝鍒拌繖鐏攨灏卞埗浣滃ソ浜嗭紝鏍规嵁鑷繁鍙e懗澧炲噺鐏攨搴曟枡銆傛彁閱掑ぇ瀹朵竴鐐癸紝涔扮墰娌圭殑鏃跺€欏幓鍗栫墰鑲夌殑鍦版柟涔帮紝杩欐牱姣旇緝鏀惧績锛屽彟澶栦笉鍠滄鍚冪墰娌圭伀閿呯殑鏈嬪弸鍙互涓嶈鐗涙补浣嗚鎶婃竻娌圭殑閲忓姞澶э紝娓呮补鏈€濂介€夎彍Aya mustard spinner?

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How the elderly autumn and winter nourish yin

How the elderly “autumn and winter nourish yin”
“Autumn and Winter Nourishing Yin” originated from “Su Wen · Four Qi Modal Theology”, “The husband and wife of the four seasons of Yin and Yang, the root of all things.”So the sage nourishes the Yang in spring and summer, and nourishes yin in autumn and winter in order to follow its roots, so it floats with all things on the gate of growth.”Spring master is angry and should be in the liver; summer master is long-lived and should be in the heart; autumn master is breathing and should be in the lung; winter master is holding gas and should be in the kidney.For the elderly to be in a state full of righteousness and evil cannot attack, they must conform to the four seasons of spring birth, summer long, autumn harvest, and winter Tibetan.The main idea is that Yang should be raised for spring and summer, and Yin for fall and winter for collection.The summer solstice is overcast. From summer solstice to winter solstice, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is lowered, the yin is more abundant, and the human body is occluded. This is the stage of killing the yin and hiding the sun.So how does the elderly “fall autumn winter nourish yin”?  In the autumn and winter seasons, people usually eat warm foods. Hot foods such as hot pot are very popular. Thick coats are necessary for winter. This will make the body appear “yin deficiency and internal heat” and “internal heat gets angry.”Cause effects, and even hurt the shade.Therefore, in the autumn and winter seasons, try to avoid spicy foods, tobacco and alcohol, and eat some moisturizing and yin-stimulating foods such as tomatoes, hawthorn, and ebony.The radish is good for the stomach, which is in line with the rules of autumn and winter;Therefore, there is an expression of “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, and doctors who don’t pay for prescriptions”. Eat more radish in autumn and winter.Tonic in autumn and winter eat some foods for nourishing yin, such as autumn pear, honey, white fungus, lily and so on.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can also take some traditional Chinese medicine soup such as raw land, cooked land, Huai yam, Zhimu, Paeonia lactiflora, Radix Ginseng, and Ophiopogon.  Acupoint application in the autumn and winter seasons is cold and cold, the yang is concentrated, the qi and blood are not smooth, and the meridians are lost to the temperature, which is a good time for all kinds of senile diseases.The acupuncture points are applied with qi corresponding to taste and sense of taste. The acupoints are stimulated by drugs to warm the points, warming the lungs through the yang, dispersing the cold phobia, enriching the body’s yang, and strengthening the cold resistance, thereby improving the body’s immune capacity.Cough, phlegm drink, stagnation syndrome, and insomnia 佛山桑拿网 of the elderly will all receive good results to ensure that the elderly can survive the winter smoothly.The acupoint application time is selected during the period of “three volts” in summer and “three nines” in winter.During the application, fast, cold, spicy and greasy foods should be avoided to avoid sweating during vigorous exercise.When the application site is itchy, burning, tingling, or other discomfort, remove the patch in a timely manner. It should be noted that the acupoint application must be performed by a professional in a professional medical institution and cannot be handled blindly.  If the elderly cough and drink phlegm, they can use the corresponding drugs to make a paste, and apply it to acupoints such as large vertebra, Feishu, Tiantu, Langzhong, Zhongfu, Shenshu.  Senile insomnia is optionally processed into a paste after treatment with corresponding 合肥夜网 drugs, and applied to Xinyu, Ganshu, Pishu, Shenshu and other acupoints.  Allergic rhinitis in the elderly can be made into paste after processing with corresponding drugs, and applied to acupoints such as large vertebra, Feishu, Shenshu, Tiantu, Langzhong, Zusanli.  Living carefully in the autumn and winter seasons, dry things, the elderly should promptly replenish water, drink plenty of boiling water, can also drink honey water in the morning and evening, to achieve the effect of nourishing yin.In the autumn, you should go to bed early and get up early to adapt to the long shade; in winter, go to bed early and get up late to suit the winter Tibetan.The body yang of early sleepers enters the collection state smoothly to prevent the night dew from invading the human body seriously; the early rise prevents the yang energy from converging too much; the late rise can prevent the cold and keep warm.The autumn and winter weather continues to be cold and dry, and it is easy to be irritable. Bad moods are very bad for nourishing yin.You must work hard to keep your heart comfortable, not angry or sorrowful.When the mood is bad, you can chat more and relax to eliminate the spread of bad mood.During the autumn and winter seasons, you can perform gentle exercises indoors, such as qigong, yoga, and Taijiquan, to regulate your physiology and protect your yin.  Generally speaking, if the elderly want to go through autumn and winter smoothly, they should be recuperated according to the characteristics of the autumn and winter seasons, and try to keep the human body in a state of health, vitality, and dynamic balance, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases and maintaining health.

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I Miss You (002582): Baicaowei’s Profit Increases Steadily

I Miss You (002582): Baicaowei’s Profit Increases Steadily

Investment highlights: Events: (1) The company realized revenue in 201849.

49 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

59%, net profit attributable to mothers1.

3 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.

21%, 0 dividends per 10 shares.

79 yuan (including tax).

(2) The company’s revenue in 2019Q1 was 19.

22 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

33%; Realize net profit attributable to mother 1.

33 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

42%, less than expected.

(3) The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved Zhengshang Exchange to carry out the jujube futures trading, and the contract was officially listed on April 30.

In order to cope with changes in the price of raw materials in the jujube business, the company formulated the “Management System for Futures Hedging Business” to lock in the cost of raw materials and effectively avoid price risks.

The taste of paraquat is steadily increasing, and the product structure is tilted towards nuts.

In 18 and 19Q1, the revenue of Baicaowei increased by 26 year-on-year.

33%, 13.

19%, net profit increased 42.

80%, 29.

93%, 18 years of nut pigment 21.

6.7 billion, an annual increase of 24.

59%, accounting for 42.

72% rose to 43.

78%, the growth of the nut business was balanced.

Affected by the weak jujube market, the jujube business has grown for 18 years4.

36%, but its other FD freeze-dried food and other large health food business growth rate of 49.

75%, another swift.

In 18 and 19Q1, the parent company’s revenue increased by 7 per year.

42%, -23.

34% is allowed for the downside of the jujube business and allows for a certain period of fluctuation in the market development of new products.

The increase in the price of red dates has a slight decline in gross profit margin, and hedging should respond to changes in the price of the original dates.

The gross profit margins of the companies in 18 and 19Q1 were 28 respectively.

48%, 31.

42%, a ten-year increase of -0.

56 points, 1.

19pct, 18 years, subject to the increase in the price of upstream raw dates, the gross profit margin of red dates has dropped by 3%.

37pct. With the listing of the Red Jujube Futures Trading of Zhengshang Exchange, the company can effectively lock the cost of raw materials through hedging of red dates to stabilize fluctuations, and the gross profit margin of the red dates business can help improve.

The gross profit margin of nut products increased slightly in 18 years, exceeding 0.
49pct, preserved meat / seafoods increase by 5 per year.
17pct. With the adjustment of product structure, the company’s gross profit margin increased.

Expenses have increased and the effect is yet to be demonstrated.

Affected by factors such as large-scale promotional activities and rising transportation costs, the company’s sales expenses increased by 18 in 2018.

51%, of which the parent company’s selling expenses increased by 9 per year.

82%, 19Q1 company’s sales expenses increased by 13 in ten years.

14%, of which the parent company grew 21 in ten years.

55%, the parent company ‘s large number of new product Q1 expenditures are vigorously publicized, and the effect is yet to appear; Baicaowei ‘s online Q1 promotion has not diminished, and the Chinese New Year has become a new brand spokesperson.The sales data is also very eye-catching, but the growth rate of its sales expenses in Q1 is accelerating. We believe that the expansion 成都桑拿网 and the payment of some advertising costs are confirmed in advance by 18 years. Instead, the value of the company’s online spending is increasing.

19Q1 net profit extension increased by 0.

33 points.

The big explosive support category transition, product upgrades embrace the trend of health.

In 2018, the company’s large single product strategy achieved fruitful results. The “Daily Nuts” series broke through 200 million US dollars, and “Qing Feifei” contributed more than 70 million. On this basis, the company expanded R & D expenditures and listed 328 new products in 18 yearsIn the past ten years, it has surged 95% and seized market segments to meet the demand for consumption upgrades.

In addition, as of the end of 2018, the company has launched a total of 147 low-sugar or low-sodium or low-fat products, of which 26 are all in line with the FOP logo, embracing the trend of consumption and upgrading of healthy products. The lyophilized product is expected to be heavy.

The growth of online e-commerce channels is stable, and offline channels will usher in a new round of rotation.

After the acquisition of Baicao, the company is committed to promoting the integration of online + offline sales channels. The proportion of online e-commerce sales has increased year by year, and the growth rate in 2018 has increased.

06%, accounting for 82 of the overall average.

30%, with more than 60 million online members, has become the company’s largest sales channel.

In the future, more costs will be invested for offline channel laying.

Cooperate with Ali Retailing and to promote the construction of convenience stores and KA channels. On the basis of maintaining the smooth flow of supermarket channels, cooperate with distributors to accelerate the layout of offline sales terminals. A large number of mobile sales stores reached 730,000.800 stores in second-tier cities4.

0 stores will also enter the harvest period, with online and offline omnichannels working simultaneously.

Earnings forecast and investment grade: Considering the fierce competition in the industry, we expect the company to achieve revenue in 19-2149.



0 billion, a growth rate of 14.

9% / 16% / 16.

9%, while achieving net profit attributable to mother 1.



200 million, a previous growth rate of 23.

8% / 27.

4% / 29.

6%, EPS is 1.



61. Maintain the “recommended” level.

Risk Warning: Market Expansion Is Less Than Expected

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Spring food, shelter, and health tips

Spring food, shelter, and health tips

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, spring is a season that health caregivers have attached great importance to.

Chinese medicine believes that the spring corresponds to the liver in the five internal organs, it is easy to have excessive liver gas, adversely affect the spleen and stomach, and prevent food from being properly digested and absorbed.

According to Chinese medicine experts, people can eat more foods such as lean meat, eggs, milk, honey, soy products and fresh vegetables.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, spring is a season that health caregivers have attached great importance to.
Because this season, yang is alive and well, but it is also a variety of germs and microbes to breed, the season of recovery, the disease is very popular.

  Eat: more sweet and less acid is the principle of spring diet Chinese medicine believes that the spring corresponds to the liver in the five internal organs, it is easy to have excessive liver gas, adverse effects on the spleen and stomach, to avoid normal digestion and absorption of food.

Sweet food can nourish the spleen and stomach, and the sour taste into the liver, its sexual convergence, eating more unfavorable spring yang hair growth and liver gas evacuation, will make the already prosperous liver gas more prosperous, causing damage to the spleen and stomach.

This is one of the causes of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases that are prone to recurrence in spring.

  On the issue of “complementing”, healthy people can not use tonic, and those with chronic diseases can consult doctors for dialectical treatment in accordance with the principle of raising yang in spring and summer, so that they can control old diseases and prevent new diseases, orUnder the guidance of a physician, nurse with various parameters to enhance physical fitness, but do not abuse tonic.

  According to Chinese medicine experts, people can eat more foods such as lean meat, eggs, milk, honey, soy products and fresh vegetables.

Because the liver is prosperous in spring, the temper is weak, and the spleen and stomach are mainly limbs, the temper is not prosperous, the limbs are sore and weak, so the spleen is also needed.

Medicine supplements are better than food supplements, spleen and more squid, carrots, apples, yam and so on.

  Wear: Spring and four principles of TCM health care articles Chinese medicine pay attention to Chunsheng, Xia Chang, autumn harvest, winter Tibetan.

In the winter, when it is cold, in the spring, people start to recover like plants. But spring is the time when various viruses are active. In addition, when the cold is not completely dispersed in spring, people are very susceptible to illness.

Therefore, in dressing, Chinese medicine practitioners pay attention to the proof of health and disease prevention.

  According to Chinese medicine experts, “Spring Festival” is to focus on warmth, and the “Spring Festival” period should be in early spring, generally from early March to mid-April.

The degree of “捂” is also different from person to person. It is decided to increase or decrease clothing according to its own physical quality. Generally speaking, “Spring Festival” can follow the following principles: increase or decrease clothing at any time.

Pay attention to the cold and keep warm, to help the body to produce yang, to resist the invasion of external evils.

  For infants, the elderly and pregnant women are more important, “old disease” should pay attention to cold and warm to prevent stroke, myocardial infarction and other diseases.

It’s not good to get too much.

If the clothes are worn too much, too thick and too tight, not only is not good for the body to keep out the cold, but will also limit the activities.

  Sleep: Sleeping in the afternoon to prevent spring flooding After a long winter, the human body consumes too much yang.

In the early spring, when the yang is not enough, people feel very sleepy.

If there is a phenomenon of “spring sleepy”, you should pay attention to self-regulation.

  First of all, people should restrain their emotions so as not to hurt the liver. The interference on the liver fire easily affects the function of the spleen and stomach, thus opening the door for digestive diseases.

At the same time, don’t sleep because of “spring sleepy”, you should adapt to the spring and adjust your own routine.

If you feel sleepy, you may want to take a nap and eliminate fatigue.

  Therefore, to overcome the spring sleep, you can start from the diet conditioning, qi, and yang.

Chinese medicine pays attention to “spring and summer yang, autumn and winter yin”, and the yang medicine is not as good as food supplement.

Experts believe that spring porridge with porridge or porridge with lotus seed jujube can make up for lack of temper, eat more longan meat can also make up temper, more glutinous rice, black chicken and so on can be kidney deficiency, these diet therapy can alleviate the phenomenon of spring sleep.

  OK: The Spring Movement has a “good side” TCM health practice. Chinese medicine believes that the spring yang is particularly strong in the air in the woods, rivers and lakes. These places can have a negative oxygen ion, which has cough and eliminate fatigue., regulating nerves, blood pressure, calming and other effects.

The choice of sports places in free radicals can improve the state of breathing, metabolism and blood circulation, and the spirit of training.

So the spring movement must first be in the air.

  After entering the spring, it is necessary to adapt to the characteristics of yang swell, strengthen exercise, replace running, punch, exercise, walk, play, fly kite, let the body vomit, and make the bones stretch.

In addition, spring exercise should not be too sweaty, just sweating is almost the same, immediately wipe off the sweat at the end of the exercise, put on clean clothing, to prevent cold.

If you have a cold, it is still not suitable for physical exercise, but should take more rest, and then take part in the exercise after the cold has healed.

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What foods can supplement the cold in winter?

What foods can supplement the cold in winter?

Winter diet is the top priority of winter health.

  The winter climate is cold, and the human body is affected by the cold weather. The physiological functions and appetite of the body will change.

Therefore, it is necessary to rationally adjust the diet to ensure that the necessary nutrients of the human body are sufficient to improve cold tolerance and immune function, and to make it safe and winter-free.

  Mineral deficiency and cold: People’s fear of cold is related to the body’s intake of certain mineral substitutes.

The amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the flexibility and excitability of myocardium, blood vessels and muscles; iron deficiency in the blood often manifests as less production and low body temperature.

The coldness in winter can affect the body’s nutritional metabolism and increase the consumption of various nutrients to varying degrees.

At the same time, human urine volume increases in winter, and the amount of calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, inorganic and other inorganic salts excreted with urine also increases, so it should be added in time.

Foods containing calcium phospholipids include milk, soy products, shrimp skins, kelp, hair vegetables, sesame sauce, etc., iron-containing foods such as lean meat, animal kidneys, animal kidneys (loins), animal blood, green leafy vegetables, fungus, kelp, etc.
  Inorganic hydrochloride contained in the rhizomes of vegetables, you should also take more vegetables containing rhizomes in winter, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, ginger, lilies, coriander and Chinese cabbage. In eating, it is best to interact with mutton.Beef and other stews are better for cold protection.

Lamb, beef, chicken, and catfish are supplemented with protein and trace elements, which produce many transformations, which are beneficial to kidney and aphrodisiac.

Eating these meats can accelerate the metabolism of yang deficiency and enhance the endocrine function, thereby achieving the cold protection effect.

  Food should be properly protected from cold: It is necessary to properly adjust and increase diet in winter, but it is not advisable to rely solely on food to protect from cold, excessive consumption of high heat energy, high fecal food and alcohol, etc. The most common cause is obesityAnd aggravate cardiovascular disease.

For obese people, winter is a great time to lose weight and control obesity.

At this time, obese people should eat less dinner and arrange it lighter.

Moreover, due to the small amount of activity in the evening and the rich dinner, it will cause blood lipids to rise, and it is easy to deposit on the blood vessel wall, which will bury the hidden danger for arteriosclerosis.

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Mo Jiang impotence and kidney deficiency painting

Mo Jiang impotence and kidney deficiency painting

Impotence is not always caused by kidney deficiency. In the traditional concept of many citizens, whenever I hear that men have trouble with sexual intercourse, decreased sexual function and other problems, I like to give people a “hat of kidney deficiency” and “kidney deficiency”.Sun Tzu’s eager elderly people often even take their son to take aphrodisiac and kidney medicine.

The real case that happened to Zhang Liang (pseudonym) who is 30 years old this year is a good example.

Zhang Liang has been married for 3 years, but his wife has never been pregnant.

Zhang Liang thought that his body was “weak”, and he was embarrassed to see a male doctor.

After listening to the elderly saying that medicinal wine can nourish the kidneys, I bought 50 grams of velvet antler, 3 pairs of toads, 5 tadpoles and other aphrodisiac products. I put it in the wine and soaked it for 7 days before taking it.

At first, I felt very effective, but after 3 days of serving, I felt dry tongue, bleeding gums, hot flashes and sweating in the genitals, very uncomfortable, and the penis could not erect . According to Cai Yueyue, Department of Andrology, Guangzhou First People’s HospitalAccording to the Deputy Chief Physician Bin, similar patients are often encountered in the clinic.

“Because of the influence of traditional knowledge, many people think that the decline in sexual function is absolutely related to kidney deficiency.

“Cai Yuebin said that in patients with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or even infertility, some of them do have kidney deficiency problems.” It’s just a few people. Many people have sexual dysfunction caused by other diseases, includingTo psychological problems, obesity, vascular problems caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, and congenital malformations . “, if the sexual dysfunction caused by these reasons is attributed to kidney deficiency, leaving the real cause untreatedAbuse of tonics will have adverse effects.

  Xu Daki, director of the Department of Nephrology, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that kidney deficiency is divided into two types in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, including kidney yang deficiency, kidney yin deficiency and kidney qi deficiency.

Even if the sexual dysfunction is caused by kidney deficiency, it is very inappropriate to blindly tonic for which kind of kidney deficiency.

Because some “yin-sheng” patients can never use “strong medicine” to make up for it, otherwise it is harmful to the body and not beneficial.

And aconite, antler and other warm, aphrodisiac drugs may even cause accidents in patients with impotence due to hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and so on.

In addition, although some patients show symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as weakened sexual function, backache and leg pain, etc., it is also mainly due to work fatigue, lack of exercise and irregular lifestyle, etc. As long as it is adjusted, the fundamentalNo need to take medicine.

  Back pain is not necessarily a kidney deficiency. Mr. Zhou, 40, has been suffering from back pain for several years.

He always heard that “man’s low back pain is caused by kidney deficiency”, so he went to a doctor in a pharmacy to prescribe kidney medicine for years.

Over the years, Mr. Zhou’s back pain has been mixed.

A few days ago, Mr. Zhou was suddenly taken to the hospital because of kidney back pain. As a result, it turned out that his back pain was actually caused by kidney stones.

Because the stones have been left untreated for many years and have caused hydronephrosis, early failure of the kidney function has occurred.

  Many patients often associate low back pain, nocturia, and kidney deficiency, and some doctors do not discriminate, and in response to the patient’s psychology, they arrogantly inject drugs for “reinforcing the kidney and impotence”. As a result, the patient has a “fire” phenomenon: temperamentIrritability, irritability, irritability, or even bloodshot eyes, fatigue, fatigue, hypoexcitability, sexual intercourse is easy to excite but not durable.

  ”Actually, in addition to kidney problems, back pain may be other diseases such as lumbar muscle strain. Similarly, if nocturia is frequent, young people may have prostatitis, and middle-aged and elderly men may have prostatic hypertrophy.

“Director Xu said that the symptoms of these diseases may be similar to those of kidney deficiency, but the treatment methods are completely different,” so it is best to go to the hospital for an examination before accurate diagnosis can be treated.

Kidney deficiency is not a problem with the kidney. Director Xu pointed out that although the concept of “kidney deficiency” is full of advertisements for many medicines and health products, many patients have clearly distinguished what is going on with kidney deficiency.

In fact, the “kidney” referred to by traditional Chinese medicine is not the “kidney organ” of western medicine, but a broad scope. Its functions are scattered in the endocrine, urinary, reproductive and other systems. Clinical diagnosis and treatment still need to be based on comprehensive overall and local symptoms.come to conclusion.

In other words, kidney deficiency does not mean that the kidney has any disease; on the contrary, most patients with kidney deficiency have no significant organic changes in the structure of the kidneys or the structure of other organs.

  Chinese medicine believes that: kidney essence, kidney main water, kidney main bone, kidney main qi, kidney opening to the ears, kidney function and other functions.

It can be seen that the renal function of TCM plasma is far more important than that of western medicine.

Let’s just say that kidney essence is the basic substance of life that is hidden in the kidney. It is divided into innate essence and acquired essence, which are combined with each other and stored in the kidney to provide the body with the needs for growth, development and reproduction.

When they reach puberty, the essence of the kidneys begins to flourish. Women have menstrual cramps, men have semen excretion, and their sexual functions gradually mature. These are all related to the essence of the kidneys.

With the aging of the human body, the essence of the kidney is gradually attenuated, and sexual function declines or even disappears.

  Therefore, when people are weak, their age is increasing, and in the autumn of illness, the body ‘s energy is naturally insufficient. When there is a problem, as long as you pay attention to rest and maintenance, “unless” will disappear automatically, no medicine is neededOr tonic.

  ”Do you have frequent urination at night?

Is your sexual function declining?

Do you often have backaches?

If you have the above symptoms, please nourish your kidneys immediately . ”This is the slogan of excessive kidney supplements nowadays. However, when too many men take their symptoms and take a lot of kidney supplements, many of themBut the symptoms disappeared and disappeared, and some became worse. Why is this?

  According to experts, many diseases in reality can also cause symptoms of kidney deficiency, such as frequent nocturia caused by prostatic hypertrophy, “not lifting” caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., and back acid caused by lumbar strain or disc herniationBack pain.

If these problems are simply attributed to kidney deficiency, no matter how much the kidney is no longer effective, sometimes it will even delay the treatment of misdiagnosed diseases and aggravate symptoms.

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