Old Xiao said,Turn the topic。Xia Jianchang sighed and said:“No,Xiao Xiao didn’t call me,She just told your condition”

“Oh!Then stay with your parents,Take Chenchen out to play more。Affection between father and son,Also needs training。My illness is fine,There is no problem living a little more than three or five months”Old Xiao said very openly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Can not go back,I won’t go back”
“What do you mean?I can tell you,Don’t be because of my illness,You quit your job。That’s an irresponsible attitude,The burden on your shoulders is heavy,It’s no better than working in a company,I can’t say quit doing it”Old Xiao said,Face changed,Looks a little majestic。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You know my temperament,Which way is impossible for a person like me。I regret not listening to you”
“Oh!What the hell happened?”Old Xiao asked a little concerned。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“It’s not easy to get a little grade,Will attract a lot of people。Something happened,There is no one on it,Will be all over me,I just can’t stand it”Xia Jian tells a white lie。Tell Old Xiao about the landslide in Dongwangzhuang,Of course he didn’t tell the truth in some places。
After listening to Old Xiao,Took a long breath and said:“I heard your mother talk about it。Since it’s so difficult,Then you come back!Xiao Xiao is much more mature,Maybe you can still work together to do something”
“I think so,My parents and Chenchen are here,I am a businessman,I can’t deal with official affairs”Xia Jian said and looked at the distance。
He found,The sun has gone down。Above the tall buildings in the distance,Slowly lit up the dots of light。
The coming of night,Means the end of the day。Xia Jian watched all this,Actually gone。When he finds out,Old Xiao sitting on the bench fell asleep quietly。He rested his head on the back of the bench,Sleep very sweetly。
Xiao Hei ran back from a distance,Very sensible lying at the feet of Old Xiao,Quietly watching, waiting for the old man to fall asleep。See this picture,Think about the illness that Lao Xiao got。Xia Jian almost shed tears,He is a person who does not shed tears easily。
In order not to disturb Old Xiao, sleep peacefully,Xia Jian took off his coat and gently covered him。Standing not far away watching him sleep。
The sky is getting dark slowly。The late autumn breeze has blown,Makes people feel a little bit of coolness。Autumn past,Means the coming of winter,Xia Jian was really uncomfortable。Autumn should be the harvest season,But what about them?Think about these things,Xia Jian’s heart became irritable。
do not know when,Xiao Xiao stood beside Xia Jian holding a piece of his father’s clothes。Xia Jianmeng’s surprise,But he didn’t yell out。
“What are you thinking about??”Xiao Xiao asked softly。

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