“Do not,There is a courtyard bigger than this,Eat, live and play,I like it”Ouyang Hong said,So he sat down on the wicker chair in the yard。

The lady boss quickly made tea for the two of them。There were four or five visitors from outside in the courtyard,They are eating and drinking,Looks very exciting。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Asked softly:“How about our dinner here?”
“sure!Here are all farm food,I’m tired of you, the big boss,It’s good to change the taste”Ouyang Hong smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian stood up,Beckoned to the boss,Wait for the boss to approach,He just said:“We are going to have dinner with you tonight,You stew me a chicken first,Cook two more farm dishes,Steamed buns after staple food,You count,How much is the total?”
“Hi!How can i take your money,You two can come,Is our glory”The boss is laughing,Turn around and leave。I can see that this person is really a business man。
Ouyang Hong shouted a little unhappy:“Hey!If you don’t charge us,Then we won’t eat here,He is the boss,Not so much money,Understand?”
The lady boss backed back in embarrassment,She counted silently:“Just give 100 yuan,But I promise you can eat well”
“Hey!It’s almost”Xia Jian said,He took out a hundred yuan bill from his pocket and handed it over。The boss was smiling,Took the money back carefully。
Xia Jianzai and Ouyang Hong,Along the newly built village road,Ride up the mountain。A panoramic view of the scenery along the way,The construction of farmhouses along the way seems to have come to an end,What’s worse now is the configuration of agriculture。
Xia Jian parked the motorcycle on the top of the mountain,He and Ouyang Hong are like a couple,Walk slowly。Xia Jian asked quietly:“You were suspended this time,Is it related to this project??”
“No,I broke the rules,It should be punished,Don’t think too much,What to do,What you do,Don’t be affected by this”Ouyang Hong looked into the distance with both eyes,Said in a low voice。
Xia Jian let out a long breath,Walked over,Gently patted Ouyang Hong on the shoulder and said:“You are not a person who flinches easily,The exhibition in Pingyang Town is really inseparable from you!”
“The earth is still running without us,Don’t take me so important。Now my job is temporarily represented by Deputy Mayor Zhao,He is good,You can communicate with him a lot”What Ouyang Hong meant by saying this,As if she never returned to Pingyang Town,This made Xia Jian listen,Feel extremely uncomfortable。
The sun has fallen behind the mountain at some point,The people who finished work,Already down the mountain。On the top of the mountain at this time,A piece of silence,Occasionally the rustle of the mountain wind blowing over the treetops。
On the side of a man-made corridor,Ouyang Hong used her mouth to blow out the dust on it,I sat down first。Xia Jian carried his hands on his back,My eyes have been watching the light gradually shining at the foot of the mountain,He knew that night was coming soon。
“Can i borrow your shoulders to lean on?”Ouyang Hong suddenly raised her head,Speak softly。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly walked over,Sitting next to Ouyang Hong。Ouyang Hong leaned her head,I closed my eyes slightly,She seems to enjoy the tranquility of this evening。

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