This faint sorrowful graduation season

This faint sorrowful graduation season

Walking on campus, I started to have nothing to do with myself; sing loudly in groups, I don’t have to care about other people’s eyes; the dormitory is no longer clean and tidy, it’s rare to go free; go to the familiar intersectionSee if you can meet the one that makes you feel like you are going to the Phoenix Flower Day. In this faint and sorrowful graduation season, what kind of way would you choose to bid farewell to the campus and head for a new life?

  Recently, an online survey conducted by the China Youth Daily Center on 1,656 people (mainly young) showed 69.

6% of the people chose to “meal with classmates and take pictures”, 34.

5% of people will “smoothly spend”, 19.

0% of people hope to “do things that they don’t dare to do, let them vent.”

  ”A ceremony to say goodbye to youth.” “Double health does not matter. Things are thrown and thrown, and no one is going to clean it,” Li Qi recalled. “A few days after the defense, we began to throw things downstairs, wine bottles., washbasin, kettle. Anyone who took the belt and left it was thrown down. It was also very fun at the time.

Is it uncivilized to leave school like this?

The survey shows that 85.

7% of people believe that “destroying school public property”

is an uncivilized school leaving behavior, 83.

5% of people think that “throwing wine bottles, washbasins, books and other items downstairs” is uncivilized.

Other public believes that it is uncivilized to leave school: the reorganization and reorganization, the dormitory before leaving school is dirty, chaotic, poor (79.

9%); singing loudly on campus late at night (49.

1%); drunk with classmates until late at night (33.


  Why are there these uncivilized ways of leaving school?

The survey shows that 73.

8% of people think it is to “vent their emotions”, 57.

7% of people think that it is because of “the sorrow of youth,” 53.

1% of people think that it is because of “complaints against the school”. In addition, some people think that the various uncivilized ways of leaving school are due to emotional problems (41.

2%), work problem (36.

7%) and seeking stimulation (32.


  ”Everyday I am busy with studying, taking exams, and it is rare to have such an opportunity.

After a few more days, I will leave. It is normal to have a little emotional vent.

Qu Quan feels that some irrational behaviors of graduates are a kind of ritual to say goodbye to youth. Schools should tolerate the mood and practice of graduates.

  This poll shows that 54.

4% of the public think that college students as a high-quality group, such behavior should not be; 33.

9% of people think that this will affect the normal life of the students;

0% of people think that these behaviors are of a bad nature and should be dealt with seriously; but others also understand the graduates, 30.

4% of people think that this is their venting mood, no need to worry; 30.

3% of people think that as long as the harm is not particularly large, no harm; 32.

2% said that this is “the normal performance of young people.”

  ”Appropriate venting is also indispensable. These people should be people who usually improve their repression. I understand.

Moreover, if they are full of confidence in their future and destiny, they should not do anything too outrageous.

Zhou Li, a teacher at the Mental Health and Education Counseling Center of Renmin University of China, said that when I first entered university, everyone would have a lot of dreams, and how to live in college life, but after four years of tempering in the university, I found the ideal when I graduated.There is a long way to go with reality, and there will inevitably be emotional fluctuations.

Of course, this phenomenon is only a representation. The size may be the result of many unhealthy emotions accumulated in the university for four years. This may also be related to the fact that students usually do not express emotions.

  ”At that time, we sat on the lawn to watch the stars, drink and chat.” I watched the graduation notice posted on the campus. Li Qi, a student at Peking University, couldn’t help but think of her own last year. She remembered the old classmates, “the day before the graduation ceremony.”In the evening, we came out from the small restaurant next to the school, and all of them blushed and swayed to the table where the antique ceremony was arranged, and sang together.

People who have to go, who is not indulgent?”He said.

  ”At that time, we sat on the big lawn in front of the teaching building to watch the stars, drink and chat, and felt that the university would never end.

“Zhang Ruran graduated from Renmin University of China last year. In retrospect, the most common thing at that time was to drink with classmates, “drinking drunk.”

In her view, this kind of behavior will not bring bad influence to the younger brothers and sisters, they can understand and accept.

  Unlike most graduates with a relaxed mindset, Beijing University of Technology’s music classmates are busy preparing their graduation thesis defense, and he laughs that his emotions are still brewing.

“The past few seniors have made great strides, especially the famous “Following North Polytechnic” five characters spelled out in the dormitory building last year, which became an indelible memory last summer.

  Netizen Angle is also a graduate this year. On June 12th, he and dozens of people in the class chartered to go to Wuling Mountain in Miyun, Beijing, for a two-day graduation trip. There were too many unforgettable moments during the trip.To sing “Love of the Fierce”, the couples in the class pose differently, take pictures while climbing, and sneak a sneak peek at the meal. “In short, using the last chance, a graduation trip is too wasteful.

“Angel is full of nostalgia for classes that have lived together for four years.

  The survey showed that during the graduation season, 69.

6% of people hope to “meal with classmates and take pictures”, 34.

5% of people choose to “get through calmly”, 30.

1% of people hope to “drink with the classmates to drink late at night”.

In addition, 21.

9% of people choose to commemorate their college life as a “graduation trip”, and 19 others.

0% of people hope to “do things that they don’t dare to do, let them vent.”
  ”To fully consider the students’ feelings.” “If the hard control, the students will not dare to have any action, but in this way, at least the feeling of graduation is gone.

In Li Qi’s opinion, the graduates just want to take this time to release their emotions, and they will not have a bad influence on the school. “As for throwing things, most of the students just think it is fun.”

  Polls show, 48.

7% of the people support the school to take relevant measures to regulate the behavior of graduates leaving school;

7% believe that schools should take care of the feelings of graduates.

  Zhou Li believes that in addition to the hard rules for the graduation of graduates, the school can have other actions.

“At the beginning of the school, you can conduct university planning education.

Earlier, let college students know how their colleges should spend, and in the next four years, they will be well-targeted.

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to the psychological education of college students, teach them how to face the pressure and release their emotions.

  According to Hu Shugang from the School of Ideological and Political Science of Renmin University of China, the National People’s Congress has set up a special website for graduates this year, and has prepared a variety of graduation activities. “As a school administrator, we must fully consider the feelings of students and cannot simply use them.Some things in the box to limit the students, should consider how to carry out more supplementary activities, let more students participate, long hair can stimulate the goodness of the students, so that they worry about the students will make uncivilized behavior

“How should college students leave school?

The survey shows that 83.

8% of people think that they should “make a good memory for their youth”; 53.

1% of people think that they should give a good impression to their alma mater, “a good example for the younger brothers and sisters”, 50.

5% of people feel that “doing something to school, something that makes sense to society”, 30.

1% of people said that they should “pursue happiness and enjoy themselves”.

  Compared with previous years, this year’s situation is different. The Wenchuan earthquake has caused great changes in the mentality of graduates.

The survey shows that 64.

1% said they would “give some graduation activities and save money to donate to the disaster area.”

  On the evening of May 20th, the graduates of Wuchang Campus of Wuhan University of Engineering lit candles, sat around the pointers, prayed for the people in the disaster area, and all the money that was originally arranged for the scattered meals was donated.

“This time we have changed the way we sing the graduation song, with grief, and with us to go to the society with strength.

“A classmate of the Wugong University said.

  In the survey, some netizens wrote a message about “20 things to do before graduation.” He believes that the most important thing to do is to cherish what you have now and make your life less regrettable. “Time is rushing, want to keepIt’s always so much.

But those things that we thought we will never forget are forgotten in our years, and this is reality.

If you grasp today, you will not regret tomorrow.”

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