[Can carrots be eaten with fungus]_Eat at the same time_Can you

[Can carrots be eaten with fungus]_Eat at the same time_Can you

Carrots and fungus can be eaten together. These two ingredients will not cause the same problem. Carrots and fungus are ingredients with high nutritional value. You can fry the fungus with carrots. You can also put green peppers at this time.Adding some pork shreds is a good choice. The nutritional effect is also very good. Carrots have the effect of preventing eye diseases, and fungus has a good detoxification effect.

Can carrots be eaten with fungus?
1. You can eat carrots and fungus together. There is no conflict between eating carrots and fungus, and nutrition is very rich. Many people will cook carrots and fungus at home. Of course, if you can add meat,good to eat.

Carrots are rich in carotene, which is good for the eyes, prevents night blindness, protects the respiratory tract, and promotes the growth and development of children.

Auricularia is extremely rich in iron, has a significant effect of nourishing blood, has complications for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and can also improve anemia.

2, carrot fungus carrot fungus is a simple little stir-fry, and the color of both foods is more special, so it can really be said that the dish is full of color and flavor, the ingredients that need to be prepared are fungus, carrot, shredded pork, onion.

First soak the fungus, shred the carrots and onions, and mix the shreds with starch for later use.

Add the shredded pork to the pan and fry for a while. Put the onion in the hot oil pan. Stir the flavor and you can put the carrots. Stir the carrots and pour the black fungus and shredded pork. Add salt and stir fry., Add a little water, add the seasoning after frying, then you can cook.

3, a small reminder The reason why pork shreds are added to carrot fried fungus is to make carrots and fungus taste better. Carrots can be oiled after shredding, which is easier to cook, and nutrients will be better absorbed.Do not use hot water when soaking fungus, it is best to soak it in advance, do not fry the meat for too long, it is not delicious when it is old.

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