Two people die on facial features and 苏州夜网a photograph of the inside out, like, one of those one will be able to see the similarities between a brother and sister, but more importantly,.


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Chapter 127 Pa total of his sister’s nationals cartoonist road thirty-one
  Sister too cute!
  Little girl wearing a white dress skirt looked like about ten years old, upon her brother’s or a teenager’s clothes, Weiweiququ his mouth a bubble tears, would not want the apple away, people watching that it wants to squeeze a round bulging apple face, strange aunt’s soul must ignite the okay!
  And at that time and now the Luo Ying also not the same, looked Sentimental more, temperament clean, looked very spoiled when her sister, apparently is a pair of very good feelings siblings.
  So god gene family is so powerful it?So good handsome brother, my sister is also very good, a handsome and a lovely, is simply not who the.Before menacing look ready to seduce the love beans goblin who’s girlfriend who is adorable pink do not have, and never imagined that the two turned out to be brother and sister, my sister saying to his brother who set painting, what normally bickering , do not spoil the okay?!So now it still missing sister powder!
  ”That’s three words I say tired, but I would say – I can!!”
  ”If my sister can, naturally, be sister!”
  ”Aoao wailing sister cute, good want to bite ah!Or cartoonist, is grabbed my adorable little thing sniper orientation!”
  ”Brother country owes series, if I my brother died on the spot I might reflect.”
 上海夜网 But for any small fans a powder storm teacher, no doubt is a bolt from the blue, in the middle of the storm teacher Xiao Ming fans, circulating countless versions of Luoxue: grumpy old aunt, big belly boy, bald uncle, prunes dish fine ribs.Imagine all these versions is Luoxue off more freely, easily-coded character, a very tough battle and the fans unable to stop the abuse and had a resentment, and then her image was speculation.
  Of course, although the editorial department disclosed the facts and fans storm the teacher was a young girl, but fans refused to believe that this ruthless, grumpy guy is da Meng Meng sister, obviously pull the foot Han fishes okay!
  However, geese, which when turned over words and Luo Ying and Luo Xue’s photo, for a time, did not know that, “a popular star turned out to be my wife’s brother,” the world’s best or “fog grass off this brazen old thief turned out to be more Meng sister “more exciting.Meng Meng da Lolita looked at the photo above, it seems that even went so far as she Xiaoming painted the ghosts, and from time to time a black child can be forgiven of it.
  For a time itchy white girl, quiet Mimi to collar Linchuan editorial department issued an obscure point of a super-praise, then forwarded to the inside of the collar inside the newsroom, it is Luoxue that time in the newsroom signings photos, because people newsroom bib much attention, plus the hair is a lot of hand painted signed photo, so no one noticed, but now over, then forwarded to the inside, most people saw immediately that most middle that picture is Luoxue.
  Long residual phenomenon did not happen, after all, her brother’s face value benchmark erected there, grew up Luoxue also very good-looking, short black hair, looks pale, mild temperament, and more importantly, there seems a harmless temperament, big eyes, side head sign when people can not help but hold your breath.
  and so.The irascible, quick off the threat of more, people hate teeth itch guy, even grow in this way??This contrast so that fans are ignorant force, as if a small white flowers beneath a long Tyrannosaurus rex both visual sense okay!It has also grown too confusing the!

  However, the case step by step development, when the deposit thin out the video, Mu thousands of rain and can not come up with strong evidence, all of the things that has been impossible to come to the Crime conclusion, but rather –


  Intentional homicide.
  Although both counts, although written in the criminal law, sentencing is entirely different.
  Traffic accident, the situation with the exuberant Mu, Mu thousands of rain, but also sentenced to up to three years.
  Intentional homicide, is another matter.
  Less serious but also started three years.
  After determining the maturity of people, began sentencing.
  The judge began to read the verdict –
  From the number of cases, thousands of rain Mu information and counsel until the litigation process.
  The judge read almost ten minutes.
  Finally, Mu exuberant heard what she most wanted to hear –
  ”Mu thousands of rain defendant guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to five years imprisonment.”
  Although, if dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal within 15 days, because the second instance Mu thousands of rain did not present new evidence, the appeal was dismissed.
  Mu eventually thousands of rain, or been in custody up.
  It’s something the entertainment is a rare artist jail event, the media are very concerned about.
  Precisely because of this, like when thousands of rain Mu was arrested, reporters when being photographed Dunshou.
  Mu thousands of rain on the picture to come out from her thin and Yu Chuan marriage room, hair loose, his face is poor, his hands on the front, draped piece of clothing.
  A look, is in handcuffs.
  That night, flourishing北京夜网论坛 Mu holding the phone sitting on the sofa, looking at the picture of thousands of rain Mu.
  Feel no pleasure of revenge.

  But the old lady does not mind bad is bad, she was pregnant, she would prepare brown sugar water, let Wu Jianguo end to his drinking.


  ZHANG Xiulian is not so strange old lady, but she was not allowed to get close to the old lady, she will only make myself scarce.
  Wu smoke suddenly realized that so ah.No wonder grandma on the surface of the original body of very cold to her, but from some of the nuances of the original body still concerned.
  There is also such a reason.
  She lay back on the bed, looking at the pattern on top.
  She did not know the original body where to go, she would wake up in this body in a.She certainly does not want to come because of her original body disappear, she would prefer the original body will live happily at home in another world.
  But if it is true, the original body went to heaven, and saw that if my grandmother, and there’s a misunderstanding, certainly eliminate it!
  Fatigue hit, Wu smoke stumbled closed his eyes, sleep in the past.
  Then wake up is to wake up ZHANG Xiulian, the car approaching the station.
  Wu smoke glanced out of the station time, has more than nine minutes of.
  Not go far, she came to see the new school Chu.
  ”Miss Wu.”Chu Wu tobacco standing in front of the new school,” his boss a little something today, I will arrange to pick you back, this point is not good ride the bus, I opened the car to the.”
  He turned to look to the smoke behind Wu and Wu Jianguo ZHANG Xiulian, “Wu Shu, Zhang Shen.”
  ZHANG Xiulian met Chu new study, “is that you, the small Chu, some days not seen, I almost did not recognize.”
  Chu Wu Jianguo have not seen the new school, next to him, nodded his head.
  The bags are hand smoke Wu Chu new school took over, she pulled the Wu Jun hand, introduce and said: “This is my brother, Junjun.Junjun, shouting good brother.”
  Wu Jun head high, there is a face-fifth of smoke and Wu similar to meat toot the face, very cute.He blinked his eyes like black grapes, sounds a little milk, “a good brother.”
  Chu new learning involuntary gentle smile, “Hello!”
  Chu is specifically affected by the new school Simcheong more orders come, he had himself ready to pick up.But thought, afraid to give W苏州桑拿网u a cigarette bring too much pressure, he arranged for a new school in the past Chu.
  Wu will smoke their family to the cell door, Chu did not go in the new school, but stopped Wu smoke.

  ”Anyway, Mr. Bo does not really intend to get married it will receive a certificate?”


  ”No, we are planning a wedding.”
  This issue touches the thin deposit can calmly answer.
  Because this matter, it has been put on the agenda.
  Mu Shao Ying exuberant afraid misunderstanding thin deposit, followed desperately nodded, “Yes, we have to warm your sister good fake, and probably will, be held by the end of this year or early next year!Mainly depends on my schedule.”
  ”Well, a joke, please remember my wedding, I do bridesmaid!”
  Shao Ying Mu exuberant look so nervous, she could not help but laugh.
  Shao Ying also prepare their own custom wedding shop introduced to deposit thin exuberant and Mu.
  To深圳桑拿网 remind people early in the past two set dress, this handmade wedding, making a long period.
  June Mu flourishing everywhere ganchang.
  In July, he suddenly had two weeks of leisure.
  During this time, Mu flourishing only one job is to record players] [born the first phase, the second phase of the program.
  In addition to the work thing is Mu thousands of rain sentencing.
  The verdict because it is an open verdict, the media and reporters are possible admission.
  The same day, Mu exuberant to the court, into the field only to find that thousands of rain and did not attend Mu.
  She attended her attorney.
  Gallery, filled with reporters and media.
  We all want to get to know the verdict, go back and write a good report.
  This case, in fact, the original Mu exuberant heart is the beginning of the traffic accident to sue thousands of广州桑拿网 rain Mu, her own three-time compensation.

  So think about when Paul Chun knew the person behind the scenes to get this done today took office exactly how much thought?


  She did not know, the last time does not get rid of them later, behind the scenes people actually can readjust state with such a short time, they start again.
  That is exactly how much hatred?That thing Han Yu cloud of the year she has something to conceal it?
  Paul Chun had her own skill is the only guarantee, but now, their skill alone, and there is no way to compete with rivals.
  So Paul Chun want to mobilize their own internal forces to help themselves, as this thing is her internal forcesWhen nothing with Linxuan month to learn.
  But now, after she found it did not move internal forces, this month and Linxuan spoken to by others under the drug, is exactly the same.
  There is a drug specifically for people martial arts, martial arts can be internal forces to imprison people.
  After Paul Chun like a long time, suddenly I realized that there may have been drugged.
  But today she has not contacted any strange people, how can it be prescription?
  Paul Chun busy all the time and deal with the sudden thought I today eat cakes at the store when the boss also specifically gave her more than a pastry.
  The boss said Paul Chun is a frequ广州桑拿ent visitor, but now think carefully, Paul Chun go to the store every time, even so many times never seen the boss, how happens today so clever it ran into the store boss?

  ☆, two hundred and fiftieth chapters dead

  It is estimated that the person behind the carefully set it to her office, he only knew Paul Chun has skill, so the internal force under the restraint of drugs.
  But I do not know Paul Chun skill is and is not related to internal forces from modern.It is probably the reason Paul Chun to be here so long adhere to it.
  If this is the case, then she probably knows where the problem of.However, what is all this for what?
  If it is for Han Yu cloud, that the people behind it miscalculated?Fortunately, Han Yu cloud is not here now, Paul Chun is now worried, Han Yu cloud is not immediately return here.
  ”Who you are?”
  Paul Chun directed at the empty sky, loud shouting, and still no one answered him.
  She did not know who to start with her, the only thing one can doubt that Alex is the person or people who are behind the cloud Han Yu.
  However, this too broad.
  To tell the truth, Paul Chun really do not like this feeling in her enemy in the dark Ming.This feeling is really too stuck up, she had to know when the killer set goals all the time, then shot, give each other a fatal blow.
  Never felt like this before, the road was a vast, I did not know what to do.

  They girl that age, when referring to a thin deposit of things, always shunned.


  Even if it was for what he said a few words of sympathy, but also very surface.
  That day, when a thin deposit left the room, I do not know why, did not leave the first time.
  Soon he heard angry Mu flourishing in the ward, said: “That’s not his fault, he did not want three small belly born, nor want a shady bastard.”
  At that moment, the face of the past have long thin deposit of calm, shallow heart thrown ripples.
  He turned to leave, but with a hint of smile mouth.
  At that time, he thought in my mind but that pleasure for him this girl can be used.
  Later thin deposit to know –
  Mu exuberant know where there is a thin overheard that day, bu深圳桑拿网t many things in her heart has not important.
  Shao Ying can not be reconciled, “you gave me about the details ah love you, I do not understand, you in the end is how my family for two months to usurp the exuberant?”
  This Shao Ying, it is no mystery.
  Jay is also next item added: “I would like to know.”
  Shao Ying chase chase him for several years, finally caught up, exchanges a year hoping to get engaged, but also a little hesitant Shao Ying.
  Item Jie can not wait to learn here in the thin deposit.
  Mu exuberant amount of help: “Do not ask, ask is young and naive, look at his handsome agreed.”
  Even Shao Ying, Mu exuberant do not want her to know, once home to force thin thin deposit to marry the eldest Ruan this matter.
  Look thin deposit, at the side of the lens for girls getting stronger smile.
  She always does, never will 广州桑拿protect him in his own way.
  Shao Ying this matter’d also ask, but it is flourishing Mu record straight.

  Tenth day of May, beginning of summer after the first rain.


  The sky darkened, Muyu heavy everywhere with water vapor and the influx of Italian.
  Jiang Rou holding in the eaves round carding, is cl北京夜网early fierce Garnett, it would like a dog limbs huddled in the air, exposing the stomach to blow your little girl.
  At the end, it turned out to be not very moral integrity be wags its tail!
  Jiang Rou are shocked, who said the special What the wolf will not wag their tails?
  Round wailing woo cry, little girl licked hand, then scratched his neck to make her.
  Rou ginger rub it two, curiously poked Talia balls, Ji Ling mess around with a stand up, turn tail towards Jiang Rou hum or two, do not give her a line and.
  Jiang Rou facial features are grin: “I do not poke it twice?Quickly come!”
  Round and not in the past, stil北京夜网论坛l squatting on the ground to the back.
  Jiang Rou pounce, round symbolically rolled twice, let the girl down on it.
  Rou Jiang holds its feet, went to tease it lip service to see fangs.
  Round and let her toss, prosperous and just two ears stand up and shook.
  Suddenly, it suddenly got up, wailing woo soon rushed into the rain curtain in.
  Jiang Rou stunned, react Xiangyebuxiang also followed rushed out: “Tuan Tuan?Round and come back.”
  After the beginning of summer rain, so big that small is not small, but out of twenty-three Zhang Yuan Jiang Rou, covered it all wet.
  She was angry, anxious, looked round shadow, hate to bite.

  Shao Ying holding man introduced himself, “This is my boyfriend, Jay items.”


  Jay directed thin deposit item hand, and a thin deposit of a hand grip, and only a slight bow to really understand the exuberant Mu.
  Four people sit down, point it had, and so after the waiter went out, looked thin Shao Ying was kept, said: “I did not expect ah, when I went to see the original exuberant, always just a thin to the flourishing drug delivery, and more do not say a word Doctor, this instant, both as a husband.”
  Shao Ying this sentence, it’s clear that the thing a year ago, Mu exuberant listen, but feel as if this thing is over long, long time.

Chapter 95
  Deposit thin slightly migraine, look to the Mu flourishing around, he smiled and said: “I myse上海419同城对对碰lf did not make too surprised.”
  ”Wow!”Shao Ying patted the table,” What does this mean?Is it a long thin overall thinking about my family a flourishing?Wolf pretending to be sheep, lie to my family flourishing the little white rabbit is not?”
  Mu Qian Qian also look thin deposit, blinked, and asked him: “When did you start thinking about my?”
  Her tone, Shao Ying seriously than many.
  It is really curious.
  Their relationship, uh, seems thin, there is a step by step guide.
  Itself Mu exuberant after discharge, would no longer have any intersection and thin.
  He said that day, I called to her.
  Then also I said to her, so she plays his girlfriend.
  ”Is in the hospital when.”Thin deposit answered.
  The man said very general, but said at the hospital when.
  Thin deposit the beginning, because the relationship is really thin 都市兔兔and Mu Yu Chuan close to her flourishing.
  But, that day he was at the door, heard the exuberant and Mu Shao Ying dialogue.

Luan  Ru chain Ling  Hay Chou Liu Fan Gou chain sliding Bian Sai Does Not Toso Yi Qi pound Shou wa fine dirt holmium Chufeng Hay  front bevel screws seeking to find adze Juan Cao Jiong ?






Chasuidaoxi  He Hucaipijuan Qudianpanqiao quilting effect ぇ Dong ?

Luan  Ruanqianduoqiu Luxiqinguu Jianquebenhan su Yu ra Wangxichouhua Weiduolinli ℃ Chitianduosheng Benanyutuan  Bengmajiongman Kaijujianbang Cisrenhuanru Sutuan   Huanjianqinjian  Yi Haocunaimo?


  Although two people eightfold difference between the number of fans.


  Occasionally forward a thin deposit on Mu flourishing micro-blog, evaluate the thumbs up with exuberant par Mu, Mu sometimes higher than the exuberant hair.
  Because of this reason, exuberant Mu husband and wife team and a thin deposit of variety or reality show particularly high prices invite.
  High no longer can afford the program which the two men at the same time.
  That night, came to the restaurant with Shao Ying Mu exuberant set of deposit and thin.
  Because it is a meal and Shao Ying Mu wearing the most exuberant go ahead T-shirt, jeans, sneakers plus.
  All hair swept up in a pony tail and compiled tails.
  Standing there, and no difference between high school students.
  Thin deposit, wearing a white shirt and slacks.
  Two people stand together, it does not say what my father with a daughter, looked like a high school English teacher took his students out of class.
  Two people into the box, Shao Ying saw two men first sentence is: “exuberant husband, there is no one to say you abduction of minors?”
  Deposit thin smile, “You are the one.”
  Although, he also think so.
  This e苏州夜网xuberant Mu baby face makes them significantly smaller.
  Resulting in thin deposit today and she stood together when there is a little bit small mind.
  Shao Ying side, stood a thin deposit of age and looks about the same man.
  Also wearing a shirt trousers.
  And next to wear?Shao Ying-shirt skirt looks quite obvious age difference.
  Fortunately, however, Shao Ying long with a beautiful face, two people stand together, not like a thin deposit admire so remarkable flourishing small.