Winter radish soup to clear heat and cool blood

Winter radish soup to clear heat and cool blood

“Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, don’t prescribe a prescription by a doctor.”

Right now, it ‘s the season to eat radishes. Many people mistakenly think that radishes are too bad to eat. Radishes contain more than glucose, sucrose, fructose, polypentose, crude fiber, vitamin C, minerals and a small amount of crude protein.This kind of amino acid has the reputation of “little ginseng”. If you eat radish cleverly, you can both digest and accumulate the product, widen the qi and clear the phlegm and heat, and eat radish often to prolong your life.

  Five uses of radish can cure cough radish ginger tea: 10 grams of ginger, 250 grams of radish, sliced fried water as a tea drink, a small amount of hot drinks should be taken frequently.

Can relieve wind and dispel cold, expectorant and cough, especially suitable for treating cold and cough.

  Radish stewed pears: Slice 1 white radish, 1 sliced Sydney, 7 white peppers, and 50 grams of honey. Put them in a bowl together and steam them through the water. It is also suitable for people with cold type cough.

  Radish and almond tea: white radish 100g, sliced, almond 6?
9 grams, 3 slices of ginger, put in the same pot, add the right amount of water, boil over high heat, fry on low heat for 30 minutes, when drinking tea, it has the effect of evacuating rheumatism, suitable for people with cold and cough.

  Radish sips: 500g each of fresh radish and coriander. Wash them and squeeze them together. It is convenient for those with wind-heat or lung-heat cough.

  Carrot and sugar drink: 100 g of white radish juice and 30 g of caramel sugar, stir and steam together, take 2 times, and eat 3?
For 5 days, it has a good lung-moistening and cough-reducing effect, suitable for people who have dry cough without sputum or sputum.

  Radish soup clears heat and cools blood radish and radish root soup prevents colds: 120 grams of fresh radish, 30 grams of radish, 7 light onions, 7 green olives, and soup for tea.

  Fresh radish juice for fever: 250 grams of fresh radish, chopped, twisted juice, cold.

You can add an appropriate amount of sugar to taste.

Take when you have a high fever, infectious fever, or scarlet fever.

  Radish fresh loquat juice for coughing up blood: 30 ml of white turnip juice and fresh loquat juice, mix and serve twice a day.

It has the functions of clearing heat and phlegm, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, and is suitable for those who have hemoptysis and vomiting blood.

  ”Qinglong White Tiger Soup” for Sore Throat: Fresh Olive 3?
Five, split, fresh white radish half to one cut, boiled water for tea, suitable for people with wind and fire, sore throat, and redness and swelling in the throat.

  White radish juice prevents stomachache: drink half a tea cup after meals, drip into ginger juice when serving, warm.

It can dispel phlegm and heat, eliminate stagnant stagnation, and widen the lower qi, and is suitable for those with hot stomach pain and food stomachache.

  Raw radish cures the stomach and navel: indigestion, when the stomach is sore, you can eat raw radish.

In addition to fresh radishes, radish seeds, radish leaves, and old radish root decoction, it is also suitable for people with stagnation.

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