Effect of wild celery on heart disease

Effect of wild celery on heart disease

Crime is a general term, not a single-cause disease, nor can it be explained solely by plasma pigments.

Medical research has found that low-level persistent bacterial or viral infections (chronic infections), microbial formation of arterial plaques, chlamydia antibodies, and other factors can all cause heart disease. The causes are quite numerous. Studies in Houston, USA also found that 70% are due to thrombosis and vascular sclerosis.Waiting for surgery patients have cytomegalovirus (CMV), which can infect the respiratory system.

Later, some hospitals also found microbial debris in arterial plaques, and other factors (free radicals, hypertension, diabetes, etc.) may also cause vascular sclerosis.

All factors that can reduce the body’s immune system, such as severe illness, malnutrition, psychological stress, long-term consumption of antihypertensive drugs, internal movements, etc., can cause the formation of blood clots, cause low-level infections, and eventually cause vascular sclerosis. But all these factorsThere is no direct causality.

According to the latest research, the most direct reason is the hydrogenated oil products that we consume daily.

  Whatever the reason, the first priority for cardiovascular has been to scavenge free radicals and soften blood vessels. In addition to pure coconut oil (hydrogenated mixed coconut oil can not effectively scavenge free radicals, it is also harmful), flavonoids in wild celeryIt is quite effective. Wild celery contains almost no protein, cellulose, trace amounts, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and multivitamins. It is also because it contains a large number of flavonoids, and has spleen and stomach, diuretic and detoxification, and blood circulation and menstruation.Sedation and other effects, especially for the removal of free radicals that can cause cardiovascular disease have other irreplaceable effects, the most obvious state is the obvious effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” stated, “Celery porridge goes to fever, and it is good for the intestines”, “Compendium of Materia Medica” said: “to cure liver yang, dizziness, red tongue, red eyes, light head, light foot, walking, etc.””Residential Diet Chart” also records that it has the functions of regulating central nervous function, improving blood microcirculation, lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer, protecting the liver, refreshing and cooling the stomach, purifying heat and expelling wind, and controlling teeth and eyesight.

  Therefore, it is recommended that patients can eat more wild celery often. If there is no wild celery, you can buy water celery instead (for low blood pressure patients with caution), of course, it is a bit unrealistic to eat a large amount of celery for a long time, and it is obviously impossible to eat a large amount of crude fiber.Digestion and bloating.

Now there are too many varieties of wild celery tablets, wild celery tea, wild celery capsules and other products appearing in markets around the world, which should be a good choice for patients, especially the wild celery tea, which is convenient, timely supplemented, and feasible to absorb.The majority of tea guests and business people are welcome.

Of course, in the daily life, you must also eat less cooking oil, raw food that can be eaten raw, cold mix that can be cold-cooked, and stewed and boiled. It is necessary to eat stir-fried vegetables. Some pure palm oil or pure coconut oil can be used appropriately, because now the marketThree quarters of the soybean oil and corn oil are hydrogenated, and it must be clear that hydrogenated edible oil is the culprit of kidney disease.

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Rubbing your body with a bath towel is dangerous!

Rubbing your body with a bath towel is dangerous!

The surface of the skin is a stratum corneum composed of fully keratinized keratinocytes.

Keratinocytes are formed by continuous differentiation of basal cells, undergoing the spinous layer, and the granular layer gradually migrates to the stratum corneum. The mitotic shape has no cell nucleus, and it continuously disintegrates and decomposes, forming a so-called “dander”.

The time of this evolutionary process is called the epidermal growth cycle, which takes about 3-4 weeks, also known as the rate of epidermal renewal.

  The stratum corneum and the epidermal lipid film formed by the sebum and water emulsification on the surface constitute the outermost skin barrier protection layer, which plays a very important role.

  Invasion protects various tissues and organs inside the body from damage in the external environment, such as mechanical damage such as friction, pulling, squeezing, impact, physical damage such as electric shock, light, magnetic sound, chemical damage such as acid and alkali,In particular, the dense cuticle can prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the skin. In addition, the free fatty acids in the lipid membrane of the skin surface make the skin surface pH acidic, which has an inhibitory effect on the growth of many bacteria, thereby making the body significantly invaded by microorganisms.

  At the same time, the semi-permeable membrane properties of the stratum corneum can prevent the loss of nutrients in the body. Adults lose about 240-480 ml of water through the skin every day, but if the stratum corneum is removed, the loss of water will increase 10 times.the above.

  It can be seen that when we take a bath, we wipe the skin with a towel, often exfoliating the keratinocytes that have not yet been fully keratinized, or even exfoliating the stratum corneum completely, exposing bright red granular or spinous skin, which greatly weakens the skin’s barrier protection.The body is susceptible to damage from the external environment, and it is easy to accelerate skin aging in the long term, so it is not recommended to use a bath towel to take a bath.

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Children’s irritability and picky eaters lack dimensional B

Children’s irritability and picky eaters lack “dimensional B”

When children are easily tired, too lazy to move, and irritable, part of the reason is due to the lack of B vitamins in the body. Children need to improve their eating habits and eat more coarse grains.
  The data show that 40% to 60% of children in China have the problem of picky eaters and partial eclipse, which causes the lack of micronutrients in children.
B vitamins can promote gastrointestinal motility and promote protein absorption in the brain.
Once lacking, it will cause poor appetite, aggravate the phenomenon of picky eating and partial eclipse, and cause a vicious circle. In severe cases, anorexia may even occur.
  As you eat more and more refined, you will also lack vitamin B. In addition to partial eating and picky eating, children usually eat too finely, which is also an important cause of vitamin B deficiency.
Xu Xinzhu said that vitamin B mainly exists in the surface layer of coarse grains (such as wheat, cereals, beans) and is a water-soluble vitamin. The finer the coarse grains are processed, the greater the loss of vitamin B is.
Everyone often eats fine white noodle steamed buns and noodles.
No wonder the British government has issued a ban prohibiting the delicate processing of wheat and rice in order to preserve the nutrients in grain.
  Children’s incorrect eating habits, eating only meat and vegetables, and their preference for foreign fast food are also a major cause of vitamin B deficiency.
Like a burger is fried food, more meat and less vegetables, more trans fat.
From a nutritional point of view, burgers contain more protein, but poor vitamins and carbohydrates, which is not a qualified food.
  Irritability is a sign of lack of vitamin B. Does the child lack B vitamins?
This is the most important issue for parents.
Xu Xinzhu introduced that this can be judged from the child’s symptoms.
The child’s tongue is magenta, which is a manifestation of vitamin B1 deficiency; irritability and irritability are likely to lack vitamin B2; children lacking vitamin B6 are likely to show anorexia, loss of appetite, etc .; the causes of oral ulcers in adults are complicated.Somehow related.
However, the cause of oral ulcers in children is relatively simple, most of them may be due to lack of vitamin B2, so oral ulcers are also a sign of vitamin B deficiency.
  If it is a breast-fed newborn, the natural condition is that when you are full, you will have a satisfied expression and sleep very sweetly.
If the newborn is particularly prone to irritability and crying, this may be due to the lack of vitamin B in breastfeeding mothers, causing vitamin B deficiency in breast milk.
  If in doubt, take your child to the hospital for a test to see which trace elements are lacking before supplementing.
  Eating only vitamin tablets is more prone to vitamin deficiency. If your child has obvious symptoms of B vitamin deficiency, you must take multivitamin B tablets. At the same time, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet and avoid partial eclipse, and then increase the intake of coarse grains and milk.
At this time, it is too late to simply supplement the food, because the vitamin B content of the food is limited, and it takes a long time to ensure the qualified amount.
One parent asked: “My child has been very picky, and there is no way to change. Can I take vitamin tablets for a long time to make up for the lack of nutrients?
“Experts said that taking vitamin tablets is only suitable for short-term supplementation. It is suitable for people who have already developed symptoms of vitamin deficiency, but it cannot be a regular way of eating.
Because the content of vitamins in vitamin tablets is very high, if you take vitamin tablets for a long time, the body’s vitamins are in a high level of balance. Once you stop eating, people are prone to symptoms of vitamin deficiency.
  For example, a person who has been taking vitamin C tablets for a long time will be particularly prone to gum bleeding symptoms when they stop eating, which means that they lack vitamin C.
“It’s sore as soon as you stop taking vitamin tablets” is the experience of many people.
In addition, the vitamins in food most closely match the metabolic needs of the human body. Xu Xinzhu suggested that the nutrients that can be supplemented from food should be supplemented from the diet as much as possible.
  There is no bad food, only bad eating methods. So it seems that as long as the child does not have partial eclipse and picky eaters, there is no problem of lack of nutrition.
Nowadays, children’s picky eating is too common. Cows cannot graze without grazing. What can parents do?
There are no bad dishes in the world, only wrong cooking methods.
Take chicken drumsticks for example. Chicken itself contains vitamin B. Steaming and burning are healthy eating methods.
But cooking by frying becomes junk food full of “bad fats”.
  Many parents are afraid that their children may not have enough nutrition, so they pile a lot of fruits and vegetables on their children. This is a practice that makes children feel disgusted and rebellious. It can be given in batches, eat vegetables at home, let him bring fruits to school, and so on.
  In short, if your child prefers a certain food, you can switch to a healthy cooking method.
Improve children’s nutritional status by improving cooking and eating habits.
  Foods containing B vitamins coarse grains (such as grain porridge, whole wheat bread) animal liver vegetables, fruits milk promote a balanced daily diet, supplement from food, appear symptoms of deficiency, need to temporarily take multivitamin B tablets.

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The efficacy of motherwort and how to cook it

The efficacy of motherwort and how to cook it

Leonurus, also known as Li Wei, Kun grass, is a herbaceous plant.

Slight coldness, bitter taste, can remove stasis and regenerate blood, regulate blood circulation and regulate menstruation, diuretic and swelling, are the medicines used by medical doctors of all ages to treat gynecological diseases.

  Can be eaten for a long time.

Southerners cook Motherwort to eat.

  Modern medical research proves that Motherwort contains a variety of alkaloids such as Leonurine, Stachydrine, Leonuridine, Leonuronine, benzoic acid, potassium chloride, etc.

According to modern medical and animal implementation certification, Motherwort extract and decoction have a strong and lasting excitatory effect on the uterus, which can not only enhance its contractility, but also increase its tension and contraction rate.

  30-60 grams of dysmenorrhea, motherwort, 20 grams of Yanmingsuo, 2 eggs, boiled with water, cook the shells for a while after the eggs are cooked, remove the drug residue, eat egg soup.

Before menstruation, once a day, 5-7 times.

  90 grams of amenorrhea motherwort, 30 grams of oranges, 50 grams of brown sugar decoction.

Served several times a day.

  Treatment of functional uterine bleeding 50 grams of motherwort, 15 grams of incense attached, 2 eggs, add water and cook together, remove the egg shell and cook for a while after cooking, remove the drug residue, eat egg drink soup.

Once a day for 4-5 days.

  Postpartum abdominal pain 50 grams of Motherwort, 30 grams of ginger, 20 grams of jujube, 15 grams of brown sugar, decoction.

One dose daily.

  Treatment of lochia 50 grams of Motherwort, 10 grams of black fungus, 50 grams of sugar, decoction.

One dose daily.
Motherwort also has a beauty effect.

According to Zai Wu Zetian, despite her advanced age, she still looks good because she uses beauty products made from motherwort ash.

The specific preparation method is: washing the whole plant of Leonurus with water, draining the water, shredding, drying, grinding into a powder, adding an appropriate amount of water and flour, blending and kneading into a ball of rice balls, and then simmering with fire for a day and nightAfter the powder is pulverized, add 30 grams of talc powder and 3 grams of rouge powder to each 300 grams of medicine powder, mix well, put it into a porcelain bottle, and seal it for future use.

It has a moisturizing effect on the face.

  Motherwort contains many trace elements.

Selenium has the effect of enhancing the vitality of immune cells, alleviating atherosclerosis, and improving the function of the body’s defense against disease. Manganese can antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and inhibit the proliferation of polymers.

Therefore, Motherwort can be good for beauty, anti-aging and anti-aging.

  Leonurusjaponicus Thunb.
  Annual or biennial herb, 60-120cm tall.

Stems are furry.

Leaves opposite, basal leaves. The leaves are oval, 5-9 lobed at the margin, heart-shaped at the base; petioles are protruding; leaves below the stem are ovate, palmately 3-lobed, and the lobes are oblong rhombic to oval, and the lobes areDivided, wide wedge-shaped base slightly downward, slightly hairy above, sparsely hairy and glandular below; middle leaves are rhombic, 3 full-lobed, central lobes 3-lobed, long lobes 1-2-lobed, final lobesLinear, uppermost leaves linear, pubescent on both sides.

Bracts linear or linear-lanceolate, entire or sparsely toothed.

Verticillium inflorescence underarm, with 8-15 flowers, bracteoles needle-like, flower petal tube bell-shaped, petals 5 slightly protruding, outside puberulent, petal teeth 5-lobed, lobes triangular, centralSpiked; corolla lavender, 1-1 long.

2cm, crown tube, hairy ring inside, pubescent outside, crown-shaped two-lip shape, lower lip approximately parallel to upper lip, 3-lobed, middle lobes penetrating, upper lip oblong, entire; stamen 4, second strongFlowers margin sparsely scalelike hairs; ovary 4-lobed, style exceeding upper lip, stigma 2-lobed.

Small nuts oblate-triangular, long 2.

5mm, diameter 1-1.

5mm, light brown, smooth.

Flowering from June to September, fruiting from September to October.

  Leonurus sibiricusl.C.sibiricus L.var.

grandiHora Bewth L. manshuricus yabe]  本种形态特征与益母草很相近,主要区别点是:本种花序上的苞叶明显3深裂;花冠较大,长约1.8cm, outer coat villous, lower lip shorter than upper 1/4; sparsely pilose outside flower petals, especially in the middle.

Flowering from July to September, fruiting from September to October.
  [药材形状]  本品茎方柱形,枝叶对生,表面黄绿色或灰绿色,轮伞花序苞片、花萼宿存,排列于节上。The taste is slightly bitter.

The decoction pieces are short-node-shaped, square in section, and have a white pith in the middle.

  [生境分布]  益母草生于山野荒地、路旁、田埂、山坡草地、溪边等处。Distributed in Northeast, North China, East China, South China and parts of Southwest and Shaanxi, Gansu.

Leonurus gracilis is native to stony and sandy grasslands or pine forests.

Distributed in North China and northern Shaanxi.

  [采制]  夏季植株生长茂盛,花未全开时割取地上部分,晒干。  [化学成分]  益母草全草含益母草碱(1eonurine)约0.05% (contains trace amount in the early stage of flowering, gradually increasing in the middle stage of flowering), stachyine (stachyline), rutin (rutin), fumaric acid (fumaric acid fumaric acid), motherwine A and motherwine B.

Leonurus subtilis contains alkaloids 0.


The content of Leonurus in the whole grass varies with the flowering period, the content in the early flowering period is very small, and the middle flowering content in July-August is 0.


03%, up to 0.

04%, and soluble in threonine, 1eonuridine, 4-guanidino-1-butano1, 4-guanidino-butyric acid, refinedArginine (arginine), trace rutin, stachyose (stachyose), phytosterol, resin, small amount of oil, 1auric acid, 1ino1eic acid, β-linoleic acidβ-1inoleicacid) and oleic acid (o1eic acid).

  [药理作用]  本品水浸膏或乙醇浸膏对动物子宫有兴奋作用,煎剂效力比酊剂强,能使子宫的收缩作用显著增强,其作用与脑垂体后叶素相似,但较弱。This product’s water extract, Motherwort A, Motherwort Total Base, and Flower Decoction have a hypotensive effect on intravenous injection of anesthetized animals.

But duration constant.

Leonurus ethanol preparation has a slight excitatory effect on the rabbit heart in situ, and it is inhibited first and then excited on isolated rabbit heart, but the effect is weak, and a large amount is inhibited; motherwort alkali has a small amount of excitement and isolated a lot of frog heart.Effect, vasoconstriction can be seen in hind limbs of toads, ears of rabbits, and kidneys in this stromal graft.

Its antihypertensive effect is not affected by cutting off the vagus nerve, but it can be significantly decomposed by pre-injection of atropine, and thus has an anti-adrenergic effect.

Stachycholine can slow frog heart contraction rate.

Other effects: Leonurine can excite the respiratory center and inhibit the central nervous system of frogs; flower decoction can increase the peristalsis of the small intestine of dogs.

Leonurus’ water extract (1: 4) can inhibit the growth of skin fungi in test tubes.

  [Sexual taste function]Taste bitter, spicy, slightly cold.

It has the functions of activating blood circulation and regulating menstruation, removing stasis and regenerating, diuretic and swelling.

  [Indications for use]Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain due to postpartum stasis, nephritis, edema, unfavourable urination, sores and sores, and bruises.

Decoction or topical.

  [Dosage]10-30 grams.

Apply fresh topical product to the affected area.

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