The rhyme is full of Ze Zehu Sanjin and Jiangnan

  Experience Liulin Wetland, the hidden Jiangnan Water Township in the 24th Bridge, feel the natural poetry that is flying in the heron bird, Luhua swaying … Walking on the Northwest of Changzhi City, Northwest China Wetland Park, a viewIt is dedicated to refreshing.

  It is reported that in the 2021st Tourism Development Conference of the Shanxi Provincial Tourism Development Conference will be held in Changzhi City from September 26th to 28th.At that time, Zhuze Lake National City Wetland Park as a city business card, will meet the eight parties in the green space of the lake, the green space of Liulin Flower and Bird.

  Bishi green tree put down the gray ancient wind panel.

Xinhua Net (Shi Yuxiang photo) is fishing on the lake reflected in the sunset.

Xinhuanet issued (Cheng Linchao) Zenghu and the modern city not far from each other.

Xinhua Net (Sun Bingbing).

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“Do not,There is a courtyard bigger than this,Eat, live and play,I like it”Ouyang Hong said,So he sat down on the wicker chair in the yard。

The lady boss quickly made tea for the two of them。There were four or five visitors from outside in the courtyard,They are eating and drinking,Looks very exciting。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked softly:“How about our dinner here?”
“sure!Here are all farm food,I’m tired of you, the big boss,It’s good to change the taste”Ouyang Hong smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian stood up,Beckoned to the boss,Wait for the boss to approach,He just said:“We are going to have dinner with you tonight,You stew me a chicken first,Cook two more farm dishes,Steamed buns after staple food,You count,How much is the total?”
“Hi!How can i take your money,You two can come,Is our glory”The boss is laughing,Turn around and leave。I can see that this person is really a business man。
Ouyang Hong shouted a little unhappy:“Hey!If you don’t charge us,Then we won’t eat here,He is the boss,Not so much money,Understand?”
The lady boss backed back in embarrassment,She counted silently:“Just give 100 yuan,But I promise you can eat well”
“Hey!It’s almost”Xia Jian said,He took out a hundred yuan bill from his pocket and handed it over。The boss was smiling,Took the money back carefully。
Xia Jianzai and Ouyang Hong,Along the newly built village road,Ride up the mountain。A panoramic view of the scenery along the way,The construction of farmhouses along the way seems to have come to an end,What’s worse now is the configuration of agriculture。
Xia Jian parked the motorcycle on the top of the mountain,He and Ouyang Hong are like a couple,Walk slowly。Xia Jian asked quietly:“You were suspended this time,Is it related to this project??”
“No,I broke the rules,It should be punished,Don’t think too much,What to do,What you do,Don’t be affected by this”Ouyang Hong looked into the distance with both eyes,Said in a low voice。
Xia Jian let out a long breath,Walked over,Gently patted Ouyang Hong on the shoulder and said:“You are not a person who flinches easily,The exhibition in Pingyang Town is really inseparable from you!”
“The earth is still running without us,Don’t take me so important。Now my job is temporarily represented by Deputy Mayor Zhao,He is good,You can communicate with him a lot”What Ouyang Hong meant by saying this,As if she never returned to Pingyang Town,This made Xia Jian listen,Feel extremely uncomfortable。
The sun has fallen behind the mountain at some point,The people who finished work,Already down the mountain。On the top of the mountain at this time,A piece of silence,Occasionally the rustle of the mountain wind blowing over the treetops。
On the side of a man-made corridor,Ouyang Hong used her mouth to blow out the dust on it,I sat down first。Xia Jian carried his hands on his back,My eyes have been watching the light gradually shining at the foot of the mountain,He knew that night was coming soon。
“Can i borrow your shoulders to lean on?”Ouyang Hong suddenly raised her head,Speak softly。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly walked over,Sitting next to Ouyang Hong。Ouyang Hong leaned her head,I closed my eyes slightly,She seems to enjoy the tranquility of this evening。

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“Pull down,You just think that people are handsome!”

Zhengxiang smile,Rear color dignified:“Is my mysterious?……really have……Terrestrial fairy?”
Everyone heard the breathing and hysteresis,Grand,Pingye condensation,I want to listen to his opinion。
“have no idea,If he is land god,Definitely spy, I am galling at him,Do you show your body?,All by his meaning,See can’t see。”Chang Chongzi said:“If he is not,Then I can’t see it.。”
“Then you still have a bottle,Architerate us?”
“Take your recreation you,Do I get??I am gambling him.,Then he just willing……”
Chang Chongzi shakes his head,When I want to recover the spell,Yu Guang is a little moving in the distance,Lightly,I saw the past。
Dark night,Blue light shadow reversal open swirls,One hopped in the whirlpool,Live a moment,The wind is flying in the southeast direction。
“Space channel!”
“Someone opened the time and space channel,Treasure to the southeast,It is not easy to say,We quickly chased。”Chang Chongzi recovery spell,Hand at hand,Watched a paper crane,Then……
Jumping on the head of the heart and still。
“zhen……Bald,Chasing,Follow the paper crane!”
“Smell,You just want to call my name.,Why do you want to change??”
Zhengxiang anger,Pedestal,Taking a light power,Running the road,Tight the direction of the paper crane disappeared。
Eight Immortals have passed the sea,Everyone makes the respective means,Among them, it’s strict and mostly windy.,Instant movement flashes,Also take the empty a phone call。
“Broutine,What is the situation?,Isn’t it to say that the disaster disaster will appear in all day?,There is still a whole twenty day,How to come in advance??”
“you ask me,I asked,Character, let the person buckled the person。”Chang Chongzi, a melon, collapse on the bald head,PositiveBB,Take time to hurry。
Few months ago,Starboard automatic,The warning has a disaster in the day.。Fast maker group,Twenty-four-hour two classes,Head is bare,I only got a big trillion,The rest is not known。
Not long,Star Dish also shows that neon Sanyuan Mountain has Dynasty,Only there is often a tyrant to arrive in Sanyi Mountain.,The first time I gave a detection of the land of the land god and vomiting blood.。
so,The tourism group attaches great importance to this mysterious land god.,Dare to say the disaster and related,Found someone first first,It is a good policy that is stable and stabilized by the unchanging party.。
Hot pot shop,Brothers drink alcohol,Liao Wenjie,Dry。
The ringtone ringing,Liao Wenjie’s consciousness,Discover the sound from the sky,I will continue to raise the hot pot.。
“Unfielder,You are ringing,How can I not pick up??”
“Unfielder,What do you do??”
It is not a defect,Right:“I see,Sister is called,We have to go to the nightclub,It is not convenient to pick up her call,You can really!”
“Do not,Yes your phone rang。”
Take a look,The red face puts down the chopsticks,嘀 自己 自己 自己 不 不 自己 没,Instead, I want to show high-tech communication equipment.。
He pulled out his mobile phone,Endery,Caute the wing press the button,Put in your ear。
Not in a moment,He disappointed hanging up the phone:“Dying,Travel group,Say it is a bit of a situation there,I can’t accompany the sage to go to night. I will always be chic.。”

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Have money to earn,Such a mess,Brothers want old cows to eat more。

Here is a sentence,Old cow is not the first day to do a small white face,Get into the otherwise woman。
Sulf fan princess,Mrs. Cow now,Also a famous rich woman,Old cattle relies on their own rivers and lakes,And stinky face,Get into the Cuiyun Mountain Barba Cave。
Differentiate,The princess of the iron fan is not good,There is also a banana fan such a magic weapon.,The Niu De Wang couldn’t stand the family’s bodies to move back home.。
Yucai princess is properly,I have no difference between the two.,Waiting for the old cattle to eat dry, want to have a small,She may have been driven out of the Zemin Rushan Moshuma Yellow Cave。
Tensile,Red silk is full,Be happy everywhere。
backyard,Niu Dey, who is wearing red envelope, Liao Wenge to the wine table,The head is a mad spray,Cursing odor monkey does not speak credit,It’s not that you have a son.。
Tomorrow is the birthday of Niu Deva Wang Na and Niu Xiangxiang,Never want to,Shudder,Sun Wukong does not know the trace,Ten eight nine escape married。
Monkey,Naturally has his cause,That night’s script,Tang San Tibetan is understanding,He is terrible east window,The bald head jumped out of the grass greets,Roll roll running。
Niu De Wang doesn’t know the worry of monkeys,I only know that I will slaughter Tang Tang Tang tomorrow.,Large Tang Yinqiao Entertains all brothers。Monkey running at this time,Is definitely what the wind has been received?,or,Let his old cow, a man, a black pot。
Think about the script of the monkey that night,Niu Deyu,Directly, the monkey,The arrow has to be issued in the string,If there is no Tang Yan meat on the table tomorrow,The status of the rivers and lakes on the big brother is another heavy blow.。
“hateful,The monkey actually has this calculation.!”
Niu Deyu,Put down your wine bowl,I can’t look at Liao Wenjie:“Montenegro,The monkey monkey monkey,For the brothers, I accidentally,His pragmometer,How is this good??”
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes,Listening to Niu Deyu,It seems to be aware of him,Take the black pot to take the initiative。
“Montenegro,say something!”
“Cow,I asked you before.,Will I eat Tang Yan meat will not be fired,You don’t say fart.,Thank you for your Buddha.,How suddenly becomes?”
“Silebler does not know,At this time,At that time we were confused by monkeys,One did not pay attention,Misused Tang Yan meat,Belong to the feelings。”
Niu Deyu:“Can’t do it now.,No monkey top in front,You and I have become a focus on the target,I can’t continue to be happy in the future.。”
“Cownor is reasonable,I am small.。”
Liao Wenjie:“In this case,Be better not to eat……Tonight night black wind,I will help you put the wind,You secretly send Tang San Tibet。”
Niu Deyong shook his head:“Cannot,Montenegro you also saw,The hundreds of people who have their faces gathered together,If there is no Tang Yan meat,In the future, my old cow will become a unbelievable demon.,Where to get ridge bones,How to be big brother??”
Liao Wenjie’s mouth,Desperate:“Cow,Nothing Tang San Tibet,There can be Tang Yan meat,What do you eat on the feast tomorrow?,Still not a matter of your words。”
“Unfielder,how do I say this?”
Niu Deyan,What is it?。
“Cow,Tang San hide in your hand,Everyone knows this matter,You will go on the endpool tomorrow.,Nothing to say that Tang Yan meat is doubtful。”
“But Tang Yan meat has eaten long life.!”
“who knows?Who has eaten?If you say that Tang Yan meat is eating, you must have a long life.?”
Liao Wenjie is cloudy,Embard with Montenegro,It can be described as ugly:“Moreover,Changsheng does not need time to verify,No three or five years,Who dares to say that he is not a meat??”
“Ah this year……”
“Besides,Changsheng is not old and longevity is two concepts,Let’s go to fight God.,Dead、Unexpected death、Killed,These people have not eaten Tang Yan meat,Who can tell me?”

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Indeed,A few years ago,Parents have land to grow every day,A bit tired after days,But every day there is a sustenance。But it’s different now,The land was requisitioned by the village to grow greenhouses,My parents are fine,So I want to hug my grandson all day long。

Another point is that Xia Zecheng went to the farm in the village to raise sheep a few years ago,As a result, something happened to Zhao Hong,This is a big blow to the elderly。Since which accident,He doesn’t want to go out to work,Stay at home every day,If I really don’t find him something to do,I really get bored。
So Xia Jian still understands Dad’s mood very well,He lowered his voice and said:“Don’t worry about your old man,Didn’t we say that May 1st get married??It’s almost March now,Are you so worried??”
“Who decides that only May 1 can get married?Isn’t it okay at other times??”Xia Zecheng looked a bit deliberately looking for fault,But Xia Jian is not true to him。
At this time,My mother, Sun Yuejuan, came to the hall to get things,When she heard Xia Zecheng say this。She changed her face,He lowered his voice and said:“Don’t be uncomfortable, you old immortal,Ma Yanke in the kitchen,Let her hear,Feel good with you”
Sun Yuejuan said this,Xia Ze set up and didn’t say anything。His neck raised,Turned on the TV again,Continue to watch his TV。
Dinner may be the reason Xia Jian came back,So it looks a bit rich。A family of four together,While eating,Chatting,Seem happy。
“Hey!Xia Jian,I heard from the villagers that Wang Youcai was very mixed up in Pingdu,I know a lot of people。He can settle everything,Whether it’s white or underworld”Xia Zecheng is eating,Suddenly asked such a sentence。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Don’t tease your old man,What era are you still underworld?。Tell you,Only one way,That’s Kangzhuang Avenue”
Ma Yan’s words amused Sun Yuejuan。Sun Yuejuan said with a smile:“Your dad has watched too much TV series,That’s why I think so”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Wang Youcai, you know,Associate with anyone。Moreover,Didn’t his second brother work in Pingdu?!So it’s normal to know some people”Xia Jian’s understatement。
Actually, Dad said so,He still admires this Wang Youcai somewhat。Regardless of the reliability of what he is doing now。Just two things he encountered recently,But it was all made by Wang Youcai。This shows that he really has some strength。
Kiss or not。No matter how they fight in Xiping Village,But after going out, they are all from the same village,So it’s necessary to keep in touch。
Had dinner,Xia Jian and Ma Yan chatted for a while about Xiping Village,Xia Jian sent Ma Yan home。Then he drove the car directly back to the city。The company has many things,He dare not stay at home and enjoy the leisure。
Because the boss is coming to inspect,So Xia Jian is very busy here。Fortunately, Guan Tingna will be here soon,Plus they hired a new accountant Chen Lan,This woman has nothing to say about doing work。So everyone puts the strength to one place,Their work is much smoother。

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Just listen to the woman’s scolding:“At a glance**,Since she came to our side,The big boss has almost become a decoration,Leave everything to her,And she is fine,Every three or two dayssz,Who knows where she is doing?Will you be a lover or really do things for everyone“

“All right,We still don’t talk about her,Hurry up and eat!We’ll find after eating,See what she can do to us?“Which man suddenly said。
Xia Jian slowly calmed himself down,Only then paid,Out of the shop。He has been standing behind a big tree,Waiting for these two young people to come out。
No effort,The two people walked out,Go straight ahead。Xia Jian hurriedly followed,Keep a close distance with them。
The two went to a four-star hotel,They bypass the front desk,Walk towards the elevator。Xia Jian took two steps,Went into the elevator with them,But he went to the back of the elevator。
The elevator stopped on the twelfth floor,The two went out one after another,They completely ignored Xia Jian behind them。Xia Jian was about to close the elevator door,Step out。
The two have reached the other end of the corridor,Knocking,Xia Jian walked over slowly。Door opened,There was a woman’s voice inside:“Why did you go early?Come here at this time?“
The two did not speak,But walked in,Just listen to the snap,The door is closed。Xia Jian walked over and took a look,The door number is exactly22number。When he walked to the door,Deliberately slowed down,Want to hear the sound inside,But he didn’t hear anything。
He can’t stand at the door, right!In case it is discovered by the hotel security,Still think he is a thief,It’s a big trouble,Xia Jian thought for a while,Went down the first floor,Came to the front desk。
“Please take a look,On the twelfth floor23Number or25Does anyone live??“Xia Jian politely said to the front desk staff。
“Is the husband opening a room??25Room number is just vacant,No one lives yet”The waitress at the front desk said warmly。
Fortunately, I brought my ID with me,Xia Jian opened another room,Isn’t it a matter of paying more,He must figure out the ins and outs of this matter this time。
25Room No.,Just in22Diagonally opposite room number,Xia Jian opened the door to enter,Probably glanced,Found that the conditions of this four-star hotel are really good,After all, the price is here。
Xia Jian opened the door with a thin gap,He stands back,Just can see22Doorway,This is a godsend opportunity,He must stare here intently。
Time goes by,Xia Jian Patience,I dare not leave for a moment。Groups of people passed by the door,22Door number has never been opened,This made Xia Jian wait a little anxious。
About an hour,22No.’s door finally opened,Which two people came out,Xia Jian saw at a glance,There was a woman in a skirt standing inside the door,This woman is far from the door,Xia Jian only saw her skirt。

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Gu Rimou glanced at Wang Zilin who was sleeping,Sighed:“For my apprentice,I can also count the favors you borrowed from me,I’ll accompany you on a trip to Shennongjia。I have observed Shennongjia for a long time,The aura between heaven and earth is the strongest,Most likely to find fairy grass!”

Chen Xiu is overjoyed,There is such a master who accompanied him to Shennongjia,Undoubtedly a little more chance,Hurry up and thank you。
Next day,Hong Kong Island Airport。
“Osheng,Zi Lin will leave it to you。
I went to Shennongjia to find medicine with Master Gu this time,As fast as ten days,Come back at most a month。”
“Do not worry,I will take care of her。”
After Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng embraced their parting,I boarded a private jet with Gu Rimou。
The plane bumps up to the clouds。
This Boeing747It’s Gu Rimou’s own personal product,Much more luxurious than Ye Hongfei’s private jet。
All their secret agents in the world are invisible real rich。
of course,Secular wealth is nothing but clouds to them,There are only pixel spars in the cultivation world、Xiancao is a hard currency that can increase cultivation.。
In addition to the crew members of the Norwegian plane, Chen Xiu and Gu Rimou。
“Kid,Your heart is really big!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t understand the meaning of his words,Look at him strangely。
Gu Rimou laughed even more,He held his thumb in front of Chen Xiu’s eyes and praised:“I can take care of my ex-girlfriend,And the current girlfriend agreed,This way,I have to admire my old man at this age!”
Chen Xiu gave Wang Zilin to Ou Sheng to take care of him, but he really never thought about this relationship.,He simply thinks that Wang Zilin and Ou Sheng are his most important people,It is logical to leave Wang Zilin to Ou Sheng for care。
“You kid wouldn’t be so nervous, right?!”
Gu Rimou had heard the impropriety in Chen Xiu’s tone,Surprised:“Have you never thought that women would be jealous?!”

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Come to the Wild Hunter’s Union,All kinds of people come in and out,Fuming even met people from other countries,Everyone is wearing a badge unique to the hunter。

“Hello,I want to apply for registration as a hunter!”
Fuming and found an idle window sill,Fuming took out the information card and said。
(It was the false information card that the blood master gave him!)
“Hello,Please wait a moment”
I waited for a few minutes,The staff handed the hunter’s badge and an information device to Fuming。
“congratulations,Successfully registered the hunter,Wish good luck with you!”
Fuming pouted“I have always been lucky”
Walked to a chair and sat down,Put the information card on the temple,A stream of information is transmitted into Fuming’s mind。
“Hunter introduction,Wilderness hunters can be divided into bronze,silver,gold,diamond,Four levels of black gold,Every level requires a lot of hunting spots,Need to take the task,Or redeem the harvest,Can be used for exchange。”
“Task introduction:The task level can be divided into simple,ordinary,difficult,And hell level,Different task levels,The rewards are different,Of course the difficulty of the task will also increase!”
“Each level of the badge can go to the Wild Hunter Guild to get rewards,And as long as it does not violate national laws,The hunter’s union between each city can give a certain degree of protection!”
Fuming opened his eyes,It is considered to have a certain understanding of the hunters,Looking at the cyan badge in the hand,Sighed。

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“teacher,I decided not to join the navy for now!”Leo answered quickly。

For Leo’s decision,Zefa asked after only a brief confusion:“why?Joining the Navy is the best choice,Great for your future。”
Of course Leo knows the benefits of joining the Navy。
Want a domineering practice method,Want better life essence,Want more resources,You have to join the navy to get。
“teacher,Even if I don’t join the Navy, I can accumulate military merits as a student,In exchange for resources!”
“But then you can get a lot less,And there is no way to get a promotion!”
The navy’s bounty for killing pirates is very small,Most of them became military exploits,On the one hand, military exploits can be exchanged for resources,The other aspect is the proof of promotion。
For the navy,Killing a pirate can get nearly double the value。
For ordinary students or pirate hunters,The value of killing a pirate can only get 70% of the bounty。
Even if Zefa helped Leo through the back door,Give Leo 10% of the income,Comparable to twice the income of the real navy, the gap is still huge。
Leo has his own reasons,For more than a year,Zefa paid too much to him,Even set aside his face and asked the great swordsman of the Navy to guide Leo。
These Leo are in my eyes,So Leo always wanted to do something for Zefa。
unfortunately,Because of family sacrifice,Plus the unwillingness in the navy,Zefa’s heart is dead long ago,I don’t care about my declining strength,Leo can’t do anything。
and so,He set himself a goal,Become a general strong early,Let those navy leaders know,Zefa’s ability,Let people know that Zefa is not old。

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On Defense,Li Ming’s He Ling clone—Or it should be renamed now【Golden Statue】。Because of a clone,No matter from the genetic level or the structural level,versus【Jiuhe Secret Realm】Compared with the Heling clan, they are very different—-Let any one of the strongest in the universe attack,It’s hard to break open this body。

The strongest cannot break the top treasure palace,It’s impossible to crush Li Ming’s avatar head-on。
And the Ha Ling clone has no soul,Soul attacks at the master level of the universe are also ineffective。
It can be said,Head-on fight,Now Li Ming’s River Spirit clone has reached a point where others cannot be killed!
of course,Sealing means,It’s rather restrained Li Ming。
“It’s time to sign with the ancestor of the blood orchid。”
Chapter Twenty Five Blood Orchid Progenitor
Where is the metal life going?”The Lord of Thunder looked at the palace treasure on the black shard not far away being recovered,Muttered。
In the black stone pillar space,That unknown will is comparable to that of the strongest in the universe, the Lord of the universe, who is constantly in front of different stone pillars.,Has long become a joke in the space of black stone pillars。
of course,His will is very strong,So there are strong people who think that he might have really realized some famous people。
And more of the Lord of the universe is betting,See when he gives up。
“What a weird home。。。”Lord of Thunder’s eyes widened,After recovering the palace treasure,Not that half-liquid metal life,But a golden figure。
“what happened,Looks like a plausible breath,Kind of like the original metal life,But the threat to people is more than ten times stronger。。。Where is he going?That is the area of the second black stone pillar!”
“really,Different from Panlong universe,The strength of the body and the burst of power that swallow the starry universe are not the same。But the strength of the body is comparable to the treasure,It can also generate some power。。。From now on, my river spirit clone does not need to be a treasure of defense、Attacked the treasure,My body is the strongest and most suitable treasure。”Li Ming said to himself in flight。
When Li Ming flew close2Black stone pillar,A blood-red cane quietly protruded from behind Li Ming。
Speed far more than a hundred times the speed of light,Hit Li Ming’s heart with one blow。
Blood Orchid Progenitor,In the first cosmic era, a large number of lunatics who were about to fall mad,Can be considered the craziest and most evil。

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