2016 European Cup warm-up-Royce Porti scores Germany 2-2 Australia

2016 European Cup warm-up-Royce Porti scores Germany 2-2 Australia
On March 26th, Beijing time at 03:30 (Germany local time at 20:30 on the 25th), an international warm-up match started at the Fritz-Walter Stadium. Germany drew 2-2 at home in Australia, and Royce took the lead.Troisi and Jedinak scored a goal to overtake, Leckey once hit the German post, and Podolski came off the bench to equalize.  The Luftwaffe won the championship in three official matches, but Australia won Germany in the warm-up match between M?nchengladbach and the two teams in the most recent confrontation.Ziller replaced Neuer, who missed a knee injury, and Hedilla started as the captain.Before the match, there was silence for the victims of the 4U 9525 flight that crashed yesterday. The players of both sides wore black yarn to play.When Royce broke the goal, Podolsky’s breakthrough moment. Burns’ short break at the opening was almost out of the German defense. Mustafi tackled the ball at the crucial moment.Germany subsequently got a corner kick, Royce was saved from a small angle shot, Bad Steuble’s shot was blocked at 12 yards, and Gondoan missed the long column slightly from the right.The United States wasted opportunities in succession. In the 9th minute, Jedinak passed straight, and Leki passed the top of the penalty area over Hevedes and then shot at a small angle and missed the far angle.In the 14th minute, Mackay crossed from the left and Burns missed the header from the front of the penalty area.  Gundogan shot from the edge of the penalty area was blocked by Royce in the offside position and the score was invalid.Germany took the lead in the 17th minute. Hedira made a strong cross from the left side of the penalty area after a midfield steal, and Royce’s small anti-offside edge shoveled into the net.Royce then steals in the frontcourt and gets a single shot, but his shot from the right side of the penalty area hits the side net.The United States also missed a single-handed opportunity, and Leki slipped on the left side of the penalty area facing Ziller.The United States equalized in the 40th minute, Burns made a cross from the left, and Troy West scored a header from the edge of the small penalty area, 1-1.  In the second half, Royce’s free kick was shot directly by Ryan Flying.In the 50th minute of the Americans’ overtaking score, Premier League Crystal Palace midfielder Jedinak took a free kick at 25 yards and directly bypassed the wall. Ziller flew to save the ball but could not prevent the ball from entering the net, 2-1.Germany lost 1 in the last 5 warm-up matches.8 goals.Afterwards, Troisi’s left shot broke through to the edge of the penalty area and missed slightly.Gotze shot from the right side of the penalty area went higher.Ozil passed the ball and Bellarabi was saved from the right side of the penalty area.  Ziller’s mistake was stolen by Lekki. Fortunately, Ector returned to the defense in time.Xuerle and Kramer came off the bench together.In the 71st minute, Orr, who came off the bench, countered the cross from the left, and the unguarded Leckey header from the edge of the small penalty area regretted that the right column was forward.Podolski and Kruzer came off the bench.Germany equalized Bibi in the 81st minute, Schüller broke into the top of the penalty area and Podolski shot into the lower right corner after a small penalty area, 2-2.At the last moment, Kruzer volleyed the top of the penalty area higher, and Podolski made a wide shot after the edge of the penalty area.  German appearance baseline (3-2-3-2): Ziller; Mustafi, Hevedes, Bad Steuber (46′, Rudy); Gundogan, Hedera (64′,Kramer); Bellarby (63′, Hurle), ?zil, Hector; Goetze (73′, Kruzer), Royce (73′, Podolski) played in AustraliaFinals (4-3-2-1): Ryan; Franki?, Deville, Wilkinson (77′, Bailey Wright), Davidson; Miligan (69′, Mui), JediNack, McKay (77′, Bozanich); Burns (61′, Orr), Troisi (87′, Uric); Lekki Denmark beat the United States 3-2 at home.In the 19th minute, Altidor volleyed into the net at a small angle from the top of the penalty area.Denmark equalized in the 33rd minute. Russ-Vibe crossed from the right side of the penalty area and Bentner easily scored the empty goal.In the 66th minute, Altidor received a direct pass from his teammates and then knocked unselfishly. The follow-up Joe Hansen shot into the net before the penalty area.Denmark tied again in the 83rd minute and Bentner volleyed into the net in front of the small penalty area.Denmark scored a lore in the 91st minute, Eriksson made a long pass, Bentner calmly volleyed a rebound ball from the edge of the penalty area and entered a hat trick in the lower left corner.(Scoo)

Ruixing Coffee was delisted or was blamed by China and the United States at the same time Lu Zhengyao firmly believed that the business model was established

Ruixing Coffee was delisted or was blamed by China and the United States at the same time Lu Zhengyao firmly believed that the business model was established
On the evening of May 19th, Beijing time, Ruixing Coffee issued an announcement saying that it had received a notice from the Nasdaq Exchange and asked to delist from the Nasdaq.To proceed, Ruixing Coffee plans to hold a pre-list antique hearing in NASDAQ.In the early morning of May 20th, Lu Zhengyao, chairman of Ruixing Coffee, issued a personal statement title. At present, the company has dealt with the relevant responsible persons as soon as possible according to the results of the periodic investigation, reorganized the board of directors, updated, and actively carried out rectification, but Nasdaq did not wait.The final investigation result required the company to withdraw from the market, which was unexpected and personally deeply disappointing and regrettable.Can the hearing change the ending of the delisting?Can Ruixing Coffee ask for an antique hearing, can it change the ending of the delisting?Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of Business Law of Renmin University of China, believes that Nasdaq ‘s decision to officially inform Ruixing Coffee of delisting is not irreversible.Therefore, it is also a chance to give Ruixing Coffee a hearing.He can prove his innocence and prove that he did not meet the conditions and information required by NASDAQ for delisting.In this way, Ruixing Coffee must bear a very high burden of proof and burden of proof.”Ruixing Coffee admits that the financial fraud has caused great damage to stockholders. From the suspension of trading on April 7, there has been no resumption of trading.”From the perspective of procedural justice, Lu Zhengyao is understandably disappointed.After all, Lu Zhengyao and Qian Zhiya also made a lot of effort to list Ruixing Coffee.”Liu Junhai thinks.There is a view in the industry that Ruixing Coffee has a certain difficulty in overturning the NASDAQ delisting decision through a hearing.It is understood that the Nasdaq decision has two grounds. First, according to the Nasdaq listing rule 5101, the fake transaction disclosed by Ruixing Coffee on April 2 caused public interest issues;Listing Rule 5250, in relation to the business model of false transactions, the company used to replace public disclosure of significant information in the past.For now, the virtual fake transaction of Ruixing Coffee itself exists, which is more difficult to overthrow.In the evening of April 2 in Afghanistan, Ruixing Coffee announced that it discovered that the company had inflated a transaction value of RMB 2.2 billion from the second quarter to the fourth quarter of last year.As soon as the news came out, Ruixing Coffee closed with a 75% drop.The trading was suspended on April 7.After the incident of Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud, rumors about the operation of Ruixing Coffee’s stores continued to emerge.Recently, there is news that Ruixing Coffee has begun to shrink in the Beijing market, and it is expected to close 80 stores.The relevant person in charge of Ruixing Coffee said that due to the impact of the epidemic and other related factors, Ruixing Coffee “closed and transferred” the stores that were unfavorable or with overlapping customer coverage, and continued to open new stores.Faced with simultaneous accountability between China and the United States?Liu Junhai believes that after Ruixing Coffee went public, many investors did not cash out and suffered significant losses.Therefore, even if the company is delisted, it still needs to face administrative sanctions and civil compensation. At present, many law firms have filed lawsuits.”According to the long-arm exception clause of the China Securities Law, although Ruixing Coffee is a listed company located in the Cayman Islands, it operates in China and within the consumer market itself. The main controlling shareholders are also Chinese citizens who reside in China.So even without the long-arm jurisdiction, the short-arm division of power also falls within the jurisdiction of the Chinese securities laws.”Liu Junhai introduced.On April 27th, the Air Force reported that Ruixing Coffee was passed over by the public security, industry and commerce departments and the China Securities Regulatory Commission.In the evening, the relevant person in charge of the China Securities Regulatory Commission said in a reporter’s question that the China Securities Regulatory Commission immediately expressed its solemn position and communicated with the US Securities Regulatory Commission on cross-border regulatory cooperation. The US Securities Regulatory Commission made a positive response.Dong Yizhi, a lawyer of Shanghai Zhengce Law Firm, who has long been concerned about the protection of investor rights, believes that according to US law, the crime of providing false financial reports and deliberately committing securities fraud is punishable by 10 to 25 years ‘imprisonment, with fines of up to 5 million individuals and companies.US dollars and 25 million US dollars.Ruixing Company, related directors and supervisors, auditing agencies and other intermediaries may also face huge class actions.In addition, according to the relevant provisions of the Constitution ‘s new Securities Law, Ruixing Coffee may face both China and the United States.Ruixing may face a budget of over 10 billion US dollars after the incident of Ruixing Coffee, investors from many places filed lawsuits against Ruixing Coffee.Dong Yizhi’s lawyer team will also file a lawsuit in the relevant courts in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.Dong Yizhi said that if it has been calculated as a time period since 2020, during the period of Ruixing Coffee on January 7, 2020, it reached the highest price of 51 during the year.38 USD / share, the lowest price after the incident was 4. It was touched on the evening of April 2, 2020.9 USD / share, and the company’s latest total share capital is 2.400 million, it may be roughly calculated that once a class action lawsuit occurs, Ruixing Coffee will face a total expenditure of about 11.2 billion US dollars (equivalent to 75.4 billion US dollars), which is 7 times the current market value.”So even if the company withdraws from the market, it is necessary to do a good job of protecting the rights of investors, including investors in the Chinese and American markets.All in all, the withdrawal of Ruixing Coffee from the market is not unexpected, because integrity will create value, and dishonesty will have to pay the price. I also hope that other Chinese stock companies will take this as a warning.Liu Junhai believes that the Ruixing Coffee incident affects the entire Chinese stock market. The US capital market is an important battlefield for developing countries to open to the outside world.Therefore, the next step is to advance the integration, legalization and integrity of our capital market.Lu Zhengyao: Do my best to maintain store operations In the early hours of May 20th, Lu Zhengyao, chairman of Ruixing Coffee, also noted, “If the company delists, the difficulties and pressures it faces will continue to increase, but almost everything, I will do my best to maintainStore operations, do everything possible to recover shareholder losses, so that Ruixing this brand can continue.”For some questions about Ruixing Coffee’s model, Lu Zhengyao said,” I firmly believe that Ruixing Coffee’s business model and business logic are established, and Ruixing Coffee’s annual revenue has continued to grow since its operation. “At present, despite the double blows of the epidemic and counterfeiting, several stores in Ruixing are still working hard to maintain operations.Internet observer Ding Dao believes that the failure of LeTV at that time does not mean that the LeTV model failed.Similarly, the problem of Ruixing Coffee Company does not mean that the Ruixing model has failed.Ruixing coffee mode is a very advanced mode, but it is very difficult to operate this mode.”Rui Xing Coffee is a service that makes drinking coffee return to life. Through Internet-based play, it greatly saves the cost of the store. In a certain way, the traditional cafe must be in a prime location in the popular business district.Large venues and high rents.However, many stores in Ruixing mode are not in a special gold position, and the storefronts are very small. Encourage users to take or leave the distribution mode.”Ding Taoshi is outstanding. It takes a lot of money to operate this model, and it will take a long time to test.”Today, Ruixing has these problems. In short, the senior management team of Ruixing Coffee is not enough to control such a new model.Memorabilia ● In January 2018, Ruixing Coffee was put into trial operation in 13 cities including Beijing and Shanghai.● In May 2018, an open letter was issued to Starbucks, accusing of alleged violations of the Anti-Monopoly Law.● In May 2019, successfully landed on NASDAQ.● In September 2019, it announced the independent operation of its subsidiary sub-brand “Xiaolu Tea”.● In January 2020, the smart unmanned retail strategy was released.● In February 2020, Muddy Water issued a short report, pointing out that the number of goods sold increased in vain.● In April 2020, the company exposed 2.2 billion yuan in financial fraud.● In April 2020, the market supervision department settled in Ruixing Coffee.● In May 2020, NASDAQ demanded its delisting.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng, editor Xu Chao proofs Chun Chun

[Can carrots be eaten with fungus]_Eat at the same time_Can you

[Can carrots be eaten with fungus]_Eat at the same time_Can you

Carrots and fungus can be eaten together. These two ingredients will not cause the same problem. Carrots and fungus are ingredients with high nutritional value. You can fry the fungus with carrots. You can also put green peppers at this time.Adding some pork shreds is a good choice. The nutritional effect is also very good. Carrots have the effect of preventing eye diseases, and fungus has a good detoxification effect.

Can carrots be eaten with fungus?
1. You can eat carrots and fungus together. There is no conflict between eating carrots and fungus, and nutrition is very rich. Many people will cook carrots and fungus at home. Of course, if you can add meat,good to eat.

Carrots are rich in carotene, which is good for the eyes, prevents night blindness, protects the respiratory tract, and promotes the growth and development of children.

Auricularia is extremely rich in iron, has a significant effect of nourishing blood, has complications for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and can also improve anemia.

2, carrot fungus carrot fungus is a simple little stir-fry, and the color of both foods is more special, so it can really be said that the dish is full of color and flavor, the ingredients that need to be prepared are fungus, carrot, shredded pork, onion.

First soak the fungus, shred the carrots and onions, and mix the shreds with starch for later use.

Add the shredded pork to the pan and fry for a while. Put the onion in the hot oil pan. Stir the flavor and you can put the carrots. Stir the carrots and pour the black fungus and shredded pork. Add salt and stir fry., Add a little water, add the seasoning after frying, then you can cook.

3, a small reminder The reason why pork shreds are added to carrot fried fungus is to make carrots and fungus taste better. Carrots can be oiled after shredding, which is easier to cook, and nutrients will be better absorbed.Do not use hot water when soaking fungus, it is best to soak it in advance, do not fry the meat for too long, it is not delicious when it is old.

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[Can I eat rice dumplings with nephritis]_Zongzi_Kidney disease_Can I eat

鑲剧梾涓€鐩撮兘鏄汉绫诲巻鍙蹭笂闅句互瑙e喅鐨勭枒闅炬潅鐥囷紝鍥犱负鑲捐剰闅忔椂闅忓湴閮藉湪涓鸿韩浣撴湇鍔★紝闀挎湡鐨勭柌鍔冲姞涓婂叾浠栧鐣屽洜绱犲緢瀹规槗璁╄偩鑴忓彂鐢熺梾鍙樺弽鏄狅紝鑲捐剰鐤剧梾瀵归ギ椋熺殑瑕佹眰涔熸瘮杈冮珮锛岄渶瑕佺蹇屽埡婵€鐨勯鐗╋紝澶氬悆钀ュ吇浠峰€奸珮鐨勯鏉愶紝鑰岀步瀛愭槸涓€绉嶈惀鍏昏緝涓洪珮鐨勯鐗╋紝閭d箞锛屾偅涓婅偩鐐庡彲浠ュ悆绮藉瓙鍚楋紵涓嬮潰灏卞甫鐫€鐤戦棶鏉ョ湅鐪嬭瑙e惂銆?1銆佹湁浜涙參鎬ц偩鐥呮偅鑰呭簲璇ヤ弗鏍奸伒寰€滀簲浣庝竴楂樷€濈殑楗鍘熷垯锛屽嵆锛氫綆鐩愩€佷綆纾枫€佷綆閽俱€佷綆鑴傘€佷綆铔嬬櫧銆侀珮缁寸敓绱犮€傝€屼粈涔堟槸浣庤剛楗鍛?This article is written in a very detailed way. It’s very easy to read. It’s not a good idea. It’s just a lot of time. It’s just a lot of time.ㄤ簬鍔ㄧ墿鑴傝偑鍙婁钩鑴備腑锛岃繖浜涢鍝佷篃瀵屽惈鑳嗗浐閱囥€傛墍浠ヨ繘椋熷惈楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰歌緝澶氶鍝侊紝涔熷繀瀹氳繘椋熻緝澶氱殑鑳嗗浐閱囥€傛墍浠ワ紝瀵规參鎬ц偩鑴忕梾鎮h€呯殑鏃ュ父楗鏉ヨ锛岀倰鑿滄椂绂佹浣跨敤鍔ㄧ墿娌癸紝搴旇浠ュ瘜鍚笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰哥殑妞嶇墿娌逛负涓伙紝绂佹杩涢娌硅吇椋熺墿銆佽倝绫婚鐗┿€傚洜姝わ紝鑲夌步鏄笉寤鸿鑲剧梾鎮h€呴鐢ㄧ殑銆?2銆佸湪鍖楁柟浠ョ敎绮戒负涓伙紝鑰屽崡鏂圭殑绮藉瓙澶氭牱锛屽捀鍙e懗锛岃倝绮界瓑绛夈€傚洜姝わ紝鍜稿懗鐨勭步瀛愬悓鏍峰缓璁參鎬ц偩鐐庢偅鑰呭皯椋燂紝鍙﹀锛岀硸灏跨梾鑲剧梾鎮h€呭鐢滅步涔熸槸搴旇鎷掔粷鐨勩€?3銆佹參鎬ц偩鐐庢偅鑰呭父琚姹備綆鐩愰ギ椋燂紝灏ゅ叾鏄湁鏄捐憲姘磋偪銆侀珮琛€鍘嬫椂锛岄ギ椋熶腑鐨勭洂绫绘洿瑕佷弗鏍兼帶鍒讹紝鍦ㄦ按鑲挎樉钁楋紝骞朵笖 灏戝翱 (1000ml/澶?鏃躲€傛洿鏄瑕佹眰鐭湡鍐呯鐩愩€?

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Three Six Zero (601360) 2019 Interim Report Review: Stable Performance Increases Government and Enterprise Safety Gradually Landed

Three Six Zero (601360) 2019 Interim Report Review: Stable Performance Increases Government and Enterprise Safety Gradually Landed

Event: In the first half of 2019, the company realized a total 武汉夜网论坛 of RMB 59 in operating income.

25 trillion, basically the same as the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was RMB 40.

520,000 yuan, an increase of 163 in ten years.

66%, deducting non-net profit 16.

09 million yuan, an increase of 15 in ten years.


Point of view: Internet advertising business revenue is basically flat and is expected to remain stable in the future.

Affected by the macro economy, the overall advertising market performed poorly.

The company’s Internet advertising business has also been affected, with overall revenue of $ 4.7 billion, a continuous decline7.


The company’s advertising revenue shows a structural change. Traditional display and search advertising have declined, while PC- and mobile-side information flow advertising has grown strongly, and its revenue share has increased.

The company also launched an innovative marketing platform to help advertisers post ads more accurately.

We expect the company’s advertising business to remain stable in the future.

The company’s government and enterprise security business has gradually landed, and the future is worth looking forward to.

The company regards government and enterprise security as an important strategic direction and business growth point in the future.

360 technology has outstanding advantages, especially in the area of big data security. It has the largest “white hat” army in the Eastern Hemisphere, and attaches importance to threat-driven, security-driven and offensive and defensive capabilities.

The focus of corporate governance and corporate affairs development is to seize the big orders. The company first wins the general contract of the government or the city and gives it to the ecological company to do its own core security business.

At present, the company’s first cooperation with the Chongqing Municipal Government2.

400 million have already landed.

Large orders are expected to be announced in the future, and it is worth looking forward to.

The company is a safe and controllable vanguard and adheres to technological innovation.

In June 2019, the company announced that the “360 Security Brain” fully empowers domestic operating systems to improve the security level of government and enterprises.

In addition, the company released the mini-program business, becoming the only PC-side mini-program ecological platform.

Company profit forecast and investment grade: We estimate that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 39, 43, and 51 trillion, respectively, and the corresponding EPS will be 0.

59, 0.

65 and 0.

75 yuan.

The current anniversary corresponds to a PE value of 37, 33 and 29 times in 2019-2021.

Maintain the “Recommended” level.

Risk warning: The advertising market is worse than expected, and the government and enterprise security business is worse than expected.

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Xiantan shares (002746): White feather chicken integrated producers benefit industry boom and rising pig prices

Xiantan shares (002746): White feather chicken integrated producers benefit industry boom and rising pig prices

Core point of view White feather chicken integrated producers, benefiting from the industry boom and rising pig prices.

The company was formerly known as Yantan Xiantan Minority Co., Ltd., which was established in 2001. It was renamed three times, changed once, and changed its current name in 2011. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015, and it has now formed parent broiler breeder breeding., Chicken hatching, feed production, commercial broiler breeding-slaughter-processing-sales complete industrial chain model. The main products are commercial broiler (white feather chicken) broilers and chicken products. Among them, chicken products are mainly divided into frozen chicken products and chilled chicken.Products and prepared foods are sold.

The company achieved operating income of 25 in 2018.

78 ‰, +19 a year.

12%; Thanks to the tightening of the upstream supply side of the white feather chicken industry, the long-term rise in prices of chicken / chicken products has achieved net profit attributable to mothers4.

20,000 yuan, +294 a year.


In terms of revenue structure, the proportion of each business is: chicken products94.

2%, commercial broiler 2.

1%, chicks and breeders 2.

8% and others about 0.

9%; chicken, chick / breeder business contributed 86% of gross profit.

0%, 10.

6% is the main source of performance elasticity.

In terms of historical performance, the income side has grown steadily in recent years, but it has a long-term cycle. From 2010 to the present, the cycle characteristics still exist. The profit side is significantly affected by the industry cycle.

We believe that the current company’s focus is: 1) Since 2015, insufficient supply of ancestor broiler breeders has led to a supply gap, which is the gradual driving cycle of this round of white feather chickens. From now on, it will take time to ease the supply;2) Chicken meat has a partial substitution effect on pork consumption. African swine fever has caused the production capacity of the pig industry to be depleted, and pork prices are trending upward. White feather chicken consumption and product prices will also indirectly benefit.

Supply side: It will take time for loose supply, and the price boom is expected to continue gradually in 2019.

Looking back at 2018, the continued prosperity of the supply-side promotion industry: According to data from the China Animal Husbandry Association’s Poultry Industry Branch, the number of internal white feather ancestor broiler breeders introduced has been shrinking for four years since 2015, and the number of ancestors’ insufficient introduction has declined.The shift resulted in the stocking of parent breeder chickens, the reduction of the volume of commercial broiler chickens, and the strong overlapping demand, which pushed up the prices of chicken fry, chickens and other products.

At the moment, the market is concerned about the problem of loose supply. We believe that it will take time for the short- and medium-term supply of white chickens to be loose, and the price boom will gradually change in 2019. 1) At the domestic level, in the white chicken breeding industry chain, ZengzudaiThe breeding technology of broiler breeder chickens is controlled by foreign breeding companies. Domestic ancestral chickens are mainly introduced through New Zealand, Poland, and probiotic breeding. The introduction amount in 2018 is estimated to be about 74.

540,000 sets, which is still lower than the industry equilibrium level of 800,000 sets per year, and from the perspective of the growth and breeding cycle of white feather broilers, it takes 15-16 months for the introduction amount to be transformed into hairy chicken supplements, thereby ensuring that the supply of white feather broilers in 2019 will remainRelatively tight; 2) In terms of imports, total imports accounted for a small proportion of domestic chicken consumption. In 2017, the consumption of diabetic chicken was 1147.

5 samples, 31 imported chicken in the same year.

1 Initially, the proportion was only 2.

71%, with limited impact on domestic chicken supply.

Demand side: Benefiting from the declining production capacity of pigs, chicken consumption is expected to increase significantly.

Since August 2018, the domestic pig industry has been affected by African swine fever. As of April 19, the pig inventory has fallen by more than 20%. However, under the contraction of the supply side, pork prices have not been weak in the off-season, and have risen strongly. Due to factors, chicken alternative consumptionIncrease in demand.

Annual pork consumption in 2018 is about 5,539.

8 Initially, according to the Ministry of Agriculture’s April announcement of pigs outside the inventory 20.

Calculated by 8%, more than 20% of the hog supply gap corresponds to the 1152 offset. Considering that imported pork may exceed 200 tons in 2019, the efficiency of large-scale pig farming will increase, and residents will reduce meat consumption. We estimate that there are still more than 300Inch pork consumption gap, and the annual chicken consumption in 2018 was only 1197.

5 Trace, the gap in the demand for pork alternative consumption has already accounted for about 25% of the stock chicken consumption, which will become the basis for the boom in chicken consumption demand.

The company’s financial status is good, with mergers and acquisitions, and extension space.

As of 19Q1, the company’s currency account was 8.

12 ppm, other current assets (mainly wealth management products) 10.

02 trillion, the asset-liability ratio is only 20.

48%, with sufficient cash reserves and financial leverage.

Historically, the company has maintained stable operations and reduced production capacity growth during the period of 2014-2018. However, the 杭州桑拿 company also disclosed in the 2018 annual report that in the future, the company will focus on core operations, timely and secure mergers and acquisitions, collaborative operations, and other capital operations or timely self-funding.Invest in construction to achieve scale expansion of the company.

We believe that the current company has both expansion capabilities and expectations, and there is room for mergers and acquisitions and outreach.

Earnings forecast and rating: Ignore the possible outbound M & A impact for the time being, it is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 2 respectively.

64 yuan, 2.47 yuan and 1.

84 yuan, currently expected to correspond to a price-earnings ratio of 10 in 2019-2021.

5 times, 11.

2 times and 15.

1x coverage for the first time, giving the company a “cautious recommendation” rating.

Risk reminders: epidemic situation in the breeding industry, the impact of natural disasters; fluctuations in the prices of upstream corn and soybeans (soybean meal); the boom in chicken prices is not up to expectations; agricultural policy risks.

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Spleen and Wetness: Lentil Lean Chicken Feet Soup

Spleen and Wetness: Lentil Lean Chicken Feet Soup

Medicinal diet ingredients: 15 grams of white lentils, 100 grams of lean pork, two chicken feet, ginger slices, and an appropriate amount of salt (dosage for one person can be increased or decreased according to the number of people).

  Method: Wash the lean pork, remove the bloody smell from the flying water, cut into pieces, put the chicken feet in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, add white lentils, and cook for 1 hour with the simmering heat, and then eat them after seasoning.

  Efficacy: Lentils have the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and reducing heat.

Suitable for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, diarrhea in stool, diarrhea due to summer heat, chest tightness and bloating, especially suitable for children.

After the white lentils are fried, the spleen is stronger.

  Note: White lentils contain lectin, which is toxic. It can be detoxified by heating. It must be cooked when eating.

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Remove oil and clear acne


Remove oil and clear acne

Why do you keep working hard on skin care, and your skin is so awkward?

Turned out to be wrong.

  The misunderstandings in skin care are really too many to count. Over time, it will cause no small, even irreparable damage to the skin.

Today, we will first discuss the misunderstandings about oil control, acne control, pore improvement, and blackheads in summer skin care.

Compare your skincare habits, did you do it right, or did you do it wrong?

  I thought that cleansing my face would be refreshing and refreshing, but I did n’t wash it. I like “the clean and refreshing feeling after washing my face the most. Those mild cleaning products do n’t like it after washing.

“First of all, you should understand what is” gentle cleansing “— cleansing the face, of course, you must wash it cleanly, otherwise the remaining dirt will be ridden in the pores: blackheads, acne, large pores, and skin care products are difficult to effectively absorb.

Therefore, it is necessary to completely wash away the precipitated dirt with a facial cleanser, and also to clean up the oily dirt, makeup, sunscreen, heavy metals adsorbed in the dirty air of the pores with makeup removers every day, so that the pores are cleared and cleared every day.
However, to thoroughly clean the dirt, it is not necessary to wash away the skin’s own moisture and oil, which is the meaning of “mildness”.

I am accustomed to the “clean and refreshing” of excessive degreasing of cleansing products, but instead treat the “water and moisturizing” of the water and oil film to maintain the water and oil film balance after washing, as “not washed clean”.

  ”Fresh and refreshing” cleansing milk, added surfactants, alkaline solvents, etc., after cleaning, there will be residues after washing, making the skin dry (severe, such as washing powder, dry and crack the skin after washing), You need to clean again with an alcohol-based lotion, and such lotions are often not very moisturizing . so long-term use will exacerbate skin dehydration.

  The best cleansing products should be mild and non-residual, mainly including two categories, one is amino acid as a surfactant, such as FANCL, SK-II, Estee Lauder Platinum-grade cleansing products; the other is soap-free cleansingSoaps, including the new Clinique Liquid Cleansing Soap.

For others, try to add low-foaming gel-like or non-foaming emulsion-like cleaning products. It will leave less and be milder.

  I think that acne control can be “acne bye”. Some people have actually found good acne control products and can clear acne quickly. However, acne still disappears.It’s not over, so I continue to search for food, using the skin as an “experimental field”.

Some people continue to try various “acne control” series. The results are not good, and the skin becomes thinner, redder, and sensitive. What’s wrong?

  First of all, there are many reasons for acne: in adolescence, it is mainly caused by strong secretion of oil; in adulthood, it is mainly caused by changes in spirit and endocrine.

Of course, such a complex cause cannot be resolved by skin care products.

Anti-acne products can quickly calm acne, which is great.

Especially “adult acne” is usually just a bottle of anti-acne lotion or gel applied to the acne area, such as La Roche-Ponce Acne Cleansing Lotion, Avene Acne Cleansing Lotion, FANCL Acne Essence Lotion, Biotherm Anti-Acne Balance SOS Special EffectGel, Clinique Cleansing Gel, Vichy Oil Control Acne Essence Cream, Affordable Herbal Acne Repair Gel, etc. If it is an acne with pustules, then La Roche-Posay Purifying Repair Cream is more targeted.

If there are many “adult acne”, you should also check the endocrine to find a cure.

  First of all, you can cut from the naming of the “acne control” series such as “clean face”, “fat conditioning”, “fat balance”, etc., mainly for oil control, antibacterial, balanced moisturization, and oily “acne skin”The adjustment can inhibit the occurrence of acne to a certain extent, but in order to eliminate the acne that has already occurred, the series must contain the “the one” for local acne treatment, otherwise disappointment will be unavoidable.

  For “adult acne” skin, usually the secretion of oil has been reduced. If the entire series of oil control, acne control, exfoliation, except for the “pox” effect is not good, over time, the skin will be “eliminated” and thinner.The more vulnerable, the more sensitive.

  I thought that the smoothest and most beautiful turned into a “big red face”. At the moment I like to wash away the cleansing mask, the blackheads, whiteheads, and small oil particles are all gone. The skin becomes thin, smooth, and happy.

“Many people do not recognize daily” gentle and thorough cleansing “, but rely on deep cleaning products such as cleansing masks, exfoliating creams, clay (mud) facial cleansers and so on.

In fact, young skin with good metabolism does not need special exfoliation; only special oil and thick skin need regular deep cleansing.

For “combination skin”, the part of the skin that needs to be exfoliated is mainly oily. If the toes are also twisted, “the same”, of course, it is very smooth and smooth at first, and for a long time, the twoThe skin on the chest became thinner, and it became red bloodshot and sensitive “red face”.

  In fact, more important than using a cleansing mask is the regular use of moisturizing masks and nutritional masks, which can achieve a deep cleansing effect that promotes metabolism, but is very gentle.

Especially, such as FANCL cheese moisturizing mask / firming mask, LANEI strawberry mask, SK-Ⅱ mask and other enzyme-containing masks, or whitening masks such as Biotherm Smart Whitening OFF / ON mask, Lancome whitening mask set, etc.It has the effect of gently promoting keratin metabolism.

  I thought that pores could be enlarged and they could be reduced. “Can’t pores really be reduced?”

Why does the advertisement say every day that it can be so small that it can’t be seen?


As long as there is hope, try to test the product!

“Young crushes are really courageous. From” fine pores “cleansing creams, toners, essences, masks, essential oils, and even various DIY” prescriptions “, all are used to try it in the body but try it in a circle. It is consideredThe “only” effect is Clinique Softening Firming Body Lotion, because it can tighten the walls of pores.

But to put it bluntly, all the “anti-aging” skin care products that can promote collagen synthesis and activate cell energy have a certain effect of re-tightening their pores.

The difference between the soft and firming body lotion is that it uses some light diffusing ingredients, which can instantly produce the visual effect of “shrinking” pores (but because it contains light oil absorption, and unclogs pores, it is a gentle exfoliating ingredient.Therefore, it should only be used locally for large pores).

In this way, Estee Lauder Perfect Revitalizing and Repairing Essence, Lancome Essence and Brightening Essence, including Pond’s Pore Refining Essence, etc. all contain such “visual effect ingredients”, but they are not what people expect to “reduce” pores.

  Therefore, the enlarged pores are not small.

There are only three things that really improve pore lesions: timely control of the oil (prevention), clearing the pores every day (making the “holes” close to the surrounding people and not obvious), firming and anti-aging (corresponding to skin sagging “Oblate pores have a firming effect).   I think that refreshing “naked skin” can be more “naked” and more oily without oil. “Summer skin is oily and greasy, and it is uncomfortable to apply anything. Take a lot of toner and be happy!

“Really refreshing?

After a while, the skin became heavy and greasy.

“Yeah, so you can’t apply anything, you can only rely on oil-absorbing tissue.


Oily skin is “naked” without applying any skin care products, and the loss of water will increase, which will stimulate the skin; more oil is secreted; the more alternately the use of oil-absorbing tissue paper to absorb surface oil, the more it will stimulate the secretion of oil.— The skin is already dehydrated, and the oil is deficient. The barrier function of the water-fat film is extremely impaired, and it can only be replaced by accelerating the secretion of oil. At the same time, the skin is more vulnerable to external aggression because of the decline in barrier function.

  To make matters worse, this kind of skin will obviously feel dehydration together with autumn wind, and in winter, it will become dehydrated or the outer oil will dry out and peel inside.

  The ancestors said that they would “treat winter disease and summer disease”.

If the skin is prone to dehydration in autumn and winter, moisturizing must be done in summer!

Oily eyebrows are by no means “nude skin”. They can be oil-free and refreshing and moisturizing without oil. First, they can suppress the secretion of balanced oils. If they are used in combination with oil control essences, they can reduce the secretion of oils, and some can even ensure the skin.It’s hydrated and shiny all day.

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Nine fashion vent plans in the workplace

Nine “fashion” vent plans in the workplace

A list of the nine major fashion vent methods for men and women in the workplace: vent methods-cartoons, toys fashion critics say that a person’s most lovely place is his childlike innocence, so one of the current fashions is to be young.
Watching adult cartoons and visiting adult toy halls have also become fashionable.
In Beijing and Shanghai, there are also adult toy halls that sell and try various toys on the spot. Many people use their hands and brains to spend time happily.
  发泄方法之――赛车  喜爱车和喜爱赛车的绝大多数都是男人,不信就去看看车展里的男、女比例(当然美女模特除外);当然,也有一些勇敢的时尚女郎对赛车有着浓厚Interest, so they always desperate to speed up.
The racing club can make car lovers feel the real thrill of driving, challenge speed and limits at any time, and at the same time have a safety guarantee to enjoy all kinds of fashion in the 21st century.
  One of the methods of venting-Wu Shitian’s hegemony is to order Baihua to open for her.
Today, “counter-time” is not difficult for human beings. It is easy to eat watermelon in winter, and it is fashionable to show your skills on the real ice rink in summer.
This new type of indoor skating rink can be opened all year round and is not affected by the global warming. People in the south can also enjoy the summer on the real ice rink.
  The method of venting-the bulging pockets of foreign tourism and the longer and longer vacations have given many Chinese people the opportunity to go abroad to play, and newspapers have launched various foreign tourist hotlines.
Of course, the first cool thing is those young white-collar workers who are willing to take out a lot of money. After returning home, they take a lot of photos to share with friends. It is really fun.
  The way to vent-hot dance The prevalence of hot dance may be related to the popularity of European and American culture in China, but also to young people’s preference for innovative personality and hot life.
Most of the styles of dance halls that can make people dance wildly are derived from fashionable western culture.
Pushing in the door, a large chunk of bright colors came into view, the loud music sounded the ears and drums, a beating vitality suddenly emerged.
Here you can just like the “just do it” in the advertisement, mobilize the cell dance of the whole body, and make yourself High.
  Method of venting-Net Many urban men and women are hooked on the “Internet”, and you can see the world without leaving the house.
Although there are so many viruses on the Internet that make people worry about online shopping and do n’t dare to expect too much, online chat always makes people feel that the online world is very exciting. You can meet a lot of netizens in one or two visits, and also a fascinating online dating.
Of course, countless references have proven that it is best not to meet “her / he” on the Internet. Maybe “she / he” is just a man / woman.
  The way of venting—cafés, tea houses, and fashion men and women will never give up the pursuit of high quality. Even if they don’t understand, they must use the taste created by others to raise their worth.
The cafes and teahouses sprouting up the streets like mushrooms just meet the vanity of such people.
Or three or five friends or one drink alone, talking leisurely, extra comfortable.
Cafes and tea houses or high-end or unique decoration not only allow people to taste high-quality coffee and tea culture, but also satisfy people’s vision, hearing, smell, and let people spend a modern and somewhat classical romantic atmosphere.A long time.
  The vent method-extreme sports For the adventurous GGMM, conquering fear is the biggest gain.
Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountaineering adventure . one after another extreme sports is another stage where they show themselves and show themselves to the fullest.
Whenever you reach the apex, the pleasure of surpassing yourself is an unforgettable pleasure, and the certificate of the brave obtained after the game is also a proof of yourself.
Extreme sports, like Wang Shuo’s novel “Heart Beats”, occupy a vast market in fashion entertainment.
  The way to vent-clubbing 之一 One of the modern fashions for men and women is clubbing, and those features that are both novel and fun, but also hands-on, are particularly exciting.
At first there was a pottery bar, a cloth bar, and now there is a printing and dyeing bar, and a glass of personal blowing . Move the entire small brewery into the bar, and let the customers personally participate in and enjoy each brewing processEvery guest who enters here brings into a novel world.
  The method of venting—fencing and boxing are aggressive, as if it is a man’s nature: aggressive, as if it is a wild manifestation of a woman.
Not only do you want to be prestigious, but you ca n’t surpass the social order, the fencing bar and boxing hall just settled in the city has really provided a great space for the barbaric men and women in the city.
Through training, you have the physique and skill like an action star, fulfill your childhood dreams, and vent your dissatisfaction like a warrior. Maybe this is the place where boxing gyms and fencing bars attract aggressive men and women.
  Expert advice-how to better decompress It is clear that work pressure has a great negative impact on us.
Can we eliminate the pressures of modern work and life?
No-because this is not an absolute bad thing, we cannot eliminate it.
We need some pressure in life.
Stress can spur us to take action, challenge our own abilities, and help us achieve goals we think we can’t.
The question is how do we deal with, arrange and relieve stress at work so that we don’t collapse because of too much stress?

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Four yoga moves for postpartum weight loss

Four yoga moves for postpartum weight loss

When a child is born, while enjoying the joy of being a first-time mother, she is also facing a problem that women are very concerned about. How to lose weight quickly and effectively after giving birth?

Today I recommend four yoga moves to help you lose weight after birth to help your mother rebuild her figure.

  Postpartum Slimming Yoga in Four Forms, Quick-Effecting Fat Loss For women who have just been born, I am afraid that excessive weight is the biggest difficulty in postpartum recovery.

How to quickly and safely reduce the excess aunt is also the key to slimming postpartum.

  In yoga posture exercises, the “boat style” is a very effective and easy posture.

Through the cooperation of upper body and legs, it promotes resonance peristalsis and improves digestive function.

It also has the effect of relaxing muscles and joints, and is especially beneficial for neurotic or nervous people.

Most importantly, this posture helps strengthen abdominal muscles and eliminate abdominal abnormalities.

Tighten up the excess meat in the abdomen and strengthen the stomach to help improve indigestion.

  Second, there is a way to health. In philosophical theory, the life activity of the human body has a certain “path” like everything in the universe.

Chinese classical philosophy calls “Tao” divided into “Yin and Yang”. The two extremes of human life activity are health and unhealthy, and the state of health is a highly balanced state of the human body.

There are many factors that affect this balance, such as genetics, age, environmental factors, survival status, psychological factors, and so on.

Once this balance is broken, the unhealthy state will stand out.

The extent to which this balance is broken, the worse the unhealthy state becomes.

  During pregnancy, all life activities of pregnant women revolve around the important task of ownership of a new life, such as blood volume, blood gas volume, hormone levels, immune function, skin lightness, muscle growth and balance of consumption, and their own awareness of protection.All predictive mission services.

Once childbirth is completed, the old task is needed, and a new balance is urgently needed. This period is spiritually and materially a process of absorbing new things.

Therefore, in addition to postpartum yoga, which is the safest and most effective way to reduce fat and shape, the conditioning and nourishment of the overall internal environment of the body is the key to the new mother’s healthy vitality.

  ”Ploughing” can foretell the pancreas, liver and other digestive organs to strengthen activities.

This is the best position to treat constipation, indigestion, dysentery, gastritis, stomach problems and diabetes.

This posture also has a special effect on women, which can treat various menstrual complications, eliminate tibial congestion, and enhance insulin function.

The entire skull is broken, strong, and rejuvenated, full of vitality. Indian doctors have long recommended it for the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, and kidney and renal dysfunction.

  ”Triangular” action essentials: length, feet separated, slightly wider than shoulders, toes should be slightly outward.

With both arms raised sideways, parallel to the ground.

Exhale and slowly bend to the right. During the bending process, keep both arms and the main shaft at a 90-degree angle. The two arms should continue to form a straight line and try to bend to the side.Breathe naturally.

  If your body becomes quite soft, you may be able to touch your left foot with your left foot or step on your left foot, vertically.

  The “ploughing” action requires the legs to be stretched and taut, with the toes straightened, pointing in the opposite direction from the head.

Start to inhale, and lift your legs up at the same time until they are perpendicular to your body.

Inhale and raise your legs at the same time.

Keep your palms in place, against the ground.

When the leg is raised to the vertical position, start to exhale, while lowering your legs towards the head, try to make your toes touch the ground in front of the head.

The distance of the contact points should be as far forward as possible, but try your best.

Stay where you can and keep your body steady.

After exhaling, keep breathing normally until the movement is complete.

Repeat 5-8 times.

  Third, the plastic body postpartum mother’s body has a lot of water. Some people can use hot air to evaporate water to lose weight, which may cause dehydration.

70% of our body is water. We use hot air to evaporate the water in the body. Once we lose too much water, it will hurt the yin, and it will also affect the change of personal mood.

  Chinese medicine believes that confinement is very damaging to lose weight, and postpartum mothers must pay special attention to it.

Postpartum hemorrhage, qi deficiency, and qi deficiency. At this time, it is most necessary to recuperate the body and supplement nutrition.Therefore, post-partum slimming can only achieve good results through soothing exercise.
  The postpartum exercise of the new mother should pay attention to the gradual progress. If you can insist on the necessary physical exercise for about three months after delivery, it will not only be beneficial to the physical and physical recovery, but also strengthen the muscles of the whole body, eliminating the abdomen, hips,Excess fat on thighs, etc., to restore fitness before pregnancy.
  ”In addition to helping to eliminate cellulite in the waist area and strong hip muscles, the triangle type is also good for treating various skin problems (such as rashes, rashes, acne, etc.), and it can also add health to the complexion of the new mother.Pleasing.
  Fourth, Yi Xinyang “sex” articles Pregnancy is an important life event, in addition to physiological changes, it is also easy to activate other personality problems.
According to statistics from European and American countries, primiparas often experience one-week emotional depression from the fourth day to the tenth day after giving birth, with the incidence rate accounting for 1/3 to 1/2 of the total number of primiparas.
According to domestic statistics, about 50% to 70% of primiparas become depressed after giving birth, crying easily, worrying about things, having difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, sorrow, insomnia, and worrying about babies.
  Secondly, after a long period of pregnancy with deformed body, and with the wounds left during labor, many new mothers’ sexual life after giving birth has fallen into the embarrassment of lack of passion.
Postpartum libido decline is largely caused by psychological factors.
Studies have found that during pregnancy and the postpartum recovery period, women will start to reject sexual life psychologically because they are worried that sexual life will infect wounds or fear that they will lose their physical strength.
  Another reason is that the secretion of estrogen, androgens and catecholamines in women’s bodies after childbirth suddenly decreases, causing the lack of hormonal support for sexual response, leading to a decline in sexual desire and sexual response. Some women even have emotional depression due to this endocrine disorder.Causes “postpartum depression.”
Of course, there are some women who have slower postpartum recovery and loose pelvic muscles, so naturally they will not have good sexual sensations.
  From this perspective, childbirth for a woman not only means the beginning of a new life period, but also often brings changes in her sexual abilities.
As for whether the change in sexual ability is enhanced or weakened, it depends on the specific physical state during pregnancy and postpartum.
  ”Cat extension style” can activate gonad function and enhance sexual ability, thereby improving and curing the decline of gonad function.
It can reduce waist circumference, strengthen the digestive system, remove body fat, activate the nervous system, and promote the proportion of the human body.
Increases and restores youth and radiance to the face.
  At the same time, it can activate the entire spine, relax the shoulders and neck, tighten the abdominal muscles, slow down dysmenorrhea, improve irregular menstruation and uterine drooping.
At the same time, it can make the spine more flexible, which is very effective for shaping the hip and back lines.
  Tips: The mother should not go on a diet. She must absorb at least 11760 kJ (2800 kcal) of heat every day.
But with proper diet conditioning, for example, eat less frequent meals, eat more fiber foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and cooperate with the yoga exercises described above, you will definitely achieve better weight loss.
  ”Cat-style” action essentials With your hands, knees, and calves on the ground, the animal is crawling.
Inhale, look up, tighten your back muscles, sink your waist, and lift your hips.
Hold for 6 seconds.
  Exhale, relax your neck, drop your head, include your chest, contract your abdominal muscles, arch your back, and hold for 6 seconds.
Repeat this 5-8 times.

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