Four yoga moves for postpartum weight loss

Four yoga moves for postpartum weight loss

When a child is born, while enjoying the joy of being a first-time mother, she is also facing a problem that women are very concerned about. How to lose weight quickly and effectively after giving birth?

Today I recommend four yoga moves to help you lose weight after birth to help your mother rebuild her figure.

  Postpartum Slimming Yoga in Four Forms, Quick-Effecting Fat Loss For women who have just been born, I am afraid that excessive weight is the biggest difficulty in postpartum recovery.

How to quickly and safely reduce the excess aunt is also the key to slimming postpartum.

  In yoga posture exercises, the “boat style” is a very effective and easy posture.

Through the cooperation of upper body and legs, it promotes resonance peristalsis and improves digestive function.

It also has the effect of relaxing muscles and joints, and is especially beneficial for neurotic or nervous people.

Most importantly, this posture helps strengthen abdominal muscles and eliminate abdominal abnormalities.

Tighten up the excess meat in the abdomen and strengthen the stomach to help improve indigestion.

  Second, there is a way to health. In philosophical theory, the life activity of the human body has a certain “path” like everything in the universe.

Chinese classical philosophy calls “Tao” divided into “Yin and Yang”. The two extremes of human life activity are health and unhealthy, and the state of health is a highly balanced state of the human body.

There are many factors that affect this balance, such as genetics, age, environmental factors, survival status, psychological factors, and so on.

Once this balance is broken, the unhealthy state will stand out.

The extent to which this balance is broken, the worse the unhealthy state becomes.

  During pregnancy, all life activities of pregnant women revolve around the important task of ownership of a new life, such as blood volume, blood gas volume, hormone levels, immune function, skin lightness, muscle growth and balance of consumption, and their own awareness of protection.All predictive mission services.

Once childbirth is completed, the old task is needed, and a new balance is urgently needed. This period is spiritually and materially a process of absorbing new things.

Therefore, in addition to postpartum yoga, which is the safest and most effective way to reduce fat and shape, the conditioning and nourishment of the overall internal environment of the body is the key to the new mother’s healthy vitality.

  ”Ploughing” can foretell the pancreas, liver and other digestive organs to strengthen activities.

This is the best position to treat constipation, indigestion, dysentery, gastritis, stomach problems and diabetes.

This posture also has a special effect on women, which can treat various menstrual complications, eliminate tibial congestion, and enhance insulin function.

The entire skull is broken, strong, and rejuvenated, full of vitality. Indian doctors have long recommended it for the treatment of hemorrhoids, constipation, and kidney and renal dysfunction.

  ”Triangular” action essentials: length, feet separated, slightly wider than shoulders, toes should be slightly outward.

With both arms raised sideways, parallel to the ground.

Exhale and slowly bend to the right. During the bending process, keep both arms and the main shaft at a 90-degree angle. The two arms should continue to form a straight line and try to bend to the side.Breathe naturally.

  If your body becomes quite soft, you may be able to touch your left foot with your left foot or step on your left foot, vertically.

  The “ploughing” action requires the legs to be stretched and taut, with the toes straightened, pointing in the opposite direction from the head.

Start to inhale, and lift your legs up at the same time until they are perpendicular to your body.

Inhale and raise your legs at the same time.

Keep your palms in place, against the ground.

When the leg is raised to the vertical position, start to exhale, while lowering your legs towards the head, try to make your toes touch the ground in front of the head.

The distance of the contact points should be as far forward as possible, but try your best.

Stay where you can and keep your body steady.

After exhaling, keep breathing normally until the movement is complete.

Repeat 5-8 times.

  Third, the plastic body postpartum mother’s body has a lot of water. Some people can use hot air to evaporate water to lose weight, which may cause dehydration.

70% of our body is water. We use hot air to evaporate the water in the body. Once we lose too much water, it will hurt the yin, and it will also affect the change of personal mood.

  Chinese medicine believes that confinement is very damaging to lose weight, and postpartum mothers must pay special attention to it.

Postpartum hemorrhage, qi deficiency, and qi deficiency. At this time, it is most necessary to recuperate the body and supplement nutrition.Therefore, post-partum slimming can only achieve good results through soothing exercise.
  The postpartum exercise of the new mother should pay attention to the gradual progress. If you can insist on the necessary physical exercise for about three months after delivery, it will not only be beneficial to the physical and physical recovery, but also strengthen the muscles of the whole body, eliminating the abdomen, hips,Excess fat on thighs, etc., to restore fitness before pregnancy.
  ”In addition to helping to eliminate cellulite in the waist area and strong hip muscles, the triangle type is also good for treating various skin problems (such as rashes, rashes, acne, etc.), and it can also add health to the complexion of the new mother.Pleasing.
  Fourth, Yi Xinyang “sex” articles Pregnancy is an important life event, in addition to physiological changes, it is also easy to activate other personality problems.
According to statistics from European and American countries, primiparas often experience one-week emotional depression from the fourth day to the tenth day after giving birth, with the incidence rate accounting for 1/3 to 1/2 of the total number of primiparas.
According to domestic statistics, about 50% to 70% of primiparas become depressed after giving birth, crying easily, worrying about things, having difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, sorrow, insomnia, and worrying about babies.
  Secondly, after a long period of pregnancy with deformed body, and with the wounds left during labor, many new mothers’ sexual life after giving birth has fallen into the embarrassment of lack of passion.
Postpartum libido decline is largely caused by psychological factors.
Studies have found that during pregnancy and the postpartum recovery period, women will start to reject sexual life psychologically because they are worried that sexual life will infect wounds or fear that they will lose their physical strength.
  Another reason is that the secretion of estrogen, androgens and catecholamines in women’s bodies after childbirth suddenly decreases, causing the lack of hormonal support for sexual response, leading to a decline in sexual desire and sexual response. Some women even have emotional depression due to this endocrine disorder.Causes “postpartum depression.”
Of course, there are some women who have slower postpartum recovery and loose pelvic muscles, so naturally they will not have good sexual sensations.
  From this perspective, childbirth for a woman not only means the beginning of a new life period, but also often brings changes in her sexual abilities.
As for whether the change in sexual ability is enhanced or weakened, it depends on the specific physical state during pregnancy and postpartum.
  ”Cat extension style” can activate gonad function and enhance sexual ability, thereby improving and curing the decline of gonad function.
It can reduce waist circumference, strengthen the digestive system, remove body fat, activate the nervous system, and promote the proportion of the human body.
Increases and restores youth and radiance to the face.
  At the same time, it can activate the entire spine, relax the shoulders and neck, tighten the abdominal muscles, slow down dysmenorrhea, improve irregular menstruation and uterine drooping.
At the same time, it can make the spine more flexible, which is very effective for shaping the hip and back lines.
  Tips: The mother should not go on a diet. She must absorb at least 11760 kJ (2800 kcal) of heat every day.
But with proper diet conditioning, for example, eat less frequent meals, eat more fiber foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and cooperate with the yoga exercises described above, you will definitely achieve better weight loss.
  ”Cat-style” action essentials With your hands, knees, and calves on the ground, the animal is crawling.
Inhale, look up, tighten your back muscles, sink your waist, and lift your hips.
Hold for 6 seconds.
  Exhale, relax your neck, drop your head, include your chest, contract your abdominal muscles, arch your back, and hold for 6 seconds.
Repeat this 5-8 times.

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