NBA Finals first game scene review: Zhan Huang long shot three non-stick Curry bottom three-pointer

NBA Finals first game scene review: Zhan Huang long shot three non-stick Curry bottom three-pointer
In the first game of the NBA Finals, with 4 minutes and 21 seconds left in the half, Curry hit a three-pointer and triggered the score to 36-36. The two teams returned to the same starting line.  The knight came up immensely, once leading the Warriors 26-13.But in the second quarter, the Warriors took advantage of the rotation of the spindle, hit a 23-10 offensive climax, and once tied the score.Curry’s bottom three-pointer is in a hurry, and James can only open the attack mode.However, under the targeted defense of the Warriors, James can only choose a mid-range jumper.4 minutes and 33 seconds before the end of the half, James took the ball from the outside and shot three non-sticks with almost no defensive pressure.  And looking back, Curry used the running position to come to the top corner, received Green’s pass, and his hand fell off, which was a three-pointer.The top corner is called Curry’s death zone. He shot 14 times in the playoffs and even hit 13 goals.With Curry hitting the ball, the Warriors smoothed out the difference.Before the end of the halftime game, the Cavaliers used the last attack, JR Smith made a three-pointer, the Cavaliers 51-48 Warriors halftime.(Shawn)

Guan Jinpeng appeared at the Hainan Island International Film Festival: Young directors’ debuts should not use amateurs

Guan Jinpeng appeared at the Hainan Island International Film Festival: Young directors’ debuts should not use amateurs
On December 3rd, the 2nd Hainan Island International Film Festival Carnival of Masters welcomed the director of Hong Kong, China, Guan Jinpeng. Senior film humanist Jun talked with him and realized the story of “Flower and Stanley”.In terms of cooperation with actors, Guan Jinpeng also gave two suggestions to young directors: first, the first work was for commercial considerations, not to use amateurs; second, personally, he and the actors handed notes to each other.It is helpful to establish close relationship between them.Guan Jinpeng shared his filming experience.Because of his interest in acting, he was admitted to the Hong Kong TVB artist training class, and then turned to the background, becoming an important member of the new wave of Hong Kong movies.As early as 1996, “Boys and Girls: The Gender of Chinese Movies”, Guan Jinpeng stated part of the reason why he paid attention to women-his father died prematurely and was touched by his mother’s strength when he was young.According to Wenwen, Wang Jing once brought Qiu Shuzhen to Guan Jinpeng in person and asked him to reform this subject.Guan Jinpeng was writing “Happier and Fallen” at that time, and gave her this character.Known as “Rouge Button”, Guan Jinpeng said that Mei Yanfang has always loved the role of Ruhua, but other roles could not be settled.Guan Jinpeng revealed that at one time Zheng Yijian or Wu Qihua came to play against Mei Yanfang, because the role continues to change, which also caused the film to be delayed.Until Mei Yanfang went to the New Arts City to shoot a show, the other party let go and let their respective Leslie Cheung play the twelve young people.Guan Jinpeng said, “She has a judgment that the twelve-year-old and flowery should be Leslie Cheung and her, and this is what made Rouge Buckle.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading He Yan

[Dried Matsutake Chicken Soup]_How to do_How to do

[Dried Matsutake Chicken Soup]_How to do_How to do

Shanzhenhaihai describes the world’s most delicious food, because a lot of food on the mountain is wild, these wild plants can survive tenaciously without any artificial cultivation, and the nutritional value is very high.

Matsutake is a kind of mountain nutrient with very high nutritional value. People usually dry it to dry.

First, how to make dried matsutake dry Matsutake needs to be foamed before eating. Generally, warm water at about 40 ° C is most suitable. Soak it for about 30 minutes to restore its elasticity.

Matsutake can be soaked in cold water, but it takes longer to soak in cold water, so it is more appropriate to soak it in warm water.

The water for soaking dried matsutake is nutritious and can be used to make porridge. Do not pour it. If it is a matsutake skin, it is not necessary, because the matsutake belt has a lot of sediment, which affects the taste.

Second, how to eat dried matsutake (1) Matsutake local chicken soup ingredients: 30 grams of green onions, 20 grams of ginger, a chicken, 20 grams of dried matsutake, 10 grams of wolfberry, salt seasoning.

Practice: 1.

Clean all raw materials; 2.

2. The chicken is chopped into large pieces, the ginger is sliced, and the mushrooms are foamed;

3. Diced chicken, rinse the blood with running water, and simmer it in the pot; 4.

Add the appropriate water to the casserole, add the chicken nuggets, soaked matsutake and ginger, and simmer for about 2 hours.

After the chicken soup is stewed, add some salt according to personal preference.

(2) Stir-fried dried mushrooms with green pepper Raw materials: About 20 grams of dried mushrooms, seasoning with red and green peppers: salt, garlic, starch, chicken essence, lard, sesame oil, broth, cooking oil Practice: 1.

Wash the dried matsutake and cut into pieces, cut the green and red pepper into pieces, and cut the garlic into pieces; 2.

Put the oil in the pot when it is ignited. When the oil temperature is 60%, pour the mushroom into the pan and leave it in the pan. Leave the remaining oil in the pot.Thinly stir the clams with starch, stir fry evenly, and drizzle with sesame oil before serving.

Features: delicious and refreshing.

(3) Dried Matsutake Roasted Meat Ingredients: pork belly, dried matsutake, green onion ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, rock sugar.

Practice: 1.

Dried matsutake is soaked with water for 3-4 hours, washed and filtered, and the water is washed and changed 2-3 times during the period; 2.

2. Wash and cut pork belly, boil in water pot and simmer for 2 minutes; 3.

Remove the meat and rinse the filtered water; 4.

4. Ginger pieces are beaten loose, and shallots are knotted for future use; 5.

5. Heat the wok and add the vegetable oil to heat it. Add the onion and ginger to scent; 6.

5. Stir-fry pork belly with low heat;

Cooking cooking wine, add soy sauce and rock sugar and burn until the meat is colored; 8.

Add frizzled matsutake, add water, and simmer over low heat.

5 hours; 9.

Stew until the meat and matsutake are crispy and savoury.

(4) Raw dried mushrooms: 100 grams of dried mushrooms, 25 grams of chicken oil, 5 grams of salt, 5 grams of sugar, 125 grams of rice wine, 2 grams of monosodium glutamate, 800 grams of clear soup.

Soak the matsutake mushrooms in water, wash them in water, squeeze out the water, and cut into 2 cm sections to serve well.

The bowl of matsutake is added with broth, rice wine, monosodium glutamate, salt, and sugar.

Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap, steam the basket for about 40 minutes over high heat, take it out, open it and drizzle with chicken oil to eat. The above small series starts from the four steps of stewing, roasting, frying, and braising.The practice of dried matsutake. In fact, there are many ways to eat dried matsutake. Xiaobian will not explain them here. Friends who are concerned can search for matsutake on the Internet. Of course, we need to explainThe taste of Matsutake is very strong, so when you eat Matsutake, you must put less seasoning, so that the original flavor of Matsutake will come out and not be wasted.

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[Do you eat sweet potato breasts?

]_ Breast enhancement _ effect

[Do you eat sweet potato breasts?
]_ Breast enhancement _ effect

People often say that sweet potatoes actually refer to sweet potatoes, which is a common food in life. In winter, hot roasted sweet potatoes are very popular. There are many ways to eat sweet potatoes, and some can be eaten raw.Raw sweet potatoes are very crisp and tender. In any case, sweet potatoes have high nutritional value. They can be placed on dietary fiber and carotene. Eating sweet potatoes is good for gastrointestinal health and has the effect of weight loss. Then, if a woman eats sweet potatoes, is there a breast enhancement?What about efficacy?
Eat sweet potatoes and breasts?
Eating sweet potatoes can only help with breast enhancement, not direct breast enhancement.

From the perspective of genus, the main starches, moisture, small amounts of protein, trace amounts, pectin, cellulose, and some vitamins and minerals in sweet potatoes, and there are no flavonoids or lecithin ingredients that can promote growth, so it cannot be directly breast enhancement.

The sweetening effect of sweet potatoes is average.

Sweet potatoes can’t directly breast enlarge, they can only help breast enlargement. You need to rely on breast enhancement ingredients such as flavonoids and lecithin to affect the above. In this way, sweet potatoes have breast enhancement effects, so the effect of sweet potatoes is average.

How to eat sweet potato breast enhancement If you want to rely on sweet potato breast enhancement, you need to match some soybeans, black beans, oysters, clams and other foods that promote estrogen secretion.The highest estrogen content.

Long-term eating sweet potato breasts is not good.

The breast enhancement effect of sweet potatoes itself is only average, and sweet potatoes are rich in starch, so long-term consumption of sweet potato breast enhancement will lead to weight gain.

And sweet potatoes are easy to cause swelling, and excessive consumption will cause physical discomfort.

Ingredients for breast enhancement recipes: Clam Soup Ingredients: 4 slices of ginger, 15 fresh clams, 2 spoons of cooking wine, salt, and MSG.

1. Soak live clams in fresh salt water for 30 minutes to spit out the mud.

2. Use a toothbrush to clean the clams and then soak for about 10 minutes.

3. Put the water into the pot, boil the fire, and place the clams, ginger slices, and cooking wine in boiling water in order.

4. After the clam shell is fully opened, add salt and MSG to eat.

Efficacy: Clam protein, trace amounts, zinc, copper, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients.

It can help a few cells in a woman’s skin to absorb more nutrients, thus making the breasts fuller.

Astragalus jujube tea material: 15 grams of astragalus skin, 5 jujubes.

1. Add astragalus skin and red dates to the casserole, and add an appropriate amount of water.

2. Bring the fire to a boil, and simmer for about 15 minutes.

3, you can add fried soup instead of tea.

Efficacy: Astragalus has qi and blood circulation, red jujube can nourish blood, the combination of the two can make women’s skin larger.

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Xugong Machinery (000425) Semi-annual Report Comment: Performance in line with expected gross profit margin, cash flow improved significantly, parent company mixed reforms stepped up

Xugong Machinery (000425) Semi-annual Report Comment: Performance in line with expected gross profit margin, cash flow improved significantly, parent company mixed reforms stepped up

XCMG released the semi-annual report for 2019: 1) H1 revenue 311.

5.6 billion, previously +30.

12%, net profit attributable to mother 22.

8.3 billion, previously +106.

82%, net of non-return to mother’s net profit 21.

7.9 billion, previously +115.

54%, operating net cash flow 28.

4.1 billion, exceeding the scale of net profit, +45 for the year.

97%; 2) Single-quarter revenue of 167 in the second quarter.

3.7 billion, previously +27.

18%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

3 billion, +110 in ten years.

44%, net of non-return to mother’s net profit12.

3.2 billion, up from +137.

57%, operating cash flow 27.

3.4 billion, exceeding the scale of net profit, +123 per year.


The gross profit margin of cranes bottomed out, and the company continued to maintain the industry’s leading category: the company’s revenue in 2019H1 cranes, pile machinery, and scraping machinery were 114.

7.8 billion, 34.

04 billion, 29.

9.5 billion, the previous growth rate was 33.

94%, 44.

74%, 11.

83%, gross margins were 24.

86%, 22.

75%, 17.

24%, twice as much as +3.

12pct, -3.

01pct, -0.

65pct, comprehensive gross margin 18.

33%, ten years +0.

99pct, Q2 single quarter gross profit margin of 19.

69%, ten years +2.

99pct, +2 chain.

93 points.

The initial increase in the gross profit margin of the core product crane is the profit recovery after the second-hand debt machine is cleared.

According to the company’s semi-annual report, the company continued to maintain the height of the crane head in the first half of the year, and the mobile crane market share ranked first in the world. Domestic 100-ton-class large-tonnage mobile cranes replaced half of the country, and 1,000-ton large-scale cranes took the lead in the industry.The market share is over 60%.

Expense control ability is outstanding, cash flow hits a record high, and the balance sheet continues to solidify: the company’s sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, research and development expense ratio, and financial expense ratio were 4 in the first half of the year.45%, 1.

15%, 2.

96% and -0.

37%, respectively -0 per year.

69pct, -0.

41pct, -1.

23pct, -0.

61pct, a total reduction of 2.

9pct, further increasing profit elasticity.

Previous operating cash flow of the company28.

A record high of RMB 4.1 billion, and the quality of earnings has increased. At the same time, the company accrued credit impairment losses7.

3.4 billion (increased in accounts receivable + change in accounting policies), asset impairment losses1.

5.3 billion, total 8.

87 trillion, the quality of the balance sheet continued to solidify.

The non-crane 杭州夜生活网 business maintains strong competitiveness, and the international layout is advancing synchronously: the company’s rotary drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling two-drill products and road graders, road rollers, and pavers have the largest domestic market share; the market share of high-altitude operation vehicles is the same as domesticThe gap in the first place has narrowed; the high-class fire truck ranks first in China.

At the same time, in the first half of the year, the export scale of XCMG brand and the industry’s self-operated exports steadily ranked first in the industry. In Asia-Pacific, Central Asia, and Africa, the market share continued to be the first, and the export share of 35 of the 65 countries along the “Belt and Road”the first.
Excellent product competitiveness and international layout strongly support the company’s performance.

The parent company’s mixed reform is stepped up, and the Group’s asset injection is expected to improve: the existing XCMG’s limited mixed reform work is being implemented in accordance with the plan. The mixed reform promotes the improvement of the company’s operating mechanism, market-oriented selection of personnel, optimization of incentives and constraints, and innovation capabilities.And market competitiveness.

At the same time, the expected increase in the Group’s asset injection expectations. In the first half of the year, the parent company’s respective excavator sales exceeded 20,000 units. The year-on-year growth rate was much higher than the industry growth rate, and its market share ranked among the top two in the domestic industry.

Profit forecast and investment grade: It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 4 billion and 50 billion in 2019-2020, corresponding to less than 9 times the current PE. It is continuously recommended and the rating of “Buy” is maintained.

Risk reminder: Downstream investment is less than expected, industry competition is intensified, and raw material prices fluctuate.

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Nazis or sentenced?Hello, these overseas travel taboos must be known!

Nazis or sentenced?Hello, these overseas travel taboos must be known!
In front of the Reichstag building.(Photo) On the morning of August 5, tourists entering China were arrested for posing Nazi ritual gestures while taking a snapshot in front of the Reichstag building. Each person was released after paying 500 euros in bail.The two have been criminally prosecuted for using the unconstitutional logo.In Germany, strict legal restrictions on hate speech and signs related to Hitler and the Nazis, and those with serious circumstances will be sentenced to 3 years.  Absolutely, more and more Chinese are going abroad to see the world.With the broadening of horizons and the popularity of related education, the quality of Chinese tourists has steadily improved.However, it cannot be ignored that due to cultural differences and other reasons, Chinese tourists will inevitably encounter various troubles.  Is it easy for overseas travel to touch certain local regulations and cultural taboos that can easily be replaced?May wish to explore with the editor.Image source: Chinanews Singapore: Damaged public property or slashed Singapore can cancel imports, sell and spit gum anywhere.But compared to worrying about chewing gum chewing and punishment, damage to public properties is more serious.In 2014, a German tourist placed graffiti on a subway car in Singapore and was pursued by a transnational Singapore. The judge sentenced him to 9 months in prison and three canes.  In addition, Singapore also imposes fines on some uncivilized acts, and tourists are no exception.Public toilets are equipped with sanitary pickets, which are designed to catch users who are accustomed to stepping on the toilet. They do not flush after the toilet and litter. The first offender is marked with S $ 150 and has been invaded.  Thailand: Avoid discussing royal topics In Thailand, it is best to avoid discussing kings and royal related topics with others. If inappropriate remarks are made, local laws may be violated.When visiting the Royal Palace in Thailand and some serious occasions, you must dress neatly. Sleeveless T-shirts, vests, suspenders, ripped pants, slippers, etc. are prohibited.Those who do not qualify will be barred from entering.  Bhutan: 100% customs duty paid on tobacco imports Bhutan penalizes smokers very severely, and it costs a lot of money to enter the country. 100% customs duties must be paid at the customs.If you smoke in public in Bhutan, you will be fined at least $ 225.If tourists sell tobacco products in Bhutan, they will be arrested by the police and sentenced to prison for smuggling.  India: the sacred and inviolable of cattle India has many taboos on religion, and cattle are considered sacred and inviolable.The herd of cattle walks freely on the street, and the crowd of vehicles needs to carefully bypass them.Tourists traveling in India should pay special attention to cattle and not drive them out.When entering Hindu textiles, wear clothing made of cowhide leather.  Alias: Don’t touch the child’s skull. Other people don’t like others touching any part of their body. In contrast, they don’t like touching others.The head is considered the most sacred part of the human body, and the child’s head is considered the place where the gods stay.If you do not pay attention to violating taboos, you will attract local dissatisfaction and may be blamed publicly.  United Arab Emirates: There are many taboos in dressing. Compared with other cities in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are relatively loose to tourists, but they may still be called into police stations if they do not follow local customs.  The Dubai Executive Board has issued a public code of conduct that includes local residents and foreign tourists taking into account local culture and values.According to the regulations, behaviors that are prohibited in public include wearing miniskirts, bikinis, shorts or other tight-fitting clothing, dancing, playing music loudly, drinking in non-business areas, swearing, nude swimming, etc.In addition, couples openly kiss, hold hands or hug can also be fined or even detained.  Saudi Arabia: Drinking alcohol in public places is illegal Saudi Arabia is the most disciplined Middle Eastern country.Drinking alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia.Although the government is relatively tolerant of tourists and allows tourists living in specific areas to drink alcohol, it also stipulates that tourists must hide in the room, lock the door of the room, and drink quietly.In addition, foreign women need to wear a headscarf when going out to the streets, but do not cover the veil, wear long-sleeved long skirts, the length can cover the ankle and the back of the hand.If you violate the rules, drink alcohol in a public place and misbehave, you are likely to be charged and whipped.  In foreign countries, personal words 杭州桑拿 and deeds always show and influence the image of the country.The continuous prosperity of the motherland has brought a real sense of security and pride to every Chinese, but this pride is just a warm heart and a verbal talk.Keep in mind and abide by the laws and regulations and cultural taboos of different countries and regions, and adhere to civilized travel, which is responsible for both personal safety and national honor.  (Creative Product Studio: Zhang Tianyu, Text Comprehensive Xinhuanet,, Guangzhou Daily, etc.) Original Title: Nazi Rite or Sentenced?Hello, these overseas travel taboos must be known!

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Jinjiang shares (600754): REVPAR increased slightly due to structural optimization

Jinjiang shares (600754): REVPAR increased slightly due to structural optimization
Investment Highlights Event: The company released a quarterly report and achieved revenue of 33.3.7 billion, an increase of 2.66%, net profit attributable to mother 2.9.5 billion, an increase of 28.18%, deducting non-returning mother 0.7.1 billion, an increase of 2.45%.Initial income is 0.31 yuan / share. Opinion: 188 net openings, an increase of 15%.In Q1, there were 313 newly opened stores, 125 closed stores, and 188 net openings (-9/197 directly operated / joined, and -16/204 economically / mid-range).In terms of brands, the mid-end stores are mainly Vienna hotels (45) and Platinum Tao named Lifeng (38), and Xi’an (20) brands.As of the end of Q1, the 杭州桑拿 number of contracted hotels reached 1.130,000 homes (an increase of 354 at the end of the previous 18 years), with 114 rooms.850,000 rooms. In the mid-range, the proportion of franchises continued to increase.As of the end of 19Q1, there were 7,631 affiliated hotels and 75 rooms.590,000 rooms.In terms of the number of hotels, the franchise accounted for 86.9%, with the middle end accounting for 34.9%; based on the number of guest rooms, franchise accounted for 84.9%, the middle-end accounted for 43.3%, showing a seasonal upward trend. Structure optimization caused TerrPAR RevPAR to increase by one.15%.In the mid-range, budget hotels show the same-store occupancy rate on average, and the increase in average room prices has caused RevPAR to decline, while the same-store comprehensive RevPAR has decreased by 4.22%, while the overall 西安耍耍网 RevPAR of the entire hotel still achieves 1.The positive growth of 15% is mainly driven by the structural optimization brought by the increase in the mid-end ratio.At the same time, the RevPAR of all mid-range hotels is reduced by 4.6%, while the mid-range hotel same store RevPAR is only reduced by 1.22%, the difference between the two may be related to the newly opened mid- to high-end hotels in the early stage of opening by reducing room prices to attract customers. The increase in stock investment income is attributed to the mother’s net profit.Q1 achieved net profit attributable to mother 2.9.5 billion, an increase of 28.18%, deducting non-returning mother 0.7.1 billion, an increase of 2.45%.Among them, non-recurring gains and losses increased2.US $ 2.5 billion, mainly due to gains and losses from changes in the fair value of tradable financial assets and investment income from stock sales (total 3).01 million) impact.Attributable net interest rate 8.85% (+1.76pct), deducting non-returning mother’s net interest rate 2.12% (-0.01pct). Investment suggestion: Q1 RevPAR in the same store is more than one level, and driven by structural improvement, RevPAR of the entire hotel still achieves positive growth. The prosperity of H2 Hotel is expected to improve, and the overlay structure is optimized. RevPAR is expected to continue to improve.In addition, while maintaining the speed of opening stores, the company is working to improve overall internal efficiency. It is expected to reduce the expense ratio and promote an increase in net interest rate.Up 2019?The 21-year profit forecast is net profit attributable to mothers12.79/14.84/16.7 billion yuan, EPS1.34/1.55/1.74 yuan / share, the current expected corresponding 19/20/21 is estimated to be 20/17/15 times, the current market value is 25.1 billion, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk reminder: Macroeconomic growth is declining, hotel industry demand is poor; potential impact of regional emergencies on local tourism business; internal integration is not up to expectations.

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Fresh-keeping film with fresh and moist lips

Fresh-keeping film with fresh and moist lips

In the fall, dry lips begin to become serious.

According to Dr. Lin Ye from Japan’s Futaba Beauty Salon, modern women ‘s lips are getting more and more dry due to air pollution and lipsticks. Many women stay close to lip balms, but in fact many lip balms are only a relief for a while and will only form.Exception for lips to lip balm.

  Dr. Lin Ye said that there is a tip for home care that is better than constantly applying lip balm.

The method is: use a crushed lip balm (that is, preferably not with various fragrances), apply it on the lips, and cover it with a plastic wrap in the kitchen.

About 15 minutes at a time.

Repeating this for about two weeks, the ability of the lips to naturally stay moist can be restored.

  However, Dr. Lin Ye also reminded that because he can’t breathe through his mouth, he can’t use this method when he has a cold.

In addition, do not lick it with your tongue when you feel your lips dry, because this will quickly evaporate the moisture on the surface of the lips, making the lips more dry and licking, until the cracks.

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Seven tips for safe fitness

Seven tips for safe fitness

During fitness activities, physical discomfort sometimes occurs, or some parts of the body are injured due to various improprieties and accidents, that is, sports injuries.

Therefore, it is important to master the essentials of exercise and self-protection.

  Adjustment state When the person just woke up, the nerve center has not yet started to move, and the whole body muscles are very relaxed and weak.

If you go to military intense exercise at this time, it is likely to cause adverse effects on your body due to excessive force and urgency.

Therefore, after waking up, you should spend 10 minutes indoors.

So that the joints of the body can move freely, and then engage in sports.

  Pay attention to some people who think that eating more meat before exercise is good for physical strength.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

After eating a lot of meat (especially pork and beef) during exercise, the body is difficult to digest and absorb.

The burden on the stomach and intestines is increased during exercise, which results in abdominal pain.

Gas-producing foods such as leeks, potatoes, and beans should not be eaten before exercise, because they cause internal aeration and cause abdominal pain during exercise.

Because the human body has a large amount of acidic substances accumulated during exercise, alkaline foods such as watermelon, cucumber, radish, banana, pear, apple, pumpkin, potato, milk, tofu, and kelp should be separated before and after exercise.

  Preventing cross-gas transitional gas refers to pain in a certain part of the chest and back during exercise. If speaking is encountered, the pain during breathing and coughing will increase, which is medically called “respiratory muscle spasm”.

The reason is that most of them are not prepared well before carrying out heavy exercise activities.

When the human body suddenly enters a state of tension from a quiet state, it is difficult to immediately mobilize internal organs, and as a result, it cannot satisfy the oxygen and nutrients required for muscle movement.

In addition, during exercise, the breathing frequency is too fast and the depth is not enough, which causes the respiratory muscles to contract too rapidly continuously and not relax for a long time.

Sometimes, cold weather or excessive sweating causes the sodium chloride content in the body to be too low, etc., which can also cause gas transfer.

  When cross-breathing occurs, you can take a deep breath in time, then hold your breath, and fist to the left and right of the chest from the top to the bottom, and then slowly exhale deeply; or after deep inhalation, ask others to fist to the top and bottom to hit the back of the chest; Or rolling repeatedly on the bed cushion, slowly make the pain disappear.

  Overcoming the “Pole” When performing endurance sports such as long-distance running, long-distance cycling, long-distance swimming, etc., people start to feel shortness of breath or uncomfortableness, and even severe symptoms of palpitation, dizziness, and weakness in their limbs.

This is called “pole” in exercise physiology.

This is because in hypertensive exercise, the internal organs that support heartbeat and breathing do not keep up with the movement of muscles and joints and other movement organs, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

  Defeating the “pole” provides us with a good opportunity to exercise our will and is the key to improving our level of exercise.

This requires us to pay attention to the following points: Before the exercise, we must make sufficient preparations to excite the nerves that manage the internal organs. When starting the exercise, we should start from our own actual situation and master the speed of the exercise. It should not be too fast and cause profound problems.”Pole” response, or because it is too slow to perform as expected; pay attention to controlling the rhythm of breathing during exercise, by deepening the breathing method, let the lungs absorb the oxygen of anesthesia and emit more carbon dioxide; adhere to oftenSexual exercise strengthens the mobility of the heart and other organs and the coordination of various organ systems.

  The “cramps” that relieve “cramps” muscles often occur in the gastrocnemius muscles behind the calf, the soleus muscle group, and the biceps femoris muscle group behind the thigh.

This is a state of muscle spasm that results in pain in the muscles rather than tearing of the muscle fibers.

  When “cramps” occur, you can ask yourself or someone to help straighten your lower limbs completely and stretch the muscles that straighten forward slightly (such as pushing the back of your feet to the front panel of your calf). The “cramps” can be relieved and the pain will disappear.

  After protecting your heels, some people will have heel pain.

There are two main reasons: first, the heel falls to the ground during exercise, causing local overload; and second, the heel accidentally hits a hard object such as a stone, causing injury.

  Regularly using hot water to soak your feet to promote blood circulation in your feet can play a preventive role.

Add eggplant roots to the water and simmer for a few minutes.

After the water is a little cooler, go to soak the heels, and rub the pain repeatedly with both hands, which has a certain effect.

  Relaxation activities Some people think that pre-exercise preparation activities are indispensable, but do not know the relaxation activities after exercise, and think it is optional.

In fact, the purpose of relaxation activities is to make the human body better transition from a tense exercise state to a quiet state, to prevent the phenomenon of “gravity shock” due to the lack of body support after exercise.

  When the human body is exercising, various physiological functions are high, and the amount of oxygen required will be more than 15 times as usual.

If it suddenly returns to a resting state, the organs will cause adverse symptoms due to imbalance. The most common are dizziness, nausea, dizziness, and brain discomfort.

Because the physical changes that occur during exercise do not transfer the stop of the exercise and disappear immediately, appropriate relaxation activities after exercise (such as easy walking, pull exercises, etc.) can prevent the depth of breathing from being blocked by the body’s static state,Affects oxygen supplementation.

In addition, relaxation activities also help the excretion of a large number of acidic metabolites in the body, which is beneficial to aerobic metabolism, restores physical strength, and eliminates fatigue.

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The detractor might as well boast about him

The detractor might as well boast about him

Lan Jing has been working for less than half a year, and her sales have exceeded many old employees who have worked for many years.

The leaders praised her many times at the company’s internal conferences and called on everyone to learn from her.

Unexpectedly, with the recent cuts, her various gossips began circulating inside the company.

Some people say that she is a relative of the leader, and some people say she depends on her face.

Lan Jing was very angry, and what annoyed her was that she could not find anyone who was the originator of these rumors.

  The famous psychologist Professor He Shuman believes that the reason why some people inside the company want to create various defamations and rumors against Lan Jing is jealousy, that is, “red eye disease”; second, suspicion, that is, fighting inside.

Since ancient times, China has stated that “wood shows are in the forest, and wind is bound to fail”.

The more you work at the top, the more people will slander you.

  For people who like to slander others, one of the most basic mentalities is: I can’t do it, and you can’t behave better than me.

If someone behaves better than them, they will use all kinds of means to suppress it, and try their best to trample them down.

In fact, the golden mean culture that has prevailed in China for 5000 years contains the content of “sharpening and flattening.”

Under the influence of such abnormal ideas, geniuses are often stifled and innovation is restricted.

  Professor He said that for Lan Jing, although it is an unfortunate thing to encounter others “splashing sewage” on oneself, don’t be nervous or afraid, and don’t do nothing.

She can take some measures based on why others ridicule herself, and the people who slander herself have a certain type of response.

  People who like to be jealous of others are actually extremely unconfident.

When getting along with them, give them more compliments and compliments to make them feel comfortable.

When creating your own results, don’t be complacent, but keep a humble and cautious attitude; when summing up success, you should be more involved in accidental factors and help from others; when appropriate, some opportunities that are easy to create results can be appropriately given to those who are jealousPeople, let them have a sense of accomplishment.

But be aware that tolerance should be limited and not too despicable.

  Suspicious people usually have a broken heart and chest.

When we get along with them, we must first praise and build a relaxed environment. Suspicion seems to be related to poor communication.

Therefore, some vilifications and suspicions should be carried out rationally and sparingly and strive to be justified.

Regarding malicious slander, if communication cannot be used, administrative or judicial channels must be sought.

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