What is your job-hopping index?

What is your job-hopping index?

After receiving the year-end bonus, it is time for the job-hopping family to start to move again. Here is a simple experiment that can trim your level of loyalty!

People with low allegiance to change jobs, remember to never let your boss see you as an eggbeater, so as not to expose your loyalty!

  Now to fry the eggs, you will choose: A.

Sun eggs (fried on the one hand and half cooked on the other) B.

C on both sides.

Break the eggs and fry them.

If you choose A, you care about the atmosphere and environment of a company. For you, as long as it is a company with a bright appearance, no matter what work you do there, as long as it makes you feel that the difference is obvious, you will be impulsive.Go to work, so if you want to dig your corner, do n’t take you to see the size of the company, play a little bit more, you can immediately turn into a channel (the company with a bad appearance, don’t think about it!


  Choose B, it is your specialty to do things steadily, and you will do everything step by step without thinking of some shortcuts. It is also reflected in your job-hopping index. You will not actively want to leave the old owner unless there is a majorEvents, or the company has always been your dissatisfaction, otherwise you are the kind of person who may die the company, the job-hopping index is low.

  Choose C. Although you do things very well, it ‘s just that your work often follows your emotions, and the big jumps in Mambo cause performance to fluctuate. It ‘s difficult to maintain the same standard. Once you decide to leave the company, no matter whetherWhen people come to dig corners, or if there is a crisis of unemployment, your mentality is that if you leave, you have to leave. No one can keep it!

To dig your company, just succeed with you.

  Choose D. You are a gossip receiving station. Every time I hear something from the company, I am nervous. I am uneasy and want to change jobs. It is recommended that unless you have professional skills, you should follow your personality like this.No boss can stand it!

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Wash your hands frequently to drive away 80% of the disease

Wash your hands frequently to drive away 80% of the disease

In many activities of the human body, the hands play an irreplaceable role. Take, connect, take, wipe, write . These indispensable actions in life make the hands more contact with the outside world.

Because of this, many germs will take advantage of it, putting people’s health at risk.

Every year on October 15th-“World Hand Washing Day”, this edition invites relevant experts to teach you how to wash your hands correctly.

  Wash your hands frequently, drive away 80% of the diseased buses, subway door handles, flush buttons in public toilets, mice, keyboards, mobile phones . If you mark the movements of your hands, you will find that wherever they go, they are all following bacteria, Dealing with dust.

  There are far more bacteria in your hand than you think!

Studies have found that a pair of unwashed hands may have hundreds of thousands or even millions of bacteria hidden on the skin, nail grooves, and the edges of the fingernails. There are many types of these bacteria, almost all of which can cause infectious diseases.There are discoveries on it.

In addition, various food poisoning, infectious hepatitis, typhoid, and cholera can also be transmitted by hand.

  To deal with these germs, you only need to wash your hands frequently to keep them out of the door.

At a media communication meeting for the National Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation and Cleanliness Action in a certain period of time, Mao Qunan, director of the Ministry of Health’s Press and Publicity Center, revealed such a set of data: washing hands and opponents can prevent 80% of diseases and reduce diarrhea by more than 50%As well as 1/3 of respiratory diseases, it also plays an important role in preventing blood system diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and skin diseases.

It is more important for children to develop the habit of washing their hands properly.

According to the World Health Organization report, an average of about 5,000 children under the age of five die from diarrhea-related diseases every day, but as long as they develop the habit of washing their hands before and after meals, half of them will be saved.

  It’s so important that more bacteria on women’s hands wash their hands, but not everyone treats them correctly.

A few days ago, “Life Times” and “39 Health Network” conducted a survey on hand washing awareness and habits. From the answers of 27,574 representatives, many people have misunderstandings.

  Surveys show that only 67% of people insist on washing their hands before and after meals, and more than 40% do not wash their hands after going home.

In this regard, Niu Wenyi, deputy director of the Department of Social Medicine and Health Education of the School of Public Health of Peking University, said that there are many invisible bacteria in the hands, and the only way to judge whether to wash your hands is to feel wrong.

Washing hands before going to the toilet can reduce the chance of urinary and reproductive system infections for women.

  On the question of whether to use hand sanitizers, soaps and other cleaning products when washing hands, nearly six adults use it only occasionally, and 11% never use it.

The study found that washing hands with tap water can reduce the microorganisms on the hands by 80%, but washing with soap can reduce 95%.

When washing your hands, you should first wash the soap under running water before washing your hands, otherwise the bacteria on the surface of the soap will get on your hands.

  Regarding the time for washing hands, 58% of people said that every time they washed their hands, it was done.

But in fact, this does not achieve the cleaning effect, it is best to wash your hands for more than 30 seconds.

  After washing their hands, more than half of them choose to dry with a towel or paper towel.

It’s okay if it’s a clean towel, otherwise new bacteria might get on it.

The best way is to shake the water on your hand and let it dry naturally.

  On the frequency of hand washing, the survey shows that only 46% of people wash their hands more than 6 times a day.

Experts suggest that it is best to wash your hands every 2 hours to reduce bacterial density.

For women, hand washing may be more frequent.

Noah Feir, an associate professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, points out that research has found that women have more bacteria on their hands than men, which may be related to the pH of the skin.

In general, skin with weakly acidic pH is healthier, and male skin is more acidic than female.

In addition, women’s skin is more prone to secrete oils. Frequent use of moisturizing cosmetics and thin skin layers will affect the number of bacteria in the skin.

  5 keywords for washing your hands The method is very important to wash your hands.

There are 5 keywords to keep in mind when washing your hands: wet, rub, punch, hold, rub.

  Wet: Wet hands with running water.

  Rub: In the second step, apply hand sanitizer or soap and soap to your hands. Put your fingers together and rub the palms of your hands; then cross your fingers and rub the back of your palms;Hold the opposite finger in one hand and rub in sequence; rub your palm with your fingertips.

In this way, the fingertips, finger seams and other parts that are easy to violate are scrubbed to ensure the effectiveness of hand washing.

  Rinse: Rinse your hands with running water.

  Holding: Hold the water in both hands, flush the switch of the faucet, and then close it. After touching the switch with a dirty hand, the clean hand touches the switch, resulting in cross infection.

  Wipe: Dry your hands with a clean towel or paper towel, or dry naturally.  In 8 places, we should wash our hands before and after meals. In some of the following places, we also need to wash our hands in time.


Wear contact lenses, take medicine, and apply medicine to the wound; 2.

2. If there are babies and toddlers in the family, before hugging, playing with and feeding the children; 3.

Outdoor sports, after playing; 4.

4. After shopping in the supermarket or mall; 5.

5. In places with many people and cars, after having physical contact with strangers; 6.

6. After touching public goods, such as elevator handrails, buttons, door handles, public telephones, especially public facilities in hospitals; 7.

After touching pets; 8.

After cleaning, touch the coins.

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From the beginning of the spring to the health and disease prevention

From the beginning of the spring to the health and disease prevention

As the saying goes, the year is in spring.

Doing a good spring health will be a good start for your whole year of health.

  In accordance with the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the combination of heaven and man, the human body can only maintain health in a long-term manner in accordance with the changes in time.

In the four seasons, the climate change is spring.

Therefore, human health must pay attention to start from the spring.

  In the spring, the dress is warm and the cold must be warm. Some sentences in China are health and proverbs, “Spring and Autumn,” and it is said that in the early spring, don’t rush to take off the cotton coat to prevent cold.

Spring is windy, warm and cold, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, so spring health must master these characteristics, and adapt to the spring and smooth hair.

  Pay special attention to the suitability of clothing, so that the body has a positive adaptive adjustment to the cold and heat transition.

In fact, there are often repeated cold weather in the spring, clothes should be gradually reduced, and the clothes should be warmer.

For children with poor adjustment ability, the elderly or those with weak constitution, they should add clothes at any time according to the climate change.

  The foreign average test showed that it was still in the cold room, and the blood pressure was significantly increased for many years, and it could induce hypertension and myocardial infarction.

Sitting still in a room with a temperature below 12 °C will significantly increase the burden on the circulatory system.

The reason why low temperature raises the blood pressure of the elderly is the effect of “cold shrinkage”.

The heat production capacity of the elderly is reduced, and the circulatory system is not as normal as the young people, so it is easily stimulated by the “cold spring”.

Experts remind that when the cold is cold, the elderly should try to reduce the number of exits, and wearing a hat to reduce the stimulation of the head blood vessels by cold air.

Hypertensive patients should pay attention to the distance of continuous medication.

  In addition, some young girls often wear skirts in the early spring because of their beauty, which is not good for the body.

First, women’s knees are sensitive to attacks from cold air.

It is prone to local numbness, soreness and other symptoms.

It can cause rheumatoid arthritis for a long time.

According to reports, women in Tunisia like to wear skirts all year round, even in the winter when the wind is irritating.

However, there are also many women with rheumatoid arthritis, accounting for about 70% of the total number of women.

  The spring diet is based on the liver and liver protection. The Chinese medicine believes that the liver is similar to the vegetation, the vegetation grows in the spring, and the liver functions more actively in the spring.

Therefore, in the early spring, health care is the first to raise liver and protect the liver.

  Here are some ways to nourish the liver and protect the liver: drink plenty of water – prevent toxins damage the liver in the early spring, cold and dry, easy to lack water, drink plenty of water to replenish body fluids, enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, drink plenty of water or promote glands,Especially the digestive gland and pancreatic juice, the secretion of bile, in order to facilitate digestion, absorption and waste elimination, reduce the damage of metabolites and toxins on the liver.

  Dietary balance — to ensure normal liver function Do not overeating or often obese, this unhealthy eating habits, can cause abnormal secretion of digestive juice, leading to liver function disorders.

Therefore, the spring diet should be balanced, the protein in the food, small amounts, traces, vitamins, minerals, etc. should maintain the corresponding proportion; at the same time, it must maintain the five flavors; try to eat less spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

  Less drinking – good for the liver yang rising in the early spring, the cold is more prosperous, a small amount of drinking is conducive to pass through, blood, silt and liver yang.

But you can’t be overdone. You must know that the liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol is limited. Drinking more can hurt the liver.

According to medical research, a healthy person weighing 60 kilograms can only metabolize 60 grams of alcohol per day. If it exceeds the limit, it will affect liver health and even cause alcoholism and life-threatening.

  Optimistic and cheerful — The liver is smooth and optimistic and makes people healthy.

Because the liver is like depression and depression, it is easy to cause anger and anger, which may lead to liver disease and blood stasis.

  If you want to be strong in the liver, you must first learn to anger, unless you are angry, do not exceed 3 minutes. Try to be calm, optimistic, and carefree, so that the liver fire is extinguished, the liver is normal, and the liver is normal.

If you violate this natural law, it will hurt the liver, and for a long time, it is easy to cause liver disease.

  In the spring, the final battle of the spring is a secret. When the spring is bright, it is a good time for sports and health.

Older people should “get up early in the night and walk in the court”. In the case of 6-8 hours of sleep, they should go to the double room to enjoy the sun and breathe fresh air.

According to the physical condition and weather conditions, whether you can accompany the spring tour, not only can increase the fun of life, enhance physical fitness, but also improve the regulation function of the brain nerves and adaptability to climate change, in order to resist and attenuate the discomfort such as “spring sleepy”.

  Can not live in impermanence, or “night besieged”, “arch pig”, “tractor”, or go to club, party, watch TV.The impermanence of living can cause dysfunction of various organs and systems of the human body, and the spirits are wilting, or even the old diseases recur, and the new diseases are entangled.

It is often said that “getting well early and getting up early and getting good” is still very reasonable.

  Once in the spring, people are particularly prone to sleepiness, sleep and sleep, and work without spirit. The old man said that this is called “spring sleepy.”

Why is there a spring sleep?

What can we do to surpass it?

  In fact, spring sleep is not a disease, even a natural climate change, a temporary physiological phenomenon caused by rising temperatures.

In this environment, the blood vessels in various parts of the human body are dilated, and the blood supply to the brain is relatively small. In this case, people are prone to sleepiness.

Faced with the rapid rise of spring temperatures, there is a process in the body’s yang-producing hair growth, which is obviously relatively insufficient. At this time, people feel sleepy.

  Also, in the winter, due to insufficient ultraviolet and sunlight, the body itself is full of vitamin D, so the body’s immunity and work ability are reduced a lot.

In addition, vitamin intake is also low, so when spring comes, most of the body functions are in a semi-sleep state.

  It is enough for an adult to sleep for about 8 hours a day. The long sleep time changes the normal cycle of sleep and wakefulness, and the rhythm of the human body clock is distorted, which keeps the brain in a state of inhibition for a long time.

At the same time, it will also make the cells in the brain tube sleep fatigue, and wake up will feel dizzy and uncomfortable.

This is why some people feel sleepy and sleepy.

  So what is the way to get rid of the sleeping insects on your body?

Today, I recommend six tricks for you: the final battle of the spring battle: When the active limbs hit the trap, you can temporarily put down the work at hand, get up and move your body, because you maintain a certain posture, and reduce the circulation of blood loss, so that the brainAnd the function of internal organs is limited, resulting in fatigue.

Timely activities can help the muscles and blood, Tongli joints, and make the brain excited.

  The decisive battle of the spring is the second trick: visual stimuli step out of the ladder, to the suburbs, the lakeside, the mountains, and look up.

If you are indoors for a long time, you can also add some colorful and vibrant ornaments and flowers in the room; good visual stimulation will help eliminate the spring storm.

  The third battle: the tactile stimulation of sleepiness and sleepiness, brushing your teeth with a toothpaste with aroma, and washing your face with cold water to improve the excitability of the nervous system of the body, thus achieving the purpose of eliminating the spring sleep.

However, you can also choose to wash your face with hot water according to your preferences, so that it is both hygienic and difficult.

  The final battle of the spring battle is four: the taste stimulates to eat bitter and spicy food while sleeping, and can also make a cup of tea or coffee to solve the problem.

  When the auditory stimuli are sleepy, I often listen to some beautiful and bright tunes, and have music or songs that stimulate the inspiring effect, to please the body, or to enjoy some cross talk, sketches, jokes and comedy films, in the laughter, excitementTo get rid of the difficulties.

  The final battle of the spring battle is six: when the smell stimulates sleepiness, you can smell the wind oil, cool oil, toilet water and the ignited sanitation smell, which can drive away the sleepiness and refresh the spirit.

If you can adapt to local conditions, you can raise some aromatic flowers that are aromatic and refreshing in your living room, balcony or courtyard. It is also possible to alleviate boring.

  How about, with these unique tricks, is it already happening to deal with the spring sleep?

  In the spring, be careful to watch out for the “two knives” spring tour, which is a traditional cultural and sports activity.

It can make people open-minded, fatigue-eliminating, and refreshing. It can also promote cell metabolism, improve blood circulation, strengthen heart and lung function, and reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, spring tour has a special health care function.

  Although the spring is bright, there is a hidden murder of “Little Li Feidao”.

  The first flying knife—the pollen, once the pollen of these plants kisses the tourist’s face with the wind, and then enters the human body through the respiratory tract. The tourists can “itch” from the corner of the nose to the whole body.A trip may lead to a cold.

  The second knife — face-to-face, spring is the season of easy-to-face sputum, and the chief culprit of the tourists’ face-to-face is the shyness and resounding warm and gentle spring breeze.

Tourists have been out for a long time, their faces are exposed to the wind, and they are easily caught by the wind, causing the body to block the meridians, and the lens that appears to be unbearable to the eye.

  Although the spring breeze is often a hidden murder, if the tourists do early prevention, keep the distance between the flowers that are “sweet and colorful, and float with the wind”; if the tourists can’t stand, they will “stand up in the wind,The wind flutters, and the charm of the spring breeze is no longer a “scissor”.

  It can be imagined that the process of communication between tourists and nature in spring is not only a process of mutual intimacy with nature, but also a process of mutual understanding and mutual understanding.

Science has long proved that any grass and wood in nature will cause different emotions to people, so they react to emotions.

If so, as a tourist, you can ignore the nature of the nature you are facing.

Traveling in the spring, as long as you can organically integrate your own needs with the nature of nature, nature can return you to happiness.

  Spring fitness adheres to exercise. Six is not suitable for a year.

Spring is the season that many young people like to exercise, but the spring exercise should pay attention to the following six points – exercise should not be carried out suddenly: you should do some simple limb movement before exercise to prevent ligaments and muscle sprains.

  It is not suitable for foggy days: the fog beads contain a lot of dust, pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances. When the exercise increases, the lungs will inevitably absorb more harmful substances.  It is not advisable to breathe with your mouth during exercise: exercise should develop the habit of breathing with the nose. Because there are a lot of hair in the nose, it can filter the air, so that the trachea and lungs are free from dust and germs.

  It is not advisable to keep warm when exercising: When you start exercising, take off your coat immediately, and then gradually reduce your clothes after the body is slightly hot. At the end of the exercise, you should wipe off the sweat on your body and immediately put on your clothes to prevent cold.

  It is not advisable to exercise on an empty stomach: in addition to low blood sugar in the morning, the blood of the human body is sticky, coupled with low breathing, vasoconstriction and other factors, if the exercise is fast, it may cause people to die due to hypoglycemia and heart disease.

  It is not advisable to go out to exercise early: the air is not fresh in the morning, only the air around 4 o’clock in the afternoon triggers oxygen negative ions, and the idea of smelling chickens should be updated.

  Spring skin care away from the three major skin diseases in spring, the skin enemies generally have the following: skin problems caused by viral diseases, allergies and itchy skin.

  Itchy skin: winter continuation came early in the spring, but after a whole winter and winter cold and dry climate challenge, some patients with itching will not improve in early spring, especially in the elderly, due to their skin secretion of oil and other protectionThe function of the substance is reduced, so it is easier to develop.

  The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. If the stratum corneum is injured, its protective skin will be lost. The water inside the cells will easily evaporate and the skin will be drier.

Therefore, even if the degree of itchiness is intensified, it will not be able to scratch, because the skin is scratched and the skin is caused by complications. The bacteria easily enter the skin and cause skin inflammation and ulceration. Therefore, the best method is to use cold water.The towel is cold applied to relieve soreness.

  To deal with skin itching in the spring, you should first choose soft and soft cotton fabric to reduce skin irritation.

Do not scrub with a strong bath or soap every day. Bathing too hard will only increase the sebum and exacerbate the skin.

When bathing, the water temperature should be between 24 ° C and 29 ° C.

If the water temperature is too high, the capillaries on the surface of the skin will dilate and cause damage to the skin.

After bathing, you should always use moisturizing skin care products such as vaseline to lock the surface moisture of the skin and reduce the itching of dry wounds. In addition, you should eat less spicy food such as beef and mutton and onions, garlic, and drink less and smoke.

If the degree of dry and itchy skin is still not relieved after adjusting, it is best to ask the doctor to prescribe the right medicine.

  Viral disease: Beware of measles and measles is a season in which children are susceptible to rubella and measles. These diseases are originally infectious diseases, but some young parents are unclear because they will have rashes.
For a certain disease, parents should pay attention to isolation.

If measles or rubella occur in a kindergarten or school, healthy children should be separated from the sick as soon as possible.

  Allergic skin: leaving the allergen spring is the season of climate conversion. Due to the sensitizing substances such as bacterial spores and pollen scattered in the air, some people with allergic skin are exposed to pollen, certain foods, contaminated air and other substances.The skin will appear red, swollen, itchy, peeling and allergic dermatitis and other abnormalities, because these problems to the dermatology clinic to treat patients are also many.

  To reduce allergies, you must leave allergens. People with sensitive skin should be more careful when they are outdoors, so that they do not get pollen and other substances.

  Experts in the spring prevention and protection of susceptible people remind everyone that there are many types of infectious diseases in spring, and the harm is great. It is necessary to raise awareness of preventing viral infectious diseases and actively take measures to prevent and control comprehensively.

  Prevention of spring infectious diseases is first and foremost to protect susceptible populations.

Planned artificial autoimmunity is the main intervention to prevent the occurrence of various infectious diseases.

Manage animal infection sources and inject vaccines for dogs, cats and various livestock.

  Paying attention to personal hygiene and protection and developing good hygiene habits is also the key to preventing infectious diseases in spring.

Before and after meals, sneezing, coughing and cleaning the nose and returning home must be washed according to the prescribed procedures, change frequently, wash frequently, diligently dry clothes, be shackled, never spit, never urinate.

Keep your office and indoor air circulation in your home.

In the season of respiratory infections, the gathering should be reduced, less public places (such as farmer’s market, cinemas, entertainment rooms, etc.), wearing masks and necessary air disinfection when going out.

Some commonly used disinfectants in the home, such as 84 disinfectant, peracetic acid disinfectant, etc., regularly disinfect the indoor surface.

  In spring, the metabolism of various organs, tissues and cells of the human body begins to flourish. It is a good time for exercise. It should actively participate in physical exercise, go to the suburbs, breathe fresh air outdoors, walk every day, jog, do exercises, punch, etc.The body is smooth and bloody, and the bones are stretched to enhance physical fitness.

When exercising, you must pay attention to climate change, avoid the morning fog and sand, properly arrange the amount of exercise, and conduct self-monitoring of the physical condition to avoid adverse effects on the body.

In addition, sleep rest is better.

Regular life, maintaining adequate rest and sleep, is obviously very important to improve their own resistance.

It is necessary to arrange the work and rest reasonably, to make the life regular, to combine work and rest, like some people playing cards all the time, playing video games, and being overworked, which inevitably leads to a decline in the ability to resist disease and is susceptible to virus infection.

  Experts believe that the diet should not be too spicy, too much to help the fire, not too greasy.

To reduce irritation to the respiratory tract, such as not smoking, do not drink.

To drink more water, absorb enough vitamins, should eat a small amount of high-quality protein, sugar and trace elements of food, such as lean meat, eggs, jujube, honey and fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

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