Gaga’s new single officially launched!MV shot with iPhone

Gaga’s new single officially launched!MV shot with iPhone
Following the official exposure of two MV trailers for singles, new styling and single cover, Lady Gaga released the new single “Stupid Love” MV at 1pm on February 28th, Beijing time, and officially through its social mediaConfirm the name of the sixth album “CHROMATICA”.In the MV of “Stupid Love”, Lady Gaga returns to the exaggerated image of the past, with pink tights as the main theme, and a heart-shaped headdress on the forehead. The MV story is about the theme of the Queen of Magic Fairy swearing to protect peace.In this MV, Lady Gaga showed her talents for classical music. The orchestral music in the song was created in collaboration with Bai Hai, one of the members of the American independent band The Romanovs. Interestingly, the MV was used by director Daniel Askill using the iPhone 11 Pro filming was completed, and his representative work was Sia’s “Chandelier”.The styling announced in the new song trailer.In the latest information, this song is Lady Gaga’s first collaboration with Max Martin, known as “the world’s first producer”. At that time, he produced Britney’s “Baby One More Time” for 20 consecutive years., Including “Sister A” ArianaGrande’s “No Tears”, “Fruit Sister” Katy Perry’s “Roar”, “Mold” Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and “I Know You Are in Trouble” and many other music worksAll from the hands of Max Martin.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Yani proofread Zhao Lin

[Can pregnant women eat sweet potato stalks]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat sweet potato stalks]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Sweet potato stalks are the leaves and young stems of the melons. People often eat sweet potatoes and ignore them.

Sweet potato stalks are actually very delicious, and there are many ways to do it. Fresh sweet stalks can be fried and eaten. Dry sweet stalks are usually used to make pickles.

Sweet potato stalks have very high nutritional value and medicinal value.

The diet of pregnant women is very careful, but eating sweet potato stalks is not a problem.

What is sweet potato stalk? Sweet potato stalk is also called sweet potato leaf. Sweet potato leaf is a sweet potato plant of the convolvulaceae family. It is a variety of sweet potato stalk tips with tender stems that have been artificially selected for food.Known as “Queen of Vegetables”, “Longevity Vegetables” and “Anti-Cancer Vegetables”, they are true green vegetable products.

Can pregnant women eat sweet potato stalks? Sweet potato leaves and sweet stalks can be eaten during pregnancy. This is because green vegetables are rich in fiber. Proper consumption is good.

Pay attention to diet hygiene during pregnancy, and you can choose a variety of foods according to your own taste.

Eat more nutritious foods that are conducive to the healthy development of the fetus and are easy to digest and absorb.

The health benefits of sweet potato stalks The sweet potato stem tips are rich in mucoproteins, which can protect the human body’s digestive tract, respiratory tract, joint cavity, membrane lubrication and the strength of blood vessels.

This substance can prevent arteriosclerosis caused by the deposition of lipid substances on the arterial wall, can enlarge the atrophy of connective tissues of the liver and kidney, and improve the body’s immunity.

In addition, it also has health functions such as increasing platelets, stopping bleeding, preventing night blindness, promoting initialization, and preventing constipation.

Currently, the United States ranks the sweet potato stalk tip as one of the most promising longevity vegetables.

Japan, the United States and other countries even listed sweet potato stems as longevity food or aerospace food, Germany called sweet potato leaves, the tip of the vegetable queen.

With intestinal moisturizing, laxative and lowering blood pressure.

The nutritional value of sweet potato stalks The sweet potato stem tip is rich in protein, carotene, vitamins, iron and calcium.

According to laboratory analysis, the quality of crude protein at the tip of the stem was 21 dry weight.

1% -15.

1%, equivalent to pork and beef.

Sweet potato sprouts, also known as sweet potato leaves, sweet potato leaves, are sweet potato plants of the Convolvulaceae family. They are artificially selected and bred for edible sweet potato seedlings. They are known as “vegetables””Queen”, “Long-lived vegetables” and “Anti-cancer vegetables” are real green vegetable products.
Do not eat sweet potato stalks during menstrual period, it has the effect of hemostasis, there are no other taboos.

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[How long can the peach be washed?】 _How to save_How to save

銆 愭  瀭 燭 絜 咜 兜 鏚鏚 鏀  撔 咃 咻 銆 慱 濡 悍 綍 Qi 擆 瓨 _Hoo 宝 箞 淇 濆 瓨
涓€鑸汉閮藉彲浠ユ斁蹇冨悆妗冨瓙锛岄渶瑕佹彁閱掓敞鎰忕殑鏄紝妗冨瓙鍚湁涓€瀹氱殑绯栧垎锛屾墍浠This is a cross-border link between the Han Dynasty and the Han Dynasty. It ‘s very difficult to see what ‘s going on here. It ‘s not a good idea. Do you want to save it?The chain is very difficult to read, and it ‘s very easy to read it. It ‘s not easy to read it. It ‘s not easy to read it. Do you want to read it?In the meantime, there is no difference between the peaks and the peaks of the sky: the trees and the trees are out of the way, the trees are out of the way, the trees are out of the way, and the way out is up and down.The problem is that there are many problems in the process of plugging in and out of hydrogen. For example, you should be able to find out how to use it.€傚悎鏀惧啺绠变繚瀛橈紝寤鸿灏藉揩鍚冨畬鏈€濂姐€傚洜涓烘瀛愭湰韬笉閫傚悎鏀惧啺绠变繚瀛橈紝娓呮礂涔嬪悗妗冨瓙琛ㄧ毊婀挎箍鐨勶紝鏀惧叆鍐扮寰堝鏄撴粙鐢熺粏鑿岋紝鐭椂闂翠篃浼氬鑷村彉璐ㄥ潖鎺夈€傛瀛愮敤娓呮按娲楀ソ鍚楁竻娲楁瀛愮殑鏃跺€欙紝寤鸿浣跨敤娓╂按娓呮礂鏁堟灉鏈€浣筹紝浣跨敤娓╂按娓呮礂妗冨瓙鑳藉皢妗冨瓙琛ㄩ潰鐨勭粏鑿屽拰铏瓙鏉€姝伙紝浣嗕篃涓嶈兘浣跨敤娓╁害杩囬珮鐨勬按浠ュ厤鐑潖妗冨瓙锛岀劧鍚庣敤骞叉瘺宸炬摝鎷共鍑€锛岀炕鍏ヤ繚椴滆鎴栬€呭啺绠卞嵆鍙繚瀛樸€傛瀛愭礂鍚庢€庝箞淇濆瓨鍐扮璐棌淇濋矞浣跨敤娓呮礂娓呮礂鍚庣殑妗冨瓙搴旇鍏堝皢姘存櫨骞诧紝鎴栬€呮摝鎷共鍑€锛岀劧鍚庣敤濉戞枡琚嬪寘瑁呭ソ鏀惧叆鍐扮锛屾俯搴﹀缓璁帶鍒跺湪0鈩冿紝鐩稿婀垮害涓€鑸湪85%-90%锛岃繖鏍风殑鐜涓嬩繚瀛樻瀛愬彲杈惧埌1The effect is very effective, and the string is very beautiful. It’s very beautiful. It’s a treasure. It’s a treasure. It’s a chain. It’s a chain. It’s a chain.喌涓嬶紝鍙皢妗冨瓙鏀惧叆鍐扮獤涓緢锛岀劧鍚庡寘瑁逛笂涓€灞傞殧鐑潗鏂欙紝娓╁害淇濇寔鍦?-1鈩冿紝淇濆瓨妗冨瓙鍙揪1涓湀鐨勬椂闂淬€傛皵璋冨偍瀛樺皢妗冨瓙淇濆瓨鍦?鈩冦€?% 姘 ф 犵 銆?% 汜 屾 卖 卖 栫 ⒊ 勄 幩 幧 冧 嬧 嬅 泊 川川 熷 彲 侲 傌 尌 2 璅 湀 宸 ﹀ 彃 尃 鏃 駙 風 搜 鈥 啦啦 嬮 嬮 嬮 嬩 笃娴佸け銆傚缓璁皢妗冨瓙鏀惧叆姘旇皟璐︽垨鑰呰涓繚瀛樸€傚偍瀛樻瀛愮殑娉ㄦ剰浜嬮」1銆佹瀛愪繚瀛樻湡闂村簲璇ラ伩鍏嶉槼鍏夌洿灏勶紝闃冲厜鐩村皠鐨勬儏鍐典笅浼氬鑷存瀛愭垚鐔熷姞閫燂紝浠庤€岀缉鐭瀛愮殑淇濆瓨鏈熼檺銆傛渶濂芥斁鍦ㄩ槼鍏夊皯鐨勫湴鏂癸紝鎴栬€呮湁甯﹀瓟鐨勬按鏋滅锛屼笉浠呴€忔皵杩樿兘闃叉闃冲厜鐩村皠銆?If you are not sure about it, or if you do n’t know how to do it. Click on the button and click on the button to insert it. Click on the button and click on the button next to each other.椂闂存帴瑙﹀鑷存瀛愯厫鐑傘€?銆佷笉瑕佸拰鍧忕殑妗冨瓙鏀剧疆涓€璧凤紝鑵愮儌鐨勬瀛愪笂鍙兘浼氭湁铏瓙鍜岀粏鑿岀殑婊嬬敓锛岃繖鏍蜂細瀵艰嚧鈥滀紶鏌撯€濄€傛墍浠ワ紝濡傛灉鏈夊潖妗冩渶濂芥寫鎷e嚭鏉ャ€?This is not the only way to do it in the theater. It ‘s just like this. It ‘s a version of the South China Sea. It ‘s really hard to do it. It ‘s not good for you. It ‘s a good thing.浠庤€岀缉鐭繚瀛樻椂闂淬€?

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[Harm of glucose syrup]_ disadvantages _ impact

[Harm of glucose syrup]_ disadvantages _ impact

Glucose is the most inedible blood sugar in our body. This kind of sugar is very important for us. When we have endotoxin energy in our body, we can inject glucose to replenish energy. There are also many medicines that need glucose for patients’ lifeReduced, glucose is replaced by glucose syrup. For diabetic patients, it should be minimized. So what harm does glucose syrup have?

High fructose syrup can lead to metabolic disorders, increasing the risk of developing diabetes and diabetes.

It is pointed out that the chemical structure of high fructose syrup can stimulate appetite and may cause the liver to export more triglycerides into the blood, which threaten the heart.

Fructose syrup is directly absorbed by the liver and converted into misfortune during metabolism, causing drinks to easily cause people to gain weight.

At the same time, uric acid produced during metabolism can increase the incidence of gout. US studies have shown that the surge in patients with complications of gout is related to fructose syrup.

And it can paralyze the nerves, making people feel obese all the time, causing excessive drinking.

Fructose syrup introduction: Fructose syrup is a kind of starch sugar crystals made by crushing and altering plant starch. It is an important sweetener.

The production of fructose syrup is not restricted by regions and seasons, the equipment is relatively simple, and the investment cost is the lowest.

Because its composition is mainly fructose and glucose; it is called “fructose syrup”.

Colorless, viscous liquid with good fluidity and odorless at room temperature.

Fructose syrup is mainly composed of glucoose and fructose.

According to the fructose content, fructose syrup is divided into three categories: the first generation fructose syrup (F42 type) contains 42% fructose; the second generation fructose syrup (F55 type) contains 55% fructose; the third generation fructose syrup (F90Type) contains 90% fructose.

The sweetness of fructose syrup is positively related to the content of fructose. The third-generation fructose syrup can reach a certain degree of sweetness by using a small amount in food.

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Zhengmei (601717): Coal machine business maintains high growth rate, auto business dragged down by industry

Zhengmei (601717): Coal machine business maintains high growth rate, auto business dragged down by industry
Event: The company recently released the third quarter report for 2019, and the first three quarters achieved a total of 189 operating income.09 million yuan, a ten-year average of 1.19%; net profit attributable to mother 10.5.9 billion, an increase of 54 in ten years.63%; net profit after deduction to mother 8.71 ppm, an increase of 79 in ten years.85%; EPS is 0.61 yuan, ROE is 8.91%, an increase of 2 per year.75 pct. In the first three quarters of 2019, the budget coal industry maintained stable and orderly development. Due to the high base in the same period last year, the company’s performance growth rate slightly shifted.Orderly release of high-quality coal production capacity, newly approved 40 modern large and medium-sized coal mines, construction scale.9.6 billion tons; companies above the designated size in the coal mining and washing industry gradually realized 18,305 operating income.6 ppm, a ten-year increase of 3.9%, realizing a profit budget of US $ 216.5 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 3%.2%.The company’s coal machine business revenue for the first three quarters of 201967.88 ppm, a ten-year increase of 17.80%; net profit attributable to mother 11.26 ppm, an increase of 93 in ten years.12%; financial expenses increased 49 in ten years.34%; credit impairment loss 0.89 ppm, an increase of 204 in ten years.64%.The coal machine business margin slightly climbed to 16.87%, continue to create a new historical high. Through the improvement of the coal machine equipment industry competition pattern and the healthy development of the coal industry, we judge that the company’s coal machine business net interest rate will reach the current high level in the next two to three years. The auto sector continued to slump, and revenue and profits continued to decline.The company’s 杭州桑拿网 auto parts business revenue for the first three quarters of 2019 was 121.21 ‰, 9 years ago.37%, net profit attributable to mother is 4.72 million yuan, divided by 97.54%.In the first three quarters of 2019, domestic auto manufacturing revenue was 58022.7 ‰, an average of 4 in ten years.2%; profits are down by 16 every year.6% to 3734.600 million yuan.The first three quarters of domestic automobile production and sales were 1814.90,000 and 1837.10,000 vehicles, with annual production and sales falling by 11.4% and 10.3%.In the future, the automotive industry in developing countries will enter a situation of integration of advantageous resources. Leading companies are expected to further increase market share, and component companies will develop in the direction of expected products. The equity incentive plan was successfully 苏州桑拿网 implemented, and the interests of core managers and technical backbones were tied.In August 2019, the company’s board of directors passed an equity incentive plan, granting a total of 16.03 million stock options to 327 core management personnel and technical backbones, representing a total of 0 of the company’s total share capital.93%.This move binds the interests of core personnel with the interests of the company, which helps the company’s long-term stability and healthy development. Profit forecast and rating.According to the company’s business development progress and planning, we estimate that the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2021 will be 258 trillion, 303 trillion, and 354 trillion, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 12 trillion, 14 trillion, and 17 trillion, respectively, and the corresponding PE will be 9X.7X, 6X, maintain the “Buy” level, with a target price of 8.5 yuan. Risk reminders: macroeconomic downside risks; continued weakness in the automotive industry; other systemic risks.

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Tongce Medical (600763): Oral faucet starts again in the province

Tongce Medical (600763): Oral faucet starts again in the province
Key points of the report: From the restructuring operation to the brand building, the oral cavity leader set off again. From 2006, the company set out through the acquisition and restructuring of Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital as an opportunity to embark on the journey of the oral cavity group. After four stages, it realized the transformation from restructuring → acquisition → expansion in the province →The process of brand building outside the province. The first stage: Participated in the hospital restructuring from 2006 to 2011, and acquired and deployed mature hospitals. The second stage: the 2007-2017 Hangkou, Ningkou brand radiation, and gradually established the “general hospital + branch” model. The third stage: 2018-2023 dentalThe demand is sinking, the province is in depth, and the fourth stage of sowing “dandelion”: 2017-2027, academically driven the brand, replicated outside the province, and exported the brand “Cunji” until June 30, 2019.There are 23 stomatological hospitals in operation and 22 under construction, of which 14 are dandelion plan stores, and 南京夜网论坛 6 incubation hospitals are cultivated in vitro, covering a total of 12 provinces.A dual-brand strategy of “Hangkou” and “Ningkou” was formed in Zhejiang Province, and a “Cunji” brand was formed outside the province. Establish an academic structure, establish doctor resources, and gain the trust of customers in oral medical services.Tongce specialized colleges cooperate to run schools, establish a rich talent reserve and academic system, improve the stickiness of doctors and realize self-value-added.The company has three main aspects of academic competition to attract, cultivate and stabilize doctor resources: cooperating in running doctors and schools—reserving the reserve army; Tongce Dental College—cultivating professional cadres; training base qualifications and academic evaluation systems—opening promotion channels. The Mayo team cooperation model, the efficiency and service quality of the win-win Mayo multidisciplinary team cooperation model, provide patients with a one-stop solution to problems and bring a good medical experience. The company explores the “improved” Mayo model—Tongce CM model that is suitable for China, to improve the customer’s stickiness and medical experience in private hospitals.Thorough, reconstruction and timely communication are in-line, doctors and clients trust is quickly established, and long-term reputation is guaranteed; reorganization, team collaboration mode improves the utilization efficiency of doctors and dental chairs, and profitability is even higher. The performance of new and old stores has been steadily improved from 2019 to 2020. The new building in Ningkou is about to be completed. Dandelion plans to proceed in an orderly manner, and the company will definitely replace it with high growth in the next three years.We estimate that operating income is expected to reach 19 in 2019-2021.4.4 billion, 24.94 ppm and 32.78 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.74%, 28.31% and 31.42%, net profit attributable to mothers is 4 respectively.9.3 billion, 6.2.8 billion and 8.40,000 yuan, an increase of 48 in ten years.46%, 27.31% and 28.10%.Based on the continuous improvement of profitability, we fine-tune the company’s EPS for 2019-2021, which are 1.54 (+0.15) Yuan, 1.96 (+0.10) Yuan and 2.51 (+0.11) Yuan.Based on our calculation of Tongce Medical’s DCF model, the company’s intrinsic value is approximately $ 40 billion, corresponding to the intrinsic price and PE of 123 yuan and 80x, respectively, maintaining our current target price and buy rating. Risks indicate that the establishment of new stores is less than expected, the progress of mergers and acquisitions is less than expected, and medical service disputes.

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Gujia Household (603816): Software leader with interim results in line with expectations remains stable

Gujia Household (603816): Software leader with interim results in line with expectations remains stable
[Event]Gujia Household released the 2019 semi-annual report, and H1 achieved revenue of 50.100,000 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.74%; net profit attributable to mother 5.59 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.79%; net profit after deduction for non-profit growth of 9 years.99% (mainly non-recurring profits and losses are government subsidies).Among them, Q1 / Q2 revenue increased by 32 respectively.79% / 16.10%; net profit attributable to mothers increased by ten years respectively.04% / 23.00%.The company’s performance was in line with expectations. [Comment]1) Revenue: Endogenous income remains stable, and the extension contribution increases (accounting for about 20%). ① In terms of categories, functional & fabric sofas are strong, and custom furniture is increasing.Sofas / beds / accessories increased by 31 each year.75% / 38.02% / 8.91%.Among them, functional sofas and fabric sofas still belong to the high-speed expansion zone.Custom furniture grew 67.63%, the company’s sustainable brand effect and strong product take orders, and develop general store and other stores.Redwood / IT services temporarily suspended21.68% / 38/40%, which is expected to be related to the way in which revenue is recognized. ② In terms of market, domestic sales revenue is stable, and external sales are affected by the trade war.Domestic / export revenues increase by 10 each year.08% / 47.97%, of which the number of domestic and domestic sales is expected to increase, and domestic and foreign sales are slightly inclined.In terms of domestic sales, the channel continued to expand and infiltrate. In the first half of the year, there was a net increase of about 300 stores, and the opening period was extended, consolidating the moat.And continue to empower dealers, improve product management and improve store quality.In terms of export sales, affected by the trade war and the imposition of tariffs, the company further benefited large customers and the order volume was also under pressure. However, under the strategy of developing a new country, the overall decline in export sales was manageable. 2) Profit: Gross margin and expense ratio are under pressure slightly, and the quality of income is gradually improved. ① The overall gross profit margin decreased by 0.34pct to 35.64%, mainly due to the drag on the extension. In terms of different products, the gross profit margin of sofa / bed category increased by 3.6/2.7pct to 36.3% / 42.6%, mainly due to the decline in the increase in the average price of raw materials TDI, and the company improved the supply chain, custom gross margin rose3.5 points to 30.7%, mainly due to the high increase in income showed a scale effect. By region, the gross profit margin of domestic sales rose by 2.7pct to 44.0%, gross profit margin for export increased by 1.8 points to 24.6%. Although the trade war allows profit customers to compress their profits, the price reduction of raw materials and the depreciation of the RMB offset part of the distortion, and the competitive environment has improved. ② Costs increased slightly during the period.Selling expense ratio decreased by 0.6 points to 17.9%, mainly due to improved channel efficiency, enhanced precision marketing, and increased 杭州桑拿网 management expense ratio1.0 points to 3.2%, mainly due to the increase in employee compensation, research and development costs are basically flat every year, and the financial expense ratio rose by 0.9 points to 1.1%, mainly affected by the cost of convertible bonds.In addition, government subsidies have increased, so the net profit growth rate after deductions was 9.9%. ③ Significant improvement in cash flow: Net cash flow from operations increased by 333 per year.63%, the company speeded up the collection of export sales, which led to a decline in receivables + an increase in advance receipts, and the family gradually improved the quality of earnings.In addition, the medium-term inventory decreased by 21 from the middle of last year.At 33%, accounts receivable also declined. The company improved its supply chain system, shortened the order cycle, increased inventory turnover, reduced storage costs, and improved its operating capacity and efficiency. 3) The completion of land is expected to pick up in the second half of the year, and the company’s extension categories and channels will continue to grow. ① Real estate sales are expected to remain stable. In July, there will be an upward trend. In terms of completion, real estate developers’ forced delivery restrictions will increase the area completed in the second half of the year.As a leader, Gu’s outstanding advantages will benefit from the structural recovery of the industry and the continuous improvement of concentration. ②Enjoy channels for new categories, maintain a high increase in brand dividends, channel expansion space, strong company brand, and sufficient SKUs, which can further infiltrate open blank markets. ③Same store improvement, preliminary development of comprehensive store status, empowerment of dealers, expected informatization, improvement of customer unit prices and operational efficiency, transformation of regional retail centers, improvement of organizational structure, and the establishment of a supply chain system, in cooperation with Huawei to support the operation system reform. 4) Earnings forecast: It is estimated that earnings per share for 2019-2021 will be 1.86/2.14/2.37 yuan, corresponding to 15 for PE.4/13.4/12.0X.We are optimistic about the wolf development under Gu Jiada’s home furnishing strategy and partner culture. There is room for growth in the future and we maintain a highly recommended level. Risk warning: Real estate sales increase sharply, outbound M & A falls short of expectations

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There are many traditional Chinese medicine methods for treating male impotence

There are many traditional Chinese medicine methods for treating male impotence

Impotence means that when the sexual desire is required, the penis cannot erect or is weak, or although it has an erection and has a certain degree of stiffness, it cannot maintain sufficient time for sexual intercourse, resulting in sexual intercourse or inability to complete sexual intercourse.

  TCM believes that the cause of impotence is mainly in the following aspects: emotional stimulation, unsatisfactory emotions, unwillingness, or excessive sorrow, depression, and liver qi depression; anger and qi reversal, excessive liver drainage, and some liver disorders, Qi and blood are not smooth, Zong Jin loses charge, causing impotence.

Excessive funeral intercourse, sexual indulgence, or excessive masturbation, fraudulent injury and blood consumption, damage to the true yang, resulting in weak kidney qi, life gate fire decline, and gradually become impotence.

Liuxian invades the climate at first cold, or involves ice water, cold evil attacks, long stagnation of liver veins, or long-term residence in wetlands, or the scorching heat of the summer, and wetness can cause impotence.

Inappropriate diet, thick flavor, over-eat fat, or excessive alcohol addiction, brewing wet heat, internal resistance in coke, stagnation liver and gallbladder.

Flap injury, injury to the kidney house, external kidney or jade stem, resulting in meridian injury, Qi and blood can not relax, or cause blood stasis in the veins of the muscles, impotence.

People with chronic illnesses suffer from chronic qi deficiency and are prone to pathological products such as phlegm, wetness, and blood stasis. They often suffer from qi deficiency and impaired yang, leading to impotence.

Insufficient endowment of parents, or severe illness and serious illness, the children born are often inadequate endowment, if the juvenile loses recuperation, affects development, or congenital malformations, leading to impotence.

The senescence of the elderly is gradually exhausted, the Qi and blood are not full, and they are often deficient and stasis, which inhibits the Yang Road, loses muscles, and develops impotence.

In addition, widowers live alone, or the couple has been separated for a long time, and the prolonged sexual intercourse also causes failure and obscurity, and there is no need for yang. Young men are married early, and they suffer from impotence.

  First, dialectical treatment: 1.

Liver Qi-Stagnation Syndrome Eliminates Liver-Depression.

Liver stagnation and fire should be Shushu Jieyu heat.

The prescription Xiaoyao San is combined with Sini San plus Baixili, purple shoots, Chuanxiongzi, vinegar yuanhu.


The method of treating liver qi and transversal insufficiency is Pinggan Zhenni.

Recipe Xiaoyao San with keel, oyster, stone cassia, white tribulus, antelope horn powder.


Treatment of dampness and heat of the liver by dampness and heat.

Recipe Longdan Xiegan Decoction plus Snake Bed.


Blood Stasis Blocking and Collateral Syndrome Therapy of Activating Blood Circulation and Removing Blood Stasis and Collaterals.

Prescription Yaodaluo Decoction.


The fire of Mingmen’s fire was weakened by Wen Wen’s fire.

Prescription medicinal Hangu Chunsheng Dan.


Kidney yin deficiency syndrome nourishes yin and kidneys.

Those who have both yin deficiency and fire, should nourish yin and kidney, and clear the deficiency heat.

Prescription medicinal Zuo Gui Wan.


The method of treating cold stagnation liver pulse syndrome is to warm and disperse cold.

Recipe Warm Liver Decoction with Mangosteen Meat, Nine Fragrant Insects, Curculigo, Immortal Spleen, Morinda officinalis.


Dysfunction of biliary dysphoria, kidney injury, kidney and liver rejuvenation, strengthening biliary and calming nerves.

The prescription medicine Qiyang Yuxin Dan.


Liver Blood Deficiency Syndrome Therapy for nourishing blood and nourishing the liver.
Recipe Guigui Decoction.

Phlegm-dampness-blocking-collateral method can eliminate phlegm, dampness, and clear the collaterals.

Recipe: Daluo drink with stiff silkworm.


) Spleen-Stomach Qi Deficiency Syndrome Therapy for qi, strengthening the spleen, and stomach.

Prescription medicine Jiuxiang Changchun drink.

  Second, acupuncture treatment 1.

Acupuncture points are commonly used for acupuncture: Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: After predicting the acupoints, disinfect with iodine first, and then deiodize with 75% alcohol.

The surgeon presses the perineum of the patient with the thumb of his left hand, prescribes a deep inhalation to close the anus, causing concentration on the glans.

Then, hold the wheat-shaped intradermal needle (tightly sterilized) with a hemostat in the right hand, pierce it from the Sanyinjiao, and insert it by rotation to make the patient feel a needle and then fix it with adhesive tape.

Buried on both sides.

It takes about 5 minutes to sinter the perineum points.

The time for embedding the needle is generally 3 days. After the needle is taken, the needle is buried for 3 days.

  Note: (1) The method of acupoint selection and operation are relatively simple, but the patient should be prescribed to try a few steps after burying.

Use this method with caution in summer.

  (2) This method is mostly used for those who have no significant effect.


Acupuncture points and body needles are commonly used for acupoints.

  Spare points: divided into 4 groups.

(1) Sanyinjiao, Shenshu; (2) Changqiang; (3) Hachiman; (4) Guan Yuan, Shimen, Qihai.

  Impotence point location: It consists of five points.

From the umbilicus (god) to the pubic symphysis (curve acupoint), make a line.

The upper 1/3, the middle 1/3, and the lower 1/3 each have a hole; each middle 1/3 is opened 1 inch each.

  Operation: medicinal solution: 0.

5% procaine injection, Shining injection (2mg / 1ml) or 5% glucose injection 31ml and Shining injection 1ml mixed solution, salvia injection and Angelica injection 2ml each.

  Choose common points and a set of spare points each time.

Acupuncture is commonly used, and acupoints are injected into spare points.

Impotence points to 2.

Five 5-inch needles are inserted in sequence and twisted after insertion to make the needle radiate toward the penis.

The spare point is optionally injected with one of the above-mentioned liquid medicines.

In the first group of points, Shining injection was used. One pair of points was taken at a time, and the two points were alternated. After being pierced with a No. 5 dental needle, acupuncture appeared, and 0 was injected.

5ml medicinal solution, twice a week.

0 for the second group of points.

5% procaine injection.

After the skin test, routinely sterilize, use a 7-gauge needle, pierce through the Changqiang acupoint, puncture along the tailbone to the sciatic rectal fossa, and inject 20ml of liquid medicine (do not inject into the body).

Also twice a week; the third group applied a mixed solution.

The patient was asked to sit back on the backrest chair, pinpoint the cavities, and mark with gentian purple.

Temporarily mix the two medicinal solutions in proportions, draw them into a 50ml syringe, and shake them well.
After routine disinfection of the acupoint area, pierce the No. 5 dental needle into the above eight acupoints, about 1 inch deep. After getting gas, inject 4ml of medicinal solution into each acupoint.
Once every other day.

Danshen was used in the fourth group of acupoints.

5 ml.

  Acupuncture is used for leveling up and reducing diarrhea, leaving the needle for 20 minutes, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

Acupoint injection varies according to different medicinal solutions and acupoints, usually 4 times as a course of treatment.

  Note: (1) Procaine injection must be tested for allergy before injection.

  (2) Be sure to perform as required during operation.

If the acupuncture point is located at the injection site, the needle tip must be pierced into the sacral foramen, and no blood will be drawn back before injection.


Common points for acupuncture: Zhongji, Guanyuan, Zusanli, Qugu.

  Spare points: Mingmen, Shenshu, Dadun, Shenhua, Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: Choose 2 points of common points and 2-3 points of spare points each time.

Prior to acupuncture on the lower abdomen, the patient should be emptied to urinate to size 28 2.

It is better to stab a 5-3 inch needle with a constant electric shock to the root of the urethra.

In the remaining points, the degree of local swelling and heavy anesthesia appears.

For those who have a strong needle feeling and get good qi, use the method of flat filling, flat diarrhea, and gently twisting and inserting. Run the needle for 1 minute and leave it for 10 minutes.

For those who have poor gas, use slow and powerful lifting to twist and apply the method of filling and diarrhea. Run the needle for 2 minutes and leave the needle for 20 minutes.

When lifting the needle, slightly move the needle.

In Dadun, the shrine used moxa sticks for peck moxibustion for 15 minutes each.

You can also use a 12cm × 12cm moxibustion box with 2 sections of 4cm long moxa sticks. After ignition, first moxibustion and knock on the door, Shenshu acupoint, remove after burning or when the patient feels burning pain.

Then take 2 sections of moxa sticks and place them in the moxibustion box, and moxibustion the Guanyuan point as the center.

Once a day or every other day, 10 days is a course of treatment, and the treatment interval is 3-5 days before the next course of treatment.

Usually three courses of treatment.

  Precautions: (1) Of the cases in which impotence is not treated by this method, the elderly are the older and the disease is more common.

Other acupoint stimulation methods can be tried.

  (2) Two kinds of moxibustion methods introduced in this method: Ai Miao pecking moxibustion and Ai moxibustion can be used instead.

Or alternately.

  (3) The moxibustion operation of this method is more troublesome. Acupuncture can be used first if the effect is not significant.

  (4) If the acupuncture points of the lower abdomen or crotch are acupunctured, the acupuncture can reach the perineum or the glans, and the effect is often better.


Common points for moxibustion: Guan Yuan.

  Operation: Use Chen Ai to crush the medium-sized Ai Zhi (about soy beans) and apply moxibustion without scars, that is, I Ai Zhi directly enters the acupuncture area to ignite until the patient has a burning sensation.

Each moxibustion of 100-200 strong, once a week, 3 times a course of treatment, the treatment interval is 7 days.

  Note: (1) This method of moxibustion is more troublesome and the treatment is time-consuming and complicated, which is often difficult for patients to accept.

It is recommended to try this method when other methods are not effective.

  (2) Pay attention to the burning situation during the operation, especially the elderly, the skin sensitivity is poor and it is easy to burn.


Acupuncture points: 2 groups.

(1) rising sun, perineum; (2) Dahe, Mingmen.
  Spare points: Zusanli, Qihai, Guan Yuan, Sanyinjiao.

  Qiyang Point Location: Located at the lower edge of the pubic symphysis.
  Operation: Choose a group of common points at a time, and add or switch to a backup point when the effect is not good.

From the sun, enter the needle 1.

5 inches, reaching the penis sponge body as the degree, so that the needle feels to the glans, lifted, so that there is a local thermal expansion; perineal points, trying to press the penis sponge body of the scrotum root, into the needle 0.

8 inches, so that the needle feel also spread to the glans.

With twisting method, the needle is transported once for 5 minutes and the needle is left for 30 minutes.

In the second group, pierce with a 1-3 inch needle and twist slightly to release the needle feeling toward the penis.

The method of burning mountain fire is used to make the thermal sensation appear by scraping the needle.

Lift the needle slowly when you withdraw the needle. When the tip of the needle is about to be pulled out, press gently with your left thumb and index finger downward, twist the needle slowly with your right hand, and press the needle hole quickly to make the heat spread to the penis.

Also leave the needle for 30-40min.

Spare acupuncture points by conventional acupuncture.

The above method, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

  Precautions: (1) When acupuncture is performed on the acupuncture points in the abdomen, pay attention not to puncture the peritoneum.

According to the author’s experience, when the needle tip enters the abdominal muscle layer, there is a sense of heaviness, and the needle will have a soreness when it is transported slightly. Continue to deepen the needle until the pain appears. Most of the needles are excess radiation-like stings.Peritoneal wall.

The surgeon feels like stabbing on a hard road membrane. At this time, no needle can be inserted.

  (2) The operation of this method is more demanding. The author’s experience is more effective as long as the needle can reach the penis.


Moxibustion plus pointer commonly used points: Guan Yuan, Shenshu.

  Spare points: Zusanli, Sanyinjiao.

  Operation: The main points are commonly used.

First use moxa for maneuver moxibustion, moxibustion at each point for 5-10min, Guanyuan moxibustion for 5-15min, with local red fever as the degree.

After moxibustion, use double thumbs to press Shenshu, and massage the small fish to roll for 5min; forefinger press Guan Yuan, rotate the palm clockwise for 5-15min, once a day or every other day, 12-15th is a course of treatment.Interval of 3-5 days.

  Note: (1) This method can teach patients’ families to operate by themselves.

  (2) It is required to persist for a period of time.


Common points for knife and needle: upper iliac, middle iliac, secondary iliac, chin.

  Operation: According to the order of upper 髎, middle 髎, second 髎, and lower 髎, select a pair of acupoints each time, make a mark, and sterilize a sterile hole towel after strict disinfection.

Use a No. 1 sword-shaped small needle knife to pierce directly to the surface of the sacrum periosteum. After the needle feels, lift up and down. Cut off 1-2 white fibers.1 pair of acupoints, 4 weeks as a course of treatment, generally need 1-2 courses.

  Note: (1) This law must be operated by experienced persons.

  (2) Strict disinfection and ban on launching gradually for 3 days.

  Three, dietary chives fried lamb liver: 90g leek, washed and cut into sections; 120g slices of lamb liver, cooked in an iron pan and simmered with vinegar to treat impotence.

Cistanche stewed sheep kidney: Cistanche 5g-10g, 1 pair of sheep kidney, cooked seasoned and served, Zhimingmenhuo impotence.

Broiler Turtle Soup: Take 1 unbroken chicken, weighing about 1000g, and remove the hair and internal organs; take another 500g turtle, remove nails, 9g white pepper, 500g brown sugar, fill the abdominal cavity of the chicken, placeIn a sand jar, add 1000ml of white wine, cover it, and seal it with mud. Add simmered fire until the meat is rotten.

Eat soup and meat and finish it in 2 to 3 days.

After 15 days, follow suit.

The formula is used for tonifying the kidney and nourishing yin, and is used for kidney yin deficiency and impotence.

Herbal Shrimp Paste: Take 30g of leek seeds, 15g of wolfberry seeds, 15g of snake bed seeds, 10g of dodder seeds, decoction, 1 dose per day.

In addition, fry 40g of prawns and fry the head and tail. Slightly smash. Add vinegar to 30g shrimp paste.

For the impotence of kidney yang deficiency, the prescription is warm and not dry.
Steamed sheep and mice: take several onion tubes, fill shrimps, fill with onion tubes as the degree, bake in a gentle heat, scrutinize, and take 6g each morning.

Another pair of sheep lactic acid pills, plus aging wine is called steamed, and served every morning.
One month is one course of treatment.

Warm kidney and impotence, used for impotence of life-gate fire.

Pangolin bergamot eggs: 12g pangolin, 20g bergamot, boil both eggs with water, remove the shells after the eggs are cooked, fry the eggs for 15 minutes, eat the egg and drink soup, once every other day, use for half a month

The combination of three things can disperse stagnation, replenish essence and qi, yang yang, and treat impotence of qi stagnation.

Dongpo lamb: 240g of mutton, 45g of potatoes and carrots, 60g of soy sauce, 6g of cooking wine, 4 sugar

5g, green onion 9g, ginger 3g, aniseed 0.

5g, pepper 0.

75g, vegetable oil 120g.

Cut the mutton into small pieces, peel the potatoes and carrots, and cut into diamond-shaped pieces.

Put a large stir-frying spoon on a hot fire, pour in vegetable oil, and when the oil and smoke are seen, add the mutton pieces and fry for about 5 minutes. You can remove the meat when it turns golden, and then put the potatoes and carrot pieces in the oilInside the spoon, also fry until golden brown and remove. Pour off the remaining oil.

Put the wok on the low heat, pour the fried mutton pieces, add the water, then add the above spices together, simmer until the meat is rotten, then add fried potatoes and carrot pieces, and simmer for another 5 minutesPour into a soup plate and serve.

Serve with food.

It can replenish sperm and blood, help Yuan Yang, and can be used for yang caused by complications of kidney yang.

Cordyceps Duck: 1 male duck, 10g Cordyceps, salt, ginger, scallion.

Wash and put in a casserole, add Cordyceps sinensis and the above seasonings.

Serve with a meal.

Tonic and help yang are used to treat kidney yang deficiency and cold, impotence caused by life-gate fire failure, and nocturnal emission. It is an ideal tonic for long-term recuperation.

Dog whip scattered: 1 dog whip.

Put the sand in the pot and heat it. Put the dog whip in the pot and stir-fry until it is loose. Then take out the grind, 3g per serving, twice a day, and send it in warm water.

For kidney yang deficiency impotence, cold.

Dog stew: yellow dog meat 500g-1000g, wash and cut into pieces, add star anise, cumin, cinnamon, grass fruit, ginger and salt, stew in the pot, eat meat and soup.

For spleen and kidney yang deficiency impotence.

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Thirty Women’s Anti-Aging Tips for Adjusting Status

Thirty Women’s Anti-Aging Tips for Adjusting Status

Of course, if you want to fight against aging, advanced products are important, but in fact, your habitual attention will affect the whole person’s skin condition.

And why can you be 5 years younger without spending money?


hzh {display: none; }  1、保持美好心情  要想肌肤好,好心情是十分重要的;要想保持年轻,好心情更是必不可少。People who are always depressed are most likely to get older.

Therefore, learn to maintain your good mood.

To maintain a good mood, we must first understand how to maintain a balanced mindset and be optimistic and cheerful. This can alternatively mobilize hormones in the body, which can improve the body’s immunity and delay aging.

  2. Adhere to scientific and reasonable estimates For anti-aging, scientific and reasonable compensation can improve your skin and physical condition from the inside, making you younger and more energetic.

1. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits: Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in multivitamins and trace elements. They are very effective in removing vitamin E and 2, which are free radicals that cause aging. Calcium supplement: insist on drinking a glass of milk every day.Enhance your physique and supplement calcium3. Drink plenty of boiled water is one of the essential nutrients for the human body. Drink 1-2 liters of water every day to maintain the vitality of your body and make your skin tender.Food, do n’t refuse to eat eggs, breakfast is best to eat an egg 3, a woman who guarantees enough sleep for thirty, maybe your work is easy to happen, or your housework seems to never be busy, but you have toLearn to adjust your time allocation so that you have plenty of time to rest every day.

Because adequate sleep can eliminate tired fatigue, restore physical strength, and reduce facial wrinkles.

In addition, ensuring adequate sleep can prevent many skin problems, such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, rough skin, etc. This is the significance and efficacy of the so-called beauty sensation.

Therefore, to ensure youthful beauty, you must sleep a lot.

  4, active physical exercise For women, it seems that they are not as passionate as men, but physical exercise is very important to maintain your youthful appearance.

Outdoor exercise can not only strengthen your body, increase your body’s immunity, but also activate body cells, relieve stress, and fight aging.

Also, it prevents the body from gaining weight.

Therefore, you should insist on 2 hours of physical exercise every day, so that you can surpass youthful vitality and vigor.

  5, in time to eliminate toxins in the body, toxin deposition in the body, the skin is naturally prone to problems, and people are prone to aging.

To be young, it is necessary to eliminate toxins in the body in time.

  1. Remove lung endotoxins every morning and night before going to bed. Go deep in the air and do deep breathing exercises. 2. Remove blood endotoxins. Free radicals in the human body can cause damage to normal cells if they can not be discharged in time. Many foods contain antioxidants.Food can remove free radicals in the blood in time; all kinds of garbage will be produced in the blood every day. If it is not removed in time, it will accelerate the aging of the body, and then lead to hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

The Bolimei nutritional granules of trace vitamin E and vascular scavenger DHA can help you remove free radicals in the body and various toxins in the blood in time.

  3. Eliminate the residual toxins in the internal endotoxin feces, part of which is the junk food that we eat daily, and part of the internally generated garbage. Keeping the stool open can detoxify and beauty.

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Four vicious words will steal a woman’s happiness

Four vicious words will steal a woman’s happiness

There is no good thing for a man. It is not unfamiliar to me. In TV dramas and daily life, I can always hear this sentence that criticizes half of humans.

It comes from the woman who was deceived or the advice of the young people to the young girl.

A young woman, if she looks at the opposite sex who should live in harmony in this way, and wants to choose someone from it to spend the rest of her life, she has a mentality of hatred.

If it turns out to be a mantra, it’s like when people ask you to eat, I always say that I don’t like to eat, for a long time, there must be no meat.

  A woman who is more economically independent is more lovely. She needs money or work by her side.

  Then you won’t be able to go anywhere like a canary.

The man summoned the courage to pursue a meal. After the meal, he had to settle it with the AA. When someone gave a gift, someone else had to take advantage of it.

Usually the view of men is that career is more important than love, but in fact, it is not necessary to find someone to share after the career has become.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he is willing to pay her for expression.

Don’t replace it with sugar daddy.

  As a woman, we have to love each other and some girls, who look good, but always try to be frustrated by men.

So they always like to talk in front of same-sex friends, or to be partners.

The advantage of girlfriends is that they are safe, stable, and stable, and they don’t have to have different emotions and thoughts as they do to men.

So if a woman says this, it means she wants you to pay more.

In fact, the correct approach should be: As a woman, we must love and love each other.

  If you love me, you have to change the “bad habits” that girls always complain about facing her boyfriend. Any habit that doesn’t look good to her is a bad one.

So the words were long and hearty, and the tears of tears urged others to change for her.

Basically, this is to use emotional blackmail to achieve self-satisfaction.

Love becomes the slogan of everything.

Disobedient men almost made the young women feel frustrated and felt that their charm was not enough.

In the end, they don’t have to change themselves, they don’t change their girlfriends.

  Either life or love, or looking at the light or desolate, is actually like drinking water, knowing whether it is cold or warm.

However, there are always people who are willing to guide others with personal experiences that are often not necessarily successful, overkill because of failure.

At some stage, young women often regard some wrong bridges as classics .

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