The movie Big Winner comes with a preview of the theater, and the team of Crazy Call returns again.

The movie “Big Winner” comes with a preview of the theater, and the team of “Crazy Call” returns again.
Sauna Night News, directed by Miao, produced by Li Xiao, Li Xiao, Yu Miao, Wang Si jointly act as screenwriter, Dapeng, Liu Yan, Dai Lele, Zhang Zixian, Tian Yu, Meng Hetang starring in the comedy movie “Big Winner” will be in 2020It will be released nationwide on February 21.With the growth of the Spring Festival, the movie “Big Winner” also exposed a preview of the Spring Festival movie theater. The audience will be in “winning the championship” (formerly known as “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”), “囧 妈”, “Bear Infested: Wild Continent” and other Spring Festivals.See the trailer before the popular movie.In the movie trailer for the Spring Festival stalls in the movie “Big Winner”, Yan Jin (Dapeng) came to the gym in anxiety. When asked about the exercise request, Yan Jing said rigorously: “I want to rob the bank.”The film” Big Winner “mentioned an accidental opportunity. The bank connected with the Public Security Bureau to jointly hold the task of a robbery exercise. The employees wanted to fool the past and go home early, and the bank staff who strictly abide by the principles on weekdays are rigorous but serious.They started the “robbers” . They wanted to go home as soon as possible, exhausted their thoughts, and the final ending also made everyone laugh and laugh.”Big Winner” is directed by Yu Miao, the director of “Crying Calls” and cooperates with screenwriter Li Xiao again.Before becoming a director, screenwriter Yu Miao and his partner Li Xiao created “Big Husband” and “Mr. Good”.Starting from the movie “Love Saint”, the two of them turned to the big screen and adapted the classic works locally.”Big Winner” is adapted from “The End of the Game” created by Japanese writer Tokuhiko Toi and the script writer 斉 藤 ひ ろ し. Based on the story of the bank robbery exercise, they adapted the localization of the movie characters.A more grounded laugh point and a storyline more in line with the background of the times to show this work.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Liu Jun

Baidu’s vice president Wei Fang was transferred to public security organs for alleged corruption

Baidu’s vice president Wei Fang was transferred to public security organs for alleged corruption
On April 21, the Baidu Professional Ethics Committee notified an employee of a serious violation of discipline and law. The former vice president of the Baidu Group, Wei Fang, was investigated by the company and found to be suspected of corruption and was transferred to the public security organ for handling according to law.It was announced that Wei was suspected of corruption and has been transferred to public security organs for handling according to law.”Wei Fang transcended the workplace culture that deviated from Baidu’s ethos and integrity, trampled on the bottom line of the company’s professional ethics, and even touched the red line of the law.”Baidu’s company characteristics, resolutely combat all violations of discipline and law, zero tolerance for any behavior that touches the red line of professional ethics, and will never relax anyone, at any time.According to data from Qizha, there are 16 companies under Weifang’s name.There are two equity pledge information, the pledgee merges Beijing Xiaodu Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the pledge equity totals 1.98 million yuan.In August last year, the Baidu Professional Ethics Committee notified 12 cases of serious disciplinary violations by internal mail. The notified cases covered multiple business departments, including the Hundred Business Unit, IDG Strategic Operations Department, etc., with a maximum amount of 21 involved.40,000 yuan.The Baidu Professional Ethics Committee said in an email that some employees of the company used their powers to dig the company’s footsteps and wantonly trampled on the company’s interests to satisfy their personal desires. They lost the most basic conscience of professionals and violated the company system.Among them, those suspected of committing illegal or criminal acts will be handed over to public relations organs according to law to further investigate their corresponding legal responsibilities.Attached the announcement of the handling of violations of discipline and law by the Baidu Professional Ethics Committee. Everyone is hereby informed of a company employee ‘s suspected case of serious violations of discipline and law.Fang transferred to the public security organ for handling according to law.Wei Fang completely deviated from Baidu’s clean and upright workplace culture, trampled on the bottom line of the company’s professional ethics, and even touched the red line of the law.Baidu resolutely cracks down on all violations of the law and discipline, and has zero tolerance for any behavior that touches the red line of professional ethics. It will never relax anyone, at any time!I sincerely hope that the students will take the precautions, do not forget the original intention, and jointly adhere to the company ‘s simple and reliable cultural values, and jointly build a clean and upright workplace culture to achieve healthy and long-term development of the company!Baidu Professional Ethics Committee April 21, 2020 Sauna, edited by Chen Yi, Lu Yifu, Chen Li proofreading Li Xiangling

J.J. Abrams and Warner collaborate on the supernatural shock film Pinkerton

J.J. Abrams and Warner collaborate on the supernatural shock film Pinkerton
Hollywood gold medal producer JJ Abrams. Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On March 4, according to foreign media sources, the Hollywood robot producer J.J. Abrams belongs to the bad robot production company (has produced the episodes “Lost” “Western World”, The films “Mission Impossible: Full Disintegration”, “Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker”, etc.) will work with Speed and Passion 9 screenwriter Dan Casey to create the supernatural revenge horror film “Pinkton” for Warner(Provisional translation). September 2019, J.J.Abrams and Warner merged a five-year comprehensive agreement to develop a substantial partnership, which was also the first film project that it signed with Warner.The film is set in the western context. Pinkerton is the name of the detective agency. It began in the mid-19th century and is known for its security during the period of President Abraham Lincoln and working for companies in the American industrial era.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Wei Zhuo

Starbucks first dated 3 vegetable beef products in mainland China

Starbucks first dated 3 vegetable beef products in mainland China
On April 21st, Starbucks China announced the launch of the “GOODGOOD Star Good Foodism” initiative with global plant nutrition advocates “Different Meat Customers” and OATLY.Through this action, Starbucks will introduce brand new plant replacement food and beverage products, as well as degradable lunch boxes and peripheral commodities made from recyclable materials for consumers in mainland China.Coming soon, Starbucks will date the plant additive brand “Different Meat Guest” for the first time in the Chinese mainland market, and through the meticulous research and development of the Starbucks Chinese food expert team, 3 new plant beef products suitable for the eating habits and tastes of Chinese consumers will be launched.Pasta with beef green sauce, classic lasagne, large roll of American chutney.The above products will be available in most Starbucks stores in China from April 22.At the same time, Starbucks also launched two Asian-style “new meal meat OmniPork” vegetable pork light food products: Vietnamese-style salad, mushroom cereal bowl.On April 22, Starbucks partnered with OATLY to date oat milk in all stores in mainland China, and will launch three new drinks based on oat milk-oat latte, oat matcha latte and limited-time new berry raspberryOatmeal black tea macchiato.It is understood that the “GOODGOOD Star Good Food Doctrine” action not only hopes to encourage Chinese consumers to experience plant feeds and beverages, but also introduces a series of trendy daily necessities made of recycled cups and notebooks made of recycled environmentally friendly materials.This regenerative new environmentally friendly material is made from coffee grounds recovered from Starbucks stores (the content of coffee grounds in the material exceeds 30%).Starbucks is planning to extend this new renewable material to table and chair furniture in stores. In the future, it will be widely used in more fields to provide customers with a new environmentally sustainable experience.Sauna, Ye Wang, Wang Yang, picture source, enterprise picture editor, Li Yan proofreading Wang Xin

American Horror Story will shoot derivative dramas, each episode is called a 1-hour independent story

“American Horror Story” will shoot derivative dramas, each episode is called a 1-hour independent story
Recently, the actors of “American Horror Story” reunited online. Producer Ryan Murphy released a video chat screen to reproduce the crew and happily discussed the tenth season of “American Horror Story”.Relevant information, also announced that it will launch a derivative drama “American Horror Story”.It is reported that the spin-off script will include more than one hour of independent stories, and will also appear familiar.The picture comes from the network “American Horror Story” is a series of American terrorist conflicts, directed by Ryan Murphy, Ivan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Lily Labbe, FranStarring Sisi Conroy.The series premiered on October 5, 2011 in the US cable TV network FX, a total of nine seasons.The theme of the first season is “The Haunted Mansion”, the theme of the second season is “Crazy House”, the theme of the third season is “Witch Assembly”, the theme of the fourth season is “The Freak Show”, the theme of the fifth season is “The Hotel”, the sixth seasonThe theme is “Royanok”, the seventh season is “cult”, the eighth season is “Revelation”, and the ninth season is “1984”.As of 2019, the play has won sixteen Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and three Golden Satellite Awards.Xu Meilin, the editor of Sauna Night, proofreads Wei Zhuo

Guan Jinpeng appeared at the Hainan Island International Film Festival: Young directors’ debuts should not use amateurs

Guan Jinpeng appeared at the Hainan Island International Film Festival: Young directors’ debuts should not use amateurs
On December 3rd, the 2nd Hainan Island International Film Festival Carnival of Masters welcomed the director of Hong Kong, China, Guan Jinpeng. Senior film humanist Jun talked with him and realized the story of “Flower and Stanley”.In terms of cooperation with actors, Guan Jinpeng also gave two suggestions to young directors: first, the first work was for commercial considerations, not to use amateurs; second, personally, he and the actors handed notes to each other.It is helpful to establish close relationship between them.Guan Jinpeng shared his filming experience.Because of his interest in acting, he was admitted to the Hong Kong TVB artist training class, and then turned to the background, becoming an important member of the new wave of Hong Kong movies.As early as 1996, “Boys and Girls: The Gender of Chinese Movies”, Guan Jinpeng stated part of the reason why he paid attention to women-his father died prematurely and was touched by his mother’s strength when he was young.According to Wenwen, Wang Jing once brought Qiu Shuzhen to Guan Jinpeng in person and asked him to reform this subject.Guan Jinpeng was writing “Happier and Fallen” at that time, and gave her this character.Known as “Rouge Button”, Guan Jinpeng said that Mei Yanfang has always loved the role of Ruhua, but other roles could not be settled.Guan Jinpeng revealed that at one time Zheng Yijian or Wu Qihua came to play against Mei Yanfang, because the role continues to change, which also caused the film to be delayed.Until Mei Yanfang went to the New Arts City to shoot a show, the other party let go and let their respective Leslie Cheung play the twelve young people.Guan Jinpeng said, “She has a judgment that the twelve-year-old and flowery should be Leslie Cheung and her, and this is what made Rouge Buckle.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading He Yan

Ren Min and other new-generation actors join the movie I really hate remote love

Ren Min and other new-generation actors join the movie “I really hate remote love”
Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yan) On May 5, the official announcement of the film “I really hate the relationship with other places” directed by directors Wu Yang and Zhou Nanshen.This is another official announcement work of the light media in 2020, following the films “Your Wedding”, “Five Water Boys” and 14 episodes.It is reported that the film is scheduled to start in 2020.The movie “I really hate long-distance love” is a film with the theme of long-distance love.The story revolves around Zhao Yiyi (Ren Min) and Xu Jiashu (Feng Xiangkun). Zhao Yiyi finally confessed to Xu Jiashu who had been in love for many years, but he started a long-distance relationship.They firmly believe that it is a lifetime to survive in different places.But the natural obstacles of long-distance love test them, and they are clearly in love, but they are constantly absent from each other’s life.The appearance of Sai He (Ding Yuxi) and the twists and turns of girlfriends Qiao Qiao (Sun Meilin) and Li Tang (Li Xiaoqian) made Zhao Yiyi feel a lot.When the relationship between the two places is upgraded to the relationship of another country, whether to continue to persevere, or to be different from each other, the two grown up have to face their inner answers . The five leading actors are from the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Academy of Drama, ChinaThe four major art schools of Communication University, the average age is only 20 years old.Among them, Ren Min was once engaged in the role of Princess Huiruo in “Qing Ping Le” and Yi Yao in “Sadness Against the River”, which has been widely recognized by the public.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan Editor Xu Meilin Proofreading Wei Zhuo

Ruixing Coffee was delisted or was blamed by China and the United States at the same time Lu Zhengyao firmly believed that the business model was established

Ruixing Coffee was delisted or was blamed by China and the United States at the same time Lu Zhengyao firmly believed that the business model was established
On the evening of May 19th, Beijing time, Ruixing Coffee issued an announcement saying that it had received a notice from the Nasdaq Exchange and asked to delist from the Nasdaq.To proceed, Ruixing Coffee plans to hold a pre-list antique hearing in NASDAQ.In the early morning of May 20th, Lu Zhengyao, chairman of Ruixing Coffee, issued a personal statement title. At present, the company has dealt with the relevant responsible persons as soon as possible according to the results of the periodic investigation, reorganized the board of directors, updated, and actively carried out rectification, but Nasdaq did not wait.The final investigation result required the company to withdraw from the market, which was unexpected and personally deeply disappointing and regrettable.Can the hearing change the ending of the delisting?Can Ruixing Coffee ask for an antique hearing, can it change the ending of the delisting?Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of Business Law of Renmin University of China, believes that Nasdaq ‘s decision to officially inform Ruixing Coffee of delisting is not irreversible.Therefore, it is also a chance to give Ruixing Coffee a hearing.He can prove his innocence and prove that he did not meet the conditions and information required by NASDAQ for delisting.In this way, Ruixing Coffee must bear a very high burden of proof and burden of proof.”Ruixing Coffee admits that the financial fraud has caused great damage to stockholders. From the suspension of trading on April 7, there has been no resumption of trading.”From the perspective of procedural justice, Lu Zhengyao is understandably disappointed.After all, Lu Zhengyao and Qian Zhiya also made a lot of effort to list Ruixing Coffee.”Liu Junhai thinks.There is a view in the industry that Ruixing Coffee has a certain difficulty in overturning the NASDAQ delisting decision through a hearing.It is understood that the Nasdaq decision has two grounds. First, according to the Nasdaq listing rule 5101, the fake transaction disclosed by Ruixing Coffee on April 2 caused public interest issues;Listing Rule 5250, in relation to the business model of false transactions, the company used to replace public disclosure of significant information in the past.For now, the virtual fake transaction of Ruixing Coffee itself exists, which is more difficult to overthrow.In the evening of April 2 in Afghanistan, Ruixing Coffee announced that it discovered that the company had inflated a transaction value of RMB 2.2 billion from the second quarter to the fourth quarter of last year.As soon as the news came out, Ruixing Coffee closed with a 75% drop.The trading was suspended on April 7.After the incident of Ruixing Coffee’s financial fraud, rumors about the operation of Ruixing Coffee’s stores continued to emerge.Recently, there is news that Ruixing Coffee has begun to shrink in the Beijing market, and it is expected to close 80 stores.The relevant person in charge of Ruixing Coffee said that due to the impact of the epidemic and other related factors, Ruixing Coffee “closed and transferred” the stores that were unfavorable or with overlapping customer coverage, and continued to open new stores.Faced with simultaneous accountability between China and the United States?Liu Junhai believes that after Ruixing Coffee went public, many investors did not cash out and suffered significant losses.Therefore, even if the company is delisted, it still needs to face administrative sanctions and civil compensation. At present, many law firms have filed lawsuits.”According to the long-arm exception clause of the China Securities Law, although Ruixing Coffee is a listed company located in the Cayman Islands, it operates in China and within the consumer market itself. The main controlling shareholders are also Chinese citizens who reside in China.So even without the long-arm jurisdiction, the short-arm division of power also falls within the jurisdiction of the Chinese securities laws.”Liu Junhai introduced.On April 27th, the Air Force reported that Ruixing Coffee was passed over by the public security, industry and commerce departments and the China Securities Regulatory Commission.In the evening, the relevant person in charge of the China Securities Regulatory Commission said in a reporter’s question that the China Securities Regulatory Commission immediately expressed its solemn position and communicated with the US Securities Regulatory Commission on cross-border regulatory cooperation. The US Securities Regulatory Commission made a positive response.Dong Yizhi, a lawyer of Shanghai Zhengce Law Firm, who has long been concerned about the protection of investor rights, believes that according to US law, the crime of providing false financial reports and deliberately committing securities fraud is punishable by 10 to 25 years ‘imprisonment, with fines of up to 5 million individuals and companies.US dollars and 25 million US dollars.Ruixing Company, related directors and supervisors, auditing agencies and other intermediaries may also face huge class actions.In addition, according to the relevant provisions of the Constitution ‘s new Securities Law, Ruixing Coffee may face both China and the United States.Ruixing may face a budget of over 10 billion US dollars after the incident of Ruixing Coffee, investors from many places filed lawsuits against Ruixing Coffee.Dong Yizhi’s lawyer team will also file a lawsuit in the relevant courts in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.Dong Yizhi said that if it has been calculated as a time period since 2020, during the period of Ruixing Coffee on January 7, 2020, it reached the highest price of 51 during the year.38 USD / share, the lowest price after the incident was 4. It was touched on the evening of April 2, 2020.9 USD / share, and the company’s latest total share capital is 2.400 million, it may be roughly calculated that once a class action lawsuit occurs, Ruixing Coffee will face a total expenditure of about 11.2 billion US dollars (equivalent to 75.4 billion US dollars), which is 7 times the current market value.”So even if the company withdraws from the market, it is necessary to do a good job of protecting the rights of investors, including investors in the Chinese and American markets.All in all, the withdrawal of Ruixing Coffee from the market is not unexpected, because integrity will create value, and dishonesty will have to pay the price. I also hope that other Chinese stock companies will take this as a warning.Liu Junhai believes that the Ruixing Coffee incident affects the entire Chinese stock market. The US capital market is an important battlefield for developing countries to open to the outside world.Therefore, the next step is to advance the integration, legalization and integrity of our capital market.Lu Zhengyao: Do my best to maintain store operations In the early hours of May 20th, Lu Zhengyao, chairman of Ruixing Coffee, also noted, “If the company delists, the difficulties and pressures it faces will continue to increase, but almost everything, I will do my best to maintainStore operations, do everything possible to recover shareholder losses, so that Ruixing this brand can continue.”For some questions about Ruixing Coffee’s model, Lu Zhengyao said,” I firmly believe that Ruixing Coffee’s business model and business logic are established, and Ruixing Coffee’s annual revenue has continued to grow since its operation. “At present, despite the double blows of the epidemic and counterfeiting, several stores in Ruixing are still working hard to maintain operations.Internet observer Ding Dao believes that the failure of LeTV at that time does not mean that the LeTV model failed.Similarly, the problem of Ruixing Coffee Company does not mean that the Ruixing model has failed.Ruixing coffee mode is a very advanced mode, but it is very difficult to operate this mode.”Rui Xing Coffee is a service that makes drinking coffee return to life. Through Internet-based play, it greatly saves the cost of the store. In a certain way, the traditional cafe must be in a prime location in the popular business district.Large venues and high rents.However, many stores in Ruixing mode are not in a special gold position, and the storefronts are very small. Encourage users to take or leave the distribution mode.”Ding Taoshi is outstanding. It takes a lot of money to operate this model, and it will take a long time to test.”Today, Ruixing has these problems. In short, the senior management team of Ruixing Coffee is not enough to control such a new model.Memorabilia ● In January 2018, Ruixing Coffee was put into trial operation in 13 cities including Beijing and Shanghai.● In May 2018, an open letter was issued to Starbucks, accusing of alleged violations of the Anti-Monopoly Law.● In May 2019, successfully landed on NASDAQ.● In September 2019, it announced the independent operation of its subsidiary sub-brand “Xiaolu Tea”.● In January 2020, the smart unmanned retail strategy was released.● In February 2020, Muddy Water issued a short report, pointing out that the number of goods sold increased in vain.● In April 2020, the company exposed 2.2 billion yuan in financial fraud.● In April 2020, the market supervision department settled in Ruixing Coffee.● In May 2020, NASDAQ demanded its delisting.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng, editor Xu Chao proofs Chun Chun

[How long can the baby keep drinking the milk powder_How long can the baby drink the leftover milk powder]

[How long can the baby keep drinking the milk powder_How long can the baby drink the leftover milk powder]

Baby milk is a good way to supplement nutrition, especially in infants and young children, the choice of milk powder is more important, be sure to choose infant milk powder, if parents rush more milk powder, this time the baby is not finished.

It is best not to drink the remaining milk powder, especially in summer, if you leave it for more than half an hour, you can’t drink it anymore, after all, the bacteria in it grow faster.

How long can a baby drink endless milk powder? If it has not been pregnant, the baby can be stored in the refrigerator for more than 24 hours.

But if it is already drinking milk, let the baby recover as soon as possible within two hours, if it is hot summer, it is best to let the baby drink within half an hour.

If the parents are not very sure about the amount of milk that the baby usually drinks, it is recommended to prepare two bottles at home, brew the milk powder in one bottle, and then split the two. Give the baby one of the bottles first.Before you drink enough, pour the other half of the milk powder into the bottle for your baby.

If the baby is full, the remaining milk powder can be given to the baby later.

How to heat up the prepared milk powder?

If the baby only occasionally has milk powder left, parents can use boiling water to warm the baby’s milk, but don’t take too long to avoid the temperature of the milk being too high.

How do I know if the temperature of the milk is appropriate?

You can feed your milk to your wrist. If it doesn’t feel hot, it’s warm, indicating that the temperature is just right.

If the baby often has milk powder left, it is recommended to buy a milk warmer and fix the temperature at about 40 degrees. This is convenient and worry-free, but the time should not be too long. Remember the time series we just talked about.Otherwise, the milk will easily deteriorate.

Parents do not use these methods to warm the baby’s milk: Wrong method 1, use unused milk to make milk powder. Some parents will add water to unused milk powder, and then add new milk powder. Although this method is easy, butUnscientific, because how much milk powder to add to the bottle is difficult to grasp.

Many parents will say, then I ‘m going to dilute it a little bit. It ‘s actually not good for the baby ‘s growth and development, because too low a concentration of milk powder will cause the baby’s protein content to be insufficient, and it will also cause malnutrition.

In addition, if the remaining milk powder is not stored properly, bacteria may have grown in it. Mixing freshly foamed milk powder with such milk powder is also not good for your baby’s health.

Wrong method 2. Microwave heating of milk with microwave oven is achieved by the collision of plastic molecules with positive and negative poles, which generates high heat. This may also cause some nutrients in milk powder to deteriorate or be lost, and it may easily cause milk to be overheated.

Wrong method 3, boiling and heating, and some parents will use the pot to boil the unfinished milk powder, thinking that it can both heat and sterilize.

But actually from a nutritional point of view, this approach is enough to make the baby get a big discount on nutrition, because the boiling temperature is too high, which will lead to the loss of vitamins and other nutrients in milk powder.

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[Efficacy of wild leek]_How to eat_What method

[Efficacy of wild leek]_How to eat_What method

Leek is a vegetable we usually eat in our daily life, but many people may not have eaten wild leek. Wild leek is more spicy and contains more nutrients, especially made from wild leek flowers., Welcomed by many people, the wild leek has a better effect on aphrodisiac, has a certain role in preventing impotence and premature ejaculation, and also has the effects of strengthening the spleen and liver, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

The effectiveness and effect of wild leek1. Wild leek can aphrodisiac. Wild leek has the title of “aphrodisiac”, which is a wild dish that can aphrodisiac. It has a good relief effect on male sexual decline and impotence and premature ejaculation.

2. Wild leek can benefit the liver and stomach. Yigan Jianwei is also one of the important effects of wild leek. It contains some natural alternative essential oils, which can relieve liver and stomach, and increase appetite. It is very good for human indigestion.Conditioning effect.

3. Wild leek can activate blood and relieve pain Wild leek is a special vegetable that can activate blood and relieve pain. It can usually be used for the treatment of human bruises. After mashing fresh wild leek and applying it externally, it can quickly cause swelling and pain caused by bruises.Rehabilitation.

4, wild leek can intestinal laxative wild leek contains a lot of plant cellulose and some crude fiber, people can quickly resume exercise after eating, can promote the generation and excretion of stool, can effectively relieve constipation, and can reduce bowel cancer.Probability.

Wild leek is rich in nutritional value. The tender stems and leaves contain protein, trace amounts, starch, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

In addition, it is also rich in carbides, allicin and substitutions.

Wild chives are warm and spicy, and have the effects of warming the qi, dispersing blood and detoxifying, tonifying the kidney and yang, strengthening the stomach, refreshing the viscera, regulating qi and reducing heat, and dehumidifying the stomach. It is suitable for impotence, nocturnal emission, soft waist and knees, and spleen and stomach deficiency.Nausea, constipation, frequent urination, upset, hair changes, women’s dysmenorrhea and other complications.

Wild leek can aphrodisiac. Wild leek has the title of “aphrodisiac” and is a wild dish that can aphrodisiac. It has a good relief effect on male sexual dysfunction and impotence and premature ejaculation.

Yigan Jianwei is also one of the important effects of wild leek. It contains some natural mutant essential oils, which can evacuate the liver and stomach, and can increase appetite. It has a good conditioning effect on human indigestion.

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