Provincial Letters and Calls Series earnestly convey the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party

The Party Construction of Fujian Organs pointed out that the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session is an important historical moment of the 100th anniversary of the party. It has a milestone for the key node of "two hundred years" struggle history history. Meeting.

The Council considered the adopted "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, is a glorious Marxist programming literature. Political Declaration is a guide to the future, to create a future, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, will be promoted in major historical junctions, unifying will, unifying actions, and promoting the promotion of the party and the people’s career.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to learn to implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party. As a major political task in the current and future, according to the central deployment and provincial party requirements, combined with party history education and "re-study, re-investigate, and then investigate Implementation "activities, careful arrangements, carefully deployed, quickly set off the study and implementation, further enhance the" four consciousness ", firm" four confidence ", and do" two maintenance ", and effectively unify thoughts and actions to the spiritual spirit. To improve the political station, find the positioning of duties, and better play the functions of petition and visits, fully implement the important thinking of General Secretary in China on strengthening and improving the people’s letters and visits, closely combining the actual and innovation of our province’s petition work, Continue to improve the quality of work and struggle to create a new situation in the new era. The meeting requires that we must take the opportunity to learn to implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session, and vigorously inherit the important concepts and major practices of General Secretary Xi Jinping during the Fujian Work.

It is necessary to combine learning and implementation of the spirit of the Plenary and It is organically combined with the work of the work in the end of the year.

On November 16th, the Provincial Letters and Calls held a global party members and cadres and conveyed the spirit of the 19th National Session of the Party.

Everyone said that as a new era of petition cadres, we must be based on the new era. The firm belief will always follow the party. In the study and implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session, in-depth practice, in depth, practice the people-oriented thinking, insist The people believe in the people, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, and resolve the issues of petitions, and promote social harmony and stability, and the new service of the new service of the petition cadres with high quality work results.


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“Drive again!My lady has to make people who make fun of me have to die!”Anna Cao swears。

“Ding Dong,three,two,One……Miss Anna、Songzi、ShunziYou have entered3V3Random map‘Storm island’……”
“See the tears in the corner of my eye?I thought my heart would be calm when I saw Storm Island randomly again,however,This little tear deeply betrayed me……”When Zhang Song set foot on Storm Island again,Sad like a poet。
“Storm Island is good,I am only familiar with this map!rest assured,This time I will definitely take care not to fall into the swamp!”Cao Anna self-message。
“Miss Anna,The important thing is,Learn to throw thunder。”Shunzi reminded。
“OK,I will practice!”I saw Cao Anna picked up a thunder at the material point and threw it out,But her posture is quite uncoordinated,Zhang Song and Shunzi quickly jumped up to hide away。
Fortunately, this time the grenade bloomed slightly far away,Did not hurt the innocent。
“not good!You blow up like this,Exposed our position!”Zhang Song Qidao。
“Miss Anna,Let’s pick up equipment and supplies,The enemy must come here。”Shunzi said to Cao Anna。
So the three hurriedly took the equipment and evacuated,Zhang Song put onAK-47Automatic rifle,Anna Cao choosesUMP5Submachine gun,Shunzi is carrying a handleAWPSniper rifle。
“We definitely can’t go to this gameSClicked,The past must be an ambush rhythm,Is there any other place I can stay together?”Zhang Song judged the situation,Ask Xiang Shunzi。
“Dog up?What do you mean?How to do?”Cao Anna asked。
“Miss Anna,Not a wolf dog‘dog’,It’s surreptitious‘Gou’……”Shunzi explained。
“You say so,I understand,Means to hide,Worthy of a cultural person!The only difference between you and Lu Yi is,You are honest,Lu Yi is dishonest!”
“Who is Lu Yi?”Shunzi asked。
“A pig,Stupid pig?”Cao Anna Road。
“what?Sister Anna,You scold me?”Shunzi got dizzy。
Prelude-newborn Chapter Seventeen The storm is coming
“Don’t care about these details!”Anna Cao smiled。

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“I said no, no,You are too much。”Yu Ge was a little angry at Zhao Qianqian’s behavior,Explained before,Again,Missy’s temper,Hard to serve,He handed the tissue on the table to Xia Shuyue。

Xia Shuyue wiped the water on her face and Liu Hai,Only then looked at Zhao Qianqian,Stand up and roar,“Did you take the wrong medicine??Me and your boyfriend have nothing,What did you say?”
“You shameless woman,Dare to seduce my boyfriend,Dare not admit,Kind of,Dare to do and say,Capable of doing but not capable of admitting,What kind of?”Zhao Qianqian is not polite,Yu Ge is hers。
“You shameless,shut your mouth,Don’t vomit if you can’t vomit ivory。”Xia Shuyue sneered。
Zhao Qianqian saw that Xia Shuyue was fierce,I can’t scold myself,Just slap her in the face,“I am too lazy to tell you。”
As soon as Xia Shuyue raised her hand, she blocked Zhao Qianqian’s hand back,“Dare you hit me?”
“What happened to i hit you,You shameless!”Zhao Qianqian really treats her as a fox。
Xia Shuyue was furious,Grab Zhao Qianqian’s long hair,Tugged her,Zhao Qianqian fought back desperately,The two get together。
Yu Ge can’t pull the two away,Pull this one away,That pounced,Pull that one away,This one pounces again,Okay,The waiter and owner of the restaurant are here to help,This separates them。
Although they were both pulled by the waiter,Volley kick,Although I can only kick into the air,Do not lose in momentum。
“You go back with me,Shameless?”Yu Ge grabbed Zhao Qianqian’s wrist,Drag her out。
Zhao Qianqian followed Yu Ge proudly,While turning around to scold Xia Shuyue。

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“Miss Jiang……Are you embarrassing me!”

Fang Yu looked at Jiang Wan’er,Ordered two cups of blue mountain coffee。
“This is not what you expected?My father misunderstood anyway……I don’t care if Uncle misunderstood!”Jiang Wan’er looked calm。
Don’t seem to care about these details anymore!
“but,Don’t worry about not getting married later?”
Fang Yu questioned。
“Who has few predecessors……But you are fine,Just an ex。Have not had time to start,Was soaked away by others……You barely pass!”
Jiang Wan’er smiled。
“Forget it!”
Fang Yu knows,How to explain now,Dad won’t believe it。
Just go with the flow!
Is later,May be more troublesome。
“Have a beautiful woman like me be your girlfriend,You are not happy yet?”
Jiang Wan’er snorted coldly。
Very dissatisfied!
It’s impossible,That Guo Xueli who can only use Fang Yu is fine?

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suddenly,Leo noticed a little thought of Raleigh。

And at the same time,Raleigh also changed his look,He felt Leo’s powerful experience。
Not as good as him,But the strength is not weak。
How can it be so easy to foresee the future,Just a hunch,But Leo’s insight is real。
Kang Dang!
Under the contest of seeing, hearing and color,After all, Leo had the upper hand。
But this advantage is not enough to allow Leo to take advantage。
Leo’s sword is still steadily blocked by Rayleigh。
Raleigh looked a little surprised at Leo,I didn’t expect that Leo would have the upper hand in seeing and hearing.。
Maybe in my previous life, I thought it was awesome,But I didn’t know until the contest,Foreseeing the future is actually so exaggerated。
Can only be used once in a short time,Not necessarily happen,Just a possibility。
And the contest of seeing, hearing and sex is not the kind of prediction that I predicted you,You predicted, I predicted your prediction。
This kind of boring unrestricted prediction。
In actual combat,This situation will never happen。
Because the speed of the fight is so fast,Many times the battle of the strong relies on instinct,Thinking hard to reflect,Rely on the instinct of the body。
So even if you start fighting,Everyone will use it once for seeing and hearing color。
Already a lot at once,Most powerful engagements,Many bumps can only be used once,So seeing and hearing is not that strong。
Everyone has,Seems useless。
In one case, the difference between upwind and downwind。

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Rank in order of arrival。

This is a test of endurance and a test of willpower,of course,Speed is also within its consideration。
This is more comprehensive,High demands on one person。
Just arrived in the competition area,I saw someone calling。
“Brother Hao,I didn’t hear your name just now,Estimated at the back,Don’t worry。”
Huang Xiaoding saw Qin Hao coming,Whispered to him。
Chapter Four This tastes so sour
“Ok,I know,”Qin Hao replied lightly。
After the embarrassing scene just happened,Completely destroyed Qin Hao’s original good mood。
“Brother Hao,Do you feel warm?”Huang Xiaoding said when he saw Qin Hao flushed。
“Yes indeed,A little hot,Whole body hot,”Qin Hao followed Huang Xiaoding’s words。
Just what Huang Xiaoding is going to say,A voice on the stage came over。
“128group,Qin Hao,”A full of breath sounded。
“Here,”Qin Hao said badly,He always looks like this,I want to be beaten up when people see him。
“He Chenguang,Li Erniu,Wang Yanbing……”These are all hot characters in the Iron Fist。
Participated in many military competitions,Live ammunition drills,Also achieved many second-class merits,It can be described as unlimited。
“It seems that this time the military region contest,More lively than ever,I don’t know who is the best soldier in this class。”
Huang Xiaoding next to him sighed,Every military region contest must choose the soldier king,The word “Bingwang” symbolizes honor。
Any special forces,All are eager for the soldiers。

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Since now,Such a good opportunity,Wang Teng met,Then next,What exactly needs to be done,Actually this,More understandable。

But now,Such a good opportunity,Has been caught by Wang Teng,Then now,Wang Teng can go meet these small shareholders。
“Just take these small shareholders,By the time,To get rid of those major shareholders。”
“At that time,Actually, there is nothing to worry about!”
Wang Teng pondered this secretly,Such a thing,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,It’s really good。
If it is so,So from now on,This is a good opportunity。
and so,Since it is already the case,Then put it together。
“Haha,Tan Jia,You don’t do it to me,Then I’m going to attack you。”
When Wang Teng saw this,Wang Teng’s face,It’s even more like a smile。
this matter,Really good,In that case,You can try it directly.。
Chapter Fifty This Matter,A piece of cake
Tan Jia,Tan Long raised his head,very happy。
“I already said,This matter is nothing。”
“right now,You all saw it too。”
When Tan Long’s words are finished,Others nodded again and again。
After all such a thing,Tan Long handled it well。

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“No need。”Liu Mo shook his head,“I just got the news and check it out,Since Junior Brother is fine,I left。”

Li Tianzhi accident,Look at each other quietly and not speak,Dayan is even more embarrassed。
“Have a cup of tea before leaving,Does not matter。”
Liu Mo shook his head,Took out a brocade box from his arms and handed it to Dayan,“Don’t try to be strong,Species are not easy to mess with,Kindred even more so,Come back if you can’t beat。”
“Can’t beat,Where can i go back?”The silent Li Tianzhen finally spoke。
“Naturally return to my metaworld secret realm。”Liu Mo turned around,His eyes were full of dislike。
“Mortal world destroyed,Where is the mystery of the Metaverse?”
“The blood race only fights for a place to survive,Where is the world destroyed?”
“Selective disregard?They tried to awaken the Holy Blood Array,Is it just to fight for a place to survive?”
“I said,When the whole race is threatened,They will use extraordinary means。”Liu Mo frowned,Obviously dislike Li Tianzhen’s questioning attitude。
“Don’t forget,Fansheng is the master of this world,Without their consent,All so-called actions of alien races that use survival as an excuse are aggression,Robbery!”
Li Tianzhen’s words are decisive,Liu Mo, who had always been indifferent, suddenly had blue veins on his forehead,Not only does he dislike Li Tianzhen’s attitude,I really hate discussing such topics,He is the Venerable Yuanjie,Lived a long time,I have seen the vicissitudes of life in the world,Has long been indifferent to common things,Especially tired of fighting between creatures,If it weren’t for being caught by the mighty one as a mountain guard,He has long been hidden in the galaxy of the years。
On the issue of blood in the mortal world,Liu Mo does not hold any position,But Li Tianzhen’s words undoubtedly stimulated him,Xindao Yuanjie is also an outsider,You must be treated as a robber,Rush to kill?Isn’t Dayan a fool?

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“I can’t kill you,Stop naturally,But you think it can defeat my law body?”Brother King also sneered。

of course,He still has a back hand,That is a Taoist Talisman bestowed by Mr. Anchen,Can burst out with a full blow comparable to the Lord of the Holy City。
Purely inspire Fulu,It is easy to directly explode a blow comparable to the Lord of the Holy City。But this simple power erupts,Rough and dull,It’s hard to kill a peak Daoist。
Because it is a specially refined body,On the contrary, the King Sparrow can control the power of this talisman to a certain extent,Manipulating Fulu wants to perfect his power,A blow truly comparable to the Lord of the Holy City。The power of this talisman is not easy。
“No matter how,Always try!”
The dharma body of the king bird crushed a leaf-shaped rune placed in the body。
By the side of the Dharmakaya,A pure black flame burst out suddenly。
The power of this black flame,Is far more than the scarlet sacred fire before。
Brother Sparrow looks serious,So the consciousness is trying to control the black flame,And gradually became a black flame bird。
With the formation of this black firebird,Li Ming can also sense the terrible power。
Yan Finch One Finger。
The same trick,Different flames,Power is soaring。
“A blow at the level of the Lord of the Holy City?I really can count on me。”Li Ming sneered,“Pity,If there is a pinnacle Daoist controlling this blow,It’s quite scary。”
It is a pity indeed。
The Lord of the Holy City, who can fully control it, might kill him in one blow.。
“But just a dharma body,How to show strength in front of me。”Li Ming has a weird face,“Brother Sparrow too underestimates the mind-power practitioner。”

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Chen Xiu also slapped his thigh,If you really get caught,By then I really want to cry without tears。

Especially bamboo painting、Lacquerware, these are small pieces too easy for people to take away。
“stone,Tonight you will stay in the store!”
“This……boss,I also have a girlfriend,Keep it for a day or two,You let me work during the day and night at night……”
“Triple your salary!”
“It’s not a question of money。”
“My girlfriend……”
“Five times,You don’t want me to keep it back。”
“Yep?It’s not a matter of money。”
“Ha ha,I mean how much money!”
Although the vigil for a few nights is resolved,But as Song Shihe said,He goes to work 24 hours alone,I’m afraid I can’t live with an iron man。
And Song Shihe doesn’t understand Kung Fu,Really encounter a thief, I’m afraid it is not as practical as a wolf dog!
Chen Xiu thought about it and wanted to take out his mobile phone and dial Bai Yide’s number。

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