Permanent Wave Western Media: America experience the "most violent autumn"

On November 16th, according to the "National News" website, November 14, the autumn just passed is the most violent autumn in the United States.

From November this year, Los Angeles suffered a wave of violence in 18 months with other cities in the United States. The Los Angeles Police Bureau, Alex Biawan, recently warned that the variety of criminal rates in the region had been rising, especially the murder case increased by 16%, and the increase of injuries increased by 23%.

According to reports, Biau Emie is one of the main person in charge of the Los Angeles public security.

He believes that the police must inoculate the vaccine, which has been urgently threatened for public safety, and become a huge obstacle to fight crime in the crisis.

He said that the provision has caused the external flow of large-scale staff inside the police team. The five districts of Los Angeles have an increase in murder.

In the city, the city is a community based on black residents, the increase of murder in October is 60%. In the southern Long Beach, an increase of 73%.

Prior to the announcement of November data, the city’s murderous cases exceeded 320 in October, nearly 2020 years (355), so this year became the most violent year in 10 years. The report also said that the Los Angeles Police Bureau blamed most of the violence on gangs. According to social workers, new crown is also one of the main reasons for violent incidents.

The medical and health crisis cuts some aids for Latinates and African Americans.

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Because he has seen hope,Seeing hope that Li Xianer is likely to。

In the past few days, as long as he is a mobile phone to broadcast, he will not be careful with the previous one.,Even afraid of exposure of the drug。
Instead, people will broadcast live,If there is a bad place, it will increase improvement。
In this attitude directly circle powder。
Di Xiaolou is in a single room,Eat a dish of her today,Although just a small tray,Price is not expensive,But just have two dishes, she is full.。
The first is the roast field rat,The second is strawberry。
This is the new product that has just come up recently.。
But with a roast field of dishes,It is to give her to eat.。
Even in the live broadcast of the sea,As long as someone will taste,Absolutely fall in love with this taste。
If you don’t like it,She directly invited the other party to eat other dishes for a month.,The premise is that it can’t be careful, I don’t like it.。
For this reason, many people also say that they have to come to the medicine house.。
I have been a strawberry fruit plate that I have already baked it.。
A group of strawberries,If this price is the previous Di Xiaojun definitely dare。
But this time she is dry, dares to eat.。
She is so expensive, she is wanting to pick up.,The result is a bit,It is the taste of strawberries to conquer the taste of strawberries.。
“Live friends,Before you eat,I feel that this strawberry a thousand two is simply killing price.,But after eating,I will say it straight.,This strawberry is a thousand two, although it is still a little expensive.,But I can’t stand it is true.。”
Below I want to talk about the shortcomings of strawberries。
“Disadvantages are expensive,In addition to your disadvantage,Others are fragrant。”
The little strawberry quickly was eliminated by Di Xiaojun.,After you have finished eating, she still wants to point again.,But thinking that she is really hesitant.。
But the feeling of addictive eventually came again.。
There are a lot of live broadcast like Di Xiaojun.。
Among them, the big anchors of the live broadcast between the million fans living areas have come today.。
Ma Xiaoliang has eaten a little strawberry fruit yesterday.,In the evening, I went to the Dihu to drink some wine and then I met a relatively furious girl.。
According to his strength,I can’t do three minutes before.,Since the result of hard students, I feel that I can’t do it.。
Such changes make him also surprised and happy。
Think of those things that have eaten last night,He feels that strawberry is the most suspicious。
Today, he is also ready to eat, and also prepare to buy some strawberries to continue the woman who knows last night.。
After a deep understanding last night,He knows that the other party is also a small sister of a platform.。
The two people also exchanged a lot of live experience while in depth.。
Although the other fans is only two or three thousand,But he feels like to use it.,Flex-winning fans that can be generated for millions of levels。
It’s just that the other party thinks.,Even if it is once again tonight,Can also serve comfortably,Then she decided to live with Ma Xiaoliang.。

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“Planning is not only about yourself,Also consider your collaborators,Do you know how much hidden danger your so-called plan will cause me!”

“You are just your adult who came to work with me,All actions here,You have to listen to me,Instead of acting arbitrarily to provoke the academy,You know that once the college people step in,Will there be much trouble!”
Yun Kongming gets more excited as he speaks,The whole person is red,Even at this time he should stay calm。
Lou Fang squinted at Yun Kongming, who was extremely excited“Humph,poor guy”Suppressed the emotions in my heart“Young Master Yun,You calm down,Listen to me slowly explain to you”
Yun Kongming vented his emotions,Sat down on the chair slowly,Looking at Lou Feng and waiting for the next。
“That’s it,The person who attacked the college guard this time was a hall master of our adults,This man is bloodthirsty,Basically, I personally tortured and killed someone every day”
“I don’t care about these,Talk about your plan!”
“The latest news from our adults is,As much trouble as possible,It is best to stir the water in Tarot City as much as possible,At the very least, you can’t hide enough to directly attack Murong’s house,This is also bad for your Yun family,What do you mean, Young Master Yun”
Yun Kongming lowered his head slightly,I patronize Murong’s home quickly,I forgot this link,Really shouldn’t!
Lou Feng looked at Yun Kongming, who bowed his head in thought,A trace of joy passed in his eyes“Young Master Yun,You just need to continue your plan,As for things like mixing water, just leave it to us”
“I have no other requirements,But since you want to make things bigger,I have no opinion,But don’t involve the Yun family!”Yun Kongming got up and talked,Look at Lou Feng,There was a slight chill in his eyes。
He hates others to deceive him!
Lou Feng smiled helplessly“understand,You can rest assured,Oh, right,I almost forgot one thing”
Yunkongming paused。
“Recent,We will also attack and kill people outside your Yun family,But don’t worry,Just a few insignificant little characters,We also wanted to prevent the Yun family from being suspicious of the college”
Yun Kongming’s eyes are full of indifference,Nodded insignificantly,It’s a default。
Lou Fan’s mouth showed a cruel smile,Hold back for so long,I can finally vent a little bit!
“stand at attention,See elder!”Both rescue teams have assembled,Each is extremely hardcover,It is said that the rescue team and the inner guards of the college are both retired soldiers,Everyone is a person who has experienced the battlefield。
Ren Feng looked at the team in front of him,Nodded slightly,Then point to the Fuming few people“The four of them form a small team,Perform tasks with you”

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You can tell by his attitude towards Li Ying,Li Ying should be a strong dragon master。

The book says,Bingchen Bailong takes about a year from growth to adulthood,Now my spiritual power is stronger,This time will be shortened to more than eight months,If you find more corresponding Dihua Tianbao,Feed better nectar,Can only take half a year。
half year later,I will be fearless。
Then came the growth of the big black tooth。
With the powerful silver dragon armor, Da Hei Fang can compete with the lower dragon generals.,But Zhu Minglang still hopes it can be promoted to the level of dragon general,Then there will be dragon armor blessing,It’s no problem to fight alone with Luo Xiao’s gilt fire dragon。
Soul Orb and Dragon Ball are very good support,You should be able to afford it with the money on hand,Of course there are better materials and you can collect more,Strengthen the dragon armor,Big black teeth will be stronger。
As for Shenmu Qingshenglong,Considerable potential,If not for being thrown off the cliff,It is estimated that it will not be inferior to Bingchen Bailong in adulthood。
Find Nanmu as soon as possible,Feed more,Broken dragons are enough to crush those miscellaneous dragons!
First67chapter College,Full appointment
Keep in class,I wish Minglang now want to be a learned person。
Coincidentally,Today’s class is the handsome teacher Bai Yishu,Zhu Minglang found out that most of my classmates today are girls。
Worthy of being the most beautiful male teacher in Lichuan College,With this charm and influence, I can compete with myself!
End of class,The teacher assigned an assignment。

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“I guess I can’t leave later,Climb out from here。”Zhu Minglang realizes that the cave he came from is already full of cliff eagles,Just leave from the top of the cliff,With the plants on the cliff,It should be possible to avoid the sight of cliff eagles patrolling high。

Climb up this dragon pit,I wish Minglang act very carefully,Xiao Bai is also trying to control the wind element near the cliff,Interfering with the patrolling cliff eagles。
To the top of the cliff,The top is covered with thick soft vines,Zhu Minglang poked his head out,When I found there was nothing on it,Immediately jumped out of Longkeng,Hidden under an old tree with branches。
There are many cliff eagles in the sky,How is Xiaobai still controlling the wind,Have to wait for the strong wind to force the cliff eagles who are patrolling in the air to hide in the pine trees,I wish Minglang can leave,Otherwise, the cliff eagle will definitely chase it all the way,Until the forest dragon comes。
Quietly waiting for the opportunity,Zhu Minglang couldn’t help looking at the soft vines,Found that those dry vines didn’t seem to grow freely,Instead, they were broken and piled up,Was surrounded like a big grass nest。
I wish Minglang see this vine nest,A thought flashed through my mind。
Stepped back,Zhu Minglang hide behind the tree,at this time,A big head poked in the vine nest,Light green leather,Snake-like pupil,Big nostrils,Slightly protruding dragon horns!
This head slowly raised,Eyes are looking at the big pine tree swaying strongly by the wind。
Young dragon??
Zhu Minglang looked surprised。
No wonder the forest dragon stays on top of the cliff,It turns out that there is a small nest hidden on it,It’s for the young dragons that don’t grow hard scales!
Little young dragon did not find Zhu Minglang,It just looked around curiously。
Seems to find that Dragon Mother has gone out,The young forest dragon suddenly let out a cry of joy,What did you pick up with your mouth?,Climbed towards the cliff……
I wish Minglang look carefully,Only then did I realize that what the forest young dragon was holding on its mouth turned out to be a smaller dragon cub.!

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“Nothing to explain,To do it,Whatever you want。”The youth’s complexion was abnormally dark gold,Under the new injury,The blazing sun behind his head is not dimmed,Dazzling,I dare not look directly,As aggressive as the sun raging in the sky during the cool summer。

Han Conger’s face changed,Take a few steps back subconsciously,The horror in my heart is like a huge wave,He has long known the possibility of a boy exploding under threats,So let Liu Ruxu command the army to approach step by step,It really blew up and there were a large number of people doing meat shields in front。
But he never expected this young man to understand the legendary genius in Lieyang Shrine,Scorching sun,This is another kind of self-destruction,But inspired by the real fire of the sun,Its self-detonation power far exceeds the self-detonation power of a high-level supernatural being,More than ten times,It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s not surprising to blow up half of the Five Elements Island。
“Who gave you the real fire?thirteen?Still boss?”Han Conger sternly asked,He would never bet on anything with his life,But at the same time he did not understand the way of the ancient god of the strong sun.,If not for the acquiescence of the ancient gods,That is Golden Crow Thirteen,Or the Golden Crow boss secretly acted,But why?
The so-called Golden Crow Stool is the sacred flame guardian trapped under the twelve peaks of the imperial court,At least Lieyang Palace declared this way to the outside world,In fact, it is also the fire spirit of Skyfire,It is the most unique existence in the Sunlieyang Palace,Won the love and respect of the ancient gods of the scorching sun,If it wasn’t for making a big mistake,The ancient gods will not let the gods trap it in such a long time as to ignore it。
“What is your connection with Lieyang Shrine?Can tell thirteen,Prove that you know a lot,But a shameless person like you,How can the ancient gods take care of you?”Juvenile sneer。
“Haha,Haha,what……”Han Conger laughed up to the sky,“There are thirteen,Naturally there will be eleven,twelve,Why do you know the relationship between a certain family and the ancient gods??”
“What are you talking nonsense??”
“Your grandma’s……”Han Cong’er was choked on the spot by a sentence from a teenager,While pretending to think,The eyes and all other perceptions are carefully contemplating the changes of the boy,But the more you try to figure it out, the more frightened。
The youth’s breath suddenly became incredible,And the complexion has changed from dark gold to hot gold,There is still purple faintly,It shows that the real fire of the strong sun is no small thing.,This too‘Scorching sun’The most dangerous sign before starting,Han Cong’er has no doubt about the determination of the young man,When the boy’s complexion turns purple and gold,Everything is too late。
“Wait a minute!Since there is old,We have time to renew,In no hurry。I’m afraid there is some misunderstanding about today,what?Haha,Haha。”
Han Cong’er never wanted to accompany these pickled goods to death on the Five Elements Island inexplicably,So without hesitation, he raised his hand and made an order that made the coalition unbelievable.,Retreat,Exit Five Elements Island!
All the generals of the coalition are in an uproar,The most fierce opposition is Liu Ruxu,Paid such a huge price,In exchange for such tragic results,The hidden piles nailed into the Five Elements Island are all lost,And she lost another brother,Seeing the enemy,victory is in sight,Actually want to withdraw?!
But the objection is invalid,Han Conger is the highest general of this time,Holding the power of life and death given by Dongfang Ruiqing,In the battle,The troops and horses of Wuchengdian took the lead to withdraw,And he walked very fast under his cursing and urging,Then the Shenfu Army and the Forbidden Army ran away,Everyone came to make a circle of soy sauce,Where to come and where to go,Only Liu’s soldiers are left。
“Surnamed han,are you crazy?”Liu Xiangxu finally couldn’t help but break out,Not only does not comply with the general order,And yelled,“Seeing that you want to quell the culprits in one fell swoop,How dare you go against the will of the eastern man,Retreat?”
“Will make here is the will of Eastern!”Han Conger stretched out his hand to raise the red arrow,No change in color,A righteous face,“If you don’t return,At your own risk。”
Finished talking,Han Conger ran away by himself,The life and death of the Liu family has nothing to do with him,And the more stupid the Liu family is, the more they are not afraid of death,The better,Wait until the teenager blew up,He goes back and kills again,Neither hurts,And can reap exploits,Also saved the Shenfu Army and the Forbidden Army,Isn’t it the best of three worlds?
Allied forces withdraw,The crowded pillar base peak suddenly became a lot empty,Liu Xiangxu scolded Han Conger for being shameless,Long knife swing,Straight boy,This is her only chance to get revenge,How can I easily let it go。
The young man is stimulating the scorching sun,I don’t dare to get really frustrated,Han Conger Sinister and Cunning,Will return anytime,The scorching sun is the only hand that can challenge him,Naturally cannot be easily interrupted,Even under attack,Can’t avoid fighting back,Although the raging flames that have begun to rise all over the body can play a certain protective role,But very limited。
Liu Xiangxu feels happy,Madness,The long knife screamed,Everyone who is close is very uncomfortable,Stupidly moving,It’s as if there is an invisible big hand forcibly pulling it out of the body。

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After Chen Xiu left the woods, he kept going south,After running for more than ten miles, there are no chasing soldiers,He is also a little relieved,I was thinking about absorbing the power of inner alchemy。
The inner alchemy suddenly entered his hands from the space bag,Feel the vigorous power in the inner alchemy,Thought to myself:“Just in terms of infuriating,The power in this inner alchemy is more than that of Qianye Guo。If I absorb it,,Yi Jin Bone Forging Skill can definitely break through to the fourth level,I don’t want to change my face to those old monsters like this!”
The more Chen Xiu thinks, the more urgent he looks around to find a safe place to refine the inner alchemy。
976 Half-step master
“Whoosh、Whoosh……” When Chen Xianxian looked around for hidden spots,There was a sound of breaking wind from behind,Look back,I saw a white-bearded Taoist man carrying an iron sword, stepping on the leaves and dashing towards。
“Ye Shangfei!”
Chen Xiu was taken aback:“What a superb light work!”
After he learned Gu Rimou’s mantra of lightness,Ye Shangfei,I just can’t do this Taoist,Flying over the leaves,The leaves under my feet are only flicking,Almost insignificant。
That Taoist came quickly,Several vertical jumps are already less than three hundred meters away from Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu saw that the old Taoist’s light work is good,But the fluctuating true energy on the body is just a seventh-Rank Great Perfection,So Chen Xiu is not afraid,Not in a hurry to escape。
Old Taoist flying in the air,Suddenly fell in front of Chen Xiu,Both eyes looked up and down Chen Xiu like two copper bells,Asked:“Chen Xiu?”
Chen Xiu also looked up and down the old Taoist,But seeing his life shape,The broken body is even more shabby,Shabby clothes,It’s like a desolate little temple Taoist,Occasionally a glance,Sharp as a knife,But this tyrannical color will disappear immediately,In my heart is to put away the contemptuous meaning。
“it’s me!”
“it is good,Hearing Baihu said that you created your own tricks, what is Promise Slash and Spiral Strength,It has the charm of my Tai Chi,We have been here!”

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“Hello there,My name is Ning Tao。”Taozi be polite。

“Gan Yifan。”Teenager introduce himself,Seeing that the young man in front of me looks a bit similar to Na Ning Xichen,Can’t help but ask:“Your surname is Ning?”
In fact, he wanted to ask if he knew Ning Xichen,But thinking about it, it was abrupt to ask,He didn’t realize,Asking like him will make people think。
Ning Tao felt baffled,“Do you know other people surnamed Ning?”
“Not knowing,Just to see you and her more like,Casually ask。”
“Oh?who is it?”
“Ning Xichen。”
The boy said this name,Ning Tao’s expression immediately became unnatural。
“Do you still know Ning Xichen,That’s Chenxi Medicine。”Tong Xu’s fat face is smiling,“People’s eyes are sharp,Tao Zi,I said you have a relationship with this big guy,You don’t admit,Now honestly,What is the relationship between you and this boss?”
With Tong Xu interrupted,Ning Tao has returned to nature,Smiled and said:“What can i have to do with her,You don’t know what background my family is,Those who engage in clothing can get involved with the pharmaceutical company?”
Gan Xiaoxiao said:“Not always,I worked in Wangyue Pavilion some time ago,Met Ning Xichen,She seems to pay special attention to Sisi。If it wasn’t for you and her,How can she hold Sisi and ask questions?And introduce Sisi to work?”
“Sisi looks pretty,Ning Xichen is also a big beauty,It’s normal for beauties to feel good about each other,Like you and Sisi。”
Gan Yifan listened to the three answering,I always feel that there is a story inside。But now he is relatively indifferent to human relationships,Not interested in other people’s affairs。
Inadvertently saw a military green car driving into the parking lot not far away,Two people getting off the car,Take a closer look,Isn’t it just the man in uniform and the inscrutable middle-aged man who had worked with him?。
“What are they doing here?”Teenagers always feel that they are very different from ordinary people,Saw two people getting off the car,Can’t help thinking。
A few people just walked across an arch bridge,Ning Tao and Tong Xu are going to the parking lot to pick up the car,But at this moment,Ning Tao suddenly said:“Not going to Wangyue Pavilion at noon,Go together in the evening,go,We look back,Eat something casually in the pedestrian street。”

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“wonderful!Doctor Fang……Can you tell me in detail……”

In Mingzun’s eyes,Full of curiosity。
He really wants to know!
immediately,Fang Yu slowly explained。
Finish talking in Fang Yu,Zang Yun walked to Fang Yu’s side with ease。
He knelt down!
“Mr. Zang……You are……”
Fang Yu speechless。
Kneel down at every turn?
What means!
“Before,It’s me……Thank you for your help!This is my little care……”
Zang Yun finished,Presented a large check。
“Transfer money!Going to the bank is too much trouble!”
Fang Yu said。
“This one……”
Zang Yun was shocked。
Did Fang Yu like to transfer money directly??
“has a problem?The amount is still too big to transfer?”Fang Yu continued。
The eyes are full of confusion!

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Something is wrong,Li Tianchou looked at Hua Yun,He quickly took out his cell phone and dialed Zhou Nan’s number,Hit twice in a row,Good luck,Actually dialed,“speak,Which?”Zhou Nan’s voice was very small on the phone,And a little hoarse。

“Week team,I am Li Tianchou,I will report to you again。”
“There is a new situation in the middle of the night?”Zhou Nan was obviously surprised,The voice immediately became more energetic。
Li Tianchou is not wordy,It’s very simple to describe what happened。
“Damn,bad。I said how could there be a missed call?There was no signal when drilling the ravine。”Zhou Nan complained,“Don’t act rashly in the hotel,I will notify people immediately。”
hang up the phone,Li Tianchou is still a little uneasy,Ordinarily, the movement just now was not small,Hua Yun called again,Why did the hotel security react so slowly,Even at night,Anyway, one or two living people should come over and see the situation.。
When you are bored,The elevator ding dong,Five or six people walked out in a hurry,The security guard who had been waiting for a long time finally came。
A middle-aged man in suit and leather shoes,Don’t wear a badge,Looks familiar,When dealing with the dead rabbit incident in the afternoon,This person is also present,Seems to be the manager of the security department,What is Hu?,Li Tianchou can’t remember for a while。
Manager Hu walked straight to the door of the room,I was slightly surprised to see the scene inside the house,But he still politely knocked on the door symbolically,“Did you call the service desk just now??”
Hua Yun stood up and nodded,“It’s my call。In the middle of the night, strangers harassed and intimidated me at the door of my room.,I have reason to think that my life is threatened,So please handle and certify from the hotel,And can give me a reasonable explanation。”
Manager Hu’s face immediately became very serious and sincere,“I’m so sorry,Ms,Shocked you。I regret that this unpleasant thing happened at night,This is our service work is not done well,I apologize to you on behalf of the security department。Uh,This harasser……”Manager Hu said,Fingered the short man on the ground,Looked at Li Tianchou, who was covered in mud,Some inaccurate。
Hua Yun just about to speak,Li Tianchou interrupted her with his eyes,“I said your hotel’s response speed is slower than that of a snail,Wouldn’t it be nonsense to expect you to protect the safety of guests??There are two people involved in the intimidation,I only caught one,I hope you keep the surveillance video,The police will come in a while。”
“Uh,The colleagues in the night shift were scattered,So there was a delay in the notification。As for monitoring, there must be no problem。Just tell me what you two orders,As long as it is within the scope of job responsibility,Must do my best。Did this gentleman also report the crime??”Although Manager Hu has an excellent attitude,But the answer is vague,
Li Tianchou is not satisfied with Manager Hu’s answer,It’s a bit strange why the other party didn’t come to the scene to understand clearly before reporting the crime?Only one explanation,They have seen what happened on the surveillance,Otherwise it doesn’t make sense。
Look at the security guards behind Manager Hu,Half asleep and half awake,The uniform is also crooked,It seems that the other party has really lost time。
Too unqualified,It’s far worse than Lao Tzu’s first job as a security guard,Li Tianchou cursed in his stomach,“Since they all reported,Then wait for the police to come。”He waved,Sat down on the bed。
“Uh,Otherwise, the suspected troublemaker will take me back to the security duty room,So it won’t bother you to rest。”Manager Hu’s very enthusiastic suggestion。
Unexpectedly, Li Tianchou shook his head like a rattle,“That won’t work,Let’s wait for the police to come。”Somehow,He is always a little worried,This short young man is very cunning,Not to be underestimated,In addition, he also has a great view on the security capabilities of the hotel。

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